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Just Another Rainy Day at The Beach

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I discovered very early in my life that I am an inveterate voyeur. My most fulfilling, most erotic sexual experiences have always involved watching. Watching movies. Watching television. Watching on the Internet. Even watching in my minds eye as I read stories. Naturally, I simply enjoy watching women as they go about their daily activities.

Shapely legs, undulating hips and swaying breasts are always a treat. Most especially however, is watching the arousal of the woman I am with, sharing the escalation of her sexual pleasure and eventually watching her as she loses control herself in the throes of an orgasm. Strangely, this visual experience is perhaps even more sexually satisfying to me than my own physical pleasure. I find nothing more exciting than watching the facial expressions of my wife of 18 years as I bring her to orgasm. It follows somewhat naturally that I would love to make a video of her as she experiences an orgasm – just for my own pleasure of course. I had never even suggested this idea as I was sure she would soundly veto it! Even more so, my ultimate fantasy has always been that of watching as she is seduced – being sexually aroused and eventually being brought to orgasm at the hands of another man. In all honesty I’ve never been one hundred percent certain as to how I would actually handle the situation even in a non-threatening, non-emotional, strictly physical scenario as fantasy is one thing, reality is yet another! I’m aware that my desire is not unique as I’ve often read of other men watching such seductions and have found these narratives to be extremely stimulating – but only when related tastefully without coarseness or vulgarity – which, unfortunately, is quite rare.

My wife’s name is Gerlinde. But everyone calls her Geri. Geri is a rather attractive, voluptuous, blonde blue-eyed woman who was born in Germany having spent her childhood and early adult years in a small town in Bavaria. As she was brought up in a conservative religious Lutheran environment she has never been accepting of any variation or “experimentation” involving our sexual activity – actually bordering on the puritanical. In addition she has this need “to be in control of herself” in any situation whenever possible. Her dislike of flying would probably be overcome if she were at the controls of the plane. She enjoys limited amounts of alcoholic drinks and absolutely no recreational drugs! Never remotely the exhibitionist she invariably dresses in a quite conservative, prim and proper non-revealing manner. I’m not even sure if she owns a two-piece bathing suit although she certainly has the figure for one. The mere suggestion of going to a topless beach was “Ridiculous!” When I finally got up the nerve to suggest that some evening we might make a video of our lovemaking, and sheepishly mentioned to her my fantasy of watching her with another man, she adamantly and prudishly replied – “You want me on display? Don’t count on it! There’s not the remotest possibility of any of that ever happening. I’m not putting on a show for you. Besides, you talk a good game, but you’re so possessive that if any man so much as touched me, even innocently, you’d have a fit. Remember, having a fantasy is not the same as actually letting something take place! You probably would regret it for the rest of your life. But – Die Gedanken sind frei.” – Your thoughts are free. And so, my fantasy remained just that for the 18 years of our marriage, merely a fantasy.

We have a decent lifestyle. I’m an attorney with a successful law firm in Westchester County, New York, and Geri is division manager with a German manufacturing company in nearby Connecticut. Although no longer “spring chickens” we have kept in good shape with Geri doing yoga, playing tennis and riding her bike together with me whenever the weather permits. I’m an active tennis and softball player and whatever exercise machines we have at our disposal get used on a regular basis. Each autumn, when the New York weather starts to become chilly, gray and bleak, we vacation in the warmth of our favorite Caribbean island – comfortable, not extravagant.

We spent the next to last day of our most recent fall vacation on the island at a first rate hotel lounging alone together on their excellent beach. We were sitting near to the pool, sipping piña coladas, reading, and alternately basking in the sunshine, snorkeling off a nearby reef in the gentle Caribbean surf and cooling off with an occasional dip in the hotel’s pool where we could sit at the in-the-water bar and refresh our drinks.

Our solitary reverie was suddenly interrupted by the approach of a handsome gentleman, approximately our age, who had been reclining on a nearby lounge chair. He apologized for any intrusion and asked if he had detected a German accent in my wife’s speech. He had a distinct German accent and indeed so does Geri. With this we introduced ourselves and politely invited him to move his chair over and join us. During our chatting we discovered that he too was originally from Bavaria with him and his wife still living in Germany. He was temporarily to be in the U.S. while on assignment working for a prominent German pharmaceutical company of which he was head chemist and vice president. He appeared to be an affable fellow, alone on the island while enjoying a brief couple of days vacation before reporting to the American offices of his company in California. And so we made arrangements for the three of us to meet for dinner that evening. Geri and I then excused ourselves and went to our bungalow for an afternoon nap.

Kurt, as was his name, met us for dinner. The evening was quite pleasant and the food excellent. The three of us shared a bottle of fine German Riesling as we became better acquainted and enjoyed each other’s company – chatting and joking. Kurt and Geri discussed the many similar remembrances of their early days in Bavaria. Both Kurt and Geri speak perfect German, and although I do understand some German, they politely spoke exclusively English so as not to exclude me from the conversation. Once dinner was completed and the wine finished we went outside and sat by the pool, watched the moon rise over the Caribbean and enjoyed a nightcap together. Eventually we bid each other ‘good night’ and went to our separate rooms.

That next day was sadly our last in this lush tropical paradise before having to head back early the next morning to the depressing bare trees and chill winds of the oncoming winter of New York. As I recall, Geri and I spent that morning strolling along the beach down by the sea, hand in hand, looking for shells. Later we went to relax at our favorite spot on the sparking white sand beach close by the hotel’s pool. Kurt happened by and joined us for lunch on the beach and an afternoon of peaceful lolling about in the tropical warmth enjoying our last moments of the delightful beach, alternately sunning ourselves, cooling off in the sea, reading, sipping our drinks (why is it that rum drinks always taste better on a beach!?) and engaging in idle conversation.

Without warning, as if from some horror film, the sky darkened, lightning flashed and a torrential cloudburst poured down soaking the three of us. The wind and rain whipped about us as we hastily gathered our books, towels and other paraphernalia and hurriedly scrambled to the safety of the indoors. As Kurt’s bungalow was the nearest to the beach we decided to wait there until what we hoped to be a brief tropical storm had passed. Since we were sopping wet and the air-conditioner was going full blast Kurt suggested that we get into something dry. Geri needed no urging as she scurried shivering into the bathroom. I accompanied her and there we removed our wet bathing suits, toweled off, and each put on one of the hotel’s plush white bathrobes which were hanging conveniently on brass pegs. Geri wrapped a towel around her head and by the time we returned from the bathroom Kurt had turned off the AC and had slipped into a white T-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He kindly uncorked a bottle of Asbach Uralt – a German brandy – to help take the chill off and poured each of us a generous glass full. He also offered us some fine German chocolates. Kurt and I took the chairs while Geri curled up on the high king size bed which was covered with a dark forest green comforter. It became apparent that the storm wasn’t about to pass as quickly as we had hoped so the three of us relaxed, chatted, sipped our brandy, nibbled the chocolates, listened to the rain beating down and counted the seconds between the lightning flashes and the thunder claps.

Kurt explained that his wife had been complaining bitterly for some time about his business schedule which all too frequently kept him away for extended periods of time. When two weeks before he was to leave he told her of this most recent trip she was not at all happy with the prospect of being left alone again and had suggested that they see a marriage counselor. But since she was plainly anticipating feeling abandoned once again this was probably just her annoyance speaking. They had continued on cool but cordial terms for the two week period still sleeping in the same bed albeit without physical contact. As he was preparing to leave Kurt told his wife that he finally realized she was right about his travels. She was obviously pleased when he told her that he had instructed his company that he was severely limiting any future business trips, and if travel was absolutely necessary he would take her with him, if she wished, whenever possible. Kurt still felt quite sure she would have a change of heart when he returned to Germany from this trip. Whatever, he was confident they would work things out and had remained faithful since their initial discussion.

I noticed that Geri had dozed off so Kurt and I waited out the storm, sipped our brandy, and continued our discussions about work, politics, hobbies, marriage and – as men will – women. Somewhere during our conversation, for what I now realize must have been some subconscious motivation, I admitted to him that I had this fantasy. He nodded and without being specific confessed that everyone has fantasies, he as well, but his wife too had wanted no part of anything she considered – as she put it “außergewöhnlich” – out of the ordinary. Apparently Kurt’s marital relations were as constrained as ours.

The room was quiet except for music playing softly somewhere in the background and the sound of the wind blown rain tapping on the surface of the sliding glass doors accompanied by the occasional rumble of thunder. The only illumination came from a dimly lit lamp in the corner, occasional flashes of lightning and whatever soft greenish light the dark tropical storm permitted to filter through the glass doors.

Eventually Geri stirred. As she sat up and stretched she mentioned that her neck was a bit stiff. Kurt explained that his wife was a massage therapist and from her he had picked up some knowledge of the techniques as well. He rose from his chair and asked our permission if he could try to help a bit. Both of us agreeing he went and knelt behind Geri on the bed. Geri was perched on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling over the side protectively wrapped from neck to ankle in her white robe as she finished sipping her brandy. Kurt took the towel from her head releasing her damp wavy blond hair and gently dried her hair. He pushed back the collar of her robe a bit and placed his hands on Geri’s neck. She closed her eyes and rolled her head about as Kurt began massaging the tight muscles of her neck and shoulders. Kurt took Geri’s now empty glass and placed it on the night table beside the bed then slid the bathrobe further down her upper arms exposing more of her back, shoulders and a hint of the tan line at the top of her breasts. All the while Geri kept her arms folded securely holding the bathrobe across her body so as to avoid exposing herself.

The music now softly playing was ABBA’s rather suggestive “Andante”. (Take it easy with me please…) At first Gerri seemed hesitant in accepting a strange man’s touch. But as the massage continued, and appeared to be solely therapeutic, she eventually became more comfortable with the situation, and making soft little purring sounds, fully accepted Kurt’s soothing kneading of her neck, shoulders and upper back.

I can’t begin to imagine what prompted that which took place next. Perhaps it was the heat of the morning sun as we had basked on the beach, or the piña coladas, or the nap, or the brandy, or the soft ethereal lighting and seductive music permeating into the room but after some time had passed, and Geri had relaxed, shockingly she did something completely contrary to her normally overly protective character. Almost absentmindedly, still with her eyes closed and as if in a trance, she let her arms slowly fall to her lap allowing the robe to softly slide down her body exposing her nakedness down to her waist. I was astonished that my prudishly private wife had done something so completely foreign to her entire nature – yet I couldn’t help but notice how the alluring tan line left by her bathing suit further enhanced the beauty and fullness of Geri’s lovely pale bare breasts.

I realized that I was uncontrollably becoming aroused by this completely unexpected turn of events. Nonetheless, part of me was saying “Stop this now!” yet part of me was saying “Why not! After all, it’s your fantasy”. Geri looked at me questioningly. Suppressing my reservations I simply looked back, shrugged, and smiled. Her nipples were already becoming hard although Kurt had not done more than massage her back. Kurt softly whispered something to Geri in German. Her cheeks became flushed as if momentarily embarrassed but nevertheless she slipped her arms out of the sleeves of the robe and let it fall around her on the bed.

Kurt continued to massage Geri’s neck, shoulders and back coming ever closer and closer to touching the sides of her breasts which were rising and falling alluringly with each breath she took. Eventually his hands tentatively reached around under her arms to her waiting breasts. When he finally just barely touched her there Geri involuntarily gasped, sat rigidly upright, and covered herself with her hands and arms. She looked at me again as if to ask “Are you really sure this is what you want?” With a reassuring nod of my head she again closed her eyes and hesitantly lowered her arms again uncovering her wonderful full breasts and now erect nipples and, accepting Kurt’s advances, she let herself go and submitted to this stranger’s intimate caresses. (Touch me gently, like a summer evening breeze…)

As Kurt continued to fondle her ample breasts and brush his finger tips teasingly over her dark pink nipples Geri sighed and leaning back against him dreamily raised her arms above her head allowing him even greater access to her now completely exposed torso. The sight of Geri’s milky-white breasts cradled in Kurt’s suntanned hands gave me an unbelievable thrill. With Kurt nibbling gently at Geri’s neck the two of them spent considerable time clearly enjoying the intimacy of the moment. Again Kurt muttered something to Geri in German, which I could not make out, at which point her eyes fluttered open. She briefly looked over at me and mouthed “I do love you!” and then slowly lay back on the bed. Passion had apparently overcome propriety.

Kurt moved around so he could lie next to Geri and propped himself beside her on the bed. As he continued to gently fondle, stroke and then proceed to kiss her breasts she raised her upper body up toward him and murmured little sounds of pleasure as Kurt brushed his tongue around and nibbled on her excited erect nipples. (Take your time, make it slow…) Reaching down he deftly untied the belt of Geri’s robe and sensing no sign of protest from her folded the lower portion of the robe away from her body uncovering her vulnerable nakedness for the two of us to enjoy and with her assistance slid the robe out from under her and placed it away from them on the bed. Now completely exposed – and totally accessible – she looked wonderfully sensual, extraordinarily desirable, and seemed to radiate a warm sexual glow in the soft subdued light of the room made all the more exciting by the stark contrast of Geri’s pale body and blond hair sprawled upon the dark green comforter. Kurt’s eyes, as well as mine, followed the path of his bronzed hand as it circled gently over her naked body stroking her quivering softly rounded white belly traveling further and further down until he let his fingers play upon Geri’s almost hairless puffy mound.

Watching a strange man’s hand intimately roaming erotically over my once conservative wife’s pale body was surprisingly fantastically exciting. (Andante, Andante…Just let the feeling grow)

I quietly moved over to sit on the edge of the bed so I could better see Geri’s facial expressions and more closely watch this forbidden, passionate, seduction as it continued to unfold just a few feet in front of me. Both of them were so engrossed in the excitement of the moment that neither seemed to notice my presence or care that I was intently watching them. Kurt’s hand extended still further down Geri’s body and he lightly brushed his fingertips up and down her legs and then stroked her inner thighs – something Geri always found extremely exciting. Gradually Kurt’s exploring fingers moved ever upwards, circling inch by inch, until he reached her slightly parting labia. When he touched her there Geri, with a gasp, jumped and reflexively clamped her thighs together. Kurt again whispered something to Geri in German and, very tentatively, she gradually let her legs open. Slowly she allowed her thighs to drift farther and farther apart revealing her moistening lips allowing Kurt increased access to the privacy of her body.

Geri had clearly become aroused beyond the point of no return in response to Kurt’s touch as evidenced by permitting herself to be intimately explored in this manner – and by a stranger at that! As Kurt’s searching fingers gently parted her pouting lips and found her clitoris Geri twitched slightly, sharply drew in her breath and then let it out in a passionate moan of pleasure. I watched as she held her lower lip between her teeth but offered no objection when eventually, after exploring, caressing, stroking, that most intimate portion of her body, Kurt’s probing fingers cautiously crept between Geri’s now exposed inner lips and then disappeared within Geri’s opening moist vagina. (Make your fingers soft and light…) She excitedly pressed herself up against his arousing touch, but he lingered there only briefly.

After a few moments Kurt rose from the bed where he had been propped along side Geri and moving to the foot of the bed knelt between her splayed thighs. Suddenly aware of what was next about to happen Geri’s hands fluttered down in an apparent attempt to cover herself. Kurt caught her wrists and gently folded her arms across her body. Then placing his hands on Geri’s sensitive inner thighs began to gently stroke her – moving slowly upward until he finally reached her open available sex.

Geri let out a little cry as Kurt leaned forward, placed his mouth lightly at the apex her thighs and separated her lips with his probing tongue exposing her now distended clitoris. With soft flittering motions of his tongue accompanied by gentle nibbling action of his lips, he brought Geri ever nearer to orgasm. She moved her hand to his head and with her fingers entwined in his slightly graying blond hair gently pressed him closer down between her open thighs – so completely absorbed in the pleasure of the moment that she was apparently totally oblivious to my presence. As Kurt continued to pleasure Geri swirling his tongue over around her sensitive clitoris his fingers lightly roamed over her body caressing her thighs, hips and belly until eventually he put both his hands beneath her and lifted her up to his mouth.

Kurt was evidently quite masterfully accomplished in the art how to sexually arouse a woman. And he was now performing his expertise on my wife!

By now it was difficult to determine which of the three of us the most aroused by the events going on in this seductively lighted bedroom. As Geri surrendered herself to Kurt she was uttering incoherent little noises, her breathing had become more and more irregular, and with her free hand she was alternately clawing at the comforter and touching her breasts. It was quite obvious just how excited Kurt and I were.

Just as it appeared as if Geri was on the verge of orgasm Kurt moved back and arose from his knees. Geri involuntarily uttered a disappointed “Oh!” But she needn’t have. Kurt stood between my wife’s thighs and intently staring down at her trembling pale form he quietly removed his shirt and shorts. At this point I became all too aware that Geri (and I!) were so caught up in the overwhelming sexual tension of the moment that there was no turning back from what was inescapably about to transpire. Without raising his eyes from Geri’s enticingly exposed and open body Kurt moved closer, his turgid penis now only inches from my wife’s once private but now invitingly available body. (Touch my soul, you know how. Andante, andante go slowly with me now.)

Here was my wife of 18 years offering a woman’s most intimate treasured prize, that which had been reserved exclusively for me for all those years, to another man, to a relative stranger. I could barely control myself as overwhelming yet conflicting emotions I can hardly describe or attempt to explain flashed through my mind – excitement, passion, arousal, concern, guilt, jealously. My eyes were riveted onto this amazing scene of sexual passion which was taking place between Geri and Kurt as I anxiously yet apprehensively awaited the fulfillment of an act that I had dreamt about for all these years.

Up to this point aside from Kurt’s whisperings to Geri no one had spoken. Geri’s face was flushed, her eyes were closed, her tongue licked at her slightly parted lips as she breathed heavily in anticipation of what was about to happen. I could almost feel the heat emanating from my wife’s anxious body. However, Kurt just stood there between Geri’s gaping thighs and hesitated. The room was wrapped in silence. Silence made even more profound by the ominous sound of rolling thunder in the distance. Geri’s eyes fluttered open. She looked up at Kurt, and realizing the implication of his hesitation reached her hand to his arm, then closed her eyes again and softly whispered but one word – “Yes!” This was more than permission, more than a request; this was as if she was actually pleading for him to continue – to complete what the two of them had inescapably started. (Andante, Andante, Oh please don’t let me down!)

In the dim seductive light of the room I couldn’t help but notice Geri’s golden wedding band as she moved her left hand to grasp Kurt’s engorged member and helped guide him toward her anxiously awaiting pulsating vagina. I sat watching dumbfounded as the realization of what was about to happen finally struck me. Unable to move and powerless to do anything to prevent Geri from surrendering herself completely to another man. Yet suddenly apprehensively filled with misgivings at the possible consequences of the fulfillment of this my long hoped for fantasy.

Geri stiffened and gasped as Kurt finally pressed himself against the wet folds of her sex and at last spreading her lips he went into her! Only within her a short way he paused and then withdrew waiting for Geri to let her body become as receptive and accepting as possible considering the situation and the extent of her sexual arousal. The next time he entered her a bit further and partially withdrew. Geri drew in her breath and held it as Kurt gently, cautiously, teasingly, repeated this again and again, each time penetrating her a bit more, until finally he was buried within her as fully as possible. Then Geri raised her knees so that she could feel Kurt fully within her. (Let your body be the velvet of the night.) I watched excitedly as for a brief moment neither of them moved. Then, as if in slow motion, with Geri moaning and writhing in abandoned pleasure, Kurt gradually began rhythmically thrusting back and forth, steadily increasing his tempo as his member, glistening with Geri’s copious moisture, disappeared and then reappeared, gliding effortlessly in and out of my once reluctant wife.

I was mesmerized by the sight and the sound of my wife being taken by another man. Her eyes shut, her mouth agape, making incoherent sighing, gasping and moaning noises; her breasts swaying to and fro with the motion of this act of ultimate intimacy between a man and a woman. (Please don’t talk, Just go on play…andante, andante…Just let me float away.) In all the years we were together I had always been a participant in Geri’s sexual pleasure. Now, being a spectator was even immensely more erotic than I had dreamed possible!

I watched transfixed as Geri wrapped her legs around Kurt’s thighs forcing him into her as closely as possible. Drawing in a deep breath, her back arched, her arms flew out to her sides and she clenched the comforter tightly in her fists. For what seemed like an eternity she lay unmoving, her head thrown back, rigidly frozen in time. Then issuing a moaning cry Geri exploded in an orgasm that sent wave after convulsive wave of pleasure coursing throughout her entire body. She was unable to stop panting and shuddering as her orgasm continued on and on. Eventually she lay there trembling and whimpering as the thrill of her orgasm ebbed and her glimmering body at long last began to recover. Kurt grasped Geri’s hips pulling her close up to him – then with one final thrust his body stiffened and with an almost silent guttural groan he too climaxed and with repeated spasms of his body filled my wife with his semen.

After watching this immensely sexually exciting and yet, surprisingly, somehow in a way actually tenderly passionate scene I could no longer remain merely as an observer. As I stood and slipped out of my robe Kurt eventually limply withdrew from Geri’s prone body and I replaced him between her thighs. I had never realized just how sexually aroused a person could become by the sights, sounds and aromas of two people sharing sexual intimacy. Geri lay there strikingly sprawled out on the dark green baize, covered in a light sheen of perspiration, open and quivering – apparently still lost in the afterglow of the intensely powerful sexual pleasure she had just experienced.

During our times of sexual intimacy Geri has almost always been multi-orgasmic. This afternoon was apparently not going to be an exception. I had barely entered her when she began murmuring unintelligibly. Geri’s panting and moaning increased as yet a second orgasm approached. She sucked in her breath, pulled me down to her steamy body, and accompanied by a scream muffled against my chest, climaxed with violent uncontrollable convulsions which seemed to be taking over every muscle in her body. The involuntary contractions of her entire body, especially those of her vaginal walls on my engorged erection, was too much for me to hold myself back any longer. I came almost immediately in ragged spurts having an orgasm the intensity of which was as least as powerful and as prolonged as any I could ever remember. Geri’s second orgasm was apparently as overwhelmingly violent, if not more so, than her first. Her shuddering climax continued to roll over her well after I was spent. We lay there clasped together for some time while each of us tried to catch our breath and slowly began to regain our composure.

Eventually I withdrew, rose from Geri’s shimmering body and backed away from the bed but she continued to lay there sprawled out on her back her pale voluptuously form silhouetted against the dark green bed still not fully recovered from the sexual excitement that had so completely consumed her.

It was then that both Geri and I became aware of Kurt who had been sitting on the bed. We were so caught up in the electric sexuality of the moment we had been oblivious to Kurt’s presence and that he had obviously been watching Geri and me engaged in an act that had always been exclusively private. Judging by the expression on his face he had undoubtedly voyeuristically enjoyed watching the heated sexual performance of the two of us. Perhaps, as in my own case, almost as much as being a participant. Apparently our exhibition was rather stimulating as his eyes were riveted on Geri and he obviously had once again become aroused.

Although the storm was drifting into the distance the fading light of late afternoon offered a strange dreamlike quality to the room and actually seemed to enhance the sensual atmosphere enveloping the three of us.

Geri has never been the one to take the initiative in our times of sexual intimacy but apparently this afternoon all inhibitions concerning her sexuality had uncharacteristically vanished. She rolled over toward Kurt and with an unmistakable look of lust driven desire in her eyes reached out toward him and gently touching him moved her hand slowly up his thigh until finally caressing his engorged penis. He caught his breath and gasped at this unanticipated move by her.

Geri then got to her knees, still grasping him, and with her other hand pressed him down on his back in the middle of the bed. I stood there watching in amazement as she mounted him. Then straddling his hips, facing him with her back to me as if I didn’t even exist, Geri proceeded to guide Kurt once again toward her hot, wet, open body.

I moved further to the side of the bed so as to better watch their faces as their excitement increased. As I’ve mentioned, to me there is nothing more erotic, more stimulating, than watching my wife’s facial expressions as she climaxes. Geri’s ever-present wedding ring a reminder that this was my wife engaging in an act of unrestrained sexual pleasure with a man she had only just met. She momentarily hovered over Kurt and then gradually, millimeter by millimeter, Geri with her eyes tightly closed, tantalizingly lowered herself allowing Kurt to once again invade that most sacred, most private, part of her body. All the time Kurt was inexorably disappearing deeper and deeper within her Geri let out her breath in a long groaning sigh which emanated from deep within her chest. Kurt reached his hands up to caress her breasts and let his finger tips play over her deliciously rigid rose-colored nipples. After pausing for a brief moment Geri clasped her hands over Kurt’s and slowly raised herself up so that he was just barely still within her swollen labia and then she dropped down upon him impaling herself on his throbbing erection.

This time it was Geri who was the active participant raising and lowering herself alternately engulfing and releasing Kurt’s swollen shining erection. Her hand, with the gold band clearly visible, was now pressed between them her fingers stroking her clitoris as she felt him sliding in and out of her. Kurt hands were supporting the fullness of Geri’s breasts as they bobbed up and down in response to the age old familiar motion of making love. Actually love had nothing to do with it! This was two people enveloped in the ecstasy of purely physical uninhibited lascivious sex!

No one spoke. Aside from the sounds of sex and the incoherent noises they both were uttering all within the room was silence. Silence accentuated by the faint rumbling sound of the distant thunder. Geri leaned over and supporting herself with her hands on the bed allowed Kurt’s mouth to once again play upon her excited nipples. Then abruptly Geri sat upright, her eyes clamped shut, her head lolled back and forth, her mouth agape as she gasped and panted in anticipation of her approaching orgasm. I watched intently as Kurt moved his hands from Geri’s wonderful breasts to her hips and backside assisting her in their ever increasing tempo of rising and falling, penetrating and withdrawing, in yet another dramatic episode of ultimate human intimacy.

And then at last again it happened! Kurt’s body stiffened. He pressed his hips upward toward Geri thrusting deep within her as he pulled her body back down onto him. Geri sat up rigidly, grabbed Kurt digging her fingers into his arms, and then both issued groaning cries as simultaneously they experienced violent convulsing orgasms. I stood watching, totally caught up in their excitement, as spasm after spasm of primal sexual pleasure swept over the two of them. Again I was unable to move, just standing there, frozen, watching my wife joined together with this stranger unable to control herself. First spellbound in the intimacy of the moment with another man and then, with her hips bucking uncontrollably, experiencing the shuddering intense pleasure of her orgasm. Watching as she perched astride this stranger, lost in an intense climax for which he had been responsible. Watching, and knowing, that once again this other man was emptying himself into my wife!

Once the exhilaration of her climax had subsided, which seemed to me to be an eternity, Geri at long last snapped out of her trance-like state. Her sparkling blue eyes fluttered wide open and she glanced about the room. She looked down at Kurt and then stared intently over at me. She had a look of astonishment, of disbelief, as at last she became conscious of her surroundings. Apparently finally aware of the reality of what she had just initiated Geri’s hastily lifted herself up from Kurt’s body letting his wilted member slide from her body. Then avoiding eye contact, still kneeling above him, she instinctively clutched her breasts with one arm and pressed her other hand securely down between her thighs in a belated and basically futile attempt to cover her nakedness and conceal her open, exposed sex and stem the flow of two men’s semen seeping from her body. She then scrambled away from Kurt and grasping the bathrobe rolled over on her side, curled up with her knees to her chest, and protectively wrapped her nakedness within the confines of the plush white cloth evidently attempting to hide herself from our gaze,. As if there was any intimate, private part of her body that she had not already wantonly displayed for the two of us to see – and to share in the pleasure of!

Kurt and I silently dressed. He slipped on his T-shirt and shorts and I put on the robe. After a few minutes, apparently coming to grips with the situation, Geri returned to her previously conservative self and carefully clutching the bathrobe around her body got up from the bed and without a word or a glance at either of us went into the bathroom. Shortly she emerged dressed in the robe and carrying our bathing suits. She picked up the canvas beach bag, gathered our belongings and announced matter-of-factly that it was getting late and as we were leaving early the next morning we still had to pack, also it was nearing time for dinner. I nodded to Kurt, he nodded back and Geri and I left to go back to our room. Not another word had been exchanged between us.

Once back in our own room we each showered – separately. Geri spent quite a long time in the shower. I had the feeling that perhaps she was trying to wash away the stigma of what had taken place in Kurt’s bedroom. Silently we started packing and then, realizing the time, dressed for dinner.

Coincidently the three of us arrived at the dining room at the same time, just as it was about to close, and seeing no reason to do otherwise, we had dinner together. The three of us chatted and joked and enjoyed the dinner just as we had the evening before. Throughout the entire meal there was not a single reference to the afternoon’s highly electrically charged encounter although Geri appeared to have some difficulty making direct eye contact with either Kurt or myself. At the close of the excellent meal we clicked glasses with a “Prost” and finished off the last drops of the fine Pinot that accompanied our final meal in this delightful Caribbean resort. We left the dining room and stood under the stars, the storm having long since passed. I shook Kurt’s hand and wished him the usual parting pleasantries of having an enjoyable stay during the day or so he still had remaining on his vacation and all of us having safe trips home. Geri too shook his hand and gave him a friendly platonic peck on the cheek. We then parted ways and went back to our separate rooms.

After we finished packing Geri went to print out our boarding passes. When she returned a few minutes later we turned out the lights and crawled into bed together. I nestled up against Geri’s back and putting my arm around her reassuringly told her just how much I really loved her. A few moments later, still with her back pressed against me, she hesitatingly whispered – “Why? Why didn’t you stop it? How could you have let that happen? All that didn’t upset you – my giving myself to him like that and then my being the instigator using him again for my own pleasure? I can’t believe you could possibly have enjoyed watching me – watching the two of us! How did you endure watching the intimacy of what was going on? Watching him uncovering me, looking at me, touching every part of me with not just with his hands. Actually going inside me, bringing me to orgasm and then … coming inside me? Didn’t you have any misgivings, any feelings of jealousy? Even though you talked about it I never actually believed you would ever let it happen. But you just sat there watching me helplessly lose control of myself like that and not just only being ‘somewhat flirty’ with some other man but being completely, totally, sexually fulfilled by this person, someone we really don’t even know – some stranger! And then totally ignoring you allowing me to do it with him yet a second time!” She shrugged. “I guess I just don’t understand. I don’t think I ever will.”

I softly replied – “As I began to grasp the reality of where thing were heading of course I was more that a little apprehensive. But, everything that took place this afternoon was unbelievably thrilling. I always thought that what happened, if it ever did happen, would be exciting. But the entire experience – watching him seducing you; exposing you; running his hands over your body; arousing you; going inside you; then, most especially, watching you as you were engulfed in overwhelming orgasms brought on by someone else was even more amazingly exciting than I ever imagined it would possibly be! The reality truly outdid the fantasy. Actually, I’m not sure I understand either.” She snuggled closer back up to me and held my hand as we silently drifted off to sleep lost in our own thoughts.

The next morning as we were winging our way back to the gray autumn of New York there still had been no reference to the extraordinary events of the previous day. It was almost as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever taken place. After a while Geri put down her Kindle, put her hand on my arm, looked me in the eye, and quietly but firmly announced – “Yes, – even I have to admit it was quite an amazing, exciting, surreal experience. And I hope finally fulfilling your ‘ultimate fantasy’ was really as thrilling and as satisfying as you had imagined it would be – as you told me it was. And now I’m telling you, and this is critically important – never dare to mention what took place yesterday – ever! Furthermore, you are never to bring up this fantasy of yours ever again! Because, trust me – it is never…ever…going…to…happen…again!”

Nonetheless, the images of that single magical afternoon will remain indelibly vivid in my mind because after all – “Die Gedanken sind frei!”

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