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Picnic Treats

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The day was beautiful, the sun taking shelter behind the randomly passing clouds, a slight breeze whispering through the leaves of the trees, and the onset of summer providing a sweet afternoon for a country picnic. There, on blankets, sat the five close friends. College was out for the summer, this was a day to enjoy.

Spread out on the soft, green grass, they enjoyed the beauty of the day. Jon, Arianna ( called “Ari by her friends), Jen, Paul, and Ian exchanged glances and engaged in conversation as they nibbled on fruit, raw veggies, and sandwiches. They weren’t having junk food today, the treats would come later.

Ari leaned over and kissed Jon on the cheek. He pulled her back to him put his hand on the back of her head and kissed her passionately. It was one of those kisses that took her breath away and made her heart flutter.

“Hey, you!” said Jen. “I should be the one getting kissed; after all I did pack the pic-a-nic basket!” she smiled, doing a truly bad Yogi Bear impression. Jen smiled at Ari and puckered her lips.

“All right then!” Ari said and leaned over and gave her a kiss, right on her puckered lips! Jen giggled at the kiss. Jon, in turn, kissed her as well.

Jen looked at Paul and Ian, an impish grin crossing her face. Her eyes seemed to sparkle, the light dancing in their blue-green beauty. Ian said “All this kissing is turning me on!” Jen reaches over and fondles Ian’s crotch, feeling his manhood twitch slightly at her caress. “Yes, you’re right, it is! What do you think, Ari? Should we do something about this situation?” The cute redhead stared at her blonde friend and grinned.

Ari looked at Jon. “Don’t you dare!” he mumbled under his breath, smiling at her. “You behave yourself missy!” Ari giggled in mock defiance and reached for Jon’s crotch. She traced her fingers around his cock through his jeans. “Behave!” Jon told her, somewhat surprised at her boldness. This was not like his quiet Ari, but he was intrigued to see how far she would take this.

“Excuse me!” Paul said, getting the attention of the women. “Why has my cock not been fondled yet? Am I not studly enough for your little group?” Jen and Ari looked at each other and snickered. They both reached for him at the same time! Then suddenly Jon gave Ari a SMACK on the ass! She felt the sting of it right through the denim of her miniskirt.

As Jen continued to fondle Paul, Ari turns around and grinned at Jon. “Now that’s done it! You know how that turns me on, you nasty bastard!” Jon and Ari began kissing, their tongues entwining, their breathing already quickening.

Ian let his hand wander up under Jen’s decadent little black mini-skirt, rubbing her ass and toying with the edge of her panties. Jen kissed Ian, her hand still on Paul’s crotch stroking him through his jeans. The fiery little vixen felt like a true slut, and she was already getting damp.

Ari straddled Jon and his hand slid under her skirt, his fingers rubbed her pussy right through her panties. Ari heard herself moan out loud, but she didn’t care if everyone around her heard, she was immensely turned on! Jon kissed her some more to quiet her, yet all it made her do was want to be even noisier.

Jen began undoing Paul’s jeans, exposing his boxers, and pushed them down to free his cock. It wasn’t the biggest dick she’d ever sucked – but, oh lord, it was so thick. Her tongue licked at his ever-hardening cock while Ian slipped his fingers under the edge of her panties and into her wet pussy. Ian’s fingers found her clit and manipulated it with skill and gentleness, until Jen began to moan.

Letting his fingers probe under the edge of Ari’s panties, Jon rubbed her clit and swiftly slipped his wet digits into her wet hole. He fucked her with his fingers, fast at first, then changing the tempo and slowing down. It drove Ari insane, his teasing of her pussy, her cunt dripped and she ached for release. Jon told her “Don’t you dare cum yet!” She moaned again at the exquisite torture.

Jen pulled off Paul and reached over to Ari and pulled off her tight t.shirt, exposing her firm breasts,and flicked her tongue across the hardening nipples. This gave Ari a start – her friend had never shown any bi-sexual tendencies, but today, anything was open and free. Besides, Ari had always thought her redheaded friend was a little sexpot!

Paul, Ian and Jon couldn’t believe their eyes, watching Jen and Bri make out. It was fucking H – O – T! Jon went behind Ari and slid his prick into her wet, juicy pussy. Ian pulled off Jen’s panties, and both he and Paul start licking away at Jen’s also equally-wet hole.

Ari’s hand wandered up Jen’s t.shirt, feeling for her breasts, making Jen moan and pant with hitherto-unknown lesbian desire. Off went the T-shirt and Jen’s breasts were exposed, her nipples exquisite and pink and hard. Paul took them and started sucking at them, making her nipples grow harder still. Ian slid his cock into Jen and started to slowly fuck her, building a slow tempo

Jon held Ari’s hips as he pounded his cock deep inside of her, his movements growing ever more frenetic. Ari reached towards Jen’s pussy and slipped her fingers in, rubbing Jen’s clit and feeling Ian’s big cock sliding in and out of her. Jen moaned loudly as Ari’s strumming fingers pleasured her repeatedly. Jon slid his throbbing cock almost all the way out of Arianna and rammed it back in, repeatedly, slow; then hard! Ian pounded away at Jen, bringing her very close to orgasm. Ari felt Jon’s cock begin to jerk, as his cum spurted deep inside of her. He pulled out and rubbed his cock across Jen’s lips. She took him into her mouth and began sucking once more, wanting to make him hard again.

Paul offered his cock to Ari’s mouth and she took him in greedily, sucking and licking him, stroking him with her hand. Paul slid his cock all the way down to the back of Ari’s throat. Man, her cocksucking abilities impressed him.

Jon was pumping away at Jen’s soft mouth, while Ari and Ian worked feverishly on her dripping cunt. Paul’s hard cock throbbed deep in Ari’s throat, making her suck harder on it, she wanted to taste his warm sauce. Ian then pulled out of Jen and lined himself up with Ari’s pussy and slowly, entered her, making Ari gasp, before she moved down to Jen’s pussy and began to eat her.

Jen saw a banana nearby and reached for it … she brought it near Ari’s very wet hole and slid it in, making Ari moan loudly. Jen slowly fucked Ari with it. Ari’s hand found the cucumber and also slid it into Jen. The boys sat back, watching the girls fuck each other, using vegetables in a very new, yet fun, way. They stroked their cocks, their balls filling up quickly with cum. The girls looked at them and asked, “Why don’t you cover us in that cum you’ve got stored up in those big balls of yours?”

The guys were stroking hard now and walked over to the girls. Paul came first, shooting his load on the girl’s breasts, going back and forth from Jen to Ari. Ari reached over and ran her fingers through the cum on Jen’s breasts and offered her fingers to Jen’s mouth. Jen sucked Ari’s fingers clean and then kissed her to let her taste. The girls opened their mouths as Jon shot his load. He filled Jen’s mouth first, then Ari’s, letting her suck his cock dry. Ari and Jen kissed again, their tongues entwined, mixing tastes of cum together. “This is just too fucking much for me!” Ian said. “Fuck!” He started cumming on the girls. Jen and Ari both reached for his cock and stroked, played with him, until he had spilled his entire load. The guys watched as the girls play with their cum, licking it off of each other, and kissing.

The five of them decided to head back to Jen and Ari’s apartment to get in the hot tub! It was hard to tell who was looking forward to this more, the horny men or the excited roommates. The girls knew from now on, they’d be enjoying the tub a lot more!

The girls put their clothes on and Jon took Arianna by the hand, leading her to his car. Jen rode with Paul and Ian. When they arrived at their home, Jen and Ari lead the guys to the hot tub and everyone undressed and got in. The hot water was soothing and bubbly; everyone began to relax, except Ari and Jen! They were still horny, both girls wanted so much more! Ari kissed Jen, her new-found passion for her friend excited and thrilled them both. She whispered to Jen to go and sit on Jon’s lap. Jen straddled Jon, stroked his cock and rubbed it against her heated pussy. They started kissing and Jon’s hands roamed over Jen’s gorgeous body. He was quite content to let the redheaded sex kitten take the lead.

Ari went over to Paul and rubbed her ass against his cock. leaning forward to kiss Ian. Paul grabbed Ari’s hips and pulled her down on his cock. Ari grinded on him while Ian played with her tits, sucked her nipples. Jen slid down on Jon’s big, hard cock and started bouncing, making Jon moan! Ian went over to them and lifted Jen’s ass. He rubbed his cock on it and slowly inched it inside of her, causing her to gasp! Jen had both holes full of cock! Jon and Ian give her alternate thrusts, driving her to a massive peak of pleasure! Jon then walked over to Ari and Paul, as Paul’s cock was in her ass, Jon slid his into Ari’s pussy. He bit her nipples and thrust hard into her.

Ari reached the point of no return, her mind was spinning in all sorts of unusual directions. She gasped and moaned loudly. Her pussy sucked in Jon’s cock, as Paul continued to pound her ass. His balls twitched and throbbed from the cum building up inside them. Jen leaned over to Ari and kissed her, while Ian carried on pumping away at her ass. The girls moaned loudly as they came, which made Jon,Ian and Paul fuck them harder. All three of them shot their loads at the same time.

Jen and Ari climbed out of the hot tub and lay down next to each other, and started playing with each other’s pussies, both of them licking and sucking each other’s breasts. Paul, Jon and Ian sat back and watched as Jen and Ari give them some more girl-on-girl action. The sexy young roommates looked over at the men and saw the excitement in their eyes, so they carried on, eating each other, enjoying the new-found pleasure of lesbian desire.

Ari then jumped up and ran off to get a double-ended dildo and gave the boys a bigger treat … in her mind, this was going to be a night she’d remember when she was an old Granny sitting in her rocking chair. When she returned, she slid one end into Jen, and the other into herself, and they fucked lewdly, moans and groans escaping their lips, cries of “Oh, fuck, baby, yesss, we should have done this before!” came from Ari’s lips. They brought themselves to orgasm, which made Jon, Ian and Paul hard again.

Paul decided he had to get in on the fun the girls are having, he’d never been this excited in his life. He climbed out of the hot tub, his cock standing tall and hard. He pulled Arianna away from Jen, she let out a disappointed wail as he slammed his cock deep inside her. Within a few moments, the wail turned into a pleasant moan as Paul fucked her skilfully. Jen went back to licking Ari’s dripping pussy, determined to pleasure her friend. She flicked her tongue across Ari’s clit, making her squeal and squirm, bringing her to another mini-orgasm. Jon and Ian sat back, stroking their hard cocks, enjoying the show the three of them were putting on.

As the girls moaned and carried on, Paul shot his cum deep inside Jen’s dripping cunt, before going around to Ari to give her his cock to lick clean. Ari opened her mouth, ready for Paul to slide his cock in, she sucked and nibbled on it, making him moan again.

Jon and Ian couldn’t stand any more and climbed out. Jon slid his cock into Jen’s cum- filled, cum- soaked hole, while Ian held his in front of Jen’s face, teasing her with it, not letting her have it in her mouth. She flicked her tongue across the throbbing head, and managed to bite his shaft gently. With that, Ian rammed it down Jen’s throat and started fucking her mouth.

As Ian’s cock throbbed in Jen’s mouth, Paul pulled out of Ari and slid his cock into Jen’s ass. The pretty redhead moaned with delight and wiggled her ass to accommodate him. Ari then lowered herself onto Paul’s face, so he could eat her pussy. All of them were enjoying the decadence of this, they were all fucking, sucking and eating each other.

Ari reached for the dildo but Jon’s hand beat her to it. He pulled out of Jen and told Ari, “Lick my cock clean, now, you hot bitch!” She licked his cock up and down, tasting the mix of juices from Jen’s pussy. Jon slid the dildo into Ari’s pussy and started fucking her hard with it! Once again, the pretty blonde wailed with delight.

Ian came in Jen’s mouth and she drank him down, not spilling a drop. She saved a bit to share a taste of it with Ari. Ari held Jon’s hard cock in her hand, stroking it and Jen kissed her, letting her taste Ian’s cum. Ian took over fucking Ari with the dildo and Jon told the girls to suck his cock together. “Yes sir!” they said in unison, mocking his commanding tone.

Paul held Jen’s hips and pounded savagely away at her ass. The girls sucked Jon’s cock, alternately, and soon he began to throb, ready to cum! Taking a handful of hair of each girl in each of his hands, he held their heads and fucked their mouths, hard. Jon shot his cum on their faces and told them to lick it off! Now the girls were licking each other’s faces and savoring Jon’s sweet juice. It was all so sleazy, so kinky, but both of them loved it! Paul came in Jen’s ass and pulled out, watching his cum dripping from her.

The guys were spent, but Ari and Jen looked at each other and giggled. Jen led Ari back into the hot tub and started playfully washing the cum off her. Ari, in turn, did the same to Jen and started rubbing Jen’s clit. The guys had amazed looks on their faces, seeing how the girls just wouldn’t stop! Ari rubbed Jen’s clit with slow, teasing motions until Jen came, moaning loudly. The girls stood there in the hot tub, caressing each other and kissing, murmuring soft little words that the men couldn’t make out.

Ari and Jen took notice that Jon and Ian were playing with their cocks watching the girl-on-girl action, slowly working their way back up to life. “Get over here and fuck us!” Ari said to them and the guys accepted the challenge. Jon lined up behind Ari, spread her legs, and rammed his cock in! Ian told them to continue kissing and he lined up with Jen. Ari reached down and spread Jen’s pussy lips open and while she did so, Ian rammed his cock right in! Jon and Ian fucked the girls hard from behind, pressing Jen and Arianna hard against each other. The girls were sandwiched between Ian and Jon, still kissing! The girls moaned between kisses and the guys pumped furiously at them.

Ari screamed at Jon, “Fuck, dammit, I said, fuck me HARD!” and with that, Jon pulled Ari away from Jen, bent her over the edge of the hot tub and slammed deep into her pussy! “I wanna hear you scream, slut!” Jon grunted at Ari. The harder he fucked her, the more perverse his words, the louder Ari got! Jon started spanking her ass as he fucked her, making her ass glow bright red.

Ian asked Jen, “You want some of the same?” and before Jen could answer him, he bent her over the edge of the hot tub, spanked her and pounded her pussy hard with his massive cock! Jen was yelling “Harder, baby, harder, fuck that pussy, fuck it!” and moaning with uncontrollable passion!

Ari screamed, “JON!!” as she came, drenching his cock with her juices. With a few last thrusts, Jon came as well, yelling, “Fuck, Ari!” He’d never cum this much before and was exhausted. Just as Jen was about to cum, Ian pulled his cock out of her and turned her over, sucking her clit until she came on his face. He lapped at the juices spilling out of her. “You taste so fucking good!” Ian told her.

Paul and Jon went over to Jen, each one grabbed one of her legs and raised her up so that Ian could finish fucking her. Her legs were spread wide open, and Ian slid his cock in deep, making her gasp. It didn’t take long for Ian to fill her pussy up as his cock let go deep inside her!

They look at Ari, who was licking her own tits and finger-fucking herself. Ian and Paul went over to her and each took a breast and began licking, sucking and biting them. Jon lay back, panting from it all, his cock now limp and empty of his built-up cum.

Paul pushed a finger into Ari’s ass and fucked it,while Ian slid his huge cock right into her extremely wet pussy. Paul looked at Ian and said “Shall we give her some double penetration? Ian said “Oh fuck! Let’s do her good!”

Both of them then lined themselves up with Ari’s pussy and ass. Ian slipped into her pussy,while Paul rammed his cock deep into her ass, making her gasp loudly. Jen’s watched them do Ari, as she sat back and rubbed her own clit, before reaching for the dildo and fucking herself, ramming it harder and deeper into her own aching snatch. She didn’t take her eyes off Paul,Ian and Bri, fucking like the world was going to end. Watching Ari squirm on their cocks turned Jen on even more, to the point where she came hard and fast with the dildo inside her pussy.

When he heard Jen moan, Paul looked over at her and winked, before he began fucking Ari’s ass harder and harder. His cock reached depths it hadn’t before. Ian was doing the same, and Ari felt like she was about to be torn apart by them and their raging hard cocks.

Jen, after exploding in orgiastic pleasure, crawled over to Ari, Ian and Paul and took Bri’s breasts and sucked on them, which now pushed Bri completely over the edge. Both her holes were full of cock and her breasts were being sucked, licked and bitten.

Paul’s balls twitched and suddenly freed the cum that had been building, shooting deep inside Ari’s ass. Some of it trickled out of her and he wiped it away and offered his fingers to Jen to lick clean.

Ian was the next to find another release of hot, sticky cum and pumped Ari full of it.He slid out of her, his huge cock now lying limp; like Jon’s; and he went down on Ari and started eating her, tongue flicking across her clit. The cum was literally dripping from Ari’s holes and Ian’s tongue was bringing her to an earth-shattering peak. Ari watched as Paul and Jen kissed, then licked her breasts, then kissed again. Ari reached down and slipped her fingers into Jen’s soaked pussy and found that Paul’s fingers were joining hers in rubbing Jen’s clit and finger-fucking her pussy. Ari came hard, screaming and carrying on, while Ian lay back, with his cock limp, and watched.

Ari joined in the kissing with Paul and Jen, all three of them entwined their tongues, licking each other enjoying a sexy three-way kiss. Ari lay down in front of Jon and Ian, spread her legs so they could see the cum running out of her pussy, and ran her fingers through it, playing with it as the guys look on lustily.

Jen knelt over Ari’s face and Paul entered her, driving his cock deep into her and holding it there. Ari ran her tongue over Jen’s clit and Jen moaned. Paul started fucking Jen right over Ari’s face and Ari licked Jen’s pussy and Paul’s dick. Jon grabbed the dildo and slipped it into Ari’s pussy, fucking her to ecstasy with it. Arianna sucked on Jen’s clit as Paul was driving his throbbing cock so deeply that Jen was gasping and moaning. Jen and Paul came together, and Ari’s mouth was open wide, catching the cum that was dripping out of Jen. Paul pulled out, his cock lying limp also. Jen assumed a `69′ position with Ari, wanting Ari to eat her pussy again. She was kissing Jon while he fucked Ari with the dildo. Jon pulled the dildo out of Ari and Jen licked it, then he rammed it back inside of Ari’s hot pussy. He sucked Jen’s breasts and licked between them.

Jen and Ari gave the guys one last piece of girl-on-girl action. Both their tongues lapped away at the other’s pussy. Both of them licked up the mixed tastes of cum. Neither let the other cum, keeping the other well teased and on the edge of climaxing,both their clits throbbed. Jen reached for the dildo, looked over at Ari and said “Shall we? One more time?” and giggled. Ari nodded and grinned her approval, before assuming the perfect position for both of them to see the guys. The men could also see both pussys being toyed and pleasured for a final time. Jen and Ari didn’t hold back this time, they went for it with years of pent-up lesbian desire, giving each other a good,hard screwing with the big, rubber cock. Their pussies were soaked, wetter than they’d ever been. The girls knew they’d be sharing a lot of sexy nights from now on, but were determined to make this one mind-blowing!

Back and forth the dildo went between their pussies, harder and faster they rammed it into each other. They pushed each other further and further to orgasm, just on the brink a few times. The guys just sat back and watched the grand finale, their cocks unable to take any more. Before too long, the girls finally let the other explode. Both of them came together, long, hard and fast. The dildo was glistening from the cum that it was now covered with. Ari and Jen kissed, then smiled at each other, knowing they had fully surrendered themselves to the guys and drained them of all their built-up cum.

Jon, Ian and Paul were stunned! They’d never seen their girls this horny before! Nor had their cocks been this drained before! They lay back, enjoying their bliss. Just then, the girls tossed the guy’s clothes at them! “Now, go home!” Ari and Jen said in unison and giggled. Jon, Paul, and Ian had shocked looks on their faces as they put on their clothes. They just couldn’t believe the girls were kicking them out like this! The girls were standing there, smiling at them, and Jen said, “Go build up another reserve of cum for us!” Ari added, “Because, on Friday night …” and let her voice trail off, leaving no doubt of what was planned. The men smiled at each other, nodded, and left.

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