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San Juan Samba

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What happens in Puerto Rico, stays in Puerto Rico. That was always the understanding for our quarterly business trip to the Island. Unfortunately for me, in the dozen or so times I had traveled to the tropical oasis, nothing worthy of keeping secret had ever occurred.

“What should I pack,” I debated, as I wrestled with whether or not I could cram enough clothes into a carry-on bag to avoid the incredibly slow baggage claim process in San Juan.

Two days of business; that was easy to plan for. A couple of Polo shirts and a matching pair of casual pants and I was good to go for the business side of the trip. No ties, no jackets, and heaven forbid no suites were required in the laid back casual atmosphere of business meetings conducted within a stones throw of the equator.

Like most of my trips to the Caribbean, I had planned to tack an extra day on the end of the trip for a day of sun and fun. My business meetings were scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, which left me with all day Friday for some quality “me” time before heading back to the frigid Midwest in the middle of a cold and snowy January. Friday night in San Juan, what should I pack?

When I first started traveling to Puerto Rico, my hotel of choice was always the Ritz Carlton in Isla Verde. Like all Ritz’s, the San Juan version of the five star extravaganza was as plush and as inviting as any hotel in the world, but I had recently changed my preferred hotel to the El San Juan as the atmosphere there catered more to the frivolous and fun crowd versus the wealthy and sometimes stuffy crowd that called the Ritz their home away from home.

Beginning on Thursday night and continuing through the weekend, the El San Juan was always hopping. The sounds and reputation of the live local band playing salsa music into the wee hours of the morning never failed to attract a large crowd of both locals and visitors to the party atmosphere of the extravagant hotel lobby.

Friday night at the El San Juan meant I had to pack something casual, yet fashionable. The locals would be dressed in their best club attire. The guys would all look like they were competing for the cover spot on the next edition of GQ and the beautiful Puerto Rican ladies would be equally as fashionable in their tiny, sexy, dancing dresses. Blue jeans and polo shirts would get me some second looks, but not the kind of second looks that might change my luck from the 0-12 dry spell I had experienced during my previous trips.

Condoms, that was always the other dilemma. Do I pack some, just in case, or do I accept the fact that my 0 and 12 streak will most likely go to 0 and 13? The first several times I traveled to the Island I always packed them, just in case. The last few times I figured maybe my chances were better to get lucky if I was unprepared, convincing myself that the presumptuous pre-planning had jinxed my chances on the previous trips.

A quick look into the nightstand beside my bed brought the prophylactic dilemma to a rapid closure. There was only one remaining foil wrapper in the box that once contained a full dozen pouches of the most sensitive and shear latex known to mankind. One would do me no good. If I got lucky enough to find a sexy Puerto Rican lady who wanted to do a little salsa dancing between the sheets, one condom would only be enough to get the party started. On the other hand, if my luck was the same as it had been during my previous trips, one condom would be one too many.

No problem. Finding some latex protection on the island is about as difficult as finding sand on the beach. Within a block of the El San Juan are at least two shops that I vividly remember, one called “Condom World” and the second one appropriately named, “Condoms R Us”. No need for me to make a stop at CVS on my way to the airport, I could simply stop in the 24 hour shop and do my shopping right there in San Juan, assuming the need for such merchandise would actually materialize.

You have to love a place like Puerto Rico. It is a highly Catholic, highly religious culture, that somewhere along the line failed to properly translate those commandments about adultery and coveting thy neighbor’s wife into the Spanish language. Such an openly sexual atmosphere on a tropical island where the women are both beautiful and scantly clad — you just have to love it!

I was finally finished packing. Business casual clothes for day one and day two on the top of the pile, a swimsuit for the daytime activities of day three and some casual drinking and dancing attire for the evenings in San Juan. It was time to head to the airport.

Like most of my trips to the island, I would not be traveling alone on this adventure. Nicole was a business colleague who had made this trip with me several times in the past as the meetings in Puerto Rico always seemed to involve topics we were mutually involved with. Nicole was a blast to travel with. If there was ever someone who deserved the title of the ultimate party girl, that would be Nicole.

Despite her partying nature and incredibly flirtatious personality, I had learned long ago that Nicole was happily married. Correction, Nicole was blissfully happily married, and had absolutely no desires to step across that fragile line called fidelity. Such a shame too. Nicole is incredibly sexy with her long blond curls, those brilliant blue eyes, and a pair of legs that go on forever. On more than one trip to the Caribbean, Nicole had been successful in getting quite a rise out of me just watching her walk out to the pool in her skimpy two piece swimsuit.

“Hey Big Fella,” Nicole whispered in my ear as she snuck up behind me at Gate B6 where our plane was scheduled to depart.

“We’re headed to a tropical paradise. Why the hell are you wearing a winter coat,” she teased, as I turned around to greet her.

In typical fashion, Nicole was dressed for the occasion. No coat and no hint of the winter attire that would have been appropriate for the snowy twenty degree temperatures just outside of the terminal. High heels, a short skirt, and a spaghetti strap camisole that left just a hint of her midriff exposed but left much less to the imagination on the cleavage side of the equation. Damn she was hot!

As we settled into our seats, I quickly came to the realization that this was going to be a long and very uncomfortable flight for me. The seats were great: first class upgrades. The service was great as well, evidenced by the glass of Champaign in my hand before the coach section of the plane even started boarding. There was only one problem. Nicole was sitting just a few inches away from me with her long sexy legs proudly displayed and her short skirt riding high up on her thighs as she brought one knee over the other and crossed her legs to get comfortable.

Instantaneous erection. Nicole was a self proclaimed fitness freak and those long beauties were perfectly toned and shaped. As my mind quickly wandered to thoughts of what might lie still hidden beneath that tiny black skirt, there was absolutely no possibility of avoiding the sudden rush of blood to my groin and the impending reaction that invariably followed.

“You like my skirt?” Nicole flirted, in her typical teasing fashion as she lifted the lacy hem of the skirt a good two inches off her thigh.

I was busted. I’m not sure if it was the deer in the headlight look in my eyes from being mesmerized by those sexy legs that she noticed, or if she noticed the bulge in my pants. Maybe I was even drooling and didn’t know it, but whatever the giveaway was, she had caught me in a lustful stare.

“Yu yu yu Yes,” I stammered, as I tried to regain my composure. “And the legs aren’t so bad either,” I added.

“Well Brian,” she winked, as she put her left hand on my thigh less than a millimeter from my straining cock and placed her right index finger against my closed lips. “You can look all you want Dream Boy, but if you’re thinking today might be the day you join me as a member of the Mile High Club, dream on.”

I already knew that, and there was no reason to try any harder on my part. We had been here many, many times before. Nicole knew exactly how to tease and torment me and I knew exactly how it was going to end. Like dozens, maybe even hundreds of times before, it was going to end with a smile on her face from the validation that she could still turn on any man she wanted with her looks and her charm, and it would end with a pain in my balls from a four hour flight with a hard on that I couldn’t relieve. Some things never change.

We didn’t arrive in San Juan until almost midnight Tuesday night. Between the long flight and the late hour, Nicole and I both decided to call it a night as soon as we arrived at the El San Juan.

Wednesday was a typical business day. We had originally planned for a business dinner Wednesday evening with some of the staff from the Puerto Rico office, but the plans fell through at the last minute and Nicole and I were on our own for the evening.

We opted for dinner at the open air restraint on top of the El San Juan Hotel, thinking that we could retire to the lobby after dinner for some drinks, music and a little salsa dancing. The El San Juan had a reputation as one of the best bar and dance scenes in the city, and since we were staying there anyway, why not check it out.

By eleven o’clock we had consumed several beers waiting for the excitement in the bar to pick up, but it never did. I finally asked the bar tender why it was so quiet.

“It’s Wednesday night,” Miguel informed me, as he slid another Medalla my direction and responded to the question I had posed. “This is pretty typical for a Wednesday night,” he added. “Thursday and Friday nights are the big party nights in San Juan.”

“In that case,” Nicole sighed, “I say we call it a day and rest up for tomorrow night.”

When we arrived at the office Thursday morning, we were greeted with the normal hugs and kisses that accompany the Puerto Rican culture.

“Did you do anything exciting last night,” quizzed Liana, as we broke from a friendly hug.

Liana is the Human Resource manager for the Puerto Rico office and one of the people both Nicole and I typically meet with when we are on the island.

“We just hung around the hotel,” I answered. “Things were pretty quiet in San Juan last night.”

“I wish you would have called me,” Liana frowned. “I would have been happy to show you the hot spots of town.”

“How about tonight,” Nicole jumped in, before I even had a chance to think about a response to Liana’s comment.

Like Nicole, Liana is an incredibly sexy lady, although the two of them could not be any more different. Nicole is your typical tall, sexy, blue eyed blond. Liana on the other hand can’t be more than five feet tall with dark eyes and dark hair that perfectly accent her bronzed skin. Two ladies distinctly different in their appearance, but equally attractive.

If I had jumped in with a reply as fast as Nicole had when Liana expressed her disappointment that we had not called her last night, Nicole would probably have given me her “You pervert” look and shook her head from side to side in disgust. The fact that she had been the one to suggest it, who was I to complain?

Liana met Nicole and I at in the hotel lobby at 7:00 o’clock as we prepared for our personalized tour of the hotspots in San Juan.

“Nothing really starts to heat up until about 9:00,” Liana informed us, as we headed out of the hotel entrance and into the balmy evening air. “So let’s head into Old San Juan for some dinner and drinks before we hit the dance clubs.”

With none of us wanting to play the role of designated driver, we hopped in a cab and headed for Old San Juan. I was lucky enough to get the middle spot, snuggled tightly between Liana and Nicole in the narrow back seat of the cab. OK, maybe it was planned and not just luck on my part, and I’m sure the ladies knew what I was doing, but neither seemed to mind.

Liana was first in the car and already had her sexy legs crossed with her short red skirt riding high on her toned bronze thighs when I slid in beside her. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure my erection was at least at half mast, if not at full alert, before my butt even hit the seat. What an incredible sight, Liana sitting with her legs crossed, her skirt hiked up, and a tiny spaghetti strap top that proudly displayed a perfect set of 36c morocco’s.

My eyes quickly shifted to Nicole as she climbed into the rear seat beside me. As her left leg entered the car, her tight black mini skirt stretched between her parted legs and slithered up her thigh giving me a clear and unobstructed view of the tiny triangle patch of fabric of her matching black thong. A thong that was sheer enough to clearly tell that there was no fuzz on this particular Georgia peach.

The contrast between Nicole’s fair white skin and the black satin fabric showcased her long, sexy legs and highlighted just how well toned this beauty really was. As she slid the rest of the way into the cab, my eyes stayed fixed on her legs as both the lump in my throat and the lump in my boxers became more prominent. Nicole reached for the hem of her skirt with her right hand to pull it down from its panty exposing elevation and at the same time put her left index finger under my chin and raised my head away from its transfixed stare on her lower extremities. I was busted once again.

“Watch this guy,” Nicole warned Liana, as she put her hand on my thigh, stretching my pants tight over my hardened cock in an unavoidable display of my state of arousal. “He may look harmless, but he’s always packing a loaded gun,” she laughed as she dropped her eyes to my crotch making sure Liana’s eyes followed her own until all four retinas were focused on the bulge in my pants.

The girls continued to poke fun at me, and my aroused condition, as the cab embarked on the twenty minute excursion to Old San Juan.

By the time dinner was over, we had already consumed our second bottle of wine and were feeling pretty buzzed. We headed for a local place called “The Parrot Club” to see if the live music and dancing was starting to heat up yet. Sure enough, the crowd was already gathering, the Latin salsa music was blaring, and the dance floor was about half full of sexy Puerto Rican ladies and their fluid Latino dance partners.

As we headed toward an empty table, Liana grabbed Nicole by the hand and headed for the dance floor. Twenty seconds later the two sexy ladies were dirty dancing salsa style center stage on the dance floor. What a sight. Tall, blonde Nicole was pressed flesh to flesh against the smaller but equally sexy Liana as they danced and gyrated to the music. If I didn’t know Nicole was happily married, I would have sworn at that moment that she was a lesbian and having the time of her life with her lover.

After three or four songs, the girls came back to the table and pulled me out onto the floor. Luckily it was dark enough in the club that no one could see the bulge in my pants as we made our way to the center of the floor. When we reached center stage, Nicole wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me tight against her gyrating, music inspired body.

After a quick hug, Nicole slid her hands from my neck to my hips, taking special care to seductively slide them along my spine on their journey southward. Our bodies meshed and moved together as one. We were so close I could feel the hardness of her nipples pressed against my own chest, and so close that there would be no avoiding her recognition of the hardness of my arousal pressed firmly into her forbidden pubic bone.

“Come on big boy,” she laughed, as put a hand on each side of my hips and pulled me hard against her groin as she gyrated those size six hips in perfect unison with the festive salsa music.

“Prove to me that white boys can dance,” she screamed, to the cheers and catcalls of the Latino crowd circled around us.

As my own hips began moving to the beat of the music and responding to the motion of the beautiful torso pressed against them, I felt Liana snuggle up behind me and press her body against my back side. As the three of us swayed, moved, and gyrated to the music, I was blissfully sandwiched between the firmness of these two lovely lasses. Liana’s hands roamed over my hips and shoulders as she pressed her tits against my back trying not to be outdone by Nicole who continued her relentless tormenting of my front side.

After four or five dances, I had to sit down. Between the heat from the lights in the club, and the inferno of lust burning within me, my body was overheating and in need of a cold beer. These ladies really knew how to torment and tease a guy to the peak of sexual frustration.

“You are one lucky son-of-a-bitch,” the waiter spoke in broken English, as he put the beer on the table and stared wantonly at Liana and Nicole still dancing closely just a few feet away. “If they fuck as good as they dance, you are one blessed hombre.”

Wishful thinking. I knew that despite the teasing and flirting, Nicole would never cross that line. As for Liana, as much as she seemed to like flirting with me, it was obvious that she liked flirting and dancing with Nicole even more. I wasn’t sure if Nicole would actually cross the line with Liana, somehow that seemed less like cheating than with another man. I thing was for certain though, it was a fairly safe bet that the only sexual action I was going to get that night would be self induced back in my lonely hotel room.

We spent another hour at The Parrott and then headed back to the El San Juan where the party was even bigger and the crowd even livelier. My balls were aching from two hours of a constant up and down erection resulting from the non-stop teasing the ladies were administering. My clothes were sweaty and messed from all of the dancing, and my muscles tired and out of shape, but despite all of that, I couldn’t wait to get back onto the dance floor for more abuse.

When the band started to pack up at 2:00 am, the crowd quickly disseminated and the three of us found ourselves nearly alone in the lobby.

“Well,” Nicole sighed in a somewhat disappointed tone. “I have to catch a flight in five hours, so I suppose I should be calling it a night.”

“What time is your flight Brian?” Liana inquired, as we lingered in the lobby for a few minutes longer.

“Actually, I’m staying in San Juan tomorrow to catch a little sun and a little pool time and then I’m flying back on Saturday,” I responded.

“Really,” Liana brightened up. “So you are here another day. Would you care for some pool side company tomorrow?”

“Why don’t you just stay with me tonight Liana,” Nicole offered. “No need for you to go all the way home at this late hour if you are coming back in the morning anyway.”

The girls didn’t even wait for me to give them an answer as to whether or not I wanted some poolside company the following day. Before I could answer with the obvious, “YES”, the girls were already headed arm in arm toward the elevator, giggling like two teenagers as they disappeared behind the closing steel doors.

Damn, I was headed back to my room with only my right hand to get excited about, and Liana was headed to Nicole’s room to do God only knows what to that sexy body of hers. Between the pent up excitement in my balls from a long night of sexy dancing, and the unavoidable visions in my head of Nicole and Liana wrestling in a moaning frenzy of a sixty-nine entanglement, I only lasted about twenty strokes before my balls got the relief they had been desperately waiting for. It’s a good thing I pointed at my chest before letting the liquid lust fly, otherwise, the maid would have been cleaning the ceiling the following morning.

I was at the pool by 9:00 o’clock on Friday morning, and Liana came strolling out about 10:00. Damn she looked hot. Her bright yellow string bikini perfectly displayed her well shaped bronze body. A pair of yellow rimmed sun glasses and matching yellow flip flops were the only other pieces of attire adorning her seductive body.

The sun glasses were too dark for me to see if bloodshot eyes would hint toward whether or not the girls had slept, or if they had played all night, and Liana was not about to volunteer any insight.

“Did you girls have a fun slumber party last night?” I quizzically probed, as Liana spread her beach towel on the lounge chair beside mine.

“How do you like the swim suit I picked up in the hotel gift shop?” Liana asked, obviously ignoring my attempt to get her to spill her guts about what either did, or did not, happen behind those closed hotel doors last night.

“Quite sexy,” I winked, as my eyes took a lingering and slow stroll from her head to her toes.

“Did Nicole get any sleep before heading to the airport this morning?”

“Girls don’t kiss and tell if that is your way of trying to find out if anything happened between Nicole and me last night. She’s a happily married lady you know.”

“Believe me, I know,” I sighed in a somewhat deflated tone of voice. “I’ve tried more than once to coax her to cross that line, and she stops short every time.”

“Too bad for you,” Liana laughed, as she slid her sunglasses down her nose and looked me straight in the eye with bloodshot eyes that showed the obvious signs of sleep deprivation. “I would bet a month’s salary she’s hell on wheels between the sheets.”

We lounged around the pool for the remainder of the day, with Liana sleeping off and on most of the afternoon, another indication that little to no slumbering had occurred in room 1252 the previous night. Sometime during the afternoon the realization hit me that I was about to be 0 and 13 on my “getting lucky” streak. My last night in Puerto Rico was going to be spent with a hot and sexy lady, but unfortunately for me, a hot and sexy lady that seemed to prefer women over men.

As the afternoon sun gave way to the shade of early evening, Liana suggested she go home, find some fresh clothes, and then come back for dinner and maybe some more dancing if I was up for it.

“Sounds good to me,” I acknowledged, as Liana made the suggestion as she slipped back into her flip flops and prepared to end this particular session of sun worshiping.

“It’s four o’clock now,” Liana continued. “Let’s meet in the lobby at say, seven o’clock.”

“I’ll be there,” I replied, trying not to show too much excitement.

“OK,” I thought to myself as I headed for the elevator to go to my room to get cleaned up. “Do I make a run down to Condom World just in case, or is that just wishful thinking?”

Although she had never admitted it, I was convinced Liana liked to flirt with men, but when it came time to pick a partner to satisfy her lustful desires, I was guessing that only the soft touch of another female would quench that thirst. I was equally convinced that Nicole had quenched that thirst last night, and that tonight would be a platonic outing between two colleagues. No need to waste the money or the energy to stroll down the street to pick up a pack of rolled up latex that would just go unused anyway.

I was still sitting in the lobby bar at 7:30 when Liana finally came strolling into the hotel. She was not alone. Attached to her arm, strolling side by side, and giggling like two school girls, Liana and her friend lit up the lobby with their persona as they made their way toward the bar.

“Hi Brian. Sorry I’m late,” Liana apologized.

“This is Edna. She’s an old friend that I haven’t seen since college. She just dropped by when I was heading out the door,” Liana continued, as she glanced at Edna and raised her eyebrows in a flirtatious gesture as she tried unsuccessfully to contain the grin that was bursting from within her.

“Do you mind if she joins us?”

“Not at all,” I lied, as the wind suddenly blew out of my sails.

It was going to be another night of watching two sexy ladies heat up both the dance floor and lustful desires of every red bloodied male in the place, but also another night where one of the three of us would be going home alone. It wasn’t too hard to figure out who would be drawing that unlucky straw.

We agreed that a quick dinner next door at Lupi’s would allow us time to get back to the El San Juan just in time for the evening dancing to commence, so we headed off for some local cuisine. Most of the dinner conversation centered around the girls catching up on old times. The conversation occasionally slipped from English to Spanish when the girls were taking and laughing about old boyfriends. I wasn’t sure if they were intentionally talking in Spanish to keep a secret from me, or if in their excitement of reliving old romances, they simply slipped unconsciously back into their native tongue.

By the time we returned to the club in the hotel lobby, the crowd was already forming. Just like the night before, the ladies were all dressed to kill and the guys were all strutting both their best club attire and their best dance moves as they competed for the attention of the ladies.

It was like deja vu. Instead of grabbing Nicole and pulling her onto the dance floor like last night, tonight Liana did the exact same thing with Edna.

Edna was not quite as sexy and Liana, but she was still one of those ladies that you look up to the heavens and congratulate the good lord for a job well done. The bottle blonde hair that reached half way down her back flew effortlessly in the air as she danced and twirled to the music. The three inch spike heels added to her already tall five foot seven stature to give her a model like appearance on the dance floor. The red mini-dress did a great job of displaying her long, sexy legs, but didn’t really do justice to her small but ample breasts.

I watched the girls laughing, giggling, and whispering as they playfully danced their sexy dances.

“Your turn,” Liana giggled, as she pulled me onto the dance floor just like Nicole had done just twenty four hours earlier.

Unlike the night before when Liana joined Nicole and I on the dance floor for a three way dance marathon, tonight Edna opted for a seat at the bar while Liana and I danced. As we danced the third or fourth dance, Liana reached behind my neck and pulled my head down to whisper something in my ear.

“Edna and I wondered if we could go up to your room and have a private party,” Liana, whispered. “Would that be OK with you?”

“Just the two of you?” I questioned, as I wasn’t exactly certain what she was suggesting.

“We were hoping you would join us,” Liana countered, as she pulled me close to her body and slid her hand between us to squeeze my semi hard cock.

Within seconds, or maybe even milliseconds, my cock went from semi hard to full staff as the soft caresses of her fingers massaged my tool. I didn’t say another word as I simply headed for the elevators.

The door to the room had barely closed before the clothing started flying. Edna and Liana were attacking each other like two animals in heat, and I was stripping out of my own clothes as fast as my alcohol altered coordination would allow. By the time my boxers hit the floor, the girls already had the sheets pulled down and their respective heads buried between the other’s legs.

The sight of two beautiful ladies lying naked on a bed and attacking each others pussy is a sight that every man should get the pleasure to see at least one time in his life. Trust me, even if you have seen it in a porno flick, it is not the same as seeing, hearing, and smelling the passion as it unfolds before your eyes.

As much as I wanted to join, it was incredibly erotic just watching the two of them as they thrashed, moaned, and wiggled at the touch of the other’s fingers and tongue. The way they were going at it, you would have thought it had been months since either of them had partaken in the sins of the flesh.

Their moans were muffled by the fact that each had their mouth buried in the other’s glistening pussy. The visible wetness oozing from each of them left no doubt about the state of their arousal.

Edna was the first to cum. Her hands tensed and gripped Liana’s thighs with an eagle like grip as the first wave of orgasm crashed across her body. Liana’s relentless tongue showed no mercy as she continued torturing Edna’s clit and pussy as her orgasm rippled on. Edna’s body continued to quiver and shake as wave after wave rippled through every millimeter of her gorgeous body.

“Get over here,” Liana ordered, as she looked at me and saw me slowly stroking my ready cock.

As Edna lay recovering and catching her breath, Liana rolled her tongue around the head of my manhood, licking the large quantity pre-cum that had pooled at the tip. Once the pre-cum had disappeared, she proceeded to devour my cock in her mouth. The feeling was incredible as she stroked my cock with her lips and tongue, and caressed my balls with her tiny hands.

My eyes were closed as I was enjoying the sensational blow job I was receiving when I heard the sounds of Liana’s moan and felt the vibrations of it radiate through my cock. I opened my eyes to see a fully recovered Edna once again lapping at the Liana’s clit and pussy. Liana’s moans and breathing quickly became faster and more erratic as Edna escalated the pace.

As Liana got closer and closer to climax, the furry with which she sucked my cock and balls intensified greatly. The moans became more guttural each time Edna’s tongue raked across Liana’s clit, and with each moan her vibrations brought me closer to my own explosion.

I was just feeling the familiar tingle of an emerging orgasm building in my balls when Liana suddenly tensed and pulled my cock out of her mouth. Her body stiffened as she gasped a deep and vocal breath, holding it as her body tensed as the orgasm took full control of her essence. A series of short, sharp gasps followed the initial scream of pleasure as Edna buried her tongue in Liana’s pussy to prolong the radiating waves of ecstasy.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” Liana moaned, as her knees trembled and her body continued to quiver. Even with her dark flesh, the redness of her flushed skin became brighter and brighter before her body finally collapsed on top of Edna’s.

“Your turn,” Edna winked, as she motioned for me to come to her.

Within seconds my cock was tickling her tonsils as she expertly sucked, licked, and massaged its entirety. With a milking motion, Edna massaged my balls with her talented fingers as her lips and tongue tormented my cock. There was no way I was going to be able to hold back any longer after watching these two hot ladies pleasure themselves before my very eyes.

“I’m about to cum,” I warned Edna, not knowing if she wanted to take my load in her mouth or let it shower her sweat soaked body.

Edna looked up with her big brown eyes and stared deep into my own eyes as she picked up the pace even faster. She didn’t say a word, but there was no question what her answer was.

Without breaking eye contacting, or even blinking, Edna peered deep into my soul as she massaged my balls and prepared to take my load. That was more than I could take. The sexiness of those Latin brown eyes combined with the incredible pleasure her mouth and hands were delivering sent me over the edge and the first blast of cum lurched from my balls and into her mouth.

Like an experienced milk maid extracting cream from a prize cow, Edna massaged my balls in perfect timing with the second, third, and fourth spurt of cum. It was an incredible feeling as the internal release of my balls was timed perfectly with the squeezing from her warm and gentle hand. As each shot erupted from my cock, Edna made a quick swallow to prepare for the next. With the final shot fired and the last drop of cum licked from the tip of my barrel, Edna let my emptied gun slip from her mouth.

“Damn, that was wonderful,” I moaned, as I crashed back on the bed, out of breath and spent.

“We’re just getting started, my friend,” Liana laughed, as she snuggled up beside me, laying her head on my shoulder and allowing her hand to drift to my softening cock. “You can rest tomorrow on the flight home but tonight we are going fuck like there is no tomorrow.”

As Liana gently massaged my manhood back to life, I began to softly kiss and lick the back and sides of her neck. I could see the goose bumps growing and hear the soft moans of her approval increase their intensity as my lips and tongue tormented the soft and tender flesh of her neck.

Lost in the pleasure I was giving Liana, and the pleasure her hand was reciprocating, I didn’t notice that Edna had slid down the bed and found a cozy place to rest her head between Liana’s musky love canal and my growing arousal. As I continued licking and kissing Liana’s neck, I was pleasantly surprised to feel Edna’s warm breath, followed by her wet tongue, washing over my balls.

Between Liana’s hand now stroking my member, and Edna’s tongue licking circles around my balls, I was quickly recovered and ready to sink my swollen rod into new territory.

“Shit,” I blurted out, as I just realized the enormity of the mistake I had made earlier in the day. “I don’t have any protection with me!”

“Relax,” Liana comforted me with a soft, yet passionate kiss on the lips. “Unless you have some condition we should know about, we would prefer to feel your sperm fountain erupting deep inside of us.”

If I had picked these ladies up in a bar, I would have insisted on the protection, but given that Liana was a professional colleague of mine, I was not too concerned about the safety of what might happen in the coming hours.

With all of our engines running full throttle once again, the girls moved into a sixty nine position with Liana lying on her back with her knees in the air and Edna on all fours kneeling on top of her. What a sight. Two beautiful ladies lapping at each other’s pussy like frozen popsicles, licking, kissing, and slurping to make sure not a single drop of melting juice escaped their probing tongues.

Edna turned her head to look over her shoulder at me and with a somewhat demanding tone of voice ordered me, “Get over here Brian, I need to feel that hard cock inside of me.”

I didn’t need any additional coaxing. Edna’s love tunnel was glistening with wetness as Liana continued to work her from below. With her head buried in Liana’s twat, Edna let out a muffled moan as the head of my steel shaft parted her soaked entrance.

Damn she was tight. Despite the incredible amount of lubrication her body had been preparing for this event, my head struggled to penetrate her tightness. I could feel her muscles grab my cock as I slowly entered. The increased intensity of her moans told me the feeling was just as awesome for her as it was for me.

When my cock finally hit bottom, Edna raised her head from Liana’s treasure box and looked over her shoulder at me just long enough to make a quick plea, and then she returned to her female friend.

“Fuck me hard Brian,” was her plea. “Oh God Brian please, please fuck me hard,” she gasped.

With a slow and deliberate stroke, I answered her plea. No words were spoken in reply, only actions. With slow, deep, and unhurried strokes, I sank my cock repeatedly in and out of her depths. As each stroke retracted from the depths of her womb, I could feel her inner muscles squeezing and massaging my pole as if they were begging me not to stop. The incredibly wet and amazingly tight confines of this beautiful lady created an extraordinary feeling around my rock hard shaft.

Edna’s breathing picked up to match the pace of my thrusts. With each deep thrust, a sharp and quick gasp would escape her lips, and with each increase in pace, her breathing would quicken to match. And then there was Liana. She was working hard to match my pace with her tongue which was continuing a relentless torture of Edna’s clit as I slammed in and out of her.

Edna was in heaven. Her flesh, reddened and splotchy from the excitement and tantalizing pleasure she was receiving, was now completely glistening with the perspiration of her arousal as her body made its feeble attempt to cool her burning lust. Her clit, no doubt completely swollen and ultra sensitive from Liana’s expert oral play sent wave after wave of chills across her sweat soaked skin.

“Oh God, Oh God,” were the only tearful words that came from Edna’s lips as she raised her head and I could see the trickle of tears running down her cheek.

She was past the point of no return. Her emotions had surrendered to the incredible pleasure her body was receiving. Her fingers dug into the sheets of the bed and her body stiffened. Her pussy clamped hard onto my cock as the orgasm ripped through her body.

As I grabbed her shoulders and thrust as deep as I could go, Edna gasped a deep breath and refused to let it out as the quivers shook her from within. As I held her body hard against my own, with my cock now motionless but still buried to its depth, Edna continued to shudder with wave after wave of orgasm as Liana expertly prolonged the orgasm with her delicate clit massage.

For the rest of the night, the three of us licked, sucked, and fucked in every imaginable position and combination. By the time I boarded the flight the next morning, every muscle in my body felt like it had been worked to the limit the night before, and every ounce of fluid had been drained from my body.

“I can’t wait for your next trip to Puerto Rico,” Liana offered, as we said our goodbyes. “Maybe next time I can talk Nicole into playing,” she grinned.

“Don’t bet on it,” I cautioned her. “I’m certain Nicole wont go there.”

“She may not let you play with her,” Liana winked, “But she already told me she would love to let you watch us girls and that she would love to watch you fuck me.”

Needless to say, I am already planning another trip to the island!

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