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Until my Granddad passed away last year I had been going to see him quite regularly since he moved into a retirement village a few years ago. It isn’t like an old peoples home where everyone looks like they have already passed onto the next life, it is a community of decent homes where elderly people are among others like themselves. It isn’t a cheap place to retire to, most of the residents are quite wealthy, but they have taken the decision to let someone else look after their needs.

It has the advantage of a common area used for social gatherings, bingo evenings and other various entertainments laid on. There are also permanent staff who prepare meals, a nurse is always on duty and there is a general caretaker for doing all the repair work and odd jobs.

Whenever I went I always seem to get roped into doing a bit of shopping for my Granddad or his friends. I didn’t mind as it isn’t far from the local shops, plus it keeps the older people off the roads! One of my Granddad’s friends lost his wife a couple of years ago so I always made sure I called in on him and make sure he has everything he needs. His name is Joe and he was just older than my Granddad, being 71 years old.

I can imagine Joe was a real ladies man in his day, he is still full charm and always has a bit of a glint in his eye. He is originally from Liverpool, and if anyone can charm their way into a girls knickers it is a scouser!

It was a few weeks ago and I thought I would call in on Joe to see how he was doing and see if he needed anything from the shop.

When I knocked at his home he called me in without getting up, so I let myself in as usual and wandered through to his living room. He was sat watching an old episode of Charlie’s Angels.

“Hi Joe, how are you today,” I asked.

“Hi doll, I’m pretty good.”

He always calls me doll. I found it quite annoying at first but I have got used to it now, in fact I find it quite sweet. Whenever I see him he checks me out and always comments on what I am wearing. I had gone looking pretty casual, a pair of green combat pants, trainers, white vest and a black, zip-up hoody.

“You look like you could give these girls a run for their money,” he said indicating to the t.v.

“Anything they can do, I am sure I can do better,” I laughed.

“I wouldn’t bet on that,” he said.

“What do you mean by that,” I asked.

“Oh nothing, just forget I said anything.”

I hate it when people say that. Why bring something up and then not explain what they are going on about? This time I decided to let it go.

“So can I fetch you anything today Joe?”

He lowered the volume on the t.v and seemed to be thinking about what he needed.

“Well there is something, but I’m not sure I should be asking you to get it for me,” he said.

“Really, why is that?”

“Well it is a bit….personal,” he replied.

Now I guess I shouldn’t have pushed it, but curiosity had got the better of me.

“Come on, it can’t be anything I haven’t fetched for you guy’s before. Besides, I don’t embarrass easily.”

“Are you sure, because I don’t want you thinking bad of me. And if I tell you it has to be our secret.”

This sounded really intriguing.

“I swear I won’t get upset and I won’t say a word about it to anyone,” I assured him.

“I’d like you to get me a magazine,” he said.

“That’s okay, what’s wrong with that?” I said.

Now almost at the same time I was saying those words I realised exactly what it was he was asking for. I felt my face flush as my Granddad’s friend looked at me.

“You see, I haven’t even asked you and you’re blushing. I thought you didn’t embarrass easily?”

“I don’t normally, it’s just that you were my Granddad’s friend, I wasn’t expecting you to ask me that.”

“Forget I asked doll,” he said.

I looked at him and suddenly felt sad for him. I suppose even old guy’s still feel horny at times. It wouldn’t look too good to the other residents if he popped into the local newsagents on one of their days out and walked out with a porn magazine!

“Any particular magazine, or shall I use my judgement?” I asked.

“Oh, err, whatever you thinks best. Something with lots of pictures, less of the writing.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I replied.

It was only a mile to the nearest shops, but I often went to them and didn’t want to go somewhere I would be known, so I drove to the next village. I parked up in front of a small building on the village green and suddenly felt nervous. I had never bought an adult magazine before. Do men feel like this when they go to buy them?

Don’t be daft, I told myself, there’s nothing wrong with it. With that I took a deep breath and made my way to the shop. I looked over to the counter as I walked in. There was a woman serving, which made me feel a bit better, though I don’t know why.

I walked up to the magazines and glanced up at them. How was I supposed to know which had more photos and less writing? There were a few cute looking girls on the covers of some, others had women with really large boobs. Some of the titles put me off straight away. I never realised there was such a choice.

I reached up and took one down and had a quick flick through. There seemed to be a lot of adverts and not many girls in it, so I quickly put that back and took another one down. This didn’t look great, the girls weren’t up to much, most of them seemed older and the emphasis seemed to be on their feet!

I have had a few occasions when I have wondered what it would be like to be with a girl, and have fantasised about it when laying in bed playing with myself. But I have never really thought about a particular girl. What type would I go for?

Looking back at the shelf I saw a really pretty girl on the cover of a magazine called Club. I took it down and had a look through. There seemed to be plenty of pictures, a few adverts and a few stories. This would do I thought to myself. As I turned and walked to the counter I saw the woman looking at me and I felt a little awkward.

“It’s my boyfriends’ birthday,” I lied to her.

She didn’t say anything, just took my money and gave me my change. If she doesn’t like selling them, why stock them, I thought to myself?

When I got to my car I couldn’t help but have a proper look. The girl on the cover was called April and was nineteen years old. She was very pretty, blonde with perky boobs. I suddenly found my pussy getting a little moist as I looked at her photos. She was totally shaved around her pussy lips but had a little tuft of hair on her mound.

Maybe I should tell Joe I didn’t get him the magazine and keep it for myself! Then I remembered how I felt sorry for him and, starting the car up I drove back.

I hadn’t been gone more than twenty minutes so I didn’t bother knocking, just let myself in and walked through.

He seemed a little flustered and was sat on his sofa with a cushion on his lap. The t.v. still had Charlie’s Angels on, and the really pretty blonde one with the big hair was in a bikini. I must admit, she looked very hot. As I found myself appreciating my second blonde of the day I realised why Joe had the cushion…he had a hard-on!

I thought back to all the times he had tried to embarrass me, about how I used to get pissed off when he called me doll, and decided to get a bit of payback.

I sat down on the sofa next to him and put the copy of Club on the cushion.

“Will this do?” I asked.

“Yes doll, thanks,” he replied.

“The girl on the cover is cute isn’t she?” I said.

“Mmmm,” was all he managed.

“Let me show you the photos inside,” I said, picking up the magazine. As I took it I felt a lump in his lap. Definitely hard!

I opened it up to the centre pages. The pictures had April dressed in a naughty maids outfit, complete with black stockings and feather duster. She was doing a lot of bending over which showed off her pert bottom, a thin black strip of cotton disappearing between her cheeks.

The next picture showed the front of her uniform opening up to reveal her cleavage, but not quite showing her nipples. I felt that familiar tingling sensation in my panties as I began to get turned on. Joe had his hands on the cushion, and seemed to be putting a bit of pressure onto it.

I turned the page and this showed April with her boobs out. A caption at the side showed her to be a 32-b cup, almost the same as my 36-b but a bit slimmer, making her boobs seem a little bigger.

“They look lovely don’t they Joe?” I teased.

“Very nice,” was all he could mumble.

The next couple of pictures had her slipping out of the rest of her clothing until she was just in her black thong.

“Does she make you as hard as the girls on Charlie’s Angels?” I asked with a grin.

“What?” he said, looking red.

With that I pulled the cushion from his lap, only it was me who got the biggest shock. Not only did he have an erection, but he had his cock out! The dirty old bastard had been wanking when I suddenly returned from the shop.

He was scrambling to put it away, but it was so hard it wouldn’t fit back inside. He grabbed the cushion and put it back over his cock.

“You dirty sod!” I giggled.

“You promised not to tell anyone, remember?”

“I seem to remember promising not to mention your porn mag, not promising to keep quiet about you wanking!”

He was looking really sheepish.

“I’m only joking, I won’t tell a soul,” I said.

“Why don’t we look at the rest of the pictures?” I asked him.

“Really?” he said.

“Why not, I’m dying to see what her pussy looks like, aren’t you?”

I picked the magazine up before he could answer and flicked through to the middle pages. When I got to the photo of April laying on her back with her thumbs hooked into her thong, I looked over at Joe.

“Carry on what it was you were doing when I turned up,” I told him.

“Serious doll?”

“Hurry, before I leave and take my magazine with me.”

He moved his hand under the cushion and I could see by the movement he was stroking his erect cock. As I turned the page it showed April on her back, her legs in the air exposing her trimmed pussy. Her lips were nice and plump, and I had a flash in my mind of my tongue flicking between them.

“Mmmmmm Joe, can you imagine how sweet that pussy tastes?” I heard myself ask.

“Are you a lesbian,” he asked me.

“No,” I told him.

“You are aren’t you?”

“No I’m not!” I exclaimed.

“Prove it then doll,” he said.

“How am I supposed to do that?”

He moved the cushion from his lap to once again expose his cock. I looked down at it, his hand holding it at the base. It seemed even bigger than before, probably about eight inches long.

“Stroke this for me if you’re not a lesbian,” he said.

“Joe! You were my Granddad’s friend, I’m not going to wank you off!”

“You can suck it if you prefer?”

“Oh my God! You dirty bugger!” I laughed.

“Please Hannah, it’s been so long. It isn’t the same doing it myself.”

I knew I shouldn’t, but I once more found myself feeling sorry for him. I took my hoody off so I was sat there in my vest. I didn’t want him cumming on my top! I reached out and took hold of his cock. I heard him groan as I slowly moved my hand up and down its length.

“Keep looking at the magazine,” I told him.

He picked it up at a photo of April sat in a chair, her legs spread and her hands cupping her breasts. I gave his cock a squeeze as I wanked it. For an old guy his cock was rock hard.

“Imagine slipping this cock into her wet pussy Joe,” I teased him.

“Mmmmm, I already am.”

“Does it feel good….nice and wet for your hard cock?”

“Mmmmm, I would love to feel a nice young pussy on it right now,” he said looking at me.

“No Joe, just a hand job, okay?” I told him.

“Please Hannah, it’s been so long.”

“I cant Joe, it wouldn’t be right,” I told him.

“There is something you can do to make it better for me,” he said.

“I’m not sucking it either,” I told him.

“No, it’s neither of those. Promise me you will?”

I thought for a second. I was already wanking his cock, so it could only be something like using a lubricant. As long as it wasn’t sucking or fucking him, what could it hurt?

“Okay Joe I promise. What is it?”

“I want you to pose for me like the girl in the magazine,” he said grinning.

Oh Fuck! How could I have let him make me promise something without knowing what it was? I guess I was so busy thinking about wanking him I wasn’t thinking properly.

“No Joe, I’m not stripping off for you.”

“Hannah, you promised!”

“But I didn’t know what I was promising you!” I exclaimed.

“So that makes it okay for you to break a sacred promise?” he asked me.

Sacred promise my arse! He just wanted to get me naked, the dirty sod.

He was looking at my boobs, and I glanced down and saw my nipples were poking through my vest.

“Topless only,” I told him.

He looked at me and said,

“Okay doll.”

I stood in front of him and lifted my vest up over my head in one swift go. His eyes were glued to my erect nipples. I reached up and squeezed them both between my thumb and fingers. He took his cock in his hand and began to wank it.

I knelt between his legs so my boobs were right in front of his cock as he stroked it.

“Your tits are gorgeous Hannah,” he told me.

I stopped playing with them and knelt astride his legs, and leaning forward I put my hands either side of his head on the back of the sofa. My boobs were just inches from his face and I could feel the heat of his breath on my nipples.

His hand was moving quickly up and down the shaft of his cock, and the tip looked wet. I felt my pussy getting really wet too. I closed my eyes and imagined April naked, her lips were sucking my nipples. Except it wasn’t April, it was Joe!

Oh God it felt good. I looked down to see him looking up at me with my nipple in his mouth. I pulled back and stood up.

“I’m sorry Hannah, I won’t do it again.”

He sounded panicked, worried I was leaving. Except I wasn’t.

“No more touching Joe, promise?”

“Promise doll.”

I kicked off my trainers and pulled off my socks, then unfastened my combats and took them off. No teasing, no sexy strip. I just had the urge to get naked for him. His face was a picture as I took hold of my panties, slide them down my legs and stepped out of them.

I put a foot up on the sofa by his leg and reached down to my shaved pussy. I gave my clitty a rub before slipping two fingers into my drenched hole. He was wanking his cock like crazy, his eyes staring at my hand as I finger fucked myself.

My legs began to tremble and I found it hard to stand up. Once more I leant forward to hold onto the sofa, trying to keep my balance as my orgasm built up. I was looking at his cock, all thoughts of April and her tasty looking pussy gone from my mind as I felt my juices flooding from my own. I needed to feel full. I needed cock. I needed Joe.

I couldn’t stop myself. I took his cock from his hand, a bewildered look on his face, and lowered my spasming pussy onto it.

“Oh God Hannah….”

My orgasm tore through me as I felt his thick cock enter me, pushing hard and deep into my young pussy. I sat all the way down on it as my pussy squirted all over his old cock.

I opened my eyes to see him looking down at his cock buried all the way inside me.

“Shhhhh, don’t say a word Joe.”

I started to move on his cock, my legs still shaking as I caught my breath. I took his hands, the skin all rough, and put them on my breasts. I began to squeeze my pussy around his cock as I fucked him.

I was feeling dirty, not because I was doing something I shouldn’t, but just the whole situation had got me so turned on.

He was so much older than me for a start. I’m still only 22, he’s 71! He was my Granddad’s friend. I had told him no touching. Yet I had let him. I had told him I wouldn’t strip, but I had. I had told him no fucking, but here I was with his cock deep inside me. The only thing I had kept to was about not sucking him off. What the hell.

“I bet you’d like to see what your thick cock looks like in my mouth wouldn’t you Joe?” I asked.

“Oh Hannah, I can’t think of anything better. I would give anything to have you do that.”

I lifted up and felt his cock fall out of me. Sliding down onto the floor I once again took his cock in my hand as I knelt between his legs.

“The only thing you have to give me is you’re cum Joe.”

With that I opened my mouth and sucked the tip of his big old cock between my lips. I could taste the sweetness of my pussy on it, and licked up and down the length of his shaft, savouring my juices.

I then took his heavy balls one at a time into my mouth and sucked on them gently, all the while wanking his cock, then began sucking hard on the tip. He put his hands onto my head and began to thrust into my mouth. I kept sucking as his cock hit the back of my throat, making me gag.

“Just relax your throat doll, you can take it,” he said.

I did as he said, trying to slow my breathing and relax, and as I did I felt my muscles relax as his cock pushed all the way into my throat. He had the full length of his big cock in my mouth, his pubic hair was against my nose. I had finally managed my first deep throat!

I felt a sudden wave of panic as I couldn’t breathe, and pulled my head back. Just as I got a lungful of air he pushed his cock all the way back in. He repeated this a few times, fucking my face with his lovely hard cock.

“I’m going to cum doll,” he warned me.

Before I had time to react I felt a spurt of hot, salty cum shooting to the back of my mouth. As I tried to swallow it was followed by another, larger load. His cock seemed to keep pumping it out, he must have been saving it up for ages. My mouth was full of his creamy cum.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned around his shaft as I swallowed his load.

“I didn’t believe it was possible,” he said.

“You didn’t believe what?” I asked, taking his cock from my lips.

“That you could make me cum as hard as that Farah Fawcett!”

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