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Just Old Enough

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It was a dark, calm, clear Friday night in May. Layla had just arrived at her friend Joy’s house for a sleep over because they had not seen each other in quite a while. Joy lived towns away, so of course they did not attend the same school. They had kind of grown apart with time, but still very much enjoyed each other’s company and would be eager to catch up on what was happening in each other’s lives.

Joy had rented several movies from her local Video Villa and had planned to watch them with Layla, though Layla was not particularly fond of movies. It was alright though; Layla knew she would enjoy her time with Joy, because she always did.

“Hey Layla. Which one do you want to watch first; My Three Sisters or An Evening with Frank Ward?” Joy asked her.

“Umm… what’s My Three Sisters about?”

“It’s about like… this girl… who like… grew up with an abusive father and a drunken mom… and of course three sisters who helped her through it with their friendship and stuff. I heard it was really good.” Joy explained.

“That sounds a little depressing and dramatic for me. What’s An Evening with Frank Ward all about?” Layla inquired.

“That’s about this teenage girl who falls in love with her therapist.” she replied.

“That sounds kind of interesting. I’m surprised you didn’t get a Comedy or so like usual though.”

“Yeah. I figured I’d go for something different this time. You don’t mind, right?” Joy asked.

“Nah, of course not.” said Layla.

Layla was actually rather enthused about watching the movie, but she was more enthused about going to the kitchen to get something to feed her hungry gut. Joy had heard it growling all night.

“Umm… Layla?” Joy questioned.

“Yeah?” Layla answered.

“You want something to eat?!” Joy asked her, peering down at her noisy little stomach.

“That’d be nice. Do you have anymore of that ravioli?”

“Man, you love that ravioli, don’t you? Of course we have it.” Joy said.

“Thank God. I’m dying for it about now.” Layla added.

With that, Joy whipped out the can opener and had started screeching away at the can of extra meaty ravioli she had gotten from her pantry. The sound was rather irritating, but the ravioli was to be gotten at any price. Just then, Joy and Layla turned their heads to a sound emanating from the living room to the left of them.

“Hey, girls. How’s it going?” Joy’s father had asked them, walking into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Howdy. It’s going good. You just woke up?” Layla had replied, giving him a brief look up and down.

“Yeah. That nap must have lasted like six hours. How am I ever gonna get back to sleep?” he asked nobody in particular.

“You’re not gonna keep us up with that Hair Metal crap, are ya, Dad?” Joy had rather impolitely asked her dad.

“Ha-ha. No. I’ll TRY to get back to sleep. I don’t think it’ll work though.” replied Joy’s father.

“Hair Metal crap?” echoed Layla resentfully.

“Joy doesn’t appreciate the older Rock N’ Roll, y’see. It’s a shame.” he replied.

Their conversation had continued as the ravioli had been put into the microwave and began to cook. The smell of hot meat and cheese lingered all throughout the room. Layla’s stomach had something to say about that.

“Down, girl.” Joy’s dad had commented, as he laughed just a little bit.

“Don’t worry. Just fourteen more seconds.” Joy told Layla, as she glanced down at her stomach.

“Welp, I’d better go before I get eaten alive. I’ll be in my room if yous need anything.” he’d said, with a wave to Layla and a kiss on Joy’s forehead.

“So corny.” commented Joy.

“Good night, Mr. Tyler.” Layla replied.

“You don’t have to call me that. How long have we known each other? You can call me Vinny, Vince, one of those. Good night, hon.” he said, as he walked off into the darkness of their hallway, down further to his room. Layla’s eyes followed him until he was no longer visible from the kitchen.

When all had been said and done on Mr. Tyler’s part, the microwave had began beeping so as to notify Layla’s stomach that it wouldn’t be suffering much longer. Layla rushed to the microwave’s eject button and grabbed the steaming bowl of ravioli from inside, placing it on the counter to the left of her and shaking off her hot hand.

“Yeah. You might want to let that cool.” Joy suggested.

Layla then took a fork from a local drawer and began poking holes randomly into her ravioli, to make them cool faster. Joy had always looked at her funny when she did this. After a while of poking holes, blowing steam, and waving her hand over the bowl, Layla had finally began to eat the ravioli. She gulped it down as though she hadn’t seen food in days.

“Good God, Layla. Do they feed you at home?” Joy asked, sardonically.

“Of course. Just not anything this good.” was Layla’s retort.

Joy laughed and walked with Layla back to her room, where they would proceed to watch An Evening with Frank Ward. Joy closed the door behind her, slid the video into her VCR, and sat down on the soft, fluffy quilt of her twin sized bed. Layla decided to sit on the floor, since Joy’s legs were spread out everywhere, sort of blocking her from getting comfortable. Joy had then pushed a button on her remote which had gotten the movie to play for them, at a position where all the previews had been over and done with. The beginning of the movie had started off a bit slow, introducing the characters, peering into the main character’s stereotypical High School student life, but eventually it had gotten more interesting. Parts of the movie shown were a bit risqué, which Joy and Layla hadn’t expected because the movie was unrated.

Layla was particularly intrigued by these parts of the movie, but apparently Joy wasn’t. Not only had Joy never had much of a libido, but it was evident that she’d gotten pretty drowsy. Joy lay on her side, lightly snoring, as Layla sat in an awkward position on the floor, particularly engaged in an erotic scene between the young Marie and her middle-aged therapist. Not only was Marie cute, but her therapist was downright sexy, at least in Layla’s opinion. The scene between the two had gotten particularly hot, as Mr. Ward had begun to place his hand on Marie’s thigh, under the silky fabric of her short a-line skirt. Layla began to blush as she thought of Joy catching her watching this sort of thing. She knew Joy would have something embarrassing, and of course loud (which, naturally, was her voice), to say about that. Heck, Joy’s dad would probably even hear it on the other side of the house, and what would THAT make him think?

At this point, Layla was torn between watching the movie, just hoping Joy wouldn’t wake up, and ejecting the movie to watch something else, which would probably wake Joy up because she was a light sleeper. A bit disappointed, Layla ejected the movie and put it in the rewinder; a pretty noisy process. Joy had then lifted her head to see what had happened, mumbled, and plopped it back onto her pillow. She was snoring again in a matter of minutes. The rewinding process had ended and Layla decided to channel surf. She was once again disappointed to discover that there was practically nothing on, except for infomercials. So there she was, alone. It was 2 AM, her friend was sleeping like a baby, and there was absolutely nothing to do but try to sleep herself.

Layla laid down on the small folding bed which had been set up for her, and wrapped a thick blanket around herself. It suddenly occurred to her that she forgot her teddy bear at home, which was also a bit disappointing. She’d have nothing to cuddle with on her way to sleep, like she always had. Remembering that Joy was a slob and always left her toys and what-not all over her room, Layla simply reached out and felt for something furry to hug. Soon enough, Layla’s fingers had led her to what felt like a stuffed rabbit, made from some velvety material. She grasped it into her arms, closed her eyes, and tried to drift off into dream land. About a whole half hour later, she was still awake. Not only was Layla freaked out by the pitch black darkness of Joy’s room, but she had heard some noise coming from a distance. It sounded like muffled screaming and breaking glass; not the kind of thing you want to hear past midnight.

Layla’s heart began to beat faster as she contemplated what to do. Should she stay in Joy’s room and hope the sound was nothing, or go out to investigate and risk getting into danger if it WAS something? After a while of contemplating, Layla got quietly out of the bed and grabbed a baseball bat which had conveniently been leaning against Joy’s closet behind her. She snuck gently toward the door, trying to prevent the floor from creaking. She opened the door hesitantly, checking to see if Joy was still sleeping. She peered out of the door, and saw nothing. She decided to walk toward the kitchen, because the front door to the house was there. Still nothing. The noise, however, had gotten louder. Layla gripped more tightly onto the bat and proceeded to explore the house.

She walked down their seemingly endless hallway, full of doors to rooms she wasn’t remotely familiar with. She couldn’t stop looking behind her. The noise had gotten louder still. She shivered. Layla finally arrived upon an open door. Lights flashed inside the room it led to. It was now obvious the noise came from here. Discreetly as possible, Layla peered into the room, not sure what to think at this point.

“Hey! Whoa, there. What’s with the bat?” Joy’s dad had asked her in a surprised tone.

“I’m sorry. I heard some suspicious noises. I was getting kind of creeped out.” Layla replied, shyly.

“Haha. It’s no problem. I’m the one who should be sorry. My door should have been closed all the way.”

“That’s alright. I’m just glad it wasn’t.. anything.. uhh.. dangerous.”

“Just a bit of Rock N’ Roll.” Vince said, motioning his hand toward the TV set.

“Ohhhhhhh, cool.” Layla said, smiling at the Whitesnake video which had been playing.

“Don’t tell me you’re into that?” Vince asked, with a tone of doubt in his voice.

“Yeah, especially the uhh.. 80s Hard Rock I guess you’d call it?”

“Cooool, cool. Most kids your age are into Rap and stuff, you know? Not to offend you if you like Rap, but.. yeah, I’m not into that.” Vince explained.

“Me neither. Can’t stand it.” Layla replied with a quiet laugh.

There was a brief moment of silence as Vince sat up against the headboard of his bed and Layla was still barely in the room, the both of them watching the music videos. Layla rested the bat up against a corner of the wall.

“So, what are you doing up so late? Is Joy still awake?” he asked.

“Joy fell asleep like an hour ago. I can’t sleep.” Layla responded, in a downish tone.

“Ahh, I’m sorry to hear that. You must be bored.”

“Kinda.” Layla simply replied.

“You don’t have to just stand over there. If you’re really bored, you can sit on the bean bag chair and watch some vids.” Vince offered.

Layla stood silent for a little while, and thought about it. Should she? It sounded nice, but she was pretty shy toward Vince for some reason.

“Come in and sit down.” Vince kindly suggested.

“….alright.” Layla said, falling onto a bean bag chair.

“You don’t have to be shy around me. You’ve only known me for like three years.” Vince said humorously.

With that, Layla just laughed sort of nervously and continued watching videos, squirming uncomfortably in the bean bag chair, making noise with it. A pretty risqué Kiss video had come on, and Layla was getting even more uncomfortable being there. During one part, a member of the band stroked a woman’s leg as if it were the neck of a guitar, and a worried Vince looked to see Layla’s reaction. Layla looked back up at him rather plainly.

“I’m sorry. You shouldn’t be watching this sort of thing. It’s not really appropriate for someone your age.” Vince replied.

Layla was silent, looking around awkwardly. She then got up as if expected to leave, and straightened out her pajamas before heading to the door.

“No, it’s alright. I’m sure we can find something else. How about Nick at Nite?” he offered.

Layla was silent as she made an unenthused facial expression and placed her hand upon the door knob.

“No, wait. Hey, look. ‘Kick it up a notch!'” he said, pointing his remote to a famous cooking show.

Layla giggled quietly and put her hand over her mouth to hide her smile. A part of her really did want to stay, regardless of what was on TV. Maybe she just wanted company. Company that didn’t fall asleep early and snore like a dying cat. And Vince was just that.

“I’m lonely too.” Vince said honestly, though in a joking manner, pouting his lower lip and showing Layla his “puppy eyes”.

Layla smiled a bit and said, “Alright. I’ll stay.” She then looked for somewhere else to sit besides the bean bag chair.

“Umm..” Layla started.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you.. have anywhere to sit besides that bean bag chair?” Layla inquired.

“Heh. You can sit on the bed if you like.” Vince offered.

Layla felt herself blush a little, as she looked over at him sheepishly.

“Layla, I’m not gonna bite you.” Vince said persuasively.

Layla then sat on his bed, kind of far from him. He switched the channel, assuming Layla didn’t want really to watch a cooking show, and flipped onto some movie in progress.

“Oh, this is a good movie. Have you seen it?” he asked.

“Yeah, it is. I saw part of it. Not all of it though.”

Vince then put down the remote and began to watch the movie with Layla. Layla had tried to pay attention, but there was a bit too much on her mind. It was cold in the room and goose bumps had taken over Layla’s legs. She peered over at the closed window and rubbed her arms up and down, attempting to warm them up. She thought of doing that to her legs, but that wouldn’t look right in front of Vince. After rubbing her arms, Layla had kept her arms crossed to hide the fact that her “headlights” were on too.

“Now those are goose bumps!” Vince said in a friendly tone, looking briefly at Layla’s legs. “You can go under the blanket if you’re cold. I don’t mind.” he offered.

Layla glanced silently up at him and uncrossed her arms, to get the blanket over herself. Vince had caught a brief glimpse of her erect nipples, and looked away quickly before she could notice. Though he would never admit it, the thought of them lingered in his mind for a bit. Layla dove into the covers, still rubbing the cold off herself, and rested her head against a pillow.

Trying again to concentrate on the movie, Layla directed her attention to the TV screen. Just then, there was a scene where a woman removed her blouse and had just been wearing a bra and a short denim skirt. Vince had then covered Layla’s eyes, and incidentally part of her nose, with his large hand. Or so it was large to Layla. Layla giggled at this, as the woman removed her bra and put on pajamas in the movie.

“I’m sorry. Lots of nudity on TV these days.” Vince apologized once more, uncovering Layla’s eyes.

Layla smiled at him. He was so friendly and innocent. It was really nothing to be shy about. Vince smiled back. Layla gave him a look.

“What was that look for?” Vince asked, still smiling.

Layla laughed quietly and answered, “You really think I haven’t seen that before?”.

“Heh. You shouldn’t have.” was his reply.

“Well I do I have a pair of my own.” Layla said, ending the sentence with a small burst of quiet laughter.

Vince laughed, shook his head, and replied, “That’s true.”.

Just then, there was a commercial break. A seemingly endless commercial break. Layla smiled again for no apparent reason. Vince looked funnily over at her as she did so.

“Do you have a stuffed animal?” she asked him, looking up at him with a funny smile.

Vince laughed. “No, I’m sorry. I stopped sleeping with those a whiiiile back.”

Layla cleared her throat and regained her serious facial expression.

“Just out of curiosity, how old are you?” Layla asked.

“Thirty-four.” he replied.

Layla could barely help but smile naughtily as she looked back up at him.

“Whoa. What was THAT look for?”

She didn’t reply. She just kept the naughty facial expression fixed upon him and squirmed in his bed. She couldn’t help it. She may never admit it, but she found him quite attractive, and his age certainly didn’t hurt that. It didn’t hurt that at all. Layla cleared her throat once more and apologized for the facial expression. She then sat up in the bed and propped herself against the headboard, closer to Vince’s level. Vince looked over at her kind of plainly, not knowing what to think, though it was apparent that he’d begun to breathe heavier. Acting seemingly out of character, perhaps driven by her attraction, Layla suddenly wrapped her arms around Vince and rested her head against his chest.

“I’ll just have to use you if I can’t have a stuffed animal.”

Layla said coyly, not looking into his eyes, but watching her hands caress the black silky fabric of his pajamas. Layla heard his heart beating fast through his chest and his heavier breathing as well. Vince was completely speechless. There was a long moment of silence between the two. Layla continued caressing the soft, smooth fabric of his pajamas, moving her head off of his chest and looking into his eyes. Vince then covered himself up to the waist with his blanket.

“You shouldn’t be.. acting like this.” he said, shakily.

Layla moved the blanket down back off of his body and kissed his neck, moving his pajamas and his long black hair enough to uncover his collar bone, and kissing that as well, still caressing his silk. She then began to run her hands through his hair, which was almost as long as hers (just above her bottom). She began unbuttoning the little black buttons of his pajama shirt and caressing her hands across his chest, gently petting his chest hair. Vince hurriedly grabbed the remote and shut off the television.

“How old are you?” Vince asked, looking down at her, both worried and enticed.

“Old enough to know better and young enough not to care.” she said in a playful little voice.

Vince chuckled softly and looked nervously around his room. The rise and fall of his chest was quite noticeably faster. Layla glanced over at the door and noticed it was unlocked, so she slowly got up off of the bed and locked it. Vince was still silent, laying on the bed with his shirt wide open, and a “come hither” stare his eyes couldn’t hide. Layla had then completely removed his shirt from his body and placed it upon the left side of the headboard. Layla proceeded to lean further toward his body and kiss his lips, looking deep into his entrancing hazel eyes. She kissed him passionately, moving her tongue around his, playing with his facial hair with her thin feminine fingers. During the kiss, she began to move her hand toward his waist line. Moving her mouth away from the kiss, yet still looking into his eyes, Layla moved further down his body and began to rub his thighs slowly with both of her hands.

Vince looked lustfully into her dark brown bedroom eyes and stroked her long, soft, dark brown hair which had been falling upon him. He had begun to sport a partial erection which Layla looked at hungrily as she took off her pajamas. She was now wearing only a thin white thong, decorated with little pink flowers and tiny black polka dots. Her wetness had become apparent through it, as had her sweet sexual scent. Layla finally began to stroke him through the fabric of his pajamas, feeling him become stiff in her hand. The only thing separating Vince and Layla were his silk pajama pants, which he thoroughly enjoyed feeling caressed against his hardening shaft. Layla began to stroke him with more pressure, kissing his shaft and head through the smooth silk of his pants. Vince moaned softly in response to this, and could smell Layla’s erotic moisture as he inhaled afterwards. Vince looked into her eyes once more, with intense longing.

Just then, Layla had stopped what she was doing and laid next to him on the bed, facing him, on her side. She wanted him to take control now. He took the queue and laid facing her, on his side, and Layla’s leg wrapped around his body, allowing him to go further between her. His hand moved fluidly from her hot, soft thighs, to her shapely hips, her small frame, and to her perky young B cup breasts. Her nipples erected at his touch and she moaned softly. Gripping and kneading her breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples, Vince began to passionately French kiss her, as he thrusted his hips back and forth between Layla’s legs.

Underneath the silk and polyester of their clothing, the head of his erect manhood began to caress and rub her wet, clean-shaven pussy, feeling every little part of it, increasing it’s hunger to have him inside. Layla loved the feeling, not only because it made her tingle inside, but because she wasn’t even supposed to be doing it. This was the father of her best friend, not to mention he was only a little under twice her age. He knew that too, but yet he continued.

With every thrust, Layla began to get a little more vocal, though staying fairly silent since they weren’t alone in the house. She had then lightly pushed his hips from her as if to stop him, and sat on top of him once again, his throbbing cock pressing into her entrance though her wet panties. They engaged in another kiss, the both of them breathing long heavy breaths between each caress of the lips. Vince moved his big masculine hands slowly about Layla’s humble breasts, looking at them amorously, and back into Layla’s eyes.

“I wanna taste you.” Vince told her in a deep yet quiet voice.

She then positioned her breasts close to his mouth, so that he could. He grasped them both as he began to kiss the right breast around its areola, now and then unexpectedly darting his tongue toward her erect pink nipple. Layla moaned. Her entire body now wanted him so badly. She had to take him out of his pants; to know what he looked like, to know how he’d feel in her hands, mouth, and pussy. She couldn’t wait any longer.

She moved further down the bed and sat herself between his legs. She once again had a feel of his silky pajama pants before she took them down and got them off of his body, tossing them to the floor. With an enamored glance at his manhood, she took it into her hand, feeling its hardness and soon even its pulse. Beginning to stroke gently at the base, Layla cupped his balls into her hand, starting to kiss them, moving slowly upward. Her lips had made their way to the head and began to kiss and lick the tip of his penis. She loved how it felt to kiss him there, and wondered what it would be like to really taste him. Regardless, she began playfully moving her breasts along his shaft. She traced him with her nipple and moved it up to the tip.

Young and curious, she had to know how everything felt. She positioned her nipple directly onto the small hole atop his cock and just kept it there for a bit as she stroked him up and down with a free hand. Vince let out a pleasant “mmm” sound as he smiled up at her sweetly. Layla had then felt a slight bit of wetness at her nipple, and let out a small gasp of pleasure as she looked down. It was his precum, and it glistened in the only light source they had been using; moonlight which came in through the top of the open windows. Layla smiled and licked the rest of it from his tip, as Vince gently pet her soft brown hair.

She had then put the head of his cock inside her mouth, still gently stroking his base. Layla couldn’t describe just how Vince tasted, but she liked it a lot. She moved her head further down the shaft and began to apply light suction. Another soft moan escaped Vince as he continued petting Layla’s hair. She looked lustfully up into his eyes as she gained speed in sucking his hard cock. He moaned louder and lightly gripped her hair. Giving his gorgeous erection all that attention, Layla’s pussy had gotten soaking wet, her clit also throbbing, tingling. She desperately needed it inside of her. She needed it to fill her empty hole, to pound deeply into her, as she straddled the hot and forbidden body of the man it belonged to. She wanted him to take control of her and grab onto her hips tightly, slamming them down onto his body as he pumps closer to orgasm inside of her tight starving little pussy.

Layla moved her mouth off of and her head away from his cock, proceeding to stroke his shaft up and down with pressure. Layla then got up off of Vince’s bed and slid her panties off, and before Layla could drop them to the floor, Vince took them from her little hand and sniffed them. He looked deviously into Layla’s eyes and licked some clear sticky wetness from them as Layla approached his naked body on the bed, now naked herself. Her body was young and beautiful and the moonlight traced her gentle curves. Crawling from the foot of the bed, she straddled his obscene hardness and the wet lips of her pussy gently rubbed the head. Vince placed his hands lightly on Layla’s buns and began kissing her passionately as her face lowered to his level, swirling his tongue around inside her mouth. As he did so, his throbbing cock found it’s way inside of Layla’s tight wetness, struggling to fit inside. Vince’s hands still on her buns, Layla moved slowly up and down on his erection, easing him deeper inside of her. Now having achieved a nice deep penetration, Vince sighed, closed his eyes, and tilted his head back in pleasure.

Caressing Layla’s soft thighs, he opened his eyes, looked into Layla’s and said, “God, I hope you feel as good as I do.”.

“Ohhh yes..” Layla said with passion in her soft-spoken lady-like voice, increasing the speed at which her tender slit massaged his petrified manhood. With each thrust of Layla’s hips down upon him, she could feel his tip meet her cervix. He filled her so completely, unlike she had ever been. It was almost too much, yet she yearned for more. His hands slid up to her hips and grabbed hold of them, restricting her from much movement, as if he forbade her from stopping. Layla gazed into his eyes which squinted in pleasure and shone an illuminated slate-blue in the twilight. The friendly sweet innocence she once saw in them had turned to devious ardor and uninhibited lust. At the moment, it didn’t matter that she was young enough to be his daughter or even that he was so close to his daughter. He wanted her.

Layla started moaning louder and longer, lowering herself enough to be face to face with the man inside of her. Her soft lips locked with his and their tongues danced as her breasts moved gently across the curly black hair of his chest, her pussy vigorously pumping him. His hands flowed from her hips up to the smooth skin of her upper back, feeling her up before going back down and regaining control by clutching her hips once again. Vince gritted his teeth and let out a low growly moan, trying not to disturb any light sleepers. Breaking penetration, he suddenly pushed Layla off of him and down onto the bed forcefully. Her heart rate jumped. There was a fire in his typically serene eyes as he crawled up her body, kissing her all over, from her lean sexy legs to her bare silky pubic mound, her throbbing pink clit, and to her nearly flat stomach. He then glided his hands up to her supple young breasts, cupping them and pinching her pointy little nipples as he smiled at her hungrily. His long black mane slid onto and tickled her breasts as his mouth ambushed her hot tender neck with numerous wet kisses. Layla let out a pleasured gasp, simultaneously inhaling the light scents of sweat and arousal they had made.

Vince had then decided to slide himself back into her moist opening, which greedily engulfed him as he leaned over her. He thrust himself somewhat speedily in and out of her warm snug pussy as her hands found his lower back. She pushed down so as to shove him further into her and her tight lips sucked him in even deeper. By now, Vince was sweating profusely, his back glistening in the moonlight. He was gripping the bed sheets so tightly his knuckles had become white, and mercilessly pounding into Layla’s sweet sacred cunt. Layla quietly yelping in ecstasy, elevated and wrapped her shapely legs around Vince’s back. His hypnotic greyish eyes had penetrated Layla’s as she cried out in orgasmic bliss. Her small hole contracted tightly around his penis as it began to erupt inside of her, twitching and pulsating as it dispersed its hot liquid seed into her womb. Layla’s grip on Vince’s back loosened as he dove in for an amorous tongue kiss, his manhood now flaccid and beginning to fall from inside of her. He had then collapsed onto his side next to her. Layla’s hands rushed to her tired slit, now teeming with sperm, and gathered some onto her fingers. Smiling contently at Vince, she then licked and sucked her fingers clean, swallowing his semen. A handsome smile formed on Vince’s stubbly face as his hand wrapped around Layla, who was now facing him on her side.

“God. You’re incredible.” Vince told Layla in a long sighing breath.

“I just did what I do in my fantasies of you.” Layla replied.

Vince flashed her a smile and sighed in relief.

“I don’t remember the last time I felt like that.”

“It’s a first for me.” said Layla.

They then simply gazed into each other’s eyes, lightly caressing each other’s bodies, eye lids lowering with drowsiness. It was becoming light out. The two could hear birds singing outside the window and feel the light Spring breeze touch them as they drifted off into dreams.

* * *

Layla woke naturally to near silence. Vince was awake next to her, in his silky black pajamas, sitting up against his bedpost eating toast and breakfast sausage.

“Good morning.” he said in a low pleasant voice.

“Good morning.” she replied cheerfully.

She was still naked.

“Would you like a sausage?” he offered.

“Yes, please.” Layla replied politely.

Vince then took one of his small golden brown breakfast sausages and pointed it to Layla’s mouth. She took it in her teeth and proceeded to eat it with her hands.

“Mmm. This is good.”

“Thanks. Cooked it m’self!” he smiled.

“I didn’t think Joy did.” was her response.

“Speaking of Joy, she usually gets up in about an hour, so..” Vince stated, purposely leaving his sentence unfinished.

“Yeah. I should get dressed.”

Layla picked up the panties she had absent-mindedly tossed to the floor the night before and stepped into them, putting them on. She then found her pajamas on the floor, probably having been knocked off the bedpost due to violent pelvic thrusts. She put them on as well. She then walked around to Vince’s side of the bed and said, “Well, I’d better go.”

Layla decided to bid him adieu (at least until he drove her home) with an innocent peck on the lips. However, when Layla placed her lips on Vince’s, his tongue soon entered her mouth, his hands roamed her hair and breasts, and Layla had decided to sit on his lap and stay a while to enjoy it. She soon felt a hard protrusion grow inside her thighs, and though very aroused by this, decided it was best not to get carried away. What if Joy had woken up and went to look for her? How would she explain walking out of her father’s room leaving an erection in his pants?

“I’d love to soften that up for you, but I really should go.” Layla smirked.

Vince laughed quietly and replied, “see you later”.

Layla walked out the door, which she closed after waving good-bye to Vince, and much more easily found her way back to Joy’s room in the daylight. Joy had still been sleeping until Layla’s digging through her bags had woke her up.

“Sorry. Just getting my clothes for the day.”

“Oh, it’s alright. Good morning.” she said cheerfully, yawning at the same time.

“Good morning.” Layla beamed back before walking with her change of clothes into the bathroom, where she would put them on.

She slipped off her pajamas and panties and put on new panties, a bra, a tight black skirt, and an L.A. Guns shirt. Not to mention a pair of spike heels and her typical jewelry. After brushing her teeth, applying deodorant, and “the whole nine”, she left the bathroom with a blissful look stuck on her face.

Exiting the bathroom, she immediately noticed Vince in the kitchen just a room a way. She wandered on in.

“May I have something to drink?” she asked, politely as always.

“Of course, you may.” Vince said as he prepared a cup of orange juice for her; a known favorite.

“Thank you.” said Layla, before gulping some down.

There is a moment of silence as she does so, and Vince notices her shirt.

“L.A. Guns; very cool! They rock!” Vince exclaims.

“Thanks.” Layla beams back.

Joy then walked in with Layla’s bags.

“Ahh, you didn’t have to do that.” said Layla.

“It’s alright.” replied Joy.

“Wow. It’s almost 1 PM already.” Layla blurted out.

“Yup! Time flies when you’re having fun.” responded Vince, looking Layla dead in the eyes.

Layla takes one last gulp of the orange juice and puts the cup into the sink, filling it with water. They then, without a word, all go outside to their truck, as it is time for Layla to leave.

Layla and Joy occupy the back seats, as Vince, of course, takes the driver’s seat. Layla and Joy talk about nothing and everything during the ride back to Layla’s, and toward the end of the trip, Joy says, “Hopefully you’ll have more fun next time.”.

Without Joy noticing, Layla peers into the front view mirror at Vince and says, “Oh, we will. Trust me.”

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