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Wrong Turn

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Christine knew she was in trouble as soon as she rounded the corner. She hated walking around in cities she didn’t know, but hated the thought of taking a cab a lousy six blocks even more. Now she was just three blocks from the hotel, but clearly not where she wanted to be. The gang of college-age looking boys spotted her immediately in the late evening sunlight. They saw her blonde hair, hourglass figure, tight slacks and sleeveless blouse. They saw that she was alone.

Christine considered turning around. However, she determined any sign of fear would be an invitation for the boys to come after her. Besides, she wouldn’t be able to see them. Instead, she did a quick inventory of the buildings around her.

Only one-a four story structure that looked more like a converted warehouse-had enough lights on to seem open. She held her breath and pushed on the door when she got to it. It swung open and Christine rushed inside.

There wasn’t a soul in sight as she headed toward the two elevators. Christine saw a door with a stairwell sign above it, but chose not to confine herself to stairs that may or may not have an unlocked exit. She pushed the ‘Up’ button for the elevators.

“C’mon, damn it. Open!”

As the doors to one elevator slowly inched apart, Christine took one look at the entrance and, as she jumped inside, saw the first of the boys rushing in.

She anxiously hit the button for floor three, assuming they’d expect her to go to the top, and punched at the ‘Close’ button. The doors slid shut and she took a relatively silent ride to the third floor, her pounding heart reminding her of the panic she felt.

When the doors opened, she faced the option of turning left or right down a narrow, dark hallway. A light far to her left made her choose that route. She was halfway down the hall before any potential exits came into view. But, the first unmarked door was locked, and she continued her flight.

Christine’s footsteps echoed against the walls as she flew past men’s and women’s restrooms and finally approached the only light within sight. She saw another possible escape, and this one looked more promising. A door with a sign reading EroStar Productions was on her right. She hesitated only briefly before turning the knob and feeling the door glide open.

She stood in a small lobby or waiting area that was furnished with two uncomfortable looking chairs and a coffee table with nothing on it. An unoccupied receptionist’s desk showed little signs of use and the lighting was hardly better than what Christine had in the hallway. She strained to hear if there were any voices or footsteps outside the closed door.

To her surprise, the first sound she heard seemed to be a woman’s squeal and it came from farther inside the office she was in, not out in the hallway. Christine stood silently in an attempt to hear more. Now she was afraid to move in any direction and chose to stay where she was for the time being. A few seconds later, the next decision was made for her.

A man in his early thirties suddenly walked around a corner behind the receptionist’s desk and stopped at the sight of Christine. It seemed to her that he was less than shocked to see her.

“Ahhh, there you are,” he said with a faint grin.

“Excuse me,” Christine said nervously. “Does this building have a security guard.”

The man laughed. “Yeah, right. Like I can afford that.”

His eyes shot up and down Christine’s twenty eight year old body with an intensity that frightened her for some unidentified reason.

“I’m heading to the Fairmont and was, um, stopped by some men on the street and…”

“I know,” the man said.

Christine paused. “You know?”

“They called me and said you were inside the building.”

Her look of confusion was expected and the man grinned. He was beginning to see the possibilities of the situation and liked what he saw.

“But…,” Christine stammered.

“They work for me,” he explained calmly. “They’re my talent scouts. The fact you chose our building to hide in is really just a coincidence. Funny, actually.”

“Can you get me to Fairmont safely?” Christine said in as demanding a voice as she could muster.

Behind the walls, the unseen woman’s shriek could be heard once more. Christine’s eyes widened.

“Oh, you’ll get to your hotel soon enough. But you might be delayed,” the man said. “Or you can leave the way you came and give that a shot.”

Christine never felt so trapped in her life. Somewhere inside this building, or just outside of it, was a gang of young men apparently waiting to assault her. Inside the office where she stood was an uncooperative stranger familiar with the gang and more than willing to feed her to them. Meanwhile, the echoes of a woman’s screams rolled around her head.

“Where am I and who are you?” Christine demanded.

“My, aren’t we the forceful one considering the circumstances,” the man replied. “You are in the lovely confines of my little production company. And my name is Adam. You are…?”

Christine considered not answering, but realized the danger of angering the man in control of her immediate future.


“OK, Christine. Let’s get a few things straight,” Adam said. “First, you are free to leave any time you want. However, that doesn’t prevent me from making a quick cell call to one of the guys on the street. Second, you will spend the night in your hotel room, barring any unforeseen trouble you cause me. Got it?”

Christine only nodded.

“See, it’s not unusual for visitors to get ‘lost’, as it were, on the way to the Fairmont and surrounding hotels,” Adam said. “My guys make a few bucks a week helping the loveliest of those visitors find their way to my office. You, Christine, just happened to save them the extra work.”

“And then what?” she asked.

“And then we make you a star.”

His wide smile didn’t ease her apprehension.

“You’ve always wanted to be a movie star, right?” Adam asked.

Christine looked at him blindly.

“You certainly have the looks,” he added with the same roaming eyes he used before. “A little conservative, perhaps. But professional. It’s a start.”

“What do you want?”

Adam’s expression showed his pleasure. “Oh, I like a woman who gets to the point. Actually, I want you. I want to ‘borrow’ you for a couple hours. I want to let you show your stuff. Have a little fun in the process. Maybe even give you some satisfaction.”

“You can’t keep me here like a prisoner,” Christine responded.

Adam motioned towards the door. He didn’t need to speak. Christine frowned and felt her heart sink in defeat.

“Are you ready now?” Adam asked.

When she didn’t answer, he repeated, “Ready?”

Christine nodded and followed Adam around the corner.

They entered a short hallway and immediately turned into a cluttered office. Adam moved behind the desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out two pieces of paper. He put the second page on top of the first and handed Christine a pen.

“Sign this.”

“What do you mean, ‘sign this,’ she shot back. “Don’t I get to read it?”

Adam pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and motioned to the street below.

“Fuck you,” Christine finally said in a minor fit of rage.

She scribbled her name on the form and Adam stuck the papers back in his drawer. “Good girl. Now follow me.”

They re-entered the hallway and went two more doors down before turning into what appeared to Christine to be a wardrobe room, or dressing room, or both. It only took a few seconds for her to recognize the singularly peculiar makeup of the outfits hanging one-by-one on the long, metal racks.

“You happened to join us on a busy night,” Adam said. “Perfect timing. We are filming something right now that you should be ideal for. Did I happen to mention that we delve into the more, uh, erotic productions? That’s the good news for you because you’ll be given every opportunity to join in on the activities.”

“But first, we need the right outfit for you,” Adam said, taking one more long look at Christine’s frame. He walked over to one of the racks and pulled out a leather bustier and matching bikini panties.

“Let’s try this,” he said, handing Christine the hanger.

“You want me to…to wear this?”

“Just for one scene,” he said, as if to reassure her. “Try it on.”

“I’m not going to…”

“Put it on, Christine!”

His first real tone of annoyance convinced her to obey. The next fact that became clear to her was that Adam wasn’t about to leave. If she was to put on the bustier and panties, it would be with him watching. Her pulse doubled in the short time it took her to take the outfit off the hanger.

Without a word being said, Christine began to unbutton her blouse.

She and Adam locked eyes in a serious game of wills. She naively thought he might take the high road and let her change without staring at her like an animal at auction. But he was, in fact, a hardcore porn producer with a vested interest in the women he put on the screen. As more of Christine’s body came into view, the lower his eyes went.

Christine untucked the blouse from inside her slacks and opened the last button. With a simple tug, the shirt fell down her arms. She tossed it onto a nearby chair.

Adam gazed at the thin white bra that covered her ample breasts. The cleavage pleased him and the faint impression of her nipples pressing against the material told him he may have hit an unexpected jackpot on this evening. Then he waited for Christine to continue.

Her hands moved down to the front of her slacks and she unbuttoned them with seemingly steady fingers. Adam watched her wriggle faintly as she pushed down on the pants and revealed a pair of plain panties. By the time the slacks were on the chair, he was convinced Christine was the sexiest woman he had seen in a year. He thought back to the college girl that the guys brought him once before as the only one that could rival Christine’s perfect body and face.

As she stood in front of him, Adam studied her blonde hair and dark features; the gentle curve of her shoulders; the slim waist and full hips; and, the silky smooth thighs. All that was left was what the people that bought his movies came to see.

Adam nodded and Christine tried to stay calm.

She unhooked her bra and held it in place with one hand as the straps fell down her arms. Then, for the first time, she exposed her breasts for a total stranger.

Adam’s cock told him everything he needed to know. Christine’s tits were magnificent in every way. Full, firm, and round. Nipples that begged to be sucked. He was getting harder by the second and she wasn’t even naked yet.

Then she was.

When Christine reached for the bustier and panties, Adam said, “Wait. Turn around.”

Christine’s body language had to give away the fact she dreaded his staring. But she turned for him and gave him a few seconds to stare at her ass. He was now nearly convinced Christine was the equal of the college girl. Only time would tell if she was as good in front of the camera.

She didn’t wait for the OK to get dressed. She slid on the incredibly small and tight bustier and panties. It seemed to her that all but her nipples were exposed on top and the thong panties hid basically nothing.

“You are glorious, Christine. Tell me again you don’t do this for a living,” Adam said.

Her look of irritation replaced actual words.

“Now find some shoes over there,” Adam said, pointing to a row of stiletto-heeled shoes.

She found a pair that only felt marginally uncomfortable and fastened the straps around her ankles.

“Let’s go,” Adam told her, leading her into the hallway and down a dark stairwell.

Christine clung tightly to the handrail as her unstable feet traveled from one step to another. Finally, they exited out into a huge open space. In one corner, Christine’s eyes were drawn to bright lights and a group of people numbering around six or eight. As they got closer and she managed to take in the entire scene, she counted two men holding movie cameras, one man with a boom microphone, and a man and woman presumed to be the actors. Another couple people seemed to be directing.

Soon, Christine saw that the man was dressed in a very tiny pair of briefs and the woman was completely naked. She faced a fake brick wall and her wrists were fastened to chains that stretched out a couple of feet from the wall. The actors were being instructed as Christine and Adam arrived.

Immediately, all eyes-except the woman’s-were on Christine, even as Adam spoke.

“Folks, this is Christine. She’s under contract with us for tonight and I want to incorporate her into this story,” he told the crowd. “Let us watch for a while and then we’ll talk about how we can use her.”

Quickly, the actors were positioned again and the muscular young man in the Speedos was handed a leather whip with a dozen or more strands hanging from the end. Christine gazed at the woman and determined she was no more than twenty five, probably younger. Her ass was tight and firm and her tits, while appearing to be natural, were fuller than Christine’s. Suddenly, Christine didn’t feel quite as exposed in her bustier.

Standing behind all the crew, Christine and Adam watched the action start up with the man slowly circling the young woman, tapping the strands of the whip against her legs as he moved from side to side. Christine caught herself staring at the immense bulge in the man’s briefs, suspecting that she’d have plenty of opportunity to see it before the night was done. The whip worked its way up the woman’s body until he was beside her, striking her gently on the tits.

Deep inside her body, Christine felt a tinge of excitement. Her mind, however, was telling her, ‘Get out of here as soon as you can.’

She heard the man say, “Do you like that, slut?”

The woman pulled against the chains and said, “Yes, master.”

He struck her a little harder. “Tell me you want more.”

“Hit me again, master.”

The sound of the whip striking her skin increased in volume and speed. The woman cried out in either pain or pleasure. Christine couldn’t tell which. The man moved the whip to her ass and hit her even harder.

“Beg for it, you little whore,” the man shouted.

Amid her whimpers, the woman pleaded for him to hit her again and again. Christine watched the strands of the whip wrap around the woman’s cheeks and between her legs. Finally, the man was striking her directly on the pussy and the woman leaned over.

“Spread your legs!” he demanded.

Christine felt moisture collecting inside her tight thong as the whipping continued and the woman writhed within her constraints. Just then, Adam tapped Christine on the shoulder and motioned for her to follow him. They stood next to somebody Christine took to be a director, who handed her another leather whip with thinner, more numerous strands.

“I want you to take over this part. Just do what he’s doing, all over her body. Concentrate on the tits, ass, and cunt. Make her scream. He’ll be doing the rest,” the man told her. “Oh, and watch for cue cards held up by the crew. We don’t like to stop the filming once we get going, so we’ll hold up directions for you. Don’t stare at them, take a quick glance and do what it says. It’ll just be two or three words at a time. You’ll do fine.”

“But I can’t…I mean…I don’t want…,” Christine stuttered.

“Do it, Christine,” Adam interjected. “The other options aren’t pretty.”

His look persuaded her to begin her acting career right away. She looked at the director for guidance, and he simply said, “Enter from this side. Slowly. Tease her and then get into it.”

Christine walked gingerly on her heels from behind the crew straight onto the makeshift set. Once she was close enough, she reluctantly swung the whip just enough for it to make light contact with the young woman’s tits. The man backed off and began to strip off his briefs. Christine had to force herself to look at the woman and not the man’s massive erection. The few glimpses Christine did get made her wonder if the cock she saw was real. The idea of him actually using it truly frightened her.

Christine followed orders and methodically whipped the other woman all over, each smack resulting in moans of pure pleasure. There was no mistaking the woman’s meaning anymore.

“Tell me what you want, bitch,” the man said, standing directly behind the chained woman.

“I want to cum, master. I want you to fuck me and make me cum while the mistress is whipping me.”

The man looked at Christine. “You heard her. Work on those tits. She likes it good and rough.”

Christine slapped each tit in succession while the man held the woman by the waist and pulled her ass towards him. To Christine, it didn’t look like the head of his cock would fit inside her tight cunt, let alone the rest of the cock. But with cameramen on either side, he put it in place and aggressively thrust forward.

The woman’s screams reverberated through the entire floor as the cock disappeared. Christine shuddered, but found herself whipping the poor woman harder at the intensity of the sex. Between the woman’s howls and Christine’s whip and the man’s body smacking into the woman’s ass, the noise level rose several decibels.

The entire thing quickly got Christine so stimulated she nearly forgot where she was. She watched the pair having sex and added whatever additional animation she could with the only instrument she had.

Just then, she saw the cue card go up. A swift glance was all she needed to read, ‘Get undressed.’

She swore to herself and considered her options. Christine seriously thought about placing herself in the hands of the gang on the street rather than continue with the filming. But the idea of upsetting Adam didn’t excite her, either. She could end up being the next one chained to a wall with an enormous cock drilling her cunt.

After a few seconds of contemplation, she laid down the whip and began to untie the front of her bustier. She was on the second loop when her nipples popped into view. A cameraman instantly focused on her and moved closer. Christine felt a shiver go through her entire body as the garment opened and exposed more and more of her chest. Finally, she was able to pull it off completely and she was topless.

The man and woman next to her were noisily continuing their sex scene as Christine took hold of her tiny thong. Unbeknownst to Christine, every other pair of eyes on the set was locked in on her as she stripped. As she leaned up after discarding the thong, a second cue card told Christine to move in front of Kayla, whom she assumed was the young woman in chains.

Christine had to duck under the chains and between Kayla’s raised arms to get in place. Just as she was about to wait further orders, Kayla said to her, “Oh, yes. Come closer, mistress, so I can taste those beautiful tits.”

Any look of uncertainty on Christine’s face was replaced with panic. Yes, she might have been a little aroused by the entire scene, but she wasn’t anywhere near the stage where she wanted Kayla, or anybody else, sucking on her tits. She was trapped: by Adam; by the director and crew; and, by the chains.

Christine stepped forward until her tits were just inches from Kayla’s face. The young woman stretched out and ran a tongue over one of Christine’s nipples. Christine instantly felt a shudder clear down to her pussy and she moved closer. Kayla opened her mouth and soon had a good portion of the tit between her lips. Christine seemed to have no control over her body as she let Kayla have more and more of the large breast. In fact, after half a minute, she WANTED Kayla to have more. The first woman ever to suck her tits was driving Christine slowly insane with pleasure.

Every now and then Christine was reminded that several men, a couple of them with cameras zooming in on her body, were watching it all. Despite that fact, Christine played the part and allowed Kayla’s ministrations to turn her on.

The next five minutes were spent waiting for the man to finish. Christine caught herself putting a finger on her clit more than once, but quickly pulled it away. Then she heard him groan louder than before and suddenly pull out of Kayla’s cunt.

He walked around her and presented his huge, wet cock for both women to see. Christine saw the cue card: ‘Suck it.’

Kayla didn’t need a cue card. She already had her head tilted down in the direction of the bulbous shaft. Christine joined her, just a few inches behind, as if waiting for Kayla to lead. The man moved forward and Kayla licked him from base to tip. Christine bent over, wondered how she ever got here, and licked him.

She instantly tasted Kayla’s sweet juices on the cock. Between the somewhat soothing warmth of the skin and the taste of the woman’s pussy, Christine was not as disgusted as she thought she would be. She and Kayla took turns wrapping their lips around the cock and taking it deep into their throats.

The man managed to reach down for Christine’s tit and squeeze it roughly in his enormous hand. Now she was feeling abused again, but there was certainly no getting out of the situation until this scene was ended. And she had a pretty good idea how it would end.

It only took another minute and a half for the man to take hold of his cock and start stroking it wildly. Christine found herself strangely fixated on his masturbation, another first for her. Her experiences in the past had her being the one doing the stroking. She oddly enjoyed watching the massive cock being pumped by him so close to her face.

However, the consequences of that did not escape her. As if on cue, she saw Kayla open her mouth in anticipation. The man slowed down and aimed his cock at the gap between her lips. He groaned one time, pumped the cock again, and arched his back. Christine nearly tilted her head away at the first signs of his voluminous stream of cum. It covered Kayla’s face and landed on her tongue with such force it surprised her. Then, without warning, he was aiming it at her and Christine took a couple hits on the chin, neck, and tits. The cameras caught every single spurt, from two angles, until he was dripping cum and letting it fall on Christine’s tits.

It was over rapidly, leaving the two women bathed in warm, wet, white fluid.

“Cut,” the director shouted.

Christine felt relief like she’d never felt before. She could go home soon.

“Good job,” Adam said to Christine as he approached her. “Not bad for a rookie.”

Christine stood up and felt the cum dripping down her body.

Adam said, “There’s a shower over there behind that door. Clean off. Don’t get your hair too wet, but there’s a blow dryer in there if you need it. Meet me outside the shower when you’re done.”

“Then I can leave, right?” Christine said with a tint of hope in her voice.

“We’ll discuss that when you’re done.”

Christine walked rapidly to the shower and eagerly cleaned off in a matter of seconds. After toweling off and checking her hair, she came back out of the tiny room and met Adam.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he told her.

She was glad to head back to her clothes, but a little unhappy about having to do it while naked. The stairwell was empty, however, and they entered the wardrobe area without being seen, she thought.

“I have one more job for you, and that’ll be it,” Adam said bluntly.

“Hey!” Christine complained. “I did the scene…”

“And I have one more.”

The look in his eyes warned her against arguing with him. The pit of her stomach ached and Christine fought back tears. Would this one be similar, or worse, than what she just went through? She wanted out of this nightmare.

Adam pulled a very short, very sheer, pink negligee from the rack. The neckline appeared to plunge to the navel and Christine doubted it was long enough to cover her ass. Spaghetti straps seemed hardly sturdy enough to keep it on.

“Put this on,” Adam said, shoving the garment at her.

Christine slipped into it and confirmed all of her suspicions. It hid almost nothing. Adam smiled his approval.

“Excellent. Come with me.”

As they walked into another studio close to Adam’s office-presumably where Christine heard the woman squeal when she first arrived, she thought to herself-Adam filled her in on the details of her new ‘assignment.’

“This is going to be part of a full-length film,” Adam explained. “The guy who cleans the pool will be coming up to your bedroom. You will be asleep. He’ll initiate the sex and you’ll willingly take part. Let him do the foreplay while you gradually awaken. We’ll give you a verbal command when it’s OK to be fully awake. Later, we’ll edit out that voice. From there to the end, just complete a sex scene.”

Christine slowed her walk almost to a standstill. “Just complete a sex scene? Are you fucking kidding me? I’m not doing any more sex scenes for you with some dude I don’t know. I’ll pose for pictures…do a short video stripping if you want…anything to get back to the hotel. But no more sex.”

Adam stared at her. “How about a very realistic scene of a half dozen horny college kids raping a woman in the alley?”

Christine stared back. “Fuck you.”

“Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s get started,” Adam replied.

He led her onto the set. Just like before, a half dozen seemingly disinterested crew members awaited them. A fake bedroom, complete with furniture and paintings, dominated the area. Christine stared at the large bed, trying to imagine what would soon take place there.

Adam completed the introductions and advised Christine that the man who would be joining her was named Chad. She considered that somewhat of an improvement over the last scene, where she never did find out the guy’s name, despite an introduction to his cock.

The director and Adam went over her responsibilities one more time, although it was obvious the specifics would be played out by Chad and Christine when the action started. No mention was made of dialogue, nor did Christine expect any.

“Get into the bed with just the sheet over you,” the director ordered. “Leave it at about your waist.”

Christine was glad to at least be able to cover up that much of her body. The negligee did little to hide the rest and she could see her nipples through the material. Soon, it wouldn’t matter.

“Alright, get on your side facing this side of the bed and pretend you are asleep until we tell you otherwise,” the director said.

Out of the corner of her eye, Christine caught the athletic figure of a man close to her own age. He was muscular, tanned, fairly good looking, and sported a bulge in his shorts that would have made the guy downstairs jealous. This was Chad.

Christine’s heart pounded as she got into the bed and moved the sheet around until everybody was satisfied. It felt to her as if her tits were falling out of the negligee and, of course, that was the idea of the outfit. She swore at herself one more time for allowing this whole thing to happen and then prepared for the worst.

She closed her eyes, heard the call for ‘Action’, and waited.

Chad worked his way silently towards the bed, looking around to make sure nobody saw or heard him. He looked down at Christine for a moment and then softly brushed her blonde hair with his hand. He felt the skin on her arm and moved down to her hip. Chad gently lifted the sheet and pulled it down to uncover the rest of Christine’s body.

He admired her for a few seconds before putting his hand on the back of her thigh and sliding up her leg, under the negligee, and onto the bottom of her ass. Christine never moved, but her heart thumped like never before. The mixture of fright and horniness was beyond intense.

Christine felt the negligee rising over her hip and onto her waist. She knew that her ass was totally exposed, and only her tightly closed legs in a fetal position kept her pussy from being seen as well. Chad moved up and ran a single finger along the outside of Christine’s tit. When he got to the shoulder strap, he pulled it down onto her arm. Then he very gently pushed on Christine’s shoulder and she rolled onto her back, presumably still asleep.

He lowered the other shoulder strap and only the tiniest portion of her tits were unexposed. Chad leaned over and barely let his lips touch the top of one breast. He kissed his way down toward the nipple. Then the negligee was lifted aside and the nipple was exposed.

“OK, Christine. Wake up, but let him continue.”

Christine’s eyes slowly opened and Chad’s mouth encircled the tip of her breast. Immediately, he began licking and sucking on the generous tit. Christine nearly moaned out loud at the incredible chills he sent through her body. Chad’s teeth tightened their grip on her nipple and Christine’s pussy tingled even more. Her lips spread, but no sounds came out. When Chad switched tits, she thought she would scream with delight.

After a couple minutes of intense attention to her chest, Chad pulled down on her negligee until he was removing it entirely. Christine lifted her legs slightly and the little gown came off. Chad kissed his way up her thighs, past her pussy, and back onto her tits.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Chad said. “Just relax and let me take care of you.”

If she was concerned with whether to say anything or not, Chad took care of that. He moved up and began to kiss her on the mouth with a sensuous use of his tongue. Christine met every move with one of her own and surprisingly found herself passionately returning the favor. His hand was on her tit, and then her stomach. She nearly begged him to touch her pussy, but knew he was leading.

Chad eventually stood back up and said, “Pull down my shorts.”

Christine crawled over to him and lifted the tight shorts over his erection and far enough down his legs to reveal the cock and balls. As she suspected, he was at least the equal of the man she saw before. Only this time, the erection was intended for her. That frightened her a little and excited her a little.

Chad finished the job of getting naked. Christine kind of wanted to see his ass, but wasn’t in a position to be picky. Instead, she saw his huge cock coming closer to her face. She knew what was expected of her next.

Christine kissed the cock once or twice before licking it in the middle. It twitched, grew another inch, and fell against her lips. She put one hand around it and opened her mouth. Then she was sucking the longest, hardest, thickest cock she’d ever seen. Chad began to rock back and forth just a little, fucking Christine’s mouth without forcing her to change her approach. Christine put her free hand around him and pulled him closer by clutching at his tight ass.

She was much more stimulated than she expected to be, but no more secure in her knowledge that this big cock might soon be entering her someplace other than her mouth. That’s when Chad asked her to lay down and Christine took a long, deep breath.

Chad climbed onto the bed and placed his cock in Christine’s cleavage. She automatically pushed her tits together and let him slide his cock up and down the valley with long strokes. The tip of the cock nearly touched her chin each time he moved forward. Then he took over the chore of massaging her tits. Christine was pleasantly surprised at his skill in keeping her on a path towards a climax.

She would have rather been many places besides in that bed with him and half a dozen other men watching, but there was no choice. Her opinion only changed a little when Chad started drifting down her body and softly pushed her legs apart with his fingers. When his head began to dip towards her pussy, Christine settled firmly onto the pillow and waited. It didn’t take long for his tongue to work its way around her pussy and directly onto her cunt.

Chad put his arms under her legs and Christine felt his tongue slide inside her body. She moaned audibly, unable to prevent it. When nobody said anything, she felt relieved. Then the tongue was fucking her like a small cock and Christine’s hips rose and fell out of habit alone. He was masterful at searching out the most sensitive spots in her cunt, resulting in more and more groans from Christine.

With the cameras centered on Chad’s mouth and Christine’s face, the scene took on a more natural tone. Christine still didn’t want to be there, but her body betrayed her for the second time in the last hour and she squirmed on the bed under the influence of Chad’s tongue.

When Chad finally lifted his head, Christine heard him say, “I’ve watched you at the pool, babe. I’ve wanted you every time I saw you. Now we’re here and I’m going to have you.”

Christine’s look of half fear, half desire was exactly what the director wanted. She didn’t have to say a word.

“Now turn over,” Chad commanded.

Christine rolled onto her stomach with the help of Chad’s strong hands. Her ass got the full attention of Chad, the cameras, and every man on the set. It was perfectly rounded with full cheeks that begged to be squeezed. Chad was quick to give in.

His hands consumed the entire area and Christine felt her pussy respond. When his fingers slid between her legs she lifted her hips for him. Then she felt his heavy cock sliding up and down the middle of her crack like a tree trunk. For an instant, the dreadful thought of him actually trying to fuck her ass shot through her mind. She said a quick prayer.

But this was going to be a fairly routine scene and Chad was only interested in getting her cunt as wet as possible, which had occurred long ago when his tongue first hit her clit. Chad lifted Christine by the waist and she pushed herself up by the hands. He skimmed his cock across her pussy and clit with continuous strokes while reaching under her and gripping both tits.

Now she was more than ready for him. Her pussy ached and was drenched from their foreplay. Her erect nipples craved his touches. She just waited for his orders.

“You want it so bad,” Chad said. “I can feel how wet you are. Your husband can never give you what I can, so get on your back and let Chad show you what a real man feels like.”

Christine was on her back immediately, looking up at the large man and his seemingly impossible erection. Chad took hold of her ankles and gently dragged her to the edge of the bed. Then he stood over her, between her legs. He let his cock come to rest on her lower stomach. The swollen head glowed a bright purplish pink as it glided across her body. Veins tried to burst along the entire shaft. And Christine thought she was ready.

Nothing in her past could prepare her for the feeling of that dildo-like cock being placed at the entrance to her cunt and the head spreading the hole to a previously unknown width. Christine clutched at the sheets with both hands and cried out in shock as Chad held her by the ass and thrust the remainder of the cock inside her. It took two or three more thrusts for her to think clearly once again.

She never knew sex could feel this way and was only just beginning to realize it felt pretty good, after her pussy recovered. Chad’s cock filled her completely, stimulating places Christine didn’t know could be stimulated. She gasped as he increased the speed, totally lost in the act and forgetting her surroundings.

The next few minutes were a blur of Chad fucking and groping her until she knew she was going to cum. Soon, it made no difference whether she was supposed to or not, it was going to happen.

Chad recognized it and played with her tits until Christine squealed, “Oh God. Yes! Yes!”

“That’s it, babe. Nobody can resist Chad. Let me hear you cum.”

Christine had no intention of resisting him at that point. She let him lift her ass off the bed, pound his huge cock into her cunt, and knead her tits until she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Fuck me! Harder!”

Christine had no idea where the words came from. Her mind was so immersed in the sex that she just shouted out what her body was feeling.

The already unstable bed creaked with the intensity of Chad’s thrusts. His balls slapped against Christine’s ass and she cried out in delight.

“Now! Of my God. Now. I’m cumming!”

Christine twisted back and forth as her orgasm exploded, continued for many seconds, and then restarted when Chad ran his finger over her clit. She lost track of how many times she came. In the end, her hair was tousled across the pillow and her face glowed beet red from the effort of cumming.

Then it was Chad’s turn.

He pulled out and leaned over Christine’s naked body, which shimmered with perspiration. She watched him masturbate for nearly thirty seconds before announcing his pending orgasm with long, deep groans.

If she expected a pool of cum to accumulate on her stomach, Christine was soon proven very wrong. The first, and most powerful blast, flew up to her face and stretched down to her tits. Each successive shot was slightly weaker, but Christine eventually was covered from the nose to her clit with long, white streaks of cum.

When she heard the director’s order to ‘Cut’, Christine wasn’t sure if she was more relieved or disappointed.


Laying on the bed in her hotel room that night, Christine thought back to each event during the evening. She never wanted to go through what she did again, the way it happened that time. She felt used and abused.

But she smiled at the knowledge that she had left her e-mail address with Adam for the next time he needed an ‘extra’…under her terms.

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