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My Maria

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She was the reason he came in every morning.. He really didn’t like coffee enough to pay $4.50 a cup but knew her schedule by heart. He knew from her nametag that she was Maria and had started greeting her by name as he ordered. She would smile and say good morning to him like she did to the other customers before him but it made his heart jump just the same. She was not the youngest worker in the shop but she was the only one who made his heart race. He would change lines when she wasn’t looking to be sure it was her that waited on him.

He was hoping that she noticed him more than the others but knew he was probably kidding himself. He ordered the most complicated drinks they made just so he could watch her walking behind the counter…her short skirt raising precariously as she bent over to get items from below the countertop. His career as a college track athlete had given him a great appreciation for athletic legs and hers were everything he wanted on a woman.

He knew she lived in the apartment complex around the corner from the shop. He knew when she left work and had followed her home a few times… walking on the other side of the street of course to stay out of her view. He was lucky that her apartment was on the second floor and faced the quiet side street. He had seen her walking around her apartment after work, unbuttoning her blouse as she moved from the living room to the bedroom. He had gotten lucky and seen her once or twice in her bra as she removed her blouse and threw it in the direction of what he assumed was her bed. But it was the night when he had been downtown and he had decided to walk her street that changed his attitude toward her forever… made him want her.

She was standing by the bedroom window .. closer than she should have been. She was wrapped in a large yellow bath towel.. her hair wet and her face flushed. He assumed she had just gotten out of the shower as he stood in the shadows of the doorway across the street, smiling at his luck. Her breasts are barely contained in that bizarre origami towel tuck that only women seem to know how to do. Was she aware that she could be seen from the street?

As he was pondering his opportunity, she dropped the towel to the floor. She was standing with her back to him as she looked at what he assumed was a mirror. Her long brown hair, still wet from her shower hung down to the small of her back. Where the hair ends her rounded ass began. He could feel his cock becoming instantly erect at the sight of her…well proportioned, muscular without a hint of a tan line on her anywhere. With her head turned to the side, he could see the slight smile on her lips .. she was obviously as happy with her body as he was. As she turns to look at herself from the other side, he hears himself gasp at the first view of her breasts. Even from this far away, he can see her nipple are erect as she views herself.

He had imagined her body all of those times he had watched her making coffee for him but now understood that his imagination was no match for what he was now admiring. She had been a fantasy for those times when he needed to relieve his sexual tension but he now saw that reality was so beyond what his mind had pictured. Her hazel green eyes and long hair made his heart skip a beat so many times … now he wanted to be standing there with her .. looking deeply into them as he held her face in his hands and kissed her soft lips gently.

His mind was drawn back to the reality of the moment as he watched her step toward her bedroom window .. totally naked and visible to anyone with the luck to look upward. He had not realized that her patio door was open until she stepped through it and out onto her small window deck. Does she know he is there?

He watched her swing her head gently, causing her hair to swing across her shoulders and cover her breasts. She raised one hand to take in a handful of hair and stroked the other with the brush she had carried out with her. His eyes followed each stroke as they moved from her head down her body. It was then he notices the lightly trimmed hair between her legs. The hair only highlighted the length of her legs. He did not know exactly how long she stood there before turning and walking back into her apartment. To him, it seemed like an eternity. He was sure she could see his wide smile in the doorway. It was then that he made his plan to have her.

The next morning during his usual coffee run, he could not help but see her in a new light .. he knew what was straining to escape the t-shirt she had on under her apron. He knew what was hiding just beneath her short skirt as she bent over to get the skim milk from the refrigerator under the counter. He could swear that she was smiling at him a little longer than usual. Her hazel eyes shimmered as the sunshine poured in through the shop window, showing highlights of green color as they glanced up at him.

He was not ashamed of how his body had aged. His six foot frame had added a few pounds to his younger, more athletic frame over the years. His brown hair had thinned and showed signs of gray. Glasses now covered his blue eyes but did nothing to dim the desire that had been born inside him as he watched her the night before. He wished he could just ask her out and know that she would be agreeable but knew better. He knew he was at least 20 years her elder and that she probably had many younger men to choose from. She was surely the cougar that many of these younger men were hoping to experience in their lives. He could see the younger guys in line staring at her while they awaited their few minutes to be with her. He left the shop knowing that he would take the first opportunity he had to be with her.

His chance came sooner than he expected. His group of friends convinced him that the downtown sports bar was the ideal place to watch the playoff game. The bar scene had long since passed him by but he had been single for a while now and they kept telling him there would be lots of drunk and possibly horny women there that might want to keep him company for the evening. He decided that he might get lucky if they were drunk enough but his real motivation was that the bar was just down the street from the coffee shop and he might get a chance to walk by Maria’s apartment building before he went home if he didn’t get lucky. Just the thought of maybe getting to see her again had him excited. But it turned out even better than he could have hoped as he saw her standing at the bar with her girlfriends.

Her dress barely contained her. The spaghetti straps strained to contain her ample breasts and the hem showed as much leg as it could without being indecent. The number of bottles in front of her told him she had been there for awhile. She appeared to be the oldest woman in her little group but certainly did not appear old. She more than held her own as she raised the beer bottle to her lips. No girly white wine spritzer or umbrella drink for her, he thought.

His buddies found a table near one of the large television screens and they all settled in for the game. Both teams played well and the score was tight throughout but he found his eyes constantly wandering back to Maria and her friends. He kept trying to catch her eye but she was obviously having fun with her friends, talking loudly and laughing about things he could not quite make out over the noise of the bar. His hope of making a connection with her faded as the playoff clock wound down to the final buzzer.

His mind and body were feeling the effects of more alcohol than he had consumed in quite some time. He knew it was time to go but couldn’t bring himself to leave while Maria was still there. Her apartment was a short walk from the bar and he knew the way there by heart. Maybe he would follow her and hope for another show like the one he saw the other night. He might even be brave enough to take care of himself in that dark alleyway as he watched her prepare for bed.

She was saying her goodbyes to her friends as he told his friends he had to leave. He was paces behind her as she left the bar. She was walking a bit uneasily as she left. He broke his usual pattern and followed her along the same sidewalk instead of hiding across the street. His paced picked up as he imagined reaching out to her .. a sound or a clearing of the throat that would make her turn and look his way. Maybe she would recognize him.

His focus returned to reality as Maria stumbled on a raised block in the sidewalk. She regained her balance as her purse spilled over the sidewalk. His opportunity had finally arrived. He rushed forward and began helping her gather its contents .. startling her at first from the look in you eyes. As they continued to pick up the keys, wallet and makeup from the ground he could see a question in her eyes?

“Thanks,” she said. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“From the coffee shop,” he replied.

“Oh yeah,” she said with a smile. “Thought you looked familiar. Well, thanks again.”

So this was has his big chance was going to end … Maria walking off as he stood there. He couldn’t let that happen.

“Are you okay? I would be happy to walk you home if you want.”

“Had a bit too much to drink tonight with my friends. Maybe that would be a good idea. Thanks.”

And then she flashed that smile.

“I live just up the street,” she slurred.

“I know,” he said then immediately realized what he had said.


“Nothing. Let’s get you home.”


His natural instinct was to grab her arm and steady her as she walked. Hers was to put her arm around his waist and lean against him. His mind was racing as they walked the rest of the block toward her apartment. His hand move from her arm until is surrounded her waist as well. They entered the building lobby and navigated a not very well maintained flight of stairs. Her scent was subtle but noticeable. Her doorway appeared too soon.

She fumbled for her keys as they stood there. “Fuck,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Here, let me help,” he offered and dug her keys out for her.

“Hmmm, I like a man who takes charge,” she whispered to him; a wide grin on her face. He was more than puzzled as he found what looked like her apartment key and put it in the lock.

She leaned against him as the door opened and they stepped inside. He knew it wasn’t right and he knew he shouldn’t but he also knew this chance might never pass his way again. He leaned her against the wall as the door closed behind them. He looked into her eyes as his face leaned toward her. Their wide gaze was then covered by her eyelids as they closed and she exhaled toward him.

Their lips met gently as first. He brushed hers lightly, unbelieving and concerned about her reaction. When she did not resist, he pressed his lips firmly against hers. His tongue traced the crease between her lips. His hands found hers and raised her arms over her head and against the wall. His desire for her had been building since that first day in the coffee shop and he knew now this was his chance.

As he moved away slightly to look in her eyes, he sensed her confusion. Her eyes were questioning but her body was not resisting. Her face showed her concern and her arms began to struggle against his. He leaned his body weight against her, pinning her to the wall as he pressed his lips harder against hers. He was more forceful now, pressing his body against hers…feeling her firm breasts through his Polo shirt. It only made him more excited knowing it was finally her. She struggled against his weight without success.

He moved her hands so they were both covered with one of his. His free hand moved behind her neck and held her to him as he kissed her deeply and aggressively. His tongue spread her lips and found her tongue…toying with the tip. She was starting to moan her disapproval as his hand released her neck and moved to the front of her dress. The firmness of he breasts should not have surprised him but it did. She may have been a 30ish coffee barista but her body was still amazing and he had seen the evidence to prove it.

She freed one hand and he could feel it pressing against his chest, trying to push him away. She was strong and he had to use all of his weight to keep his body against her. His free hand had little trouble exposing her breast over the top of her dress …they had been struggling to be released all night long anyway. Her body was squirming to be free as he lowered his lips to her exposed nipple.

With both her hands freed, she put her hands on his chest and pushed as hard as she could but his body still wouldn’t budge. Both of his hands against the wall, he braced his legs as his face nuzzled her breast as he squeezed the nipple with his lips. With his mouth moving to enclose her breast, his tongue swept along the underside of her nipple. He could feel the immediate hardness his touch brought to her. The tip of his tongue starting making small circles around her hard flesh causing it to grow longer and even more erect in his mouth. And then it happened.

Her body gave up the struggle. He could feel her arms go limp against his chest and could hear her breath producing soft moans above his head. He could feel her hands pulling his head against her .. willing him to continue suckling her nipple. She started moaning louder as his lips tightened, then loosened their grip around her. He glanced up at her face to see her eyes closed and her mouth open. His moment of truth was at hand.

He released her and removed his weight from her as he stepped back. She stood there with her breast exposed, her hair disheveled and a glazed over look in her eyes. He had given her this opportunity to move away from him. He held his breath as he waited for her decision. Their eyes were fixed on each other.

Her hands answered him as they raised to her shoulders, removing the thin straps that supported her dress. With a tug the top was folded over at her waist, her breasts exposed … her nipples erect and pointing slightly upward.

“Yes,” she whispered.

He stepped toward her, reaching out to her waist and turned her around facing the wall. Her hands raised to steady herself as she felt his body move up tightly against her. She could feel his erection against her ass, only the thin material of her dress and his slacks separating him from her. He reached around her as his hands cupped her breasts from beneath. Each thumb and forefinger found a nipple and tightly pinched at them as his lips found the back of her neck. She tilted her head slightly forward, offering herself up to his kisses.

“Maria,” he whispered as his kisses reached her ear. “Oh Maria, I have wanted you for so long.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” she replied as she felt his palms enclose her breasts. His fingers flexed around her breasts which were overflowing his hands. His lips made their way to the point of her shoulders. She continued to moan her approval as she ground her hips against his hardness, feeling it grow even larger.


She was disappointed when his hands left her breasts until she felt his finger at her waist. He made small circles around her belly .. both tickling her and exciting her. She could feel the goosebumps raising on her arms as he kissed his way down her spine as his hands explored her stomach.

His hands moved around to her back and slid down to the hem of her dress. As his arms straightened her skirt hem was around her waist, exposing her soft skin to his gaze and to his touch. With her hem in one hand his free hand caressed each cheek in turn .. squeezing tightly. He could feel her jump slightly at his touch but also feel her hips push back against his hand. Then he surprised her.

She could tell his body was shifting position but was not sure what he was doing until she felt the first touch of his lips against her skin. His kisses traced a line across her ass cheeks as his hand first touched the inside of her calf. His lips were moving randomly across her backside but his palm was making a purposeful line up her thigh to the junction between them. He was surprised to find a light covering of hair as he reached her first soft lips. He was pleased to feel the first hints of moisture there. When he applied a slight pressure to her thigh, she spread her feet slightly .. her body still supported by her weight on her arms against the wall.

Was that his breath she felt against her thigh? No man she had been with had ever gone down there with his mouth before. She could feel both of his hands now, one on the inside of each thigh so she knew that could not be a finger that was running along the slit between her lips. Then she felt the flat of his tongue sliding along her downy lower hair as she stood there .. leaning against the wall while a stranger did something to her no man had done before.

He could taste her juices as they leaked from her pussy. He could feel traces of them with the fingers that were reaching to separate them. His tongue found her inner lips and slid between them as she made low guttural sounds from deep within her. He could feel her legs shaking as his tongue did things down there that only her fingers had done before. His tongue stroked her slit, stopping at her moist, warm opening to lick small circles around it. She tensed as she felt the tip of his tongue probing inside of her.. not deeply but tenderly. She moved her feet back toward him and tilted her hips to give him the access he desired.

It was all too much .. the stranger in her apartment .. the light buzz from the alcohol which was quickly wearing off .. the feel of his tongue on her pussy while his fingers opened her. With a quick shudder, her body released tension that had been building since his lips first touched her nipples. He could feel her pussy tightening as her juices ran along his tongue and into his mouth while she produced a low, constant groan. Her body lowered onto his face, sliding his tongue more deeply inside her.

“Gawwwwdddddddd……,” she screamed loudly as the height of her orgasm passed through her. She leaned hard against the wall, this time trying to keep herself from collapsing on the floor. Her eyes closed.

She felt his body lose contact with hers and could hear him moving behind her.

Was that a zipper she heard? His pants hitting the floor? Her minds was still in a post-orgasmic haze when she felt his hard erection against the crack of her ass .. first the full length of it as he leaned against her then just the tip as he held his cock and ran the end up and down the gap between her soft cheeks. She could feel the moisture leaking from him as it coated her. Then his hands were on her hips.

“Move you feet back Maria.”

She leaned toward the wall and stepped back toward him, her back almost parallel with the floor.

“Spread your feet.”

She moved her feet apart. As she looked down, she could see his shoes between them, his pants around his ankles.

“Do you want me Maria?”

She wanted him badly. She wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted to be satisfied by him. She wanted to proclaim her desire. But all she could do was whisper.


Almost before the last breath left her mouth, she could feel the tip of his cock at her opening, spreading her lips slightly apart….making room for him. She wanted him to take her totally at that very moment … to impale all of him inside her.

He had waited for so long to be with her. He wanted to savor every moment of entering her. Inch by inch, he wanted to feel her wrap herself around his cock. He wanted to feel her muscles squeezing him from the inside. But it was not to be.

The desire overcame her as she felt the head of his cock enter her. She used her arms to push herself against him. In the briefest of moments, she felt his cock totally and completely inside her. With a squeeze of her muscles, her pussy trapped him inside .. massaging him as she squeezed and released him over and over.

When his hand went to her hips, she knew what was next. She felt him slide himself out of her, until only the head of his cock remained. Then with one thrust, she felt that same tip brushing the top of her vagina. Again and again, he would withdraw almost completely then drive himself inside her. With every thrust forward he made, she pushed back against him. With each stroke, they were joined completely.

He was living his fantasy and he did not want it to end but he knew his body was not going to let this continue for long. He tried every mental trick he knew to prolong the inevitable. He was having some success until it happened.

“Oh my …… uggghhhhh ….,” he heard her scream as her body tensed again. He could feet the wetness around his cock increase .. he could feel her pussy rhythmically squeezing around him. She pushed hard against him, halting his motion inside her as her orgasm ran through her body in wave after wave of desire.

There were no mental tricks to stop him now. He grabbed her hips tightly, holding her when he really didn’t need to. As she pushed back against him, he could feel his knees weaken as the last signs of his impending orgasm filled his groin. He felt the first pulse of his orgasm release inside her, stronger than the many orgasms his fantasies had provided when he was alone thinking of her.

“Oh yes,” she said over and over .. almost in rhythm with each pulse as it released inside her. She could feel his weight leaning against her ass as his orgasm continued. They were immobile .. held together as their bodies released themselves to each other.

She woke up the next morning laying on her bed, still dressed in her black cocktail dress from the night before. The sunlight shined through her open patio door as her mind raced. Did it really happen? Did she really make love to this man she only knew from the shop? Was it another of her fantasies about men that filled her lonely evenings since she broke up with her boyfriend? Then she saw him in the doorway, a coffee mug in his hand.

“Seems only fair that I should make you coffee this morning,” he said, smiling widely at her. “You are going to be late for work.”

“You’re not having any?” she asked.

“Don’t really care for it.” he said. Now she was the one smiling.

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