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Jemma’s Fantasy

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“OK guys, I guess this should be my last drink. It’s not even the weekend yet.” Dan set the cluster of three pint glasses down heavily on the bar table. His friends grumbled their agreement as they laid claim to their drinks.

“Still, we’ll make the most of it when it comes though. You out tomorrow?” Nick directed the question at both of his friends.

It was a typical Nick question for a Thursday night. Any time the lads arranged to get together it was always Nick who got things going, directing the events of the evening. He made sure they all had a good time, and led by example. Dan half-laughed to himself. So typical of Nick, then, to start organising the weekend before it had even arrived.

As usual, George was the first to bolster up Nick’s social mandate. “Can be. Gotta do Friday, haven’t we?” George was understandably keen to be seen around with Nick. Both men were free and single; for them, Friday night was the start of a weekend spent seeking out the best that the town had to offer. So, predictably, he added: “We should text round the girls too, see who’s up for it.”

Nick nodded his approval. “I’ll text that Lesley, she’s always up for it with me.” He winked, and the three of them chuckled. That remark, too, was pure Nick. Lesley was a tall blonde who turned every man’s head, the sort of girl most men tended to develop get awkward around. He’d been seen going home with her on more than one occasion – but casually, and with never a question of them being a couple. It seemed that Lesley was available for casual sex, but only with someone like Nick.

He was probably the best looking guy they hung out with; he fit the tall, dark and handsome stereotype, and his hours of work in the gym was reflected in a strong build and an energetic, positive attitude to life. It was no surprise that George, good-looking and well-liked though he was, chose to hang around with Nick on a Friday night.

“Come on then,” he encouraged. “You coming out Dan? That girl of yours won’t mind, surely?”

There it was: the reason that, unlike George, Dan no longer felt like he had to rush around with Nick every weekend. Maybe he wasn’t the best looking or the strongest built of the three, but for the last few months, he had been the one with the steady girlfriend. Dan might enjoy a night out on the town too, of course; but he could take it or leave it. And this week he doubted he had the time.

“Well, you know I’ve got that stupid family thing on Saturday. So I’ll meet up with you guys for a few drinks, but I’ll probably spend the rest of the night with Jemma. You know how it is.”

George laughed along. “Oh, we know how it is! You’re out of town on Saturday, so you’ve made an appointment to get laid on Friday, and you’d rather do that than hang out late with your mates.”

The three of them laughed their approval. “Can’t blame you though,” Nick put in. “She’s pretty cute. Not bad at all.” And there it was – an approval from Nick, almost a get-out-of-beer permission card! “I still don’t know how you pulled her though,” he continued. “You must have bought shit-loads of Rohypnol! What’s going to happen when you run out?”

George nearly spilled his beer laughing. Dan had to chuckle along too. “I know. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I’m awake!” He took a swig of his beer. “And fucking. I have to do loads of that too, just to be sure I’m awake.”

This sort of treatment was inevitable for Dan with two single friends. George kept things going. “That is some long-lasting beer goggles she’s had, eh? What’s it been, three months?”

“Four,” Dan answered, laughing along with them.

“Woah!” Nick ramped up the pressure. “Long term shit! Must be into the kinky stuff by now then, eh? What’s she into, whips and chains?”

Dan gulped. Nick had unwittingly found his weak spot. He felt himself going red in the face. He tried to cover up by drinking, but his reaction was noticed. George poked at him. “What’s up, Dan? Got a confession for us? Don’t tell me. You’re wearing her suspenders under your jeans!”

Dan grinned and tried to move the conversation on, but they had found their opening now. “Go on, what’s the problem?” Nick mockingly soothed him. “If she’s bought herself a strap-on, I’d advise Vaseline.”

“No, it’s nothing,” Dan said. “I’ve just been getting a bit possessive, that’s all. I get jealous when she goes out without me.”

George howled. “Nooo! Not buying it Dan. You were telling me just last week how you totally trusted eachother! And how you knew she was giving other guys the brush-off! What’s really eating you?”

Dan started to say something, then stopped. The alcohol had fuddled his mind a little, and he was suddenly on the spot. “Course, if you can’t tell your mates,” Nick muttered teasingly, “It must be something really horrible.”

Dan sighed. He had to admit to himself now, this was actually bothering him. Maybe it would feel better if he shared. “OK,” he said. “But not a word to anyone, right? Specially not Jemma!” His friends made mock salutes, and leaned in seriously as Dan took another sip of beer. “OK, well we were talking about fantasies and stuff.” Nick and George waited expectantly. “And she said her number one fantasy was… well, she asked me if I’d be up for a threesome.”

George was astonished. “How’s that a problem? Come on man, just pick her hottest girl-friend! What about that Stephanie, she’s pretty cute. A blonde to go with your brunette, right?”

But Nick was one step ahead. “I don’t think it was with a girl, was it Dan?” He smiled knowingly.

Dan shook his head. “Right. And you know, I didn’t want to, you know, share her that way. Thing is, I really love her and… You know, seeing her with another man…” He trailed off.

Nick butted in: “… Especially if he has a bigger dick than you …” Laughter filled the table again. Dan felt a weight lifted, in fact, as his friends seemed to understand. “See, it’s always good to air your problems,” Nick concluded. “So what did you say?”

“I had to say no, I wouldn’t want to share her. She was OK, but she was kind of disappointed. Thing was she’d been telling me it had been a big fantasy of hers for a while, and she’d love to do it, but how could I say yes to that? She was OK with me, but I just feel bad right now. It was only last week.”

“Well, you know what I think?” Nick smiled. “I think you’d better make damn sure you show her a good time on Friday, right? I mean, give her multiple orgasms.”

George agreed. “Yeah, jawlock time for you, matey. She’ll soon forget about it.”

Dan was quite surprised – their advice actually did seem to make sense. He ought to put this behind him, and concentrate on keeping Jemma happy. Their sex had always been fantastic, the best he’d ever experienced, so he felt on solid ground there.

He laughed, finishing his drink. “Yeah. Thanks guys, you know what, you’re right.” He felt a physical tension ease. “And you know what else? I think I’ll have one more beer tonight. Seriously, I feel better now.”

As Dan headed to the bar for himself, Nick winked at George. “Young love. Bless.”


When Saturday evening came around, Dan joined up with his friends, even though he knew he wouldn’t be staying with them for long. A couple of drinks in pubs in the town centre followed. Nick had orchestrated a meeting with three or four of the group, which was to be swell to six or seven later at one of the larger bars in town. A few of the girls they regularly saw would no doubt be there.

Dan was able to enjoy the beginning of the evening, and knowing he didn’t have to progress to some of the noisier bars – which would no doubt be visited later – he noticed that he felt more relaxed than most of the rest of the group. He was looking forward to seeing his girlfriend, too.

George could not resist teasing Dan when he heard he was meeting up with Jemma. “Hope you’ve been exercising your jaw,” he whispered in a private moment. “Keeping her happy, that’s the key.”

Dan took the ribbing in good nature. “Don’t worry about me that,” he mockingly assured his friend. “I know how to make things good for the lady.” As the clock neared nine, the time Jemma had said she would arrive, Dan started to look around for her. He deliberately stayed clear of Nick, as he instinctively wanted to stay away from larger men when his girlfriend arrived. Nick was the most muscular and attractive of his friends, so Dan drifted toward the opposite edge of the group.

When Jemma arrived though, it was Nick who happened to see her first. “Here, I’m sure I’ve seen that foxy brunette over there before,” he laughed in Dan’s ear. Dan turned to see Jemma joining the group in search of him, hastily greeting one or two of the boys as she searched for him. She was wearing a smart knee-length patterned skirt and a respectable black top for their date. With her dark, straight hair framing her subtly made-up features and fresh young features, she looked delicious.

Dan felt he was breaking free from his friends’ teasing as he strode up to his girlfriend, kissing her briefly on the lips. He was relieved that she had arrived, so that now he could take her away from them and enjoy the rest of the night with her.

One of the men who had not been aware of their relationship looked a little disappointed, and Dan could scarcely blame him. Even though she was dressed quite conservatively, Jemma somehow stood out from the other women in the room, her brown eyes sparkling as she hooked her arm into his. Although her top was hardly revealing, the outline of her figure could be seen – an outline which hinted at a slender but curvy figure. Her bare calves were noticeably tanned.

Jemma’s cheeks plumped attractively as she beamed at her boyfriend. “Hi, Dan! Have you been having a good night?” Her soft voice chimed pleasingly in his ears. At 22, Jemma’s voice had a girlie quality about it that was appealing, but her attitutde was one of a confident young woman, aware of her own appeals.

Dan smiled. God, he was glad he didn’t need to go to noisy bars with the boys. “It just got much better,” he smiled at her as he kissed her again. “Well, we need to go…” But he was cut off, and groaned inwardly as George moved in.

“So what’re you up to tomorrow Jemma? I hear Dan’s out of town… You could always hang with us!”

Jemma was unphased, taking the invitation at face value. “It’s my friend Jodie’s birthday!” She replied. “We’re all going out with her. I’m not sure where, yet, though… Are you going out? Maybe we’ll bump into each other.”

Moving in next to George, Nick stared at her fixedly for a moment. “Yeah. Maybe we’ll bump.”

Jemma giggled, but turned to her boyfriend. “C’mon baby, we’ve got to go!” Dan felt her shapely body moving next to his as they began to walk, making their goodbyes.

The room seemed a little emptier after they had both left. George glanced at Nick, who seemed to have noticed it too. “I reckon she’d have no problem handling two guys at once,” he whispered in a mock-awestruck voice.

Nick grinned back. “I was just thinking the same thing, mate.”


Friday night was a modest success for George and Nick, an enjoyable night on the town rather than a major night of partying and debauchery. In fact, they were both happy to get home relatively early. Nick, of course, already suggested a bigger night out on the Saturday.

Saturday night started much the same way as Friday for the friends, but as the pubs were closing, they made their way to their firm favourite, the Dubz Club.

“I don’t know why, but the girls are always way fitter in here,” Dave offered as the four of them surveyed the room.

“It’s the music,” Nick said. Then, winking: “Plus, they know we come here, so it’s moths to a flame.”

The club was just starting to get moving, filling up with intake from the closing pubs and bars nearby. The men found their way to the main bar and ordered a round of shots. The atmosphere was set by the heavy bass beat of hip hop and RNB music, the combined odour of bodies, perfume and other scents in the air. George reflected on Dave’s comment: it was true, many of the girls in the club were stunning, and had of course dressed to show off their assets. So many of them seemed to have taken their cue from music videos. The dresses were generally glamorous, but revealing; there was a lot of flesh to be seen, and it was impossible for four young men not to be aroused.

Nick chatted with a couple of girls and expertly attached them to his group; he had the touch, there was no denying that. Of course, he was well dressed, handsome, tall and well-built. Maybe there was no real secret to it. George of course, was no wallflower himself, and within a few minutes there were half a dozen boys and girls mixing it up on the dancefloor.

As the night progressed, more drinks were had, and a couple of the girls drifted away, lost to the toilet queues, or a little too much alcohol; or just meeting with friends. Dave was keen on one of the girls and was starting to keep her to himself; Nick signalled to George that they should withdraw and give him space. The two, who regularly played wingmen for one another, had no qualms about heading to the upstairs bar and sitting things out for a bit. They bought drinks and leaned on a railing which overlooked the dancefloor.

“Good spot for checking out the talent,” George grinned. And they did just that, enjoying the sight of numerous scantily-dressed young women gyrating on the stroble-lit dancefloor. On any night like this, there was a time to dance; and a time to watch.

Suddenly, Nick nudged George’s arm, without taking his own eyes from the dancefloor. “Mate, look over there.” He indicated a group of women towards the edge of the dancefloor. They were dancing with each other, obviously high-spirited with alcohol.

“The bunch of all-girls?” George asked. “Which one’s caught your fancy?”

“Look behind the chick in the denim hotpants. You see the girl in the red dress?”

George stared. “Curly haired brunette? Juicy looking ass?”

Nick laughed. “I’ll remember you said that. Yes, that’s her. Wait till she turns around.”

George waited. He had a while to wait, but it was no chore as he watched the mysterious red-dress girl shake her booty. The dress was tight around her ass and rode high on her thighs as she moved to the heavy beats. Then suddenly the tune changed and she turned to say something to one of the other girls, revealing her face at last. “Shit!” George laughed. “Is that Jemma?”

Nick was staring at her too. “I thought so before. Yeah, that’s definitely her. What d’you think?”

George looked again. “Yep. But she’s got herself pretty dolled up considering Dan’s not around, don’t you think?” As if she had heard them, Jemma led the way off the dancefloor and grabbed a stool by a table. Her girlfriends gathered around, and the watching men lost sight of her. George said in wonder, “How in fuck did Dan manage to pull something like that?”

Nick shrugged his shoulders. “She must like ordinary looking blokes, I guess. So, you think we should go and say hi?”

George shrugged. “She’s hot. But she’s with her girls, and anyway, you couldn’t do that. Dan would be broken.”

Nick nodded. “I’m way ahead of you mate. I’m not talking about stealing her away from him. But I was thinking that, knowing what we know about Jemma…” He stressed her name ironically as he winked in her general direction, “She’d probably love it if she had a couple of dancing partners tonight. Like, two men to dance with. You get my drift?”

George’s eyes widened. “Oh. Wow. Yeah, that could be really fun. You fancy her too then, eh? You think it would work?”

“Got to be worth a try. You up for it? I mean, you’ve seen her, she’s totally fucking fit! Listen, I think women will generally cheat on their man if they think they’ll get away with it. And if it means they get to live out their…” He paused again for effect. “One special fantasy!”

George gulped. “I get you. Yeah, she’s definitely worth a shot! But how do we…”

“Come on, man.” Nick reassured his friend. “Just trust me. Have I ever let you down before?”

Finishing their drinks, the two men headed down to the main floor. Jemma’s group was quite easy to find, being the loudest group of girls in the area. They paused and watched for a little while. There were four girls in the group, sharing shots. They were giggling closely and occasionally touching, obviously good friends; after a moment, they raised their glasses in the direction of one member of the group, a blonde dressed in a tight black dress.

“That’ll be the birthday girl,” Nick muttered. But they were both more concerned with checking out Jemma now that she was in their sight. There was such a difference in her appearance from the night before, when they had seen her link arms with Dan, that each one stood there mesmerised for a few moments.

Jemma had obviously put plenty of attention into making sure she looked glamorous for her night out clubbing. For one thing, her long hair was no longer straight – it cascaded past her shoulders in full, glossy curls which bounced each time she moved her head. The ends of the curls trailed on her bare chest, because the attention-grabbing, bright red dress she wore had an extremely low cut. The style of the dress was such that a strap hung from only one shoulder, leaving the other side of her chest completely bare; and on the strap-side, it dipped low across her chest. It was possible to see the curves of both her breasts, as well as an ample amount of cleavage. They were an ample size for her frame – perhaps a D cup, Nick thought to himself. 34D? Whatever – it was the smoothness of her skin which kept his gaze returning. Definitely worth a third glance.

Jemma leaned forward to listen to one of her friends and the dress shifted, giving George and Nick a full view straight down her front. Even from a distance, her breasts looked tanned and smooth. The dress moved softly against her figure, but it was tight; it clung to her body, presenting a totally different look than her black top had done the night before. It was the sort of dress which could only look good on a girl with a shapely figure; and on Jemma, it revealed the slender curve of her waist, her flat stomach, and the full curve of her ass. She carried it off to full effect.

Most striking of all however, was the length of her dress. Not only was it tight-fitting and low-cut, but It was also extremely short, ensuring that there was a great deal of undeniably shapely leg on view. Jemma’s thighs were strong and smooth, and there was surely only a few inches of them covered. It did look as though the dress had ridden up a little while she was dancing, but it had obviously been short to begin with.

“You know, if we don’t do something, someone else will,” Nick muttered to his friend as they stared unashamedly at their friend’s girlfriend. “I bet Dan doesn’t know she gets tarted up like this when he’s not around.”

The girls drank some more shots and started giggling again. Jemma’s friends were also dressed revealingly, but somehow they failed to capture the mens’ gaze in the same way. George replied after a while, “I bet he doesn’t. She’s supposed to be going steady, but she looks like she’s more up for it than most the girls in here!”

As they watched, one of Jemma’s friends said something to Jodie the birthday girl, who laughed and nearly fell over. “C’mon, let’s say hi before her friend loses it,” Nick urged suddenly. “We don’t want them disappearing off to the toilets together, they’ll be in there all night!” He was single-minded at moments like this. George knew well enough to go with this.

Nick confidently approached the group of girls and hailed Jemma. She looked startled at first, but then accepted the random meeting and was pleased to see some of Dan’s friends. “You said we might bump!” She smiled at Nick as one of her friends tugged at her arm. “Come on! We were just going for another dance!”

The girls were obviously in the party spirit, so Nick and George happily joined them, dancing with each of the girls in the group without settling on any one in particular. Jemma’s friends seemed pleased to have the new arrivals with them: they didn’t know Nick’s reputation, and saw the arrival of a well-dressed, tall and muscly man and his attractive friend as a big plus for the night.

George was getting quite a lot of attention from Jodie, the blonde whose birthday it was, while Nick couldn’t help but notice the attentions of a redhead whose name he never learned. However, both men kept glancing at Jemma as she danced, however. The knowledge they had of her private desires somehow made her more of an intrigue for them. George noticed that she had the most prominent cleavage of the group: the daring one-strap dress and, presumably, a push-up bra making it difficult not to stare at her chest. For a moment she seemed to catch him looking; but if she did, she only gave an approving glance down at his own body in return, flashing a cheeky smile as she shimmied across the floor.

After several minutes more, Jodie stumbled again. Laughing, her friends raced to catch her before she fell; they wound up bearing almost her full weight. “Oh dear!” The redhead shouted over the music. “I think she’s totally gone this time.”

“Well you guys can take her home!” Jemma retorted. “It was you and Tracey that insisted she drank that punch!”

“Alright, alright!” The redhead responded as Jodie staggered woozily to her feet, her dress riding up to her hips in an ungainly fashion. “It’s getting late anyway. Come on boys, give us a hand getting her out!”

George and Nick found themselves helping the girl to the door, but she was able to walk out with her friends from the exit. A protracted goodbye followed as the drunken Jodie became emotional over her friends, and especially Jemma. Having smoothed her dress back to its full length after seeing herself in the lighter room – she kissed them all goodbye, but it made no sense for her to get into a taxi with them; they would be going in completely the wrong direction for her. With her friends gone, Jemma finally turned back to look into the club to find Dan’s two friends still with her. “Well! Drink?” Nick asked imperatively.

Jemma smiled back at him broadly. “Well why not?” She agreed with a toss of her curled hair. “Seems like this was supposed to happen.” There was a sexiness about her smile which drew both of the mens’ gaze to her light red, brightly glossed lips. “I might be up for another boogie too.”

Nick stared at her fixedly. “I hope so.” Jemma giggled, and they made their way to one of the club’s bars.

George bought the drinks, and the three of them engaged in what conversation could be had over the club’s massive soundsystem. The men explained that they’d separated from the rest of their group, which certainly seemed to be true by now. Jemma laughed knowingly at this statement. “You mean they pulled and you didn’t?” She turned her head quizzingly and pouted.

The men were slightly taken aback. They hadn’t realised Jemma could be so forthright. However, Nick was happy to meet her on these terms. “I dunno about that,” he replied with a wink. “I think we’re doing alright.” He glanced down meaningfully at the cleaveage revealed by her dress.

Jemma slapped his arm playfully. “Now! You know I’ve got a boyfriend.” Her smile, though, showed that she had enjoyed the compliment. As she downed her drink, the men exchanged glances and took their chance to look her up and down.

Up close, it was obvious that Jemma had put on plenty of makeup for her night on the town. In addition to the obvious pink lip gloss and blusher, more subtle eyeliner and plenty of mascara framed her sparkling brown eyes. Her red dress was actually subtly patterned, and even at close quarters it seemed to cling to her tightly, so that now they could make out every contour of her body. Her full hips and gently curved waist gave her an hourglass figure. Her bare legs were evenly tanned and smooth. She had on a pair of black, high-heeled shoes; they were tied at her ankles with thin black ribbons, which then wound their way halfway up her shapely calves in an eye-catching, criss-crossing pattern.

She noticed George looking down there. “Do you like my shoes? I only bought them today! Dan hasn’t even seen them yet!”

George grinned knowingly. “I bet he hasn’t!”

Jemma gave an innocent look in response to George’s cheeky remark. “Oh, I was just here for Jodie’s birthday. I’m a good girl since I’ve been with Dan!” She smiled widely and flicked her hair, which bounced exuberantly around her shoulders.

“What if you were tempted by something special?” Nick pressed. “Like, a special fantasy or something like that? Everyone has their weakness.”

An atmosphere was developing between the three of them now, becoming more sexually charged as the conversation grew more intimate. Jemma had returned one or two of their lustful glances, and now paused to consider Nick’s question earnestly. “No, I don’t think there’s anyone that could tempt me!”

“Maybe not one person,” George put in, a little too knowingly. “But what if there was some special thing that turned you on?”

Jemma giggled to herself. She was reminded now, of the conversation she’d had with Dan the week before. It almost seemed like they knew about her threesome fantasy! But of course they wouldn’t know that. She looked at the two friends, who were now sandwiching her in a corner. Their body language was almost pressing on her, as they leaned close to her skimpily-dressed figure. Wow, she thought to herself, if it wasn’t for Dan then she’d probably take this as a come-on for just that fantasy, and got the kind of night that she so craved. But she trusted Dan; and she knew he trusted her; there was no way she could do anything behind his back.

“No, I told you, we’re totally faithful to each other! But that doesn’t stop me looking!” She grinned at the men, practically admitting that they were looking very attractive to her at that moment.

It seemed like Jemma was up for a bit of flirting, even if she was too into Dan to go any further than that. “Are you up for a dance, then?” Nick asked, breaking the tension for a moment.

“Sure!” She answer. The three finished their drinks, and then George and Nick led Jemma on to the dancefloor, each holding one hand. She giggled wickedly – this was sexy! It was as if they knew!

The floor was crowded as the three of them began moving to the heavy, thumping RnB music. The vibe on the floor was heavily sexual as the rhythms and even the lyrics encouraged the girls to bump and grind. Jemma danced in time, moving closely with both men. She strutted in her glamorous ribbon-tied heels, accentuating the shapely curve of her calves; and she moved her body fluidly and suggestively as the music pounded its vigorous messages.

The flimsy dress clung to her pert breasts, which visibly quivered each time she bounced in time to the music; it clung to her waist, and stretched tight around her round, plump-looking ass; riding higher as she ground her hips in a circular movement. Her smooth, tanned thighs looked strong and firm as she danced with the two men.

Nick moved in towards Jemma as she swung her hips side to side for one tune, placing his arms on her shoulders in a gesture of mock courtship. Jemma laughed and flirted with her eyes, pouting her lips and blowing a kiss. She fluttered her mascara-laden lashes fluttered as he glanced down at her breasts deliberately, then giggled as he traced a finger down and across her bare chest, just low enough to feel the swell of her flesh there.

Jemma grinned, fluttering her mascara-laden eyelids to give him a “naughty boy” look; then she felt George’s hand around her waist, and allowed him to turn her to face him. She noticed his stubble for the first time – and realised that while he might not be as naturally handsome as his friend, George actually had a rugged appeal of his own. She was still thinking this as George slid his hands down from her waist, maintaining contact, and tracing the quivering outline of her ass through her dress.

Jemma squealed in mock protest. “Oooh!” She giggled, pouting her pink glossy lips. She had experience of far more intimate moments than this on various dancefloors, and so was taking their attentions as all part of the RnB dancing action; but Jemma couldn’t help enjoying the close attention. George’s hand rested on her thigh, just below her dress, and moved with her as she danced. That, she had to admit, was simple and sexy. Turning her back to him, she realised Nick was right behind her. The three of them had been moved closer on the dancefloor by the tides of other clubbers, and now they were pushed right up together.

Jemma spun herself slowly around and around, lifting her arms up over her head, a look of bliss on her face as she gyrated to the music. Encouraged by the harsh, straightforward lyrics, she shook her booty as Nick grabbed at it; she felt George grab at her chest from behind; and somebody traced a finger up her thigh, lifting her dress higher. For a moment their hands seemed to be all over her; then she squealed as Nick slapped her quivering ass. The wicked grin that lit up her face gave her feelings away; in her glamorous dress and makeup, she was cutting a somewhat slutty figure.

With Jemma now sandwiched tightly between the two men, they began to move together, bumping to the music in time. Again, Jemma was reminded of her fantasy that she could be with two men in bed at the same time. This was so strange, so soon after she had mentioned it to Dan! But she had no time to dwell on that; instead, she wanted to enjoy the feeling of two mens’ bodies moving against her. Jemma had to admit it felt sexy, and aroused her baser desires. Knowing how Dan felt about such an idea, he would never allow her into a threesome, even with himself as a part of it. Well, if this dancing was the closest she was going to get, she might as well enjoy it! In fact she could feel her nipples began to respond as George made a sly grab at the front of her dress. The continued attention was making her feel playfully wicked and, combined with her intake of alcohol that night, was starting to turn her on.

Nick even pressed his face against Jemma’s for a moment, and traced his finger along her cleavage. Jemma caught her breath. Was she going too far? For a few moments, she had been caught up in the haze of drink, music, and dancing; now she questioned herself. Why was she letting these two men get all over her? She was supposed to be faithful to Dan!

“Let’s get another drink!” She gasped breathlessly over the music, not wanting to spoil the enjoyment. The men agreed, each putting his arm around her waist to lead her from the dancefloor. It was a slightly flushed Jemma who perched on a bar stool, her long curled hair falling by her sides again.

“That was fun!” She laughed as they sipped their next drinks.

“I bet it was for you,” George said knowingly. “Getting up close with two men like you’ve always wanted?”

Jemma had already been thinking about her conversation with Dan the previous week. Now suddenly, with George apparently to alluding outright to the idea of her wanting a threesome, she realised what had happened. The penny dropped. So did her face. Her voice, meanwhile, conveyed a mixture of surprise and outrage. “Fuck! Dan said something?!”

George’s mouth fell open in shock at what he’d done. He’d got carried away – he had not meant to let the cat out of the bag. “No! What? I mean… You know, all girls…” But his voice tailed off. Suddenly George realised that in his excitement, he had been far too obvious.

“Oh fucking shit! I can’t believe he did that!” Jemma was half-drunk, half-aroused, utterly confused. Why was her boyfriend discussing their private conversations with his mates? No wonder they had both been so keen to dance with her! No wonder… Oh, God! She wasn’t sure of much at this moment, but she knew one thing: she was furious with Dan. “Wait till I see that bastard!”

Nick was fast to react, seeing the potential damage George’s slip had caused. “Wait a minute, Jemma,” he said, moving closer to her and with as reassuring a tone as he could muster. “Dan didn’t mean anything by it. He was just concerned, and he mentioned it to George and myself…” Jemma’s eyes still blazed. “… He said he loved you too much to share you. But he didn’t want to let you down. He was pretty worried.” Jemma’s face softened a little. Yes, she supposed, Dan could have been talking about his concern for their relationship… “He just wanted to talk to someone about it.”

Jemma was partly convinced by Nick’s please. But really, she wondered: was there any excuse for Dan sharing such a private conversation? George added to the appeasement. “He was pretty upset you know,” she said. “He was worried you’d see him as not adventurous enough, and want to leave him.”

Jemma’s mood softened a little more, and a little-girl smile flickered across her face, sweet and sexy. “I suppose. It was just a shock. I thought he’d been telling you all lusty stuff. Is that all he said?”

The men laughed in unison. “Yeah, your watersports secrets are safe with us!”

Jemma sniggered with relief. “Well, I suppose it’s not so bad that you know. I’m still pissed off with him though.”

She knocked back her drink, and George offered her his. “Here, have mine! I feel bad now.” Jemma grinned a thank-you. “Course, you know how you could get back at him without him even knowing?”

The alcohol was coarsing through Jemma now, and her mood had turned again. She pouted her pink, glossy lips again. “Hmm, now let me see – what are you about to suggest?” She put her hand on her hips and wiggled them. “Nice try George.” She laughed, seeing Nick shake his head at his friend’s clumsy attempt. “I’d be up for another dance though!”

With her glass emptied again, Jemma was ready to put the momentary shock of Dan’s indiscretion behind her for the night. Nick and George eagerly followed the skimpily-dressed brunette back into the noisy melee of the dark, strobe-lit dancefloor, even as Nick continued shaking his head sorrowfully at the verbally clumsy George.

This time Jemma danced alone at first, throwing poses at the boys. She was flirting more openly; perhaps an unconscious boundary had been crossed now that they knew a little of her predilections. With her head also lighter from the alcohol, the sexual moves came more naturally to her. Jemma abandoned herself to the pounding rhythms, gyrating fluidly and sensually. Her breasts quivered gently, coated in a thin sheen of sweat. It was now clear that she was wearing a dark, push-up bra which cupped her 34D breasts upwards, ensuring that there was plenty of her soft skin on display. The trim of the bra had worked free of her dress, giving her an altogether sluttier look. She had looked fuckable before; now she looked like she was anyone’s for the asking.

As she turned her back to the increasingly aroused men and shook her booty, they moved in for a repeat performance of their previous dance. This time Jemma was complicit in the sexual dancing. She had decided that if Dan was going to betray her confidence – in however small a way, and for whatever reasons – she need have no compunctions about dancing however she felt. She threw her head back, a come-on expression on her face, and giggled flirtily as Nick playfully cupped her breasts through her dress, thick wavy curls of her hair trailing around his hands for a moment, dark yet glossy in the club’s artificial lighting. The three of them danced closely again, her warm body rubbing against them both, each man taking the chance to hold feel her soft ass while she gyrated between them. Nick slipped a finger underneath her dress and raised its already short hemline by an inch, revealing just a flash of lacy, vibrant light grey underwear – and a larger amount of her ass-cheek. George was less subtle with his touching, running a finger down into her cleavage; and when Jemma gazed back lustfully, the men knew it was time to ramp things up.

Nick brushed Jemma’s hair to one side, kissing her neck right there right on the dancefloor, his nose just brushing the thin metal of the hooped earring which she wore. She turned to him and met him face to face, her feminine scent fleetingly upon his lips. Then she turned to George, who was staring at her fixedly. He too stroked her hair, and she enjoyed the sensation of two men with their hands on her – and their bodies pressed against hers as they moved. She also realised that she was wet with more than just perspiration from the energetic dancing.

After a few moments more, her head swimming from desire and drink, Jemma accepted their unspoken guidance toward one of the darkened seating areas. The three of them crammed into a small booth by a table which had been designed for two. With Nick on her left and George on her right, Jemma was now losing all interest in thoughts of Dan. The night had just got more fun since her friends left, and she was finding the two mens’ apparent fascination with her such a turn-on! She was crammed tightly between the two men, her legs forcibly crossed to allow herself to fit.

Jemma turned to Nick. “Wanted to kiss my neck, did you?” She muttered half-accusingly. She leaned towards him. She had noticed before how well-built he was, but now as she raised herself up and half-perched on George’s lap to face Nick, she fully realised his strong build. They leaned together and kissed full on the lips for a moment. George was aware of what was happening, but was not in a position to move- nor did he wish to, with Jemma’s weight pressing into his thigh.

Nick tasted Jemma’s lip-gloss and smelled her heavy makeup as they kissed. He sensed that she was still in two minds, feeling that she should not be doing this but now almost too aroused to stop herself. As George stroked her thigh, Nick felt her groan gently, parting her lips. Nice one, George, he thought to himself. We just need to push this girl’s buttons between us. He flicked his tongue into her mouth briefly, tasting her wet tongue.

Jemma was shocked at herself, even as she French-kissed Nick. What was she doing? She’d never considered being unfaithful to Dan before. But this didn’t really feel like cheating, or at least it felt like acceptable cheating, given that she still felt bitter at him for letting slip the intimate details of her fantasy. And particularly a fantasy he hadn’t wanted her to fulfil! Feeling George’s attentions behind her, a decision flashed through Jemma’s mind. If Dan didn’t want to help her live out her fantasy, she could do it for herself, without him! And tonight, this would be her best chance… Besides, she’d gone this far already, and she was loving it – what else was a girl to do?

She turned to George, feeling Nick shift to receive her weight. She leaned back on him and kicked her right leg upwards, slipping it over George’s legs. Immediately he stroked her smooth, tanned calf, his fingers touching her shoe’s ribbon-straps for a moment, as her left leg slid down between the two men. With Nick stroking her hair and George caressing her thigh as she leaned forward to kiss him, Jemma felt herself moistening between her now-parted legs, drifting wilfully into her fantasy. George seemed less commanding than Nick at first, so she parted her lips for him and flicked her wet tongue against his. He needed no more persuading, and the two shared a sloppy, abandoned kiss while Nick supported her ass, gently caressing her. Jemma could feel that the bulge in his jeans pressed into her soft ass.

She was still hot and sweaty from the dancefloor and now she looked completely abandoned to lust, panting a little as both men felt her up. George slid a hand up under her dress, caressing her inner thigh and again giving a glimpse of her silvery panties. Nick worked his hands around to the top of her dress, tracing his fingers across the side which revealed the most of her full, soft flesh and pulling it tight. Her cleavage was tempting, but from his position he could only brush it gently. Jemma wriggled a little as he pushed the top of her dress down further, her grey and white bra now quite visible, her tanned cleavage on display. With George to kiss and two men touching her, this moment of exquisite anticipation seemed to last an age.

Jemma twisted herself around, supporting with one leg on the ground; but she was unable to reach a position to kiss Nick. “We should go somewhere more comfortable,” he offered. “Like a taxi?”

Jemma paused for a moment. However far she had gone, and however much her actions now were cheating on Dan, it would be worse if she continued. She knew that she could not justify fucking his mates. But her senses told her that her hardened nipples, almost peaking out from her exposed bra, needed more; her moist pussy, throbbing with desire under what there was of her dress, wanted this; and there was something about these two men which made her fantasy so real.

“Mmmm!” She half-giggled, and fluttered her eye-lashes as if she was worn-down with their advances. “Go on then, boys!” Jemma could feel her excitement building as she slipped off them and pulled her red dress back into place; the three quickly made for the exit, and Jemma was thrilled by the sensation of two eager arms around her waist.

Nick laughed as they made their way out of the club. “Your place or mine? Or his?”

Committed to her cheating now, Jemma already knew what she wanted. She flicked a cheeky glance at each man before replying, coquettishly: “Dan’s is closest!

The men were genuinely shocked for a moment. Nick recovered first, and asked practically: “You’re sure he’s away?”

“Definite. He’s staying with his family and won’t be back till tomorrow night. It’s dead close. And I really… Want… ” she slipped her hands down the front of each man as she spoke: “…to get there fast.”

The men shrugged: there seemed to be no problem with this, if it was what she wanted. If she had access to Dan’s flat, it would suit them fine.

Jemma looked like any other skimpily-dressed party girl waiting for a taxi and going home with friends after a night out. But when the three of them tumbled into the back seat of a car, her heart was pounding harder than any other girl that night. She bit her lip, a look of wickedness on her face as the car, at her instruction to the driver, headed towards her boyfriend’s empty flat. “It’s not so much the place,” Jemma giggled, a wild look in her eyes. “I just can’t believe I’m doing this at all!”

The boys began to move in towards her. Jemma was obviously taut and alert with excitement, in a vivacious and bubbly mood; and from her wide eyes and intimate body-language, it was clear she was aroused at the idea of what might happen next. She giggled as George rubbed against her right thigh while Nick placed a hand on her left. She turned to her left and kissed him briefly, her tongue darting wickedly into his mouth. George was breathing into her crimped, glossy hair; so she turned around and kissed him too, gasping as their tongues met also. Jemma could feel her juices flowing, the situation turning her on as much as she had always imagined it would. Her barely-clad figure writhed gently on the taxi seat, her thighs parting noticeably.

Jemma’s phone rang loudly, making her jump. She gasped with sudden shock, and pulled it from her bag. “It’s Dan!” She confirmed. Catching the looks on the boys’ faces, she giggled wickedly, then breathed deeply. “I’ll have to get it!” She laughed breathlessly, then pressed a finger to her pouting red lips. “Not a word!”

“Hi baby!” She chirped as she answered. Jemma crossed her longs legs and withdrew from the boys as she heard Dan’s voice. There was still a mischevous expression on her attractive face, however. “Yes, I’m just on my way home now! Jodie nearly passed out in the end!” There was a pause. “No, nothing much really. How about you?” She giggled, winking at her silent companions. “Ohhh, so you won’t be back till tomorrow evening? That’s a shame baby, I miss you!”

Jemma knew she was showing her dishonesty in front of Dan’s friends, but now she could hardly help herself. What did it matter – they were complicit in the cheating anyway! She sweet-talked Dan for a minute or two more, before he had to go. Jemma talked naturally, as if the boys in the cab could not hear, but all the time the tension crackled. She held eye-contact with one or other of them as she lied to her boyfriend. Finally, Jemma told Dan how she loved and missed him just before the taxi pulled up at his flat.

“Perfect!” She laughed, as she tapped the call-end button on her phone. Nick paid the driver as she fished out her keys. “See boys, this is a warning for you … never share your girlfriend’s secrets around!” She swayed and bounced energetically as she showed them into Dan’s flat.

It was not a large flat, but the living area space was enough for three of them. The room was decorated with posters, and music and technology dominated: it was clearly a young man’s flat. Jemma slunk her way to the sofa in her clubbing dress, then laid back on it. She stretched her strong, shapely legs out and let her hair tousled hair fall around her bare shoulder. “Come and join me then,” she laughed at George’s hesitation, as Nick slide onto the seat beside her.

Having kissed both men in the taxi, Jemma felt as if all of her boundaries had already been crossed. This time, kissing Nick right there in front of George was not a new experience for her; still, she found the idea of one man watching her as she kissed another a huge turn-on, and lost no time in pressing her soft lips against his. Jemma let out a gentle, encouraging moan as the kiss became passionate, feeling the desire well up inside of her. Nick already had his hand on her waist and was working it down toward the curve of her ass, when George moved close enough to touch her.

Squeezing her thigh, George pushed Jemma’s dress higher, revealing her seductive panties. The thin material was a vibrant grey flecked with white, and a subtle red and white trim. She rubbed her thighs together sensually as she felt what George was doing, then groaned and lunged hungrily toward him, hardly bothering to put her tongue back into her mouth before it entered George’s. Jemma loved the feeling of being passed from one man to the next; she felt giddy already, loving the way that whichever of the men she kissed, the other man’s eyes and hands were always on her. She wriggled, feeling her erect nipples tingle, then squealed with sudden excitement as George’s hand found its way under her dress and roughly scooped a handful of pantie and bare ass.

Nick probed Jemma’s hot, wet mouth with his tongue. He held her head sensitively with one hand while his other traced his fingers down her almost bare chest and gently probed her soft cleaveage. Jemma gasped girlishly, her curled hair bouncing and her sparkling eyes opening for a moment. She had one man feeling her ass, while another groped at her breasts. She could feel her juices flowing once again as she lived out her most wicked fantasy.

George traced is hands thoughtfully down Jemma’s long legs toward the black ribbon-straps of her shoes which covered her lower calves, appreciating their smooth shapeliness. To his surprise Jemma followed his motion downwards, twisting around as she lowered herself to the floor. She was panting with excitement, flushed and red in the face now. “Come on boys,” she urged. “Let’s see what you’ve got for me to play with.”

Jemma push both her arms upward to slide her hands under the waistband of George’s jeans, quickly grappling with his belt and removing it. With his help, she shifted them down his thighs to reveal his tented boxers. George had been a little shy of showing himself fully in the presence of his friend, but when the horny brunette quickly lifted them over his cock-head, he immediately overcame his nerves.

Jemma moaned approvingly, barely hesitating as she dipped her pretty, made-up face towards George’s exposed crotch. His cock fully hardened as she extended her pink tongue, teasingly lapping at his shaft, up and down his length for a few seconds. He twitched in her face and she gave a sly smile before slipping him into her mouth. Jemma sucked hard, hearing George groan with delight at the sensation.

Looking down at Jemma’s slender form, Nick was surprised to see how keen she was to take George deep into her mouth. Her nose made contact with his stomach and her gentle groan of lust joined George’s gasp of ecstacy as she took his cock all the way in. “That’s nice,” Nick approved out loud. “You look fuckin’ good, Jemma.” She glanced up at Nick, her mouth full of cock, and held his eye while she slowly let George’s length slide out of her mouth. A trail of saliva fell across her chest as she expertly grasped his cock in her hand and rubbed it confidently, a wicked and debauched expression on her face as she dipped her face again to repeat the process.

“Fuck, she’s good with that tongue,” George gasped, as he felt his cock hit her throat while her wicked softness snaked around him. Nick pulled down his own jeans, partly to encourage Jemma to switch her attentions; but also partly because watching her performance, he had become quite uncomfortable. Seeing what he had done, she slopped George out of her mouth for a third time and, still holding him in one hand, shuffled towards where Nick had sat.

“Want some too, do ya?” She asked him, her mouth hanging open casually. Not waiting for an answer, she released George’s cock and began to stroke Nick’s balls. Holding his base gently at first, she touched his shaft lightly against her plump, blusher-coloured cheek. “Who’d have thought it, eh Nick?” She teased. “We only bumped into each other yesterday, and now here we all are in my boyfriend’s flat…” The excitement caused by the wickedness of the encounter, mixed with the night’s fun and alcohol, was making Jemma giddy with lust. She ducked her head, tasting Nick’s cock, taking him halfway into her mouth. It was Nick’s turn to groan loudly as Jemma began to bob her head rapidly up and down his length. Jemma let out little hums, accompanied by girlish squeaks as she sucked his erect cock, showing them that she had more than one blow-job technique under her belt. She was happy to demonstrate her experience.

“Nice.” George watched, taking a minute to recover from his pleasure before getting involved again. He watched Jemma drool onto Nick’s cock as she withdrew it from her mouth, then suck him, stroke him, and return to bobbing her mouth up and down on his shaft. She had moved from a kneeling to a half-crouching position. Her dress now seemed even smaller than it had in the club. Her bare tits and ass quivered pertly as they burst out of it at both ends, promising more soft flesh to come. George reached into her push-up bra and released her smooth breasts, staring as they fell easily out of the grey, red-trim bra which had pushed them so far up into view all evening. He stroked them gently as they bounced in rhythm with her movements, then pinched her large, pink nipples.

Waves of pleasure coarsed through Jemma’s writhing body, and George was rewarded as she turned her attention back to him. Seeing his cock in front of her face, she quickly returned it to her mouth and began sucking it as she had done Nick’s. He quickly returned to full hardness in her warm mouth. Released for a moment, Nick realised that Jemma would carry on at this until they made another move. The trouble was, she was so good they might both come at any moment! “Mate, I think we’re gonna have to fuck Dan’s slutty girlfriend before she sucks us both off!” Jemma did not complain at the way he had referred to her, but simply whimpered encouragingly as he knelt down beside her.

Jemma began to slowly lick and stroke George’s cock as she felt Nick’s hands on her ass. He knelt beside her, squeezing her firmly, and lifted her dress up around her waist. Then, in a moment, he was pushing it up her body and over her head. She paused her activities for a moment only to help the thin material find its way off her, then found herself kneeling between the two men, wearing only her matching bra and panties and her high-heeled dancing shoes. It was the sort of scene she had always daydreamed about.

Nick grasped her waist, marvelling as Jemma willingly perked it up higher; then he pulled the wet gusset to one side. She groaned aloud with expectation, pausing her work on George’s glistening erection for the time being, as she felt a trickle of her own juices run down her smooth thigh. She and George stared at one another, naked pleasure showing on her expression as Nick felt her wetness with his finger. “Yeah.” She hissed back over her shoulder. “Fuck me, Nick!”

George watched as Jemma parted her thighs for his mate, than saw her lunge forward as Nick slid into her in one straight movement. The expression of joy on her face was perhaps the most erotic thing he could remember seeing. “Oh fuck!” She cried out as Nick thrust into her already sloppy, wet pussy a second time. “Yessss….” Then, moving her gaze down from George’s face, the still-sitting man’s cock filled her vision. She lunged at it eagerly, letting it slap against her face as Nick’s forceful thrusts pushed her forwards. After taking a few strokes more, she managed to get her lips over George’s cock-head and around his shaft.

Jemma could hear the slaps from Nick’s thighs against her ass picking up speed. She felt his cock moving quickly, deep inside her as she pleasured George with her mouth. Her drool was running down onto his balls, just as her pussy juices were moistening the insides of her thighs. Nick had placed his hands on Jemma’s slender waist as she began to jerk, letting out a loud gasp as an orgasm ripped through her writhing, jerking body. She kept on sucking at George as her spasming pussy flooded with delight at Nick’s determined fucking.

Finally Jemma pulled herself off Nick’s tiring cock and turned to face him. She knelt up straight for a moment, reaching behind her and unclipping her bra. As it fell to the floor she ducked forward, tasting her own juices on his cock, mixing with George’s taste in her mouth. She was giving little thought to her boyfriend or what it meant to behave this way in his flat; instead she closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Nick’s skin against the backs of her thighs.

With the mens’ positions about her now reversed, Jemma began to alternately suck and stroke at Nick’s hard penis, remembering how it had felt inside her as George’s hardness replaced it. She spread her shapely legs a little wider. George ran his hands down her smooth legs, from her sodden panties to the ribbons and fine straps that made up her black high-heels.

George fucked Jemma solidly for a couple of minutes, then slowed his pace. Not wanting the pause, Jemma began to force herself back onto his surging penis, gasping lustily. As she moved back and forth to fuck the hard-on behind her, she tilted her head upward, Nick’s shaft now just brushing against her pouting lips, a little pre-cum dribbling onto her cheek. She was gasping and mewing with delight now, her mascara-laden eyelids close tight in pleasure as her silver hooped earrings danced in time with her movements.

The pleasure built up inside her as George again pounded at the girl in front of him with his cock; he had really found his stride. As he slapped against her thighs faster and faster, Jemma began to squeak girlishly with pleasure, feeling another orgasm approaching. Her hair, normally so carefully styled, was unkempt and wild across her face, so Nick brushed it aside to get a better view of her. Glancing up at him, she slipped his cock back into her mouth without a thought.

Sucking hard, Jemma felt her pussy begin to contract. She had two cocks inside her; this was her fantasy come true. It was too much to bear! As she fucked George back, wriggling under his relentless attentions, she snaked her tongue over Nick’s throbbing cock and then opened her mouth wide to let out a shriek as she climaxed.

“Aowwwhh! Oh fuck! Yeah… Oh! Ohh!!” Nick watched as the tip of his cock brushed against her lips while Jemma rode the waves of her climax. It was such an obvious and powerful orgasm that George paused his fucking, feeling her pussy milk his cock, before gently pushing into her once more, unsure for a moment what she would want next.

Finally, with an excited giggle, Jemma opened her mouth to speak for a moment. “No coming in me!” she declared. “That would be too much to do to Dan.”

Nick grinned down at her face as George withdrew. “How about this, then?” He asked, gently gripping his own moist, throbbing cock. He began to wank himself back and forth, staring at Jemma’s glistening, sluttily made-up face.

In response, Jemma poked her tongue through her pink lips. “Oh yeah,” she panted eagerly. “I’d love it if you both did that.” George got to his feet and joined Nick to the front of the now-kneeling Jemma, her shapely legs revealing their strength she balanced, a well-fucked pile of tanned girl-flesh, in an awkward half-squat on the floor.

George stared at Jemma’s smooth, glistening body writhe as she watched Nick stroke his cock over her. She paid no regard to her little grey panties, now rolled up and pushed to the side of her aroused pussy, the little shaved triangle of her dark pubic hair clearly on display. She deliberately pouted her lips at the now-standing Nick, opening her mouth as she anticipated his climax.

Suddenly it was there. As Jemma’s slender yet curvy figure gently gyrated in front of him, Nick groaned and jerked, a shot of cum spewing out from his cock. “Mmm!” It hit her on the chin at first, but she ducked her pretty face into position to take the bulk of his load on her cheek. “Yeah, fuck, all over me…” A final glob of semen landed on her chest, almost upon her full breasts as she gazed up eagerly at the climaxing man.

Seeing Jemma’s reaction was too much for George, and he leaned forward with his own climax in mind. Eagerly ducking beneath him, Jemma pouted her mouth wickedly and played with her cum-streaked face as George readily wanked himself over her slutty expressions. Jemma giggled with excitement as his first spurt landed right across her lips and nose, then quickly lunged upwards to capture the rest direct into her mouth. George groaned as she sucked the last drop from his tip.

The three of them jumped as Jemma’s phone bleeped. “Fuck!” Jemma’s hand instinctively shot up to her mouth. “He’d better not be right outside!” There was a pause, and then the three of them burst out laughing. The timing had been impeccable.

Jemma crawled across the floor and grabbed her phone, which had fallen out of her pocked in her excitement. She clicked a key, then spent a couple of seconds reading the text. “No, he’s just saying goodnight!” Jemma’s near-naked body slumped to the floor for a moment. She tapped the keys urgently, spelling out-loud slowly. “Miss you.. too baby, …wish you.. were with me… now, x x …” She laughed and turned to George and Nick, her eyes sparkling mischevously. “Like fuck I do! He’d never let me do this if he knew. Let’s fuck in his bed next!”

Although the two men had just climaxed, Jemma’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious. It was obvious she was not willing to settle for what they’d done so far as the sum total of her night. Still, the men were a fatigued from what had been quite powerful orgasms for both of them; and it would obviously be a while until they were ready for her again.

Jemma was in no mood to stop, however; she was almost whimpering with the excitement of having two different mens’ jizz on her. She could still taste them both as she transferred a little from her face to her hand. As she felt its gooey consistency, she shifted on the floor, clearly turned on to see George and Nick watching her so intently. Jemma parted her strong thighs a little, giving them a full view of the aroused pussy they had each just fucked; and with her other hand, she traced a path down her flat stomach and between her legs.

Jemma licked the cum off her fingers – then slid them down to her breasts, where she found more of the sticky substance. At the same time the fingers between her legs gently prised open her pussy lips, and she caught her breath as she flicked her own aroused clitoris. Her body visibly shook as an expression of naughty, girlish excitement took over her face as she enjoyed watching the the mens’ eyes rove her body.

George had felt a little shy of leaving his deflating penis in view of his male friend, and had been about to cover up; but seeing Jemma quickly pull her damp panties down her legs and flick them across the room, he felt himself begin to harden again. Glancing at Nick, he saw that Jemma was occupying his full attention anyway. There was no sense in covering up now.

Still on the floor where they had spurted their cum over her, Jemma began to moan deeply as her fingers slicked into her wet, open pussy. She massaged the cum across her own breasts, removing the last glob from her sticky face to join the thin film which now covered her aroused nipples. As she groaned, staring wickedly at the two semi-hard men for whom she performed, Jemma’s pussy squelched wetly as she began to piston two fingers into herself rhythmically.

Her back arched and her legs splayed out, frantically rubbed her clitoris as she began to wail and yelp. “She’s gonna fuckin cum again!” Nick muttered approvingly. As Jemma climaxed, the men groaned their approval. Waves of pleasure were visibly shooting through her nubile body. Jemma panted and gasped as she rode the pleasure, breathlessly turning over in her mind the unbearable eroticism of performing for two men. The fact that she was playing out her fantasy in her boyfriend’s flat, where Dan had fucked her numerable times, only added to the wickedness of her stolen pleasure.

Red-faced and sweaty, Jemma finally slowed her solo activities. She was still gasping as George brought them all a bottle of water, which the thirsty trio downed in a silent couple of minutes.

“Comes easy, doesn’t she!” Nick observed, and the three laughed for a minute.

“It’s having two such hot guys that gets me off,” Jemma willingly admitted. At that, they each reached out to touch her: Nick grabbed her exposed ass, which was as round as they had known when they saw her dancing in the club; George caressed her face for a moment, then scooped one of her impressive breasts into his hand.

Jemma suggested they move up to the sofa again for a little comfort; she had had enough of writhing on the floor during her orgasms. Once seated, she began to kiss Nick. As they tongued, she reached out to rub his cock with the palm of her hand, and was delighted to feel him growing hard. She gripped him confidently, moving her hand gently as she felt his kissing grow more passionate. For a moment, it was George’s turn again to fondle her ass. They were back in the position they had adopted when they first entered Dan’s flat, but this time Jemma was already naked – although she had still made no move to take off her party shoes.

The scent of Jemma’s arousal was filling the room now, as she was still wet from their first round of sex. As soon as she felt Nick was hard enough, she purposefully turned on her side, lifting one strong thigh over his body. With one leg either side of him she stood for a moment, feeling George still kneading her buttock; then she gripped Nick’s shaft and guided him to her well-fucked pussy entrance. She made no sound as she slid slowly down him, a look of intent and concentration on her face until he was deep inside her.

“Oh God!” She finally allowed herself an expression of delight. “I’ve never had so much cock in one night! Good of Dan to host.” They all laughed. Looking around her boyfriend’s flat, Jemma felt the size of Nick’s hard-on inside her, then began to buck her hips. At first she simply ground her waist back and forth, enjoying the feel of the movement inside her, groaning sweetly as a look of pleasure swept across her radiant face. Then she flexed her thigh muscles and began to hump Nick’s cock.

“Fuck! Yeah, that’s good!” Nick couldn’t keep from crying out as Jemma rode him, bumping her body up and down purposefully. She knew what she was doing, that was for sure. She grinned at the effect she had on him, knowing she was in control. George’s hands felt her up and slapped her quivering round ass as her long curled hair danced around her smooth back. Picking up pace, Jemma began to fuck him harder. Her heeled shoes helped her gain extra purchase on the floor as she used Nick’s cock to pleasure herself.

As Nick grabbed Jemma’s bouncing breasts, squeezing them tight, she lost her rhythm and she howled in pleasure. “Mmm… Oooww! In my mouth! I want a cock in my mouth!” George scrambled to his feet then stood on the sofa, perching himself against its back and to the side of Nick, back against the wall. It was the only way he could get at her. The bedroom would have been a better place for this, but Jemma’s urgency had left them no time to get there.

George had hardened while watching the way Jemma fucked his friend; now he pushed his erection towards her face, inviting her to take him. She needed no coaxing, simply slowing her rhythm and catching him between her lips. She let out a groan as she sucked him into her mouth, then ground her hips as she tongued and sucked him. “Gwwoowwowaaargh…” George could hardly believe it, but Jemma’s nose grazed his stomach again as she deep-throated him. Coming up for air, she let a trickle of George’s pre-cum fall onto her breasts as she wanked his now moist cock, taking the opportunity to pump Nick harder. Then she repeated the cycle: cock in mouth, slow fucking. Cock out of mouth, hard fucking. She kept it up for the most satisfying ten minutes she had yet experienced.

She was slurping on cock at both ends when she came. Her lithe, nubile body shook from head to toe as she planted her feet firmly on the floor, then let George’s cock out of her mouth and wailed with delight. “Oh, fucking come in my pussy, Nick! I want it! I don’t care about Dan! Just fucking give it to me!”

Nick didn’t need telling twice, and began to piston his hips upwards, feeling the amazingly smooth walls of Jemma’s pussy widen for him. “Ooooh!!” Her girly voice betrayed her acceptance as she felt Nick approaching his orgasm. Finally he exploded inside her, groaning deeply as he stared at her gently bouncing breasts above him. “Yessss….” Jemma was delighted to feel Nick’s cum shoot into her and kept milking his twitching erection until she had taken it all.

Sliding off Nick’s spent cock, Jemma was already leaking his semen onto her inner thigh from her gaping, well-fucked pussy. She gasped breathlessly, turning to George, who climbed down from his exposed position. “Guess you’d better fuck me too then,” she panted. “Wouldn’t be fair otherwise.”

Nick seemed to agree, and vacated the sofa. Jemma slumped backwards, clearly exhausted from such an active fuck after the long evening of dancing and sex. “Climb aboard,” she giggled, as Nick lowered himself onto her. Jemma’s legs were used to being parted by this point of the night, and she displayed her athleticism by touching the wall with one of her feet, and the floor with the other. George slid inside her in one smooth movement.

“Uruurrhh, yeah…” Jemma moaned noisily, no longer caring what she sounded like, as George began to hump her slender body. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck me again… That cock feels soooo good…” She enjoyed dirty-talking in front of the exhausted Nick, who leant forward to kiss her despite the proximity of George’s face. Winking at one another, the men seemed to silently agree: Just this once… Then they allowed their faces to touch as they both set about kissing the wriggling, gasping young slut on the sofa.

Jemma lost track of who was doing which kissing; with her eyes closed, she was aware only that one man kissed her mouth, another her neck and cheek; then they seemed to swap. George kept fucking her slowly and deliberately, giving her intense waves of pleasure and bringing her to another orgasm, but neither the fucking nor the kissing seemed to pause, and she was swept along on a wave of pleasure. She was lubricated by her own juices, and probably by Nick’s fluids as well.

At one point there seemed to be three tongues in her wet, open mouth. Jemma felt both used and desired at once. She writhed ecstatically, with all thoughts of the betrayal of her boyfriend banished from her mind; naked and sweaty, she just knew that this was what she wanted.

Finally George grunted deeply and Jemma felt him gush his load urgently into her, his body jerking against hers as he gasped for air. She loved the feel of a second ejaculation filling her up as she writhed ecstatically. Two loads on her and two in her – it was as much as she had ever dreamed of, and made her feel utterly sexy and desired. Slowly their kissing ceased and as Nick moved aside, George slide from her satisfied body.


After their clothes had been recovered, Jemma used Dan’s kitchen to make a round of hot drinks. It was after 6am, and the effects of a night of alcohol, dancing and sex were beginning to tell on all three of them. Conversation was naturally brief, though more due to fatigue than to awkwardness.

“Don’t tell Dan you’ve been in his flat, let alone in his girlfriend!” Jemma laughed as they left shortly afterward, happy to be released without having to stay for breakfast after such a night. Jemma was able to sleep well into the afternoon, lying in Dan’s bed, purring to herself occasionally at the memory of what had been done to her.

By mid-afternoon she was showered and changed into a spare dress she kept in his wardrobe. “Back to being the sweet faithful girlfriend,” she said aloud to herself, catching her wide grin in the mirror as she prepared to head out to meet Dan.

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