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Tracy Looses Her Anal Cherry

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Tracy tested the silk scarves wrapped around her wrists and forearms. They were so expertly tied that you couldn’t really see where they were knotted and it didn’t feel at all restrictive until you tried to move. They were bound together in front of her and from there tied by a single large rope that extended to the end of the bed secured to the bed frame beneath. He legs were tied in a similar fashion. Her small 5′ 0″ frame lay comfortably face down on the largest bed Tracy had ever been on.

The pillows under her raised her ass up off of the mattress and made her small “C” cup breast accessible to him. In fact, Tracy quickly learned that in this position every part of her was accessible to him. She was incredibly vulnerable and excited.

Her head rocked back when the hard creamy cheeks of her ass were suddenly pulled apart by two strong large hands. She gasped out loud as a tongue delved deep into her asshole. Tongue fucked her deeply and hard was how it was. It stopped as suddenly as it started and her pussy fairly drooled her own luscious lubrication. She felt him moving on the bed and she braced herself for what was next. This was it! She was going to have his cock forcing it’s way into her asshole. It was going all the way in and there was nothing she could do about it. He was going to take her anal cherry and pump her full of cum. She grew more terrified as her excitement built. He moved more behind and on top of her.

He gripped her hips and pulled back and up. Her legs splayed under her and her balance was on her knees and elbows. The effect was making the cheeks of her ass open up to him while her pussy yawned below. She braced herself burying her face into the crook of her arm.

She almost didn’t feel the tongue lick her clit. The gossamer touch of warm wet flesh so tentatively tasting the pussy juice dripping from her cunt. It was such an unexpected sensation she involuntarily bucked her hips back towards him. He responded by flicking his tongue ever so lightly from the hood of her sopping clit up through her pussy and down into her ass again. She smiled and groaned under the ministrations of his talented tongue. Tracy knew the man was an artist when is came to licking her. She rotated her hips circling her ass onto his face. His pointed tongue stabbed back into her asshole and two fingers thrust deeply into her cunt. He rubbed her clit between his fingers as he thrust them in and out of her. His tongue actually slipped through the tight ring of muscle in her asshole. That was too much for Tracy and she bucked twice and came. The pillows under her breast scraped her nipples while her ass and pussy contracted prolonging her orgasm. When she finally stopped cumming she felt completely wrung out.

He turned her over with gentle nudges and kisses. Her bound arms and legs allowed her to roll over but that was all. Her arms had slack and her hands were free. He moved up towards her face. She took her half hard cock in her mouth deep throating it to the short hairs. As he grew harder she pulled back as there was too much for her to take in that position. One hand cupped his balls and the other grasped the shaft of his now hard cock. After sucking him for a few seconds he pulled out of her mouth then moved around to over her head. He settled his balls right down onto her mouth and she licked and suckled them one by one. She felt his hands on her nipples teasing them up high and hard. He moved slightly on top of her indicating he wanted more. She complied licking her way from his balls to the pucker of his asshole. Pointing her tongue she tried her best to mimic his treatment of her asshole under his tongue. She forced her tongue into his ass but couldn’t get through his sphincter no matter how hard she tried. He twisted her nipples gently but firmly and pulled himself across her body down to her cunt. His cock thrust between her lips as he hungrily sucked her clit into his mouth.

As his tongue rolled her clit in his mouth his hands cupped her ass. He loved the feel of her rock hard ass cheeks in his hands. He licked her gently and his fingers soon found the tight wet pucker of her asshole. His wonderful hands left her butt cheeks for a moment as he sat partially up running his hands around in the sheets. When he sucked her clit back into his mouth he teased her asshole with a curiously slippery finger. He must have hidden some lube in the bed. Soon he had worked a finger in to the first knuckle and Tracy still tried to make up her mind if she liked this or not. Soon his long finger was deep in her ass and she felt an orgasm building. She slowly finger fucked her ass as he continued to work her clit with his tongue. The orgasm that took her was unlike any other. The stimulation in her ass intensified the tremors in her pussy. She screamed out her orgasm around his cock. Her cunt flooded his face and he greedily sucked at her juices.

He got off of her and quickly got between her thighs. Thrusting deep into her sopping wet pussy he cupped her ass and slid his thick finger back into her asshole while slowly fucking her pussy. Tracy groaned at the wonderful sensation. The finger slid in with little resistance. When he felt her ass relax he pulled his throbbing cock out of her pussy. Tracy looked up to see him pouring lube all over the purple head of his dick. She licked her lips wanting to suck it. Wanting to feel it pulse in her throat. Thirsty for the jet of warm sticky cum hitting her throat. Then she realized that she was about to lose her anal cherry. She bit her lower lip in anticipation.

Placing the head of his cock against her clit her slid up the slit letting the length of his cock rub the sensitive flesh. Then grasping the shaft in his fist he brought the head back down over it then briefly into her pussy down to the entrance of her backdoor. Tracy tightened up her asshole clamped shut. He leaned forward taking her nipple into his mouth gently rubbing the bulbous head onto but not in her anus. Tracy tried to relax her asshole. She knew that if she didn’t calm down it was going to be excruciating taking him in her ass. His lips on her nipple helped. Then she felt fingers on her clit and she sighed at the welcome caress. She looked up at him. His muscled chest gleamed and his shoulder tensed in the crouched position. She wanted him in her ass. She wanted to feel that beautiful cock of his stretching her asshole. She wanted to feel him cumming in her backdoor.

His thumb stroked her clit gently and he leaned forward. The head met resistance for one, two, three seconds then popped through the ring of muscle. He stopped right there. Tracy’s sphincter was convulsing like crazy. It was going squeeze, Squeeze, SQueeze, SQUEEZE! She struggled and finally managed to calm herself against the intrusion of the head. He was only abut 7 inches. Maybe a little bigger. But My God he felt huge!

This time he thrust slowly and kept going until he felt her pussy against his pubic hair. Tracy couldn’t believe how big he felt. It wasn’t painful so much as it was different. He wasn’t moving at all just letting her get used to the feeling of having his meat inside of her asshole. He had prepared her so well, licked, sucked, fingered and lubed her so expertly that while she felt every inch of his cock go into her it never once hurt. After a few seconds he began to slowly pull out of her. Bearing down like she had to shit helped. He stopped leaving the head in then slowly pressed forward until he was even deeper then before. He lay down and thrust up sending his pubic bone against her clit. He pussy throbbed as hard as the cock embedded in her asshole and it convulsed, contracted and she came. She came harder than ever in her life. He asshole clamped down on the base of his cock and she gabbed hold of his broad shoulders as the orgasm took her and shook her. He kept the slow deep thrusting into her asshole while grinding her clit and her orgasm ran right into the next one. He groaned at the feeling of her wildly convulsing asshole milking her cock and he pulled almost completely out then slammed into her. He cried out as the cum boiled up from his balls to shoot jet after jet into her tight sweet asshole. His hips bucked and he continued to pump even after he shot what felt like a quart of hot sticky cum in her.

Tracy felt his thrust slow down. She couldn’t believe she just came like she did without having anything in her pussy. Her asshole was a little raw from the activity but she felt wonderful. Her hands roamed over his body finally reaching his balls. She cupped them and lightly squeezed them feeling their fullness. She looked up at his smiling face.

“That was amazing. You are the Ass-Master. Did you feel how many times I came?” she asked in wonder. Then smiled a goofy grin.

He marveled at the look on her face. He had seen it many times over the years. The look a woman has the first time she cums from getting her ass fucked. Sometimes they even giggle afterward. “I think we may have a predicament. I am still awfully deep inside of you and I don’t think you realize how tight you are. In other words, your lovely little bottom has such a tight grip on me I’ll stay hard for quite a while. Do you think you can take it some more?”

“Go slow?” Tracy asked.

“Of course” he said.

When Tracy had her fifth orgasm he was pounding her ass deeply. Thrusting all the way in and pulling completely out. He loved watching her formerly virgin anus yawn wide open and he could see the cum inside. Her asshole had gotten a little too loose. He pulled out then flipped her over. Pulling her up by the hips he thrust full length back into her sore asshole. That was better. It would take too long now.

Tracy couldn’t believe his staying power. Her asshole felt like an open garage door. He was pounding his cock into her harder than he did her pussy. She wasn’t complaining. She had cum so many times she lost count and forgot to breathe! She felt a sharp pain on her nipple as he squeezed it hard. Her asshole involuntarily clamped down on his rapidly thrusting cock and she cried out in pain falling down onto the bed from all fours. Suddenly she felt a jet of cum in her rectum so powerful it felt like an enema. His fingers shot down to thrust into her pussy and she came again. He kept fucking her until her orgasm subsided. He lay on her supporting his weight on his elbows and knees. He licked and kissed the back of her neck to her ear. He cupped her chin pulling her mouth to his and they sucked at each others tongues. Soon his cock softened and began sliding from her well fucked and sore asshole.

Tracy looked into his eyes saying, “You are a bastard fucking my ass so hard. You had better be gently next week when it’s not so sore and I let you in again.” She pouted a little when she said it letting him know she wasn’t really mad.

He pulled his soft wet cock from her asshole and kissed his was down her back.

Tracy smiled and when his tongue touched her sore open asshole her pussy quivered. He eagerly began licking the tender flesh enjoying the taste of his cum in her.

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