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The Party

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The paper had been in my bag for a couple of days now and I’d only just picked up the courage to phone the number advertised. It was a voicemail and the guy leaving the message sounded as nervous as I felt. He just left a number and his name, Pete. He asked that anyone calling should do so during the day because his wife would be out at work. This suited me fine because I was in a similar situation, I worked at home most days and my wife rarely got home from her job till 8pm.

I dialed the number and eventually the phone was answered by a business-like sounding voice.

“Oh hi,” my mouth felt dry from nerves, “can I speak to Pete please.”


“I, er I’m answering your ad in Loot.”

“Oh right.” He didn’t seem too pleased to hear from me.

“Are you still looking for someone?”

“I’ve had a few calls.”

“Yeah, I suppose you must have. Very brave of you to put an ad in. I’ve thought about it often enough.”

“But never have huh?” his voice was beginning to sound slightly more friendly.

“No, but I’ve thought about it”

“Been with a man before?”

“No but I’ve thought about that too”

He laughed. “Me too. I’m pleased you’re in the same position as me. I’ve had a lot of calls from hard-core gays but you know, that’s not really what I’m looking for.”

“No – I know what you mean.” I was beginning to lighten up now too. I noticed that my palms were sticky with sweat.. “This is a bit hard for me, first time.”

“I understand. It’s hard for me too. What’s your name?”


“Hi Dave, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well. Same thing as you I suppose.”

“What. That you sometimes think about sucking another guy’s cock.?”

This started me a little. “Yeah, something like that.”

“What else do you think about?” his voice had grown a bit softer.

“Well,” my voice lowered even though no-one was listening to me apart from him. “I go to the gym a lot.”


“And well, I sort of look out of the corner of my eye at the other guy’s cocks.”

“Does that give you a hard on?”

“I try not to let it. It’s kind of like a game I play with myself.”

“It’s giving me a hard on.”

“What – now?”

“Oh yeah. Do you mind if I take my cock out.”

“Not at all.” My own erection was beginning to rise.

“Shame there’s no video screen on our phones.”

“Yeah, that is a pity”

“So go on. What else do you do.”

“Well, I look at their cocks and imagine dropping to my knees and taking them in my mouth, sucking them dry. But then I have to stop because I begin to get a hard-on.”

“Not surprising.” His voice was sounding slightly shaky

“One day recently it got too much. I was looking at this guy’s cock in the shower. It was massive. I was watching the water from the shower running down this big beautiful cock and I knew how a woman must feel when she sees something like that.”


“So I went to the toilet cubicles, quickly with a towel wrapped round me
because I couldn’t stop myself getting this raging hard on”

“And what did you do?”

“I took the towel off once I was in there so I was completely naked. And it felt really dirty. Know what I mean?’

Pete didn’t answer, I just heard his breath heavy on the other end of the line.

“I was standing there with a throbbing erection, loads of other guys on the other side of the door, I was stark naked wanting more than anything to take that guy’s cock in my hands.. He was still in the shower but I imagined wanking him off while I rubbed my own cock. It didn’t take long till I shot so much cum over the floor I thought I’d never wipe it all up.”

“God, that’s got me so horny.”

“Me too.” I released the pressure that had begun bursting at my jeans. “What about you Pete, what do you do.”

“Well, I’ve never done anything physical you know, just fantasize.”

“Same as me really.”

“But something’s got me going lately. This guy phoned me up a couple of days ago, same sort of thing as us, married but wants to try sex with another man, doesn’t know where to start. He told me that he was planning a sort of daytime party. I wasn’t sure at first but when I considered it later, well I haven’t stopped wanking myself off thinking about it since.”

“Why, what sort of party was he talking about?” My cock was hard in my hands and I started stroking it slowly, it felt great talking to this stranger about our deepest and most guarded fantasies.

“Get this – he wants to get a few guys together like us, complete first timers, invite us round to his house one day when his wife’s out and put on a porn video. Then his idea is that we all start watching the video and just start masturbating, nothing more than that if no-one wants to, no pressure. Just the opportunity to see other guy’s cocks and to maybe feel one in your hand, you know, just wank each other off. It seemed a bit tame to me at first but like I said, the idea’s kind of grown on me.”

“God, I’d go. How do you get an invite.”

“He’s calling me next week. Do you want to come with me?”

“I’d love to.” I hoped my voice didn’t sound as nervous as I felt

We arranged that he’d call me as soon as he had some news and I finished the conversation so that I could attend to myself better, I had a feeling that he had cum as we were talking. As soon as I put the phone down I ripped off my clothes and lay on the couch stroking my cock. The idea of seeing a few other men doing the same thing soon pushed me over the edge and I exploded with an unusual force, some of it reaching as high as my chest. I looked down and imagined it was another man’s cum that was covering me and started stroking all over again…

The next few days I experienced the same thing that Pete had. The idea of the party was so vivid in my mind now that It filled every fantasy that I had and my cock was beginning to ache with over-use. I didn’t really expect it to happen but the idea was getting me really horny. I wasn’t even really sure if I’d have the courage to go if I ever heard from Pete again.

He did eventually did call me a few weeks later just as I was forgetting the whole idea. As soon as I heard his voice on the other end of the line though, my cock was hard with the thought again. The good news was that the guy who’s name was Dean had arranged for four of us to meet at his house the next Tuesday at 11. a.m. when his wife would be away at work. There were rules: Everyone had to have no other first-hand experience, must be bisexual, preferably married (for security reasons apparently) must arrive freshly showered and carrying condoms incase things went further. Pete admitted to me that now that the day was set he was a bit nervous. I felt the same so we agreed to meet each other first before we went to this Dean’s house.

At 10.45 I met Pete at the station. We’d arranged to be wearing certain clothes so that we’d spot each other. He was in his early thirties, maybe a year or two younger than me, had longish dark hair, was slim and had an easy smile. We hit it off immediately which made the long awaited, part dreaded Journey to Dean’s house a little easier. We didn’t talk about our mission on the journey, it seemed too sensitive a subject and I think that we could easily have talked ourselves out of it..

Dean lived in the usual suburban semi down a tree-lined road. He answered the door wearing a bathrobe and quickly ushered us in. He was in his early-forties with graying hair, tall and muscular looking.

We introduced ourselves as he led us to his living room which was curtained with a few candles burning, giving it a nighttime feel. Already there were two other guys in the room, I could make out a young guy of about twenty-one with shoulder length blonde hair and a girlish face sitting in the corner and an older looking man, probably in his Fifties on another couch. He smiled at me as we entered Everyone seemed nervous as Hell and the atmosphere in the room was electric with anticipation. The older guy was sipping nervously at a can of beer. Dean offered Pete and myself one but we both declined. There was one couch left empty so we sat next to each other on it.

“O.K.” Dean smiled, “I think we’re all here now so if no-one minds, I’m going to start the video.” He hit the remote, then did something that I think surprised us all, he stood in the middle of the room in his bathrobe, loosened the tie and let it fall to the floor, revealing a taut, muscular body.. His semi-erect cock was thick and massive, it quickly filled to a full ten inches as it pumped and bobbed in front of our hungry eyes. I heard Pete groan next to me and saw him rub at the fly of his jeans. On the T.V. screen a young man had started licking at the cock of a much older guy who was in turn sucking on the cock of the young man’s friend. This was the first time I’d ever seen a Gay video but my eyes had better things to feast on. Dean sat down next to the older guy and started stroking his massive cock as he watched the flickering t.v. screen. The guy nervously undid his fly and released his erection, which he too started to rub, all the while watching Dean’s cock-head disappearing in and out of his hand. I looked over to the young man who’s eyes were fixed on this spectacle. I couldn’t wait to see his cock but he kept it in his pants for now. Pete was breathing heavily next to me and I saw that he was still rubbing at the large lump in his jeans. My own cock was aching for release so I figured, why not. It felt strange to be doing this, so dirty. I unbuttoned my fly and let it free. My erection sprang to attention and felt so exposed in the air of the room. I savoured the feeling for a while, having other men’s eyes feasting on my rigid cock. Pete’s eyes were fixed on it as he rubbed at his jeans. I was aching for release but still I let it stand there as I watched the two guys on the sofa opposite me wanking slowly. The young man’s cock still remained in his pants and I knew that everyone in the room couldn’t wait to see it.. I slowly started to stroke my cock. Pete now scrabbled at the buttons of his jeans, pulled them down around his ankles, unbuttoned his shirt and showed me his erect cock. It glistened at the head as it at last bobbed freely over his naked stomach. It looked so good, so close to me. I quickly did the same thing, pulling off my t-shirt and pulling down my jeans , Hell why not, I kicked off my shoes and socks and pulled my pants off completely so that I was now completely naked. It felt glorious and I could feel the mute approval of five pairs of eyes as I stood up to kick away my discarded clothes.

“You’ve got a nice cock, Dave,” Pete looked up at me as he masturbated,

“Can I feel it?”

“Oh yeah,” I stayed standing and moved in closer to him. He tentatively took my cock in his hands and slowly stroked it.

“That feels fucking amazing,” he gasped, “ I love feeling your cock. How’s it feel for you.”

“Fucking great.” I saw that our audience were rapt with attention, the older guy with his cock still in his hand and Dean naked with his huge veiny erection standing free and inviting. The young guy was behind me so I couldn’t see him but hoped he was enjoying the view of my naked arse.
I couldn’t take my eyes from Dean’s huge cock and as Pete stroked both of our cocks he said to me, “can you imagine taking that monster in your mouth?”

“God yeah.”

“Do you think he’d mind?”

“Why don’t you ask him”

Pete stood and for a moment our two cocks touched each other. It felt electric. I followed him over to where Dean and the older guy were sitting, feeling their eyes on us every step of the way.

“Dean, I’d really like to suck you off,” Pete’s voice sounded nervous.

“Be my guest,” Dean lay back and watched as Pete knelt on the floor and took his massive cock in his hands, he then started licking up and down the shaft and Dean closed his eyes in pleasure.

All of us other guys in the room watched transfixed as Pete ran his tongue over Dean’s glistening cock-head then engulfed it in his mouth. The older guy seemed to have lost some of his inhibitions and started undressing as he watched. I enjoyed seeing his hard cock now free from his hand as he fumbled with his clothes. Pete and Dean were going crazy but I wanted to feel cock in my hands. I looked across at the young blonde guy but he seemed to be out of the picture at the moment, transfixed with what was going on but still fully clothed.

“Do you mind if I touch you?” I asked the older looking guy. He had a skinny body covered in wiry hair. His cock looked deliciously hard as he stood up and stepped tentatively towards me. I took it in my hand and felt the heat of another man for the first time. The skin felt so soft as I stroked it but it was hard and heavy, bursting to cum. He groaned with pleasure and I dropped to my knees so that it was in front of my face. I could smell the musk from his balls I was so close as I rubbed and caressed it. This felt great. I looked across to Dean and Pete who now stood up to join us. As soon as he was close enough I reached out and grabbed Dean’s massive erection, still wet from Pete’s saliva, savouring the feeling of having a hot cock in each hand. I pulled them towards each other and looked up at the two cocks above my face. I pumped them both for a while and then tentatively licked the head of each one with my tongue. They both tasted slightly salty with the tantalizing odour of the cum that was building up to explode out of them. Dean groaned with pleasure as their cockheads touched and I looked up at them, feeling like one of the cum-hungry female sluts I so liked to watch on porn videos. I felt something brushing my back and looked round to see that the young blonde guy had at last joined us and was standing there next to Pete who couldn’t take his eyes off him.

“Let me have a go,” his voice was almost a whisper, pleading, “I want to suck all of your cocks.”

I stood up to let him take over .

“Please, take off my jeans first,” he asked me, “carefully –you’ll see why.”

I positioned myself behind him and slowly pulled down his baggy jeans to reveal that he was wearing a pair of woman’s cream coloured silk panties and white stockings complete with a suspender belt.

“They’re my girlfriend’s,” he blushed, “I hope you like them.”

Pete whistled softly, “wow, that looks so hot.”

I felt the same way, the young guy almost looked like a girl with his pale soft skin and long hair. I wanted to cover him with cum .

He dropped to his knees and we stood in a circle around him, all of us naked, our erect penises pointing at him, ready to be sucked. I rubbed my cock as I watched him start on Pete, taking him deep into his throat, obviously enjoying every inch. Then it was Dean’s turn, the huge cock was taken down all the way and serviced with a swirling tongue. Dean must have been on the edge, he groaned and I saw his legs buckle, then spasm as he shot his sperm into the young man’s eager mouth. He sucked and almost gagged as he tried to swallow it all but Dean had filled him with so much cum that it dribbled down his face. Dean quickly picked him off the floor and almost carried him to the sofa where we could all get a better go at him, the older guy quickly stuffed his engorged cock between those pretty lips and the rest of us stood over them both masturbating, waiting our turn.

Dean meanwhile had stroked his cock back up to a full erection, covered it with a condom and was hurriedly slapping KY jelly over it. “Pull your legs up kid, I want to fuck you,” he growled.

The young man eagerly lifted his stocking clad legs while the other guy fucked his mouth and Dean pulled down the boy’s panties, revealing his smooth, hard cock. He’d shaved his pubic hair off for the occasion and my cock was close to exploding at the sight. I didn’t dare touch myself anymore incase I came too soon. The old guy suddenly let out a yell and removed his cock from the young man’s mouth then exploded in a shower of cum over his face. The boy licked his lips and looked at Pete and me for his next taste of cock. We closed around his face and Pete grabbed hold of my cock and started wanking it over his cum-covered face, by this time Dean had started pushing his enormous rod at the young man’s smooth tight arse . It took a while and the boy screamed in pain when he eventually got it in. Dean stopped, looking a bit nervous but he cried, “No, don’t stop, fuck me, please fuck me.” My cock was hovering inches from his lips with Pete’s hand gently wanking it.. The sight below me was too much, I felt my balls tighten and at last felt the surge of cum shoot up the shaft and spray over the young guy’s face and hair as his head bobbed from the rhythm of Dean’s thrusts.. He smiled up at me and groaned with pleasure at the feeling of Dean’s cock inside him. Dean was pumping hard now and grunting as he fucked the boy and my knees gave way with pleasure as the last shot of cum left my cock. Pete let go and guided his own throbbing cock towards the waiting mouth but I wanted it too. I sank to the floor and shared it with him, both licking it and sucking it until I took it fully in my mouth, sucking on it greedily as Pete moved in and out, watching the young guy enjoying getting his arse ripped by Dean. It wasn’t long before I felt the rush of cum up his shaft and I left his cock deep in my mouth, swallowing the hot spurts as he groaned and shivered with the pleasure of release.

Dean was stroking the boy’s cock as he slowly fucked him, covered with the cum of two men and fully enjoying being our slut, it didn’t take long before he came over his own stomach, quickly followed by Dean who shuddered as he ripped the condom off and sprayed across his white stockinged legs.

We all collapsed to the floor or the sofas and looked at each other, all probably feeling satiated but a little strange after our first gay experience. I could taste Pete’s cum in my mouth and my cock was getting hard again, I knew one thing for sure , I’d definitely be going to Dean’s next daytime party.

does anyone living in London want to live out this fantasy with me?

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