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It’s a Colorful World Ch. 01

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“I dread coming to the office everyday”.

We were sitting eating our lunch in the common area of our shared office space. Me and the two other women in the office doing our twice weekly eat, gab and gossip session in the lunchroom.

“I thought you loved your job Maggie. Don’t tell us you’re thinking of leaving,” responded Leigh. I would miss you so much.”

“No, I’m not leaving. It’s just these men in our office. Blue, gray, black. Blue, gray, black. You would think those were the only colors God ever created. There are so many great men’s clothes out there in so many great colors. And our guys wear the drabbest dullest colors on the planet. And in the dead of winter it would be nice to look up and see something bright and colorful.”

Sasha piped up, “I agree but somehow I don’t see any of our guys wearing other colors like yellow or orange.”

“or purple or pink,” added Leigh.

I laughed, spitting out some of my lunch, “Pink! Oh my god. If one our guys wore a pink shirt I’d drop to my knees and blow him right in the office.”

Leigh and Sasha joined me in the biggest belly laugh we had shared in a long while.

“Sorry,” started Sasha trying to get her words out between laughs, “I just had this image of you on your knees in front of Hank sucking his little cock while everyone in the office just kept going about their business like nothing unusual was happening.”

We all laughed harder. People were starting to look at us disapprovingly.

“And the toughest part of that image for me to complete is not Maggie on her knees sucking cock but Hank wearing a pink shirt,” Leigh continued Sasha’s line of thought her head falling forward then back, her hand slapping the top of the table.

That was it, we were all wiping tears from our eyes laughing so hard we were unable to talk.

“We’re going to hold you to it Maggie,” Leigh squeaked out between laughs, “someone wears a pink a shirt and you have to suck his cock.”

Our laughter continued, “And we have to watch so we can confirm you followed through,” Sasha added.

Our noise level was getting out of hand. The few people at the other end of the lunch room were packing their unfinished lunches and leaving. I leaned into my friends and in a lower voice said, “I’m so sure it won’t happen, I will agree to fuck the first guy who wears a pink shirt and you all can watch.”

Upping the ante Sasha said “I think you should agree to let him fuck you’re tight little ass since you’re so sure it isn’t going to happen.”

“Please. That’s my tight little virgin ass to you. Show some respect. No cock will ever pass up that pathway as long as I’m awake to have any say in the matter.”

I laughed, Sasha was doubled over, Leigh sat up and said, “You’re on. What are the ground rules?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t care, because I will never have to pay up. You decide the rules.”

“Okay, enough of this,” Sasha interrupted, “Now, before we have to get back to work, tell us all about your +1 wedding adventure on Saturday.”

I went through the whole night in every detail, telling them what a nice guy Matt was. Polite, a real gentleman, and more handsome than anyone needs to be. The night was going well. We were having a lot of fun laughing, drinking, and dancing. All night I wandered between not-so-horny and oh-god-fuck-me-now horny mostly because Matt was just so damn gorgeous and also because it had been a month since I’d had a god fucking. It seemed like the night would end rather calmly with me making love to Ricky, my friendly never fail me vibrator. All the heat seemed to have dissipated while saying goodbye to other guests and waiting for our cab. We turned to small talk. The cab drove up. We got in, gave him my address, he starts to pull away and WHAM, Matt is all over me in the back seat. By the time we’re outside my place I’m sliding my dress down and Matt is tucking his cock back in his pants while trying to pay the driver. In the elevator, my panties are around my ankles, by the time we reach my floor and Matt’s face is dripping in my pussy juices. We don’t get past the kitchen before Matt has me bent over the counter ramming me from behind and I’m screaming for more. We were fucking and sucking into the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. In fact, I’m still a little sore in a couple of places and my jaw is a bit stiff. I have to admit, sharing the story did bring a smile to my face and a damp spot to my underwear.

Tom came by and said Leigh was needed so I had to end my story with a promise to continue on Friday, not that there was much more to tell except a few details if they were interested in the minutia of my love making.

I got back to my desk and looked around the office and wondered what each of these guys might be like if any of them decided to wear pink. Hank was an older Asian man who I wouldn’t want to ever be naked with but I was pretty certain he would never wear pink. The Lithuanian twins were too “manly” to ever wear pink so I wasn’t worried about them other than their aggression in the bedroom may be fun but not for a first anal experience… ouch. I winced just thinking about it. Tom was a handsome guy. I would probably pick him if I had to choose someone, but pink. Not on your life. There was a little too much hockey player in that man to ever be caught wearing pink. The Serb, the Russian, I’m not even sure they would be seen with their wife if she was wearing pink and they wore the most drab colours of everyone. Colton, him maybe. He was of an older generation. Probably old enough to be my father. He had worn red once or twice, and some nice browns, a deep maroon shirt. He might be okay if I had to do it with him, but I seriously doubt at his age that he could keep up with me.

Well, that was my potential stable of would be lovers but when I considered the possibilities, other than on a fluke there may be, may be one guy who would wear pink but I still highly doubted it.

The next three days were the old drab days. More blues, greys and blacks. I went for lunch each day looking at the handsome colorful guys from all the offices around us and sighed several times imagining the distractions they would be if I worked with them. On Friday Sasha, Leigh and I grabbed food and sat in the lunchroom. After the usual small talk Leigh pulled out a piece of paper.

“Here are the ground rules Maggie.”

The drabness of our men had been so constant I had already forgotten about the stupid bet.

Maggie’s Ground Rules:

1.If any man in the office wears pink, I will get him to ass-fuck me that very day.

2.I will get him to ass fuck me in the teleconference room so Sasha and Leigh are able to watch using the telecom camera and confirm I have complied with rule number one.

3.Should I fail to comply with rule number one I will be forced to give every guy in the office a blow job over the following two weeks.

That was it. I looked up and my two friends had the biggest cheesiest grins I had ever seen them wear. I looked back at the page. No way were they going to win.

“Okay, first, this only applies to the men currently in the office. No new hires. And it must be a decidedly pink shirt, not some shirt with a hint of pink in it.”

They looked at each other and nodded. “Sure. That’s fair,” they agreed.

“Second,” I continued, “there has to be a time limit on this. Let’s say 2 months?”

They looked at each other. Sasha turned to me and said, “How about 3 months?”

“Okay, 3 months,” I said. “And lastly, there has to be some consequence for you two should I win.”

They weren’t expecting that. “Wait a second. No way.”

“Well I can’t be the only one with skin in this game.”

We all argued a little and they finally agreed in principle but now to decide what.

I finally said, “Well, I have to do something I haven’t done before, so it should be the same for you two.”

“I’ve had anal sex,” Sasha was quick to point out. “Me too,” echoed Leigh.

“More than one guy at a time?” I asked

“Two for me.” Was Sasha’s quick reply.

“I’ve done three,” Leigh said, adding, “not that I’m bragging or anything.”

What have I been doing all my life. I thought I was adventurous in bed. Obviously not. And I smiled at my friends.

“So that would probably take care of multiple blow jobs, having an audience, and double penetration.”

“Check, check and check.” My two cheeky friends said feeling confident about them getting out of this.

“Bondage? S&M? Spanking? Domination?”

“All done.”

“Me too”

I was about to give up myself.

“What’s left?” I pondered out loud. “Making love to each other.” I quipped.

Silence. Absolute dead silence. Sasha and Leigh looked at each other, then at me.

“Of course. Make love to each other and I get to watch. Oh. I love this. Have either of you ever made love to another woman?”

Silence again. Just a slow shaking of their head.

“Oh you two are so smart. So here’s the deal. If after three months there have been no pink shirts, each of you will make love, not to each other but with me. Seeing as how I’m the one with this experience, it’s only right that I teach you both while the other watches.”

They shrugged looked at me, Sasha held out her hand and said “Deal.” I shook her hand. Leigh looked at both of us, conceded defeat and held out her hand and the deal was sealed.

“Monday is the 10th of February. That will be our first day,” I proclaimed. Sasha and Leigh nodded their agreement. “May 9th will be Lesbian party day if we’ve seen no pinks shirts. Ooo, I can’t wait.”

The days of blue, gray, black passed turning into weeks. It was in the 9th week on a Wednesday. Leigh met me in the hall just outside the office area. A big smile on her face, “Today might be the day, Maggie.” I looked at her unknowingly and walked in the office. Out of the corner of my I saw a white shirt with a pale colored stripe. Colton. Damn. But at first glance it didn’t look pink to me.

I went to my desk, sat down and started my day. I glanced at Colton’s shirt a couple of times but from where I sat I couldn’t decide whether or not it was a pink stripe.

I wasn’t there 10 minutes when Sasha sauntered over to my desk with a big smile on her face. She leaned in close to me looking at me laptop screen like she was talking to me about work. “I hope your ass is ready to be probed today. I think that might be a pink shirt over there in that corner.” She stood up and left. Her beautiful backside seeming to have just a little extra swing to it.

An hour or so into my day Colton came to talk to Leigh. Leigh sits next to me in our little office space.

When they were done, Colton turned and said, “Hi Margaret” (he always called me Margaret which, inside I appreciated in our professional environment), “how’s your day going?”

“Hi Colton. It’s a pretty normal day so far, but it’s all good. That’s a great shirt you’re wearing. What color are those stripes? They’re an interesting color.”

“Thank you Margaret.” Colton said looking down at his shirt. “The colour? I would say they’re a pale purple. I think some people might say mauve. But I’m no color expert so I’m not sure what to call it.”

I heard a muffled ‘Damn’ come from Leigh.

“Everything okay Leigh?” Colton asked spinning around to offer any assistance Leigh may need.

“Oh it’s nothing. I’m fine. Just something I heard, I mean read. Nothing really.”

Colton’s actions, if taken in isolation, might be considered passes or too attentive for an office environment, but he was like that with everyone. Initially I thought the man was coming on to me, but then I thought he was coming on to everyone and then I decided, it was just his way. He was almost too nice to everyone. Women and men alike.

“So Colton, back to your shirt color. I really like it. I was thinking it might be pink but,”

“Oh. It’s definitely not pink.” He said interrupting me, “That I know for certain. I know what pink is and this is definitely not pink.”

I reached out and touched his shirt pretending to examine the color a bit more closely, but really I was hiding the big laugh I was just barely able to supress.

“Mauve. I agree Colton. I would say it’s mauve, definitely not pink. And it is a really nice shirt.”

“Thanks again Margaret. I have to get back to the grind. Enjoy your day.” And Colton turned to walk back to his desk.

I immediately banged out an email to my two friends. The subject was “Virginity remains intact”. The message simply read. “Mauve not pink as confirmed by owner and wearer and witnessed by one of you.”

Sasha was walking into our area almost before I could return to my regular work. This time it was me wearing the huge smile.

“Hi Leigh and Maggie, do you have time to come to my office for a quick meeting? There are a couple of things I need to discuss with you.”

“Sure.” We both replied standing up from our desks in unison.

I followed both of them to Sasha’s office smiling all the way and for the first time really noticing how well they both moved and what great figures culminating in nice asses they both possessed. My mind flashed an image of both of them walking in just their underwear. I supressed a moan and shook my head to clear the image.

As she closed the door behind us Sasha started in on me in a firm teasing kind of way.

“You lucky little witch. I can’t believe how boring these guys are but how close we just came. Leigh, what’s this about you being a witness? I thought we had agreed to argue it is a pink shirt.”

“Look Sasha. I’m getting as nervous as you are about my first lesbian experience. I’m not sure I really want to make love to another woman.”

“No less than I want a guy’s cock in my ass I’m sure. But that’s what I agreed to and being my lover is what you agreed to,” I responded. ” I would let you end the bet right now but I’m pretty sure I’m going to win so no way.”

“I know. I know,” Leigh said, “but I didn’t think it would happen. All I could see in mind my mind’s eye was you bent over the conference room table and some guy sliding his cock between your cheeks. I hadn’t considered my lips on yours, our bodies touching you touching me. Well, I don’t think my mind’s eye was capable of creating an image of me making love to a woman.”

I just sat there smiling, and getting a little horny listening to Leigh talk about us making love, her for the first time with a woman.

Sasha was shaking her head and almost laughing, “Okay,” she said with a big smile on her face, “I just wanted to tell Maggie how lucky she is, how close she came to losing and that she better watch out. Colton just might be her next lover.”

“Want to go double or nothing on the bet Sasha?” I quipped feeling my confidence growing and feeling theirs waning.

“No way!” shouted Leigh.

“Hey, don’t be so fast to knock something you haven’t tried beautiful.” I said patting Leigh on the knee and trying to sound sexy and alluring while trying not to laugh.

Sasha laughed. Almost immediately I echoed her chuckles. I’m not sure Leigh was initially amused, but she lowered her head and said “You two. I guess if I’m going to do this, I would rather it be with you than anyone else.”

On the morning of April 28, the start of the 11th week of our bet, I began the morning by sending Leigh and Sasha an email with the subject “10 of 12” and a message that said “only two weeks to go.”

Over the next two weeks I started to pay more attention to the bodies of my soon to be lovers, though my confidence was feeling a little shaky. In the days since the “mauve” incident, Colton had worn a white shirt with broad purple stripes one day and blue shirt with a white stripe and fine pink stripe another. I was happy I changed the ground rules to say the shirt had to be decidedly pink otherwise I may have had a fight on my hands. None of the other guys in the office we changing their drab ways but Colton was pushing out the boundaries and rushing head long towards a pink shirt. I was getting nervous.

Both of the ladies have beautiful faces framed in natural blond hair. Sasha has an incredible body. Her top half is petite with nice a firm A-cup breasts a tight core, firm abs and a tiny waist. From her waist there is a quick flare to well-shaped hips a stunning rear-end and meaty strong thighs. I imagined how tightly her pussy sat high between her thighs. How my fingers would feel parting her lips then probing between them. And her mouth and tongue, I longed to feel my mouth pressed against hers and her mouth on my pussy, her tongue in my pussy. Those thoughts always made me squeeze my thighs together and apply pressure on my cunt to match what my mind was anticipating. Sasha was certainly more adventurous than Leigh. I was confident she would embrace our Lesbian Party with eagerness and gusto so she could fully enjoy the new experience.

Leigh is taller than Sasha, and me. Her legs long, her breasts probably a d-cup I knew I would get lost in. She always stood beside me and leaned on my desk when we talked work. It was in these last two weeks I realized she was offering me a look down her blouse (I don’t think she ever realized she was doing it). But her low cut tops fell open exposing her full well shaped breasts and symmetrical areolas and nipples. Leigh has an overall well-proportioned body, almost perfectly proportioned I would say. But what always caught my attention, what I couldn’t stop looking at, was the angle at which her bodice slid from her navel down between her legs to where her pussy lived. It was so damn captivating that every time she walked past I had to look at it.

On the morning of the 9th of May I did a quick scan of the men in the office and pumped my fist. No pink shirts. I had won. I sent Sasha and Leigh a meeting invite from 6pm – 8pm in the teleconference room. The meeting topic was: “New techniques and experiences”. The agenda: 1. Sharing my experiences and how to apply my techniques to improve office moral. 2. Leigh attempts to apply my ideas and gives feedback. 3. Sasha attempts to apply my ideas and gives feedback. NOTE: We can switch the order of 2 and 3. Within seconds of sending the invite Leigh got up from her desk and left our space. A few minutes later Sasha sent me an IM and asked me to come to her office. I responded “be there in 2 minutes”.

I walked into Sasha’s office. Leigh was sitting there and wouldn’t look at me.

“Hi Maggie,” Sasha started.

“Hi. What’s up?”

“Umm, Leigh can’t do this tonight, she has plans.”

“Change them,” I said without emotion.

“Well, I can’t,” Leigh said softly.

“Sure you can.”

I wasn’t surprised by this tactic, in fact I had anticipated it.

“She’s made plans to meet some friends for drinks and…”

I interrupted Sasha, “And if I had made plans and Colton or Tom wore a pink shirt today would either of you let me postpone my ass-fucking until tomorrow?”

I paused. Leigh looked at Sasha pleadingly. Sasha started to speak “Well,”

I interrupted again. “Well no, in the right answer Sasha. And if Stephen had said to you today at 3:00pm, ‘I need both of you to stay until 8:00’, you would both be on the phone cancelling any plans you had.”

I looked right at Leigh. “Leigh,” I waited for her to look me in the eyes, “when we’re done here you will go and phone or text your friends and tell them something has come up at work and you will either meet them later or another night, just like you would have done if Stephen had told you to work late tonight.”

I stood up. As I left the room I said to them without looking back, “I will see both of you at 6:00.”

I closed Sasha’s door behind me.

When I got back to my desk I decided to test the camera in the teleconference room. Once Sasha had said her and Leigh could watch me if I had lost the bet, I asked Tom about controlling the camera from a laptop if that was possible. He had shipped me a link to download some software and a user guide. It was time to test it out. I booked the meeting room for 30 minutes then using the software I started the camera. There was the capability of moving the camera from left to right and up and down slightly. Once I understood what the camera’s range of motion was, I went to the room to determine the best place to stand to record the night’s activities. I turned all the lights on and began moving about the room then adjusting the camera to find me. The camera controls were backwards when I was facing the screen. I laughed at my frustration sorting out left from right. I turned around to examine the room. There were no windows in the room. This was done on purpose so the lighting would remain very consistent during teleconferences. I decided to start from half way back in the room. This would allow me to quickly eliminate half the room. I looked down at the screen. ‘Hey. Nice ass Maggie.’ I thought to myself. Those workouts are really producing some nice results. No wonder all the guys lift their heads when I walk by. I would do the same if someone in the office had an ass this nice; man or woman. I adjusted the zoom. That works. And hey, left and right work when my back is to the camera. I smiled at accidently discovering the most obvious way to make the camera adjustments easy to manage. I walked 5 steps towards the back of the room and adjusted the zoom again. Not bad I thought but I filled the screen. Two people wouldn’t fit well in the shot and if we moved the least bit one way or the other one or both of us would be of camera.

I walked to the front of the room, pushed the chair at the head of the table to the side and stood there. This could work. I leaned my ass on the edge of the table. Still okay. I wondered how much detail the camera picked up. I sat my laptop down, reached up under my sweater dress and slid off my tights and my underwear. I picked up my laptop, holding it in one hand and hiked up my dress. My pussy gleamed under the bright lights. ‘Nice shave job today Mags.’ I touched myself, ran my fingers in and around my pussy lips. ‘This is hot watching myself masturbate. I may have to book this room more often for myself.’ I stopped, as hard as it was to do, and looked at the image again. Too much table. I turned my back to the camera ‘There’s that ass again.’ I thought smiling. ‘and ooo, your pussy sits so nice between those muscular thighs Maggie.’ I moved to the right and was able to make the camera follow me with ease. Ah, right there. I pushed aside the first two chairs on the right side of the table. I adjusted the camera position and zoom so it caught two thirds of the table and all of the right side of the room. I leaned my ass on the table again and imagined making out with someone in front of me. They would be fully in the picture as well with room to spare. I hiked my skirt. You could see the curve of my body. I pulled the neck down of my shoulders allowing my breasts to spill out. My B-cups looked perfect. I picked my right leg up and draped it over the front edge of the desk. PERFECT! You could see my pussy and if someone was licking it you should be able to see their face and mouth on my lips. This is the spot!

I locked the position and kept the camera running. I started to look at options. I pressed record. A red light flashed on my screen in the top right corner. I spun around in front of the camera then pressed stop. I hit playback. Perfect again. What’s this option? I hit an icon that showed an image of a sun and tree. The screen said “stills”. I hit the button and my screen behaved like an slr. Voila. There was an image of me staring at my screen. I started poking around in the user guide and learned you could have the camera take stills during a recording. Hmm. I set it for once every fifteen seconds. I started to record again. I did some yoga postures, tree, warrior 1, warrior 2, stopped the recording and there was a new image icon available. I clicked on it. My god you’re looking good I thought as I scanned the images. These were hot too because I wasn’t wearing underwear and in tree my pussy was right there for someone to eat and in warrior my legs ass and pussy were all visible. Nice. One last check. I crawled up on the table and laid sideways then with my feet facing the camera. Perfect. Even in 69 me and whoever should be completely in the camera. I adjusted the lights down a little and my magic little camera adjusted perfectly. I was set.

I shutdown the camera but kept the small videos and images. I wanted to have a closer look at them later. I was feeling so horny from anticipation about tonight and from my little play time with the camera. No sooner had I sat down at my desk when Colton came by.

“Hi Margaret. You said you wanted to talk about some of the financial reporting. Now is a good time for me.”

“Sure Colton. Let me pull up the reports.”

Colton stood beside me and leaned on my desk. I hooked my feet around the legs of my chair, pulled myself nearer to my desk and we began looking at the reports. It was a bit of a strange meeting. Colton is usually a bit shy and reserved, but after the first time I leaned to the side so he could show me something on my laptop, he kept interrupting to get his hands on my keyboard. And then he would fumble around. I asked him if everything was okay and he muttered “huh, what? um, oh yeah, sure Margaret. Everything is fine.”

He left after almost an hour and I was frustrated because it didn’t seem like we accomplished a lot. I pushed my chair back, put my elbows on my desk and rested my head in my hands. “oh shit.” I snorted out a laugh. Oh my god, I was just flashing my co-worker for the last hour. No wonder he couldn’t focus and no wonder he kept making me move to the side. That sly old bastard. I had forgot to put my underwear back on and with my dress riding up am my legs that were spread wide open with my feet hooked around the base of the chair, my freshly shaved somewhat moist pussy has been in full view. I looked at my pussy again. “Well, at least I shaved today.” I smiled. “Shit” my tights and underwear must still be in the teleconference room. I nonchalantly got up from my desk and walked to the hall, then hoofed it down to the teleconference room. I stood at the door listening in case a meeting was in progress. I heard nothing so I opened the door. The room was empty and my clothes were where I had dropped them. I re-dressed and found my way back to my desk.

It was 5:20 when the last person left the office. “I’m outta here Maggie and Leigh.” Tom announced. “You two have to stop working so late, especially on a Friday.”

“We’re just too dedicated Tom. Enjoy your evening,” I replied.

“See you tomorrow,” he shouted back slinging his messenger bag over his shoulder.

“Tomorrow Tom.” I replied.

Leigh had said nothing which was so unlike her. She pretended to be immersed in her work.

“Tom’s a nice guy. Isn’t he Leigh?”

“I guess.”

I didn’t press it with Leigh. I could tell she wasn’t happy and didn’t want to talk. Leigh got up shortly after Tom left. I suspect she went to Sasha’s office. At 5:40 I printed the meeting agenda, set up the camera and set the record time to start at 6:00 and run for 3 hours, taking still pictures every 30 secs. I slid my laptop into one of my drawers with the screen open enough to not put my laptop to sleep. I took my tights off and left them in my bag. I went to the ladies’ room to freshen up and brush my teeth.

It was 5:54 according to my smartphone when I walked into the teleconference room. I waited and got more excited with anticipation of what was about to transpire. It had been a while since I made love with a woman. This would be the first time ever that I had two lovers at once, never mind two women. I grabbed a small notepad and a pencil. I wrote 1 on one piece of paper and 2 on the other. I looked around the room. I saw a little green light flash on the camera for a few seconds and then return to red. It must be 6:00, I thought. I pushed the chair at the head of the table back against the wall and stood with my ass on the edge of the table. A few minutes passed. I reached for the phone and called Sasha.


“You ladies are late. I suggest you get in here so we’re not here all night and Leigh can meet up with her friends later.”

“Okay. We’re coming.”

I hung up.

A few moments later the door opened. I didn’t turn around. I could see their reflection in the screen. They walked towards me and stood right in front of the camera.

“Good evening ladies,” I began. They didn’t speak. It was strange, we were normally such good office friends. It was always lively and fun when we were together but this was feeling really tense and unfriendly. I changed my tone.

“Sasha, Leigh, come on. We’re friends. This was supposed to be a fun bet. Look, if we get started and you’re really not enjoying it, I’m not going to force you to keep going but you have to at least try. Okay?”

“We just didn’t think you would go through with it,” Sasha replied.

“Did you think I would go through with making love to one of the guys in the office? Look, this is us. We’re not going to become romantically involved or anything. We’re not going to go and gossip with people about what happened, which is a risk I would have faced had I lost.”

“I guess,” Leigh said actually smiling a little for the first time.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” I started. “We have to start making out. You can’t back out until after we’re all naked and we have at least touched each other intimately. I don’t care who goes first. Look, I’m making this up as I go you know. In fact, let’s kiss right now. Who wants to go first? I have numbers on a piece a paper you can draw to see who goes first or one of you can just start.”

They looked at each other. To my surprise Leigh stepped forward.

“I guess it’s going to happen at some point tonight. You have to excuse if I’m a bit awkward. Okay?”

“Don’t worry Leigh. You will be fine. Just be natural and do what feels right.”

I stepped into her taking her hands in mine. I looked up and kissed her softly on her lips a few times. I placed her hands on my waist. Moving slowly I brushed my hands down her arms, kissing her neck cheek and lips again ever so softly. I reached my hands around Leigh placing one on her ass the other under her arm. I pulled her a bit closer to me letting my tongue slide across her lips then ever so slightly into her mouth. Leigh took a deep breath, moaning a little when she exhaled. I kissed her again a little more deeply. One of her hands went to the back of my head, her tongue touched mine moving with purpose in a natural way. Her other hand moved to my breast, I followed suit and our necking took on new meaning. We carried on like this for a few seconds before Sasha finally spoke.

“Okay you two. I think it’s my turn to have some enjoyment.”

Leigh broke our kiss, moving her hand from my head, sliding it under my skirt lightly cupping my buttock, she whispered to me, “Can we have just a minute or two more?”

“In a minute Sasha. We will get to enjoy each other in a minute,” I said grabbing Leigh’s pull-over top at her waist and lifting it over her head. Her breasts sat high on her chest supported by a white lace bra. I watched my hands reach out and touch them, my eyes unable to break their fixated admiration of Leigh’s body. Leigh’s hands found the neckline of my sweater dress and pulled it down exposing my breasts and momentarily trapping my arms. One hand molded to my left tit, she planted her lips on my right breast gently sucking my nipple into her mouth and swirling it around under her tongue. I paused, closed my eyes and enjoyed the electricity racing through my body. Leigh was doing well accepting this new adventure and she seemed to be a reasonable lover.

Leigh released my right tit, kissed my left then raised her head to share a long slow tongue probing kiss. I squirmed trying to release my arms. Leigh felt my struggle and helped me pull my arms free, never breaking our kiss. Once free I wrapped one arm around her and slid my other hand between her legs. Immense warmth covered my hand and a slow deep moan filled my ears.

I broke our kiss and spoke softly to Leigh, “It’s Sasha’s turn Leigh. I want you to step back two or three steps. While Sasha and I get acquainted I want you to get out of your jeans. I promise you, by the time Sasha and I are done we will all be wearing nothing more than our underwear.”

I kissed her again and before she stepped back she got in three more kisses.

I was so damn hot. My underwear was already soaked and verging on being uncomfortable. I curled my fingers at Sasha indicating for her to join me. Before I could uncurl my fingers Sasha was in front of me saying “I am so fucking horny watching” and she planted a kiss on my lips before finishing her sentence. This was way more intense than my encounter with Leigh, but Sasha’s mood perfectly reflected the sexual energy Leigh and I had built. Our arms were entwined around our bodies, our mouths trying to devour each other. I pushed Sasha back and began tugging at her belt, zipper and top button of her jeans. I hooked my thumbs in the top of her pants and pushed downward trying to get them off. Sasha wiggled her hips making every attempt to help me. Our lips and tongues never stopped exploring each other’s face and mouth.

Sasha’s hands had been all over me. My back, my tits, tweaking and twisting my nipples, under my dress. I finally got her jeans down to her thighs. My hand went straight to her soaked underwear. Sasha moaned a ‘yes’ trying to spread her legs which her jeans wouldn’t allow. She grabbed my sweater dress, now bunched around my waist and forced it down over my hips. I stepped out of it and kicked it aside the minute it fell to the floor.

I crouched down and pulled Sasha’s jeans the rest of the way down while Sasha got out of her top and bra. Her legs and ass were as incredible as I imagined. I ran my hands over them admiring and worshipping them with my eyes. I kissed her thighs back and forth between the two until I reached her cotton covered pussy. I looked at, slid my hand between her legs and let her horniness soaked underwear coat my fingers. As I stood up Sasha spun me around kissing and biting my neck and shoulder while her hands explored my breasts and teased my pussy keeping my underwear between her fingers and my skin.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this,” she purred to me. “Now I’m going to bend you over and eat that beautiful ass of yours. I’m going to save the first taste of your pussy for Leigh but your ass is mine.”

She placed a hand on my back and pushed me forward forcing me to bend at the waist. She kissed her way down my back, her hands caressing me all over until her mouth reached my ass. I looked up and saw Leigh’s reflection in the screen. She was standing in her pure white underwear watching us, biting her lower lip, one hand between her legs, the other caressing her abdomen and breasts.

Sasha kissed my butt cheeks mixing in licks and bites, her hands holding and caressing my legs, teasing my pussy at times and at other times holding me still, restraining my movements. I felt a finger hook into my thong at the top, the middle knuckle sliding down between my butt cheeks releasing the trapped string of material. Her knuckle rested at the base of my ass, just shy of pressing against my pussy. I tried to move, to get her to touch my moist burning snatch. She wouldn’t cooperate. I opened my eyes and saw Leigh still in her white lingerie, still caressing herself, but barely blinking for fear she might miss some of the show Sasha and I were putting on.

Sasha finally pulled my thong to one side and dove into my ass tongue first. She licked the rim of my anus, gently prodding but not penetrating my virgin canal. She was driving me fucking crazy. I wanted her tongue on and in my cunt. This ass worship was nice, really nice actually, but I was way past ready to have a pussy orgasm and this wouldn’t do that for me. Or so I thought. Sasha continued licking and kissing my anus. The sensations became more pleasing, more arousing. My focus morphed from wanting her to start playing with my pussy to not wanting her to ever stop playing with my ass. This little Mistress of the Tease, was toying with me. Licking me, then replacing her tongue with a finger, rolling over and around my anus through her slippery saliva. She stood up and spun me around. We kissed. Deeply. I wrapped my arms and a leg around her pulling her into me. My pussy making a big shiny smear on Sasha’s thigh. A hand slid inside her underwear reaching her pussy, instinctively a finger slipped inside her. I wasn’t paying attention, just enjoying Sasha’s hands all over me, when I noticed her hand on my ass and a slight pressure in my anus. My little well shaped temptress had pushed a finger into my ass and I was enjoying it, really enjoying it.

“Before I let Leigh replace me so she can eat your pussy, which I can tell she can’t wait to do, I want another 3 month bet Maggie. What do you say? Same bet. Same stakes.”

“Yes. Yes.” I just wanted to come. I was so close with her finger in my ass, put a mouth on my pussy and I would explode.

Sasha stepped back as far as she could without removing her finger from my ass and said “Shake?” extending her other hand.

I looked at her and said, “No. We’ll seal this bet with a kiss.” And I placed my lips over hers before my last breathy “s” was complete.

Sasha stepped away, “Your turn Leigh.” And before I could catch my breath Leigh was in my arms devouring me. Before we finished our kiss I had Leigh’s bra undone freeing her gorgeous tits and her underwear around her knees. Leigh’s pussy was spic and span clean. Not a trace of stubble anywhere. I had a tit in one hand, her pussy in the other. As slick and slippery as Sasha’s cunt, Leigh’s lube allowed my fingers to effortlessly slide and glide around in and through her pussy. Leigh was grabbing and groping so fast I didn’t know where her hands were, had been or where they were going. I finally slowed my own hands and focused a few fingers on Leigh’s clit. It was mere seconds after I touched her little nub when Leigh stopped moving, stopped kissing and stopped breathing. I looked at her face. Her eyes closed. Her nostrils flaring. I rolled and pinched and caressed her clit, finally reaching my other hand around her ass, prodding her cunt with two fingers.

“Uoh Uoh OH!!” Leigh screamed almost collapsing onto me when her orgasm ripped through her body. She shook and quaked riding several waves of pleasure up and down easing off then rushing to another pleasure peak.

Leigh sighed twice then grabbed my thong and yanked it down my legs. She knelt and pushed her mouth straight into my crotch. I let her have a good taste before pushing her back to re-position her. I remembered the camera was running and wanted some good shots for later. I grabbed Leigh by her long straight blond hair. “Back up sweetie.” I instructed her. “Now turn this way.”

I positioned Leigh with her back to the camera and lifted my right foot up onto the table. I would later admire how great my pussy looked just as I started to thrust my hips forward to Leigh’s waiting mouth.

Leigh was pretty good. She was eager and seemed to be enjoying herself. I had completely lost track of Sasha until I felt her arms wrap around me and her body press against my back. She kissed my neck and shoulders while sharply pinching my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. What a scene this was, the camera fully catching Leigh eating my pussy, her face coated in my flowing ooze and Sasha kissing me while stretching and twisting my nipples.

My knee started to buckle when the first wave of my climax crashed through me. I couldn’t tell if Leigh had two or three fingers pummeling my snatch. Sasha, the sneaky witch, didn’t support me as a lover might by wrapping her arms around my waist. Instead she held me up by my nipples, my knee correcting its collapse in response to pain in my tits caused by my body weight being supported only by my nipples clamped in Sasha’s fingers. I dropped my foot off the table. Leigh remained kneeling at my feet lapping at my juices, still slowly sliding fingers in and out of my cunt.

Sasha slid around my left side. We started necking. Long slow deep tongue twisting kisses. Later on the film I would see that Leigh very naturally slid the fingers of her free hand into Sasha’s cunt and seamlessly moved between licking me then Sasha.

Once I regained my composure I took Sasha by the shoulders and guided her to the front of the table. I hoisted her up sitting her ass on the edge, and pushed her back down onto the table. I lifted her feet to the edge of the table. What a sight her ass and pussy were in this position. I began caressing her thighs and abs, allowing my fingers to pass over her pussy every now and then. Though my eyes were locked on hers, I noticed her hips raise every time my fingers slid over her cunt. Leigh was standing watching. With a tilt of my head I signalled for Leigh to get up on the table with Sasha. She crawled up and started kissing Sasha moving slowly. Touching her chest, taking Sasha’s pert nipples in her mouth, offering her own tit to Sasha. I stepped to the side wanting the camera to capture me sliding fingers into Sasha’s cunt and then into her ass. Two in each, then a third in her pussy. The movie was great, but the stills of my fingers first entering her canals were beautiful. Leigh sat up, swung a leg over Sahsa’s head and lowered her pussy onto Sasha’s face. For never having done this, the two of them were really into our activities.

I was amazed how long Sasha held out. Leigh came first. Low moans echoing the twitches evident in her body’s movements. I finally lowered my head to Sasha’s clit, sucked it into my mouth and allowed it to dance freely with my tongue. Her ass squeezed my fingers trying to hold back as long as she could. Then waves of pleasure ripped through her forcing her to clamp her knees together, my fingers being massaged by the pulses in her ass and cunt. Her body was raising off the table in a pumping motion until hyper-sensitivity took over. She rolled to her side, her hands grabbing mine. Silently asking them not to move a millimetre until the sensations subsided. I removed my fingers from her pussy first. Her body twitched when my fingertips eased out the last little bit. I pushed into her ass a little before starting to extract my two digits. Surprisingly, at least for me, Sasha actually pushed back encouraging me to go deeper. Before I completely withdrew them I slowly slid them back in as far as I could. Sasha held my hand there for a moment, looked me in the eyes and said “Thank you. You have no idea how good that feels.”

I popped my fingers out of Sasha’s ass and rolled her onto her back. I needed to devour her ripe cunt before I moved on. She was delicious. She laid still resting her hand on my head while I lapped up all of her sweet honey. Sasha’s pussy was as pretty as she was. Her outer labia formed a tight little mound between her thighs. Her inner labia were perfectly symmetrical ever so slightly peeking out enticing you to lick them then delve deeper to find her treasured pearl.

Not that I was keeping score but that was 2 orgasms for Leigh and one each for Sasha and I and each of us had licked exactly one pussy.

I crawled up on to the table ignoring Sasha, allowing her to recover. I headed straight for Leigh. Leigh grunted a confused moan half wanting to be left alone half wanting more.

“Hi darlin’. How are you doing?”

“Good. Really good.”

I had my hand on her breast leaning over her looking into her eyes.

‘I love kissing you and touching you, so I’m going to do that some more ok?”

Leigh bit her bottom lip and nodded.

“And then I’m going to lick your pretty little coochie down here,” I reached down and put my hand on Leigh’s pussy, “because I haven’t had the chance to do that yet. Alright Leigh?”

I interrupted her nod with a soft kiss then a few more. I felt Leigh’s legs fall open while we kissed and I gently petted her pussy. Leigh held my head while we kissed without attempting to stimulate my body. There really was no need and maybe she sensed that.

Sasha had recovered. She crawled up behind me, in essence spooning with me. She kissed and bit my neck and shoulders trying her best not to interrupt our kisses. She fondled my tit for a while then moved her hand so it could run up and down my pussy and ass spreading my slippery discharge.

I started moving my kisses down Leigh’s body then started giving orders, one word between each kiss.

“It’s (kiss a shoulder) time (kiss a collar bone) I (kiss a nipple) eat (kiss the other nipple)” and so on until I completed the sentence “It’s time I eat Leigh’s pussy and Leigh gets to taste Sasha’s pussy.”

By the time I had finished my sentence I was kissing Leigh’s hips and thighs. Halfway through my sentence Sasha was no longer able to play with my pussy or tits so she has substituted Leigh’s lips and breasts for her amusement.

I looked up for a moment. They were beautiful together. Sasha’s ass caught my eye. I wanted one more taste before turning her over to Leigh. I spread Sasha’s legs sliding two fingers into her pussy then forced my face between her ass cheeks kissing and licking her anus until I was satisfied.

I moved back between Leigh’s splayed legs. “Before I make Leigh cum again, I want Sasha sitting on your face enjoying your tongue and lips like you enjoyed hers.”

I didn’t need to say anything else. I looked down at Leigh’s flower I split her labia majora pinching each side between my forefinger and middle finger of each hand. I laid there watching her pussy lips separate and come together while my fingers traversed her slit. I sensed Leigh’s intensity changing, rising in response to me playing with her pussy. Her hips rose a little each time my fingers pinched her clit or met at the base of her pussy just below her slippery canal. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Leigh reach down and start playing with Sasha’s cunt. I started moving my fingers faster then alternating one at the top one and the base of her cunt.

When I saw Sasha get up and straddle Leigh’s face I spread Leigh’s labia and dove in. I held her pussy open paying attention to when her orgasm was getting close, which was the moment when I would jab two or three fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her and sucking her clit until she exploded.

It was a short wait. I could hear Leigh’s moans getting louder even though Sasha’s pussy was absorbing most of the sound.

I inserted three fingers with ease then a fourth and kept licking and sucking Leigh’s protruding clit. Sasha was starting to moan louder as well. I was driving my hand into Leigh’s cunt pretty hard. I don’t know why but I folded my thumb into my palm and my entire hand slid into Leigh. Oh god, I was fisting her and all she was doing was pushing back wanting more.

Leigh started screaming. No words, just a scream, before her hips started bucking so wildly I couldn’t keep my mouth on her pussy. I kept fisting her using my other hand to massage and play with her clit.

She finally clamped her legs shut and inviting me to stop playing with her. I looked up. Sasha was still sitting on Leigh’s face but Leigh wasn’t doing much more than panting and licking Sasha lightly.

I waited for Leigh to release her clench on my fist before considering removing my it. I kissed the outside of Leigh’s thigh while I slid my hand out of her cunt. I made sure Leigh was settled before moving up to play with Sasha’s clit.

“No. Let me do that,” Leigh interrupted, “Just give me a few seconds.”

I stopped diddling Sasha and started kissing her. Until Leigh was ready I couldn’t resist touching and fondling Sasha’s cunt. Leigh finally pushed my hand aside. That was my queue to stand, straddle Leigh and put my pussy in Sasha’s face. She knew what to do. I held her head and reveled in her mouth and tongue. I was so much on edge that Sasha did not need to do anything creative or unusual to get me off, and she didn’t.

Sasha simply inserted two fingers in my vagina, pulled me towards her, sucked my clit into her mouth and began rolling it around under her tongue. Ummmm. It felt so good. It didn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm building, my keigels cramping trying to hold back pending waves from washing over my body. I cupped Sasha’s head with my hands, tilted my own head back and let the joy of another orgasm flow through me.

I held Sasha’s face against me until my climax was done and my body was calm. Leigh was still working away at Sasha’s pussy. I slowly got to my knees, and started kissing Sasha. Her lips tasted like my pussy. It was exciting to know that this was Sasha’s first experience with woman. The first time her lips were coated in someone else’s pussy juice. The first night she would share those lustily coated lips with another woman. My kisses were the last stimulation Sasha needed to release her own spasmodic climax riding Leigh’s face and moaning into my mouth until it was over.

We eventually all collapsed on the conference table, a jumbled pile of naked satisfied flesh.

“Oh my god. I’m so glad I stayed and we did this,” Leigh began, “This was incredible.”

I smiled and kissed Leigh on the shoulder. My arm was draped across her chest. Sasha was spooned behind me holding and lightly fondling one of my breasts.

“I doubt I will ever be able to concentrate during meetings in this room for the rest of my life,” Sasha added.

Leigh and I laughed and said “No shit.” in unison.

We laid there for a while touching and lightly caressing each other before slowly getting up, gathering our clothes and getting dressed.

As we left the room Leigh said, “I’m not sure I want to win the next bet. I think I would rather do this again then watch some guy from the office fuck Margaret.”

I grabbed Leigh’s ass, “Well, we don’t have to wait another three months you know.”

“Cripes, let’s not get addicted to doing this. We still have to get work done around here you know,” Sasha, the ever present manager said.

“Yes Sasha. But after our work is done, we can always find time for play I’m sure,” I said.

That night I downloaded and erased from the server the video and all the stills. Some of them were incredible. I got the opportunity to see both Sasha and Leigh totally engrossed in watching me make love to the other person, each eventually touching their breasts or caressing their crotch almost without realizing they were doing it. Three attractive women with great figures all naked and making love to each other. After I showered and got into my pjs and sat in my bed with my laptop. I sorted through most of the stills deleting ones that were either duplicates or were just poor photos because of content or movement. I masturbated once with Ricky my trusty battery powered lover before turning off the lights and falling asleep with a soft satisfied grin on my face.

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