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It Starts With Ice Cream

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The dance music was loud. The club was packed with sweaty bodies, and Karen was thirsty. She moved past gyrating bodies and through entangled couples. The dance club charged a lot for drinks, so she ordered a bottle of water and retreated to a corner. She sipped it and stared out at the dance floor. Karen was a twenty three year old senior in college, finishing up a Masters in communication.

She stood tall at five feet eleven inches. She had shoulder length brown hair with an athlete’s body. She stared enviously at the voluptuous women in the club, always noticing the large chests and round hips. She had been a tom boy throughout high school and developed late. Her chest had filled out finally to a large b-cup and she was always slightly resentful that it wasn’t larger.

She stared around the club looking at the guys and girls equally. This was her last spring break, and she was determined to enjoy it. She tossed the empty water bottle away and strode back out to the dance floor. Picking an empty spot at random she started swaying to the music again.

Almost immediately a presumably single guy started dancing close to her. She glanced at him through lidded eyes and checked out his profile. He was tall and thin, wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed off fairly toned biceps. He kept moving closer and she made no move to leave. His leg brushed hers and she smiled up at him. He smiled down at her, and moved in closer.

Their thighs started rubbing together. Karen let herself enjoy the music and the feeling of another body close to her. The man reached out his hand and caught one of the belt loops on her pants. She obliged and moved in closer. They started dancing in earnest now. His pelvis grinding against her thigh and her pelvis grinding against his. She felt a nudge on her hip and realized he was getting aroused. She turned away from him, and then backed up. She gyrated her ass against his growing erection and felt the hard member rub through her clothes. He moved both his hands to her hips now and started gyrating in synch with her.

She grinned to herself and swayed her hips back and forth. His member was very erect now and it was nestled in the cheeks of her ass, head facing down towards her lower lips. She continued dancing to the music and rubbing herself on the erect phallus.

She was getting aroused when she felt the man pull away from her. She frowned in annoyance and turned around. She looked up at his face. He leaned down and spoke loudly over the music, but she could barely hear him.

“What?” She asked.

“I said,” He repeated loudly. “Do you want to help me take care of this problem?” He said and motioned down to his erection, which was obvious through his pants.

“What do you mean, take care of?” She demanded, now more annoyed.

“In the parking lot.” He said and grinned.

She looked at him with disgust and turned around. She walked off angrily and lost him in the crowds of people. She found a free area of wall and leaned against it. The nerve of him. If he had of finessed her a little more, spent more time dancing, and then asked her better, he might have had a chance, she mused to herself, sucking a guy off in a parking lot is not a fun night.

She wondered if there was even any point to the club. She looked around at the people. Most of the guys here wanted to hook up for the night and most of the girls wanted to be picked up. She had made up her mind to leave when an attractive girl stepped out in front of her. Karen started to move past her but the girl caught her arm. Karen looked at her in surprise and the girl leaned forward to speak to her.

“My name is Gina.” The woman introduced herself. Karen looked closer at the girl. She was shorter than Karen, probably only five foot five inches, body weight no more than a hundred and twenty. She had short blond hair with bright eyes. It was hard to tell what color they were in the dance club but they were full of intelligence and laughter.

“I’m Karen.” Karen introduced herself. She wondered if she as being hit on.

“My boyfriend and I saw you with that guy. I heard what he said. I just wanted to tell you we felt bad for you, that guy’s a jerk.” Gina told her over the loud music.

Karen laughed. She was a little sad that she wasn’t being hit on, but this was probably better. She smiled at Gina.

“I guess with some of these girls it would have worked. Just not me.” Karen told her.

A man cam up and stood behind Gina. He smiled at her and Karen smiled back. Gina turned around and smiled up at him. She introduced Karen.

“Karen, this is my boyfriend Mark, Mark, her name is Karen.” Gina said.

“Hi Mark.” Karen said.

“Hi Karen, I’m sorry about that guy, we aren’t all like that.” Mark said.

Karen smiled and nodded her head.

“Well, we were just going to leave actually.” Gina said. “We just wanted to say hi I guess.”

“I was actually just going to leave as well. We can walk out together.” Karen said.

Gina and Mark both smiled. Karen found herself in the lead, with the other two following her. The made it out of the club and found they could now speak normally.

“So where are you both headed?” Karen asked politely.

“Actually, I think we are going to go get ice cream. Would you like to come? There is a Baskin Robbins pretty close, which is still open.” Gina said as she looked at her watch.

Karen opened her mouth and paused. She overruled her first impulse; which was to say yes to these two attractive people.

“No thanks. I’d be a third wheel.” She said. “And I should probably get home. It was nice meeting you though.” She finished.

“You really wouldn’t be a third wheel, its just ice cream.” Mark smiled at her.

“Yeah, we’d like you to come.” Gina said.

Karen again wanted to say yes. Instead, she smiled, and asked them straight out what was bothering her.

“We don’t even know each other, we said like two sentences to each other.” Karen said. “Why do you want me to come along?”

Gina looked up at Mark and her smile faded. Mark looked embarrassed.

“We are new here, and we don’t really have any friends. I guess we seem really desperate. Sorry about that.” Mark said.

“I’m sorry too.” Gina echoed and didn’t look into Karen’s eyes.

Karen immediately felt stupid.

“I’m sorry; you guys were just being nice to me.” Karen said hoping to ease their embarrassment.

“We were being really forward…” Mark started.

“No, I’m sorry now, come on, let’s go get ice cream.” Karen said. “I wanted to say yes, I just, you know, I wasn’t sure why you wanted to go with me, that’s all.” Karen said.

Gina’s smile returned and they all agreed to meet at the ice cream shop. Karen got in her car still feeling guilty at questioning her new friends, and soon she was there. They all ordered ridiculously large orders. Gina and Karen both ordered triple scooped cups and Mark ordered a sundae. They sat in the tiny chairs, Gina and Mark on one side, and Karen on the other.

Mark was the first to break the ice.

“We just moved here from upstate.” He said.

“Why the move?” Karen asked through a mouthful of mint chocolate chip ice cream. She blushed but the other two just giggled.

“I got accepted to school here.” Gina said. “It’s been six years since I have been in school, but I want to go back, get a better job.”

“So that makes you, twenty four?” Karen asked.

“I’m actually twenty five. That mean’s it has been seven years.” Gina said and then groaned. “I’m scared to go back.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Karen smiled at her. “What about you Mark? Work, school?”

“I got a bachelors degree already. She supported me while I went to school, now it’s my turn.” He smiled at Gina, who smiled back.

“Aww, that’s so sweet you guys.” Karen said.

Mark and Gina looked embarrassed, but in a friendly way this time. Talk turned to Karen’s school, and Mark’s job. The three sat around talking for almost an hour, until one of the employees came to their table and told them they were closing soon. Karen looked at her watch and realized it was midnight. She looked up at her new friends.

“I should probably go home now.” She said regretfully. Wary at first, she had become immediately attached to these two. They were so open and content people; they made her feel good simply by their presence.

“I don’t want to sound to forward again, but you can come get a drink at our house if you want, we live about twenty minutes away. I don’t know if you have work or school or something.” Gina said hesitantly.

“I’d love to, but I’m sure you guys are sick of me. We should definitely exchange numbers though.” Karen said.

“We aren’t sick of you at all.” Mark said and looked at her.

She looked at both of their faces and felt her resolve waver.

“It is getting kind of late…” She trailed off.

“Only if you want to, we aren’t trying to pressure you, but truly, we would love to have you.” Gina said.

She looked at Gina and Mark’s smiling faces. She felt a smile tug at her own lips.

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea though. What if you get sick of me later, then you will be too polite to say anything and then you guys won’t ever call me.” She reasoned.

“Leave that to us.” Mark said. “We will let you know, so how about it, a drink or two?”

“Oh…All right.” Karen agreed and grinned in response to their grins. They packed up their ice creams, since none of them had finished, and left the ice cream store.

Karen got in her car and wondered if she was doing the right thing. She didn’t change her mind though, and pulled out of the parking lot following Mark’s car. The trip didn’t take very long and she parked on the street behind them. She got out and walked awkwardly to their car. Her awkwardness soon vanished as she was engulfed in Gina’s kindness and enthusiasm.

Karen and Gina sat on the couch and Mark went to fix them drinks. Gina jumped up and returned with two spoons, and handed one to Karen. Karen opened her container of leftover ice cream and started eating. Gina was doing the same, and soon Mark brought over three tall glasses. He looked down at the two girls eating ice cream. He grinned.

“Sorry to leave you both, but I am going to take a quick shower.” Mark said.

Karen looked to Gina.

Gina looked at Karen and smiled. She looked up at Mark.

“Ok. We will wait right here.” She said.

“Ok. I will be back.” Mark said, and disappeared into the bathroom, a moment later the shower started.

“He takes long showers.” Gina confided in Karen.

Karen giggled and took a mouthful of ice cream.

Gina started talking about her and Mark, and her and everything. She talked for a few minutes and then Karen talked, and let Gina eat her ice cream. They traded off and both felt completely comfortable with each other. Karen was so glad that this night had gotten better.

“Can I try some of yours?” Gina asked shyly.

“Of course, have as much as you want.” Karen said, and made to hand her the container of ice cream.

“No, I just want one bite.” Gina said. Karen shrugged and took a spoonful and handed it to Gina. Gina took her spoon and put it in her mouth. She sucked the ice cream off and handed it back to Karen. Karen took another bite of her own, and so did Gina. Gina sucked her spoon clean and then took a small scoop and extended her hand out towards Karen. Karen wasn’t sure if she was supposed to take the spoon or just take the bite, so she just leaned forward and in one quick motion licked Gina’s spoon clean. Karen leaned back and smiled. Gina retracted her hand and took a bite of her own.

Karen used her spoon to scoop a small portion of ice cream. She decided to follow Gina’s lead, and she extended her arm out towards Gina.

Gina leaned forward and brought her hand up. Her hand caught Karen’s and held it in place. Karen smiled as Gina moved her mouth onto the spoon and belatedly realized that Gina was holding her hand. She ignored the feeling of awkwardness and watched as her friend ate off of her spoon. Gina leaned back and Karen had a flash of insight. She just realized how sexual this could be seen as. Eating from each other’s hands, each other’s spoons. Karen herself leaned back, and Gina let go of Karen’s hand.

A moment of uncomfortable silence followed and Mark re-entered the room. He had changed clothes and did indeed appear clean and now more comfortable. Gina and Karen smiled at him. Gina stood up. She looked at Karen.

“I’m going to take a shower as well.” Gina said. “I got sweaty in that club. Wait. Karen, would you like to have one? There is plenty of hot water, I have clean clothes…” Gina tailed off.

Karen, still slightly aware of their brief sensuality shook her head.

“No I am fine thank you.” She said.

“Ok, I’ll be right back.” Gina said, again smiling at Karen. Karen smiled back before she could help herself and then blushed. Gina had already turned and Karen looked at Mark. Mark was sipping his drink and watching Gina depart.

A few moments of silence passed until Mark spoke up.

“So do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend even?” He asked with a smile.

“None of the above right now.” Karen asked.

“I really don’t want this to freak you out, but I think it is better if it gets out in the open.” Mark started ominously.

Karen looked at him intently. “Go ahead.” She said. Fearing the worst. She couldn’t define what the worst was, but hoped it was nothing bad.

“I think Gina has a crush on you.” Mark said openly.

Karen stared at him in shock. She turned, but she saw the bathroom door closed and heard the shower running.

“She what?” Karen asked.

“I think she has a crush on you.” Mark said. “I know her pretty well, and the way she has been acting, I think that is what it is.” He finished.

“She’s bisexual?” Karen asked.

“Yes.” Mark said.

“What, do you guys have an open relationship or something?” Karen asked, startled.

“Sometimes. We discuss everything in great detail. We are always honest with each other.” Mark said.

Karen digested this new information. Well. It wasn’t as bad as she thought. That wasn’t so bad. Hell, Gina was gorgeous. Her suspicions flared and she looked at Mark.

“Do you have a crush on me?” Karen asked.

“I find you very attractive. I think it’s mostly a physical thing though.” Mark said honestly.

Karen sat dumbfounded.

“I know this probably has made you uncomfortable. I wanted to get it out in the open though, so that if it ever came out later, you wouldn’t be blindsided.” Mark said. “I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve made things worse.”

Karen barely heard Mark. She kept thinking about Gina, acting slightly bashful, but always fun, and full of energy. She was attracted to both Gina and Mark. She looked up at Mark and found him looking worriedly at her.

“Don’t worry.” She said and grinned at him. “It’s ok. How open of a relationship is this?” She asked.

“That all depends. What do you mean?” Mark asked hesitantly.

“I mean….I don’t know what I mean.” Karen said, but she grinned mischievously. “I don’t want to go home anytime soon.” She said and looked at Mark for reassurance.

“We are here for you as long as you want to stay, but don’t feel pressured to stay.” Mark said. “As I said, just be honest with what you want, we will respect your every decision.”

Karen nodded at him and then turned around. She heard the shower go off in the bathroom and a moment later Gina emerged with a towel around her head. She was wearing more comfortable clothes as well and she looked at them both with embarrassment.

“I know you said you were fine, but I have sweat pants if you want to throw them on, I know from experience your outfit isn’t the most comfortable.” Gina said quickly.

Karen looked down; she was wearing her tight black pants and a tight, low cut red shirt that exposed a large portion of her breasts. Karen looked back up at Gina.

“Well, the bra is annoying at least.” Karen admitted. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. Gina was sitting down on the couch with her back to Karen and Karen held her finger to her lips and Mark nodded softly.

Karen closed the bathroom door and pulled off her top. She unhooked her bra and re-donned her top. In the brief moment that her chest and nipples were exposed she felt them stiffen. She looked down at her shirt, now bra-less, and could see both her nipples faintly against the shirt. She grinned to herself in the mirror, slightly adjusted her hair, and then went back out to the living room.

Mark and Gina were talking about school. Karen walked around and sat next to Gina on the couch. The couple smiled at her again, and she returned their smiles. She bent down and grabbed her drink. She was aware of the cleavage she just presented Mark, and it she had to fight back her grin. She sipped her drink and set it back on the ground. She then picked up her ice cream and took a bite.

“So Karen, what do you think I should take my first semester?” Gina asked.

Karen pondered the question. She took another bite of ice cream. An idea flashed through her head, and again, she had to fight back the grin that wanted to betray her to the other two. She remembered the question and turned innocently to Gina.

“Just general credits.” She said. She kept eye contact with Gina, and took another bite of ice cream.

Gina reached down and got her ice cream and started eating it as well. Karen scooted closer to Gina. Gina looked a little startled, and looked at Mark, who remained impassive, watching.

Karen took a spoonful of ice cream on her spoon.

“Would you like another bite?” Karen asked. Her felt lightheaded, and couldn’t believe what she was about to do. But she knew she would, and that she wanted to, but that didn’t stop her from being scared of herself.

“Sure.” Gina smiled and leaned forward, expecting the spoon to be offered.

Karen moved the spoon towards herself though. She stared hard into Gina’s eyes, and in one swift motion, dropped the ice cream against her own chest. The cold ice cream made her nipples instantly hard. The ice cream was very cold, and kind of melted. It dripped down on her breast. Karen raised her eyebrow at Gina, as if daring her.

Gina broke the eye contact and Karen watched her eyes lower. Karen felt a flush of excitement run through her body as Gina stared at the ice cream, and at her chest.

Gina swallowed and looked back up at Karen.

“Karen…” She began.

“Do you want it?” Karen said sharply.

Gina didn’t say anything else. She moved forward slowly, as if in disbelief. Karen closed her eyes. Karen felt Gina’s soft lips make contact with her skin and it was like fire. Gina’s lips gently kissed where the ice cream was. Karen moved her hand to the back of Gina’s head. Karen held the other woman’s head against her chest. Gina’s lips never stopped. They kissed, and gently sucked, from the collar bone down to the top of Karen’s shirt. Karen kept her eyes closed and held Gina’s head against her chest.

Gina kissed and let her tongue softly lick the upper portion of Karen’s breasts. Karen’s nipples were poking through her shirt, and Karen obliged them. She used her free hand to gently pull down the fabric covering her left nipple. Her hand on Gina’s head gently pushed the short blonde haired woman towards her nipple. Gina let herself be guided and her lips brushed the hard nipple. Karen’s eyes were closed and she let a soft moan of pleasure escape her lips.

Gina gently sucked and flicked her tongue against Karen’s nipple. Karen murmured encouragingly.

“Good. Keep going Gina. Good.” Karen whispered.

Gina needed no prompting, but Karen still did not remove her hand from the back of Gina’s head. Karen pulled the right side of her top down as well, and now both of her nipples were exposed. The tight brown circles were stretching forward, and Gina moved now to the right one. Karen held Gina’s head firmly against her right breast. Karen’s eyes flickered to Mark, who was watching intently. Karen looked down at his crotch, and indeed, could see a bulge.

Karen released Gina’s head, and Gina, unsure, looked up at Karen.

Karen smiled down at her, and used her other hand to gently bring Gina up, until they were level with each other. Karen reached down and got another spoonful of ice cream, now almost entirely melted. This time, Karen put the ice cream in her own mouth, but left it on her tongue. Karen cupped Gina’s face and brought it close to her own.

Gina leaned forward and their lips brushed. Karen, with a mouthful of ice cream, sucked gently on Gina’s lower lip. Gina extended her tongue to dab at the ice cream and they kissed urgently. The ice cream was soon swallowed, but their tongues continued to dance together. Karen reluctantly and softly, pushed Gina away. Karen moved back to her spot on the couch.

“Yeah, general credits are best.” She said looking at Gina.

Gina’s face was flushed and she was alternating staring at Karen’s face and Karen’s exposed breasts.

Karen made no move to cover herself up, and she knew her small brown nipples were hard as rocks.

She glanced at Mark, who was just staring at her with lust in his eyes.

“I’m bared right now…” Karen said looking pointedly at them both.

Neither moved, and Karen grunted in frustration. These two would have to be taken by the hand.

Karen stood up. She told Gina to do the same. After Gina was standing, Karen moved close to her.

Karen let her hands rest on Gina’s hips. She took the bottom of Gina’s sweater and started pulling it up. Gina helped, and the sweater was tossed in a corner. Gina stood in a tight white t-shirt, and sweat pants. Karen moved her hand to Gina’s neck. She traced the tender neck muscles with her fingernail lightly, and traced the blonde woman’s collarbone as well. She moved her nail gently down Gina’s breast. Her finger grazed Gina’s already hard nipple through the t-shirt. Gina let out a small gasp and looked longingly at Karen. Gina moved her hand up to cup one of Karen’s exposed breasts, but Karen stopped the hand, and moved it gently back to Gina’s side.

“Not yet…” Karen said.

Gina was looking flustered. Karen sank down to her knees in front of the woman. Whenever Gina made to move, Karen gently forced her to stay in place. Karen grabbed the elastic waistband of the sweat pants and pulled them down. Gina was wearing a pair of white cotton panties. Her legs were incredibly smooth, and Karen ran a hand along the back of Gina’s leg appreciatively. After a few minutes of Karen’s gentle stroking, a small wet spot appeared on the Gina’s panties. Karen smiled at this sight, and hooked her fingers in the elastic waist band of the underwear. She pulled them off swiftly, and then gazed at Gina’s entire region.

Gina had a trimmed section of pubic hair, a long strip stopping short of the edge of her labia. Her clit was throbbing with blood, and her lips glistened with a coating of her excitement. Karen stared at the beautiful sight with appreciation and ran her hand along Gina’s flat stomach. She moved her hand down to Gina’s pelvis, and brushed against Gina’s pubic hair. Karen smiled and then stood up. Gina looked at her longingly, but Karen held up a hand. She rested two fingers gently against Gina’s lips, and she said softly.

“Shh. Not yet…” Karen whispered. “Have a seat on the couch.” She helped Gina sit down on the couch. Gina was now completely naked, and very willing. She sat on the couch and watched as Karen straightened.

Karen turned. She looked at Mark.

Mark had been watching the whole time, and the bulge in his pants was more noticeable now than it had been. Karen walked slowly towards him.

“Stand…” She said softly.

He did so. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. He leaned in for more but she pulled back. He looked at her eyes and straightened. She smiled and put her hands on his shirt. She lifted it up and tossed it away. Mark was topless, in sweat pants that matched the one’s Gina had discarded.

Karen sank to her knees in front of him.

His pants were bulging obscenely, and she grinned at it. She gently hooked her hands around the waist of pants, and in one quick motion, pulled them down.

His erection greeted her. Now that it was freed, it stood rock hard. His long shaft hovered close to her. She bent down further, and tilted her head up, so she was below his penis, looking up at him. She moved her head forward and kissed his thigh. She traced a finger lightly up his leg and then let the finger gently dance along the hair of his balls. She brought her palm up and cupped them both. She moved her face up and kissed the shaft of his dick. She moved back and kissed the head softly. She moved her hand away from his balls, and pushed his shaft up towards him. It was stiff in her hand, and she felt empowered. She pushed it up, and then gently licked once, from the base, up until her tongue gently lapped against the underside of the head. He closed his eyes in pleasure as her tongue caressed the head of his dick. A small drip of precum exited his shaft, and she sucked it up immediately. She swallowed the tiny drop and then released his dick. She stood up and kissed him gently on the cheek. She then stepped back.

She looked at Gina. Gina had been gently playing with her nipples while the little exhibition had been going on. Gina stared at the other two with such longing in her eyes, that Karen took pity on her.

“Ok. I’ve teased you both enough I think. Your turns.” Karen said cheerfully.

Karen looked back and forth between the two naked people and giggled. She moved to the couch and sat down heavily. She moved her hands to toy with her nipples and she awaited their actions. Gina was the first to react. She crawled over and moved between Karen’s legs. She leaned forward and moved Karen’s hands away from her nipples, and replaced them with her own. Her mouth kissed and sucked on Karen’s neck, while her fingers traced the Karen’s areolas. Mark walked around behind the couch. He gently turned Karen’s head towards him. He leaned forward and his dick was presented to Karen’s face. She leaned forward and took the tip into her mouth. She sucked gently on the head and moved farther down.

Gina moved from Karen’s neck and licked and sucked on Karen’s nipples. Karen involuntarily bucked her hips at the pleasure and moved her mouth farther down Mark’s erect shaft. Karen closed her eyes and her tongue massaged Mark’s swollen head. Gina hastily unbuttoned Karen’s pants and slid the tight things off. She left Karen’s panties on however, and her hand placed itself on Karen’s hot spot. Gina’s hand pressed hard against Karen’s slit. Gina moved her finger along the warm lips and felt the nub of the clit against her middle finger. Gina bent down and licked the area through Karen’s black underwear. Karen murmured. Her mouth worked harder on Mark’s dick and he let out a moan of his own. He started slowly moving back and forth, and Karen obligingly sucked as it thrust forward, farther into her mouth.

Gina sucked Karen’s clit through the thin material. Gina moved back and pulled the g-string off. She was presented with Karen’s wet pussy. Gina moved down hungrily and licked along the lips. Her tongue flicked Karen’s clit and Karen bucked her hips again under the onslaught. Gina devoured the taste. Her tongue coaxed moisture and her lips sucked it down. She moved farther down, and inserted her tongue as far as it would go into Karen. Gina moved her hand to Karen’s clit and teased it while her tongue entered the soft folds of Karen.

Karen had felt her pussy burn with the lust. She sucked Mark harder and harder in response, and he clamped his hand on her head, moving it hard onto his dick. She pulled back though, and he let her. But she moved straight back on, concentrating on the head. Her tongue massaged the underside of his dick, while her lips sucked and were tight on his shaft.

Gina moved her hand down to play with her own clit as she sucked on Karen’s hole.

Mark pulled away from Karen. He didn’t want to cum yet. Karen reluctantly let him go, and looked down at Gina, still working on her clit. Karen closed her eyes and moved her hands down onto Gina’s head. Gina redoubled her efforts and Karen let the orgasm take her.

She shuddered and pinched her nipples hard. She gasped with pleasure and looked down at Gina again, sucking at her hole while her fingers worked wonders on her clit.

Gina looked up and Karen moved her head up. Gina half stood, and leaned in.

Karen knew what she was going to do.

Their lips met, and Karen tasted herself. They locked tongues and Gina made herself comfortable. They kissed. Gently, quickly, softly, and brutally. Gina was grinding her pelvis against Karen’s and Karen felt another orgasm building.

Gina broke the kiss. She rolled off, and spread her legs. Her hands pinched Karen’s nipples softly and Karen cried out in pleasure. Gina grinned and guided Karen down onto her. Karen licked at Gina’s nipples for a minute. Karen was impatient however, and moved down to the prize. Her lips met Gina’s lower lips. Karen used her fingers to spread the lips apart, and then lick up the wet slit.

Gina moaned and her hands caressed Karen’s face. Karen was intent. Her tongue circled Gina’s clit and her fingers gently caressed Gina’s lower folds. Karen was on her knees bent towards Gina’s slit when she felt hands grab her hips. She was intent on sucking Gina however.

It happened in a heartbeat.

She felt herself entered.

She cried out as Mark’s erection entered her wet slit and slid into her hole. He was taking her from behind, and she loved it.

She leaned back to the task at hand, trying to ignore the burning desire that stemmed from being penetrated. She sucked the clit, and brought her fingers to the entrance of Gina.

Gina writhed on the couch. She watched as Mark thrust into Karen and she felt an orgasm building.

Mark felt his balls loosening. Karen’s tight hole was warm, and his eyes were locked on his girlfriend being eaten out by another girl.

Karen almost passed out. The thrusts were coming harder from behind, and she felt like she was on fire. She jammed her fingers inside of Gina, intent that if she cam, others would to. She fingered as fast as she could, never taking her mouth away from Gina’s clit. Tasting the other woman was driving her crazy, as she was pounded from behind.

Gina came in waves, the slow build up caused the orgasm to carry out, and she looked down to see Karen working furiously at her clit. She screamed and came, pushing the others over the edge.

Karen started next. As with Gina, her orgasm built and stayed. She felt reverberations from her clit outwards. Her hole felt like a dam being broken. The dick thrusting at her had slowed but was going harder.

Mark loosed himself inside of Karen. His sperm shot hard into her slit and he entered her one last time, releasing everything he had. He almost fell forward but held himself. Staying inside of Karen even as his erection died.

Karen continued coming, after both the others were spent. Her pussy clenched and she fell forward. She rolled onto her back and lay staring at the ceiling. Gina recovered first and rolled onto the floor with Karen. She moved between Karen’s legs, and licked her clean. She sucked all the sperm she could get out of Karen’s soaked slit.

Mark moved his half erect dick to Karen’s mouth. She cleaned if off as Gina had cleaned her. Mark’s cock throbbed, but then continued shrinking. He lay down next to Karen, and Gina lay back on the other side. The three lay panting on the floor. Karen stretched out her arms and drew the other two closer to her. They obligingly rolled closer and the three sweaty naked bodies curled together. All three of them kissed each other, Gina and Mark, Mark and Karen, and Gina and Karen. Karen giggled after they tried a triple kiss. She looked up at the ceiling and spoke to both of them.

“So…you wanna do that again?” Karen asked with a grin.

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