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Cory’s Obsession

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Cory had been a good wife to Ben; at least, she thought she had. Then just a month ago, she had come home unexpectedly early and found Ben with Elaine, their dentist’s assistant for god’s sake. It was right in the living room. Cory had come in, and there was Elaine, an admittedly cute blond of about twenty, naked as the day she was born and sitting in Cory’s favorite chair, her reading chair.

Between Elaine’s thighs and kneeling on the floor was Ben energetically giving Elaine head. Cory had stood there in shock for nearly two minutes before Elaine saw her and screamed. Cory ordered them both out and immediately began divorce proceedings against Ben.

Just out of the shower, Cory looked at herself in the bathroom mirror critically. She was tall. Five foot eight, dark hair, nearly black. Her face was pretty, even lovely with those pouty lips and high cheekbones, but maybe her breasts were too small. She hefted them and ran her fingers over her nipples, which hardened instantly. They looked about average, but they’d be large on a smaller woman.

Her waist was slim, and her hips were full, and her legs were long and shapely with rich calves fairly rippling with her muscles. Many men had told her that she had the most beautiful legs that they’d ever seen. Her pussy was covered with black hair – not too thin, not too thick. She had a beautiful, even tan without bikini marks – a salon tan. So what was it with Ben? Was it because Elaine was blond? Or was it because the sexy young blond was about six years younger than Cory?

Elaine had really looked good in Cory’s favorite chair too; her pale, smooth legs spread wide, her trimmed, golden bush invitingly parted for Ben’s hungry mouth. Cory closed off that line of thought quickly. What was she? Some kind of masochistic pervert? There was no question that one of the emotions that had been in Cory’s mind as she stood viewing Ben and Elaine was sexual arousal.

Lust even. Not arousal for her naked, kneeling husband, but arousal for the spread-open blond girl with the pink nipples. Even now, despite the pain, the horror and the loss, she could become aroused thinking of those slim ankles, those perky breasts, the swollen lips between her pale thighs… Disgusted with herself, Cory hastily put on a bra and a pair of panties, no longer wanting to even see her own nude body lest it arouse her to more perverse thoughts.

Her doorbell rang and Cory hastily threw on a terrycloth robe and went to answer the door. It was Lisa again. Lisa was her neighbor, a young blond woman in her early twenties who lived alone, a stewardess who traveled a lot. Lisa had come by frequently since Ben had been thrown out, apparently desiring to comfort and reassure Cory.

It was sweet, and Lisa was good company, so Cory didn’t mind, even though Lisa’s blondness tended to remind Cory of Elaine. Which wasn’t fair of course. They weren’t even the same ‘type’ blond. Elaine was a Nordic blond with nearly white hair. Lisa was a darker, more golden blond. And Lisa was a friend, not a rival.

Lisa came in dressed in an airy yellow dress, her blue eyes sparkling like her shining smile, her golden-yellow hair flowing down in waves just over her shoulders. Cory thought her dimples were sexy when Lisa smiled, and Lisa smiled a lot at Cory. Cory tried to ignore the loveliness of Lisa’s legs – why was she wearing such a short skirt anyway! And her tan! It was so even that her smooth legs looked as if she was wearing hose.

Lisa eyed Cory’s robe with a cocked eyebrow, “Hardly managing to get started these days, are we?”

Cory closed the door and sat down heavily on the couch, tears of frustration threatening to form in her eyes. She just had to stop thinking of other women that way! Trying not to sob, she said, “Yeah, it’s hard, really hard!”

“Hey,” said Lisa anxiously as she sat down beside Cory, “I didn’t mean to be so flip. I’m sorry, really sorry!”

“Oh, it’s not your fault, Lisa,” began Cory, and then she began to spill it all for the first time, including her perverted sense of attraction to Elaine’s wanton nudity, but ending on what really hurt, her husband’s infidelity.

“That sucks,” said Lisa softly, “Why, if I had a woman like you, I’d never look at another!”

Cory chuckled and corrected her, “You mean if you were a man and had a woman like me.”

“No, I don’t.”

Cory realized that Lisa was stroking her arm. Goose bumps rose beneath the blonde’s gentle touch. Cory raised her eyes to look into Lisa’s steady blue ones and saw lust there, lust that stirred Cory’s groin just because someone was attracted to her when she’d been feeling so unattractive. “B-but, I’ve never done, you know, anything with a woman before.”

Lisa whispered, “Maybe you should.” Her lips were close to Cory’s neck now, and Cory could feel her hot breath tickling. A thrill ran through Cory’s body, and she just leaned back, trying to catch her breath. “You know, feeling attracted to Elaine is pretty natural,” Lisa casually put her hand on Cory’s thigh and gently squeezed, “after all, all women are sexy. That’s why men want us, and it’s why they cheat on us to be with other women.”

She parted the top of Cory’s robe and ran her hand over Cory’s bra, her lips lightly brushing just under Cory’s ear. Cory closed her eyes, remaining passive. Lisa opened the robe more and began kissing Cory’s face and neck, gentle kisses that warmed where they touched. Cory moaned, surrendering. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered who would do what and how. But her cunt was tingling. Her nipples were hard as rocks, showing even through her bra.

Lisa pulled the robe down over her shoulders and with one hand reached behind and unhooked Cory’s bra. Her breasts fell loose as the blond whipped away the brunette’s bra. Lisa made a little noise of delight in the back of her throat and gently clamped her mouth over one then the other erect brown nipple.

“We shouldn’t do it in here,” protested Cory, “not in the living room.”

“Why not?” Lisa tossed Cory’s robe aside and slid her hand between Cory’s legs and squeezed the damp crotch of her panties.

Cory raised her hips as Lisa worked to pull down her panties. “You have really sexy legs,” breathed Lisa, running her hands over them. Her eyes locked on to the dark delta in the center of Cory’s hips, “In fact, you’re pretty everywhere. Really pretty!”

Almost as if it were someone else’s voice, Cory heard herself say, “I think you’re sexy, too.” Using the palms of her hands, Lisa spread Cory’s thighs and began exploring Cory’s slit with her fingers. The blonde’s hand worked slowly, sliding two fingers up Cory’s vagina. Cory rocked her hips, gently fucking. Each time she came down on the hand, Lisa’s thumb pressed against her clit. Just as Cory thought she might come, Lisa pulled her hand away.

Cory whimpered.

“Not yet, darling,” said Lisa with a broad grin dimpling her cheeks. She had a few freckles lightly sprinkled across her nose that Cory found very endearing at that moment as Lisa knelt between Cory’s thighs and lowered her pretty blond head into Cory’s hungry lap. Cory closed her eyes with ecstasy as she felt Lisa’s hot moist tongue wash her vulva and then begin to systematically explore every nook and cranny of her pussy.

Cory raised her knees by propping her heels on the edge of the couch and reached down, spreading her swollen lips wide with her hands. She peeked at Lisa’s pretty face worshiping between her legs and felt rather than saw the two fingers reentering her vagina. Lisa licked and fucked her slowly, her blue eyes gazing adoringly and shamelessly up into Cory’s.

“I’m going to come!”

“Don’t.” Lisa commanded.

“I’ve got to!” gasped Cory, trying hard to distract herself from the pretty face between her legs. She thought about the housework and the grocery shopping, but then a picture popped into her mind, a picture of Elaine naked in her favorite chair, her legs spread wide, her toes curling in the nap of the carpet… A white hot flash like a jolt of electricity snaked through her body. Tingling spread through her all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes.

The muscles in her pussy convulsed causing a chain reaction of pleasure pulses to spread through her hips like a splash of hot water. “Oh – No – Ohhh!” she cried, pulling Lisa’s head to her. She ran her fingers through the soft blond curls and rubbed her exploding pussy in the younger woman’s face as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

At the height of it, just when Cory thought she might pass out, she felt Lisa’s tongue slide down her slit and give one wet little lick over her asshole. It was like reigniting the orgasm. Then she felt the blonde’s tongue ease slowly but relentlessly up inside her bottom as far as it would go, her nose pushed into Cory’s vagina. Cory cried out again, her whole body shaking as her hips bounced up and down like she was impaled on Lisa’s rigid tongue and bouncing on the boinking nose. At last, gently and reluctantly, she pushed Lisa’s face away from her still tingling groin and asshole.

“Well,” Lisa smiled broadly, her lovely dimples complimenting the light sprinkle of freckles across her nose as she looked up sweetly at Cory from between her legs, “If you’ve got to come, you’ve got to come!”

Cory laughed, still breathing hard. Her body felt weak like she couldn’t move. Lisa stayed on the floor between Cory’s now relaxed and stretched out legs. She was rubbing them gently, occasionally giving little kisses to Cory’s thighs. After a few quiet moments, Cory touched her cheek and asked, “Did you really like doing that?”

“I loved it!” Lisa delicately kissed a little kiss right on Cory’s clit. Cory shivered in her hips.

Cory wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what, so she just said, “Lisa,” in a soft voice. As if obeying a command, Lisa rose and sat in Cory’s lap, put her arms around Cory’s neck and for the first time, kissed Cory full on the mouth. It was a soft kiss, a wet kiss, and a very intimate kiss. The aromas of her own loins filled Cory’s nose, mildly shocking her to find herself in a soul kiss with another woman, a lovely, sexy, curvy woman whose face smelled fascinatingly like Cory’s own pussy.

Cory was further surprised to find herself getting aroused again, very aroused! It was during that long tender kiss, which was turning into a heavy breathing kiss, that Cory got the idea. Finally, unable to hold it in any longer, she broke the kiss and told Lisa, “Why don’t you go and sit in that chair.”

“That chair? Where Elaine was, and Ben was on his knees?”

“Yeah, my favorite chair. It hasn’t been used for anything lately.”

“Are you sure?” Lisa looked doubtful and gave Cory another kiss, “You don’t have to return any favors, you know. I really loved what I did to you.”


Lisa straightened immediately and walked across the room, “Well, if you’re going to use the magic word…” Lisa unzipped her dress and unhooked her bra, without removing either. Then she sat down demurely in the chair, her legs together and angled casually to one side. Cory, who had followed, knelt at her feet, admiring the blonde’s tanned curvy calves as she shyly kissed each of Lisa’s dimpled knees.

“If you want me naked like Elaine was, I’ll need to stand to take off my dress,” Lisa paused and raised her skirt to reveal white cotton panties. She spread her legs briefly, “Or if you want me to look slutty, just take off my panties, leave my heels on and raise my skirt like this.”

“Naked,” breathed Cory hoarsely, practically panting and at the same time, wondering at the depth of her sudden lust for her blond friend.

Obediently, Lisa stood, letting her dress and bra fall away. Even as she stepped out of them, Cory was already pulling down the panties and gazing at Lisa’s body with awe. Unlike the marble white Elaine, Lisa had an even tan except for creamy bikini marks on her breasts and loins. Her pubic hair was a milk chocolate brown, much lighter than Cory’s black mound and a much darker than Elaine’s sparse golden pubic delta.

Lisa’s breasts were slightly smaller than average size, and her nipples were a pale tan. Cory remembered that Elaine’s nipples had been pink, then wondered at herself for comparing the two blonds and for thinking of Elaine at all. As Lisa sat back down, Cory rose on her knees and leaned forward to kiss and suck briefly at each of Lisa’s nipples. The way that Lisa’s nipples hardened between her lips aroused Cory even more that she already was, although she couldn’t have said why. So she continued kissing and sucking at the blonde’s breasts for several minutes.

Then without further preamble, she sat back on her haunches and used her fingers to spread the nether lips of Lisa’s pussy. She had never looked at a woman’s genitals like this, and it fascinated and stimulated her. The dark brown hair parted easily exposing the vermillion slash, glistening with moisture. Cory’s fingers trembled slightly as she gazed at the perfect little hooded clit, the almost invisible urethra opening and the very visible vagina opening, like a warm, wet inviting cavern.

Lisa, waiting patiently as Cory examined her, let a low moan escape as Cory’s fingertips lightly brushed her clit. Cory shuddered in empathy, clamping her own thighs tightly as she lowered her head to give Lisa a kiss, a kiss between her lower lips, her tongue exploring all the spaces inside of Lisa’s warm slit. Cory had wondered if the smell would repel her, but now that she was here, it seemed the sexiest perfume in the world!

Each time that Lisa shivered or moaned, it seemed to Cory like she’d just thrust her clit into the blond, like her clit was her dick. She’d never had these feelings with men. Sure, it gave her pleasure to go down on a guy, but mainly just because he liked it. Now, pleasuring Lisa was as stimulating as if someone was going down on her. Absently she wondered if she was going to come before Lisa did, even though nothing was touching her pussy.

When Lisa did begin to come, Cory was so excited by Lisa’s pussy and writhing hips that she did begin to come along with her, and hard too! It was the first time that Cory had ever experienced an orgasm without direct stimulation of her clitoris. She rubbed her face in Lisa’s pussy, wanting to smear her whole body in the sweet, musky, come-juice.

Then, remembering what Lisa had done to her, Cory slid her tongue to the base of Lisa’s slit and licked at the hidden pale-brown pucker of her asshole. Lisa groaned and raised her knees, and Cory took full advantage, using her tongue to penetrate Lisa’s bottom. Lisa squirmed and groaned again.

Cory slowly drew her tongue back up the slit, tasting Lisa’s womanliness while the blond shuddered her delight. Cory wondered if Elaine would taste like this. The thought was enough to give her orgasm a final powerful clench. Panting too heavily to kiss, the two women embraced and held each other a while.

A week later, Cory thought back about that first session of love-making with Lisa, about how they’d spent the rest of the day taking turns, sixty-nining – everything they could think of. Twice since they’d shared similar afternoons, and while sex with Lisa was satisfying and wonderful, still she found herself obsessing about Elaine and wondering how she might be seduced. First, she decided, she should call Elaine and ask her out to lunch. She called Elaine at work, and sure enough, the younger woman was very cautious.

“Look,” assured Cory, “I don’t hold anything against you at all. I’ve already flown to Vegas, and my divorce is final. I just need to talk to you, for closure, at least, that’s what my therapist calls it. Just a few questions for my peace of mind, that’s all.” Which was an outrageous lie, since Cory didn’t even have a therapist, but she thought it sounded good, and should demand a sympathetic response.

Elaine was a big-hearted girl, so she sighed, “I guess that won’t hurt beyond the misery of unbearable awkwardness.” Unexpectedly she giggled, and then added in a lighter tone, “What did you have in mind?”

“Why not swing by this evening. I’ll fix a light supper, and we’ll kill a bottle or two of nice wine. Okay?” Cory held her breath, knowing that the girl might be hesitant to revisit the place of the embarassing scene. But Elaine softly agreed, and a jubilant Cory hung up. She’d roast a chicken and make a nice Malaysian salad.

The meal was awkward, but by the second glass of wine afterwards, the mood was beginning to relax. Cory suggested that they retire to the living room, and scooped up the wine bottle when Elaine agreed. As they walked into the living room, Cory eyed Elaine with great interest. She was about five foot five, noticeably shorter than Cory, her ice-blond hair cascading down over her shoulders almost to her breasts.

She’d dressed well, a nice red shift with a vee neck, a tight waist and billowing skirt. She wore sheer stockings and a pair of matching red high heels. Her breasts were made to seem generous by the low cut supportive neckline, and the rich curves in her pale legs frankly excited Cory. Cory herself was dressed in a dark red dress, very simple and sleeveless. She wore black sheer stockings, and had long since kicked off her heels.

As they both sat down on the couch, Cory noticed that Elaine’s face was pretty; oval shaped, and had Cupid’s bow lips. Her eyes were a startling bottle green with long dark lashes. Cory looked at her thoughtfully, “Has anyone ever told you how much you resemble Christina Applegate?”

Elaine giggled nervously, “Yeah, I get that a lot, but I swear I’m not as dumb as Kelly Bundy.”

“So,” began Cory with her friendliest smile, “Why don’t you just tell me about you and Ben.”

Elaine looked down shyly, and while fingering the stem of her wine glass, began to speak, “Do you promise not to brain me with that wine bottle?”

Cory laughed lightly and sat the bottle on the coffee table closer to Elaine than to herself. “There, now you can grab the bottle to brain me if you feel the need to defend yourself.” Then she just looked at the blond with an expectant smile.

Elaine shrugged without smiling back, “There’s not much to tell, really. That’s the main reason that I agreed to come over. It was just that once. Of course, since I knew you from the dentist’s office, I knew that the two of you were married, but he told me that you were getting a separation, but…” Elaine hesitated, looking really embarrassed, “but I probably would have accepted his pass anyway. Maybe you’ll think I’m a slut, but, I just really love sex, and then there was you.”

“Me?” asked Cory, surprised.

Elaine shrugged, a very pretty gesture when she did it, “I can’t help but be a little jealous of tall, beautiful women like you with tans that look painted on. Like, I guess it excited me that a man who had such a woman would even want me.”

Cory grinned, “How sweet of you!” She leaned forward and lightly kissed Elaine on the cheek. Elaine was startled, and she blushed, but she didn’t push Cory away.

“What was that for?” Elaine asked.

“For making a poor, rejected woman feel pretty about herself again,” answered Cory. Both women set their wine glasses on the coffee table.

“Oh, you’re pretty all right,” said Elaine, “In fact, you’re one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. There’s no reason for you to feel rejected. I suspect Ben was just crazy. If it helps, I’m sorry now that I did it. I think I’d rather be friends with you than with Ben, anyway.”

Filled with several emotions, Cory leaned forward again, and this time lightly kissed Elaine on those pretty lips. The kiss was brief, and Elaine didn’t respond, but once again, she didn’t push Cory away either.

Clearly startled again, Elaine asked, “And what was that one for?”

“Well, now that you’ve told all,” began Cory, “I’m afraid I have a confession to make, and I thought I ought to grab my chance to kiss you before you went away all upset.”

Elaine grinned, a lovely open smile, “I don’t upset all that easily. What do you want to confess?”

“I really asked you here because I’m attracted to you.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Cory took a deep breath, “No, I’m serious. Sure, when I saw the two of you together, I felt all the betrayed wife stuff, and that finally faded away when I got rid of the jerk. But, the sight of you there…” This time, Cory shrugged, “I just can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve thought of little else for weeks. I guess by now you must think I’m a pervert…”

Elaine rested her fingertips lightly on one of Cory’s black-stockinged knees, “For real? You’re saying that you want to have sex with me? And that’s why you asked me here?”

Cory nodded, “I had big plans to seduce you, but when it comes down to it, I don’t really know how to go about it.”

Elaine giggled, blushing, “Wow, I just never imagined! I mean really, I’m not offended, and I don’t think you’re a pervert; in fact, I’m very flattered. Wow! Very flattered! I just don’t know how to react.”

“Have you ever considered, you know,” Cory paused to lick her lips, her mouth was suddenly so very dry, “having sex with a woman before?”

“Well sure,” Elaine answered quickly, “I mean, who hasn’t, but never too seriously, I guess. I mean, well, when I was a teenager, me and a girlfriend kissed some and felt each other up… You know, one of those times when you’re so horny you’ll do anything. So, um…” Elaine swallowed, her blushes getting even redder, “This is all just from seeing me, you know, um, naked?”

Gathering her nerve, Cory scooted closer to the blond girl and put her arm around her, “Yeah. Naked.” Cory lightly kissed her neck once. Elaine shivered. “Naked with your legs spread wide like that…so charming…so sexy…” Cory laid her hand on Elaine’s knee, “Now, I want to be where Ben was.”

“Well, um,” Elaine had to pause to swallow again, “To be honest, I kind of like the idea of you between my legs. What do you want me to do?”

Cory lightly licked Elaine’s ear and whispered, “Nothing, or anything you want to do. If you want, you can close your eyes and pretend that it’s a man, or if you want to play with a woman’s body, you can do anything to me that you want to. Anything.” Cory reached behind the blond and pulled the zipper to her dress down and unfastened her bra. The low cut neck of the dress fell away with the bra slightly revealing Elaine’s small, firm pink-nippled breasts. Cory delicately pulled the top further away and arched her neck to kiss those sugar-pink nipples.

“Oh!” gasped Elaine as Cory moved from one nipple to the other, “I think I’m going to kinda like this a lot!” Almost casually, she kicked her heels away, “I uh, have a request. It would be a real turn on.”

Still holding Elaine’s left nipple delicately between her lips, Cory asked, “Umm?”

“Yeah,” muttered Elaine, “not that you’re not already turning me on!” She gave Cory a quick peck on the forehead then whispered, “Could you, you know, strip for me. You know, you’ve already seen all of me… I guess I want to catch up.”

“Sure,” was Cory’s throaty answer. But first, she just had to kiss that pretty mouth again, so she did. This time, Elaine’s lips opened readily, her tongue fencing with Cory’s with hot little darts and flashes. Reluctantly, Cory pulled away to stand up. “God, you’ve got me so hot!”

Elaine just sat there, breasts prettily bare, her dress crumpled about her waist and her hands demurely in her lap as Cory slowly unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She was wearing nothing underneath but her black hose held up by a black garter belt. She could see a keen interest in Elaine’s green eyes and parted lips, so she revolved slowly and gracefully like a fashion model.

“Cory, you’re so beautiful!” cried Elaine as she unselfconsciously touched her slightly smaller, more pointed breasts with their gumdrop-pink nipples, “I mean, you’re like a super-model or something!” Her gaze arrested on Cory’s wide, shapely hips and the mysterious dark triangle nestled in the center. She was a bit intimidated by Cory’s genitals for the potential sex act that they represented, but as she searched her feelings, she felt her intimidation giving way to curiosity and even an honest admiration for the beauty of the pubic mound and its hidden wonders.

Of course, Elaine had never gone down on a woman before, but her mind’s eye could clearly recall men between her legs, indeed a flash of Ben kneeling at her feet appeared in her mind, and she could almost feel his mouth exploring her, entering her. It was almost automatic for her mind to make the substitution, as if suddenly she were Ben, opening Cory’s lower lips with her tongue… Those full, black-stockinged legs wrapping around her…

She glanced up, suddenly self-conscious and saw in Cory’s eyes that the brunette knew that Elaine had been thinking about what it would be like to go down on a woman. She blushed, but she only saw approval and affection in Cory’s gaze, so she let her eyes resume their roaming over Cory’s curves.

Cory obliged by resting her toe on the couch, unsnapping one stocking from her garter belt and slowly peeling the stocking down her leg, simultaneously making sure that Elaine got a very improved view of her pubic lips. Knowing that Cory was deliberately giving Elaine a slightly spread open view of her pussy excited the blond terrifically, triggering the revelation that sex between women was foremost a giving thing.

Elaine intuited that Cory’s plainly stated desire to go down on Elaine was entirely dominant over any sexual favors that Elaine might or might not return, and that the blond was truly in no way obligated to respond in a like manner. This really made Elaine want to do it. Now she really wanted to go down on Cory. Putting her mouth on another woman’s pussy was the only part of her lesbian fantasy that had balked her from trying it sooner. But now she wanted that part most of all.

“I understand now,” she murmured as Cory stepped out of the garter belt totally nude and posed, legs spread slightly apart, one pretty foot a half-step forward.

For Cory, she was finding exhibitionism a fresh and exciting experience as she watched the growing fascination in Elaine’s face. Then the blond girl stood, letting her dress fall in a puddle about her feet, leaving the blond wearing pantyhose and nothing else. Eyeing the golden triangle of pubic hair mashed flat by the pantyhose, Cory smiled, “You’re not wearing panties either, dear!”

Already red from blushing, Elaine turned redder as she shed her pantyhose, “It gets too hot with um, panties on…” Cory stepped forward and took the smaller, pale girl in her arms and kissed her deeply. Elaine reached her arms up around Cory’s neck and kissed back with all of her passion, both women enjoying the feel of their breasts pressed together, all four nipples taut with desire. When Cory pulled back from the kiss, Elaine giggled, “I still can’t believe we’re really doing this!”

Cory reached down between Elaine’s legs and traced a fingertip down her slit; it was already getting wet and slippery, “Any more requests before I make you come in my mouth?” Asked Cory softly, laconically.

Her face still pink from blushing, Elaine was hesitant, “Well…”

“Anything!” breathed Cory softly.

“Would you um, kiss me, from behind, you know?” Elaine began blushing again, but her gaze was steady, “It’s something I ask guys to do to show how much they want me, and… well, not just that… See, I really like it a lot!”

“Bend over,” Cory’s voice was husky, “And I’ll show you how bad I want you. Over there,” she said, pointing to her favorite chair, the fantasy chair. Almost demurely, Elaine crossed the room, and with one quick, shy backward glance at the following brunette, she knelt on the floor in front of the chair and rested her elbows on the seat. Cory squatted behind the girl, her eyes hungrily drinking in the lovely heart-shaped bottom with smooth, white unblemished skin.

Slowly, she ran her hands over the soft skin, feeling the curves all the way down to the girl’s ankles, then running her hands back up to those sweet round cheeks. First she kissed each soft cheek with many little kisses, and then she used her hands to gently spread them, revealing a clean, pink pucker almost an inch above where her pretty pussy ended. Once again, Cory’s desire was so intense that she clenched her own thighs together as she kissed the pink pucker, a woman’s most secret, private place.

Elaine moaned, and Cory responded by slowly licking the hole, then piercing it with brief tiny darts of her tongue that barely penetrated.

“Yes, oh yes!” muttered Elaine between gasps as she reached around and used her hands to spread the cheeks of her rear even wider. Cory embraced the blonde’s bottom with her left arm and used her right hand to cup her moist pussy while she slowly and deliberately eased her tongue deep into the sphincter. She could feel Elaine using her muscles to loosen and then tighten, effectively drawing her tongue in even deeper than she would have been able to push it on her own.

The blond cooed and wriggled her bottom, her hands clutching at Cory’s hair now, her tight little hole sucking at Cory’s tongue. For several minutes, Cory continued the tongue-butt-fuck then suddenly with a deep sigh and shudder, Elaine straightened and sat on the chair, looking down at Cory, the blonde’s breath heavy through her open lips as she slowly and meaningfully spread her legs in total surrender. She watched the naked dark haired woman as she reverently ran her hands over Elaine’s thighs and loins.

The blond had never seen anyone as sexy and beautiful kneeling between her legs, and she was as fascinated as she was excited by the sight. It was obvious to Elaine that Cory was very excited herself. The brunette’s face was almost slack with sexual desire, her large dark eyes locked unblinking on Elaine’s trimmed golden pubis, her mouth open to let her breathe more heavily. Cory’s naked lust excited Elaine almost as much as the warm heat diffused through her loins from Cory’s earnest and very energetic butt-fuck.

Cory was already on the verge of coming just gazing at the girl’s lovely genitals, the lips swollen with desire and spread slightly so that she could just glimpse the pale pink inner flesh. This was how she had imagined the sexy blond, legs spread wide in her favorite chair, that lovely, lovely pussy, so lovely… Her eyes locked on her goal, Cory slowly kissed Elaine’s creamy thighs, each kiss bringing her closer to the golden mound, the delicate hairs just thin enough that she could see even the outer fleshy lips splitting the mound.

Delicately, Cory used her fingertips to spread Elaine’s pussy lips. Inside, it was wet, pink and surprisingly small – much smaller than the inside of Lisa’s pussy. Elaine’s tiny hooded clit was located so close to her vagina that a man’s penis fucking her would undoubtedly also be rubbing her clit. And the vagina looked so small and tight! The urethra was nearly invisible, and the inner petals of her pussy were so vestigial as to be barely there. It was almost like a little girl’s pussy. Yet there was no doubt that Elaine could take a large penis in it, because Ben had a big one. It just looked unbelievable.

And it looked beautiful. The wet pale-pink inside of Elaine’s pussy was the prettiest most inviting sight that Cory had ever seen! With a sigh that was also a moan deep in her throat, her lips molded to the slit, opening it with her tongue as she kissed, licked and wriggled her face, trying to get as much of her inside Elaine as possible. Elaine sighed and closed her eyes.

With the rush of sensations spreading out from the blonde’s loins, she could still feel her hardened nipples tingling as her calves tensed, her muscles rippling as her toes clutched at the carpet. Elaine had never felt so sensually aware. She raised her arms and ran her fingers through her ice-blond hair as she peeked down again at Cory. The brunette’s eyes were closed as she wallowed her face ecstatically in Elaine’s small golden groin.

The blond could feel the brunette’s tongue wildly probing her, no attempt at finesse or skill, just raw lust and greed. It was a good hard fuck from a beautiful woman’s face, a face as ruthlessly possessing her as any hard penis. It was the most exciting sensation she had ever felt between her legs.

Even though her clit was not so much targeted as intermittently, but frequently, bumped by Cory’s nose, lips and tongue, nevertheless, Elaine felt the orgasm building in her loins with unusual rapidity. As the orgasm actually started unwinding itself, she reached down and grabbed Cory by her thick, dark hair, using her hands and hips to bludgeon her clit with the brunette’s face, wrapping her legs around the woman’s neck to try and pull her in deeper.

Cory could only catch breaths in occasional gasps, her face was so immersed, so crammed into the small, hot and wet pussy, but she felt the echoes of Elaine’s orgasm shooting through her own nervous system as if her face was connected to her own clit.

Gulping for air and groaning her ecstasy, Cory was coming at the same time, once again without even touching herself. So intense were the throes of their passion that neither woman would have a clear memory of those orgasm saturated moments as they clutched each other, rolling over and down on the floor, their mouths kissing feverishly as their legs entwined, each woman’s roughly injected hands rubbing the other’s cunt feverishly, both orgasms extending longer than either of them had ever experienced.

Finally, still breathing heavily, the women lay side by side. Elaine kissed Cory briefly, “Your mouth smells like me, um, you know.”

Cory smiled lazily, “I hope you don’t mind.”

Elaine kissed all over her lips. Between kisses, she murmured, “I like it. I just want my mouth to smell like you.”

“How do you want me?” Asked Cory throatily, “You gave me my dream, so let me give your fantasy to you.”

Even after all the excitement of the hottest sex she ever had, Elaine still managed to blush at this, “Standing. I want to do you like I’m a whore going down on a sailor in an alley.”

Cory grinned and stood, leaning back against the near wall, her legs spread about a foot apart, one knee slightly cocked, “Like this?” She asked, knowing she looked as great and provocative as any Play Bunny.

Elaine knelt worshipfully at her feet, gazing upward in awe of Cory’s statuesque beauty, “God! You’re beautiful,” she murmured, running her hands over Cory’s long calves. She gazed worshipfully at Cory’s dark delta and slowly moved her face forward and began to kiss as the brunette’s feet shifted further apart.

Cory smiled down at the beautiful blond young woman between her legs. Oh yes, things were working out fine, and that idiot Ben would never know what he was missing! Revenge was so sweet, especially when it was licking inside her pussy! What a party we could have, Cory thought dreamily; next time I will invite Lisa, too.


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