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I’ll Do Anything You Ask…

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We’d been talking about this forever. Let’s bring in another guy she’d say. Let’s bring in another girl I’d say. We were at an impasse with this discussion until she said, “I’ll let you sleep with another woman, but I want to sleep with a man first. I’m nervous, and I think you’ll be able to handle it better.” She was right, of course.

“Deal,” I said.

“On one condition, though. I pick the guy.”

Easy enough, I thought. I nodded my approval.

Weeks went by where she went out to find what she was looking for. She came home one night and said she had found the perfect man whose name was Brandon. After much conversation, we agreed this Friday night at our place was as good a time as any.

In all the days leading up to Friday night, we’d fuck like animals, me thinking about nothing other than watching Brandon’s cock fuck my wife to orgasm over and over again, her thinking the same thing, I’m sure. Whenever Sarah would go down on me, I’d imagine him right next to me, naked, willing hard cock in hand, patiently waiting his turn. I came so hard in those days leading up to Friday night.

Friday came quicker than any other Friday ever had. Our fridge was stocked with food and alcohol-a-plenty. Sarah was upstairs getting ready while I cleaned up the place a bit. After a while, she came downstairs, beautiful in a short, breezy tan skirt and a baggy cream-colored top. She’s 5’4″ and 125lbs even, carrying very healthy C-cup breasts. She’s a sight to behold, this one, and it was no different tonight. I, myself, am no model, but a rugged, handsome man of 6 1/2 feet tall, weighing in at around 215, skinny but filled in nicely. Years of long distance running kept us both lean and in good shape. She walked straight up to me, obviously seeking approval of her outfit which I gave unbidden in the form of a long, deep kiss and a groping that made me all too aware that she was not wearing any panties.

A beer in one of each of our hands, we waited in stunning silence. There was a knock at the door. I started to raise to answer it, only to be pushed down back on the couch as Sarah walked to the door, opened it, and swung her arms around a man easily 6’2″, 190lbs with a solid frame who I could only assume to be Brandon–handsome in his own way, though rugged would not be the word used to describe him. I stood, shook his hand and exchanged perfunctory greetings with the man which were firm and confident, albeit awkward.

Sarah offered him a beer which he accepted and we sat down to talk, break the ice, with me on the recliner and Sarah and Brandon sitting closely yet not so close as to assume them friends. We talked for some time. Brandon turned out to be rather cool. He had all the right jokes, perfectly timed, and we were at ease in no time. Three or four more beers later, we were laughing and joking like we three were friends of old.

One particular such laugh ended when Sarah placed her hand on his thigh, like people do when a joke is funny, and they slap or push the person who made it. Only, we all immediately stopped laughing, and her hand remained on his thigh. Brandon eyeballed her, then gazed at me. I smiled, rather nervously, and looked at Sarah, who with her eyes, was asking me if it was still ok. I nodded, ever so slightly, but she caught it and slid her hand upwards until she found what she was looking for. He jumped, then quickly calmed, moved in for a kiss which was emphatically received. As I watched my wife first slowly, then deeply kissing this man, I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into, though my erection betrayed my thoughts.

Sarah was rubbing his growing shaft through his slacks when she broke from his kiss and looked me in my eyes. There was lust in hers. “Come here,” she said. I then got up out of my recliner and walked to sit on the side of her which was not occupied by a strange man named Brandon with a hard-on. She sat back on the couch, still massaging his cock, and reached for mine through my jeans. She spread her legs wide, rolled her head back and closed her eyes. I took the opportunity to reach between her legs to her wet pussy, but my hand reached it at the same time as Brandon’s. As our hands collided, we looked at each other, shit-eating grins spread wide on both of our faces.

I began to slide my finger inside her pussy, devoid of panties, as he massaged her clit. She moaned with pleasure while she stroked us both. Sarah then took her hand off my swollen penis to reach over and begin unbuttoning Brandon’s pants. I watched as he lifted his hips to assist her in taking his pants off. Finally off, I noticed he was also not wearing any underwear. Fully erect, he easily stood ten inches long, and thick, too. Both mine and Sarah’s eyes went wide with delight. I was hoping he would be big. I wanted her to be stretched. I needed the perfect view.

I quickly pulled my finger out of her slopping wet pussy and assumed a nice and close position so I could watch her take him into her mouth for the first time. With him now in between Sarah and I, I didn’t even notice that my chest was heavily leaning on his bare thigh in the successful attempt to place his cock only inches from my face. Like I said, I needed the perfect view. She licked the length of his shaft first. He was slimy wet now, pre-cum glistening off the tip of his enormous hog. I slid my pants off and began tugging my own dick. She put her moist lips around the tip of his dick, and shoved as much of it in her mouth as she could get. I nearly came there, and by the sounds issuing from Brandon’s mouth, so did he. Sarah sucked his cock with a vengeance, her hands juggling his balls the whole time. She repositioned so she was kneeling on the floor, between his legs, bobbing up and down on his rigidness.

For lack of anything better to do, I slipped off my shirt and went behind her. I lifted her skirt up around her waist, spread her ass cheeks apart, and commenced to licking her asshole. I always loved licking her asshole. It tastes amazing, and is so taboo. Plus, I figured at least one of us was going to fuck her ass tonight, so I might as well get it started. This went on for a while, her sucking Brandon’s cock and me licking her asshole, occasionally shoving my finger or tongue inside her ass, when unexpectedly, she got up, stripped naked and walked upstairs and into our bedroom. Brandon and I were quick to follow, both of us shedding our shirts along the way.

When we reached the bedroom, we saw Sarah lying on the bed, spread-eagle. She said to me, “I want Brandon to fuck me now. Christopher, will you do something for me?”

“Yes, my love,” was my reply.

“I want you to guide his dick inside of me. Brandon, you don’t mind if he touches you, right?” Brandon replied in the negative. “Chris?”

With some trepidation, I answered, “Of course, baby.”

Brandon proceeded to climb on top of her, still erect, and waited patiently for me. I walked over to the bedside, knelt on the bed itself, and stared at the sight. Sarah was so fucking sexy, laying there, waiting to get fucked by some strange man in front of me. I loved her more than ever right then. I looked Brandon in the eye as I reached over and wrapped my hand around his length. I’d never felt another man’s dick before that night. It probably won’t be the last one I’ll feel either. Without even thinking about it, I started to jerk him off a little, slowly at first, then gradually faster while Sarah popped up on her elbows to watch, fascinated. Brandon never moved. In fact, he closed his eyes and groaned a bit.

Before I go any further, it should be said that this also, is a fantasy of my wife’s: to watch me get it on with another man. We’ve discussed it in the past, at which point I’ve explained that I do not find men attractive, nor am I gay or bi-sexual, but the fact that it turns her on, makes me more than willing to do it. I will do anything for her. And if she wants me to sleep with another man, I WANT to do it for her. I had a sneaking suspicion that she chose a man that was agreeable to that very idea.

Sarah nodded in the direction of his dick with meaningful eyes. “Go ahead baby, it’s ok,” was all she said. I moved my face toward his dick, and began to lick it, just as Sarah had done to him. It wasn’t bad. I mean, after all, it’s only a penis. I wrapped my mouth around his very wide shaft and began to blow my first man. I could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum. As I continued to suck Brandon’s dick, Sarah got up, and knelt behind me, grabbed my hair and assisted me by moving my head back and forth. He started to thrust his hips in time with my head, and before I knew it, Sarah was holding my head still, up against her belly, while Brandon fucked my face. I just held my mouth open, keeping only minimal pressure around his dick with my lips, and making sure to keep my teeth out of the way. I sort of liked him fucking my mouth, mostly because Sarah was so turned on by it, but also, oddly enough, because Brandon was so turned on by it.

His cock kept slamming into the back of my throat. Sarah and Brandon both were moaning in pleasure. “I’m going to come,” was all he said. In previous discussions about this very situation, Sarah told me she wanted to see the cum going into my mouth. So, with that in mind, I broke contact from his dick, closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could and tilted my head back as Sarah simultaneously rushed around to our side–it was her turn for the perfect view. Stream after stream of hot, salty cum hit my tongue and the back of my throat. Brandon grunted loudly as he jerked his dick dry into my mouth. My mouth quickly reached its capacity and, luckily, he was finished. I opened my eyes to see Sarah, a smile from ear to ear, eyes as wide as dinner plates looming over me. I closed my mouth and watched her watch me swallow about half of Brandon’s load. I then grabbed her face, and kissed her hard, forcing the other half into her mouth so that she might enjoy it too. Enjoy? Maybe not. But I didn’t mind it. It didn’t gross me out. It’s just cum. Go figure.

Neither Sarah nor I had gotten off yet. This was going to change soon. I could still taste the remnants of Brandon’s ejaculation when Sarah pushed on my chest, indicating she wanted me to lie down. She then climbed over top of me, spread her pussy lips apart and sat on my face looking at Brandon. I love it when she does this. I began to lick her cunt with reckless abandon. She was so wet, I wondered if my tongue was actually drying her up some. It mattered not to me. My whole face was slick with her juices, my nose pressed firmly on her asshole. It was about then that Brandon grasped my ragging hard-on and jerked me off. I’m no 10 inches, but I am well equipped at around 8 inches. His hand was warm, her pussy was wet, I was in ecstasy. His mouth was warmer. He covered my entire cock in one swift move, his face slammed into me. He held it there for about twenty seconds, bobbing his head only fractions of an inch. It was enough for me to feel movement and the back of his throat. Every bit of my penis was gobbled up by his mouth. Amazing. Sarah started to come. She bucked on my face as Brandon started to pull off my dick, then take it all in again. Her sweet, tangy juices began flowing down my face and chin and neck as her orgasm subsided. It’s so sexy when she comes on my face.

Sarah climbed off me and knelt next to Brandon. They took turns sucking my dick. Sarah was holding me at the base while she was licking and sucking, then she would stop, point it in Brandon’s direction so he could take a turn. To say that this was hot would be an understatement. But what happened next was even better. Sarah lifted my balls up and began kissing and licking that ever so sensitive area right below and finally my ass. Brandon was blowing me, Sarah was rimming me, and soon after she was fingering me as well. Her middle finger inside me, while she licked all around my asshole, my dick warm and wet in Brandon’s mouth was all very stimulating. I had never been so horny, so ready.

Brandon was soon hard again. He raised up off of me and walked behind my wife. I scooted up on the bed, and lifted my legs so that my knees were by my head. In turn, Sarah shuffled up so she could continue making out with my ass. Brandon positioned himself, and slowly broke the seal of my wife’s pussy. She stopped licking long enough to focus on the pleasure of that fine specimen of a cock entering her. He began to pull out and push back in repeatedly, going deeper every time until finally he was buried to the hilt inside her. Sarah gasped with pleasure, her hot breath on my balls. Soon, Brandon was fucking my wife with long, deliberate strokes, and she had resumed the rimming. Moans escaped from all three of our mouths.

I knew I had to see it, so I got up from the bed and moved around to watch. It was a gorgeous sight, my wife having sex with another man. I was sweaty with excitement, jealousy, passion, and hate. She was on all fours taking it like a champ. Brandon was good at what he does. I was impressed. He was standing on the floor fucking her steadily with my wife’s ass in the air. She came. It was loud and full of zeal. It seemed to go on forever. My head was cloudy. I had been stroking my cock and hadn’t even noticed. Her orgasm subsided, I took my chance. I climbed under my wife, in a sixty-nine position and commenced to licking her clit while Brandon continued to fuck her. His balls were slapping onto the top of my head. I could taste her orgasm. I could taste his cock. Sarah was trembling with electric pulses of bliss coursing through her body. Her orgasm was building again. Brandon sensed it too, I think, because he began to fuck her silly, his balls slamming my head, as I attacked her clit with a devout fervor. She came. Not as strong as the first one, but a force to be reckoned with I’m sure.

The last orgasm had my wife spent. She collapsed on me, and could no longer hold herself up for our strange, new lover. I got out from under her, and helped roll her over on her back while Brandon took a back seat. I was so excited to be inside her, I nearly climaxed at the thought. With Sarah now centered on the bed, I climbed on top of her in a standard missionary position, grabbed her left leg and put her knee to her head and slid into her hot, used pussy. I never had any delusions of being able to last long, and was rewarded with the satisfaction of being right when after only a few pumps, I pulled out, moved over to the side of her head, and came on her face. Stream after hot stream poured onto her as if being dumped from a bucket. She had her mouth open and her eyes closed as I grunted my conclusion. I’m not sure, but I believe the word, “Fuck,” exclaimed from my vocals.

Covered in my cum, and with a renewed vitality, Sarah hopped up to her knees and kissed me. My cum in her mouth and on her face was soon in my mouth and on my face. I was hot, sweaty, tired and ready for bed, but Sarah wasn’t done with me yet. “Get on your hands and knees, Baby,” was all she said. I complied, however slowly while she got up, opened the drawer of our nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube. She tossed it gracefully through the air to Brandon, walked behind me, spread my ass cheeks apart and started licking again. I heard the bottle open, squirt, then close. Nervously, I looked behind me, entirely unsure of how I felt about this.

Then Brandon asked me, “Will you lay on your back?”

I replied silently by rolling over. Instinctively, I raised my legs to allow him better access, and my wife a better view. This was, after all, her fantasy. I reminded myself that for her, I would do anything. Brandon touched the head of his massive prick to my asshole. I realized that my wife was holding him, guiding him into me. In my head, that made it better. I reached for Sarah’s other hand. She gave it to me with a squeeze that said, “It’ll be ok. I love you. I want this.” He was gentle as he pushed in, the lube making the effort all that much easier. As the head of his cock pushed past the hardest part, I yelped in surprise at how much it hurt. I thought, “How could I do this to her? How could I hurt her so?” She moaned, moved up to my face and whispered words of encouragement. She looked into my eyes and without words, told me that she was here with me and that it would be ok in the end. She kissed me. He slid deeper. She kissed me harder. He was all the way in.

I felt full to the point of bursting. He held it in there, unmoving, for a couple minutes. She was still kissing me when she reached down and grabbed my recently deflated cock. Sensing that I had got used to the feeling of his dick inside me, Brandon began to slowly pull out. I was slammed with a jolt of pleasure mixed with pain as he rode right back into me. Brandon was fucking me in the ass. I began to get hard again. Sarah broke from her kiss and looked between my legs at what must have been a thrilling view. Brandon wasted no time in fucking me. I was taking it well at this point. Much to my surprise, it felt amazing now. The hurt was gone, and all I could feel was a strong tingle throughout my body. I didn’t realize I was rock hard again until Sarah climbed on top of me and put me inside her. She didn’t move much, as there wasn’t room enough to do so, but what little she did move, was enough for me. I rocked the most powerful, lengthy orgasm of my entire thirty years of life right there. It was so strong, it almost hurt. I convulsed, shivered and clamped down on Brandon’s cock with my ass.

That was apparently too much for him because he pulled out of me, pushed my wife forward until I slid out of her pussy, going limp again. He put his slippery cock into her pussy again, pumped a couple times and came once more. Brandon screamed with delight as he drained himself inside of her. We paused for a minute or two, all of us catching our breaths. Sarah was giving me little kisses, smooches, all around my face and neck. Brandon pulled out of her with a slopping noise, rolled over on his back beside us and exhaled a long, drawn out breath.

That was when my wife, full of cum from both myself and our bi lover, climbed up and straddled my face, her pussy hovering about four or five inches away. As she squeezed her inner muscles, I had a wonderful view of mine and Brandon’s cum spilling out of her hole. There must have been a gallon of it. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and licked it out of her. I placed my lips around her opening, and licked and sucked as she pushed all that cum into my mouth. I swallowed it eagerly. I had to swallow three or four times to get it all. When it seemed she was drained, I raced my tongue along her clit and ate her to her finale orgasm of the night. It took all of ten seconds.

Minutes went by, maybe hours, possibly days, before I got up and walked naked to the kitchen downstairs. I opened a bottle of Jack Daniels, poured me a snifter at room temperature, sat on the couch and sipped. Sarah and Brandon came downstairs, each looking as naked and frazzled as I, grabbed an alcoholic drink of their choice and sat next to me. We all smiled at each other, both ashamed and proud of what we had done. “You can stay the night, Brandon,” was all she said.

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