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The Main Course

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Months of frustration were taking their toll on me and this always altered my normal personality. I only hoped Carl would enjoy it as much as I knew I was going to. Since I was off work that day I took the entire day to pamper myself and relax. I thought about Carl and the upcoming evening off and on through most of it.

I enjoyed the calming of some good blues music, as I lay naked on the couch reading a wonderful book covered loosely by a white down filled comforter. The air in the room was crisp and cool and being alone made the whole picture very nice.

Normally I have dinner ready for us on the days I am off work, but not tonight. No, tonight he would not be served any dinner he was going to have me to contend with. The time neared when I knew he would be on his way home. I showered cleaning my body and hair with the smell of sandalwood made sure my legs were shaved closely and that my skin was softened by generous amounts of lotion.

I slipped on my black leather boots pulling them firmly as they pressed against the fold of my legs. I loved the feel of the leather against my skin. Next I put on the dress. Short and also black leather cut low in the back down to the small of my back supported with break- away straps. Then the gloves my favorite red leather climbing past the elbows and the fingers made to leave the tips exposed. I slipped on my thick collar also red leather and began gathering my toys. It made me smile knowing he was nearing home.

I secured the restraints to the bed both head and footboards. Letting them drape to the side and touching the floor. They are red nylon with black ankle and wrist cuffs. I opened the case of oils and lotions and certain toys and slid it under the bed after making sure all had working batteries. Finally I retrieved the fresh fruits I had washed and prepared earlier and slid the bowl under the bed as well found my favorites blindfold lit the room with only candles and I was ready for Carl.

He revved the engine one last time before shutting off the motor which told me he had a bad day and may not be to receptive to what I had in mind for us but it was too late now. The garage door opened and he stepped in. I heard him mumbling about the lights and dinner as I stepped up stopping in front of him.

The room was dark and I knew he could not see me real well. Taking his hands I lifted them and placed them at the top of my boots then guided them up to the hem of my dress and slipping one under my dress and directing it to my already wet mound. “Bad day baby?” I asked. All I could hear was Carl clearing his throat. Then I guided his hand up across my belly to my chest pausing at my breasts then up to my neck where he stopped and felt the leather collar around my neck.

I took Carl by one hand and led him through the kitchen and front room into the candle lit bedroom. I saw his eyes as they focused on me now and the smile that came across his face. Only this time I knew he had it all wrong it would not be me in the restraints but him and this would be a first time for him. Carl reached out pulling me near and began running his hands down my back and he stopped abruptly when I ordered him to stop! “Take off your clothes, do it slowly” Carl kind of laughed a nervous laugh but kicked off his shoes and began undoing the buttons on his shirt. “Slower” I commanded.

I know he was very close to laughing out loud but he held it well. “Ok babe slower then.” After all the buttons were unfastened he began taking the shirt off as his crossed his shoulders I told him to “Stop, I did not tell you to take the shirt off!” walking behind him, I grabbed the shirt by the collar and pulled violently pulling the shirt from his body. ´Now the pants” I ordered.

Carl stepped toward me again I knew he was turned on and had other ideas in his head. “Now, take them off now!” I watched as he unfastened his belt and the hook of his slacks then lowered the zipper. “Let them fall to the floor.” Carl’s slacks slid down his legs to the floor and he stepped out of them. He reached for his briefs when I stopped him again telling him I had not given him permission to remove them. I stepped over to Carl grabbing his cock hard and squeezing he was erect already and I could feel him throbbing in my hand as I dug my fingernails into his scrotum.

I pulled the material from around his legs to the side and slide my fingers beneath it and onto the base of his cock taking a hold of it and pulling him toward me closer.

He was greeted with “Don’t touch me” when he lifted his arms toward me and dropped them quickly as ordered. I walked him backward toward the bed and pushing him downward as we reached the edge. “Lay down.” Slowly I got up on to the bed with Carl and straddled him placing my wetness against his stomach leaning forward I took hold of the restraints and pulled them toward me.” I don’t know about this babe.” He said. He hesitated a moment before allowing me to slip his wrists inside the cuffs.

I could feel the increase in his breathing as I secured his arms. Next I turned my body around straddling him once more with my back to him pulled the leg restraints up and ordered him to bend his legs for me. When he was securely fastened in the leg restraints I got off of him and stood at the side of the bed I ran my hand across the crotch of his briefs and took note that he was exceptionally hard tonight.

I wanted him to see the dagger before I applied the blindfold oh the look on his face was amazing as I reached for the blindfold slipping it over his eyes.

It was double edged and has red stones embedded into the handle it was a beautiful collectors piece he had for years we had never brought the dagger or anything like it into play before so I know I had his attention and concern. I ran the tip of the dagger along is erect cock and watched as he literally held his breath. I lifted the waistband slipping he dagger beneath the material and began cutting downward lifting it far from his body so I did not accidentally harm him. Then I went to the legs and cut them as well leaving his briefs laying flat beneath him. I drug the handle of the dagger along his cock and moved it slowly he lay frozen as if afraid of what I was going to do.

“Ok babe that is enough I get the message let me go.” I ignored him of course and continued with my plan. Leaning over without the use of my hands I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and listened as he cried out then began panting as he realized what I was doing. I sucked lightly on him and toyed with my tongue then released him dropping his cock against his stomach.

I reached under the bed and got the bag of toys and took out one I had gotten for Carl a couple of years earlier that he had never even considered using. The ring slipped down along his shaft and secured snuggly against the base of his cock putting pressure against his swollen balls the other end was an egg shaped plug designed to insert into the ass. This is why he would never let me use the toy then the line with the controls adjusting speed veered off of that.

“Oh no babe I can’t do this” he said. “You have no choice I am going to fuck your ass and you can’t do anything about it!” I watched as his erection began to go limp. I turned the speed on to low and watched as if vibrated his cock and brushed against his balls did not take but a few seconds and he was hard as a rock again and obviously enjoying this.

I sat on the edge of the bed at his knees and guided the well lubricated egg to his ass he did try to resist but there was no way he could stop me. I gently slid the egg inside inch by inch as he lay stiff and afraid to even move. Once buried inside I turned on the vibrator to low and began working the device in and out of him while the ring was snuggly wrapped around his erection.

He began moving his hips as best he could and I knew he was enjoying this fucking, it turned the speed up little by little I knew he was close to cumming and I was not ready for that just yet. I stopped suddenly and heard his moans at this decision. “I’m not done with you baby not near done.” I told him.

Next I took out the silver nipple clamps with the screws that I always took so much pleasure in and pinched one down on his nipple and began tightening it stopping when I heard that familiar sound of pain I often emitted. I then applied the clamp to the other nipple. I felt my own wetness dripping along my legs at this time and was becoming more aroused by this game than I imagined I would.

Reaching between my legs and dipping my fingers into this warmth I then ran my hand across his face and lips feeling his tongue against my fingers as he tried to get this juice from my hand. I wet my hand again and griped his erection fully and pulled upward once then let go. I then reached for the bowl of fruit and placed it on the bed.

Part two: Dessert First

The fresh washed strawberries and melons were juicy and the smell was sweet and appetizing. Picking up a piece of melon and sucking the juices into my mouth and then licked my lips. I sat there debating weather I should remove the blindfold from Carl’s eyes or not. Why not, I decided. I removed the blindfold and Carl’s eyes were big and wild with fear and excitement.

Next I placed a large strawberry in my mouth and allowed the juice to run down my chin and onto my chest. Wiping it across my breast admiring how cool it felt. I knew Carl, and I knew that it would drive him wild just not being able to touch me. Reaching for another piece of melon I began rubbing it along my neck and down the center of my chest squeezing the juice between my fingers.

The next strawberry squeezed on my mound of hair and the fruit rubbed along the folds of my pussy. I was soon sticky and covered in the various fruit juices. Carl’s eyes seemed fixed on me and what I was doing, then squeezing a strawberry down across his lips, he lapped at the nectar and I loved watching his tongue gather the liquid. Next I took the slice of orange and squeezed it along Carl’s hard cock then rubbed the fruit along his shaft until it was pulp informing him how wonderful I thought he would taste.

Carl was getting fidgety now and was asking to be released. I then placed about 7 strawberries on his chest and began pressing down on each one separately with my tongue, wetting his chest and watched the juices run down his sides. I began licking across his chest and nipples. He tasted wonderful.

I picked up my favorite toy from the box, turned it on and asked Carl if he wanted to watch. I answered for him, “Of course you do baby I know you do.” I turned the small G-Spot vibrator on low and stood straddling Carl at the knees and inserted the vibrator increasing the speed a little more.

Carl’s cock looked as if it were going to burst I had never seen him so hard before. After a short time I removed the vibrator shut it off and put it to Carl’s lips and told him to “Open up.” He hesitated until I picked up the short leather bullwhip and swiftly swatted him across the balls. I inserted the vibrator in Carl’s mouth and told him to clean it off and told him I was pleased when he did so.

Part Three: The Main Course

Telling Carl I like the way his lips curled around the vibrator and that I bet he knew hot to suck a hard cock silenced him. He looked at me with that “Oh no” look. I wasn’t going to waste those lips and that tongue on a rubber toy when I was beginning to need a lot of attention myself. Reaching over on the nightstand I picked up a long candle and brought it to me positioning myself across Carl’s thighs.

“Let’s see if we can get your skin a little hotter baby.” Of course he immediately responded with “Oh no, no don’t do that.” I know I was smiling big when the first drop of hot wax landed right in the center of his chest.

Carl had a grimace on his face but really did not make much of a sound. I myself love the hot wax and I wanted him to know how it felt as well. Turning the tables on Carl was beginning to be very stimulating for sure.

The next drop of melted wax landed an inch or so below the first. The third, an inch or so below that it was getting to the very tender skin now around the navel I did notice however his cock was still hard. So it could not have been that bad.

I waited until each drop was cooled and hardened before letting the next drop onto Carl’s skin. I stopped the wax about an inch below Carl’s navel. Leaning forward dragging my tongue pressing hard against his skin from the very last wax drop to the first soothing his burnt skin. Then sucking his erect nipple into my mouth and biting down until I heard his cry.

Reaching his mouth kissing him deeply, passionately sucking his tongue deeper into my mouth I just became more aroused. I knew what it was doing to him not being able to touch me.

“Do you want to fuck me baby?” I asked him. I only heard a moan in response. “That is what I am going to you, I am going to fuck you.” Sliding my way back down Carl’s body and figuring it was time to get to the meat of the matter I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I took the tube from the box and squeezed some of the jell out onto my fingers not letting him see what it was. Running my hand up and down his cock a few times stopping when I could see how close he was to cumming. Covering Carl’s hardness with the thick jell then taking my hand and placing some of the jell around my ass I was ready.

Turning facing away from Carl reaching behind me taking his cock in my hand I began easing down onto him slowly taking him in my ass. This was something Carl and I did not do often the pain was pretty bad, but there were times I craved it and he always complied. It was always something he did and he held to control and power I felt almost helpless, even though I was eager.

Just the thought of Carl’s hard cock in my ass and him not being able to touch me really excited me and I could tell it did the same for him. It takes me some time to relax enough to take all of him once I get past the head I am ok. Tonight I wanted that pain. Ordering Carl to lay still and to not move I continued until I was sitting flush against his groin taking slow deep breaths.

On my knees with my legs tucked behind me pressed against Carl’s sides and bracing my hands on the bed in front of me I began slowly rocking forward and then back down again scolding Carl every time he even moved by digging my nails into the soft scrotum. Once I was able I picked up the speed a little but so careful as I did not want Carl to cum yet.

I could not hold back myself any longer and began rubbing my clit while riding Carl and sliding down on him and lifting about half way back up until my orgasm was flooding across Carl’s balls and my fingers. I waited until the intense muscle contracting slowed some before lifting myself off of Carl.

How he managed not to cum I sure did not know but I figured it was time to let him. I left Carl staked out to the four corners of the bed while I went and cleaned myself up a little then returned to the bed and cleaned Carl off as well. Taking care to stroke him teasingly with the hot cloth in my hand.

I untied Carl’s hands, then his feet and began rubbing his muscles and kissing all over his body but it lasted only a few moments. Carl was not going to be contained any longer. Grabbing me and forcing me onto my stomach on the bed and getting behind me I knew he could take no more.

Part 4: After Dinner

Carl had a look on his face like I had not seen before he was taking on a form much like a person possessed and his cock was nearly a dark purple. And I did not think there would be any holding him back now. Carl could always play rough with me he knew I loved it he always stayed somewhat reserved I suppose due to his beliefs of not harming a woman but the way he just tossed me over like a rag doll I had more than a hint he was fired up.

I felt Carl grab the back of my hair and pull back sharply I almost did not recognize his voice when he said, “It’s time baby, it’s time!” I felt a sharp slap across my ass as he pulled my head back further.

“On your knees” he shouted raising myself from the bed was all I could manage to do and it wasn’t quick enough, I felt Carl start pushing his cock inside of me with such force it really did hurt he was pounding away hard while I tried to position myself better to take him the top half of my body was nearly off the bed completely by then and he held onto my hair using it for leverage as he continued slamming deep inside of me. Carl had obviously had all the toying and teasing he could take.

Feeling him force himself inside me and then pull nearly all the way out without missing a stroke both turned me on more and hurt, It felt like he was butting against my stomach and I could not hardly move.

Carl pulled me back far enough then to be sitting on my knees and I could feel his chest against my back still holding onto my hair pulling my head to the side he bite into the side of my neck until I was sure he had to have drawn blood. Carl continued thrusting upward as I lowered down onto him enjoying the fucking I was getting now.

I felt Carl’s hands grip each of my hips and pull me back toward him and he fucked harder. I thought sure he was ready to cum but I was wrong.

Pushing me forward and off of his knees I fell toward the edge of the bed Carl pushed against me until my hands were on the floor as I tried to stay on the bed. Carl grabbed each of my ankles spreading my legs apart and I felt his face press into my pussy now and heard him sucking against the extreme wetness both sucking and biting until he made me cum.

Being to weak then to hold myself up I tried to inch my way back up onto the bed but Carl had other ideas. In an instant he was off the bed and standing in front of me taking my shoulders and helping me to my feet then telling me to sit down on the bed.

Carl’s cock felt so hard as he pressed it to my mouth then pulling away about the time I started to take him into my mouth. “Oh no, not yet” he said pushing me by the shoulders back down onto the bed leaving my legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Carl pushed his cock to my pussy taking my legs and lifting me slightly from the bed. With a leg tucked under each arm Carl held onto my ass and began slamming hard once again

I was begging him to cum by that time but he continued. His pace quickened and beads of sweat fell down along my legs he seemed as if he was totally off into another world and just kept fucking. He threw his head back and a loud scream filled the room and I could feel the hot cream along his shaft wetting me more and he just kept thrusting into me.

When Carl finally stopped and let my legs go down to the floor again I thought that was it. He did kiss me and pull me close but I could not help but notice his cock was still hard. Carl reached over and dipped some juice from the fruit bowl and spread it across his hardness and began slowly stroking himself, then getting more and continuing asking me “you want this baby don’t you?”

My mouth was salivating and my answer was simply “yes.” I took him into my mouth sliding him down as far as I could, tasting the blend of flavors. Carl put both hands against the back of my head forcing me further down along his cock as I sucked harder and faster I don’t believe I had ever been able to take him that far before. I dug my fingers into the flesh of his ass and pulled him forward meeting each thrust I felt Carl’s finger now pressed against my clit and he began rubbing as I pushed my pelvis forward “Cum with me baby” that was about all it took.

Carl pulled himself back and held his cock in his hand in front of my mouth and I felt the hot wetness spray against my lips and I came, feeling my pussy gripping Carl’s fingers as he slid them inside. The first pulse of cum hitting my lips and then another as I felt it hit my chin and neck and run down the center of my chest.

Carl sat on the bed next to me, pulling me with him as we laid back and held each other relaxing in the candle lit room. I asked Carl how his day went and he just snickered forgetting his mood he brought in the door with him. I asked him if he was hungry and he said “No baby I’ve had all the entrées and I loved The Main Course.

The End

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