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Janet Kinsella was newly divorced and happily so. She had been married for 23 years, some happy, some not so, until she had found out that her husband had had a string of discreet but plentiful affairs. After confronting him, he announced that he found everything about Janet bland, nonsensical and boring. She had calmly packed his bags the following day whilst he was at work, put them in the garden, called a locksmith, had all the locks changed and then got in her car and driven to the coast.

She stayed there for 3 days, ignoring her mobile phone and the endless calls whilst she decided on her next move. Decision made, she got back into her car and drove home to find the bags gone, along with her husband.

It had taken almost 6 months to reach a final agreement and by the time she received her decree absolute she had started to turn her life around. A haircut and a dye to get rid of the terrible grey took 10 years from her and reminded her of the person she used to be, all those years ago. She put almost all her clothes in the charity bin and went and bought a completely new wardrobe. Clothes that, 10 years ago, she would have run a mile from, but she had trusted the judgement of an old friend and had come home with bags full of skirts, well cut jeans, tops, lingerie and shoes. Heels, corsets, bras that gave her oompfh, stockings, it was all there. She smiled to herself as she thought about the deep sense of embarrassment she had felt as she tried it all on, eyeing herself critically.

Now, she stood in front of her full length mirror and gave herself the one eyed squint. Stood in her bra and panties she pinched her skin between her thumb and forefinger. She was not actually in bad shape for 46, although she had long remnants of bearing 2 children, the small stomach overhang, the ripple of stretchmarks across it. Janet turned around and looked at her backside, the definition of the curve poking out from under her jersey boxers which hugged her hips and the curve of her waist. The black showing off her naturally olive skin to its best advantage, her matching bra doing the same for her torso and shoulders, the gentle round of each breast, smoothing up to her decolletage. As she eyed herself she found that she was still nicely in proportion and fairly pleasing to the eye, although in her opinion, her thighs were too big.

Shrugging, she slapped each thigh in turn and watched it ripple slightly. Janet put on her skirt, which like her panties hugged her hips and she smoothed the material flat. Her blouse was black, in direct contrast to the red of her skirt and it caressed her breasts as she buttoned it up, tucking it into her skirt, reaching under her hemline to pull it down smoothly against her skin. Sitting down with her skirt at her thighs, she pulled up her stockings one by one, smoothing them to her legs. Standing, Janet pulled her skirt back down across her hips with the flat of her hands and finished off the ensemble with a pair of red 4 inch heels. Giving herself the final ‘once over’ , she picked up her travel back and walked down the stairs. Putting on her long red coat, she buttoned it and wrapped a scarf stylishly around her neck, letting herself out of her front door into the cold night air, she turned, double locked the door and walked down the steps to the road. It was 10pm on December 30th.

Janet hailed herself a taxi and sat back as it jolted around the streets. Finally reaching their destination, she paid the driver and let herself out of the cab. Closing the door behind her, she thanked the driver and turned on her heel making her way into the railway station. She stood and looked around, taking in all the people. There were less than she had originally thought there would be and she scanned the concourse, taking in the drunks, the lovers, the elderly. All hurrying off in different directions, down for the tube, across the station, sauntering or running to platforms for trains which were either about to leave or would still be there in 5 minutes time. Stations to Janet always smelt of the same things, diesel, people, cold air and for some reason, tobacco. It took her back to day trips with her parents to wonderous places and in turn her early trips with the children before they had been able to afford two cars, she suddenly lamented that they had not gone by train to more places, the excitement building as it made its way to its destination, the fields flying by, tunnels and bridges, watching cars waiting at level crossings as they sped past to places new and exciting.

Shaking herself Janet looked around for the person she was to meet. She had arranged to visit her daughter at university in Glasgow for New Years Eve or Hogmanay as the Scots called it. Mary had stayed at university each year for Hogmanay and Janet’s husband had always insisted on staying at home in London. This year, was going to be different and Mary had insisted that her mother see the New Year in in style. Something that Janet was more than happy to do. So she had set the wheels in motion very quickly and decided to go up on the overnight sleeper from London. Mary had suggested that her mother bring Marys best friend with her, Janet was more than happy and 20 year old Emma was more than happy to split the cost and share a berth.

Searching carefully, Janet spotted Emma standing looking up at the departures board. She walked up behind her and smiled as Emma squeaked in fright as Janet greeted her.

“Hello Emma,” her voice sounded overly loud suddenly despite the comings and goings of the station.

Composing herself, Emma turned. “Oh, hello Mrs Kinsella, I didn’t see you there.”

Janet smiled to herself and looked the girl up and down. Her hair was screwed up on top of her head haphazardly and she wore jeans, a sloppy top and a leather jacket which was open. The night air was having an obvious effect on the girls’ braless breasts and her nipples stood out against the light fabric of her shirt. Janet smiled again as she remember her ex husbands comments about hanging hats. Taking notice of her surroundings once more she found that Emma was watching her with a quizzical expression on her face.

“Oh! Sorry dear, call me Janet, please. Are you ready?” She smiled and turned once again towards the platform where the train stood, carriages resplendent in blue livery. She walked down the platform, referring first to the guard who pointed the way with a smile, then to her ticket, mentally cross referencing the detail on the carriages and the ticket.

Behind her, Emma walked, appraising Janet. This certainly was not the Mrs Kinsella that she had grown up with. She was used to seeing sweatpants and t shirts and hair scraped up severely from her neck and face. This Mrs Kinsella actually swayed when she walked. Emma had simply not recognised her in her heels and elegant clothes, her make up and bags, striding down the platform with her head held high. This Mrs Kinsella was something to behold. As she was walking in a world of her own, Janet turned around and smiled.

“Come on slowcoach, I brought some champagne,” she smiled. “It was supposed to be for tomorrow but I can always get some more.” Janet held up a big bag and Emma heard the bottles chink together. She smiled and sped up down the platform to arrive at their carriage side by side. Looking up Janet smiled at the steward and held out the tickets, the guard greeted them both, stepped down and helped both Janet and Emma onto the train, lifted their bags and then showed them to their berth. Opening the door he let them go into their room, put their bags into the room with them and showed them where everything was. With a cursory nod to them both, the steward turned on his heel and walked out leaving them to get settled.

“Top or bottom?” Janet turned and smiled at Emma.

“Oh I don’t mind, umm top.” Emma replied.

Janet put her bags on the seat and moved to pull down the top one for Emma to put her baggage on. Emma moved and held onto the other handle, together they pulled the berth down.

“Well its compact but looks like fun,” Janet giggled. Emma stood and watched her with a grin.

Janet kicked off her shoes and left them lying in the middle of the small floor-space. “Right, lets break open this bubbly,” she smiled, “It will have to be tooth glasses.”

“Oh I shall go and get some from the dining car,” Emma replied giggling, “You open a bottle, I won’t be long.” She disappeared out of the door and turned towards what she hoped was the dining car.

Janet reached into the bag and pulled out one of the bottles she had there, sitting down, she suddenly thought that putting the top berth down was maybe not the best idea they had ever had. She stood again and took Emma’s bags off, stored them and pushed the berth back up into its hiding place again. She then sat down once more and made herself comfortable. Just as she was uncorking the champagne, Emma opened the door and bid someone goodnight as she came through it with two glasses.

“Everything ok dear?” Janet asked.

“Yes, I just got chatting to someone in the dining car and we were walking back the same way.” Emma replied.

“Ah ok. Now, want some of this?” Janet asked swinging the bottle at arms length. Emma smiled and held out both glasses. Janet filled one and as she was filling the other there was a sudden jolt from the train as it started moving, Emma temporarily lost her balance and staggered, knocking her legs against the bed and sat down with a bump.

“Well at least I managed to keep it all in the glass.” She said with a giggle.

Emma sat back next to Janet and they started talking, memories led to laughter, which in turn led to more champagne and soon they had drunk the entire bottle. Emma stood up and rooted in her bag, standing up triumphantly with a handful of bags of snacks.

“Oooh yum,” said Janet, “goodies. You always were good at stashing food for later.” She finished with a smile.

Emma giggled again as she moved back to the sit down, trying to keep her balance against the sway of the train. As she sat, she dropped the bags between them and curled her feet up under her. Janet tipped the bottle up over her glass and tutted as the last couple of drops dripped into her glass. Shuffling off the bed she wandered over and reached into the bag pulling out a second bottle. She uncorked it carefully and moved back to sit down again.

“Christ this skirt is driving me nuts.” She said, sliding it upwards towards her hips, wriggling as she did. Emma watched in amusement as Janet wriggled and swayed, the red satin sliding up her legs.

“Why don’t you just take it off?” She said laughing as Janet staggered about.

“Well I suppose I could, if you didn’t mind.” Janet replied looking at Emma.

Emma simply shook her head and reached for the bottle in Janet’s hand. Pouring herself another drink as Janet removed her skirt and carefully folded it and lay it over a rail with some towels. Her blouse came down and just brushed the curve of her backside leaving a gap between the bottom of it and the top of her stockings. 4 inches of pale cream flesh in stark contrast to the black of her blouse, stockings and panties.

Janet moved back towards Emma and held out her glass. Emma poured and then, putting the bottle between her thighs for a moment, took the glass back from Janet as she sat down and got comfortable. Janet took the bottle from her and put it on the floor in a corner, hoping it would keep it steady against the movement of the train. Turning slightly, Janet put her hand down and grabbed a bag of the snacks.

“Let’s see what we have got here,” she said, holding the bag up to read what was inside. “Oooooh, salt and vinegar.” She grinned opening the bag and reaching inside to search. Emma watched until Janet had found and opened her crisps, then handed her glass back to her. Picking up another bag, Emma looked inside and grabbed a bag of cheese snacks. They sat in companionable silence as they ate, Janet suddenly overtaken by a fit of the giggles.

“It’s like having a midnight snack back at school,” she laughed, stuffing another crisp into her mouth and folding up the empty packet.

“I know,” Emma replied giggling, “Wanna chokkie bikkie?”

Janet laughed and nodded as Emma picked up the bag. There was a light thud as something fell and they both looked down. Emma went bright red, her face a picture of shock, her mouth formed into an ‘oh’ as they both sat and looked at a deep purple palm sized vibrator. Janet looked up and raised an eyebrow at Emma. Emma smiled and shrugged.

Reaching to pick it up again, Janet got there before her and held it up for closer examination.

“Hmmmm,” she pondered. “this is an interesting little thing. I take it that it IS what I think it is?” She pushed the small button on the end and a low buzz filled the room. “Goodness, fierce little thing isn’t it?”

Emma, having stood up and filled her glass again, reached and took it from Janet handing her the bottle.

“That’s only the first setting,” she said as she pushed the button again, “its got 7 of them, feel.” As she finished her sentence she lightly placed the vibrator on Janet’s thigh.

Janet jumped slightly at the contact and bent to put the bottle back down again, almost spilling her drink as Emma sat back down and made herself comfortable.

“Oooh,” she said, straightening up, “that really does feel nice,” and she sat quietly as Emma went through the different settings. Closing her eyes, she savoured the feel of it on her skin as Emma ran the vibe over her thigh softly, letting each setting run for a short time, buzzing and pulsating against her skin. Sighing softly she lifted her glass to her lips sipping softly. Emma watched as Janet relaxed and it occurred to her that Janet had probably never had a vibrator, she certainly did not strike Emma as someone who would own one, never mind use one. She moved adjusted slightly and moved it over Janet’s black stocking clad leg. Mesmerized by both the sound and the movement of it over the silk. They sat drinking, with Emma tracing patterns until her glass was empty again. She turned off the little vibe and put it down next to Janet who opened one eye and looked at Emma.

“That felt really nice.” Janet said softly.

Emma just smiled as she reached over her for the bottle which was still on the floor, her breasts brushing Janet’s thighs as she reached over her and put her hand down to pick up the bottle. As she tried to get up again, she lost her balance and wobbled, her hand now landing on Janet’s thigh. She laughed and apologised, sitting down again and pouring the last of the champagne from the second bottle into each of their glasses. Janet looked at her and took what seemed to be a deep breath.

“Soooo, does that feel as good everywhere else?” She asked, blushing.

“Oh even better,” Emma replied giggling at Janet’s blushes. “Its wonderful on your nipples and on your clit, well, its mindblowing.” She finished with a wicked grin on her face. Emma knew if she hadn’t drunk so much champagne she would not have even have turned it on and let Janet feel it, never mind make a hint at what was now going through her mind.

Janet sat quietly and attempted to hide her blushes behind her glass, mumbling an oooh as she took a sip. There was no denying, her curiosity was piqued and her body was going into overdrive, she suddenly wanted to explore herself, learn things she had never broached all her married life.

Emma leant over and kissed Janet gently on the cheek. Well, she thought, if I am going to do something, I may as well start. Janet turned her face towards Emma and smiled, about to ask why she had deserved that suddenly. Emma took the moment and stole it, moving back in swiftly but cautiously she kissed Janet. Janet’s initial reaction was to pull back but it was almost immediately over-ruled by her head and she sighed softly. Kissing Janet could do. She let the thought that she was kissing a girl escape her as she melted into Emma’s kiss, taking in the soft lips, as Emma’s tongue gently teased Janet, finally sliding into her, playing with her. Janet turned her body towards Emma and moaned softly, encouraged by the moan Emma kissed her harder, her kiss more intense, deeper, her tongue winding itself around Janet’s as she let out a gentle but deep moan that echoed Janet’s.

Emma’s hand came up slowly and softly ran across Janet’s breasts, fingernails trailing over her blouse, to catch on her nipples deliberately, circling as she felt them harden through the fabric, her free hand coming up to undo the buttons slowly, each one undone leaving skin to be teased with a fingernail. Reaching the top of Janet’s blouse she used both hands to slide it from her shoulders, reaching behind her to unclip her bra. All the time continuing to kiss Janet, her hands now sliding Janet’s bra from her shoulders. Emma broke the kiss momentarily and looked down. A deep, shuddering, needful moan left her and she moved back in to kiss Janet once more, her hands moving back to her breasts, gently stroking them, gliding over the skin, circling the nipples and cupping them, softly lifting them while her thumb ran over the tip of her nipple. Janet moaned in their kiss, arching her shoulders towards the younger woman as she manipulated her breasts and her mind.

Unable to wait any longer Emma broke the kiss and bent to Janet’s breasts, small, light butterfly kisses across her skin. She let her tongue glide softly over Janet’s nipple, Janet moaned deeply and her hand came up to rest on the back of Emma’s head. The younger woman took Janet’s nipple in between her lips and toyed with it, flicking it with the tip of her tongue hard, feeling it harden as she did, taking it between her teeth, pulling gently but enough to be felt before sucking it between her lips. Whilst her lips worked on one nipple, her fingers worked on the other one, rolling it gently between her fingers, pinching slightly, letting her nail dig into the tip, just enough to cause a little pain and make Janet draw her breath in sharply. Janet leant back on her hands, turning towards Emma further, lifting her legs onto the berth so that she could lay back further. The thoughts cascading through her mind ignored as her wants and needs overtook her. Emma broke away and moved to straddle Janet, now clothed only in her panties and stockings, the olive of her skin glowing as Emma watched her briefly before kissing her once more.

Emma lifted her top and Janet breathed deeply as the younger woman exposed her pert breasts and erect nipples. Looking down at Janet, Emma smiled.

“Your turn,” she said and leaned forward to be within Janet’s reach.

Janet immediately blushed and bit her bottom lip. She sat up slightly and licked her lips nervously.

“Don’t worry,” Emma said softly, “just do what you know would feel good on you and we will go from there.”

Janet leant forward and gingerly took one of Emma’s nipples between her lips. The younger woman moaned softly and pulled Janet into her as she started to suck on her already hard nipple.

“Ohhh that’s right, now, bite.” Emma said. Janet obliged and bit down gingerly. “Harder.” Emma hissed through clenched teeth. Janet bit deeply as Emma moaned, her hips moving over the older woman as she got lost in the sweet pain cascading through her body, pulling back from Janet so that her nipple was stretched taut. Janet let it go with a snap of her teeth and moved to the other nipple to repeat the process. As she did, Emma put her hand over Janet’s and played with her still wet nipple, encouraging Janet to pull on it harder, to inflict the pain that Emma enjoyed so much. As Janet did so, Emma’s head went back and she moaned deeply at the abuse her nipples were taking. Janet’s nails digging into Emma’s breast, making her moan deeper.

Emma slipped her hands around Janet’s waist and rested them there, letting the older woman get used to her, not wanting to rush anything immediately, knowing there was time yet to enjoy herself. She watched as Janet surrendered herself to pleasuring Emma’s breasts, taking each one in turn, biting the creamy, sensitive flesh, the dark rose pink areola, the hardened darker nipples. Emma lowered her hips to sit on Janet’s thighs lightly, letting her fingers play softly with the older woman’s waist and the tops of her hips, tracing patterns over her stomach, her fingers never fully leaving Janet’s skin, simply touching what she could from the position she was in, just scraping the bottom of her ribs, marvelling in the shape of the woman, her stomach not flat but still in incredibly good shape. Janet would ooze sex appeal if she only knew how to utilise it Emma thought, tonight, she decided, she would start to learn.

Janet trembled softly under Emma’s touch, moaning softly, those moans transferring themselves to Emma’s nipples, in turn making the young woman moan above her. Janet concentrated on her work, silently marvelling at the total naturalness of their togetherness, her own spare hand mirroring Emma’s, moving over her hips, her back, her long nails scraping softly, she had always wanted to do this to her husband but he had always stated that his back was far too sensitive and had flatly refused to let Janet touch him, in fact, she rarely caressed him or received caresses in return. Inwardly she shrugged. Those days were over. Starting now.

Never breaking their kiss, Emma slid one foot to the floor and then swung her other leg over to stand at the side of Janet. Her hands moved from Janet to her jeans, she undid them and wriggled them over her hips, breaking the kiss with a giggle, realizing how absurd it must look. Janet grinned and watched as Emma pulled her jeans off and folded them, adding them to Janet’s skirt on the rail. She then watched as Emma slid her small white panties over her hips and let them drop to the floor, stepping out of them, she bent and picked them up, turning and dropping them into her bag. Emma had the most spectacular backside, peach pink skin, taut and young, rounded, with the perfect crease under her cheeks, not big but not small, the type of backside that you knew your fingers would leave marks in if you pushed them into the soft flesh. She turned and Janet drew her breath in, Emma stood, totally naked, her stomach with just the hint of round, her hips in perfect proportion, her breasts sitting pert and pretty. Emma watched as Janet took her in, inch by inch, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, stopping to linger on her pubis taking in the smooth skin, hairless but very obviously not shaved. Janet’s eyes moved from there up her stomach and over her breasts, a hunger on her face as she watched the young woman simply stand and let Janet take her fill of her.

Emma smiled softly and moved back in towards Janet. Janet looked at her, hope, fear and need all battling for position within her mind and on her face, her eyes showing the need first and foremost.

“Let’s get you out of these.” Emma said and pulled Janet to her feet. She stood on the tips of her toes and moved in to kiss Janet once more. Janet immediately reached for her and pulled her in as Emma hooked her fingers into the waistband of Janet’s black panties and slid them over her ample hips. Janet wriggled as she felt them move over her thighs, they dropped to the floor gently and Emma slid her hands around Janet and pulled her into her, their breasts and stomachs touching, the touch making them both tremble for different reasons, Janet through nervousness, Emma through need, pure wanton need, her hands never stopping moving, over Janet’s skin, across her back and sides, making Janet moan and shudder under her touch. The younger woman’s hands continually moved, until finally one moved up to wind her fingers through Janet’s hair. Finally, with one hand on Janet’s backside and the other wound tightly in her hair, Emma’s hands were still. Her fingers pulled as she kissed Janet, who moaned in their kiss, their tongues playing, sliding, entwining, teeth capturing lips, tongues, lips capturing lips, sucking gently on tongues inserted, as the oral dance played on. Emma pulled Janet into her so that every inch of available flesh was touching her own, lost entirely in need. Emma finally broke the kiss, leaving Janet flushed and breathless, the motion of the train ensuring that their bodies swayed together.

“Lie down,” Emma said in a low voice. “It’s time to show you what this can really do.” She finished as she bent to retrieve the bullet. Janet did as she was bid, stumbling slightly as the train clunked over some points, Emma putting her hand out and lay it flat on the wall to steady herself as Janet got back on the berth and made herself comfortable. Once she was sure Janet was comfortable, Emma sat on the bed and faced Janet cross legged, the bullet in her hand.

“Can I watch?” she said tentatively. Emma smiled and nodded, turning the bullet onto its lowest setting as Janet took the pillows and made herself comfortable.

Emma gently placed the vibrator on the edge of Janet’s inner thigh. Janet’s immediate reaction was to open her legs slightly as she relaxed back and closed her eyes. The more Emma played, the more Janet opened her legs until finally she simply dropped one foot to the floor, exposing her perfectly trimmed mons, dark and well kept Emma was observing until she stopped herself with a stifled giggle, thinking she sounded like someone describing a hedge. Emma looked up and saw that Janet had not heard her and was still concentrating on the patterns that she was tracing over her inner thighs. She lightly traced the vibe across Janet’s lips, a deep moan left her and she angled her hips up towards her, almost as though pulled by an invisible string. Emma traced it back across once more and then moved it down. Stopping just at the base of her vulva she teased as the older woman squirmed, then very slowly she traced it up the length of the woman’s increasingly moistened lips until she reached the top. Watching her carefully, Emma slowly inserted the vibrator between Janet’s lips and just touched the tip of her clit quickly. The reaction was instant. Janet moaned deeply and squirmed further down the bed, the motion of the train making her breasts swing back and forth slightly. Emma repeated the process another 4 times, each time just dipping in briefly to tease the older woman.

Janet breathed deeply and moaned. Her hand came down to find Emma’s, her intention was to force Emma to stay in one place. As Janet’s hand pushed down gently but firmly onto Emma’s, the younger woman reached and slapped her hand away. Janet opened her eyes and looked at Emma. Emma simply shook her head. Janet took her hand away again and waited, if not a little impatiently for Emma to come back to her clit. Emma for her part was now all the more determined to take her time. They still had 4 hours of the journey left and she could easily make things last for that length of time.

Emma continued to play the vibrator over Janet’s lips and inner thighs, watching the older woman squirm in front of her, enjoying the level of disquiet she was able to give. Moving around and dipping in, only to come out again and move on. Janet whimpered and moaned each time she did and Emma relished the noises. She looked directly at Janet,

“Tell me what you want.” She said softly. Janet looked at Emma with hooded eyes, lust and need on her face.

“I want to cum,” she growled and the small part of Janet that was still in control squirmed inwardly as the words left her.

“Ask me nicely,” Emma grinned. “Say please.”

“Please…..please I want to cum. Please.” the older woman pleaded.

Emma smiled at her conquest and slid the bullet vibrator across Janet’s thigh and slipped it between her lips. Janet moaned deeply as the small vibrator buzzed against her clit. Emma moving it around gently, watching the older woman until the moans emitting from her told Emma that she had hit that sweet spot which would shortly bring Janet the orgasm she craved.

Janet’s eyes closed as she surrendered totally to her feelings of want and need, of the glorious feel of the vibrator against her clit, Emma’s hands travelling over her parted thighs, her nails trailing lightly over her skin, making her squirm even more. Her fingers gripped the edge of the bed and her back arched as her orgasm overtook her. Her knees and thighs coming together as her muscles contracted, intensifying the feeling running through her libido.

Emma forced the older woman’s knees open again gently and continued to run the vibrator around her clit as her orgasm thundered through her. Watching as Janet tried in vain to stay in control. She got on her knees and leant over putting one hand on the wall above Janet’s shoulder to steady herself against the roll of the train. She came forward and bent to kiss Janet. Janet reciprocated immediately, whimpering as Emma kissed her deeply and intensely. Drawing out the last of Janet’s orgasm as she wrapped herself around the younger woman’s neck. Emma moved from her kneeling position to straddle Janet’s thighs, her hand moving from between them, she hit the button on the top of the bullet and dropped it beside them. Sitting on Janet’s thighs she moved her hand from the wall and wound her fingers in Janet’s hair, the other hand moved to her breast and played with her nipple, squeezing it gently, teasing.

Janet moaned and moved her hand down the younger woman’s back, feeling the soft skin under her fingers, her remaining hand playing with the wisps of hair at the nape of Emma’s neck. Emma tightened her fingers in Janet’s hair and pulled the older woman’s head back as she kissed her deeply, making Janet mewl with pleasure.

Janet’s hand moved down Emma’s back and around her hip, to slide down the front of her thighs and then tentatively between them. She had never done this before but intended to find out how good or bad an idea it was. She followed Emma’s rule of thumb, if it would feel good on her then it would feel good period. Still kissing Emma she slid her hand gently over her lips, slick with the juices of her arousal, gently rubbing before sliding between them to run over her clit. She wanted to reciprocate what Emma had just done for her.

Janet angled her hand and slid two fingers deeply into her while her thumb continued to play with her clit, Emma moaned and pulled Janet’s hair tighter as she wriggled herself downwards onto Janet’s fingers, rolling her hips over her, fucking her fingers deeply as she pushed her fingers up to meet her. Janet’s thumb worked on Emma’s clit and the younger woman broke their kiss, her head going back, her lip caught between her teeth as she rode Janet’s fingers hard and fast. Janet’s free hand continued to play with Emma’s nipples, tweaking them in turn, pulling them towards her as Emma’s back arched. Janet leaned forward and took one between her lips once more, biting down on it as Emma’s moans deepened to growls, torn from her as her arousal grew, Janet’s thumb rubbing deeply against her clit, slippery and wet with juices, her hips continuing to roll faster and faster, moaning constantly as Janet paid the beautiful young woman’s body homage.

Emma’s hands came forward and cupped Janet’s breasts, moving to her nipples, she twisted them visciously, the painful moan from Janet making Emma fuck her fingers harder with need. She had a need to inflict pain, a want, that drove her to need to hear the pleading in voices as she took her fill of them, as she bent them to her needs.

Emma had always enjoyed this side of her life, always wanted to be in charge, always been naturally dominant over both men and women but only ever let it show on her sexual side. Still young , she was still learning to control it, to control the anger and intensity that drove her to the point that she was at now. Lost in the need for total satisfaction, knowing she should be paying attention to the older woman but her body’s need outweighed her conscience as she let go of Janet’s nipples only to grasp her breasts and dig her nails into the soft flesh deeply. Janet yelped and instinctively put her arm across her breasts, shielding them from Emma’s grasp, breaking it as her arm swept down. Emma leaned forward again, her hips bouncing as she kissed Janet savagely.

Janet felt Emma’s cunt walls contract suddenly and then swell to tightly grip her fingers as her orgasm ripped through her with incredible intensity. Her body convulsed and Janet felt a warm gush of some force over her thighs. She watched in incredulity as Emma pulled herself off Janet’s fingers, her entire body out of control as she came deep and hard, moaning loudly as she did. Spent she threw herself forward and collapsed in Janet’s arms, her body still twitching as it continued to leave its last traces on her. Janet embraced her as she panted and twitched in her arms, still shocked as she held the young woman, her thighs soaked with the results of Emma’s orgasm. She had only heard about women squirting and had believed it was one of those many urban myths, the young woman in her arms had just blown all of that to shreds and she closed her eyes and let the steady rhythm of the train rock them as they both gathered themselves for different reasons.

Emma took a deep shuddering breath and wriggled herself between Janet’s legs, her fingers starting to move over her skin once more as Janet’s fingers stroked her hair and trailed over her shoulder, the movement of the train soothing them both, their actions and thoughts. Emma shivered slightly and Janet reached over and grabbed the quilt from its shelf space. She awkwardly threw it over both of them and Emma reached behind and pulled it over her round bottom, snuggling into Janet again as she did.

They both lay playing with each other, Janet playing with Emma’s hair, Emma toying with Janet’s sensitive spots, fingers moving, small kisses lightly placed as far as she could stretch without actually moving, Janet’s skin going into goosepimples as Emma’s warm breath travelled over her. She lost herself in Emma’s touch and gently drifted off into a light sleep, aided by the champagne and the movement of the train.

She was woken a short time later by Emma who had gently made her way down Janet’s body and was now kissing her way across her stomach. She smiled and sighed softly, running her fingers through Emma’s hair again.

“Mmmmm that feels good,” she murmured.

Emma looked up and smiled at Janet, stopping her kisses just long enough to nip her skin sharply before carrying on down her stomach to her mons. She placed a large wet kiss right in the middle of Janet’s mound making her giggle. Janet pulled her knees up, her thighs parted, to make room for Emma. Emma wriggled down between Janet’s legs and onto her stomach, curling her legs behind her. Janet watched as Emma put her head back between her thighs and suddenly giggled.

“Ooops, made a bit of a mess didn’t I?” Emma laughed. “Oh well, never mind.” and she bent her head again.

She placed a kiss on Janet’s trimmed lips and then nipped one between her teeth, pulling gently. The tip of her tongue traced a line upwards, lingering at the top of her slit briefly before dipping in to tease the tip of Janet’s clit. Janet moaned deeply as she touched it, the hard tip of Emma’s tongue making Janet’s clit throb deeply, her entire pelvis aching instantly. Janet’s husband had never really liked oral, unless of course, Janet was performing it on him. Something that Janet had done out of duty more than anything. Now Janet opened her legs wide and let Emma do whatever she pleased.

Emma gently took her time, licking and sucking at Janet’s lips, able to taste her own cum on her. She licked at her thighs relishing in the taste once more. Nipping and licking, she made her way to the crease of Janet’s inner thigh, sucking the soft flesh into her mouth, hard enough to leave a small love bite on her. Janet moaned and squirmed, a small part of her elated at being marked in this way, she had not had a love bite since her early teens and now somehow the position of it made it secretive.

Emma pushed Janet’s leg over the side of the bed again for her foot to rest on the floor. Janet turned her foot to allow her thighs to open as wide as possible, feeling her slick lips part to reveal a deep pinkness, shiny and inviting. Unable to tease any longer Emma buried her face industriously in Janet’s cunt, licking her from the tip of her clit down to her tight puckered ring. She did it in one single movement, scooping up Janet’s sticky fluids as she went. Janet gasped as Emma blew on her exposed wetness, cooling the heat down, then when it was cooled sufficiently, licking once again from ass to clit, her tongue flat against Janet’s folds, opening them as her it glided across, tasting her until she was back at her clit. Concentrating on Janet’s clit, Emma toyed with it, flicking and sucking as she drew it into her mouth and nibbled on it.

Emma’s hand moved up and she slowly slid 2 fingers deep into Janet. The older woman moaned deeply and slid her hips downwards onto Emma’s probing fingers, her hips starting to move against her. Emma continued to work on Janet’s clit with her tongue, her fingers sliding in and out of the older woman, her tongue occasionally lapping at them, taking the taste from them and then moving back to toy with her clit once more.

Emma’s moans transferred to Janet’s clit, vibrating through it to add to the pleasure Janet was already feeling. Her fingers moved harder and deeper as Janet’s wetness increased, 2 fingers became 3 and Janet moaned loudly as Emma continued her assault on the older woman’s cunt. Janet’s wetness could clearly be heard as Emma continued to drive into her, she added a 4th finger easily to the first 3. Stopping her attention to Janet’s clit, she raised her head to watch her face, gauging the reactions she was getting as she filled her cunt with more and more of her hand.

Janet moved her hips in time with Emma’s fast moving fingers, meeting her stroke for stroke, her moans coinciding with each inner thrust, Carefully, Emma put her thumb with the other fingers and then twisted her entire hand, thrusting forward as she did, punishing Janet’s tender cunt as she forced her hand into her. She pushed one last time and Janet’s cunt enveloped Emmas hand completely.

Emma immediately bent her head back to Janet’s clit, her hand thrusting and twisting inside her as Janet moaned and grunted, feeling her cunt totally filled as she had never felt it before, stretched and aching. Her subconscious was totally overwhelmed by the feeling of it, but she was enjoying every single second as Emma used her, controlled her and punished her. Emma bit on Janet’s clit hard and she screamed, part in pain, part in pleasure but totally in lust.

Emma sucked Janet’s clit into her mouth as her fist was curled into her, her knuckles hammering against her cervix. Janet yelped suddenly and gasped.

“Oh fuck,” she exclaimed loudly, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, for fucks sake, oh….oh….noooooooo.”

Unable to control anything she felt, Janet came massively, her body contorted and her hips lifted, pulling Emma’s mouth from her clit with a pop. Emma watched with satisfaction as the older woman flailed out of control, her fingers looking for purchase on anything available, scraping across the back of the bed, scraping across her own thighs leaving instant raised welts, a row of four parallel red lines.

Emma continued to fist Janet through her orgasm, feeling her cunt contract and swell around her hand. She only slowed as the orgasm passed but did not remove her hand, instead laying her head on Janet’s thigh, placing small kisses there as the older woman lay hiccupping with spent need above her. As Janet’s orgasm passed, Emma gently pulled her hand from inside her and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Emma moved and made her way up the bed, the quilt in one hand as she straddled one of Janet’s thighs and lay the length of her. Pulling the quilt up over them both, she brought the hand she had used on Janet up and slowly started licking her fingers. Janet watched through hooded eyes as Emma lay murmuring with pleasure as she licked her fingers clean.

“Taste good?” Janet asked.

Emma merely nodded and offered Janet her thumb, Janet opened her mouth and took it, closing her mouth again before sucking softly. She closed her eyes as she tasted herself, another new experience for her, but then this entire journey had been a new experience. Between them Janet and Emma cleaned the young woman’s hand and then curled up together on the bed.

Janet fell into an almost instant deep sleep with Emma curled up against her, the younger woman’s head resting on her breast. Emma slid her hand under the quilt and between her legs, her mound was pressed against Janet’s thigh but it did not cause any obstruction as she slid two fingers between her lips with ease. She turned her head and gently took Janet’s nipple between her lips. Sucking softly, she used practiced fingers on her clit, needing release herself before she could sleep. Pushing deeply at the spot just above the hood of her clit as she brought herself quickly and quietly to orgasm.

Goal reached, Emma curled herself around Janet and still sucking softly on Janet’s nipple she fell asleep.

Janet was woken just over an hour later with a soft knock at the door.

“Glasgow, 20 minutes.” The voice on the other side of the door called.

“Thank you.” Janet called and she looked at the sleeping form curled around her. She kissed the top of Emma’s head and ran her fingers softly over her shoulder, watching as Emma stirred.

“Morning sleepyhead,” she said as Emma looked up at her. “We are almost there, it’s time to get up.” Emma stretched and nodded.

“Ooooh I need a wee,” she said suddenly and clambered over Janet. She stood up straight and groaned holding her head, turning she disappeared into the toilet. As Janet waited she realised she too needed to pee quite badly and started to wriggle. Emma opened the door a few minutes later and watched Janet smiling. She stood to one side and let Janet pass her hearing moans of headaches as she disappeared. She groaned in agreement and turned to find clean underwear, putting it on before pulling her jeans and top back on. She stripped the bed and dropped the bedding onto the floor and was sitting cross legged on the bed brushing her hair when Janet re-appeared.

Janet followed Emma’s example and put clean underwear on before donning her clothes of the previous night. She sat beside Emma and brushed her hair before she screwed it up and pinned it to her head. Both women then busied themselves packing their bags and got ready to get off the train. As they moved to leave the room, Emma turned and kissed Janet deeply one more time. Satisfied, she turned and opened the door, leading the way out.

The train pulled into Glasgow Central Station two minutes later and the two women alighted onto the platform and walked to the exit. As they walked Janet looked at Emma.

“Does my daughter know?” she asked simply.

“Why do you think we are best friends?” Emma laughed. “Oh Mrs Kinsella you are funny, of course she knows.”

Emma’s laughter could be heard as the two women walked onto Union Street and turned towards Argyle Street, the cold winter sun bright on their faces. Janet smiled and knew that this New Year could be the start of her life.

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