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Sissy Nicky

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“Please don’t make me open the door like this,” Nicky begged to Angie.

“Then you should have had your chores finished before I got home like I instructed. Don’t keep Sonya waiting.” Nicky slowly moved to the door as the bell rang again. Nicky could feel himself blushing as he opened the door. Sonya was standing on the porch and he could see the look of shock on her face.

It’s not like she didn’t know about their relationship as Angie had told her all about it over cocktails on a few occasions. She had just never seen Nicky for herself.

“Hello Nicky, don’t you look pretty today.” Nicky could feel his embarrassment rising, but he could also feel his cock growing firm inside his panties.

Angie called out from behind, “Sonya. Come on inside and excuse Nicky’s manners.”

Nick and Angie had been married about three years when Angie became the more dominant partner in the relationship. It all started innocently enough with them watching an adult video about bondage one evening and the dom forced her sub to wear a pair of lace panties. Angie noticed Nick’s arousal at watching the male sub being forced to wear panties. As they began to fool around, she abruptly stopped during sex and got out of bed. Nick was a bit bewildered and was truly surprised when Angie returned with a pair of lace panties.

“Put these on Nick.”

“What? Are you crazy?”

“If you want to fuck me tonight, you’ll put these on right now!” Angie tossed them to Nick. He slowly slid them over his legs and brought them up over his erect cock. “Don’t you look cute! I saw how erect you got watching the video. I thought you’d like to a pair of mine.” Nick didn’t know what to say. He did find it exciting though he had never had any fantasies in the past. They resumed having sex with Angie making him leave the panties on all night. When they did fuck, she slipped his rather large cock through a leg hole.

Over the next four months, Angie bought a few more items for Nick to wear and incorporated it into their lives. She bought garters and stockings and pantyhose at first. He really enjoyed the smoothness of the silk on his legs. Then one day she brought home his first bra with a pair of silicone breast forms. He balked at first when she told him to put them on, but after she withheld sex from him for three days, he acquiesced. As much as he hated to admit, Nick was finding himself more aroused by wearing all the feminine underwear that Angie was buying for him. During this time, Angie was talking on-line with other women who had become doms and was learning about the subject matter.

Six months after that first night, the two were enjoying foreplay with Nick wearing his bra, panties and stockings. Angie told Nick he would start doing the household chores on Saturdays. She also told him he would do the chores while dressed up as a girl and she would start calling him Nicky. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and he was getting agitated. In the bedroom, it had been fine. This was getting out of hand. He protested to Angie. Angie was telling him it’s the way it would be. As they talked, Nick’s arousal continued to grow. As he was attempting his most compelling argument, he came in his panties. They both stopped and looked down at his silk panties filling with cum.

“The discussion is over. I see you’ve confirmed this is what you want.” Nick didn’t have anything to say. There really was nothing he could say at this point. Angie changed the tone of her voice, “Well Nicky, you’ve had your fun now get between my legs and show me what good you are!” Nicky dove between her exposed thighs and his tongue lapped at her clit like he was possessed. He brought Angie to orgasm within three minutes. They fucked half the night away. As she kissed him goodnight, Angie told him “I expect Nicky to have my coffee ready when I get up tomorrow. We’ll discuss your chores over breakfast.” She turned out the lights and rolled over.

The next morning, Angie walked downstairs to find Nicky standing in front of the stove preparing breakfast. He was wearing panties, pantyhose and a bra with an apron tied around his neck. He poured her coffee and she sat down at the table to read the paper. She watched him move around the kitchen for a few minutes before going back upstairs. Angie returned in a few minutes with a bag in her hand. “This is for you. I can’t have you doing chores dressed like that.” Nick opened the bag and pulled the clothes out. It was a short yellow dress and some low heels. He looked at her. “Go try them on for me. Be quick about it.” Nick went into the bathroom and pulled the dress over his head. The hem stopped just south of his ass, but it fit nicely. He slipped the heels onto his feet and they to fit very well. The heels were only about an inch, so he didn’t have much trouble walking.

He walked into the kitchen to model for Angie. “You look wonderful. Now turn around for me Nicky.” He turned around and Angie walked up behind him. She slipped one hand onto his ass cheek and slipped her other hand around to his aroused cock. “You look good enough to fuck but I think I’ll wait ’til later. Now how about my breakfast?” Over breakfast Angie told him what she expected him to do during the day. She was going shopping for Nicky now that she had an idea of he looked. “Don’t worry, you’ll love what I’m going to buy for you!”

After breakfast, she went upstairs and got dressed. She kissed him on the cheek as she was leaving, “I’ll be back in a few hours.” She bought a couple more short dresses, some lingerie, a bikini and a wig. When she returned, Nicky had completed all her chores and was waiting for her gifts. Nicky was surprised and excited by all that Angie had purchased. “One more thing for you,” and she pulled out the wig for him to see. “A proper sissy needs to truly look the part.” The wig was a shoulder-length auburn style. Angie put it on Nicky’s head and adjusted it into place. Even Angie was amazed at the physical appearance. “You look great. Go look at yourself in the mirror!”

Nicky walked into the living room and saw ‘her’ reflection. She really did look like a decent girl. Angie sat down on the couch and spread her legs. She had already removed her panties. “Nicky needs to come over here and show me how grateful she is for all her gifts.” Nicky walked over and dropped to her knees between Angie’s spread legs. Nicky quickly brought Angie to orgasm. Nicky’s own body cried for release, but Angie was not that giving. “I bet Nicky wants to cum, doesn’t she?”

“Yes Angie.”

“Not right now. I’ll let you know when it’s your time to cum. Now go and bring me a glass of wine.” Just six months after it all started, Angie had made Nicky into a sissy at home. During the week, Nick would still go to his job, but he now wore pretty panties and often pantyhose under his suit to work. But the weekends, he usually became Nicky. #

Sonya lived down the street from Nick and Angie. She and Angie worked out at the same health club and had developed a close friendship in the two years they had known one another. Sonya was single and liked to play around with men. She had long dirty blonde hair that usually lay on her shoulders. She had a very nice shape with curves in the appropriate places. She was a frequent visitor at the house, often times coming over for dinner. Even before his transformation, Nick had told Angie how sexy he thought Sonya was. They had even played games in bed with Angie putting on a blonde wig and pretending to be Sonya. Occasionally when Sonya would come for dinner, she would dress somewhat provocatively. It was how she was, but it was also to tease a ‘married man’ as Angie had told her of Nick’s opinion of her.

Over the next six months, Angie began sharing with Sonya the role she now played at home. Sonya found it quite interesting and started asking Angie to let her come over one day and meet Nicky. At first Angie told her no, but over time she warmed to the idea. She was searching for new ways to play with Nicky and different ways to spice up the game. She finally agreed to have Sonya just ‘drop in’ on them one Saturday afternoon. #

Sonya walked past Nicky as she stood at the door. “Close the door Nicky,” Angie called out. “What a surprise, Sonya. Would you like something to drink?”

“A glass of tea would be great.”

“Nicky, do be a sweetheart and get us girls some iced tea. Why don’t you pour yourself a glass and join us.”

“Yes Angie. But what about the rest of my chores?”

“We have company. You can save those for later.”

Sonya was wearing a very short skirt and a t-shirt without a bra. Her firm breasts jiggled under her shirt and her nipples pressed against the cotton. Nicky was feeling humiliated. This is the first time someone they knew had seen him dressed like a sissy. Even through his embarrassment, he could feel his cock growing stiff in his panties. Sonya was so damn sexy and the skirt she had on barely covered anything. Nicky brought three glasses of iced tea on a tray into the den. Sonya was on the couch and Angie was sitting on the recliner. Sonya was leaning forward with her legs crossed. As Nicky handed her the tea, he was able to see ample cleavage as he looked down her v-neck t-shirt. He handed Angie her tea and sat in a chair opposite from Sonya. As soon as Nicky sat down, Sonya uncrossed her legs. She was talking to Angie and never looked his way, but it was evident she wanted him to look. Nicky could see a thin white strip of fabric covering Sonya’s sex. He could feel himself growing fully erect in his panties.

“So Nicky, Angie tells me you are a good little housekeeper. It’s so hard to find good help these days.” Nicky only blushed, not knowing what to say.

“Sonya is having a party in a couple weeks and she asked if she could borrow you for a Saturday to help clean-up around her house. Would you mind?”

“No Angie, if that’s what you’d like me to do.”

“That would be wonderful.”

The girls chatted for about twenty minutes, Nicky could barely keep his eyes off of Sonya. “You know it’s awfully warm. How about we go lay out by the pool?”

“I’d love to Angie. Do you have a suit that would fit me?”

The girls were similar in size, but Angie had a better idea. “Why don’t we just strip?”

“You first!”

Angie pulled her shirt over her head exposing her breasts. Nicky was mesmerized as Sonya stood up and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her full breasts bounced freely, her nipples semi-erect. She reached around and acted like she had trouble with the zipper on her skirt. “Nicky, would you be a dear and help me with this?” When Nicky stood up he realized his cock was throbbing. He also realized it was pushing outward and with the skirt he was wearing, there was really no way to conceal it. Both girls noticed immediately.

“Nicky, we’ve talked about etiquette. You’re embarrassing Sonya.”

“I’m sorry, Sonya. Please forgive me.”

“Now help her with her zipper, then go upstairs and wait for me.” Nicky walked behind Sonya to help with her zipper. As he reached for it, she pressed backwards, her body rubbing against him. She bent slightly at the waist, pressing her cheeks against his cock. He couldn’t see the grin on her face. He finally slid the zipper down and she wiggled out of her skirt. He could see her rolling her white panties down over her hips as Angie motioned for him to leave. By the time he reached the top of the stairs, the two girls were standing naked in the living room.

“Sonya, you were great!”

“Nicky looks really good. If I didn’t know the truth, I wouldn’t guess.”

“Go outside and I’ll join you in a few minutes. I need to punish her for the erection.” It’s what they both expected to happen, but Angie knew she needed to punish Nicky.

Angie walked upstairs and found Nicky holding the paddle. “I’m sorry Angie. You know how sexy I think she is and being all dressed up like this, I couldn’t help myself.”

“I know Nicky that it’s not fair, but you also know I need to do this.”

“Yes Angie.”

“Now pull down your panties and grab the dresser.” Nicky did as she was instructed and Angie proceeded to give her ten sharp hits with the paddle. It brought tears to Nicky’s eyes, but she didn’t cry out. “I think you need to wear that sexy bikini we bought a couple weeks ago.”

“Please no. I won’t be able to hide my clit in the bikini.”

“That’s your problem, not mine. Although if you embarrass Sonya again, I may let her punish you next time.” Nicky could feel his clit throb even more at the prospects. “Now I expect you downstairs in five minutes.” Angie stroked his exposed clit a few times before heading downstairs.

Nicky was beside herself with thoughts of wearing the bikini. She had worn it in the yard with just Angie and been fine, but not with anyone else watching. Especially not Sonya. Nicky went to her dresser and pulled out the bikini they had purchased on their last shopping excursion. It was brightly painted in reds and yellows. The top had small, full cups so Nicky was easily able to stuff her fake breasts inside to fill them. The bottoms covered her ass cheeks, but they were cut high on the thigh. Nicky pulled her large clit between her legs and applied surgical tape to hold it in place between her cheeks. They had done this before when Angie had Nicky wear a sheer dress so Nicky thought it would be okay now. At least she hoped it was okay. Nicky pulled the bottoms up over her hips and checked herself in the mirror to make sure the tape wasn’t showing. Nicky knew she couldn’t move too much or the tape would come loose. She slipped into a pair of low heels and walked down the stairs. Looking through the sliding glass door, she could see Angie and Sonya standing by the pool. Angie was applying suntan lotion to Sonya’s lovely breasts.

“Nicky, let me see you girl!” Sonya called when she noticed Nicky walking towards the door. “You are stunning in your suit. Do you like mine?” She asked with a devilish grin.

“You are very beautiful Sonya. And thank you for the compliment about my suit.”

“Be a dear and refresh our glasses of tea. Then join us for some sun.” Nicky carefully picked up the glasses from the low tables. She was aware of her throbbing clit trapped between her ass cheeks. She knew she would never be able to keep it safely tucked away while outside looking at Sonya. Nicky filled the glasses and put them on a tray to carry them outside. When she returned, the two girls were lying side by side on chaise lounges near the pool. Of course they were on their backs to provide Nicky with the sexiest poses they could offer. Nicky had to walk around their feet and between them to reach the round glass table. As she bent over to set their glasses on the table, Sonya’s left hand slid up Nicky’s thigh, her nails running over her smooth, tanned skin.

“Please don’t Sonya. I’m trying to be a good girl for Angie and you are making it very hard.”

“That’s the point, silly girl!” Both girls laughed at Nicky’s situation. It got worse for Nicky. Sonya took an ice cube from her glass and lightly touched it to her firm nipple. She slowly circled the nipple, staying within the ring of her aureola. The coolness of the ice made her nipple harden before Nicky’s eyes. Sonya moved the ice cube to her other nipple and again moved the cube in circles around her firming nipple. Nicky was mesmerized at the sight of Sonya. Nicky had enough control to squeeze her thighs tightly together and she backed away from the girls. She took a seat on the other side of the pool. Angie rolled onto her side and reached over to touch Sonya’s breast. She took it in her hand and slowly massaged the skin. Sonya spread her thighs allowing Nicky to see her pouty lips against her neatly trimmed bush. Sonya pushed the ice cube down her belly. She paused to play with her navel before pushing it to her pussy. Nicky was dying. She was sitting on her throbbing clit trying to think about anything else, but couldn’t. Nicky could take her eyes off of Angie and Sonya. Sonya’s long fingers held the quickly melting ice cube against her pussy lips, rubbing it slowly up and down the length.

“Angie would you mind if I go see what Nicky is trying so hard to hide?”

“Not at all. I’m sure Nicky would like to show you.”

Sonya stood up and walked over to Nicky, stopping just twelve inches from her. “Please stand up.” Nicky stood before Sonya, there bodies barely avoiding contact. “Please walk around the pool for me. I want to see just how ladylike you can be.” Nicky hesitated for a moment then began to walk her sexiest walk to the deep end of the pool. Nicky no longer cared about her clit or if it popped out. Nicky did her best, but by the time she had made one full circle around the pool, her clit was pressing against the fabric of the suit. Nicky stopped beside Sonya.

To Nicky’s surprise, Sonya dropped to her knees and pulled the bikini bottoms down. Nicky’s clit sprung forward. “Ooh what a big clit you have little girl.” Sonya promptly took Nicky’s large clit / cock into her mouth. She began to thrust onto the cock and Nicky knew it would only be seconds. Nicky grabbed the back of Sonya’s head as she shot her cum into Sonya’s warm mouth. Nicky’s entire body shook with relief as cum escaped her body. Sonya stood up and kissed Nicky, cum still filling her mouth.

Angie walked over to the two of them, “Why don’t we continue this inside. I’m sure Nicky would like to show off some of her sexy lingerie.” Sonya became a regular visitor and Nicky started doing the housework for both women.

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Douglas Sajdyk wrote

Short, but a real good female led relationship, and Forced Feminization story.