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Unusual Circumstances Ch. 01

Category: Incest
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These stories will follow the views and perspectives of individual characters, sometimes switching between them. I apologize for any confusion this may cause and I hope to clearly distinguish between each character when I make the transitions.


Life can be a bit of an annoyance sometimes.

I mean, besides the usual, every day stuff, y’know?

My name is Clara, and I’m now a freshman in college. My entire life thus far has been spent in the pursuit of greater education, the following of my parent’s grand footsteps so I can make something of myself in the world. Both of them have PhD’s and as such, they feel it’s necessary for their children to get at least Master’s, with the idea of the eventual reception of a PhD as well. My views have followed much the same path for a while now, but since entering college, they’d begun to change and mold more towards what I want to do.

I plan to stick with my degree and keep with what I want to do, because I enjoy it. But something was always nagging at my mind, and it only became obvious around the middle of my first semester.

Everyone, everywhere on this campus, always seems to have someone hanging off their arm, smooching with them before class or coping a quick feel when they think no one is looking.

The feeling of companionship has always been with me, no matter how old I was. But because my parents raised me to be a loner, I almost never gave into it and usually ignored it. However, during my time at college I realized how much I wanted that feeling of belonging and the now familiar need to feel another person’s flesh against my own. Watching the couple’s walking around campus, hearing the sounds of my roommates beds knocking against the wall at night while I tried to sleep, awakened in me the sleeping beast which was my sexual appetite.

While my roommates were out with their boyfriends or hitting the town, I stayed inside my room, sometimes studying for real, other times so intent on releasing my sexual frustration all I could do was masturbate until my entire pubic area was throbbing and sore. The suspense of it all, especially when coupled with my roommates bringing their latest “catch” home, finally drove me to a new level of sexual frustration.

The day I began to look at the incredible contours of a male body finally dawned on me. The young men sometimes playing Frisbee or wrestling on the lawns began to excite and arouse me just from looking from afar. Rippling abs, strong, sculpted arms on top of ragged and handsome good looks drove me out of my mind and made my knees go weak and my groin ache in ways I’d never known were possible. Sessions of watching the most toned and well-muscled young men on the campus made some of my nights sleepless as I struggled within my depths and attempted to relieve the fire burning within me.

But alas, none of my fire was ever quenched, and my efforts to relieve myself only seemed to stoke that fire and make it rage higher. I knew I needed companionship and soon, else I eventually go out of my mind, but that, as well, was not such an easy task to obtain and complete.

Due to my parents conditioning, I was a loner by nature, preferring a more close-knit group of friends than larger crowds. This eventually resulted in a degree of shyness on my part; a sort of holding back from meeting new people before spending a little time around them. I wasn’t ignorant or naïve, I knew precisely how to behave myself and make new friends, maybe even meet potential boyfriends. But my shyness, fear of being turned down and of being unwilling to give myself so wholly to a complete stranger put me off significantly.

The thought that I might be afraid of men came to my mind on more than one occasion, but those thoughts were quickly waylaid by my immediate turn-on at the sight of a gorgeous man and my complete relaxation around them when I met my roommate’s catches. The puzzle of my situation continued to confound me and ultimately lead to a massive sexual frustration block looming over my head as I eventually gave up the hope of ever finding a boyfriend or that perfect mate.

These frustrations followed me around until my sophomore year, upon which time I realized I had continued to look upon the delicious bodies of the young men as they matured around me, but had also begun to look upon the blossoming young women surrounding me. My frustrations had gone so far as to begin fantasizing what some women looked like when they were made love to, especially when they had one of the strapping young men between their legs, spreading them wide and making them scream. Thoughts like these tormented my every waking moment and more often than not my dreams as well. It was not uncommon for me to wake in the middle of the night soaking wet from some incredibly erotic dream I’d been having. The familiar stirring within my loins begged me to stroke and massage myself in seek of relief, so much so that I finally had to result to sleeping nude in my bed.

Messes were made in my bed as I cried into my pillow in pleasure and screamed for the men of my fantasies to take me and ravage me as they pleased. Orgasm upon orgasm washed over me night after night as it came to the point that I could not sleep if I did not masturbate beforehand. The unforgiving ravages of my own libido soon overtook me and I could not help but eagerly look at every man and woman who caught my fancy day in and day out and imagine them doing lewd acts to each other, if only so I could imagine and hope it would happen to me some day.

All of my feelings came to a steaming head when my younger sister graduated from high school and chose to attend the same college that I was currently attending. I had seen my sister since I had left for college, but when I saw her at her high school graduation, my head almost exploded. My cute, adorable, little sister had begun to mature into a fantastic and beautiful young woman. The women at college had a certain air of maturity and experience, which was beautiful in and of itself, but was absolutely nothing compared to my sister.

Her legs had filled in and were incredibly shapely, especially when they met her full and smooth hips and joined with her incredibly tight, muscular butt then continued on up to her sensually curving back. The way her firm, taut stomach molded into her hips and spread upwards to her full, wholesome breasts set my entire being on fire. Glancing into her fiery, intelligent eyes made my soul and heart melt and my entire body scream at the things some lucky man would get to do to her someday.

I almost died.

The dress she wore on her night of graduation was nigh irresistible on her. Everything about her sexy, sleek and fit athletic body was complimented to the highest degree. A cute, deep green dress that made her eyes sparkle caught the approving glances of every male in the building, and certainly some of the females as well. My attention was riveted on her after she took off her graduation gown and mingled with her classmates and their families. When she finally came over to her own family and distributed hugs all around, I nearly melted from the embrace. My thoughts raced over the brief contact as my family congratulated her and made small talk. When my head finally came to the conclusion over what was so intoxicating about the hug, my brain almost exploded.

She wasn’t wearing a bra!

Our breasts had been touching and I’d felt her nipples brush against mine!

My head swam and all I could do was smile dumbly and blurt out a few, unimportant sentences as my inner fire leapt to an all time high and caused a torrent of moisture to begin flooding from inside my body. I could barely contain myself as my super aroused sexual organs rubbed against my panties, the sensations sending waves of pleasure through my body.

Something must have flashed across my face which caused my sister to think I was ill. A worried look crossed her face and she turned fully to me as she asked if I was all right. I could only weakly smile and say that I was feeling a little weak and should probably sit down. As I turned to move away from my family and head towards a seat my sister took my arm and excused us both as she led me away.

My entire soul seemed to catch fire as she took my arm and pressed her body against mine. My already weakened knees almost buckled as I felt her soft breasts pushing into my arm and breast. Bells, whistles and fireworks were exploding within my head at the first physical and sensual contact occurred between myself and another human being.

When my sister eased me down into a chair and went to get some water, I leaned my head back and concentrated on the tiny spark within my steamy depths. Carefully manipulating my legs and inner muscles I began to massage my clit between my legs and work my muscles like I had a giant, throbbing member inside of me. My climax was nearing completion when I felt my sister’s hand on my forehead. My eyes flew open and I was greeted with the fullest view of my sister’s glorious breasts as she leaned over me, trying to take my temperature.

My entire body shuddering in a screaming orgasm brought my sisters eyes to my own in startled realization of what had just occurred. While not being sexually active, my sister was still very aware of what that sort of reaction was from, especially in a female body so similar to her own. Her deep, green eyes quickly darted to my hands and reassured herself that they were in fact in sight, then she grabbed me and lifted me from the chair as we hurried towards a back door.

As soon as we had moved outside and the door clicked securely shut, my sister leaned me against the wall and turned away, pacing uncomfortably. My head leaned back and I closed my eyes, trying to determine what exactly I could say to make sure this situation didn’t turn sour.


“…what was that?”

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold it in anymore…”

“Clara, what the hell are you doing masturbating in a public place like this?!” hissed my sister, quietly chastising me. “Who knows what might have happened if you’d been caught! It’s a good thing I thought you had caught a fever and pulled you away! I can’t imagine what our parents would say if you had an orgasm in front of them!”

“Look…I can explain…”

My younger sister had always meant quite a bit to me. We didn’t have any other siblings, especially not older brothers. So, when she needed protecting, or a friendly and understanding shoulder to cry to, she always came to me. We’d shared more intimate moments together than with anyone else. Neither of us ever kept anything from each other, and college was the first time either of us had been apart from the other for an extended period of time.

“You’re a gorgeous young woman now…you’re absolutely amazing. You’re beautiful, smart and have an incredible personality. You’re everything anyone could ever want and I’ve come to appreciate that in you. I’ve been so lonely and frustrated because of all the people on campus and it’s been coming to a head. Seeing you tonight almost made me explode…it’s you that made that happen to me…”

To be continued…

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