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Office Captives

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Larry had been down on his luck for longer than he cared to remember. So when he ran into an old friend in a bar one night a few weeks ago his ears perked up as his friend told him of his most recent firing. The guy had worked for a small business about twenty miles away. But Larry wasn’t interested in the details of the business as much as one particular detail that his friend mentioned. Larry had robbed a couple convenience stores in the past, and the thought had crossed his mind recently with his current situation as it was.

So when his old buddy mentioned the cash deposit in the safe Larry began getting ideas. With a few questioned Larry learned that on every Friday night a large amount of cash, usually large bills totaling in the thousands, was dropped off and stored in the safe. On Saturday the office manager—the woman who had fired Larry’s old friend—would come in and take the money, with the assistance of their security guard, to be deposited in the bank.

Larry drove by the building last Saturday. It was situated in an office complex that saw very little use on weekends. He parked the car at a distance and watched the building. Around 1:30 PM he sat the woman leave, escorted by the guard. A casual look around the building gave Larry every indication that he could get in with little problem. All he had to do was secure the armed security guard and the manager and things should work out fine.

On the Saturday in question Larry arrived early. He parked his car where he thought it wouldn’t be noticed. He came around from behind the building and used a trash dumpster to climb up to what appeared to be a bathroom window on the second level. With little difficulty Larry had pried open the window and was inside. He knew that with the manager and guard already on-site that the alarm system would be turned off.

Larry crept down the stairs and peered into the hallway. Seeing the guard sitting at the front desk Larry quietly approached him from behind. Sticking his loaded pistol into the guard’s back Larry said, “Freeze.”

The security guard, a man in his mid-thirties named Harold, stood still. Larry grabbed Harold’s pistol, then used Harold’s own handcuffs to secure his wrist behind his back.

“Where is your boss?” Larry asked.

“She left already.” Harold lied. Larry replied by pistol whipping him. “Bullshit, mother fucker! I know she’s not leaving without you.”

He grabbed Harold and pulled him down the hall. “Tell me where she is or I’ll blow your nuts off!”

Harold replied, “She’s in the conference room. But she’s not alone.”

“What?” Larry asked.

“You fucked up man.” Harold replied. “She called her co-workers in today to catch up on their budget. They’re all in there right now. If I was you I’d leave and forget this.”

‘Fuck that’ Larry though. He had gone too far to turn back now.

“How many?”

“Seven.” Harold replied.

“Where is your supply closet?” Larry asked.


“If I can secure everyone then nobody needs to get hurt.” Larry answered.

Harold pointed to the janitorial closet in the hall. Using the guard’s keys Larry opened the door and found many things he could use, including rope, wire and duct tape. “Let’s go.”

He pushed Harold down the hall to the conference room. Then threw the door open before shoving Harold in and following with both pistols in hand.

“Everybody freeze, I’m here for the money.”

Everyone around the table jumped in panic. At the head sat Amber, the 32-year old manager. She was slender, with medium length brown hair, blue eyes and a very pretty face. Next to her sat her assistant, Joan. A 24-year old with long brown hair. While not as pretty as Amber, Joan had a very sexy body, complete with 36-C tits. The other five at the table were men. Eric, a 24-year old blond haired attractive, single man. Charlie, a 42-year old heavyset balding father of three. George, 30-year old, somewhat handsome divorced accountant. Bob, a 35-year-old ex-marine. Larry knew by looking at him that he could be the most trouble. And finally Arch, a 21 year old that looked like he was still in high school. At appeared to Larry that he was about ready to piss himself.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Bob asked.

“I’m here to collect the money that your boss-lady here takes to the bank each week.

“Then you’re out of luck.” Amber said, trying to sound brave before her staff.

“What the fuck do you mean?” Larry asked.

“It’s in the safe, and it’s a time delay lock. Won’t open until 1:00. That’s over three hours from now.

‘Shit’ thought Larry. It was only 9:40. He hadn’t thought anything about time locks.

“Well we’ll just have to wait until 1:00 then won’t we.”

Larry motioned all of them to the wall. “Strip.”

“What?” Came the beginning of several protests.

“Strip off your clothes, then I’m gonna tie you up and take your clothes with me. That way I won’t have anyone running off outside.”

Reluctantly everyone removed their clothes and tossed them onto the table. “Underwear too!” He demanded. Amber and Joan were conscious of eyes looking their way as they removed their bra and panties.

“You there,” Larry pointed at Arch. “Take his pants off.” He ordered, pointing at the handcuffed security guard. Arch slowly approached the guard and removed his shoes, then unfastened his pants and let them drop before sliding his boxers down and off his feet.

“Now take this rope and tie everyone’s hands behind their backs.” Larry cut the rope into equal lengths and handed them to Arch, who started with the men and securely bound each of their wrists behind them. With Larry watching closely to make sure that he was doing a satisfactory job.

He tied Joan and was beginning to tie Amber when Larry noticed that Arch had become erect. “Well look here, the young man has a hard on.”

Arch blushed in embarrassment.

“Can’t say that I blame you, kid. She does look nice. Hell, we got plenty of time to kill.

Why don’t we start by having you suck him off.”

“Fuck you!” Amber shouted.

“We’ll get to that later, darlin’. But right now this young man needs to be taken care of.”

Seeing the gun pointed at her Amber slowly dropped to her knees and took Arch’s stiffening cock into her mouth. Her face was red with shame as she started sucking. Amber was always the prim and proper boss. The perfect wife who would never think of cheating on her husband of four years. She was no prude in the bedroom but performing this act in front of her staff was the most humiliating thing she could ever imagine.

Arch couldn’t believe what was happening. He had admired his boss’ attractiveness, and had masturbated thinking of both her and Joan before. But never did he think anything would happen like this. He was ashamed to realize that he was enjoying his boss’ lips around his shaft. He saw all eyes in the room watching and could only imagine what the others were thinking of him. Then he felt his arousal increasing. The surge beginning to mount. Between heavy breaths he whispered, “I’m sorry, Amber.” Then unleashed his wad into her mouth. Amber tasted his warm salty fluid as it spilled out in her mouth and down her throat. “Swallow ever drop.” Larry demanded. She continued sucking until Arch’s dick began to grow limp in her mouth. With tears welling up in her eyes she pulled back, afraid to look at anyone else in the room.

“Well that got one hell of a response.” Larry said.

Amber looked at him in confusion, then followed his eyes to the others standing against the wall. Each of the five men had become aroused while watching her.

All of the men but Eric were ashamed that they had responded in such a way. None of them had enjoyed watching Amber forced to perform orally on Arch. But the site of the beautiful nude woman sucking him to climax had taken its toll on them. Eric, on the other hand, was fully aroused and turned on. Although he would never admit it to the others, he was secretly hoping that their captor would ‘force’ him to have sex with either Amber or Joan.

“All you guys sit down against the wall.” Larry ordered.

As they complied Larry took Amber and Joan and walked them before them men. “OK, ladies, start at each end and suck these hard pricks off.”

Amber was forced down before Harold. “Please no, Amber.” Harold said. He did not want to be forced to cum in his boss’ mouth. On the other end, Joan knelt down before Eric, who had to force the smile off his face as the big titted girl leaned forward to take his dick into her mouth. Larry watched as the two woman sucked the two men. Harold sat still, straining in a failed attempt to prevent himself from building to an orgasm as Amber worked his pole. On the other end Eric had no such moral dilemma. He welcomed the sensation of Joan’s mouth and tongue as she slide her face up and down his rod. He clenched his teeth to keep from shouting out when his load erupted into Joan’s mouth. As soon as she had drained him dry Larry moved Joan to Bob, who was next in line.

Joan took the ex-marine’s cock into her mouth. She was surprised at how she felt doing this. Joan had never been one to shy away from sex. In fact, she was no stranger to showing off before men. The thought of being forced to suck off her co-workers had begun turning her on after the initial fear had passed. She only hoped that no one noticed how wet her pussy was getting. Joan also hoped that someone would be forced to fuck her to an orgasm. She would never confess it but she needed the satisfaction of a good cock in her to complete her today.

On the other end Amber still worked Harold’s cock. By now she wished that he would cum and get it over with. Harold still continued to struggle to prevent his mounting pleasure. But it was a loosing effort. Seconds later he gasped and felt his pecker blow wad after hot wad into Amber’s waiting mouth. He hated himself for enjoying the orgasm but could not deny the pleasure his dick and balls felt from the release. With Harold completed Amber forced herself over to rest in Charlie’s lap. She avoided looking at his face and concentrated only on sucking his cock. Charlie was surprised at how his cock responded to Amber’s mouth. In seconds he went from unwilling participant to a very excited one. Charlie hadn’t been with another woman since he married his wife 14 years ago. But with three kids and a two-income family the sex had slowed down over the years. And a blowjob is something that Charlie had not experienced in four or five years now. The forbidden sensation of Amber sucking him off overwhelmed him. In less than three minutes Charlie found himself cumming in Amber’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Joan was working Bob’s tool in a frenzied effort to bring him to an orgasm. When he came she greedily swallowed every drop then moved to the next guy.

Both Amber and Joan reached George at about the same time. Seeing each other for the first time since starting this horrid ordeal they looked gazes momentarily. Each woman looked at the other, traces of cum dribbling out the sides of their mouths and down their chins. John felt shame for the first time as she looked at Amber, realizing that her boss and friend was in agony while she was relishing this. Amber had no idea how Joan felt and assumed that her young assistant was as unwilling as she was.

“Well don’t just sit there, ladies,” Larry said. “One of you suck the poor fellow off.”

Joan, feeling ashamed for her friend, moved first, figuring that she could save Amber further humiliation by finishing off the last of their co-workers. She began sucking George’s stiff boner as Amber crawled back.

“You’re not finished yet, babe. My turn.”

Amber looked up to see that Larry was standing their naked. His cock stiff and ready from watching her and Joan pleasuring the other six men. She looked in alarm as she saw that it must measure over ten inches, and at least 5 inches in diameter. Slowly she got up on her knees before her captor and started sucking his cock, knowing full well that six pair of eyes were watching her every move. She didn’t think she could get it into her mouth but Larry forced her to take as much of it as possible. When he shoved it into her throat Amber nearly gagged, but continued to suck his cock as he gripped her hair in his fist. Soon Larry spilled his man-seed into Amber’s throat. Amber collapsed on the floor. She saw that Joan had just finished bringing George to an orgasm. She only hoped that Larry’s lust had been satisfied.

“Well, we still have two and a half hours to go. What shall we do next?”

Amber cringed when she heard those words. But what she heard next got made her feel even worse.

“I know, you too can lick each other off now.”

Joan’s eyes grew wide with shock. She had let a girl friend in college try this on her once when they were drunk, and surprisingly enjoyed it. She had never thought that she would try it again, but her pussy was burning with desire after bringing three men to orgasm. She would act appalled, but secretly she welcomed Amber’s face between her thighs. Amber on the other hand was mortified by the very suggestion. But fearing the reprisal she laid herself between Joan’s legs. She wasn’t expecting the wetness she found when her tongue first brushed up against her assistant’s privates. She looked up to Joan’s face but saw no reaction. Joan kept her face as stone as possible as Amber began stroking her pussy lips with her tongue. As Amber’s tongue struck her clit she felt it swell and her juices flowed even more. God, she couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying this. The thought that six co-workers were watching them only excited her more. Amber continued licking, while Larry urged her on. Soon Joan’s legs were shaking, her ass-cheeks quivered as she felt her boss bringing her to a much-needed release.

Amber could feel Joan’s response. It sickened her to know that the younger woman was going to cum from her licking. She understood the men cumming, but believed that she would be able to withstand responding so from such a forced disgusting act and felt that Joan was letting her down by her actions. Joan didn’t think about anything but release. Try as she might she couldn’t hold back the moans that escaped her lips. Her nipples were swollen and she rocked her hips up and down to meet Amber’s face.

Then it happened. She climaxed on her boss’ face. Juices spilled and splattered over Amber’s face and Joan became enraptured in her orgasm. Finally it ended and Amber pulled her face from between Joan’s drenched thighs in disgust. Only to be pulled around by Larry so that the two were reversed and Joan now lay with her face in Amber’s crotch. Joan had thoroughly enjoyed her orgasm. But she had not thought about this. Now it was her turn to munch carpet. And she wasn’t sure how she would respond to it. Still, she had no choice. Joan closed her eyes and began working her tongue in and out of Amber’s sexy slit.

Working up to her clit in a manner the she enjoyed. Amber’s pussy responded by filling with fluid, moistening with every lick. Amber felt humiliation from this but still believed that she would be able to prevent climaxing in this way. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see the men all watching. She saw too that each and every cock stood fully erect at the show before them. Joan licked and slurped at her pussy for several minutes and Amber began realizing why her assistant had responded in such a way. Never before had she felt someone lick her as well as Joan was doing now. She realized that the old saying was true, that it takes a woman to know what a woman really wants.

Amber’s mind raced back and forth trying to fight the feeling growing between her legs. But it only prolonged the inevitable. In fact, it made it worse, for the longer she resisted the better the licking made her feel. She leaned her head back, her eyes rolling as she felt the first wave of her orgasm approaching. A surprise cry escaped her as she body spasmed with delight as she began cumming for the first time under a woman’s touch. Her face burned with shame but her pussy throbbed in sweet release as her orgasm grew to a wonderful peak before subsiding. With relief Joan stopped licking her twat and Amber lay limp on the floor.

Larry walked over to stand between Amber’s spread leg. “That is one sweet looking pussy you have there. Now I get to fuck it.”

Amber’s eyes widened in fear. Being forced to perform orally was one thing, but she didn’t want this bastard in her pussy. But before she could move Larry was atop her, shoving his hard cock into her soaking pussy. Amber looked around frantically only to see everyone watching her rape. Larry began thrusting his cock in and out of her without mercy. Sinking every inch of his shaft inside her. Amber fought back tears as he ravaged her hole without care. Never before had she been filled by so much cock in her life. Then she nearly screamed in rage when she felt something stirring inside her. Joan had unlocked her inner desires with her licking. Now she felt herself building once more under the impaling blows of the cock within her. Her fist were clinched in rage as she realized that he was going to make her get off. Larry pounded harder and faster and it became a race against time. Amber closed her eyes trying to block out everything around her. But there was no use; Larry’s cock stroked her clit with each and every thrust. Soon she caught herself raising her hips to meet him. Each time she realized this she would force herself to stop, only to catch herself again moments later. Then she couldn’t hold back any longer. Amber achieved another orgasm, this one stronger than the first. Her eyes opened in time to see the satisfied look on her rapist’s face as he looked down into her eyes. “I’m cumming, babe.” Larry cried out. “Oh god, not!” Amber pleaded. “Don’t cum in me!” But there was no denying Larry. He thrust harder and faster, emptying his balls into her pussy.

Larry got back to his feet, looking down at Amber in triumph. Looking at the other men against the wall he said, “Not it’s your turn, gentlemen.”

Amber’s eyes opened wide. “Get up and start riding these cocks.” Larry ordered.

Amber crawled on her hands and knees to the wall, the first guy she came to was Eric, who could barely hold back his excitement as Amber slowly climbed into his lap and slid her pussy over his cock.

“You too.” Larry said to Joan.

Joan moved a little more quickly to the other end. She saw young Arch sitting there, her pussy was still wet as she approached him. In her mind she wondered if Arch had ever been fucked before today. Joan slipped down on his rod and began riding, feeling her pussy come to life almost immediately. Larry stood back and watched as both women bounced up and down on the shafts below them. Arch came rather quickly so Joan climbed off him and onto Harold as quickly as possible. Harold still resented being forced into sex, although he couldn’t deny the sensation he felt from Joan’s pussy as it wrapped around his cock.

Amber was still riding Eric’s cock. She was shocked when he leaned forward and began sucking on her nipple. The feeling of his tongue on her nipple and cock in her pussy sent a wave of delight throughout her body and her temp increased. Then she felt Eric blow his load inside her. As his cock began to shrink inside her she slowly lifted off him and prepared to climb onto Bob’s waiting pole. As she slid down on him she looked over to see Joan bouncing up and down on Harold with open delight. Her initial moment of disgust vanished as she began riding Bob and felt her own body welcoming his cock. Soon Amber was having her third orgasm as she slammed her hips down into Bob’s lap. The look in his face made her fully aware that he was enjoying her pussy as much as she was enjoying this forced orgasm. She continued to ride until she felt his jism launch into her belly to join that of the other’s. Then she climbed off of Bob and mounted George.

As Bob was cuming inside Amber both Joan and Harold were achieving their mutual climax together. Without waiting Joan pulled off and slammed herself down onto Charlie. Now the two women were side by side fucking. Amber began having yet another orgasm as soon as she started riding George’s stiff pecker. Joan rode beside her only to find herself disappointed as Charlie’s cock came in her before she was ready to cum again. She tried riding him longer but he went limp and couldn’t stay inside her sopping pussy. She looked with envy as Amber exploded with her second orgasm atop George before he came inside her.

As Amber pulled off Larry rolled her onto her back and pushed Joan between her legs. He then got behind Joan and thrust his massive cock into her waiting pussy. Joan welcomed him, not believing just how his cock filled her insides. She began licking Amber’s pussy once more. Amber looked up, her head rested in George’s lap and she looked down to see Joan munching her pussy. She screamed in delight as her pussy began a series of multiple orgasms as Joan licked and fucked the man behind her. Joan orgasmed but continued to lick her bosses’ pussy until she felt Larry’s balls empty inside her. Larry stood and backed away, looking at the two exhausted women lying before the six men. He was surprised to see three of them hard again.

Eric was rock hard, having fucked Amber and been sucked by Joan was wonderful, but seeing Joan going down on Amber again had him ready to go once more. Alex was hard as well, but even though he felt satisfied he really didn’t want to abuse either of his co-workers any more. Although he knew that he would welcome either of them.

Larry told Joan to go jump on Eric while he pulled Alex around and lay him on the floor before everyone. He had Amber climb up on him then got behind her and pressed his cock against her asshole. Amber protested, but she had so much cum and her own juices already flowing down along the crack of her ass that it acted as lubricant for Larry, allowing him to slowly press past her anal ring. Amber couldn’t imagine how it would be possible for such a huge cock to fit inside her tiny asshole, but Larry did not stop until he had thrust himself inside her. Amber cried out in pain as he began fucking her ass.

Each of his thrust made her ride up and down Alex’s stiff cock. Joan was busy riding Eric’s cock, but she turned her head to watch as Amber was being fucked in both holes. Amber felt the two cocks inside her rubbing together against the thin membrane of flesh between them. She saw everyone watching her, and then she felt her swollen clit rubbing Alex’s cock. Her pussy was about to respond again. Even with the pain in her ass she couldn’t deny the orgasm that came. Amber moaned and cried as her pussy came on Alex’s cock. But that wasn’t the end of it. The two poles continued to ram her and she felt wave after wave of orgasm wash over her. Alex came in her pussy but she couldn’t stop fucking him as long as Larry was in her asshole.

Eric was sucking Joan’s huge nipples as she fucked him with every ounce of energy she could muster. She had already cum once on him and was working on another as he felt him balls beginning to tighten. As she orgasmed again he joined her in welcomed release.

Amber couldn’t contain herself as she felt Alex’s cock beginning to harden inside her again. She felt that if she had another orgasm she might pass out. Then she felt Larry’s pace increase. It felt as if he was ramming even farther inside her if that were possible. His orgasm erupted deep in her asshole, and as he was cumming she found herself in the midst of her strongest orgasm yet. Amber screamed and nearly blacked out.

Larry pulled out of Amber’s ass and looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost noon.

“Well, we’ve only got an hour to kill.”

Amber almost cried. Not because she was being raped mercilessly and forced to satisfy her co-workers. But because she was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t think she could ever face any of them again. And she was afraid that she couldn’t take another orgasm without totally cracking.

But as the next hour went by, she found herself riding cock after cock. Joan and Amber both took turns riding each of their six co-workers for part of the hour. And despite her fears, Amber had many more orgasms during that time.

Finally 1:00 came, men were left tied and locked in the conference room Larry led Joan and Amber to the safe. Amber opened the safe and removed the contents, placing it in a canvas sack for Larry. He then put the two women over the desk and took turns going back and forth fucking each woman for the next twenty minutes until he was ready to cum again. He placed his cock against Joan’s ass, as it was the only untouched hole on either of the two women, and pressed it inside her. Unlike Amber, Joan welcomed his cock in her ass. Larry pounced away for another five minutes before unleashing one final wad up her butt. Then Joan pulled off and shoved her pussy back onto his still hard cock. She loved the way his monster rod completely filled her insides. Larry stood still and allowed Joan to fuck him until she achieved one final orgasm. Then he led both women back to the conference room and tied them back to back. He retrieved his clothes and bid them all farewell and left.

Amber and Joan sat in the middle of the room; their pussy’s soaked throughout with more cum than either could imagine. Small puddles of mixed juice and cum appeared beneath their well-used cunts. They looked to the men tied against the wall, everyone exhausted, emotionally drained, but all of them completely satisfied sexually.

“What are we going to do now?” Joan asked.

Amber shook her head. They were all tied and trapped. Sooner or later this afternoon someone would wonder why one of them hadn’t come home and, after failing to get an answer on the phone, come by. Or call the cops. And here they all were, trussed up and well fucked with all the money gone from the safe. What a wonderful story the local paper would have with this one.

The news left the names of everyone out of the paper. But everyone who knew them or the company realized who was involved. Strangely enough, no one was able to give a detailed description of Larry. Harold quit working in security. Having allowed his company to be robbed and everyone on site to be raped wasn’t the image the security staff wanted. Arch left and found a job in a nearby town. Having fond memories of his first sexual experience. Amber switched departments. She worked in a different building and was no longer responsible for money. Nobody thought anything when she had Eric and Gorge transferred into her department. She stayed happily married, but she had many late night meetings with Eric and George that her husband never learned about.

Charlie continued working in the same office. Where he often bragged about the day that he got to fuck the two prettiest ladies in the office and not get in trouble with his wife for it. Then there was Joan. Her friendship with Amber became estranged after that day. And with everyone learning how easily she got into what had happened, her reputation was harmed. So she decided to quit and find a job elsewhere. A short time later she met a man named Larry who had quite recently come into seventeen thousand dollars in tax-free money. The two of them moved out west and used the money as seed money in opening a small business and lived happily ever after.

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