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If You Wanna Be Happy

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The first couple of lines of the early 1960s upbeat song “If You Wanna Be Happy” by Jimmy Soul, had been running through mind for the last few days since Sydney moved out, at my request. I’ve had three long term relationships – all with beautiful young women. The first beauty was lazy but spent us into serious debt. She didn’t take care of our kids.

Soon, I was a single parent and she got to party as long as she wanted. That was thirty years ago. She is still partying.

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife

The next lovely was ambitious and worked long and hard. She forgot about us. She always said there would be time for that later. She died way too young.

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife

The last heavenly creature captured all I had to give. She cheated on me often. Each time she begged forgiveness. Each time I gave it; even through her bringing herpes into our ten year relationship. Luckily, I never got the virus. Four days ago was my birthday. She said she had to work and would make it up to me. She and her lover spent my birthday together. They had the gall to stay in one of the motels I own, to get a free room.

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife

Now, I’m not buying into Jimmy Soul’s “ugly woman” idea, or even the wisdom in the many versus of his song, however, I have to admit that my own system of picking young, desirable women hasn’t worked very well either.


My recently divorced, fiftyish neighbor lady was taking seedlings from her cold frame to plant into her early spring plastic-tented flower garden. She knew I always took a coffee break from writing about ten in the morning and sat on my patio. Her perfect apple bottom was usually cased in too tight Daisy Dukes and her camel toe called to me even in my dreams last night. We had often talked about how much we both like cut flowers to cheer up our houses’ décor. While she was married, she ignored my natural teasing easily. After all I’m fifteen years older than she. But asses like that have always clouded my judgment. Twenty years ago. she was talking and shopping friends with my long deceased wife. I knew just enough about her to know she still lived in the same house but had gone through two more husbands since then.

“I brought you a coffee this morning, but I don’t know if you are a coffee drinker.”

“No I’m not. Why would you bring me a coffee?”

Her impertinence was a challenge. We had teased over the years but she always backed off. “I wanted to get a closer look at your beautiful bottom while you work in your garden. I thought it would be best if both my hands were full.”

She was as fast and as playful as me, “Why would you need your hands full?”

“So I don’t touch the beautiful art without permission.”

“Two coffees solve your problem?”

“At first, I thought it would but now I have discovered I really underestimated the problem.”

“How so?”

“Even with my hands full, another part of me has guided me toward you and now I yearn to taste the darkened damp crease between the legs of your light blue shorts.”

Instantly, she looked down and discovered that her shorts had indeed darkened. She blushed. Her embarrassment stole her teasing mood.

“I apologize, Aubrey. I’m aggressive from my writing today. I did not mean to embarrass you with my teasing. You are sexy and I can feel the heat from you. I forgot my place. Forget the coffee. What shall I bring you to drink, when I see you in your garden again?”

She was quiet. I drank my cup down and pitched the coffee from the extra cup back toward our shared fence. I felt I had really offended her, so I took my first step back toward my house. She responded, “Sweetened iced tea is always good on a hot day.”

“I’ll be more civilized and come bearing a gift of iced tea the next time I see you.” I went back to work and decided to quell my fantasy thoughts of an affair with my younger neighbor.

At eleven a.m. about a week later, we were having an unusually hot sunny day for early April in Portland. I saw the apple shaped bottom hard at work in the sunshine. Her skin glistened and dirt clung to her knees. Armed with two glasses and a dripping clear glass pitcher of sweetened tea with large ice cubes rattling inside, I tried a more civilized greeting.

“Good morning, Lovely Neighbor, how about a break with a cool glass of tea in the shade?”

“I’m ready for a break. It is really hot today.”

She sat and leaned against a tree while I poured our tea. She took her glass and rubbed it against her forehead and on her neck. She sighed and closed her eyes. I examined the skin that was not hidden by her shorts and halter. Not a single blemish showed on her five foot four inch, 130 pound frame. Little dots of sweat beaded on her chest and trickled down between her ample breasts. Her eyes fluttered; she was peaking at me, not wanting me to know that she was enjoying being ogled and admired. She took a deeper breath than normal and held it to puff out her chest. Her nipples were hard. I guess; I cannot be civilized. I scooped one ice cube from the pitcher and let it melt in my hand and cold drops fell on her shoulders and chest just below her neck. Startled, her eyes opened wide to look at me.

I stood beside her, my arm extended over her and, for once, I stayed quiet. For a few more drops, she stayed quiet too. She relaxed, closed her eyes again and said, “That feels good.”

“I’m glad, because I like watching the cold drops splatter on your hot body.”

When that ice cube was gone, I fished out another and got more adventurous in finding places for the drops to land and cool her sweat drenched skin. She giggled when drops hit her feet and again when one landed perfectly in her belly button. I did not intend the drops that echoed off the cloth between her legs and ran between her hot thighs. She but did not react. One more ice cube and our game was tiring. She opened her eyes and sat up.

“The lovely woman is all cool now; time for her to get back to weeding her flower garden?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. That was a fun way to cool off. Thank you.”

“My pleasure. I should thank you. I too need to get back to work. On a day like today, it’s too bad my job is inside.”

As I began to walk away, she surprised me, “Many years ago, Ann told me you write naughty stories as a diversion. She even told me where to find some of them on the internet. I’ve checked on your work over the years. They are quite a turn-on. Like your play with the cold water today. There must be exciting things to do during the cold, rainy weather up here. Is that why you drink hot coffee — to play with it, on cold days?”

“Maybe, partly, but according to how cold and miserable the weather is, there are ideas like hot tubing while it snows, snuggling by the fire or enduring hot wax drops on naked skin.”

Aubrey’s entire body flushed with my last seven words. I had learned something about her. Something I liked very much. I left her a full glass of tea and retreated to my office without another word being said. From the window in my kitchen, I watched her glance around, dip her fingers into the glass and slip them under the cups of her halter. She backed into the tree, dipped her fingers again and slid them down into her shorts. I saw them move between her legs half a dozen times. When she pulled them out, she rubbed her fingers against her thumb, feeling their slipperiness, sniffed them and sucked the two center ones clean of her juices. Again she looked around guiltily. She went back to work. I think she pointed her ass toward my house hoping I was watching. I was and continued to, while I jacked off into a kitchen towel.

I did not see Aubrey when I went out a couple of days later to check the mail. She was just across my driveway, “How do you stay so tan this early in the year? Do you go to a tanning salon?”

“You’ve never been over on my side of the fence. Let me show you something in my yard.”

Even though I wanted to walk behind her, we walked side by side in the noonday sun and I talked, “For the rest of this semester, I teach Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons until five. Tuesday is my short day. I only have an afternoon lab, three until six. Thursday is my long day, ten a.m. to ten p.m., with office hours, admin duties and another lab. So, I write early and then,” I pointed toward a high fence attached to my house on the opposite side from where her house was. I pulled a hidden cord and a gate swung open. The fence enclosed a raised deck just outside my bedroom. The area was small, maybe 12’x18′ but it had a four person sunken hot tub, a sunning area, some plants, a thin storage shed and some stacked chairs. “For an hour before I get ready and head to the campus to become “Prim and Proper” Professor Thomas, I catch some rays in my morning open air sauna, sheltered from the cold wind. It gets my head into the right mode to face the young know-it-alls, who have to endure my words of wisdom.”

Aubrey was impressed, so I continued, “This spot’s south-east facing and the dark wood decking and fencing heat the inside when I need it in the morning. By evening the house shades this spot to cool it on summer evenings. It is also the quietest, most private and darkest part of my yard, so hot-tubing at night under the stars is very enjoyable.”

“It’s perfect.”

“Not perfect but enjoyable. You are welcomed to use it any time. You know my schedule. If you want privacy, you know the secret of how to get in from outside.”

The morning was still cool, but inside my “shelter” it was clearly hot. Like all women, she still had questions, “What do you do in the bad weather?”

“See the metal tracks down the center and on the top of the walls that lead to the gabled end?”


“Watch.” I walked over to the sliding door that leads into my bedroom, opened the slider and flipped an inside switch. The double paned 1’x6′ panels unfolded like an accordion down the center on each side of the enclosed space. That in turn opened sliding doors covering sunlamps attached to the top of the side walls. “See, “instant winter sun room,” complete with a glass ceiling, so I can watch our never ending bad weather, drink wine in the hot tub, work on my stories and avoid being depressed when we don’t see the sun for weeks at a time. I can keep my tan and avoid tan lines.”

My last three words made her blush.

“Oops, said too much, didn’t I. Might as well fess up; I’m not into wearing clothes at home; if you talked to Ann, you know I’m very playful and very oral; and I grew up in such a way that I’m a sexual libertine. Little shocks me, but a lot entices me – including sexy next door female neighbors with beautiful bottoms.”

Aubrey did not back off this time. “You write about so many things, it is somewhat frightening.”

“A lot of my stories are challenge stories. You know, maybe there was a contest, “Write a story about getting one partner in a lesbian relationship pregnant.” Pure imagination and fantasy, I assure you. But you are right, Pretty One, when we let our imagination go, some things come out that are disconcerting. Literotica, has 21 categories, some of my stories have ventured so far afield that I have had to find other homes for them and wondered if there was something wrong with me because I wrote them.”

“Where does the real sexual you start and the real sexual you end?”

I smiled at her. “That depends a lot on my partner. I would want to be good for her and would go as far as I could in pleasing her. Would I lead? Sure. Would I spank her, tie her up, put her in a swing, use her all night, make her beg to climax and make her cum five times? Maybe against her will? Sure, if I thought she were open to all that. Forcing, truly hurting, tears and truly humiliating are not turn-ons for me. My partner has to make sure that I know she wants to be with me; then, my ego soars and almost anything goes.”

My neighbor was not used to such openness. She was quiet.

“Aubrey, I would love to talk with you all day, have some wine, sit in the tub, solve all the world’s problems and tease each other with naughty stories. And of course, enjoy looking at your beautiful body. But I have to get to the campus. Stay, enjoy the sun and the hot tub. There is an elliptical machine in that little thin shed and a cold shower, if you pull the chain in the corner. I will like knowing that you use and enjoy my deck.”

The next week, my world was turned upside down for more than a month. In addition to my regular duties, I had to take on some PhD candidates while one of my colleagues had bypass surgery. I hate the politics of the Doctorial program and the egos of the candidates and the professors. I didn’t kill anyone. I guess, I’m a better human being than I thought. Really stressed, one Tuesday, I pawned my lab off on one of my graduate assistants and went home before five.

The day was hot and sunny. I was thinking about a stiff drink when I began to undress in my bedroom. On my deck, lying nude on her back, asleep with a timer next to her, Aubrey’s legs were slightly spread but pointed away from my sliding door. I made my drink and in just my boxers, snuck out quietly to sit below her feet to gaze at her slightly hanging pussy lips, her closely cropped pubic hair and her slightly sagging natural “C’s” lying spread toward her open arms. I had almost finished my drink when she blinked twice and saw me. She scrambled for her towel. I handed it to her.

She was speechless. I’m not sure I helped, “I got off early and couldn’t believe the beauty, I found outside my bedroom. I noticed your alarm was going to go off at six. I planned to go back inside before then. You are a beautiful woman, Aubrey. I wish, I were ten years younger. If I were, I would feel confident enough to ask you to go out with me.”

Aubrey dressed and went home. I sent her an email explaining the last few weeks and apologizing. I did not get a replay for a few days. When her replay came, I was surprised on many levels but tried to be a proper neighbor.

“Sam, Sorry I did not reply sooner. My daughter, Linda Miller, will be staying with me this summer. We would both like to sun on your patio, if you confirm your schedule, so we will not disturb your ordered life and valuable time. Aubrey”

My answer probably confused her as much as hers did me:

“Aubrey, I remember Miss Miller, fifth row back in a theater of 108 students “Introduction to World Literature Classics.” She was quite a distraction still too young a woman to have learned that she is smart and can be successful within her own talent. I miss talking to her mom. Again, I apologize breaching our agreed upon schedule. Should my schedule change again, in any way, I will give you at least a day’s notice via text. You and your daughter are welcomed to use the hot tub deck. I’ll advise you of my summer and fall schedules when I get them. Sam”

A few days later I got the most enjoyable email:

“Sam, When I told Linda who my neighbor was and what you had said, I got silence, until last night. We had a girls’ night, complete with lots of wine, pajama party, giving each other pedicures and confessions. Linda said she did not wear panties and flashed you for most of the semester. She said she could see that she had your attention and a few times you retreated behind your desk but you never responded. She lamented that her “C” did not become a “B” or an “A.” Aubrey”

I was feeling very alone and old when I answered on Tuesday;

“Aubrey, “You would have easily gotten an “A+.” I’m not that strong. I admit, I fantasized about the two of you sunning on the deck. I still treasure the sight, when I breached our agreement. Thursday, I will be home early. If you are sunning on the deck, I will ask you to go on a 19 day Panama Canal cruise with me before the fall semester. We can negotiate the rules, no expectations, I hate to travel, dine and dance alone. Take care. Sam”

Thursday, I was crushed. Neither Aubrey nor Linda was on my deck when I arrived home early. I took a fifth of Bacardi rum, two liters of Diet Coke and a bag of ice with me on to the deck with every intention of getting totally soused. By ten my plan was not working well. My mind was still going a mile a minute and I was not soused. I was nude in my quiet tub and my cock was half hard because of my thoughts and the cycling water jets. A little nock on my gate was followed by my gate opening. Linda stood, looking like a Catholic school girl.

“Mom says she will call you tomorrow. She could not make it tonight.”

“Is she at home and just sent you?”


“Now that you have graduated and moved on to the working world, how are you doing?”

“Just got a promotion. After only six months. I remember you telling me, I was good and that would happen.”

“You are smart, know how to work, want to succeed and are beautiful. That’s a combination that can win on many levels.”

She stood quietly. She looked like a little girl, yet she was now twenty-three. I did not want her. I felt old, angry, unwanted and lecherous. I owed her some playfulness. I wanted to get even with her mom for not coming to me, “What do you have on under your skirt, little girl?”

Her generation is miles more permissive than mine. She played at looking shy, curtsied and used a little voice to answer, “Panties.”

“Take them off and give me a closer look at what you teased me with in my class one entire semester.”

I was surprised when she stepped out of her panties, spread her legs and thrust her hips toward me.

I reached out and she handed her panties to me. I held them to my nose, inhaled and touched my tongue to the pussy stained gusset. “Linda, I am quite drunk. I would like to be important to your mother, but I’m not. I can rent a traveling companion. Tell her not to worry. She will still be my fantasy neighbor. Thank you for letting me enjoy your young body.” I handed her, her panties back. Her eyes were wide, dark and surprised. I had been invincible only a few years ago to her. Now, just her youth and sex were enough to defeat my aging body and my tired mind. I did not want to explain what she was still too young to understand. In time, age will compromise her beauty and desirability. She should not have to face that now. Still she wanted to tease.

“How did I taste?”

“Stale, with a hit of urine. I suspect the slippery, salty, freshness direct from the source would be fantastic, but that is just a guess.”

With one foot on the side of the hot tub, Linda stepped across me, guiding her other foot into the water onto the bench where I sat. Her pussy’s lips opened slightly, hovering just over my mouth. I lifted my wet thumbs out of the water and parted her completely shaved pussy. Enough wetness was there for my right middle finger to slide into her, stretching her sheath open and pushing into her g-spot, just as my lips closed over her clit. I can’t claim any talent. My drunken mind spun, my hungry tongue licked and my eager to please finger thrust. Linda’s body was ready to be pleased. She came quickly and raced up the hillside again. I looked up at her eyes. The lids were slightly open; her knees buckled once so her weight ground into my finger and face. She stood again; only partially in control. When she collapsed again, I guided her skirted pussy into the water to settle onto my cock. It was easy to stand, sit on the side of the hot tub with my cock buried deep in her belly and have her legs spread on either side of my hips. Her eyes never opened but she began to thrust. I did not need to cum. She did. Once, twice, I felt her young body, suck my cock deep to be kissed by the dimple of her cervix. Every movement of her practiced body raked my shaft across her clit. I thought of her mother, wished I were younger and let Linda slide up and down my shaft torturing the sensitive ridge around my cock. The last time she came, she cried out. I held her limp body to protect it.

I stood with her impaled on me, turned and laid her on her back. Linda is so beautiful. I remembered my youth, Aubrey, my masculine need to penetrate, please and cum. Linda had passed out, lying on the side of the hot tub. I drank the last of my strong, tall drink, knowing my cock was throbbing inside her. I knelt down. Her pussy gaped as my cock pulled out of her. Her sweet wetness glistened in the darkness and wonderful drops hung on her thin outer lips. My mind swirled. I stood, jacked off over her belly and came rather profusely for a man over sixty. I smeared my offering across the front of her. She would feel the dried pull of my cum on her breasts, her neck, around her ears, in her hair and over her belly in the morning. I was angry that I was aging. I wet my fingers in our cum and pushed three, roughly into her ass. I wanted her to be sore in the morning. I worked my fingers to make sure. She took them to the hilt and her passed out body sucked them. I cursed her. Her youth could defeat me, even unconscious, even in the ass, even with my dick spent, even with me drunk and even wanting her mother.

I carried Linda to one of my spare bedrooms and put her safely to bed. Granted I did lick her cunt before I covered her. Her legs tried to capture me. I pushed them away. My last act of the evening was to text Aubrey in split messages: “Linda is sleeping in my guest room. She is fine and will stumble home in the morning after I have gone to work. I wanted you tonight. I would have done anything to please you. I cannot help being older than you. Ask your daughter, if I would have been good for you tonight.”

At eight a.m., Aubrey was at my house looking to retrieve her wayward daughter. I offered her hot tea, milk and breakfast. She only wanted Linda. Linda smelled of sex and dried sperm. She was content to stay asleep in my guest room and hugged my neck and mewed when we woke her up. Aubrey was not amused. My mind and heart hardened. Already, I had told her that it was her that I wanted. Yet, she had sent me her little girl. I admit, I fucked and sucked the little girl. What else do men do, when women stupidly push them into such situations? Aubrey had never acknowledged my interest in her.

While Aubrey tried to get Linda to go with her, I stupidly tried to come on to Aubrey. I tried to kiss her, pushing her against the wall. Her rejection was a complete turn-off. She totally surrendered in revulsion. Her body was completely limp. I apologized and helped her get Linda out of my front door.

I had pleased her daughter but was defeated. Two days later, Aubrey emailed me, “Linda will be out with friends tomorrow night. I’ll bring salad, bread, wine and desert,; will you grill us a steak to share?”

I was confused. My only reply was, “Yes.”

At this point, I cannot take time to explain to females all the vulnerabilities of an aging male’s fragile ego. There wasn’t much left of my testosterone that evening – after all men’s testosterone is highest in the mornings. I felt unwanted, old and hated myself for craving a female’s attention so much. I was supposed to be the virile successful hunter coming home to the adoring female in the cave, who would willingly nurse me back to health and send me back out into the wilderness to bring home more new protein for the family.

I had to protect myself from Aubrey’s possible new rejection. I remembered, Tanya, my occasional paid and too young escort; she would go on a cruise with me in a second. It was the money and the adventure that satisfied her, not me. We had done the cruise thing twice before. Her body readily drained me every day in payment for the buffets, dancing, tours and new venues. I really wanted to accept her offerings as enough. I could see her beautiful lips around my cock, sucking and willing to swallow what I could produce. I could feel her body clamp around my cock and suck. I remember hoping she would sneeze, so I could feel her entire body convulse to pull me inside her. Still I wanted Aubrey to willingly choose to cruise with me. What could she give me that Tanya’s body did not already willingly provide? Whatever it was, I would pay ten times what Tanya cost me to have Aubrey volunteer to go with me.

Aubrey and I had a civilized dinner. She bowed out of my offer to go on the cruise.

I went alone. The Panama Canal trip was not much fun. Sure, I got three one night stands from women my age. Sure I danced more than I should have expected as a single man traveling alone booked in a state room. I felt bad that I had not been able to attract Aubrey. I had tried not to disappoint her. I had guessed wrong about what she wanted in a man. I needed to put the entire experience behind me, regroup, return to my world and begin looking for companionship more my age and acceptance.

The world is strange. I wanted Aubrey but her daughter asked me out to dinner. Linda was searching, like me. She was compliant. She climaxed easily and often. Several times she came to me. Each time, she used me for the young man she wanted. Each time, I used her for her mother, who I wanted. The sex was good, maybe better than she would have with a young lover or I would have with her mom. I pushed her limits and she never said, “No.” I wondered if she told her mother about the times she shared with me.

It was eleven p.m. on a Friday night. Linda had gone back home after her summer stay. I had not heard from Aubrey for a month but she must have seen the glow from my hot tub area. My telephone announced a text message: “Too tired to sleep. Have room for a guest in the tub?”

My reply carried a lot of information: “Way ahead of U on rum & coke. Want something different, bring it. Room for U. Would like UR company & 2 talk with U all night.”

When Aubrey opened the door, she was in her robe and I could feel the chilly night air gust into my warm space. I was dreaming that she would step into tub, dressed like she knew I would be dressed — nude. Strangely she was embarrassed and did not say a word. She sat her bag, wine and glass down and dropped her robe. To my delight she was nude. She tried to cover her breasts with one arm and use the other one for support to get into the tub.

I did not greet her or move a muscle to help her but I did make an observation, “You are beautiful Aubrey. Remember I have seen you nude before. Please don’t hide. Let me enjoy looking at you while we visit and enjoy the water.”

We talked idly for a good forty-five minutes. Aubrey was relaxing with me. She was now comfortable being nude in front of me. When I stood and got me another rum and coke and then reached over and poured her another glass of the wine she had brought, she blatantly watched my cock and balls swing about. The night air was cool. It was nice to slide back into the water so my shoulders were covered. That took more space in the four person tub. It wasn’t totally by accident that I stretched my legs out to her right.

“Your daughter had an active imagination when she took my class. I bet her mother does too.”

“I used to in high school and my two years in college, but work and worries took it away. I don’t anymore.”

In another thirty minutes her wine was almost gone. “Can I get you another bottle of white wine?”

“Let me try a rum and coke.”

“Are you sure your host isn’t trying to get you drunk and take advantage of you?”

“Maybe that is what I need.”

“Let me get you, your drink and you explain that to me.”

All through her rum drink, Aubrey freely talked. She had so many unfounded concerns and insecurities. “She wasan’t “Beautiful,” “Educated,” “Successful,” “Young,” “Her breasts sagged,” “She had no skills” and “All of her husbands had left her for younger more exciting women.”

“Don’t you have anything to say? I’m doing all the talking.”

I moved my right leg so my foot pushed between her legs. “No I don’t have anything to say yet, but I will. Right now I’m enjoying listening to a pretty woman vent about getting older. I’m enjoying her company, her voice and her naked body. Please don’t stop. Tell me about your husbands, in order, so I can keep them straight.”

Aubrey only paused a moment. With alcohol in her, she loved to talk and she needed to get some anger out. Little tidbits of knowledge leaked from her venom, “Al said I was too much work to satisfy in bed; Carter said I made him responsible for our sex life; Sam said I was always tired and didn’t like sex; Henry, we weren’t really married, said I was a prude because I didn’t want him to bring his girlfriend into our bed for a threesome.”

“Henry was the only one I met?”

“Yes, he was younger than me. He was an assistant manager at the bank and looked like Valentino. All the women, including me, wanted him. He didn’t make much money. I allowed him to move in when his branch closed because the bank was bought out. Then I couldn’t get rid of the bastard, even though he never came home.”

I smiled. She blushed, “Sorry for my words. I guess I’m still angry.”

“You have a right to be. Did you sit in a hot tub and talk to any of them like you are doing with me?”

She looked like I slapped her.

“Push your hips forward and rub into my foot while you think about answering my question.”

Without though her body slid forward, her legs spread and her hips tipped enough so my foot could wiggle to open her lips and nestle against her clit.

“You can use your hands and my foot. I would like that.”

For long minutes, I could not tell if she was trying to think if she had ever openly talked to her husbands or if she was struggling not to use my foot to masturbate her pussy. I felt her thrust her hips into the edge of my foot twice when I continued, “Aubrey, close your eyes and use your imagination for me.” It took her a while to decide. The alcohol was fogging her judgment and response time.


I softened my voice and timed my word patterns with her thrusts. “Right now, can you imagine your perfect fantasy lover?”


“Are you aggressive or passive with him this time?”

She did not answer.

“Would you let your body go? Would it take from your lover what you want? What you body needs?”


Her eyes were closed. One hand held my foot as her hips worked. Her other hand delivered more than half a glass of rum and coke. She drank so lustily some of her drink dribbled from her lips.

“He has given you permission to use him in any way you want. He wants nothing more than to please you. How would you use him tonight?”

Both her hands went to my foot. One had my big toe; the other had the top of my foot. Both pulled in time with her hips thrusting. Her eyes were closed. She was into her fantasy and answering with her imagination, truthfully. “We would both be nude. I would push him down and straddle his head. I would open my cunt and push it down over his mouth. I would grab his ears and command him, “Eat me while I fuck your mouth. Lick me out and drink from me.”

I was surprised to hear her vulgar words and the strength in her conviction. Her chest was heaving and I did not understand all of the words she said. She was close. I took my great risk. I pulled my foot back. Her eyes flew open. They were full of panic, realizing what she had said and how far her body had gone. I lifted her, helped her out of the tub, dimmed the outside lights to one spot and pulled her to me as I lay down in that spot of light. She was now, on stage, the center of attention.

“I want to drink from you Aubrey.” I pulled her and guided her. “Straddle my head and let me feast on your hot cunt. Take what you want from me.”

She followed; settled over my lips; thrust once, raking her slippery slit over my lips and recoiling when her clit ran full length over my waiting tongue. Her body froze.

“Let your body go, Aubrey. I want this too. Be free, fuck my mouth. Feed me your wetness. Even if you pee. Use me. Let me watch your climax.”

She hesitated, so I pushed my right middle finger between her pussy’s lips and rubbed her g-spot. Her body exploded. She squirted and I drank. Her thrusts made me remove my finger but she never slowed. She pulled my ears so hard I almost made her stop. I felt my nose crinkle and pop as her pubic bone tried to crush it. I heard her scream and realized that she had screamed when she squirted too, but I had been too surprised to notice at the time. Twice more she came and then rolled over to one side panting. I had not cum. I walked inside my bedroom and retrieved a rabbit vibrator.

“Woman, you are not finished yet. Get on your knees.”

She thought I wanted her to suck me off. Just when her mouth closed around my pre-cum coated cock, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid back down on the deck and ordered her, “Straddle my cock and fuck it. I want to watch you cum.”

“I can’t cum that way.”

“Do what you are told or I’ll spank your ass. Can’t you make my cock cum in your body like you can take my mouth?”

Her eyes flashed with mixed anger and lust at my challenge. She was not ready when she tried to slide down my cock. I stretched her and she lifted up with a moan.

“Come on, Little Girl, take a man’s cock into your cunt. Endure a little stretching. You’re not a virgin.”

These words pissed her off. Her fingers curled and tightened into the hair on my chest. It hurt. I grabbed her hips and when she gently lowered her hips, I thrust. She cried out but she had two thirds of my cock inside her.

“Go slow for a while and use this.” I turned on the vibrator, pushed it against her clit and put her hand on it. The guttural, animal moan that rumbled from her womb, through her body and out of her mouth was pure lust from a million years ago when the first woman learned that she could enjoy sex as much as the men who caught her and took her.

Aubrey discovered the maddening mixture of pleasure and pain. My cock was too long for her; she had not adjusted. The rabbit was making her clit race toward climax, so she balanced it with the pain of letting her weight drive me deeper into her body. At first, I could tell what was pain and what was pleasure. But the two merged into the madness of driving toward consuming pleasure. I had no choice but to hang on and try to keep her hips from pulling back so far that I slipped out of her sucking pussy.

My cock was being nursed and I could feel the vibrations from the tireless rabbit. I felt my balls tighten and did all my tricks to delay filling her. She helped distract me by providing a beautiful show. Her body began to tremble; her eyes rolled back and drool from her beautiful tasty mouth beaded down to puddle on my belly. I was about to lose it when she screamed, screamed again and began to thrust to rip my cock off. The rabbit bounced off the floor and fell into the tub, just as I announced, “I’m going to cum in your magic cunt.”

Her body froze; she felt my first throbbing delivery against her cervix. She was not breathing; she waited to feel me throb and pump my cum into her; she raked her clit slowly back along my shaft and then thrust so hard forward it hurt. Her scream could be heard for miles. It trailed off beautifully into silence, so I could only hear the wind over the top of my tub’s enclosure. Her body came crashing down. I caught her but my cock was ripped out of her and I finished pumping my cum on both of us, on her belly button and in her pubic hair. At that moment, I held as near a dead body as I had ever held. I hoped she would come back to me.

In maybe ten minutes, Aubrey’s entire body lurched. Her eyes were wide, filled with panic. I grabbed her, “You are all right. I have you. Relax enjoy the feelings in your body and let me protect you.”

Not a minute passed before she was asleep. Tears streamed down my face. Beauty makes me do that. Had she been awake, I would have been embarrassed.

Like I had done her daughter, I carried her to bed. This time, I put the sexy female into my bed; this time I opened the cheeks of her ass and kissed her rosebud; this time I crawled into bed with her; this time I had every intention of making love with her in the morning, bathing her and making breakfast for her.

It was after one a.m. when Aubrey and I made it to bed. About four we both had to pee. She thought it funny that I would play with her as she peed and that I would taste my wet fingers. She returned the favor and guided my stream into the bowl to mix with her offering. Not to be out done, she pulled the last drops of urine from me and swallowed them. We kissed. I made her take a couple of aspirins, hoping to avoid hangover symptoms.

Saturday morning about nine, I maneuvered Aubrey onto her knees and knelt behind her. When the head of my cock pierced her cum caked lips into the slippery cum filled recesses of her cunt, she moaned, “I am really sore this morning.”

I was truthful, “Morning piss hards have no mercy. You will have to suffer for me, until I cum in your belly.”

Aubrey did suffer, for about a minute, and then she decided to enjoy being fucked so much that she helped. My thrusts had been silent. With her help my belly slapped noisily into the cheeks of her ass. The sound spurred her on until she was crying out, “Fuck me, Fuck me hard.” When she came, I was in heaven. She had told me she never came with just penetration. She had finished when I held her hips and let her feel me throb and deliver every drop of my cum into the puddle I had started inside her last night.

She would have happily slid down into the bed and slept all day, but I was pulling her out of bed toward the shower. Aubrey was all complaints when the four shower sprays hit her body. She had even more complaints when I washed between her legs; she recoiled from sensitive pain only to push back and force my finger up her ass. She started to object but I warned her, “Complain and I’ll add another finger or a third one.”

One soapy finger from one hand massaging her in-pain pussy and one finger up her virgin ass won her over. In a couple of minutes she came and dropped into my arms. I loved her words, “Please, no more. I need breakfast.”

I wanted to play. I’m a morning person, “Why do you need to eat?”

“So I can plan how to pay you back for my sore pussy, hangover and stretched asshole.”

“You mean that pussy is only sore. It isn’t satisfied yet?” I reached around to touch her.

“No, No, No. It is satisfied too. Don’t touch it.”

I laughed. For her first time, really letting go, I wanted to win for a moment, before I admitted how wonderful her body had been for me.

Until about one p.m. Saturday, Aubrey and I teased, played and talked seriously about our last fourteen hours together. After breakfast and coffee, she pressed, “Jim, I have to get home. I have to do a lot of things before Monday.”

“Thank you for making time for me. Another time, maybe a serious time, you must tell me why you sent your daughter to me, when you knew I wanted you. You and your body were magic for me last night. If that is our only time together, I want you to know you were magnificent for me. I hope I pleased you. I would like for us to date, go to the zoo, lots of restaurants, have fun together and do silly stuff, but I don’t want any of that unless it is what you want too.”

She did not know what to say. She needed time away from me. I gave her a comical but serious out, “Last night I saw you bring a little bag with you. You are dressed in more than your robe this morning. Do you have panties on?”

She looked coy and said, “Yes, Professor Thomas, I have panties on.”

“Little Girl, take off your panties and give them to me.”

Aubrey played her part. Stepped out of her panties and handed them to me. I put them to my nose and inhaled, “Obviously, you are too young or I did not turn you on enough to scent your panties with lust, desire and pussy juice. I am disappointed. If you visit me again and have panties on, I will paddle your ass, have my cock cum in all three of your holes and keep you as my captive sex slave for a week.”

Her expression was priceless. It was, “Would you do that to me?”

I just shrugged, leaving her with and unanswered question and a very sore, satisfied pussy.

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