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Teaching The Young

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I enjoy young women; not that an older woman can’t do things that are fantastic, but I just prefer them young. Matter of fact, the younger the better. Nothing under 18 mind you, but still 18 to 25 is my preference. Look at me and you might say, “Sure Pops, guess you would like something you can’t get”. Agreed, I am past my 45th birthday, but I still get my share. Sometimes it is the age that works the magic for the young ones. True, stamina is not my forte’ and washboard abs are not mine to display.

But I do have a distinguished look about me, dark brown hair with slight graying at the temples, over 6 foot tall and under 225 pounds, a strong athletic type build and from what most ladies say, piercing blue eyes and an ear for hearing things that can be used to my advantage. In other words I rely on what I have and not what I have not. And some, but not all ladies like it that way.

Lacking a better term I’ll start by saying I stalk my prey at the normal areas, the Mall (careful not to go for those who say they are old enough, but aren’t, the grocery store, and the quaint little hang-outs where a lot of lovers quarrels and just flat ‘didn’t show-up for a date’ happens. My most recent lady came from just such an encounter.

I had gone to a small club close to my house and was sitting near the back of the room, watching all the young men and women jockey for position. You learn more from just watching from a distance than if you are in the middle of the activity. It was not long before the true jocks had taken the floor and you could watch the testosterone levels climbing. Some of the ladies loved it and those were not for me. Simple hormones for simple minds are not my idea of a long sensual encounter. Rather I prefer the type woman that will watch and then back away from such men. Several ladies call me for months and years after our encounters. Some to just talk while others would like to remember what it is like to be made love to. I am more than willing to work a damsel in distress into my bed, for her sake of course.

This particular night I watched as four young women in their early 20 came into the club. From their attire I would say entry-level executives or secretaries, but it mattered not. All were attractive and were as distinctive from each other as you can be. A blonde that was tall with legs that went on forever (she would not be the one for me, too many alpha males to wade through), while another was a gorgeous brunette with a killer body. The two remaining were similar in height, about 5 foot 6 or so and both were about 115 to 120 pounds. But one was of a darker completion and had nearly jet-black hair and the final one was a smartly dressed redhead with hair that was on the lighter shade of the red scale.

I watched intently as the men in the group eyed and then moved over almost in mass. Sure enough the blond took the lion’s share (or should I say Lioness’s share), with the busty brunette coming in a close second. The remaining had little to pick from and you could tell that the redhead seemed happy about it. She sort of backed away and left the rest of the men to her friend. I watched intently as they filed past and each was given a simple no thank you from her and some got a headshake was all. Seems she did not wish to be bothered tonight – maybe she was the designated driver. Regardless, as the line grew thinner and the offers to dance diminished I figured it was time for me to either get shot down as well or have a shot at a pleasant conversation with a lady with taste.

I rose slowly and made my way over toward the table and stood along side for a few seconds before she finally looked up into my eyes. The look she had in her face almost made me want to leave and not say a word. She was tired of the same old lines and the dating scene in general if I caught her drift. Still she looked up and my entire approach changed.

I looked straight at her and opened my mouth and then said, “Never mind, you’ve heard it all by now, sorry to have bothered you.”

I was completely turned away before I heard any sound from her, a slight exaggerated swallow. I paused and turned my head back toward her and said, “You know the best way to avoid being ask by every guy in the joint, right?”

She gazed up at me an ever so slight sparkle came from her eye, “No, apparently I don’t.”

I turned back toward her, “The best two ways to avoid being asked by every guy is first, be very unattractive, something you can’t do, and second and almost as good as the first, is be in the place with an older guy that everyone thinks is your dad. Care to try it?”

She pondered for a moment and then said, “Well, I think I have already told every guy here no, so I don’t think I’ll have any trouble. But thanks anyway.”

It was an answer I had anticipated because of hearing it for years before. I looked around and said, “You’re most likely right, but the evening shift gets off from the hospital in about 10 minutes and this place will be really crawling with ‘us guys’. Tell you what, if you change your mind, I am sitting right over there and if you want a change of tempo, pick your drink up with your left hand and I’ll be right back over to help move them along – deal?”

“Deal”, she smiled and deliberately picked up her drink with her right hand. I smiled as I caught the intention and moved back to my chair. It was the best I effort I was willing to put into this tonight. If I got lucky, then great, if not, well there is always other nights.

There was a small band and when they started playing it was almost on cue for the room to fill up again with the disproportionate number of men to women. I watched as the young red head started her dutiful shaking of the head and politely saying no. Then as the door opened to yet another gaggle of men she glanced my way and I held up my glass in my left hand. I could see the gears working in her mind as she toyed with the idea. Just the men surveyed the area and saw only a couple of available ladies they were heading right toward her. I smiled inwardly as she grasp her glass in her left hand and brought it to her lips.

I stood and moved as quickly as I could to be beside her just as a guy was leaning in to ask the important questions.

“Hey honey, sorry I didn’t see you come in. Guess I was in the little boys room.”

The guys there looked at me and then at her and I calmed them quickly, “Sorry guys, but my daughter is taken tonight. She promised to help me celebrate my birthday.”

I leaned in and gave her an innocent peck on the cheek. “Hope you haven’t been waiting too long.”

“Just got here dad”, she said not too all convincingly. Still it worked as they began to back off.

“Care to join me at my table, a little off the beaten path, but sill you can see your friends when they are ready to leave.”

“What makes you so sure I want to know when they leave?”

“Well, you are the only one that refused all the massive male humanity in here and you are drinking plain coke, generally a good sign that the person is a driver for the group. Am I right by chance?”

“Yes. I am the driver, but if the girls are like normal, the only one I have to get home will be myself. They always seem to end up with someone for the night.”

“But not you. I figure you are just being nice to your friends. You most likely don’t even enjoy this sort of place.”

“You are right again, but hey, it’s either this of a night in front of the tube. I may not enjoy it too much, but it is better than that.”

“By the way daughter, my name is Richard. Mind if I ask you yours?”

“Samantha, Sam for short.”

“And which do you prefer to be called?”

“Well ‘dad’, you can call me anything you like.”

She gave me a big beautiful smile and then said, “I prefer Sam.”

“Sam it is. Glad you decided to try my anti-guy therapy.” I stretched out my hand and she took it in hers and again the smile, “I am too.”

We continued to chat for some time and when her first friend left, the blond, I figured my time was drawing near. But I did not pursue, just enjoyed the company. Then eventually I excused myself to go to the little boys room and when I came back I had three women at the table – Sam and her two friends. As I approached the conversation at the table stopped and all three women looked at me. Soon as I sat down the conversation began again but it was strained. I sat for a moment and then offered to introduce myself. The brunette quickly cut me off as she glared at me.

“Pardon me, but just what did I do wrong here?”

“You trying to pick our little Sam up and she isn’t ready for that.”

“First off, I thought I was doing her a favor by keeping the dogs at bay and even introduced myself as her dad so she wouldn’t have to worry about comments being made. Second, she is a grown woman and if I did want to pick her up, she would most likely say no for fear of killing me.”

I paused for that to sink in and then even the brunette began to laugh. The ice was broken and we soon returned to our respective activities. The brunette, Laura, was dancing with a guy who was on the drunk side and was trying to get her clothing off on the dance floor, and Tina, the last one was being led outside by her date. I held on to the idea that I might get lucky tonight for another 15 seconds or so and then decided it was better to try a different angle. I could tell Sam was to the point of not knowing what to do with me. Laura was leaving with her ‘date’ and the others were already gone. Plenty of guys still around, but most were well past too much to drink.

“Think it is about time for us to call it a night. Mind if I walk you out?”

“I would like that.”

I paid our tab, all $19.00 of it, including tip, and we made our way outside. Once in the night air I reached an arm out and she glided up close to me. I gently left it on her should and arm and we walked to her car. Once there she beeped the thing (I hate those things) and I opened the door for her. She hesitated for an instant and looked at me with the most inquisitive look I can ever remember seeing. Almost like she were trying to figure me out. The time was right and I took it. I gasp her hand and brought it to my lips for a soft kiss.

“You know, while I really enjoyed your company tonight and you may still not know what to think of me, I would be honored and pleased if you would have dinner with me Friday night.”

Sam gave me that smile again, “I would like that.”

“If you like Italian, maybe we can meet at Lucianno’s about 8. That be OK?”

“I love Italian and that would be great.”

She started her car and drove into the night. Would I see her again or not? Who knew? But about 80 percent of the time, I do.

Friday night came and I found myself at the restaurant at 745. I waited and at 8 she was not there. 810 came and still no Sam. The time hit 815 and I was about to call it a “no show” when she hurried around the corner.

“I am so sorry, time slipped away from me and then the traffic. I thought you might not even be here.”

“Are you kidding? I have my tent stashed in the back and was going to wait you out. No matter how long it took.”

“You probably do, don’t you?”

“Not really, but hey, it makes for a great story.”

We ordered appetizers, and some of their special dishes, they had the violinist walking through the area and when he got to us he paused for a little longer than normal and then moved on. I was dressed as youngish as I could get and Sam was stunning in her mid length black dress with pearls. Fitting in the right spots with a fairly deep plunge at the neck to highlight the pearls and split to an area that was both concealing as well as revealing she was a vision to behold. A young goddess with an older man – me.

I ordered wine and we drank, nothing too serious, but enough to get a good feel for the night. Dessert came and went and before we knew it the hour was approaching 1030. Too early to call it a night and yet getting late as well. Eventually we went outside and walked over to her car. As we stood chatting away the air was filled with the wonderful sound of live jazz. Across the parking area was a jazz club. I must admit jazz does things to me and makes me want to dance.

“I don’t suppose you care for jazz?”

“I love jazz.”

“Really now. Not a lot of ladies like it, least those that are younger. They prefer the harder driving sounds of a harder sound of music.”

“Give me a little Tom Scott, or a little of the older Herbie Hancock any day over what they call music today.”

“Are you game for a dance or two?”

“Sure. Let’s do it.”

To the club and when we came out later we were both hot and sweaty from all the dancing (slow numbers were awesome I might add) as well as needing a drink of something other than alcohol. The moment of truth was upon me and it was time to see how she would react.

“I do not know how to tell you this without it sounding like a lone wolf but I do want you to understand. I figured the chances of you showing up tonight, based on what all my friends tell me, at about 10 percent. It was for that reason I selected this restaurant. Nothing against you, just figuring you would be apprehensive at best about meeting me for dinner after our beginning. Anyway, I did not drive tonight – because I live one the next street over. Your call, we can call it a night, or if you would like I can go get my car and we can go somewhere else or you can trust me to come to my place?”

Sam looked a little hurt to start with and then surprised me with “Your place it is. By the way, if I showed and then elected to go to your place, did you clean it up just for me?”

“No, same as always, dirty socks hanging from the light switches, dishes in the sink and most likely all the bottles in the frig have been opened. Still want to go?”

“I think so. Can tell a lot about a man by the way he keeps his property.”

We arrived at my house in short order, she drove us, and her immediate reaction was “WOW”.

“Combination of earning and having a great-aunt that I did not know existed, pass on and leave me a little money.”

We walked inside and I turned on some of the lights. I have collected local artists for years and was fortunate to collect some of an artist that had hit it fairly big. One was an original oil that was purchased for under $1,000 and was now appraised at nearly $100K, so it looked impressive. We went through toward the back to the den and I hit a couple of switches. The curtains opened and the lights came on out-side at the pool and the Jacuzzi.

Sam stared out at the water and commented, “Gee, a person could get real used to something like this.”

“So what would you like to drink?”

“Surprise me – you are doing very well so far.”

I picked up a glass of delicate wine and brought it to her.

“Here’s to a wonderful evening. May it continue until we are ready to start another.”

Sam took a sip from her glass and commented, “I bet that water sure feels good. Especially after all the dancing.”

“Yes it does. Care to take a plunge?”

I don’t think so, but maybe just dangling my feet in, if that would be ok.”

“Sure, lets go.”

We went outside back into the night air and walked over to the swirling waters of the tub. Sam began to sit on the edge of the hot tub but before she could I dropped a thick towel down so as not to have the material of her dress catch and get ruined. She sat on the edge and was reaching for her shoe, but I beat her to it. Gently drawing the foot from the covering and then placing it down on the edge. I reached for the other and picked it up and did the same thing. Her smile was intoxicating and the sparkles in her eyes were unmistakable. Still I did not press. Instead I sat and began to take my own shoes and socks off. She whirled and dipped her feet into the water. As soon as she was set I grabbed the remote and hit the Jacuzzi switch. Jets of water began to caress the parts of her legs that were close. I looked at her face and knew she wanted more, but did not want to ask. Then using the remote the lights were dimmed with only one small bulb still being illuminated.

“Goodness. It is almost pitch dark like that.”

“Yes it is.”

With that I stood, undid my slacks and drew them and my shorts off. Followed quickly by my shirt. Then I eased into the water and let the jets do their thing. Sam’s eyes adjusted to the near dark conditions and she knew I was in the tub.

“Richard, did you plan to do this so you were wearing a suit, or?” she trailed off.

“Well since you can’t see, does it matter?”

“I guess not. Not really.”

“You know Samantha, you can join me if you would like. I promise not to bite or do anything else you do not ask me to do. The decisions are all yours from here on out. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I think so Richard.”

I sat with the sounds of the jets going in my ears. I strained to hear something, anything that would tell me which way she was going. Then I knew. I felt her leg as it slid into the water next to mine, softly touching me a couple of times and then she moved a little away from me to enjoy the water jets as I was doing. Times like this I wish I had gotten a smaller tub, but when you have 10 people in one tub, you have to have a bigger one.

I then began to hear a muffled sound, like a cry but not quite. It was Sam as the waters were sweeping her into a world that was safe and warm. We sat for what seemed an eternity, but most likely just 10 minutes or so, before she spoke.



“If I come over to where you are, will you kiss me?”

“Like I said if that is what you would like, yes. It that what you want?”

She did not reply. Instead I felt her move against me. First her toe and foot followed by her leg and torso, then finally her arm. I moved my arm around and over her shoulder and she came into my safe zone without any hesitation. I held her tightly, but with being too firm. The there was the unmistakable sound of her beginning to softly cry. I was not prepared for that. Instead I held her a little tighter and she continued to softly sob. Finally, she stopped and when she did she raised her lips and lightly kissed me on the neck. I continued to hold her even when she kissed me again. Her lips lingered on my flesh, causing electricity to surge through me, straight to my cock. I turned my face toward her and even in the near darkness I could see her eyes brimming with tears. I brought my free hand to her face, stroking softly, brushing hair from her face and remained steady as she strained to rise up to my lips. After she had gone as far as she could I lowered my lips to hers. I was surprised by the intensity of her kiss. She was so full of passion and yes, even lust. I adjusted to her lips on mine and was shocked when her hand began moving on my arm and chest. My hand moved to her thigh and I knew there was little distance from where my hand rested to the dew covered honey pot nestled between her legs. Once contact was made Sam began to squirm, her legs moving apart.

I moved my fingers slowly along her silky skin from her thigh to her knee and back up. Finger nails trailing, goose bumps rising to greet a passing traveler. Each time I moved my fingers on her leg she’d shift slightly, until her inner thigh was available. She was uncertain, my hand movement slowed to allow her to back out. Ultimately my hand stopped within centimeters of her prize. I could feel heat rising from her and it was all I could do to resist plunging a finger into her womanhood, making her scream aloud with passion. I remained in control for what seemed hours. Sam then increased the intensity of her kiss while her hand moved down to my lap. She moved her hand along my shaft as it rose to the occasion. Using her fingers she climbed to the top. It was now obvious she was more than willing.

My hand still moved on her creamy thigh and trailed along the surface of her skin. Moving up to her swollen breast she took in a large amount of air and caught it in her lungs. My hand didn’t stop until it touched her chin softly.

She paused and I ask the question, “What do you want me to do?”

Sam looked at me with lustful passion and I knew her answer before she spoke, Make love to me Richard. I want you so bad. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me now.”

An inner smile came to me as I pressed my lips to hers. Our tongues were in a battle with no chance of victory or loss as they lashed back and forth, each trying to gain the upper ground, retreating and then advancing. Even as our tongue war continued her hand began a quest for the fountain of youth sprouting from my hip area. She wrestled with it trying to move it toward her area of need.

I timed my approach perfectly. As her hand went to grab me, my fingers hovered high on her thigh. Just as her fingers encircled my shaft, I touched her smooth pussy. Her sharp intake of breath indicated our mutual contact. Her hand marveled at my still rising shaft as my fingers began to explore. Tracing the outer edges of her pussy lips, then pushing the material into her vulva and rubbing. Her clit stood proud and erect, craving more attention. I wanted to give but I have always desired a woman’s breast, but only the proper proportion. From what I had seen earlier and my hand action earlier I knew Sam met the qualifications. Her flesh was smooth and yielding, the kind made for worship and praise. She seemed flawless and from her touch, I wanted to see, smell and taste all of her. My fingers ran along the inner edge of her thigh to the smooth surface of her back. After a couple of minutes of this Sam released my cock, broke our kiss looked into my eyes and rose from the tub. She moved from me and I knew it was over as soon as it began. But instead, she surprised me again.

“Can we go inside so I can see what I doing?”

I rose from the waters and told her that her wish was mine to grant. As I stood I felt the water dripping from my erect cock and running down my legs. I hit the remote and a couple of smallish lights came on to light the path. We made our way inside and she followed me without question or hesitation. Finally we reached the master suite. I turned on a couple of effect lights and turned to see one of the most beautiful bodies I had ever seen in my life.

My eyes traveled over her body spying a near flawlessly shaved mound of Venus. I looked upward and found a slim waist and a flat tummy that spoke of youth and exercise. Higher still to the twin breasts perched on her chest with the rose colored nipples that so many red heads have. A soft well defined neck and lips that begged to be kissed over and over again. Then I reached her eyes. What could I say the best part was the eyes of a woman bearing her soul? They were beautiful just beautiful. Her hand made an involuntary pass against her nipple causing the flesh to grow even more rigid. Back her nail went, flicking at the tip of her breast, elevating it as if on a small silver platter, being served to the hungry man in front of her. Then her thumb came to play also as she caught the tender morsel, pinching between the two as she rolled it back and forth.

If her intention was to make me more excited she had succeeded. My cock was sticking straight up into the air. Her eyes were riveted to my cock. The purplish head was staring back at her. An eerie silence hung in the room. I waited, but she was still transfixed by my cock. My hand went to her but she didn’t respond. I leaned forward and took her hand. Tugging gently, I pulled her toward me while at the same time spreading my legs so she could get a good look at what I was offering to her. Gradually she sank to her knees, eyes glazed over, and looking straight ahead. She was unable to move so I brought her hand to my thigh and left it there. Then I reached behind her head, pulling her gently toward my shaft. My remaining hand went to my shaft and encircled it. Lazily beginning an up and down motion, while not using much pressure. I knew I’d pop my cork with too much stimulation. Her resistance was minor as her hand moved toward my shaft. Finally making contact, her fingers stretched to make it around. Her touch was soft, yet determined. Languidly her hand rose, changed direction and return to the base. Again and again, never using much pressure, yet so stimulating. Each time applying the same pressure, like she had never seen a cock before.

Finally words came to her – “I’ve never seen such a beautiful cock. I don’t think I can take all of this.”

I smiled knowing she must not have seen many men since I know I m not the big cock in the barn. As she spoke, her mouth came to my steel hard cock and her tongue wormed out, touching the engorged head, pressing into the fleshy tip. Just then a small eruption of pre-come ran from the end. Sam pulled back for moment to watch as the liquid trickled down the shaft. With a quick stroke she captured the lead edge and ran her tongue back to the top of the shaft, collecting it all. Her tongue was like velvet as she played with the hole in the tip causing yet another spilling of precious fluid. I reached down and found her breasts. They were standing proud, indicating her increased level of excitement. Nipples were taut, rising with each breath only to sink backs down with each exhale of air. My fingers touched those marvelous melons as Sam played tongue tag with my cock head. Her level of excitement grew from the contact and caused her mouth to open wider still.

Slowly she took my soon to be erupting love stick into her mouth. I could feel every thing she did to my cock. Her teeth were playing on the top of the shaft while her tongue was working the underside from mid length to head. I told her I would come soon and her eyes met mine to she was proud of herself and she had no intention of letting me come anywhere but her mouth. Realizing this and wanting to lick her pussy before I fucked her, I no longer tried to hold back my seed. The feeling built in my nuts and worked from there.

In less than two minutes I spoke the words “I’m coming.”

Sam opened her eyes wide and took me deep into her throat. Her lips touched my sack and triggered my first eruption. As if rehearsed, she pulled back just in time to take my full load into her mouth, not her throat. Her faced showed the signs of struggle to contain the volume, but also showed bliss and pride. My orgasm was one of the most intense I could remember in some time with my balls flexing up only to fall back and flex again.

Finally, the eruptions ended and Sam pulled off with nary a single drop being lost. She smiled triumphantly. Victory was hers, but the pleasure was shared. Her face took on a distinctively different look, one of lust and carnal anticipation. Slowly I drew myself up, my strength returning, until I could sit on the edge of the bed and begin to move her onto the surface also.

Gently and gracefully she reclined onto her bed, her eyes sparkling in the light. Even as she did so her hand began to trail downward past her enlarged breasts, past her flat abdomen, over the smoothness leading to her love hole. Pausing at the edge of her labia, her fingers gingerly played along the edges. Sam eased her full pussy lips apart, while the unmistakable sounds of her juices ebbed and flowed within her. Testing the inner chamber with just the tip of her finger, she sighed softly before withdrawing the finger. She dragged it forward leaving a slim trail of coital fluid behind. As she drew near her naval the trail ended for she had extracted only a small portion.

She had laid a trap for an unsuspecting fly. A fine trail of honey leading toward the hive and I was a willing fly. I lay next to her and then moved slightly over her to kiss her. Her lips were full and her tongue active with my own. From a check of the back of my throat all the way to the surrounding lips she covered all the area, lashing my tongue with hers. But it was time to move south, so I went. I moved from her warm and receptive mouth to the hollow of her neck, only to rise and take an ear lobe into my mouth to suck gently. Going back to her neck I nuzzled into the folds for no other reason then to delay my approach to her glory spot. Moving back onto the main highway to paradise, I went between her breasts into the valley and wandered to both sides of the road. My hands encircled each of her globes as they spread out on her chest. Pulling them both toward the center so that I might lap at her nipples and gently persuaded them to give forth the milk that they did not contain. Lavishing both nipples with my tongue and paying humble obeisance to each in my own way. They rose and fell, from soft and pliable to erect and stiff to near pulsing with a life of their own. My own saliva was keeping them wet and the coolness of the room caused them to grow even stiffer. But as much as I enjoyed playing with her twin peaks, I knew even more fertile ground lay ahead and so my journey continued.

Using my fingers I lightly traced each rib as my tongue traveled southward. The rise and fall of her chest and stomach indicated her excitement for she knew where I was going. My cock was hard once more, but it would have to wait for I could smell her nectar and I was not about to mix it with my seed.

I reached the end of the road to heaven. Breaking my trail of fluid and homage, I slid off the bed and came back up between her outstretched legs. But instead of diving right into the nectar nest, I returned to where I was before. Resuming my path along her abdomen, I moved again, reaching her navel. Her sharp intake of breath told me she either liked attention being lavished there, or it was something that was seldom done. I traced the outer perimeter making smaller and smaller circles as I went. Then when it was obvious the area had been sufficiently covered, I moved in for the kill. Stabbing straight into the heart of her navel with my tongue, only to tease and retreat. Even as I pulled back, her stomach lurched upward trying to recapture my invading instrument. But my tongue was too quick. Back to circling and then stabbing once more. I repeated the exercise over and over as her breaths became more pronounced. My hand moved back to her breasts, tweaking her nipples even harder, causing her voice to elevate her desires. Finally my tongue stayed in her navel, splitting the tiny folds of flesh, trying to root out some hidden enemy or morsel of food. Sam grabbed my head and pulled me even tighter against her abdomen. Only a short distance to travel, the aroma was becoming intense, matching my desire. I pulled from her navel and started south again. She seemed disappointed until my nose began playing on Venus mound. My breath continued along her thighs while my tongue was still searching for whatever it could find. Her leg brushed my arm and I allowed it to continue until it rested gently on my shoulder, followed by her other leg. When settled, she had a leg on either side of my head, the backs of her knees resting on my shoulders that would allow for maximum penetration.

Finally I pulled back, her legs sliding along my shoulders; I gazed at the form spread before me. Her juices were literally dripping from her cunt, running down the crack of her beautiful ass and pooling on the bed. The amount of liquid was impressive and I knew as hungry as I was, it was time to “wet the appetite” so to speak. Using my tongue once more I traveled along the outer perimeter, causing her to shift as she tried to make me slip off the ridge and fall into her waiting chasm. But I was careful. Finally with strength I didn’t know she possessed, she took hold of my hair and at the same time used her legs and feet to pull me into her waiting orifice as her first orgasms struck. Just as I thought, hers was the nectar of a goddess, sweet and plentiful and my entire face was coated.

When her tremors ceased I glanced toward her face and couldn’t see it. Her breasts had risen, trying to touch the ceiling. They throbbed with a life all their own. As much as I wanted to suck them in, I knew there was something else I had to do first. I rose and my cock popped up from between my legs. I was ready to fill her cunt with my fluid to replace that which I had just lapped out. Sam rose on her elbows and her eyes grew wider from and anticipation once more. My cock had swollen to an even larger proportion than before. The large purple head was bobbing back and forth as I rose to my feet between her thighs. Her legs remained over my shoulders until she was bent into an “L” shape. The position elevated her pussy off the bed and was at the right position for me to assault her. I approached her love hole as Sam reached down to spread her pussy lips apart to help me inside. I approached her channel until the head of my cock touched her. Her sharp intake of breath told me she was ready. Grasping my cock I moved until the head eased into her love channel. It was so smooth as I began to move back and forth, never going too far in or pulling out. Sam began to rock with me as I sawed in and out, building speed. Her steamy cunt had gapped open, and when the time was right, I saw her face, a veil of unbridled lust, distorted in her excitement. Her eyes were tightly shut and her teeth clinched into a frown of determination as I shoved. My cock sailed past areas untouched by anyone until now. I struck bottom and my nuts ended against her up turned ass. I held it there as a shriek came from her indicating how she enjoyed being impaled by my iron rod.

Nesting in her hole, I withdrew only to charge again. Increasing speed with each thrust, hammering away, my sack crashing against her ass cheeks until contractions indicated an impending explosion once more. I concentrated on my own pleasures, but became aware of her body beginning to tremble as an overwhelming spasm overtook her body. Still I rammed in and out and when the time arrived for me to dump my seed, I grasp Sam’s hips and pulled her forward while driving forward. The impact was loud but drowned out by her cries of pleasure. Spurt after spurt shot from me into her reservoir until I slowed in speed, letting the last couple of spasms jettison out. My seed was depleted and my cock shrinking as a fierce battle had been waged, but well worth the losses.

As I released her legs and moved away from the bed I noticed her form was not at rest. Instead she was still experiencing the last throngs of an orgasm. Not being able to tell if she had made it at this point and was coming down or if she was still climbing, I took a deep breath for energy and dove into the wetness we had created. Soon as my tongue crossed her clit she nearly screamed and locked her legs around my head, pulling my face deep into her come soaked snatch. The aroma was musty, but the flavor was sweet and I lapped it up with increased fervor. When Sam reached her last plateau, I felt her thighs begin to tremble against my ears and her breath became even more labored. All was music to my ears, metaphorically speaking of course. Finally, she released me from her death grip. I crawled back up on the bed, resting beside her. I was spent, as was she. I had not come so much since my early twenties. Later we rose and took a shower together. After failed attempts at resisting each other, we ended up making love again. In total we made love seven times that night and it was only the beginning.

Younger women are indeed a wonderful thing and when you can find one as unique as Sam you should hold on. I did not. We both realized that we could not have a sustained relationship, as she wanted children and a father for them that was not 50 or so when they were born. That does not mean we have not had a wonderful time on numerous occasions since our first time. She is now married to what seems to be a nice guy and we have decided to not do anything to jeopardize her marriage, but who knows.

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