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A Bet on My Self-Control

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I looked down at a bespectacled Asian cutie as she undid another button in her blouse. I had my mind on her cleavage as I lifted my bag into the plane’s overhead compartment. A half second later I realized my mistake. It didn’t fit and I was trapped supporting the heavy weight. Smiling sweetly, she wasted no time taking advantage of my vulnerability. She gently undid my zipper, reached inside to fondle my balls and pulled out my semi-hard member.

She produced a pair of white silk panties from her purse, wrapped them around my cock, gave the tip a quick kiss and zipped me back up all before I freed my arms. I moaned silently to myself. This was not how I’d envisioned this trip.

Aya and I are colleagues, both junior associates. She is an absolute stunner with a petite frame supporting the largest pair of tits in the office. She dresses conservatively, but not enough to hide her curves. I took every opportunity to admire them.

I’m not the most respectful of women in the workplace and earlier today she overheard a”brainless bimbos” comment.

“At least we can focus on something other than sex” she snapped back.

One thing led to another and we ended up with a wager. Could I hold-off ejaculating from our take-off to noon tomorrow? If she won I’d apologize to every girl in the office. If she got me to beg for that release, she would assign what clothing (if any) I would wear for the apology. If I won she would relieve me however I liked. The irony of our differing stakes was not lost on me. What can I say? I could not wait for those pouty lips to wrap around my cock.

“How are you even going to know if I jack off?” I asked.

Her hand darted down my pants and gently cupped my balls

“Quite a bit of build-up you have there. Someone hasn’t gotten lucky in awhile. What’s it been, a week?”

I flushed.

Her slender fingers moved to my prick “Oh and what’s this? Looks like somebody likes me.”

With a devilish grin, she pulled me close and gave me a long kiss. “For good luck” she whispered. “Mine!”

I was now conspicuously erect.

She turned to leave, “Silly boy, pining for me already”

“Serious enough to remember timezones when making a bet.” I could see her ears go red, but she didn’t turn-around. We were flying New York to London at 8:00 that night. With the 5-hour timezone difference, we’d land at 8:00 in the morning.

Even though I was stuck in a conference room waiting for my erection subside, it felt good to get in the last word.

I don’t know how she did it, but we ended up seated beside each other. I had the window and she had the aisle.

“You didn’t relieve yourself since I last checked-in” she giggled as I sat down.

I scowled.

“I wanted to show my appreciation and I noticed you weren’t wearing any underwear. Hence my gift to you.”

My scowl deepened. None of this was a surprise to her.

The workday was coming to a close and I cut out early and headed to the office’s gym. It’s a habit I am quite proud of and Aya was somehow aware of it too. I nearly dropped my dumbbell when I saw her walk in. It was the first time I’d seen her midriff and she was far more toned than I had expected. She nonchalantly took a position in-front of me and started squatting. Her tight yoga pants left nothing to the imagination. Aya’s butt is rounder than anything I’d ever seen on an Asian and incredibly pert. I tried to focus on my routine, but as she shifted to planks her teasing became too much. I cut-out early and I rushed to the showers for some sweet relief. The warm water felt wonderful on my cock and I let my mind drift to Aya. I thought back to her tight behind straining against the yoga pants and sped up. I visualized her bending over presenting that ass to me and got right to the edge. I imagined her slowly peeling away those pants. It was time to cum. I was one stroke away and then…

“RRRRRNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG” the fire alarm went off.

I jolted up and re-entered reality. I grabbed a towel and scrambled out of the building. For what seemed like an eternity I sat shivering outside. I was too busy fretting about missing my flight to notice Aya’s conspicuous absence. As soon as the fire department gave us the all clear, I scrambled into the locker room. Everything was in its place, but my underwear was mysteriously missing. I got dressed without it and rushed outside to call a taxi. My phone, which I was sure I charged, was out of batteries. Just as I started to panic, a refreshed Aya pulled up and offered me a ride.

The rest of the plane ride was a nightmare. Aya nuzzled up against me and was asleep for most of the trip. When she was awake she took every opportunity to tease me. Whether it was falling breast-first into me, spilling water on her seat so she could sit in my lap, or leaning over me to look out the window. I couldn’t for the life of me get to sleep and was oddly hard the entire trip.

“There wasn’t anything in that coffee you gave me before the flight, was there? It tasted a little weird” I whispered

“You think I have a secret recipe?” she smirked. “Relax, you’re only feeling this excited because this is the first time you’re wearing such nice panties.” The passing stewardesses stifled a giggle.

I started to feel drowsy around the end of the flight. I fell asleep in the cab ride back. I woke up when Aya pinched my bottom and we headed into the hotel. The front desk manager gave me an odd smile and handed my keys without any questions and I was off to my hotel room. It was 8:30 and I only had to hold out for another three and a half hours, hours I intended to sleep through. First I hopped into the shower. Just in case, I made sure it was a cold one.

I emerged freezing to neither towels nor clothes and wandered out of the bathroom to find Aya waiting for me in leopard-skin lingerie with her hair down and without her glasses. That body immediately undid everything I tried to accomplish with the shower.

“What are you doing in my room?” I asked through chattering teeth.

“This is my room, dear” she giggled. “I told the front desk we were a couple and checked both of us in. Everything you want is in your room. Well, almost everything,” She glanced down at my growing erection. “Now, you can walk wet, naked and without an ID to the front desk to try to get into your room. You can stand here freezing in this super air conditioned suite, or…” she leaned forward and caressed my chest “you can let me dry you off. I promise I won’t even touch your privates.”

I couldn’t suppress my reflexive nod and she instantly produced a small washcloth, got on her knees and started to dab my feet. She slowly worked her way up my body, taking every opportunity to rub herself against me. It was so warm and comforting I couldn’t make myself pull back. She kept up her end of the deal, staying far away from ever growing erection and made it all the way to my neck.

“Here’s a special treat for you,” she grinned. Aya picked up a silk handkerchief and poured some sweet smelling liquid onto it. She pulled the handkerchief away, but kept pouring so the warm liquid splattered onto my cock.

“Oops,” she snickered as she dabbed the handkerchief across my face. “Well, you do have something to clean that up with,” she nodded towards a counter top where the panties I’d “worn” for the trip lay.

I tried to pull away, but she hugged me close.

“Not finished just yet” she cooed

She knelt down on her knees and slowly ran the handkerchief around my pelvis and lower legs, coming within millimeters of my hard-on. I gritted my teeth, as I felt her warm breath on my wanting penis.

When she pulled away, she tossed me the panties and I begrudgingly rubbed them over my cock.

“Such a well-behaved, boy. You’ve certainly earned a rest.” She grabbed my shaft and led me towards the bed. I should not have let her, but I was tired, freezing and watching her perfect ass jiggle in a thong.

My head hit the pillow by the clock and she snuggled up behind me.

When I reached my arm up, she sneaked one of hers underneath my body and started to fondle my balls. Soon, she moved up to my cock and started slowly stroking. I still had enough fight left in me to bat her away.

“If you’d prefer, you can be the big spoon” she whispered.

I was confident I could fight her off. I was wrong. Being bigger and stronger did not make up for being ticklish. I soon relented and turned to face her. She gave me a sensual kiss before turning around herself. She lifted my eager cock into the gentle curve of her bottom and placed my hands onto her supple breast. I was no longer in any position to pull away. Absolutely in heaven, I soon became so comfortable I left for dreamland.

Half conscious, I felt a gentle pressure in my loins. I moaned, opening my eyes to Aya gently licking my engorged member. She smiled sweetly, leaned forward and put a finger up to my lips.

“You didn’t think you’d just be able to sleep through the deadline did you?”

I glanced at the clock, 10:45. I tried to move and found both my arms secured to the bedposts. She swirled her tongue and took my cock all the way into her mouth. It felt better than I had fantasized. Playing my penis like an instrument she soon upped the tempo. I was at the precipice and then she stopped, squeezing my balls. I let out a primal groan, not caring that I would lose the bet I ineffectually tried to thrust upwards.

“Not yet,” she winked. “You need to beg first.”

Then she resumed her angelic torture. Again I reached the point of nearly no return, again she stopped me and again I experienced frustration incarnate.

“Let’s have another round” she grinned cheerily.

She continued to tease me beyond belief. Sometimes with her lubricated hands, sometimes with her mouth and in-between wiggled up against me. It took her less than an hour to break me. Soon I begged her to let me cum. Her methodical stroking kept me on the edge and she coaxed out every single one of my fantasies and fetishes from my pleading lips.

When I ran out of humiliating secrets, the clock read 11:44. She shot me an impish look “You may have begged, but you only lose the bet if you cum. It’s only a couple of minutes left, you think you can hold-out?”

“Yes” I replied summing what little was left of my pride and my stamina.

“Well I know you can’t” she purred, attacking my cock with renewed vigor. I closed my eyes, trying to think of anything else, as her tongue ran circles around my tip one last time. She could have had me explode immediately, but instead kept me a hairs-breadth from cumming. By the time the clock hit 11:53, my paltry resistance had long since collapsed. She smiled knowingly and began bobbing her head faster and faster. I reached the edge seconds later and looked at her pleadingly. This time she kept going and I exploded more violently than I had ever before and fired shot after shot into her eager mouth. For the next minute she milked every last drop out of me. It was the most satisfying orgasm of my life. Now I just had to let her know I shifted the clock backwards 10-minutes when we cuddled.

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