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An Unwelcome Ride

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Even in the midday sun I shivered slightly it was cool and breezy. I walked along the access road after having a flat tire on my truck. “Justin, You have the worst damn luck,” I cussed as I remembered to nearest phone was over 3 miles away. Just as I was giving up hope on flagging a car down a van slowly pulled up. The driver was about 6ft and athletic, myself being 6ft and well built wasn’t worried about “Weirdoes.”

“Do you need a lift?” the driver hollered to me… “Sure thanks it’s a long walk home,” I joked. Hop in. “I have a few errands to run before I can take you home,” he said “And by the way my names Jake.”

We rode for about 20 minutes before Jakes first delivery ironically the delivery was me…

Jake stopped in front of a large 3 story home with a wrought iron gate encompassing the home. “Come on in for a few minutes, can I get you a drink Justin?” Sure, what do you have? How about a vodka gimlet? That would be great Jake, I replied. I sat down in the den on a leather sofa in front of the fireplace as Jake brought me my drink. So, Justin what do you do for a living Jake asked as we drank our drinks. I am a computer consultant out of California, You? Oh, I do this and that he said watching me intently. Suddenly I began to feel light headed and sleepy. “What, What is wrong with me,” was all I got out before everything went dark.

I woke on a very large bed tied to the headboard. As I looked around the room I noticed two large Doberman pincher dogs at my feet and a very beautiful women sitting in the corner… Hello she called to me. My name is Jessica and you are probably wondering what we are going to do to you aren’t you? Yes I am as a matter of fact I was also wondering how I am going to go to the restroom. “Oh we hadn’t thought about that I’ll take you to the bathroom, she said. She slowly walked over to chains that hooked me to the headboard and unlocked them. “In case you get any ideas about escaping my pets will enjoy tearing you apart,” as she points to the dogs and they growl. We walked to the restroom it had no windows to escape. I finished my business and walked back to the bed, “So what are you going to do with me?” Jessica smiled and said, “Anything we want with a large smile…” She explained that she was married to Jake and that they couldn’t have children and she was inexperienced in sex as was Jake, they had only had sex in missionary position and it wasn’t very enjoyable and that she wanted a child and that was were I came in.
My job was to impregnate Jessica and to be a sexual slave to the young couple.

Time passes…

Jake and Jessica slowly enter my prison smiling. Jessica is wearing a garter belt with stockings and a sheer nighty, while Jake was wearing boxer shorts only. The sight of Jessica’s beautiful body had me hard as a rock in seconds. Jessica bent over slowly and kissed my neck saying, “Do you want to fuck me?”
YES I almost shouted leaning forward and catching a hard nipple in my mouth sucking it through her night gown. OOOH she moans as I lick and suck her tender nipples lovingly, Jake not to be outdone grabs her ass and starts rubbing her round ass cheeks. Jessica moved away and unchained me and slowly removed my pants and boxers releasing my hard 7 ¼ and 2 wide cock. She leaned over and kissed the head slowly, asking, “Like this? Yes it feels wonderful. Jake ripped his boxers off and rammed his 6 inch cock deep into Jessica’s pussy from behind, I could feel her mouth enclose my cock deeper when Jake pushed his cock into her tight quim. I watched Jake slide into his wife over and over making her moan around my cock. Jessica began rocking her hips to the rhythm of the fucking she was getting and her mouth would bounce on my cock in time to the cock in her pussy. In Out over and over, Jake began to pant and groan as his cock sent gallons of jism into Jessica, I pushed Jessica’s mouth off my cock as I say, “Not yet I want to come in your pussy.” She smiled as Jake pulled his deflated cock from her pussy dribbling cum out in strings. “Now get on your hands and knees Jessica I,” say. I move behind her looking at her beautiful ass, I slowly slide my cock into her pussy feeling Jakes cum squirt out as I enter her. SLOWLY she screams I have never had anything that big before she says. I begin a slow hard fucking rhythm, her pussy was like a velvet glove the tightest puss ever gripping me massaging my cock. Jessica starts to moan and thrash on my cock as her first orgasm jolts through her. MY GOD, What was that she asks me… That my dear was an orgasm baby, you have never had one before I ask? No it is soooo good she replies. I smile as I resume fucking that tight pussy I begin feeing the tingling in my balls that signals that I am about to cum. Baby I am about to cum in you and fill that sweet pussy full of cum. Jake is getting hard again watching us and he moves in front of Jessica letting her suck his dick. Jessica starts to thrash and moan then she starts to scream, “Oh God DON’T STOP I’M CUMMMMMMINNNNNGGGG!!!!” My cock starts to throb as the cum fills the shaft and shoots up and into Jessica’s twat. Ugh, I’m Cumming too, It felt like I came for hours I slowly pulled my cock out but I was still hard..

I could see that Jake was in her mouth and I thought to myself that her pussy was already worn out I decided to do the natural thing fuck her ass! I spit onto my hand and rubbed it onto my cock as I lined it up with her asshole. I touched my cock head to her puckered hole she jumped forward pulling Jakes cock from her mouth saying “No, I am a virgin there!” Not anymore I replied sliding my lubed cock into her ass. OOOOh it hurts NO please NO not ther… she gets cut off as Jake puts his cock back in her mouth. I slowly slide in easy and gentle. Her ass was like heaven tight hot and so good I let my cock just sit there letting her get used to it being there after a few minutes she stopped trying to push me out that was when I began to fuck her tight virgin ass. I slowly pulled almost all the way out and pushed it in to the hilt rooted in her asshole. I was ever so gentle in my fucking of her ass before long I heard her moaning around Jakes cock again and she started moving back against my cock pushing it in deeper and harder I saw that as my cue to really fuck that ass good and hard! I started ramming my cock in hard fast and deep I was ready to cum again. I was ramming my cock in as hard and as fast as I could, I was almost there ready to cum when her ass tightened against me and Jessica began shaking and screaming I came long and hard into her as she collapsed onto the bed…

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