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FFM Plus – The Club Night

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Jan and I had been to this club on a few occasions but were still new to the swinging scene and clubs of this nature, so we were nervous but excited. The night had been billed as a casino night with lots of references to Ian Fleming’s Bond and all the trappings associated with 007. So we dressed accordingly; I myself in full tuxedo and Jan in her high heels, full length double side split super-low cut evening dress and only sheer black hold-ups underneath.

At 5’10” tall in bare feet, Jan’s heels brought her to within an inch of my height and knowing her curvaceous nakedness under her revealing dress made her an irresistible creature.

We arrived late in the evening and made our entrance. This is the hardest part of the night because we knew we wouldn’t know anyone and knew that all eyes would be turned on whoever comes through the door. We took a deep breath and crossed the threshold and took in the view. At the end of the long shadowy room stood the main bar area bathed in blue light and the majority of visitors were mingling there. Just in front of the bar there was a selection of gaming tables accompanied by near naked female croupiers playing alone with their chips and roulette wheels. Before them stood a shiny silver pole with one of the guests attempting to wrap her self around it to show off her flexibility while the DJ admired her novice moves. On the opposite side of the 60′ room there were several large sofas and chairs placed along the wall with individual chairs facing each sofa.

As expected all eyes turned towards us. We smiled nervously and stepped in. Trying hard to look confident we scanned the room. It’s those first few seconds were you identify potential playmates and, of course, the ones you don’t want to play with. Those first five seconds hang in the air and feel like hours. I put my hand on Jan’s waist and gently pushed and we stepped further into the room while the participants returned to their previous activities. As we walked I maintained my scanning, noticing several couples and single males had continued to watch us walk the gauntlet.

We had interest. As if I ever doubted it. Jan is stunning and no one, male or female, straight or gay, could avoid seeing and sensing her sexuality and sexy attitude. She is a diva, she exudes sex. I registered the interested parties and glanced at Jan to see if she had too.

The first port of call was a drink to calm the nerves and give our hands something to do. We ordered from one of the topless barmen, healthy looking and sporting a six-pack. We clinked glasses and moved to one of the sofas nearby. We made it – no trips, no spillages, no mistakes…and no embarrassments.

Our plan was to pinpoint people we both found attractive and then to make eye contact which would then lead to an approach. Like most men I was intent on finding a single bi-female to fulfil a lifelong fantasy and as I searched amongst the guests I saw none. To be expected, as these creatures are truly like gold dust. The only lone females were the pole dancer and the croupiers. To fulfil this fantasy you need patience and some luck.

We compared ‘notes’ as we sipped our drinks. He was too short or she was too dumpy. He was too scruffy or her make up was atrocious. It looked as though the night could be a non-starter. The couples we settled on seemed to be deep in conversation with others and were likely to begin their playtime soon. There was a tinge of disappointment and a small degree of panic at the thought of being approached by one or more of our ‘rejects’. We’re always happy to meet up with new people and have a good chat but if we want to take it further we both need to feel an attraction and some chemistry. It’s quite uncomfortable when someone you don’t fancy makes a move and letting them down gently is an art form in itself; and one we haven’t quite mastered.

As we discussed the last few couples two ’30 something’ women noisily moved two armchairs together and positioned themselves immediately opposite us. I got a sensation that they were on a mission. There was some urgency there. And there was some giggling too. Things were looking up!

“Hello.” the first one said “I’m Randy Rachael and this is Poppy the Perve…cheers!” as she lent over and clinked her glass to mine and then Jan’s.

I looked sideways at Jan and laughed. “Randy Rachel?” Jan smiled.


Jan spoke first “Hi, I’m Jan and this is Paul.” There was another round of glass clinking followed by silly smiles all round.

The girl opposite me, Rachael, was the more confident of the two and she was happy to open up and lead the conversation. While she and Jan talked, I surveyed the view and the possibilities. Had we struck gold I wondered. The blonde girl, Poppy, appeared a little uncomfortable but that may have been due to her attire. For what seemed a quiet girl she had decided to wear nothing but a revealing low cut lace up corset with a built in frilly skirt, old fashioned stockings and suspenders and heels. She had forgotten to put a dress on. Not that I was complaining as her voluptuous figure was desperately trying to overflow the corset. It wouldn’t take much to dislodge things I thought to myself.

I felt a nudge in my side from Jan. “And?” she said.

“Sorry, sorry… and what? Sorry miles away here.”

“And what do you think about the place. This is Rachael and Poppy’s first time here.”

I looked back at Rachael and raised my eyebrows, signifying deep thought. Rachael was slightly taller than Poppy, a brunette and not quite as curvy as Poppy or Jan but she had ample to offer. She was attractive, they both were and I could see Jan liked them both.

“Well, we’ve only been here a few times and each time it’s been different. The equipment is great. Jan likes most of the stuff here. Me too. I think there’s a few too many single guys tonight though. You?”

Rachael responded in some detail. She had obviously inspected every nook and cranny. While she spoke I noted her simple clothes; quite understated, plain and all black. Here blouse was made of a sheer material providing a glimpse of her body underneath. She had a full breast with a good cleavage and had not worn a bra for the occasion. Her skirt was of medium length and although semi-transparent she wore an underskirt or petticoat. She was shapely with reasonably long legs but was a few inches shorter than Jan.

“So which one’s your fav?” Rachael ended with.

I was about to offer a response but the question had been directed to Jan who smiled widely and explained her passion for the swing. All three women giggled loudly. I knew then we were on to a winner. My pulse jumped 10 points at the thought.

Rachael abruptly stood up and swung her backside over and between Jan and me. “OK?” she questioned as she shimmied into position. “Poppy, sit there darling.” she directed as she pointed to her now vacant chair. Rachael’s friendly style was well suited to the occasion and her chat with us began to take on a new dimension. She obviously knew what she wanted and who she wanted and she made no bones about it. Poppy and I sat to the side and chatted further but our conversation was several notches below that of Jan and Rachael. While we spoke about the club, the scene and general observations about the other guests Rachael and Jan were deep into far more intimate things.

Poppy and I took in the mounting heat, both verbal and physical, during our own exchange and we both knew or at least sensed that the night was soon to take on a new and mutually desired direction. My pulse jumped another 10 points and I suggested another drink for everyone.

I took the requests and headed for the bar conscious of a growing bulge in my trousers. The barmen took my order and winked at me. I laughed and understood exactly what he was thinking. I turned and lent on the bar to look back at the three women huddled together talking and chuckling together. A smiling voice behind me said “You greedy bastard!” and I received a friendly nudge in the back.

“It’s all beyond my control my friend.” I retorted “But I’m not complaining!”

As I walked back to the sofas I was aware of a buzz behind me. We were obviously the topic of conversation and I suspected it wouldn’t end there. The night was still quite young after all.

I handed over the drinks and returned to my seat while Rachael stood up and offered her hand to Poppy and said in a suggestive manner “Little girls’ room?” And they both trotted off in that direction.

As they were out of ear-shot I said with wide open eyes “Wow…What’s happening here then?”

Jan shifted position and smiled a big sexy smile and explained what was about to occur. My pulse raced and I took in a couple of deep breaths.

“Well first off Poppy won’t be involved. Well, not physically anyway. She wants to watch.”

My eyes opened even wider in a questioning manner. “Seriously?”

“She’s never played and she’s only ever been with men but she likes to watch. So that means that your fantasy will come true but with an added twist…you’ll have a voyeur to witness everything. How do you feel about that?”

It took maybe three nano-seconds to consider the horniness of that statement and a response wasn’t really required but an involuntary smiling “Hmmph.” came out of my mouth while I shook my head in disbelief. What could you say to something like that anyway? My shaking head developed into a nod.

“That’s OK then.” Jan whispered as she lent over and kissed me long and full on the lips.

The next couple of minutes felt like hours as we waited for Rachael and Poppy to return, made worse when Jan quietly confessed that her pussy was wet. No doubt they had continued their giggles all the way there and back and now we were minutes, seconds from every man’s dream….plus.

Poppy looked over at me and whispered “Is that OK?” and the other two ladies turned to see and hear my response. It was difficult to speak as my mouth had completely dried up with the expectation but I nodded, smiled and managed a feeble “Very.”

“I’ve found the perfect room too.” said Rachael “It’s just down the hallway on the right.” She turned, offering hands to Poppy and Jan. “Come on.”

We all stood up and the four of us, linked hand in hand, made our way out of the bar area towards the bank of rooms at the side of the club. I noted several guests smiling and nodding to each other as we left and the barmen raised his glass, winked and sipped a celebratory drink for us as we left the room.

The Room

The room Rachael had chosen was an interesting one. It was simple in design and layout but offering many options for everyone. The first thing of note was the entrance to the room. There was a small corridor off the main hallway and another small ante room with the door to the room. The door and part of the wall had been built like a prison cell with tall vertical bars from floor to ceiling and a similar style door. Behind the wall and door, inside the room, were a set of thick burgundy velvet curtains.

The room itself was about the size of a large bedroom with a centrally positioned bed. It was more a platform than a bed as it was higher than a normal bed and its mattress was covered in a burgundy PVC or rubber material. But it was a large bed, made to take at least four people. On the wall nearest the end of the bed was a low bench with a deep cushion, also covered in the same material as the bed. The remaining walls were unfinished brick work with several up lighters providing soft and moody lighting. I noticed several hooks high on the wall and a couple of circular brackets made to tie things to. So we had three solid walls of brick and one of iron bars.

Rachael led the way followed by Poppy who immediately sat on the bench. I had a passing thought that she should have brought some popcorn as Jan and I walked around the bed. My hand trailed over the texture of the bed. It was warm.

Jan and I were stood at one side of the bed facing the iron wall and Rachael entered pulling the cell door closed behind her signifying that this was a private party and no visitors were allowed. Rachael took a couple of paces to the opposite side of the bed, near the bottom edge. Poppy sat in the middle of the bench facing the bed. The scene was set and my heart was racing. I saw that Rachael had undone the buttons on her blouse but she stood firm wanting to see more.

I moved into position behind Jan, as I often do in these first moments, and kissed the back of her neck. While she responded, pushing her head back towards me I brought both hands around to her breasts and cupped them over her dress. I could feel her heart pumping and her nipples were pushing hard against her dress. I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders as I squeezed her breasts. My hand slid into the low cut material to allow me to brush against her nipple. It was erect, hard and hot. Jan pushed her body back toward me and rubbed her arse against my growing cock. She moved sideways a few times rubbing harder against me.

I looked up at Rachael inviting an approach. As she came closer I pulled away the material from Jan’s breast revealing her exited state, showing Rachael the hard nipple. She took the bait readily and lent forward and placed her mouth around Jan’s nipple while her tongue slid upwards and against the nipple.

There was almost no sound in the room, nothing was said. Rachael’s hand came under Jan’s breast and she squeezed the breast making the nipple push out even further allowing her to flick her tongue over the nipple. Jan’s reaction was immediate. There was a low moan and her hand shot behind her and she grabbed my cock through the material of my trousers. She rubbed me gently feeling the growing girth, knowing I would be desperate to release it for her and Rachael to play with.

With one hand I slipped the material away from Jan’s other breast and lent forward to take Rachael’s hand and I placed that on the newly revealed nipple. Both our hands were stroking Jan’s breasts as Rachael moved closer. Their lips met half way and a long slow kiss evolved. From behind I could see tongues changing places, wet lip on wet lip. Jan moved her free hand on to Rachael’s shoulder and very slowly ran her fingers down the front of her blouse, so slowly it was obviously a tease. But she reached Rachael’s nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze. I heard two rapid intakes of breath as the sensation hit Rachael.

I could feel the blood racing to my cock. Every tissue in my body had received the signal and it felt as if every fluid ounce of blood was going to one place. I stepped back slightly from Jan and a little to the side so I could see more but I had an overwhelming urge to feel and taste Jan’s wetness. I couldn’t resist. I moved closer and placed my flat hand against the exposed flesh at the hip. Jan’s black hold-up stockings made a fantastic contrast to her creamy skin and the hip to floor split in the side of the dress made my entrance easy. I slid my hand in slowly feeling her warm skin shiver. I aimed down a little and extended my hand until I felt the heat from Jan’s shaved pussy. As my fingers curled to go under I pulled back up while pushing my middle finger between the lips of her vulva. I slipped in with ease, she was amazingly wet, a warm, slick wetness that identified her excitement. I pushed gently and trailed my finger against her flesh as I brought it back up. I dwelled a little as I felt her clitoris. A small stroke of the finger and I heard Jan let out a soft moan. I love those signals. I withdrew.

I tasted Jan’s wetness. So sweet, so slippery. My cock pulsated as several more fluid ounces of blood reached its destination.

Jan and Rachael were still kissing as I pushed my hand between them to locate Rachael’s hand. I pulled it away from Jan’s breast and took her hand to where I had just been. I placed my hand over hers and directed her lower. My middle finger found hers and as we descended towards Jan’s pussy I pushed Rachael’s middle finger into the wet folds of Jan’s pussy. We passed Jan’s clitoris on the way down, making for another sharp intake of breath, and went further and deeper into her pussy. Rachael curled her fingers and I gently pushed on them so that she could slip two into Jan. Rachael broke away from the kiss to look into Jan’s eyes as she probed her pussy. They both smiled and Rachael brought her now sopping fingers to her own mouth but Jan lent forward and licked one of them first, savouring her own sugary juices. Rachael then moved in and sucked the other finger making a mewing sound in appreciation.

I looked sideways to see what Poppy was doing and realised that we had a new audience member; Rachael had forgotten to pull the curtains closed, at least that was my first fleeting thought. We were being watched by a couple from the bar. I didn’t linger but registered we had another voyeur in our midst. Poppy sat on her bench looking excited and content. I noted that she was squeezing her legs together and considered that maybe she needed to pee….but then again, I have heard that some women can masturbate that way, so as I focused back on the two girls I decided to keep that thought.

The Girls

I moved back and asked Jan if she wanted to lie down. She smiled knowingly and stepped back to the bed to sit on its edge. She shuffled around to and pull up her dress to her waist and then on over her head. She handed me the dress, smiled again while looking up at Rachael and slid backwards on the bed. Jan was naked except for hold-ups and heels. She slowly opened her legs, keeping her hand over her now swollen pussy. She slipped a finger between her lips and began stroking her clitoris and her other hand circling one of her nipples.

“May I?” Rachael asked looking at no one in particular as she dropped to her knees. She let her hands run up Jan’s calves and on to her thighs and close to Jan’s pussy. She lingered for a moment before leaning forward. Jan looked on as Rachael approached her pussy and opened her legs wider. Jan took two fingers and opened her lips to ease access for Rachael and tilted her hips upward. Her fingers tickled her clitoris as Rachael’s mouth and tongue made contact.

The bed was too high to for comfort so Rachael stood up, her mouth not leaving Jan’s hot pussy lips. I could see her head making long slow movements up and down and I could only visualise her tongue’s action pressing gently then firmly against Jan’s engorged clitoris. This was my cue to unload some clothes; my cock was straining against my boxers and it needed some space. It needed touching. It needed a warm, wet cavern to play with.

I unbuttoned my shirt and trousers while kicking of my shoes. Glancing again at Poppy I could see that she was engrossed in the action and her hand had wandered between her thighs. I dropped my trousers and boxers in one go and felt the rush of air around my equipment and a final surge of blood into my rock hard cock. It was fit and ready to crack walnuts let alone anything else.

My hand wrapped around my cock and I slowly pulled back and then forward, squeezing hard as I pushed up. The feeling was sensational; an intense relief. I needed this. Jan watched me as I continued to play with my cock. She knew I was watching Rachael licking her pussy, knowing that at some point I would be entering Rachael from behind while she was being licked.

That thought and the sensations from Rachael’s tongue caused a little moan from Jan, making me pull harder and faster. Rachael was still dressed so I found the zip to her skirt and unzipped her. I slowly pulled her skirt backward and let it drop to the floor, all the time still playing with my cock. I picked her skirt up and offered it to Poppy who by now seemed close to something. She was flushed and she sounded short of breath but she took the skirt without taking her eyes away from my cock. My next task was to remove Rachael’s g-string. I needed two hands and had to let go of my pulsating cock. I slipped two fingers on each side of Rachael’s hips and quickly brought the thin material over her arse and down her legs. Rachael lifted one leg while I removed the g-string and we repeated the process with her other leg.

There, before me, bent over my wife, stood Rachael, her rear end pert and exposed to me and the elements. I threw the g-string over to Poppy and grasped my cock again thrilled at the prospects of what lay ahead. I looked at Jan while I stroked my cock and she mouthed the words ‘Fuck her for me’.

I continued to play with my cock admiring the scene. I moved closer and stroked my cock faster and harder, watching Jan watch me. I looked past Jan at the iron wall to see yet another voyeur had joined to show. He was a tall coffee coloured guy who obviously looked after his body and had a long and large bulge under the towel wrapped around him. The bar couple had begun their own amorous adventure as the man watched us he caressed the woman with his hand cupping her breast inside her dress and his other hand under her dress and inside her panties.

I stepped forward once more, letting my cock touch Rachael’s cheeks. My cock was wet with pre-cum. The temptation to slip my cock between her pussy lips was immense but I knew I needed to hold back. I wanted to hear Jan say the words; I wanted Rachael to hear the words. With one hand on my cock I placed my cupped hand between her legs and stroked Rachael’s pussy for the first time. I gently ran my fingers up then down, brushing her clitoris in the process. I felt her flinch. My fingers slipped inside aiming for the G-spot and I gently and slowly curled my fingers and teased the area inside, hoping to excite her even more. She flinched again and lifted her head from her licking action. “Oh please, fuck me. Jan let him fuck me. Please, can he?”

Oh the agony. I looked at Jan as she strained to see me pulling on my cock. “Lick me some more.” came the response. And from the side we all heard Poppy make an audible sigh of disappointment.

Just a few seconds later Jan propped herself up again to watch me and we both smiled at each other. “Do you want to fuck Rachael now babe?” she asked rhetorically. I laughed and said “Do you want me to fuck Rachael?” knowing full well she did. Knowing full well everyone wanted me to.

“Slowly then. Fuck her slowly.”

I placed the tip of my cock against Rachael’s pussy lips and slowly rubbed my cock up and down her opening. On each upward stroke I pushed forward allowing a small section of the shaft to invade her inner sanctum and then pulled back. After a dozen strokes I could bare it no more and had to thrust hard pushing all the way in. I slapped against her forcing her to stop her licking motion. Once inside I stayed motionless for a second or two to take stock of the scene. My cock buried in a strange pussy belonging to a woman currently between my wife’s thighs using her tongue to stroke my wife’s clitoris. Awesome!

Almost involuntarily my hips began to push and pull. My unyielding cock as hard as nails ramming in and out of Rachael made sloppy slapping sounds as her juices were expelled on each stroke. I slowed the pace and pushed in deep and held my position for a second. A slow withdrawal to the very tip followed by another deep thrust slapping again against Rachael’s arse. My hands grasped her hips as I pulled her onto my cock enabling me to plough deeper. Again I held my position for a second before I reversed the process. I was close to cumming but knew I had to hold on. I slowed my pace even further, pushing in deeply, holding longer and sliding back even slower. Several times I misjudged and slipped all the way out, my cock making loud suction noises on the exit stroke. The temptation to slide into Rachael’s rear door was strong but I wanted to fuck Jan next, so I had to control my desires. I wanted to taste Rachael’s pussy too, I wanted it all.

We continued like this for a good while and after some time I heard Jan say “I need some cock.” And I was happy to oblige.


Rachael began to stand at my last withdrawal and she climbed on the bed beside Jan. She looked over at Poppy and exclaimed “Fucking amazing or what?”

I moved forward and knelt onto the bed between Jan’s open legs. Her thighs coated in juices and saliva as I pushed closer and laid my hot cock against her pussy lips. Rachael lent in and sucked on Jan’s breast as I entered Jan for the first time. I pushed in hard and fast, slapping hard against her pussy as I know Jan likes. I pumped harder and harder for several strokes aware of the risk of cumming. To slow myself down I angled my body so I could suck on her other nipple, gently biting the extended tube. I felt Rachael’s hand stroking my arse and balls and she whispered in my ear that she needed to be licked.

Thinking she wanted me to perform the service I withdrew from Jan’s juicy pussy only to see her climb over Jan’s torso and position her pussy over Jan’s face, while facing the iron wall and our growing voyeurs. Before she got into position I grabbed Jan’s ankles and pulled her towards me and the edge of the bed. Jan strained her neck to reach up at Rachael’s pussy and planted a soft kiss against her vulva. Rachael eased herself down and began to gyrate her pelvis, rubbing her pussy against Jan’s extended tongue. Meanwhile I took advantage of the position and stood at the side of the bed and was perfectly positioned to re-enter Jan. I kept pace with Rachael’s movements and matched her speed with every thrust of hers I pushed in deep to Jan’s now very wet pussy.

Quite quickly we all heard Rachael’s explosive groan as she reached the point of no return. Jan’s tongue lapped at her clitoris making her body ripple as she hit her first orgasm. As the sensation subsided she fell backwards onto the bed, sighed and said “Fuck. Wow…Fuck!”

Jan and I rarely reach orgasm in these situations for some reason. We can go for hour after hour and just enjoy the sensation and atmosphere but when everyone has gone we will start again, alone, and cum within minutes. I had been so close but had been able to hold back enough to turn the tap off, at least for now. So I was ready, willing and able for more.

At this point I climbed onto the bed, between my wife and Rachael, luxuriating in the soft sensations from two women’s body against mine. I laid back and stretched out my hands in both directions and caressed two sets of breasts. Is there anything better in this world…or the next? I think not. My fingers traced a pattern over each breast, each nipple, comparing texture, elasticity and response. Heaven. After a while I felt Jan move as she lent over and began kissing me. Her tongue and lips tasted sweet…the taste of Rachael. We kissed for a while before she knelt up and said “You can lick me now.”

Jan lifted her leg over my chest and knelt over me. I couldn’t reach her pussy as she remained upright, looking directly at the audience behind the bars. She licked her lips, inserted her finger in a sucking motion and then began to masturbate for me and her voyeurs. As her hips began to rotate she moved lower and lower enabling my tongue to reach its target. I was able to lick her pussy from the inside up to her clitoris as she rotated and pushed hard then softly against me.

My hands reached up and caressed her shoulders and neck before sliding down her now glistening body and I covered her large breasts and squeezed her nipples. From experience I know that if done right it sends a current of electricity direct to Jan’s pussy. She jerked as I pinched both nipples simultaneously and she increased her hip movements to gain maximum pleasure from my tongue.

Through muffled ears I heard Jan utter a guttural command – “Rachael…I need you to sit on his cock. You can fuck him now.”

My cock twitched violently in expectation as I felt the bed undulate from Rachael’s movements. Her hand wrapped around my cock as she inspected it for the first time. She played with it for a while, gently stroking up and down but seconds later I felt her hot breath approach my rampant member. Her mouth was close but it was her tongue that made contact first. Rachael slowly licked around the entire tip before she brought her tongue down the shaft and back up. The sensation of cold engulfed my cock as she withdrew but the cold was immediately replaced by warm wet heat as she surrounded my flesh with her mouth. She pushed down as far as she could go enabling the tip of my cock to brush against her throat. The sensitive tip sent shivers down my spine as she slowly came back up the shaft while sucking hard. The vacuum effect adding extra pressure to her withdrawal motion. She repeated this process several times until I could take it no more and grunted “No, No, stop, stop…’s too much.”

The bed began to gently swell as Rachael changed position. Her knee brushed my hip and I felt her adjust position so she was kneeling over me. Her hand grabbed my cock again and she continued to stroke its length but at the same time stroking the tip against her very wet pussy. My heart was pumping hard as I knew she was about to swallow up my cock between her lips. She continued the tease, sliding her pussy up against her new toy. I tried to concentrate on Jan’s pussy and licked harder and deeper. The moment of fantasy was about to happen.

“Fuck him hard, make him cum.” Jan uttered.

At that moment Rachael sunk her body fully on to my cock. She reached a point where she could go no further and then pushed down harder. She liked cock, no mistake. As instructed she began a series of thrusts designed to drive me over the edge. My mind raced, trying not to think about what was happening to me. My fantasy, come true. The woman of my dreams astride my face masturbating herself against my tongue and a complete stranger straddling my cock and fucking me like a mad woman. An added bonus of her friend sat to the side of us, no doubt with the wettest knickers in town, and a handful of strangers watching the show all hot and bothered.

My hands were wandering everywhere, focusing on curves and movement. I was able to hold Jan’s breast and stretch my other hand over to Rachael’s. Soft female skin and sensuous curves were available to me and I wanted to feel it all. Rachael’s hands brushed against mine when she pressed forward and used both her hands to encompass Jan’s swelling breasts. I placed my hands over hers so I could feel her movements. Four hands were gliding over Jan’s breasts encircling the glorious globes. Twenty fingers running over her two erect nipples.

I heard one of them say “Let’s change.” and immediately Rachael made her last squeezing action and exposed my hot, wet and glistening cock to the open air. Jan knelt up and slid her body backwards over my chest, trailing her wet pussy lips as she went. She quickly took hold of my cock and found her opening while pressing towards me. She pushed down quickly and ground her hips against my pelvic bone.

Rachael had walked around the bed and threw her blouse to the bench next to a wide eyed Poppy. There was urgency in her walk as the few paces made her breasts bounce up and down. She was now fully naked and knew what she wanted. She climbed on the bed quickly, her knees wide apart just above my shoulders facing Jan. I sensed they kissed and I raised my hands to caress Rachael’s breasts and to run my fingers over Jan’s nipples. I couldn’t see anything but I knew they were kissing and stroking each other. Rachael lowered her body to my face until she felt my outstretched tongue. I lapped gently. I sucked her lips and licked for all I was worth. She rotated her hips on each stroke as Jan worked in symmetry pumping my cock in ever increasing thrusts. It was unbearable!

There was nothing I could do. Nothing I could say. Within minutes the pressure had built up to agonising levels. I tried to squeeze harder and harder to stop the inevitable burst of semen but I also knew it was pointless. I could hear them both making noises of pleasure, I felt every sensation as one pussy slid against my tongue and the other grasped my cock intent of sucking all the juices out of it. Then ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ erupted. Jan is capable of gushing as the result of consistent pressure to her G-spot and her body chose that moment to release her hot fluid over my cock and abdomen. That triggered a response from Rachael and I felt a thicker warm fluid cover my tongue and chin. It was excruciating and wild horses wouldn’t have been able to stop my final upward thrusts as I came hard inside Jan’s sopping pussy. I pumped a half dozen times until the tank was empty and each thrust almost toppled Jan as I bucked like a bronco. Little by little both women slowed their pace until they both came to a halt. Unmoving I lay there, elated, exhausted and empty.

Rest period

I could hear mumblings from behind the iron wall as I lay prostrate on the bed. Jan had moved to my side and was running kisses over my chest and Rachael had moved to the bench and was whispering excitedly to Poppy.

“Did you enjoy that babe?” Jan murmured in my ear. She knew the answer as I lay there with a grin on my wet face.

“Your cock is still hard babe. So hard. Does my man want some more?” she said quietly, smiling.

“Maybe.” I sighed “In a minute, maybe. Give me a minute.” Jan was right, the tanks were empty but it felt as though all eight pints of blood were still where they had been for the last 45 minutes and the stuff wasn’t going anywhere.

I leant up on to one arm and took Jan’s face in my other hand. We kissed and let our tongues explore each other. My mind replayed the last few minutes marvelling at reality of the experience. My cock twitched and we felt the bed make its now familiar undulations. We had a visitor.

But it wasn’t Rachael it was Poppy. I could feel her corset rubbing against my back and I could smell the new perfume wafting over us as Jan and I continued to kiss. My hand was removed from Jan and repositioned behind me. I felt soft thighs, frills and wet material. Poppy wanted a hand, she needed a hand.

“Please.” she whimpered. She placed my hand against her wet knickers and pressed my fingers against her. I ran my finger tips up and down the gusset feeling the sticky wetness she had built up.

Jan broke away from our kiss to get a better look as I remained with my back to Poppy. I began to kiss Jan’s creamy breast and lap against her nipples while Poppy slid her finger to the side of her knickers and pulled the material to one side. My middle finger traced the outline of her vulva and found a smooth shaven pussy which was very, very wet. I looked up at Jan as my finger slipped in between the folds of Rachael’s pussy lips and I could see that Jan wanted to extend her own and Poppy’s pleasure.

My finger brushed against Poppy’s clitoris and I heard her mouth snap open as she expelled a short blast of air immediately followed by a sharp intake. She was sensitive down there and we all knew it wouldn’t take much.

I turned to face Poppy at the same time as Jan bent over my body to reach Poppy. Jan’s hands scooped up her breasts and peeled back the cups of the corset revealing the large and overflowing breasts. Jan put her lips over one nipple as my finger again stroked against her clitoris. There was another sharp intake of breath and Poppy’s hand made its way to my cock. As I increased the speed of my finger movements she grasped my cock harder and harder. She was close and Jan knew how to take her over the edge. She moved down and licked my finger as I finished my upward stroke. I withdrew my hand and pulled on Poppy’s nipples. Jan continued applying her tongue against the clitoris.

Seconds later Poppy pushed her head back and moaned loudly as Jan’s tongue moved rapidly over her clitoris. My cock was in a vice like grip as Poppy reached the point of no return. “Ohhh, God………Oh yes………” Poppy convulsed and shook as she came in flows of ecstasy. Jan persisted with her tongue action and my fingers twisted and pulled on her nipples until her convulsions eventually stopped.

“You needed that didn’t you Poppy?” cooed Jan.

“God yeah.” she replied “It was fantastic.”

Jan brought her lips to Poppy’s nipple again and gave the extended bud a few strokes.

“Would you like to sit on his cock now?” Jan quizzed.

Poppy considered the suggestion for a second or two, obviously nervous of the situation. She smiled and said “If that’s OK with you Jan….are you sure?”

Jan didn’t answer but removed Poppy’s grip from my cock and gestured ‘it’s all yours’ with her eyes. Jan moved beside me retaining her hold of my cock while Poppy repositioned herself to kneel up beside me opposite Jan.

“I know I shouldn’t.” Poppy muttered under her breath.

“But you know you want to.” Jan responded.

Jan slowly stroked my cock up and down, not taking her eyes off Poppy. “You can. Look how thick he is.” Jan encouraged.

Poppy lifted her knee over my thighs and as she positioned herself she began to untie the two sides of her knickers. The black and cream ribbons fell away as she whipped her panties backwards and threw them to Rachael who was admiring the action from the bench.

With her free hand Jan stroked Poppy between her legs and used two fingers to open her shaven pussy. Poppy tilted forward and came closer to my cock, still held firmly between Jan’s fingers. The two met and Jan eased the tip of my cock against the wet pussy lips. Poppy arched her back and opened her legs wider as she impaled herself on me. Her nervousness was apparent but Jan smiled showing Poppy that everything was OK. Poppy pushed down slowly, feeling the girth of my cock open her pussy wider than she had experienced before. Her eyes were locked on Jan, looking for approval, for permission.

Jan cupped her hand around Poppy’s breasts and stroked her nipples. She leaned in closer, her mouth slightly open. Poppy knew she was about to take her first kiss from a woman and she leant in to meet Jan’s moist lips. The world’s most sensuous sight beheld me….two women locked together, tongues intertwined, full soft lips brushing against lips. I managed to raise my hips slightly and began to push deeper into Poppy while they kissed. Jan took a hand from Poppy and secured it around her own breast, they kissed and caressed as I maintained a slow but steady rhythm.

This scene remained the same for several glorious minutes before Rachael decided she had to join us. She stood and approached the bottom of the bed and stretched out her hand to stroke both Poppy and Jan. Her fingers traced a pattern over each of their shoulders and necks. She continued drawing around each woman’s breast and nipple before she walked around the bed and stood behind my head. She watched for a few seconds and then climbed onto the bed placing a knee either side of my head. For a while I could see her arms and hands extended as she continued to trace her teasing patterns over each woman. Then I felt her hand come to her own pussy and she opened her lips and stroked her own clitoris before slowly descending onto my face.

My senses were in overload. My cock was being squeezed by a warm wet pussy, my mouth and tongue were being rocked by another and I knew my wife was stroking the breasts of at least one woman, most probably both and kissing one or both. Had I died? Was I in heaven? I think so. How long could any normal man take that kind of treatment?

Fortunately I didn’t have to suffer too long. My hearing was severely impaired being locked between Rachael’s warm thighs but I was aware from the rapidly increasing movements of both girls that they were coming to the end of the line. They seemed to be harmonizing their movements, getting faster and faster, synchronised orgasms were due any second. The first was Rachael. I recognised her changing movements as she twitched from orgasmic flow to orgasmic flood. I heard a muted sound from her as she released her pent up energies. As her orgasm subsided she slowed her rocking motions until she came to a standstill. She raised one leg and fell sideways onto the bed, leaving her legs hanging over the bed and her torso and head close to the final throws of Poppy’s second explosive orgasm. Just seconds later Poppy began making guttural noises and lent forward forcing her clitoris into my pelvic bone. She mashed against me in a flurry of pushes, finally collapsing on my chest quietly crying out “Fuck. Oh Jesus, Oh fuck.”


Jan tipped forward and kissed me deeply, licking away the juices around my chin and lips. We kissed while Poppy slid off me and lay on the opposite side of Rachael. With the two girls either side Jan climbed on to my cock and continued the pressure. She sat upright and rotated her hips, squeezing as she made the return rotation. It was as though she was sucking the life and energy from my cock. Deeper and deeper she pushed, her breasts bouncing around, fabulous flesh gyrating for me and the audience behind the iron wall. We were all coated in sweat, shimmering in the distinctive lighting. I held on to her hips and pulled her closer, forcing my cock to reach inside even further. Jan’s little noises began to grow louder. No sound was intelligible, more feminine groans and rumblings. She was close. I was close. Still in her upright position she was looking directly at the iron wall, smiling to herself, noting the tension in the air. They were expectant too, they wanted to see her and hear her cum.

Suddenly she stopped and looked down at me. She smiled a mischievous smile and slowly lowered her body on to mine. She slowed her movements, still squeezing my hard cock and then whispered in my ear “I need another cock.”

Mine twitched violently and I pushed upwards lifting Jan’s knees of the bed. I raised my eyebrows in agreement and smiled. Jan kissed me again and then sat back upright. Motionless she pointed to the iron wall and with a beckoning finger action she said “You can come and join us if you’d like.”

I heard the iron door open and close. Aware of a presence behind my head I looked up at Jan and stroked her nipples. She shivered. There was a brief breeze as material wafted the air over us and I realised the invited man had to be the tall coffee coloured guy. He had just removed his towel. He moved in closer and Jan lent forward as his cock came into my view. Her hand grasped the dark cock over my head and she gave it a long and slow stroke before she lent closer and wrapped her fully opened lips around his cock.

I returned to my slow thrusts, watching Jan’s mouth slide up and down his lengthy cock. He was big, at least two inches longer than my cock and possibly wider. Jan’s mouth was straining as she sucked in hard and squeezed as she withdrew. She finished playing with him by licking the tip of his cock and then leaned lower to kiss me again.

“Do you want a DP?” I suggested, knowing full well that was her intention from the start.

“Mmmmm.” she murmured, with a large grin on her face. “Your cock in my pussy and his in my arse?” She questioned.

“Mmmmm.” I replied, with an equally large grin.

Our guest took no second biding as he strutted around the end of the bed. There was some shuffling of bodies as Poppy and Rachael made space. I felt the bed move as his weight was added and my cock twitched violently once again at the prospect of his next actions. Jan leant forward, trailing her breasts over my chest, arching her back to make his access easier.

“Slowly though, let me get used to it.” Jan ordered gently.

I stopped all movement and closed my legs. His athletic body touched mine and Jan’s and his hands grabbed her hips. Jan relaxed as he placed the tip of his cock against her sphincter and edged forward a fraction. I could feel his slow entry as Jan’s pussy compressed. Half inch by half inch she got tighter and tighter. His long thick cock slid slowly inwards and upwards as Jan let out a long slow breath. I couldn’t move but I could feel his movements as he slowly slid back out and then in again. The pressure on my cock was immense and I could feel Jan’s juices oozing from her pussy at every slow thrust he made. As his pace increased her juices were amplified. I tried moving in short thrusts, pushing hard against Jan’s G-spot as his cock slid in and out faster and faster. Her pussy leaked more and more and she began the process of gushing once again. Each of his thrusts pushed my cock harder against her G-spot and forced more and more liquid out of her and onto me. The hot liquid triggered a reaction in my cock and I knew I couldn’t hold on for long. I had seconds before I came. I told Jan I had seconds and she squeezed harder. A chain reaction started and as I started to reach that point of no return she squeezed harder and harder. The effect was the same for our guest and he began to grunt loudly. Jan began to moan and that was all I could stand.

“Oh God, I’m cumming babe, I’m cumming!” I pushed harder as he pushed harder and harder.

“Oh fuck man.” he said as he exploded in her arse. I felt the fierce spurt of his hot cum and my cock shuddered again and again as the last drops of my cum were expelled. He trembled as his thrusts slowed but his hardness remained. He placed his hands around Jan’s body and cupped her breasts as he said “Awesome.”

“Bloody right!” said Rachael in full agreement.

At this point the evening could have ended there but it turned out to only be the start. As Jan and I lay on the bed recovering Rachael decided she wanted some of that action too. With no disagreement from us she invited the couple at the iron wall to join us – and from there the evening developed into what shall have to be another story.

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