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Ice Cream Sunday

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Steve had thought that he’d have a quiet Saturday afternoon to himself. The house was empty. His wife had gone shopping with friends, the boys were out with their mates and Kirsty had to go to the library to complete the paper she had to write. She’d hoped not to go, but found she was missing some information at the last minute and so had to make a quick dash.

Peace and quiet filled the house with a rare silence, a seldom experienced situation with three kids living there. Steve agonized about what he should do with this valuable free time, with the house to himself. Just as an idea came into his mind the doorbell rang. His heart sank. So near and yet so far. Steve thought about not answering it, letting whoever it was think the place was empty, but with the car in the driveway it was obvious he was in, so he reluctantly headed for the door.

His initial anger at being interrupted was replaced by excitement as he opened the front door and saw Kirsty’s friend Susan smiling at him from the front step. A feeling of guilt quickly built inside him as he remembered that he was meant to tell her that Kirsty was out of the house and couldn’t meet with her. He felt guilty, but at the same time was relieved that with a quick apology he would once again have the house to himself.

He looked at Susan and took a few moments to take in the wonderful sight before him. She had lovely long blond hair, a slim body and pert breasts that he had to physically prevent himself from staring at. He still loved his wife, but at 43 her body just couldn’t compete with this hot 18 year old. Oh, he thought, to be young again.

The sunlight behind her lit up her blond hair which was being blown around gently in the light breeze, held out of her eyes by her sunglasses perched high on her head. She watched as his eyes started to look down, taking in her lightly clad body. She could see him looking at her white halter bikini, clearly visible through the thin white material of her blouse, then she watched in amusement as his eyes went lower still, looking at her small denim miniskirt and white high-heeled shoes.

Susan stifled a giggle as he came back to his senses and hurriedly looked back up at her face.

“Kirsty and I are having ice-cream with chocolate sauce this afternoon.” She said, holding up a shopping bag as evidence. “Then we’re just going to chill out. Is she around?”

“I have a confession to make” Steve began, but before he could get any further into his apology Susan walked through the door and into the hallway.

“I need to get this into the freezer.” She said over her shoulder as she walked towards the kitchen.

Steve shut the door and hurried after her. She knew his eyes would be on stalks, burning holes into her butt as he stared at her ass. Susan would often flirt a bit with Steve, just harmless fun, so she made sure she wiggled her ass a little as she walked.

Opening the fridge door and bending over she placed the bag inside, then turned around to face Steve. She leaned back deliberately against the fridge door, keeping her arms behind her, giving him a clear view of her chest.

“Where’s Kirsty?” she asked.

Steve proceeded to tell her of his forgetfulness, and that unfortunately she had wasted her journey there. Steve was still really looking forward to having the house to himself, but this was a very pleasant interruption and he had no desire to send her on her way just yet. On the contrary, he now had a better idea about what, or at least who, he’d like to do.

“Well, I don’t have a car.” Susan continued. “Kirsty was going to drive if we went anywhere, so either you’ll have to take me, or I’ll have to stay here until she gets back.”

She watched him smile as she said “take me”. She loved to flirt with him, it was so much fun, and he would always rise to the bait. What 45 year old man wouldn’t enjoy flirting with an 18 year old girl in the prime of her sexuality.

Steve told her that the least he could do was get her a drink, walking towards the fridge as he spoke. She moved out of his way and perched on the edge of the kitchen table, watching him intently as he got her a beer, opened it and handed it to her.

“It’s a pity” she went on. “That ice-cream would have been great. I don’t suppose you fancy some, do you?”

His eyes lit up and a smile spread across his face before he was able to catch himself and gather his composure. She knew the answer though, and didn’t wait for a reply.

“Cool.” She said. “I’ll get the bowls”

“No need to do that,” he jumped in, stepping closer to her.

She put her arms behind her and leaned back, shaking her hair down her back and out of the way, her feet crossed at the ankles. She could see his eyes roaming over her face, her neck, her chest. As she felt her nipples start to stiffen she hoped he wouldn’t notice, but his focused attention on her breasts told her that he knew she was getting turned on. Her heart began to beat a bit faster

She had flirted with him before, and he’d often smacked her bum as a joke, but this time it seemed a little bit different, a little bit dangerous. Normally there were more people around, other reasons why it couldn’t go any further, but now there were no other reasons. In the same situation with her boyfriend they would have been making love as soon as she had walked through the door, grateful of time alone in the house. The thought of the wafer thin line between flirting and something more serious only aroused her more.

As Steve took another step towards her she was brought back to reality.

“Then what will we eat off?” she asked, only semi- innocently.

“You!” he said, in a very matter-of-fact way.

Susan gasped in surprise, then felt her nipples pushing out harder, pushing at the cups of her halter top, clearly visible through her shirt.

“But what if..” is all she could say as her mind raced. Surely not. She hadn’t had sex for a couple of weeks but this was not the way. She couldn’t. It wasn’t right.

“It’s not… I mean I shouldn’t….I mean we shouldn’t… I mean….. but..” Susan stammered.

Steve just put one finger to her lips, then moved another step closer, now only inches from her.

“If you want to, why not?” he said.

Her mind raced. Why not? What real reason was there to stop this? They were not related. They were both adults. They were both old enough to consent to this. And after all, she had always wondered what it would be like with an older man, someone with much more experience than her usual boyfriends, and maybe now was the time to find out.

As her mind ran it all through again and again she could feel his finger on her chin, slowly lifting up her head. Her eyes meet his and he placed a light delicate kiss on her lips. Then another, and then another. They were tender and kind kisses, not the rough saliva covered horrors of a normal Saturday night with the young guys who just wanted to get into her pants.

Her own lips start to respond. Without moving she started to kiss him back. His tongue slipped into her mouth as his hand cupped the back of her head lightly, pulling her into the kiss, caressing her neck, pushing all the right buttons. She closed her eyes as she became lost in the kiss, feeling his strong grip on the back of her head, his tongue playing with hers, his body starting to push into her.

He pulled back, giving her some time to get her breath back. Her arms were still behind her, her butt perched on the edge of the table and her legs crossed. She looked up at him infront of her, standing astride her legs, staring into her eyes. She was frozen as he reached forward and started to undo her shirt, picking apart the loose knot tied just below her breasts. A few inadvertent brushes of her breasts sent small rushes of excitement through her. She couldn’t do anything to stop him. She wanted so much to find out what would happen. She wanted to experience this.

The knot in her blouse gave way and the material fell by her sides as he reached up and unfastened the two remaining buttons, then slipped the shirt over her shoulders and down her arms, sliding his fingers lightly down her skin.

He slipped his fingers back up her arms, slowly and lightly, then used the tips to trace a line down the front of her shoulders and over her breasts, down her stomach, ending up on the waistband of her skirt. She could feel her pussy getting damp as she left herself open to this unveiling, just letting him do what he wanted, with no resistance.

She jumped slightly as she felt the ‘plink’ of the first button of her skirt being deftly undone. He must have had plenty of practice at that she thought to herself. Shortly after that the material tensed slightly around her ass as the second button popped open, then rapidly the third followed. His fingers slid into the front of the skirt, his nails rubbing against her bikini bottoms, tracing a line down the front. She knew there was only one more button, and it wasn’t fastened for long.

She lifted herself off the counter slightly as he slipped her skirt out and away, tossing it into the corner of the room. She was standing there, frozen to the spot, in her white, tie-side bikini, right where he wanted her. Leaning forward he wrapped his hands around the back of her neck and pulled her forward again to kiss her. Reaching up she tilted her head back as his lips pressed onto hers, lightly at first, then stronger as his tongue licked them and then searched onwards into her mouth.

As her mind was lost in the heat of his kisses his fingers pulled on the white halter straps of her top, the material slowly slipping through the knot. Inch by inch it pulled through, then that familiar brief bit of resistance before the knot fell undone. The material was pulled forward slightly by her breasts as they relaxed, no longer contained so tightly.

He smiled as he leaned back, then slid his fingers under the straps and pulled them forward, allowing the material to fall away from her breasts and revealing them to his eyes. Her natural reaction was to cover them up, but she stopped herself, letting him take in the lovely sight before him.

As his hands continued to slide down her sides she tensed up slightly, then without warning he grabbed the tie sides of her bikini bottoms and pulled hard. The bows came undone in a flash and the material was whipped out from between her legs. There she was, naked and exposed infront of him. He made short work of removing her top completely, leaving her naked and resting on the table.

She couldn’t believe it. Only a few minutes ago she was on his doorstep, and now she was naked infront of him in his kitchen. How on earth did that happen? But it did, and she was glad that it did.

Stepping back from her, he admired his handiwork. He couldn’t believe his luck. It was beyond his wildest dreams to have such a beautiful young girl, just letting him undress her, peeling away the layers of concealment to reveal such a heavenly body, and one that he wanted to enjoy so intimately. Her skin was so smooth, so perfect.

“You like?” she asked him, putting her head on one side and looking at him with a slim smile on her face.

“I like” he replied.

That made her laugh, which made him laugh in return, and gratefully broke the tension that had built between them. As the nervous tension subsided he quickly started to undress. With almost a fevered haste he rushed to remove his clothes, throwing them blindly into the corner, as if expecting her to run away at any moment. Then he reached into the fridge and retrieved the bag.

“Climb up on the table.” he instructed. She obeyed, laying down on the table top with her knees bent at the edge and her legs hanging off the end. She tried to hold her legs tight together, but he placed a hand on her thigh and gently eased them apart slightly, forcing her to relax. She looked at him and smiled nervously. His cock was getting stiff, brushing against her side every now and then, leaving a small amount of pre-cum each time.

Looking straight up at the ceiling she tried to relax as she listened to him getting a spoon from the drawer, and then opening the tub. She flinched as the first scoop of ice-cream landed in the little triangle at the top of her pussy, then again as another landed between her breasts. She tried to stop herself laughing as he sprayed cream on top of the two piles of ice-cream that adorned her naked body, then to complete this tasty treat he drew rings of chocolate sauce over the top.

She watched as he placed two small piles of cream, one on each nipple, then topped each one with a bit of chocolate. She was quite a picture, lying back on the table, her body adorned with cream and chocolate. She could feel the ice-cream starting to melt. A small rivulet began to form in her crotch, inching its way slowly down her moist slit, then easing into the folds of her pussy. She knew she was going to enjoy it when he got to that bit.

He looked down at the delicious sight before him. Looking into her eyes he smiled, then slowly bent down and licked his tongue over the cream between her breasts. Within seconds his tongue had smoothed the chocolate and cream all over her chest. She struggled to lie still as she felt his tongue roaming over her breasts. The smell was delightful, the sensation heightened by her paralyzed state. Another drip of melted ice-cream slid between her legs as he continued to lick her breasts.

She could feel his hand on her chest as he started to squeeze her pert breast, drawing it up into a peak as he sucked in her nipple and teased it with his teeth, licking a trail of chocolate and cream over her firm mound. He repeated the same treatment on the other nipple as yet another drip of ice-cream ran into the folds of her pussy. Gradually he ate his way through the first pile of cream, lapping up the ice-cream, licking the cream off his lips, smothering the chocolate over her breasts and licking it off.

She could feel her own juices adding to those of the ice-cream as another, and yet another, drip ran down between her legs. She watched as he moved his attentions lower down her body. A faint shiver ran through her body as he moved to the end of the table. Turning to face her he put a hand on each of her knees, then leant forward and licked up a large tongue full of cream. She giggled as this tickled the top of her pussy, releasing a little stream of cream down her slit. She could feel it forming a small pool underneath her.

His head was lowered once again as he reached down and licked up mouthful after mouthful, working his way down to her treasure. Once most of it was gone she began to feel the pressure building on her knees, easing her legs apart to give him better access. He looked up at her and smiled as her legs slowly parted, then, lowering his head, he ran his tongue up the length of her slit. She grabbed the sides of the table to control herself. The feeling was fantastic, blowing her mind.

As she started to writhe on the table his tongue sought out the last traces of cream, probing deeply into every part of her pussy as he licked up the rest of the cream and chocolate. Her legs were now as wide as they would go, his rock hard cock bouncing around as he licked her clean, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy once again. She could feel her passions building inside her, a boiling turmoil of desire as if every nerve in her body was writing around each other like entwined snakes.

She started to play with her breasts, squeezing her nipples to turn herself on even more. She began to moan as his tongue ran rings around her clit, slipping between her lips and clearing up every last bit of food. She tried to move her legs but his strong arms held her down. All she could do was lie back and enjoy it as he pushed her over the edge of an intense orgasm. Her body shook. Her head lifted off the table as each ripple of ecstasy tensed her body.

As the shaking subsided she looked down at him.

“Now it’s your turn!” She said menacingly.

Sitting up she slid off the table, then grabbed a chair and, pushing him backwards, she forced him to sit down on it. Using her feet to kick his legs apart, making sure she had good access to that stiff shaft of his, she grabbed the cream. Squeezing out a large pile of cream into her hands she split it between her two palms. She looked at him, her tongue pushing slightly out of the corner of her mouth, a playful smile spreading over her lips as she lowered herself down into a kneeling position. The cream squeezed slowly between her fingers as she wrapped them around his rock hard cock, sliding her hands slowly up and down.

Once his cock was coated in cream she grabbed the chocolate sauce and poured some over his hot member. As she admired her handiwork she thought how tasty this dish was looking, something nice to lick and suck. Wiping her hands on his chest she stretched up and started at the top. She licked the cream and chocolate mixture off his chest, feeling the power that lay within, letting her long hair run over his skin as she slowly worked her way down.

Clearing her hair out of the way so he could get a clear view, she passed briefly with her head over his crotch, then lowered her mouth over his appetizing cock. The taste was wonderful as the cream and chocolate mixed. She began to gulp it down greedily, quickly getting down to the skin and starting to lick around his cock for all she was worth.

Lifting his balls with her hand she slipped each one into her mouth in turn, licking off the last vestiges of chocolate from them. She rolled them over her tongue, slipping them into her cheeks, looking up at him to see his reaction.

He let his head fall back, feeling the sensation of her warm moist mouth surrounding his balls, her hands sliding gently up and down his cock, her fingers rolling over his domed head, wiping the little bead of pre-cum from the top. She sucked on them slowly, then, one by one, let them slip out of her mouth.

Looking up at him she smiled, then began to lick a long slow trail up from the base of his cock to the head, then back down, then up and down the left side and again on the right, never letting her eyes leave his. Each time she licked off a bit more chocolate and cream, getting his cock cleaner and cleaner. Her pussy was wet with her juices which were really flowing freely now. She could feel that she was really wet, and knew that she had to have his cock inside her.

Her head went down on his cock again, sucking hard at its stiff length, sliding her lips up and down the smooth skin, letting her hair fall down in his lap. She could feel it getting ready to burst. Another few sucks and she leapt up, straddling him and sinking her soft wet pussy down onto his rock hard shaft. She used her hand to guide it in as it slipped into her up to the hilt. The feeling of his hard shaft buried deep within her made her body shudder with pure lust. She had never thought it would happen, but it felt so great. She could never think of him the way she had before, but she knew she would love thinking of him like this.

Putting her hands behind his neck she started to slide up and down on his cock, feeling it pushing deep into her each time she dropped down. Pausing with him right inside her, she started to rock backwards and forwards, slowly at first, then more pronounced movements, feeling his cock moving inside her, pushing at the walls of her pussy, hitting her most sensitive of places. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back, loving the feeling of him inside her. His hands rested on her hips, helping her hips thrust back and forth on his hard cock.

The pace began to quicken as she pushed her hips back, then slid them forward, flexing her pelvis, feeling his cock inside her, pressing in all the right places. His moans told her that he was enjoying it as much as she was. Her orgasm started to build, small knots starting to form inside her, her nerves writhing over each other as the tension in her body grew. She pulled him tightly to her breast, then started sliding up and down on his cock. She really wanted him to enjoy this ride, so that it wouldn’t be their last.

His hands rose up to her breasts, holding them, squeezing them, tweaking her nipples with his fingers. Pulling herself close to him she squeezed her breasts against his chest, pushing her clit down onto his cock, forcing him deep inside her.

She could hear how wet she was, her juices combining with his pre-cum, lubricating their motion as she thrust back and forth on him, grinding her clit on his pelvis. She squeezed the muscles of her pussy, drawing him into her, squeezing the cum out of his balls, milking his cock for all she was worth. His breathing started to quicken.

Then it happened. He erupted into her, the hot spurts of his cum filling her pussy, easing past his cock and leaking onto his lap. Pulse after pulse rippled up his cock and she could feel every movement as she started to shudder in the throws of her own orgasm. Clutching him tightly to her, her pussy squeezed his cock, her legs pulled together as tight as she could, grasping his waist. She held onto him for dear life as her orgasm rocked her to her very core.

Slowly they started to recover, their bodies glistening with perspiration, staying on the chair, his cock inside her gradually losing its earlier stature and starting to slide from her lips. As she stood up shakily she looked at them both. All over them were the remnants of their passion, sticky cream, chocolate, and cum. Steve began to laugh, then suggested they adjourn to the shower. There was no way she was going to argue with that.

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