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Stopping for Directions

Category: Gay Male
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I drove up early Saturday morning. I remember he said he went there about every weekend and I was hoping this weekend would be no exception.

I drove about the country with no luck of finding his street so I stopped by this lone gas station sitting out on some country road to ask for directions. The place looked abandoned when I pulled in, but I got out and went to the small office and opened the door and asked if anyone was there.

A side restroom door opened and out walked this six foot barefoot young hunk with curly fire red hair. He was still pulling up his overalls with a muscular smooth chest very visible. I just stammered that I was looking for directions as my eyes scanned down to see a heavy piece of prime boy meat bouncing around as he walked over to where I was standing. The sides of his overalls were open and it was obvious he was wearing no underwear. When I pulled my eyes up to look into his emerald green’s he just smiled and let the straps fall back down so that he was now bare from the hips up. His overalls road low on his torso and his matching flaming red pubic forest, now visible, was hinting at the growing prize hidden below.

He smiled and said “I think your looking for something else mister” and then “we don’t get many customers out this way and it’s been a long time since a hot daddy cock sucker like you has stopped by.” I was completely taken aback but still my eyes dropped down to see his swinging dick begin to stiffen and grow impressively bigger behind the fabric of his overalls. “See mister, you like what you see, it’s written all over your face.” “Don’t worry none, I like a good blow job and I’m betting you suck a mean cock.” With that said as he stepped toward me his overalls just fell to his bare feet and he proceeded to kicked them off and stand before me bare ass naked. His cock was a thing of beauty nicely hooded and looked to be about 8.5″ long and thick as a beer bottle and surrounded by that fire red hair.

“Take off your cloths mister and you’ll be a lot more comfortable.” I just nodded like a dumb struck fool and begin to remove all my cloths as I stared at that beautiful cock until I was as naked as he was. He looked at my hard cock and smiled and said “I knew you was a cock sucker the minute I saw you and I got a load of cum for you that I’ve been storing for a couple of days.”

I dropped to my knees as he came up to me and I reached out and guided his thick 8.5″ fuck stick into my mouth. I licked all along the thick shaft and traced the veins with my tongue from his pubes to it’s uncut head. I closed my lips around the head and as I went down on his rock hard meat I pulled his foreskin back and just suckled the exposed head as he moaned and said “yes sir I knew you was going to be a great cock sucker.” I did not want to disappoint this hung young stud so I begin to suck his cock with about half in my mouth and then I just went down and swallowed him to the root. That did it, he screamed and cussed and proceeded to fill my throat with the biggest, sweetest load until I almost choked and had to pull back and savor the rest of his hot cum on my tongue as he continued to pump what seemed like a gallon into my cock sucking mouth. I nursed and sucked that fine piece of boy meat until he had to pull it out of my mouth because he said that it was just to sensitive. I let his cock fall out and just sat back on my heals and looked up into those beautiful and thankful green eyes. When I looked back at his cock it was still rock hard and I thought ‘ah, youth’ and pulled it back into my mouth. “You sure are a hungry daddy and you sure suck a mean dick.” He reached over my back while I had his cock down my throat again and brought his fingers to my hole and I moaned around his cock and pushed my needy ass back onto his fingers. As he stuck a finger and then two up my steaming and horny hole he stated more than asked “so you like to take it up your ass as well as you suck eh?” All I could do was nod my head yes as I still had a throat full of his cock.

He pulled me off his big cock and stood me up and just pushed me back on the desk and grabbed my knees and threw them over his shoulders. He spit on my exposed hole and said “nothing I like better then fucking some tight ass” and with that he shoved all 8.5″ up my ass until his egg sized balls slapped my ass cheeks. My mouth flew open in shock yet nothing came out. My hot country fuck boy pulled out to the head and slammed right back in to the balls and this time a loud moan escaped my lips. He smiled down at me and just started plowing my ass like he had not fucked in years. Since I had just swallowed a huge load from him he was ready to seriously fuck some ass and that big cocked young man taught my ass what it meant to be thoroughly fucked.

He grabbed my hard cock and bent down and sucked it into his hot, wet mouth and I screamed and blew a load that he drank right down. When I finished cumming he came off my dick and began to kiss me and at the same time feed me some of my own load that he had saved in his mouth and all the while he kept fucking my brains out. This country boy sure knew how to plow an ass. He fucked me for what seemed like a hour and then his body stiffened and he let out a yell like a wounded caveman and proceeded to flood my insides with another massive load of cum. When he stopped cumming he climbed up onto the desk and stuffed his softening cock into my mouth for me to clean.

When he climbed down and sat back in the desk chair bare assed with his cock hanging over his big bull nuts he looked up at me while I began to dress and said “now, you were looking for directions to where”.

BadFairGoodInterestingSuper Total 0 votes

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