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A Good Weekend Gone Great

Category: Group Sex
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When I started dating Ted I knew there was something different about him, finding out that he was bisexual might have been it until I discovered he enjoyed taking it up the ass from me with a strap on. At least for me, that, qualified as different.

As odd as that was at first it became just part of what made us a fun couple. Now I’m a good sized girl, 5-9 tall and 205 pounds, a soft and curvy body 38-32-44 and my handsome stud Ted is in great shape at 5-10 tall and 155 pounds so we’re a little different there too.

So one weekend we’re off to the races, literally, I love auto racing and Ted’s interest has increased knowing me. We were sitting in the lobby of the hotel soaking up a little local atmosphere before deciding where to go out for some entertainment when some entertainment found us. These two good looking guys came over and struck up a conversation. Ken and Glen were about our age and about 5-11 tall and weighed 165 pounds and looked good doing it.

It didn’t take too long for the conversation to heat up and it was obvious Ken and Glen were interested less in going out and more in staying in and having some fun. I was flattered, interested and getting hot. Ted was very much in tune to how I was feeling and took the big step asking the guys, “So Julie and I were just going to go up to our room for some hot sweaty sex if you’ve got some time to kill.”

Ken and Glen looked at each other, smiled and Glen said, “We would be more than happy to join you.”

We were quickly off to our room, Ken and Glen making a quick stop at their room to grab what I later learned was a supply of condoms. After we all got suitably naked I played the gracious host and went down on a smiling Ken who proved to sport a 9 inch cock which was ever so slightly thicker than Ted’s 8 inches.

Next I moved over to Glen who was on his way to getting hard and was already impressive so it didn’t take long for my efforts to get him to his full 11 thick inches. Damn I love surprises and a massive throbbing one at that. I’d like to say I swallowed every inch of Glen’s monster but I was more than happy with the 8 inches I could get between my lips.

I gave my Ted a simple hand job because a girl’s got to pace herself and he can enjoy a first rate hummer any time. Not to be standing around with nothing to do Ken and Glen were playing with my tits and fingering my pussy. Well by the time I finished with Ted Ken was ready for action and so was my steaming wet pussy.

After rolling a condom on Ken’s manhood I plopped down on my back, spread my legs and quickly found myself with a stiff dick inside me. So while Ken is pumping his cock into me, much to my delight, I looked over to see Glen, or more importantly his stiff 11 inch cock pointing at me.

But what made me think, ‘Oh this IS going to work out’ was that my charming boyfriend Ted was standing behind Glen and reaching around with both hands, his left playing with a sweet pair of dangling balls and the right stroking Glen’s big cock while bumping his own boner against Glen’s cute butt. Apparently these boys did want to make a party of it.

Happily aware there was more than the average three on one I turned my attention back to Ken who was pounding my pussy with almost all of his nine inches. I got it all when I began humping my fat butt off the bed at him and it only took a minute or so of that before he shot his load.

A quick glance at the end of the bed showed Ted rolling a condom on Glen’s thick tool so as Ken kissed me and exited from between my thighs to the left.

I didn’t have to wait long for my next shooter as Glen slid into position. I let out a ‘sigh’ as he pushed the fat head of his long dong past my pussy lips and quickly got to it. Glen easily went a good five inches on the first push because I was so wet and it didn’t take much longer for him to be able to go deep with the next five.

But I am a greedy broad with a hungry pussy, hungry to get fully stuffed with all I can get so I humped my fat butt off the bed and up at Glen and he began pumping the full 11 inches in me. And damn it was just incredible to feel Glen’s monster dick go deeper than I had ever known and oh he could really pull back and plow forward good and hard planting my fat butt deep into the bed.

It seemed like Glen was ready to cum so I swung my legs around his body and locked my ankles behind his back and just held onto him as he did indeed shoot his load. Glen fell forward on top of me and I kept him locked between my legs and wrapped my arms around his chest hugging him tight. All I could think was, how lucky Ted and I were to find these two ultra horny guys.

At that point we called ‘timeout’ since I was sweating like crazy and needed a shower and the guys, well they’re guys they needed a chance to recharge their batteries.

So about a half hour later there I was sitting with a pillow between my back and the headboard with Ted on his knees between my legs going down on me and doing quite the muff dive thank you very much. When I looked beyond Ted I could see Glen sucking on the head of Ken’s 9 inches while stroking the shaft with one hand before helping him roll a condom on that man spike. Ken then climbed up on the bed behind Ted and after Glen was kind enough to work some lube on my boyfriend’s cute butt Ken proceeded to poke his cock up Ted’s ass.

Ted had to get his breath for a moment as Ken began pumping his cock into his ass but he was able to regain his composure and get back to eating my pussy. Glen then came around so I could get my hands, not to mention my lips, on his big dick which was good and hard.

As I enjoyed myself pumping Glen’s cock with my right hand I rubbed Ted’s head with my left and said, “Once Ken’s done I’ve got another one hard and ready for you back there.” Ted didn’t stop to respond he just kept lapping away at my wet snatch. And a couple of minutes later Ken held Ted’s hips firmly and holding his 9 inches deep up my boyfriend’s butt shot his load.

I helped Glen get a condom on and he lined up behind Ted while I scrambled off the bed to put on my 10 inch strap on. Ken gave me a hand before getting on his hands and knees to get it from me. Ken and I paused for a moment to watch Glen ease his huge dong into Ted’s ass, my boyfriend let out a long low groan as the man sized meat poked up his butt. Ken and I both enjoyed seeing that action. I greased up my latex dong and Ken’s butt before kneeling behind him and easing my strap on into his back door.

So there we were me holding Ken’s hips with both hands pumping my strap on deep in his tight little ass while next to us my boyfriend Ted was getting his own sweet little butt porked by Glen’s fat 11 inches.

Ken was up to the task taking all ten inches of my strap on up his tight little butt with enthusiasm as I reached around to stroke his stiff cock we were really having some fun.

Looking to my side I was so proud of my Ted when I saw that Glen was able to stuff every one of his thick eleven inches up my boyfriend’s ass on every long hard stoke. Glen has got the goods and knows how to use them all right. And my Ted oh what a catcher.

Finally Glen slowed his pace and after pushing his long thick dick all the way in shot his load buried to the balls in my boyfriend’s lucky ass. Damn they know how to entertain a girl while having a good time themselves.

Meanwhile I was giving Ken all 10 inches of my strap on and had his 9 inches good and hard in front of us. So once the boys caught their breath Ted greased up Glen’s butt. Glen slid into position in front of Ken and after I pulled out of Ken I helped him put on a condom so he could fuck Glen.

I hugged Ken from behind as Ted helped him poke his stiff dick into his friend’s ass. Ken took his time gently pushing deeper in Glen’s butt, an activity they no doubt shared many a time before. They looked almost proud to show off for Ted and I as Ken fucked Glen the way they both needed it until Ken shot his load.

I rolled over onto my back and pulled Ken on top of me for some leisurely making out while Glen and Ted did the same. We had been going at it pretty hard and another little timeout was good for everyone. After I don’t know how long I had caught my breath and could feel that Ken was getting back into boner mode. Looking over at Ted and Glen they were engaged in a mutual hand job embrace so it was time to get back to the action.

Glen layed on his back and as Ted rolled a condom on his stiff rod Glen pulled his knees up spreading his legs. Face to face man fuck for Glen, got to love a man who wants it as much as he gives it. Ted knelt in front of Glen and greased up is butt with three fingers before moving in to stick his dick in Glen’s hole.

Ken and I just wanted to pause to enjoy this show and Oh this was quite the show. My Ted can really bang it and Glen was eager to get fucked hard and deep. In no time Ted was pumping the full length of his dick into Glen’s asshole, slamming into the backs of his thighs. Glen was into it and getting off on it as his big balls were bouncing around and his stiff cock was knocking against his stomach with each of Ted’s thrusts.

Finally Ted couldn’t hold back any longer so hugging Glen’s thighs he shot his load ball deep in Glen’s tight butt. Then when Ted pulled out he leaned forward, jiggled Glen’s stiff dick with his nose as he licked his balls. Oh what a nice gesture.

My Ted was spent but seeing that Glen and Ken were hard and ready I decided it was time for me to do the double play. I positioned Ken on his back in the center of the bed then after Glen greased my ass I put a condom on him. Kneeling over ken I got his condom on and straddled his hips.

Lowering myself onto Ken’s stiff dick I eased down on about three inches then paused to let Glen make his rear entry. I gave a bit of a grunt as Glen poked the head of his monster in my ass and had a little more admiration for Ted and Ken for their ability to ride that horse.

As I sank down to take more of Ken in my pussy Glen eased forward pushing deeper in my ass. It was a new and fantastic feeling getting it on both ends and getting so much on both ends was oh so sweet too. We were getting into a rhythm Glen pushing down as I went lower onto Ken, both going a little deeper each time.

That’s when Ken began humping up at me while Glen pounded against me from behind. It was a glorious feeling getting my fat butt pounded between my two generously hung lovers and being stuffed front and rear. Oh what night.

I was balancing myself on one hand and pinching Ken’s nipples with the other as I was taking the length of his dick in me. When Glen had about 9 inches probing my back door he gave my ass a good slap causing that sweet meat to jiggle.

“Go ahead and smack the meaty part, just make sure I get every bit of what you’re working back there.” I said.

Glen gave my fat backside another loud slap and replied, “Oh yeah Julie I’ll hit it and stuff it, you just hang on and get it all.”

With that I sank down taking all of Ken’s nine inches in my pussy and Glen really pumped his dick in my asshole until I felt his body bang into me as he drove all 11 inches up my butt. Oh what a glutton I loved it.

Finally Glen was ready and plowed deep stuffing his cock up m my ass, he held onto my hips and shot his load just after Ken did the same. Glen fell onto my back and Ted laid next to us. We were all spent and fell asleep in a pile. But this wasn’t the last time we’d have a party.

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