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Jessie and Julie Ch. 02

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“Mmmmm,” I sighed as I rolled over and stretched. What a night. Lying next to me was my new friend and lover Jessie. Smiling, I began to play out the previous night in my head. The surprise that the Jessie I was meeting was a woman, the bigger surprise that I was attracted to her and the biggest surprise, that I had brought her home with me.

“Whatcha smiling at sweetie?” Jessie was awake. Her green eyes were open, but partially hidden by her beautiful brunette hair. She was smiling seductively.

“Last night,” I said, “that was unbelievable I have never had anything like that before, thank you ”

Jessie snuggled closer to me on the bed and kissed me softly on the lips, sliding her arms around my waist. I met her kiss with one of my own, my hands beginning to move over her body. I could feel myself wanting her again. As we pulled apart, I suggested a shower. She threw the covers back and sat up, stretching. The light from the window framed her curves and I could feel a pleasant warmth spreading through my body as I admired her. I traced my nails down her back and could see the goose bumps rising up on her arms. She glanced over her shoulder and threw me a kiss.

“Shower or me?” Jessie asked seductively.

“Both.” I said as I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and then bent over the sink to brush my teeth. Jessie got her toothbrush as well and we made faces at each other in the mirror. I climbed into the shower and began rinsing my body. Jessie joined me and I could feel her hands beginning to caress my back and buttocks. I gave her the loofa and she began to soap up my back, butt and thighs. I felt her fingers slid between my legs, probing for my wetness. I didn’t disappoint her. I spread my legs so she could finger me from behind. As she slid her soapy fingers in and out of my dripping puss, I began to moan and grind on her. I could feel my orgasm building and knew I was only moments from exploding. I cried out as I came on her fingers. She pumped faster and began to massage my G-spot. I could feel a second one starting and clamped down on her fingers to keep it going. Waves of pleasure began to wash over me and I grabbed for the faucet to keep from falling. Once I was back under control, I turned around and attacked her lips with mine; tongue probing deep into her mouth, hungry for her. My hands found her breasts and I began to tweak her nipples until they were hard as rocks. I wanted to taste her again. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her folds. She gasped as I began to suck hard on her clit. I slid my fingers into her already slippery gash and began to finger her hard. Her hips moved in time with my fingers and I could feel her tightening as she neared her climax. She moaned out loud and her knees buckled as she gushed over my fingers. I kept pressure on her G-spot and she held onto my shoulder to keep her balance. I continued to lap at her clit and could tell she was approaching number two. I slowed my fingers down and sucked and licked her clit while keeping constant pressure on her G. I felt her muscles tightening on my fingers, almost to the point of pain as she unleashed again.

“Oh, oh, oh, YESSSS ” she cried out as she came.

She pulled me up and slid her arms around my waist and her tongue in my mouth as we both tried to catch our breath. We kissed softly for several minutes before pulling apart to finish showering. She washed and conditioned my hair and I did the same for her. We used the loofa to rub soap over each others body, tweaking a nipple and caressing a clit here and there. Feeling her hands on me, massaging the soap into my hair and body was very sensual. I had showered with Chas, but it was usually slam, bam, thank you ma’am and out. I couldn’t believe how wonderful I was feeling.

“That was unbelievable again.” I said to Jessie as we climbed out of the shower. I put my arms around her and kissed her softly.”Thank you.”

“You are most welcome.” Jessie replied. “This is amazing. I have been with a few girls, but this is just different. I feel a connection with you that I haven’t felt before. I’m looking forward to exploring it further.”

“Me too,” I said as I flipped my hair up into my towel. “Breakfast? Or shall we just get on the road?”

“You mean that wasn’t breakfast?” she kidded. “Lets go. We can stop at a drive thru and get coffee and a bite. I am anxious to get to the beach ”

I watched her as we dressed and loaded the car. I kept thinking about what we were starting. I felt butterflies in my tummy as we worked together to make the bed and tidy up from last night. I had been in a few relationships, but they had never started like this. I was surprised that my feelings we so strong after only one night. Usually I was timid and waited for the other person(always a pushy guy) to make the first moves. I found myself touching and kissing her every chance I got. I couldn’t keep my eyes or my hands off of her. She seemed to be feeling the same. I would look up and she would be looking at me smiling, or grab my nipple through my shirt, or pull me into a quick embrace. It was all rather stimulating.

We climbed into the car and I put the top down; I love to feel the wind blow through my hair as I speed down the highway. We pulled into my favorite coffee house, got coffee and scones and hit the road. We listened to the local rock station as I flew through the countryside. Jessie unbuttoned the top few buttons on her shirt to let her ample cleavage show. She put the console up and slid into the seat next to me. She would slide her hand up my thigh under my short skirt and rest it on my mound, over my lacy panties, drumming her fingers gently. Then she would kiss my neck and run her fingers up under my shirt and bra to tweak my nipples. I could feel my arousal building. We were only about 30 minutes from the beach, when I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted her again and I wanted her now.

I pulled off the highway onto a dirt road that I had used for a hiding place to take care of myself on the last trip to the coast. As soon as the car was in park, I pulled Jessie to me and kissed her hard, my tongue pushing forcefully into her mouth. I wanted her so bad and I wasn’t going to wait any longer. My fingers found the button on her shorts and I undid them and yanked down the zipper. Her shorts were off in one swoop of my hand and I plunged my fingers deep inside her. She cried out as I slid two and then three fingers all the way in. OMG she was so wet. Just touching her made my pussy throb strongly. I was going to cum and she hadn’t even touched me yet. With my other hand I pulled out her breast and began to suck on her nipple. She reclined the seat and I did the same. We faced each other, tongues battling fiercely in each others mouths. Her hands were all over me, kneading, pulling, lightly spanking. She pulled aside my panties and began to rub my clit. Her intense pressure was more than I could handle and it sent me over the edge. As I cried out and arched my back, she began to cum on my fingers too. I bit her shoulder as the pleasure became too intense. We were both moaning and shaking from the power of our simultaneous orgasms. We kissed softly as we came down, basking in the afterglow.

“That was a first for me.” Said Jessie as she snuggled as close to me as she could get. “I have never cum in a car before. And out in the open where we could have been seen, that made it even more intense.”

“I stopped here last time,” I replied with a wink, “but I was by myself. There is something about the outdoors and the lack of privacy.”

“How close are we?” Asked Jessie. “All this exercise is making me hungry ”

“‘Bout 30 minutes away.” I answered. “I know of a nice little cottage restaurant right on the bay we can get a bite to eat at, then we can head to the house.”

We sat up the seats and adjusted ourselves. We were both flushed and crumpled and windblown . . . but it had been so worth it. I pulled back onto the highway and headed toward the coast.

When we arrived at the coast, it was warm, windy and sunny. We decided to forgo the restaurant and just get sandwiches to eat on the beach. We found a secluded cove and brought our sandwiches and a blanket down to the sand. As we ate, we talked about ourselves; music, past, jobs, future, interests. It was nice getting to know her. Occasionally we would kiss or hold hands. I suggested a walk and we headed off toward the tide pools, hand in hand. We had both removed our shoes and that made walking on the rocks rough. We would stop and look at the creatures in their own little world, just scurrying about. After several more hours, we sat on a rock with our arms around each other to watch the sunset. I leaned my head on Jessie’s shoulder and sighed. Her arm tightened around me and I felt her begin to trail kisses along my jaw line. I looked up and met her mouth full with mine, our tongues dancing. We stood, entwined and kissed with more urgency. The beach was empty of people and I knew I had to have her here. . .

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