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I Really Need That Review

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Kate was a very quiet girl, and I often needed to ask her to repeat herself. She didn’t really open herself up personally, so even after a few years of working together, I still didn’t feel like I really knew her. That said, she was also just a little bit flirtatious, and I flirted with her whenever possible as she was absolutely gorgeous.

Now it was review time, and she needed a way out; anything other than admit to her boyfriend and family that she received a poor annual review and wouldn’t be getting a raise – maybe even be fired. Her flirting had become more and more obvious during the last few months, and I responded in kind.

And why not? My employee was a beautiful girl of 22 years old, a 5’3″ 105 pound former college swimmer with light brown hair, a slender tan body, and cute b-cup tits that she loved to show off. A smile that went on forever, beautiful brown eyes, and her toned swimmer legs didn’t hurt either. So far, it had only been quiet smiles when we passed each other; she pretended not to notice while I pretended not to look down her many low-cut shirts to see her sexy cleavage, and again acting like nothing happened the many times I was caught staring at her fantastic ass in short skirts or sundresses.

Today was the big day, and Kate was dressed for success. She showed up that morning in a tiny light blue sundress that showed off her angelic body. Her light brown hair was in a tight ponytail that ended just between her tan shoulders. The spaghetti-strap top of her dress just barely hung above her breasts; clearly she didn’t have a bra on, which became all the more apparent close up as I could see the faint outline of her nipples through the fabric. The flowery dress itself very much complimented her slender neck and feminine shoulders.

As Kate walked around throughout the morning, her dress looked amazing, staying a healthy 4-6 inches above her knee. It allowing a full view of her shapely legs which, in turn, looked all the more amazing in her heeled sandals. But when she sat down, the dress rode up to her hips and she was probably lucky to be facing the computer.

My other employee, Anna, seemed a bit off today too. Not as cute as Kate, Anna was just a little on the punk side and had a great body, with fantastic DD breasts and a big ass, which was still somehow tight in that 23-year-old way. Anna was loud, crass, and loved to talk about her personal life on the company phone as loud as possible. On more than one occasion, I had overheard her complaining about how her boyfriend had had trouble getting it up, and when he finally did he stuck his tiny prick into her for a few seconds before piddling his cum into her.

Anna had her black hair in a double-ponytail worn essentially into pigtails this morning. She wore a solid red dress, one that accentuated her fantastic tits and ass very well. At one point I had come over to her desk to find her bent over the counter, and from behind I had the passing thought that she looked ready to fuck. Already turned-on from flirting with Kate all morning, I licked my lips absentmindedly, right as Anna turned around and caught me. She smiled and turned back as though she didn’t notice.

It was finally time for Kate’s review, and I walked back to her desk. “Are you ready?” I asked, trying my best not to stare down her dress. “Oh I’m ready for you, alright, James,” she responded with a seductive smile, making me even more uncomfortable.

As we entered my office for her review, I sat across my desk from Kate and tried my best to stay professional. She immediately stood up, sat kiddie-corner, and leaned over. “I really need a good review this year,” she pouted as she leaned yet further into me. Our faces were now inches away, and my heart started pounding. Kate simply smiled her cute little smile, knowing full well that if either of us leaned any more we would be touching. Although I didn’t recognize the brand, her hair smelled faintly of perfume, and I couldn’t help but notice Kate’s hair tucked behind her ear, showing off the smooth skin of her cheeks and ears.

At that moment I wanted to grab Kate by the back of the head and kiss her hard immediately. “Well, what do you think about” I said softly, breathing ever so gently into her left ear, “getting started.” With that, I leaned back into my chair, creating some much-needed space.

As we talked about her inability to get to work on time, Kate leaned back too, in fact leaning back into her chair which pulled her dress up just the slightest bit. I caught glimpses of her white lace panties, and was obviously busted more than once. As we moved into other work issues, she spread her legs a bit while adjusting in her chair. After a while though, Kate sat back and began absentmindedly rubbing her hands over her thighs, seemingly unaware of her own actions.

Just 10 minutes into our meeting, I was getting hard and had to lean forward a bit to avoid being obvious. We began discussing the numbers summary for her review, and there was no choice but to once again huddle closer.

With us both leaning over, I was intoxicated once again by her faint perfume; while I did my best not to look down, I couldn’t help but take a few glances down Kate’s dress. This time, because of Kate’s leaning there was space between her perky body and the dress, and I could see a clear glimpse of her cute breasts and pert nipples. I was once again caught, and this time instead of ignoring it, Kate smiled her coy smile again, and placed her hand on my leg. “Is there anything I can do to make this easier for you? We have 45 minutes left to finish the review…” she asked, and with a wink she slowly slid her hand up my leg until she reached my crotch. “I thought so,” she whispered as she gently began to massage my hard cock through my pants.

It was finally too much; I leaned in closer to Kate and we kissed, gently at first as my lips found Kate’s and met her eager tongue. I caressed her outer thighs and slid my hands up past her hips to her flat, tones stomach. My tongue began to slowly explore her mouth, massaging Kate’s own tongue slowly and rhythmically as we looked into each other eyes. My hands kept exploring, finally reaching her sweet pussy which remained covered by her ever-moistening panties. “I can’t do this, Kate. I’m your boss, it just wouldn’t be right,” I moaned as we rubbed and kissed.

Kate responded with her best pouty face, “Look James, my boyfriend probably wouldn’t be too happy either, but seriously, as long as you don’t give me a hard time about what I do around here, and maybe if you give me a little less work to do, we don’t have to just flirt. I guess what I’m saying is, I will let you be with me. Well, really, I will let you fuck me whenever, and wherever, you want. I will suck your big cock. I will even swallow your cum. Please just don’t mess with my review. You’re right, you’re my boss and I will do whatever I need to do, and whenever you need me to do it, in order to have you be a good boss to me.”

For a moment, I just stopped in disbelief. I couldn’t believe Kate had just talked like that to me! I was incredibly turned on after what had already transpired, my heart beating like never before. After I was able to regain some control of myself, I realized what had just been offered, and without wasting any time, slid my pants down. “OK Kate, you want me to take it easy? Show me how much you want a good review. Now.”

Kate went down immediately, engulfing most of my rock-hard member into her mouth. She went at it like she was trying to prove something, sucking hard and fast right away, grabbing the base of my cock and pumping while sliding her young lips up and down my shaft, fast and hard.

My left hand ran up and down her back, lifting her dress up to her head and revealing her petite body, while the other grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled her even closer. While she sucked away, she looked up at me and I could see by the look on her face that Kate was on a mission to get a mouthful from me.

After only a few minutes, I felt the beginnings of an orgasm but I had other ideas, and stopped her. “You’re very good at that Kate, now it’s your turn.”

Kate understood immediately, and without a word laid on her back on the carpeted floor. I removed her soaked panties, and the aroma of her sweet young pussy filled the air. I pushed her dress back up above her navel, again revealing her beautiful, tan body. I had dreamed of this moment for years, and admiring her sweet young body, I went down kissing her breasts, ensuring each nipple was paid attention. After swirling my tongue and sucking each puffy nipple, I led my tongue down to Kate’s stomach, licking around her navel, and trailing down past to the neatly trimmed triangle above her clit.

I initially glided the tip of my tongue along the slit of her shaved bare pussy, then moved to the lips and the surrounding flesh against her thighs. I fluttered my tongue further against the slit until I began to enter Kate’s tight hole, and again moved up until I found her clit slightly protruding already. I concentrated my efforts there for a few more minutes, then again ever-so-gently entered her sweet cunt with my tongue, enjoying the taste and smell of her pussy juices as they flooded my mouth and the experience penetrated my every sense.

My tongue went as far as it could reach up and down her pussy, slowly, achingly gliding along her lips while she writhed around. Every time I reached the top I spent a few seconds sucking directly on her clit while my hands explored her body. The constant pressure was eventually too much, and she began to cum. “Jim, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

With that, I went directly back to her clit, and began to flutter the tip of my tongue directly on her clit while my fingers explored the rest of her. “Oh god Jim, oh wow, holy shit this is fucking awe…” I heard from Kate before she went completely silent, her eyes closed for a few seconds, and her entire body began to tremble. I never slowed down while she came, and instead began to suck and place more direct pressure on her clit while wave after wave of orgasm washed through her. Her pussy, and now my mouth, were full of her tasty cum.

Finally, Kate’s trembling began to abate. With Kate’s cum all over and inside of my mouth, I knelt up, and so did Kate. We kissed, filling her mouth with her own pussy juice and cum with my tongue. There remained no more gentleness in the kiss, my hand on the back of her head and pushing her towards me, as we smashed our mouths into each other and explored each others mouths with our tongues, reaching areas we had both dreamed of for so long. Kate pushed her head back for a moment, “Jim, I want you to fuck me, I NEED you to fuck me. Now.”

Kate laid directly back down onto the carpet, and I took the cue. Leaning over her, I pushed and my still-hard cock eased right into her pussy. I began a slow rhythm in and out of her, amazed at how tight she was. I grabbed her dress and lifted it over and off of her head while I continued to fuck her. She was still reeling from her first orgasm, and looked like she was on the edge of another. My hands traveled around the length of her body, from her toned, tan hips, up her tight stomach, to her tits, beautiful neck, and finally up to caress her face and hair. My eyes never left Kate’s as I slowly moved my hands down to her breasts and pinched her nipples hard while continuing to slide my cock in and out of her.

We continued to fuck as I leaned into her, our bodies now rubbing each other from head to toe, and I felt my orgasm beginning again. I moaned, “I think I’m going to cum; Kate, I think I need to get out.”

“No Jim,” Kate responded, “I want your cum inside of me, please shoot your cum deep inside of me.”

Whatever my better intentions may have been, that was all I needed to begin fucking even harder, I sped up the rhythm of our fucking as my orgasm began; I emptied my balls deep into Kate with pump after pump. Hovering over her, I jetted my tongue into Kate’s mouth and mimicked the rhythm of our fucking; Kate felt load after load of my hot cum pushing deep into her sweet cunt, and louder than I should have I groaned “fuck yes Kate, I’m cumming inside of you!”

Kate almost screamed, “Yes Jim, fuck me harder, fill me up with your magnificent seed, oh yes!” I slid in and out of Kate over and over until I had finally drained every last drop of my cum into her. For a minute, I just laid on top of Kate, my cock still resting inside of her.

As soon as I was completely spent, I pulled out and Kate did not hesitate to lean over to clean me up, placing my member into her mouth. She gently bobbed her head up and down against the shaft of my member, sucking and slurping up every remaining bit of her own cum mingled with my cum off of the shaft and tip of my cock. Kate finally sat up with a smile, just a bit of my cum running down her chin.

“What the fuck is going on here,” I heard behind me, and looked around to see Anna with a wry look on her face. “Why James and Kate, what are you two up to?”

“Look Anna, this was not what it looks like. Anna, I…”, I was at a loss for words. However, I lost all concept of words at what happened next.

Anna walked right up to Kate, and slowly licked the dribble of my cum off of Kate’s lips. “Mmm, this is something I could get into,” Anna continued, “I hope I’m not too late though…” She turned back to Kate and they began to kiss, immediately with passion and energy.

Again I had the thought that this was not happening by accident and said, “You two know each other better than I thought.”

Anna briefly explained, “Boss, let me just get to the point. Kate and I have been talking about how to get you to fuck us for a few months now. Both of our boyfriends are lousy in bed, to be blunt, and we want to be fucked by a real man. From what I heard outside just now, we don’t have that problem with you, and we’re both very good at being discrete. Mmm, by the way, you both taste fucking great. Now, what can I do to get you hard again, big boss man? Can I please put your big fat cock in my mouth, pretty please?”

My cock sprung straight back to attention with that! Anna wasted no time, and bent down to help clean up. She got on all fours before slowly grabbing my cock, still with a hint of my recent fuck with Kate, with both hands and placing it into her open mouth. Anna slurped and sucked, swallowing every bit of my and Kate’s cum off of my still hard cock. She started slowly and then got into a rhythm, and she was able to take my entire shaft into her mouth, using a long sliding motion to reach every inch of my hard-on with each bob of her head.

It didn’t take long before I grabbed Anna by her pigtails and was practically fucking her face, shoving my member in and out of her mouth and shoving her head into my pelvis, quickly picking up speed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the girls’ recent kiss, and I stopped after a moment, “Kate, I want you to lick Anna’s pussy to get it ready, she’s going to get a good fucking from me. Can you do that for me?”

Without hesitation, Kate gave me a “Yes sir,” and with a grin and a mock salute, she bent over and lifted Anna’s dress and buried her head underneath; Anna didn’t miss a beat on fervently sucking my now rock-hard member, while Kate licked her pussy from behind. Anna immediately groaned and put on a look of happy surprise, and even picked up pace on sucking my cock.

Though a big part of me didn’t want to, I separated Anna’s mouth from my cock for a moment and pulled her dress over her head. Kate had already shed Anna of her panties, and was gently licking at Anna’s pussy from behind with Anna still on her hands and knees.

After enjoying a few more minutes of the oral and the view I stood up and, pushing Kate aside, told Anna to lay on her back on my desk. Without a word, Anna obediently stood up before laying back onto my desk, placing her feet at the edge, and spreading her legs wide open, revealing her clean-shaven snatch which was now pink and puffy from being licked and sucked by Kate. I stood between Anna’s legs and stroked my cock for a while, taking in every inch of her voluptuous body with my eyes before finally pushing forward and easily entering her waiting pussy.

“Kate, you need to continue to take care of Anna,” I commanded, and Kate went back to work on Anna’s clit from the side of the desk. I had slowed my pace, wanting to fully enjoy each moment as my cock entered and exited Anna’s hot clean-shaven cunt. Every time I slid out of Anna, Kate’s tongue fluttered aginst the top of my cock and cleaned it off, only to have me slide back in against her tongue on the way in. I reached around and started fingering Kate, intermingling long strides along her dripping slit with rapid thrusts of my fingers to pay extra attention to her clit.

Anna’s DD tits were bouncing around in her bra while I pushed in and out of her, and they were just waiting to get free. It didn’t take long for me to grab it from the front and rip the bra free, releasing her gorgeous tits that were now in full view and bouncing freely.

I pulled my fingers for a moment from Kate’s sloppy hole and shoved them into Anna’s mouth to let her experience Kate’s love juices. The sight of all that was going on really got me going; I lifted Anna’s legs up onto my shoulders and started pounded into Anna fast and hard, my cock now slamming deep into her pussy over and over. Anna’s monster tits continued bouncing up and down with our pace, and I took a few minutes to lean over and lick and suck them while we fucked.

Leaning back, I grabbed Anna’s hips again with her legs over my shoulders, pushing with all I had in me. Because of our new found angle, my cock now went even deeper into Anna’s cunt with each pounding. My desk was rocking on it’s legs with our motion and in the back of my mind I hoped no one was walking by outside since there was no way they wouldn’t hear us.

Anna, on the other hand, was beyond caring and started wave after wave of orgasms, moaning just over a whisper, “oh yeah baby, you’re the boss, fuck me, fuck me harder, yeah, fucking fuck this sweet pussy so hard Jim. God yes, my boyfriend can’t fill me up like you do, you go so deep inside of me baby…”

With one hand roughly groping Anna’s tits and the other now wrapped around her thigh, I pounded Anna’s sweet pussy just like she asked, as hard and as fast as I could muster. Her sweat and my saliva glistened on Anna’s tits as they swayed. I wanted to see Anna’s awesome ass bounce before I finished, and told the pair to get up for a second.

With a twirling motion, I told Anna to turn around – she again obeyed, though I could tell she really didn’t want to take a break at all. Anna bent over the desk fully nude, and I spread her legs apart, making her do a half-splits with her tits and face resting on my desk. I didn’t know how much longer I could last, and quickly entered Anna from behind, though I was back to a slower pace now.

With another motion, I told Kate to get back on the desk to be serviced by Anna; she obeyed immediately, and laid back with her legs spread wide open in front of Anna and I. Anna caught on too, and leaned forward to start gently licking Kate’s slit while Kate began masterfully touching her own clit. I grabbed Anna’s hips and began long, slow motions in and out of her; she sighed each time I pulled out completely, only to have me once again thrust into her waiting pussy, entering her anew and driving the head of my cock deep into her.

I did love watching Anna’s ass bounce when my pelvis hit her from behind, now again hard and fast as ever, but couldn’t keep away from watching Kate play with herself while Anna continued to lick away. Kate started another round of orgasms, enjoying Anna’s tongue which was pulsating deep in and out of her well-stimulated pussy.

Watching the two girls both having orgasms right in front of me, I felt another round of my own beginning. I figured I had already cum inside of Kate, and said “Anna, tell me you want my cum honey, I want to cum inside of you, but I want you to beg for it.”

Anna immediately responded, “oh fuck yeah big boss man, pound this sweet pussy and fill me up with your seed, I want your cum deep inside of me honey please please give me your cum!”

I again took in the incredible view of what was going on in my office as I started to shove harder and harder and eventually began unleashing what felt like gallons of fresh sperm into Anna’s hot pussy, emptying my balls of every last drop deep inside of her. After I had completely emptied myself into Anna, I leaned over her to rest and smiled up at Kate. I could feel the extra sperm dripping out of Anna and onto the desk, but was too exhausted to care.

Completely spent, we all sat down and looked at each other. “Well, how did I do boss?” Kate asked.

I responded, “I think you both get raises this year!”

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