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Like a Father to Me

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All characters are over 18 years old.


Tom was like a father to me, and being more than twice my age that was understandable. He was always there when I needed help or guidance. Never overbearing, but always available when I needed him most. He gave me advice when I asked for it and an ear when I needed to vent or just talk.

Soon I would be going off to college, halfway across the continent. No longer would I have that shoulder to lean on, although he promised that he would always be just a phone call away. As comforting as that was, it would not be the same, and I think we both knew it.

The week before I left, he took me upstate for a camping trip, to a place he had often gone in his youth, and of which he always spoke fondly of. Just the two of us, as always, and just a couple of days to enjoy each other’s company.

The camping area was very primitive, which he claimed was part of the appeal the place had for him. No electricity, and only the most basic of human comforts. He was afraid that I would find the place boring, as it lacked the bells and whistles associated with what many people called camping.

“No,” I assured Tom after we set the tent up. “This is beautiful.”


It was beautiful. The campground was nearly empty, as he had chosen to have us come during mid-week, so we had the run of the place. After setting up the tent, we took a long and leisurely hike up a small mountain which overlooked the lake where we had made camp.

Despite the modest climb, you could see for miles and miles up on the summit, and Tom pointed out the various landmarks that surrounded us. It was an amazing view, and seeing mountains that had only been names to me before this, made it all the better.

We made it down the mountain and back to our campsite as the afternoon became evening, and Tom made us hamburgers on a rack over the campfire, and we sat by the fire afterward and talked about the past, and the future while the darkness enveloped us and the sounds of nature serenaded us.

“Ready to go to bed?” Tom asked, and I nodded.

Our fire had begun to die out, and Tom took the lantern and led me over to where we had earlier set a plastic contraption filled with water up on the limb of a nearby tree. Setting the lantern on the edge of the nearby picnic table, he grabbed the nozzle and tested the temperature of the water.

“Pretty warm,” Tom indicated. “There’s enough water for both of us to shower.”

I undressed quickly and folded my clothes, setting them on the table. The combination of the desolation of the campground and the utter darkness of everything around us, made this as private as you could get. Only the area directly around us was bathed in the light of the lantern, but that little lamp did cast a considerable glow around us.

Tom held the nozzle above my head as I lathered up. It was funny that I was usually so modest around people, but around Tom I felt perfectly comfortable. Maybe it helped that I wasn’t a kid anymore, but now was a man, and perhaps I was also proud of that fact and happy to show it off.

Tom said nothing as I bathed, merely watching and smiling as I soaped and rinsed, and when I had gotten all the soap off of me, he handed me the towel he had wrapped around himself along with the nozzle of the solar shower.

I had never seen Tom naked before that moment, although I admit that there were times that I had thought about it – even once having a dream about it – but now here he was. I was surprised at how well I could see given the conditions, and realized that Tom had been able to see me equally as well.

I had to step onto a rock to be able to hold the nozzle above Tom’s head, since he was a head taller than I was. I sprayed the water onto Tom’s head, while my eyes ventured down to the broad expanse of his chest, which was covered with a mat of red hair – burnt orange more accurately – that matched the curly hair on his head.

While Tom soaped his chest and armpits, my eyes went further down, and I was startled when I saw his penis. The size of his long, flaccid sex that dangled between his legs startled me at first, and I averted my eyes abruptly.

Gradually, my eyes went back between his legs. There was no way that I couldn’t. I had been thinking myself to be quite the man now, and it was humbling at first to see the outrageous difference between us.

My embarrassment soon went away, and as Tom finished rinsing off with my assistance, I realized that my shame had turned into something else altogether. As I turned off the spray, I tried to hide the obvious fact that I was very aroused, but was not successful.

“Let’s get into the tent where it’s a little warmer,” Tom suggested, covering us up with towels and leading me back to the shelter.


Inside the tent, the lantern lit up the little area brightly, but as we settled onto the large air mattress and got into the warm bedding, Tom turned the light to a lower setting which gave a warm glow to the surroundings.

Wordlessly, we began toweling each other off as we rested on our hips facing each other. Tom’s hairy body was much damper than my virtually hairless one, and as I rubbed the towel into the coarse pelt on his chest, Tom was drying me.

He brought his towel-covered hand down between my legs, making me jump as he found me hard. Our breathing was loud as Tom dried my penis meticulously, and I barely noticed when the towel was suddenly gone, replaced by his bare hand.

I groaned as his cupped hand slid up and down my throbbing erection, and I did not protest when Tom brought my hand down between his legs. While he was not hard when my hand first got placed around his organ, after a few tentative pulls from me, he was.

I had never touched another man before, and the experience was quite different than I had imagined. Tom’s cock felt so much different than my own, even disregarding the size of him. What did mine feel like to him, I wondered? I no longer felt inadequate, as it didn’t seem to matter.

He kissed me; on the cheek first and then nibbled his way down my neck and shoulder. Pausing briefly to nuzzle in the faint wisp of hair under my arm, his lips continued down my body. Softly biting my nipples, Tom’s tongue slid down my chest and stomach, through the tuft of hair above my sex, and then along the underside of my organ.

I groaned as his tongue reached the tip of my glans, and then groaned louder as my dick disappeared into the warmth and wetness of his mouth. I felt his lips glide right down to the base of my member, sucking with a slow intensity before letting me slide back out.

His hands were doing things to me as well; to my dick and my balls. Pinching and squeezing, he was both stimulating me as well as keeping me from cumming while his mouth did wondrous things to me.

Tom moved around while going down on me, seemingly fumbling for something. As his body moved, I reached over and tried to touch him, wanting to feel him like he was feeling me.

Reaching down between his legs, my hand found his scrotum, his nuts danging low and loose. I rolled the hairy sac in my palm, marvelling at the size of the furry orbs. Tom made a contented sigh as I kneaded his balls roughly, while he coaxed my thighs apart.

I felt a warm and slippery finger stroking my anus, and while Tom’s mouth continued to go up and down on my cock, I felt his finger probe inside of me. Corkscrewing in and out of my ass, the digit made my body shake in response.

My hand snaked around Tom’s balls, finding his cock. I pulled on his organ much like I was milking a cow, and while I didn’t have the slightest idea how to do it, I wanted to put his cock in my mouth, and do to him what he was doing to me.


Tom’s mouth started moving up and down faster, and I felt my anus being stretched out more as he worked another finger into me. It was a little painful, but the discomfort was hardly noticed when I felt my orgasm rising from within me.

I cried out as my dick erupted, spewing volley after volley of cum down Tom’s throat. Thrashing around wildly on the mattress, I came like never before, and even when there was no more for me to give, my dick still jerked and twitched until it went limp in Tom’s mouth.

When my body stopped shaking, I reached over toward Tom, grabbing his erection which was covered with some sort of lubricant, but he shook his head and rolled me over so that I was on my hands and knees.

“Relax,” he whispered into my ear as he mounted me, but as I felt the tip of his cock at the opening where his fingers had just been, I couldn’t relax.

“It’s okay,” Tom said softly, rubbing himself around the taut ring, stroking his finger back inside for a second before trying again.

I didn’t think it was possible. There was no way that he could put that enormous organ of his into me, even though I wanted so much to please him. To my surprise, after a moment of probing, Tom managed to push the head of it into me. It hurt when the ridge of the crown popped inside, but after the initial pain, the warmth of his hairy body wrapped around me made me feel relaxed after all.

He didn’t put it all inside of me, even though it felt like he had. Instead, he just slowly moved about half of his cock in and out of my ass, letting out a little moan with each gentle thrust.

We were like one person – moving with an slowness that was erotic and pleasurable. Tom’s hands caressed my chest and then went further down. My stem was tiny and limp when his hand found it, but after a few minutes of his sensual pulling and stroking, I was hard again.

Although it felt like I was being split in two, it was such pleasure that I didn’t want it to end. Tom was so deliberate and methodical as he moved in and out of me, that I was surprised when I felt his balls start gently bouncing off the insides of my thighs, him having almost completely impaled me with his manhood.

“Are you okay?” Tom asked, and I grunted and nodded yes.

“Are you going to cum again?” Tom asked.

“Think so,” I muttered, his stroking having made my cock start to tingle.

“Tell me when,” he said, continuing to penetrate me with those long and sensuous strokes of his cock. “I want to cum with you.”

I managed to hold my orgasm back for a while longer, enjoying the experience so much that I wanted to extend it all night, but eventually I felt myself losing control as said so.

As I came, shooting what had to be a far less prodigious volume of cum out of my dick and onto the bedding, I felt Tom’s cock jump inside me. Once – twice – and then a third time, while he groaned. I felt the warmth of his seed fill my insides as he came, and he stayed inside of me until he became flaccid and slid out.


Tom took we down to the lake, where we took a brisk and refreshing dip in the chilly water while a crescent moon presented just enough illumination. Tom had to help me walk down the bank to the water, as my anus was protesting the new exercise it had been given. Feeling his seed ooze out of me and down my thighs as we walked made me shiver as much as the cool air did.

“Are you alright?” Tom asked me, gently bathing me as I did him, and I assured him that I was.

“I’ve wanted to do that with you for so long, but I made myself wait until…,” Tom said.

“It was incredible,” I said, my hand pulling on his soft and rubbery manhood that had been so hard and engorged before, and I still was finding it difficult to comprehend how he was able to get it inside of me like he had.

“I don’t know how to do any of that stuff, but I want to try. Tomorrow night, can I do the things to you that you did to me?” I asked hopefully

“I was hoping you would say that,” Tom said.


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