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I Made Two Men Submissive to Me

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I am Darlene, a Divorced woman 32 year old, living near a military base. I am entering my sexual prime. During the recent deployments from the base, I have made it my hobby to make servicemen on leave from deployment submissive to me. I do this by connecting with men online while they are still overseas and obviously in need of female attention.

But what I really want is an MMF threesome. I wanted to get my newest “victim” to join me with a lover that is about to return overseas. I have been referring to this as “overlap in the lover rotation”.

Recently I had a man coming back on leave from Iraq named Josh, while I had Ryan just about to return to Afghanistan. The two did not know each other and there would be a two day overlap in their time back here.

I had been fucking Ryan for 10 days straight, nothing too kinky but the sex was really good and he had a really big cock. I really was stunned the first time I saw it.

Anyway I had been chatting with him online well before he returned and he knew I had some pretty twisted fantasies and he would play along with them.

I had also been chatting online with Josh for 2 months and he seemed like he might be a closet submissive and, with a little luck, I might get these two to fulfill my darkest fantasy.

I had been pretty blatant to both of them that I really wanted to fuck two guys at once with both of them totally submissive to me. I went the extra mile with Josh and let him know that I really wanted a man to get another man hard for me to fuck.

The day before Josh was coming in town I told Ryan that if he wanted to continue to fuck me for the last 2 days of his leave, it would be as a guest while I began to entertain Josh and that he would have to be submissive to me. Ryan agreed. I felt a thrill knowing that I would have two men obedient to my every whim.

So the day came when I picked up Josh from the airport. I took him straight home and began stripping him. I fell to my knees and unfastened his belt I then reached in his pants and gently grabbed his cock. It was average length with a generous girth and almost fully hard. I licked the shaft up and down and his cock twitched and came to full hardness. I then sucked his cock in earnest and knew he wouldn’t last long after being so long without female attention. I ran my finger nails along the inside of his ass and he immediately erupted into my mouth.

My pussy was burning with desire and I was very wet. I stood up and dropped my skirt revealing my clean shaved pussy. I then led him to the couch where I sat down as I pushed down on his shoulders. He knew what I wanted and got down on his knees on the floor before me.

I pulled his hair, guiding his face to my eager pussy and said gently; ” you know what to do”. He began licking up and down my labia. He then concentrated on my clit with little flicks of his tongue. It felt so good. He closed his mouth around my clit and gently sucked while he circled around it with his tongue.

I was in complete bliss and nearing orgasm when he inserted a finger inside me and was bending and straightening it in a “come here” motion against the front wall of my sex. I was pushed to the edge and felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over me as I climaxed. This was the best oral I had had in years.

It was late now and we settled in for the evening. I then told him that Ryan was coming over the next day. I then said “I want you to stay here when he comes”. “And I want both of you to service me:” Josh wasn’t too surprised at this as we had discussed things like this on I.M.

I then laid down the ground rules:

1. You don’t have to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.

2. I will be in charge and will make all the requests.

3. Follow through with my requests, and you will be rewarded throughout the upcoming week.

4. During our “Playtime” men should be seen not heard.

The next afternoon, as Josh and I were getting cleaned up from an hour at the gym there was a knock at my door. I said ” That must be Ryan, Right on time.”. I told Josh to go in the bedroom and undress. I let Ryan in and asked him to take off his shirt and relax in the living room and to wait five minutes then come into the bedroom.

. I then joined Josh in the bedroom. He was standing next to the bed, naked with a raging hard on. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear. “Ryan is here, Please undress me and get me ready for him.”

He began caressing me as he took off my clothes, When he removed my panties they were soaked in anticipation. I crawled onto the bed and motioned for him to join me, I pushed his head down level with my pelvis and said ” Lick me sweetheart, get me ready for his cock.”

He began licking my swollen sex when Ryan entered. Josh again showed his expertise and soon I was grinding against his face. I stopped him short of giving me an orgasm though. I gently pushed his face from my crotch and said, “Go over to our friend and unfasten his belt.” Josh looked a little apprehensive but complied with my request. I then adjusted my position on the bed with my back against the headboard, so that I could see everything these two fine specimens were doing. As Josh moved over to Ryan and reached for his belt as I began gently rubbing my clit and labia, careful not bring myself over the edge.

I then whispered as Josh complied, “Ok baby unfasten his belt “….Oh yes…… “Undo his pants, ……. That’s it………now take out his cock”.

Josh hesitated, so I encouraged him: “Come on sweet heart. ” don’t you wanna see me fuck a really big cock?” Do it for me” …. “Take out his cock ”

Josh then reached into Ryan’s pants and pulled out his semi hard cock.

I continued encouraging Josh, ” It’s so big baby, why don’t you get it ready for me.” oh yeah….. “Stroke it up and down sweetheart, that’s it” …..”you’re doing so good” …. “look how hard it is getting”.

I could tell that Josh was a little intimidated by the size of Ryan’s member.

I reassured Josh, Softly saying; “It’s okay baby, just listen to me. … ….Pull his pants down and let him step out of them.” ………….. “Now get down on your knees, baby and keep stroking his cock.”………. “That’s it, ……..get it hard for me…………..Just like that, softly slide your hand up and down it.”……………… “Oooo baby rub on his balls while you do it” ……… “Oh yeah just like that”

Josh was doing really well and Ryan was close to full hardness, but I wanted to take things further.

I had a knot in my stomach not knowing if my next request might go too far. But I decided to go for it. I gently cooed ” Oh Josh baby, ……It would really turn me on so much if you licked him,…. just a little.”

Josh turned even redder and pulled back a little. I reassured him saying “Just a little baby, just get it wet for me so it will go in easier,” I saw him relax so I continued; “Stick out your tongue and run it across the underside”.

To my surprise and relief, Josh did just that. He ran his tongue along the underside in a few long licks but then stopped. I realized that I would have to coach Josh all the way through this, but if I was gentle but firm, I would have him sucking a cock for me.

Ryan was fully hard now and it was indeed a sight to behold. I was so turned on now, that I just wanted Ryan to fuck me with that ten inch monster. But to my credit, I stayed to the task at hand.

I continued to coach Josh as I slowly fingered myself; “Josh honey, it’s OK, ……… lick around the head while you stroke him”.,,,,,,,,,,, “That’s so good baby keep doing it”……….”do it for me”………..”Your doing so good”…… “Baby, Why don’t you take the end in your mouth, ………….please baby, do it for me.”

Josh then opened his mouth and let Ryan’s cock inside. I immediately said in a throaty whisper. “Ohhhhhh that’s it! ” ……”suck on him, baby”……………”keep stroking it……. now, see if you can get a little more into your mouth.”

I was getting so close to my orgasm, that I couldn’t hold it back. But, I managed to keep coaching Josh as I built towards climax.

I wailed; “That’s it baby keep sucking him,” ……….. “Stroke that cock into your mouth baby.”………………………. “Oh god it turns me on so much, …..Watching you do it.” “Making you do it.”……… ” That’s it don’t stop baby.”

I came so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt spent, but I while I had these two horny men under my thumb, I was going to put a cherry on top if this Sunday.

I then got up and gently pulled Ryan to the bed, and lay him on his back. His cock was sticking straight up and throbbing, still glistening and coated with Josh’s saliva. I motioned to Josh and said in a flirty girlish tone, “Now that you have him good and hard, I am gonna ride Ryan.”…………. ” I want you to put him inside me, sweetheart”.

“Come over here and hold his cock up while I climb on top.”….. “That’s it, baby, hold the base”

I the climbed onto Ryan in a reverse cowgirl position right over his cock.

“Ok Josh honey, Guide the tip into me”

I sank down onto his big cock facilitated by the wetness Josh had put on it and by my own soaking orgasm. I felt so full and I began sinking and rising on his cock. Josh was still holding the base. I think it turned him on to be assisting two others have sex. He then leaned in and started sucking my left breast. It felt so good. I could feel the sensations going like lightning from my breast to my clit.

O god it felt good, but one man could fuck me and suck my tits at the same time. I wanted to make the most of this so I whispered to Josh; “Oh baby, go down and lick my clit while he is in me”. ” I wanna feel your mouth on me while he is in me”…………….” I wanna see your tongue on me right next to his cock.”

Josh needed no more encouragement, He went down as I held myself up using my hands on his well-defined shoulders. He began to lick me in earnest. With broad strokes as Ryan thrust up into me. Oh god I was lost in ecstasy. I looked down and saw Josh’s tongue lashing at my sex, heedless of the cock millimeters away from his mouth. I raised up a little and Josh’s tongue hit Ryan’s cock but Josh carried on regardless. Ryan continued to thrust up into me

I sank back down and moaned;: “That’s it baby, lick us both! right were we connect……….. This is so hot,….. I am about to cum!”… “Oh Josh, would you please rub his balls so he cums too, That’s it! Oh Shit! Just after I felt my orgasm began to subside I felt Ryan shoot his hot load into me.

I then rolled off of Ryan and lay on my back, my pussy still full of Ryan’s semen. I motioned for Josh to come to me, and said in a voice like a spoiled little girl in a candy shop, “Josh, look, Ryan is spent and I still need attention but I don’t want you to have to fuck me when I am this messy.” “why don’t you clean me up before we fuck for the first time?”

Josh hesitated but after a a moment crawled between my legs and began licking my swollen clit. I whispered; “Oh honey that feels so good, but the mess is down a little lower. Please baby, clean it for me.”

Josh then went down lower and lapped up the semen oozing from my well worn pussy. I said; “That’s it baby, ………Clean it up for me,……. Ooooo that feels so good.

He stuck his tongue deep inside me and then sucked on my labia. I looked over and saw Ryan stroking his huge cock watching what was going on. He was almost hard again when I said; “Ryan, do you wanna fuck me again.” Remembering the rules he nodded. He put his cock in my face as Josh continued to lick my used pussy.

I started licking Ryan’s cock until it was fully hard again. I felt myself building towards another orgasm when I pulled Josh up and asked him to enter me. He easily slipped his cock inside me an started thrusting his cock in a slow rhythm.

I was still sucking on Ryan’s cock when Josh leaned forward still thrusting into me. His face was inches from mine when I pulled Ryan’s cock from my mouth and pointed at Josh and said; ” I want you to suck it.” He closed his eyes and opened his mouth and I guided Ryan’s cock to his lips. Josh accepted Ryan’s cock and started bobbing up and down on it as he thrust into me.

I moaned, “Oh baby, that’s it,………. Suck him while you fuck me……. taste him while you fuck me.”

I then looked at Ryan and said “Are you ready to fuck me again? Ryan again nodded so I guided his now fully hard cock back out of Josh’s mouth.

I then told both men to wait just a second as Josh took his cock out of me. I told Josh to lay on his back as I went into the bathroom and found my bottle of lube, I quickly spread some across my ass and into my asshole. I took the bottle back with me into the bedroom and stroked Josh’s cock with a hand full.

I got into a reverse cowgirl position and said to Ryan; “Oh sweetie, please be a good boy and guide Josh’s cock into my ass.”

Ryan gave me a sideways look but did as I asked. I slowly eased down onto his cock and felt it fill my ass. I stopped briefly to adjust to the feeling then lay back on top of him. Josh began to pump up into my ass.

I said to Ryan as I spread my legs; “Come here baby and fuck me hard and good” He got between my legs and I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy. Josh was still pumping his cock into my ass building a steady rhythm. I felt Ryan enter me. I gasped for air. I had never felt so full before, with two lovers inside me their cocks separated by only a thin wall of flesh, stroking into me rhythmically. I looked up at Ryan and said “That’s it, give it to me. You fuck me so good!”

I could feel Josh swell up and soot his load into my ass. Being a gentleman, Josh laid still, caressing my sides as Ryan continued to fuck my pussy. I was nearing orgasm when I felt fingers on my clit. Josh was reaching around and playing with me as Ryan fucked me. I threw my head back and moaned in animalistic fervor as Ryan quickened his pace. Wave after wave crashed into me as I climaxed. Ryan continued to fuck me but I was spent, laying on Josh as Ryan thrust into me. Soon however, I felt Ryan shoot another generous load into me.

As we all cleaned up we discussed going to dinner. We had definitely worked up an appetite.

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