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They Meet Again

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She took one last look around the room making sure everything was ready. A bottle of wine was chilling on the counter top and the candles were lit, long red tapers, just as he requested. A light mix of Jazz and Blues was playing softly on the radio. Taking a deep breath she positioned the straight-backed chair facing the door, put her blindfold in place and sat down to wait.

Every sound from the hallway made her tingle with anticipation. Moments later the door opened and she held her breath as he put the locks in place and approached. Stopping just before the chair he said, “Stand for me.” She complied immediately and could sense his eyes moving over her, taking in the black lace corset and panties and the sheer black garter stockings. Brushing back a strand of her hair he said, “You’ve followed my directions well luv,” and leaned in to kiss her. Telling her to sit back down he went to pour the wine and remove his tie saying they would relax a moment before they began.

They enjoyed the wine and some pleasant conversation, catching up on things since they’d last met. Eventually taking her wine glass away he said, “Surely you realize that you must be punished for the impertinence you’ve shown in your recent messages.” She could hear the smile in his voice but knew he would be true to his word. Taking her hands he lifted her up from the chair and quickly slid the black lace panties down and off. Turning her around he placed her hands on the arms of the chair and nudging one foot against her instep, indicated that she should spread her legs. Before she had a chance to wonder what would come, she heard as much as felt the sharp slap of the leather paddle on her cheek, followed by several more in quick succession. The paddling seemed to end as quickly as it started and she was left leaning over the chair, her reddened cheeks stinging.

Standing her up he kissed her again to show that he was pleased. She could hear him moving the chair and was wondering why he had yet to restrain her wrists, as was his usual custom. She soon found out when he led her back to the chair and sat her down, positioning her feet to either side of him at the end of the bed. “I will watch you masturbate, and I will see you cum,” he said as he placed a vibrator in her hand. She was nervous and yet a little excited, having never done this before but knowing there was no way out. Twisting the vibrator up to full power she tried to relax and went about what comes so natural, when alone. It didn’t take long until he saw her body spasm with her self induced orgasm and it clearly excited him.

Once again he stood her up, this time placing her hands on top of her head. She felt the long coil of rope as he began to bind her breasts and then a new sensation as he ran the ropes between her legs, spreading her lips. He tied the ends back up through the top, brought her arms down and used the remainder to restrain her wrists, making sure the overall effect was nice and tight. Leading her around the end he laid her cross wise on the bed with her neck just over the edge and after one more kiss, snapped a gag in place. She then felt his grip on her ankles as he secured them with cuffs and tied them tightly to the bed frame. His hands roamed up her legs and stopped to adjust the ropes, spreading her lips even wider. Continuing his caress up her body she felt his tongue take the first taste of her nipple. He suckled gently at first and then harder until both nipples were firm and hard, then attached his favorite clamps, with the heavy chain. The pain/pleasure simultaneously brought tears to her eyes and a tingling sensation to her loins. His pleasure was obvious to her as his throbbing erection pushed into her thigh. Moving back down her body his fingers probed between her lips and slipped inside, making her shiver with pleasure. She felt the head of the slippery dildo as he removed his fingers and slowly pushed it all the way in. His moist fingers moved back to probe her rear opening, preparing it for the small plug he slowly maneuvered into place. Knowing how she enjoyed being filled this way he worked his thumb over her clit, just long enough to tease. As she squirmed, he slapped her thigh saying, “Not yet baby.”

She heard the hum of the vibrator then felt the massaging sensation move slowly up her leg, hesitate at her upper thigh, then move down the other leg. He worked his way back up her leg, this time allowing the vibration to caress her lips and gently pressed down on her clit. Her gasp of excitement and was answered with a sharp tug on the nipple chain, silencing her once again. He continued moving the vibrator up her body, over her arms, her neck, and focusing for a moment on the soft underside of her breasts. Although silent, she couldn’t control the shivers of pleasure that earned her another sharp tug on the chain.

The vibrator was quiet now and while she wondered what would come next, she never anticipated the sudden hot sensation of candle wax dripping on her skin. She heard the clink of ice as he grabbed a cube from the bucket and shivered when the cold water dripped on her breast. Next she felt the hot wax on her upper thigh, then the cold again on her pelvis. The drips became closer together until she could no longer tell which were hot and which were cold. When he said, “The wax looks lovely pooling on your skin,” she understood why he’d asked for the red tapers specifically.

Pleased with the visual he’d created for himself, he moved to stand behind her head. Leaning down he kissed her neck and whispered, “You’re beautiful baby.” With that he grabbed a handful of hair from the base of her neck and jerked her head back, allowing his hard cock to rub against her face. He chuckled as her mouth flew open, greedy to accept him against her tongue. He probed her mouth for just a moment before thrusting himself deep saying, “Suck me good baby.” Lost in the sensations of pleasuring his cock she didn’t immediately notice his tongue rubbing between her breasts. She focused quickly though when he grabbed the chain up in his teeth and pulled taut, stretching her tender nipples farther still. The sudden gasp around his hardened member was more than he could stand. Releasing the chain, he stood up, pulled his cock from her hungry mouth and cried out as he came on her breasts.

She was thrilled by the sensation of him licking his cum from her skin. She noticed the gag loosen just before his mouth came down on hers to share the reward, and felt a connection like never before. The kiss deepened while he held her head up and caressed her face in a moment of pure tenderness.

Placing his hands under her shoulders he slid her back on the bed, in a more comfortable position. Then moving around to the other side he said, “Time for your reward, you’ve earned it baby.” He slid the dildo slowly out of her pussy and pushed it back in quickly, repeating this motion several times, eliciting her moans of pleasure. Slowing down, he brought his tongue in close and softly licked from her opening up to her now throbbing clit. This too he repeated several times, feeling her strain to lift up to him. With the final pass, he stopped at her clit and increasing the pressure he directed the tip of his tongue on her clit in a flicking motion until her body quaked with the force of her orgasm.

She could hear his low chuckle of satisfaction as he removed the dildo and the plug, and then reached to untie her ankles. Easing her into a sitting position he untied the rope at her wrists, rubbing her upper arms and shoulders in a comforting gesture. He sucked at her nipples as her removed the clamps to ease the pain and gently unwound the rope from her breasts. He stood her up, allowing the rest of the rope to drop away and pulled her to him for a warm embrace. Reaching up he removed the blindfold and she could see he was smiling as he looked into her eyes. Meeting his gaze she lifted her lips to his anticipating another of the kisses she so craved.

Finally drawing back, he said, “Let’s make love baby.” In answer, she turned to climb back on the bad, only to be surprised by the smack of his hand on her butt cheek. Looking back at him she saw his broad grin as he said, “I still want that ass!”

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