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How I Met My Husband and Fucked Him

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I met Mark during my sophomore year in college. He was a lot of fun. Average height, a nice build without being a gym rat or stuck on himself like a lot of guys who work out all the time and stuff. I liked his smile because he had dimples and I always thought dimples were cute on a guy though I think he hated them. I met him through some friends of mine and we went out a few times and he made me laugh which is a good thing

After spending a lot of my freshman year having sex with girls I was ready to have sex with guys again during my sophomore year and I was pretty easy. I don’ t know, I had this theory back then that it was okay to have sex on the first date because that’s why guys were asking me out in the first place. I mean there’s that whole dance during those first dates or two about “will she or won’t she?” And if I didn’t like the guy at all, why was I going out with him in the first place? I don’t mean to sound like a slut because I didn’t always have sex on the first date. The guy did have to put some effort into things and if he did it right I would do it.

I sort of liked doing it whether it was the first date or second or third, though not a lot of guys got to a third date with me without making a pass at me because guess what? Girls get horny too! But I liked those first times with a guy when he was trying to figure out how far I would go and I knew I would go all the way if he could just believe in the moment and keep the ball rolling. I wasn’t going to throw myself at him, but if he was nice and friendly and good-looking and kept going without getting weird, I would be an easy lay, okay?

So back to Mark who I dated a few times and liked well enough. We sort of had a friends-with-benefits deal that was more than just friends because we weren’t dating anyone else. But I didn’t want to get serious and he knew that and I think he liked the idea that he had a fuck-buddy just like how I liked having a fuck-buddy and we got along good because of that.

I like having sex with girls but I like having sex with guys more. When I do it with girls, at least up to that point, it had always been with just a girl and never a girl and another guy. But by that time I had already had sex with more than one guy and I really liked that a lot. Having sex with two guys at the same time is a lot of fun because I like guys so much. I like being the center of the attention and feeling one kissing me and then turning my head and kissing the other one and noticing the differences between how they kiss. The other thing I like is feeling both of them touching me because I like how it feels to have two guys touching me at the same time. I like feeling one hand on one tit and then another hand on the other tit doing the same thing but in a different way. Oh yeah and the other thing that’s really cool is when you’re sort of into one guy, facing him, kissing him and then you feel this extra pair of hands touching you from a different direction. That’s totally hot!

So, I like having sex with two guys at the same time and it’s not because I’m a total slut or anything but because it’s just more fun. It’s like when there’s a guy going down on you and it feels really good and everything and then there’s another guy right there for you to kiss and have him kissing your nipples at the same time the first guy is still eating you. I really like that because I think that feels really hot, too!

Here’s what I don’t like when I’m with two guys, it’s when they get funny about what is happening. Like this one time, I was going doing on this one guy and then I went to kiss the first guy and he wouldn’t let me kiss him because I had just being sucking on the other guy. He said it was too much like sucking the first guy’s dick and that really pissed me off. Or, if the other guy has fucked me (but not cum inside of me) and then neither guy wants to go back down on me because one of them had stuck their dick inside of me. So what, you know?

Mark once asked me if I ever had had sex with more than one guy at time and he got an earful. It was sort of funny because we were walking around the campus when he asked me. It was a Saturday and it was really nice outside and we didn’t need jackets or anything. We were hand-in-hand and not really going anywhere when he asked me if I ever did it with more than one guy I said I had, more than once, and then he wanted to know all about it and I told him about how it was fun but I hated when the guys got all squeamish about things that were happening.

“So what if the guys didn’t care about that stuff?” he asked me and I told him I thought I would fall deeply in lust with at least one of them and he thought that was really funny.

So then we ended up in his dorm room and I thought we were going to have sex because that’s where we did it most of the time except he kept getting me excited without doing anything and that was really confusing. I asked why he was teasing me so much and he said it was because his roommate was going to be home soon and he didn’t want to be in the middle of doing stuff when his roommate showed back up and I realized I had never even met his roommate.

So I started getting Mark really hard and excited because two can play at that game. We were watching TV and kiss and messing around and stuff when Jason came home. I thought Mark was cute, especially his dimples, but I thought Jason was even cuter because he was tall and skinny and I always had a thing for tall guys. He was funny, too, and I liked the way he smiled and joked like all of the time because I like laughing.

“Not interrupting anything am I?” Jason asked when he walked in the room and saw me sitting there in Mark’s arms. Mark said he wasn’t and Jason said, “Maybe I should give you guys a few more minutes and then come back so I can?” I thought that was so funny!

“Maybe you don’t need to leave,” I said and that made Jason smile. I also saw how Jason looked at Mark with a question on his face and I didn’t see what Mark did, but Jason’s smile got even bigger.

“Oh really?” he asked, sitting on the couch with us.

They had a big couch in their room that faced their TV. I was sitting on one end and Mark was sitting in the middle. After Jason sat down, Mark got up and said, “Maybe you should trade places with me.”

“Why?” I asked. “So both of you can do me?” I don’t know why I said that except that I was really horny after telling Mark about the threesomes I had had in the past and all the fooling around he and I had been doing. I know Mark was really hard because I had made him really hard and once he got hard, he always stayed really hard until he got off. He was fun to tease like that.

“Is that what you want to do?” Mark asked me and he was smiling with his dimples showing.

“Do you really want to see me kissing your roommate?” I asked him because that’s what was going to happen if we were going to do this.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Jason asked which was really weird.

“What? You don’t want to kiss my girlfriend?” Mark asked him, as confused as I was.

“Fuck yeah, I do. I want to do a lot more than kiss her. I was just wondering if I had a say in this, that’s all,” Jason said and we all laughed really hard because it was such a funny thing for him to say.

“You know I’m not really his girlfriend,” I said because we weren’t really boyfriend and girlfriend. We were friends who happened to be a boy and girl. “We just like to hang out together.”

“And have a lot of sex,” Mark added.

“And have a lot of sex,” I agreed, laughing. “But that doesn’t mean we’re boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“If you were my girlfriend, I would still let you have sex with Mark,” Jason said and that was the first time I can remember really thinking this guy was someone special.

“What about you?” I asked Mark. “If we were boyfriend/girlfriend, could I still fuck your friends?”

“Not if we were boyfriend/girlfriend,” he said and then added, “So maybe it’s a good thing we’re not.”

“So, as long as we’re just friends, it’s okay if I do this?” I asked and I leaned over and kissed Jason on the lips.

“Yep,” Mark said.

“And we can still do this, too?” I asked and I kissed Mark. He did a better job at kissing me back but to be fair to Jason, I don’t think he knew I was going to really kiss him.

“Yeah, we can do that a lot,” Mark purred and I knew he was still horny because of the way he sounded and because he was still hard. He kissed me again and I let him, but I put my hand on Jason’s thigh while I was kissing Mark because I didn’t want Jason to get the wrong idea. I already knew what I wanted to do. After Mark and I were done kissing, I turned and kissed Jason again. This time, I guess he was ready for it because he made it a point to kiss me back and I felt his tongue slipping inside of my mouth where Mark’s tongue had just been and I really started to get excited. I kissed Mark again and I made extra sure that Mark was okay with using his tongue and I was really, really excited!

I gave Jason another kiss because at that point I wanted the guys to know if we were going to do this we were all three going to do this. Jason kissed me back with his tongue and I sucked on it because I was so glad he wasn’t afraid to kiss me after Mark. I went back to Mark and this time when we kissed I put my hand on Mark’s thigh and sort of moved it over the lump in his jeans and he didn’t try to stop me. Again, I turned my head and kissed Mark’s roommate, Jason. Only this time, I put my hand in Jason’s lap and rubbed him so he knew I was serious about things. While I was kissing Jason and rubbing the front of his pants, Mark leaned against me and put his hand around me and started rubbing my chest and I knew we were in good shape.

I kissed Mark again, because I was still in that back-and-forth mode. When I kissed him, I felt up his hard-on and he played with my tits through my shirt. I turned back to Jason and kissed and rubbed him, but he didn’t try to feel me up. So I moved Jason’s hand to my chest to let him know it was okay and he began squeezing my tits as I felt his cock growing really hard and I was so happy. Even while I was kissing Jason, Mark leaned over and kissed the back of neck and that made me even happier. There were a few minutes where the three of us sat on the couch and I rubbed both guys’ hard-ons while they felt up my chest.

“You should take this off,” Mark told me, tugging on my t-shirt.

“Okay, but you guys have to take something off, too,” I said as I pulled off my shirt. I wasn’t shy because I knew what I wanted and I undid my bra at the same time. I knew what they both wanted. They wanted to see me topless and more.

I don’t think I need to spell out every step of us getting naked because it just sort of happened. I tugged at their pants and they took them off and were naked and then I was naked, too, and we were still kissing and messing around. It was about that time that I realized I thought Jason was the better kisser, though I would never tell Mark that (unless he reads this!). It was after we got naked that I wasn’t sure what would happen next. I knew Mark was okay with me sucking his dick and then kissing him because we had done that a lot of times. I like giving guys blow jobs. I like getting guys off with my mouth because I like the taste of semen, but I also like the foreplay of sucking on them without getting them off because I like when a guy gets really, really hard. So I will sometimes suck a guy for a few minutes and then kiss them and not suck them for a while before sucking them some more or letting them fuck me.

The last time I had had sex with two guys at the same time was when it sort of went wrong because the one guy got really funny about where my mouth had been and I really wanted to test that with these two guys to see if they were going to be the same way. I started by kissing Jason, because I already knew about Mark, and I started kissing down Jason’s body towards his dick while Mark had fun behind me. Mark was pretty good with how he touched me and how he licked me and that’s what he was doing while I was working my way down Jason. I leaned over and sucked Jason for a minute or two and then went back to his mouth and tried kissing him as a test. To my relief, Jason kissed me as eagerly as before and with what Mark was doing behind me I had my first orgasm of my time with them because I thought that was so hot that Jason was like Mark when it came to kissing.

Once I have an orgasm with another person it really gets me going and I want to have a lot of orgasms. That happens sometimes when I masturbate, too, but mostly when I’m with another person. Maybe it’s why I like to have threesomes because there’s always a guy to please me? I don’t know. I just remember being really excited that Jason seemed as cool as Mark and it made me orgasm and I was ready for almost anything from there.

“I want this,” I told Jason, pulling on his big, fat cock. Jason had a really nice looking cock. He was bigger than Mark, though Mark was well hung, too. I’m not a size-queen, but it’s how things were. I wasn’t shy, either. Before I fucked him, I wanted to know he was safe because I like to fuck without condoms (it’s why I had a baby at home with parents, but that’s another story). Jason surprised me by saying he got tested monthly and was in good shape. That was good enough for me (though I have to admit, I thought it was both a very cool and very strange answer to get at the time). I remember I swung my leg over him and rode him. He seemed surprised by my quickness and planted his hands around my waist and held me deep inside of him, which was really cool, but not quite what I wanted.

“Do Mark first,” Jason said, which surprised me a second time. I think Mark was surprised, too.

“Dude, go for it. I’m so excited I won’t last,” Mark said.

“It’s okay, I’ll take seconds,” Jason said and I wasn’t going to argue. I didn’t care. I wanted to fuck and one of those guys was going to fuck me right then and there, that’s all I knew. I hopped off Jason and mounted Mark in the same position. Feeling Mark beneath me and inside of me felt familiar and good. Mark was a good lay and we went at it. I could tell Mark wasn’t going to last and I didn’t care. I didn’t need him to last, I needed him to fuck me. I bounced up and down on him while Jason caressed his balls and watched with a tiny smile on his face. I pulled Jason closer and kissed him while I was fucking Mark and that was really hot.

Mark hadn’t been lying. While I was kissing his roommate, he came. He moaned into my ear as he came and it was sort of interesting hearing Mark’s moans so clearly while my lips were pressed against Jason’s lips.

After his orgasm, I pulled off Mark and with Jason guiding me, I was back in the middle of the couch. Jason kissed me. His hands roamed my chest as he kissed me and then I felt his hand slipping down my stomach and I squirmed, hoping he wasn’t going to stop. He didn’t. Jason kept kissing me as his hand slipped between my legs and he shoved two fingers inside my well sodden pussy and started finger fucking me as he kissed me.

“Oh wow,” Mark said, I guess as stunned and surprised as I was with Jason but I doubt Mark could feel how sexy it felt to me. It felt crazy sexy to me and even sexier when Mark got over his shock and pressed close me. Ignoring Jason, Mark leaned over and began sucking my tit closest to him and I came while he did it. Well, while Mark sucked my tit and Jason was doing the amazing things he was doing to me. I couldn’t imagine it, but Jason was only warming up.

Jason rode out my orgasm with two fingers deep inside my used pussy and the heel of his palm pressed against my clitty. That was great. Even better was when he fed me his two wet fingers. I sucked on his fingers as if it was his cock and he smiled. ‘So that’s the way it is,” he said with a big smile. Holding his fingers in my mouth, he slipped of the couch and in front of me. I thought he was going to fuck me. Honestly, it’s what I wanted most, but he surprised me again. The first thing he did was to go down on me. “I have to taste you,” he said.

“Dude, she ain’t all your tasting,” Mark said.

“So?” Jason asked and still pressed his mouth against my pussy. I was a mad, crazed woman in that moment. I had just experienced an orgasm that felt so good I didn’t believe it could ever be topped. I was still quivering with the thrill of what was going on when I felt Jason’s warm, wet mouth against my equally hot and wet pussy. He licked and lapped and sucked on me with the same desperation I had given his fingers moments ago. Like I said, I was crazed, stunned and so turned on by what he did that I came again at that very instant. It felt as if I had lost control over my body and couldn’t stop it from having another power orgasm, though I can’t imagine why I would have wanted to stop myself.

I want to be sure to give Mark his due, though he was being out shined in a big way by his roommate. Mark was willing to kiss me while Jason ate my pussy, even though Mark knew where Jason’s fingers had been. I don’t know if Mark was trying to keep up with his roommate or if Mark wanted to do it or what, but he did it and that was good, though not as good as where things were going. “Fuck me,” I begged Jason after my orgasm. My pussy felt empty and needy and I so wanted to feel a big hard cock pounding into me. Jason did. He knelt in front of me and because of his height, he was already at a good height for fucking me. He leaned over and kissed me and I tasted me on his lips which drove me wild.

“Oh, you like that?” Mark asked as I kissed Jason. “You like tasting both?”

“Yeah,” I moaned, unsure if he was trying to talk dirty or what. I didn’t know and I didn’t care because I was drunk with excitement.

“Then see if I still taste like you,” Mark said as he half stood and sort of knelt on the couch and got into position to feed me his cock. It wasn’t the first time I had sucked cock while getting fucked and I love doing that. Any woman who has never tried that should find two guys and do it tonight! Having a big dick inside your pussy while you nurse on another big dick is a wonderful feeling of sensory overload.

“You look so sexy doing that,” Jason told me, spurring me on. “You make that look so good.”

Like I said, I felt punch drunk with excitement and I don’t think I can be held responsible for my actions. I popped Mark’s big cock out of my mouth and held it towards Jason. “If it looks so good, why don’t you try it?” I asked him.

“Yeah man, go for it. I won’t tell,” Mark said, though when he said it, it sounded more like a dare or something.

“Fuck it,” Jason said and he leaned over and did it!!! He sucked Mark’s fat cock between his lips and not just once or twice, I mean, he went for it. He started sucking off his roommate as if it was something he was born to do!

“Oh fuck!” I cried out. “You’re going to make me cum!” and I did. I came again and I felt Jason cumming, too and it was at that moment that my life changed forever. I didn’t know I had just met my future husband, but I knew I had just met a man who could be more sexual than me and I wanted to know everything about him at once.

Even though he was spent, Jason kept sucking on Mark’s dick and we took turns doing it until Mark said he was close to an orgasm. That wasn’t quite how he said it. What he said was, “I want to cum in her mouth,” and Jason pulled away so Mark could do exactly that. On instinct, I didn’t swallow all of Mark’s load. I wrapped my lips around him and kept them there until he was done with his orgasm and then I immediately kissed Jason. When Jason realized what I still had inside my mouth, he moaned deeply into my mouth and I felt his cock inside my pussy throbbing.

And that was sort of the end of that threeway. After his second orgasm, Mark got sort of weird about things. He was watching us kiss and I tried to kiss him, too, but he pulled away. “I’m good,” he mumbled.

“Me too,” I purred though that was sort of a lie because I wanted more sex.

“Me three,” Jason said with a big smile on his face. “What do you guys want to do now?”

“I don’t know. I think I want to take a shower,” Mark said and it sort of put a damper on the moment.

“Maybe I should go first,” Jason suggested with a quick glance at me and I could read the concern in his brown eyes. He was worried that we had gone too far with Mark and that concern in his eyes made me fall a bit more for him.

“No, it’s okay,” Mark said and he left the room.

“I think we went too far,” Jason said as soon as his roommate was gone.

“And I think I don’t care,” I told him. I kissed him deeply, played with his cock and knew I had just found a real boyfriend.

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