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Hot for Preacher

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Susie could feel the Reverend’s eyes burned a path up and down her slender form as he stood in the doorway, waiting to be invited in. They started at her auburn hair, tied back into a one-foot braided ponytail, flicked casually over one shoulder.

From there they floated over her scantily clad body, concealed by matching powder blue cotton panties and a tank top, both snug and slightly revealing, yet wholesome in the innocent way she wore them, as if she were dressed for a slumber party with her fellow classmates. The tank top revealed the small frame of her creamy white shoulders and gentle neck, and hugged her small yet perky breasts, softly outlining their full form. The panties weren’t skimpy, but they conformed as closely as the shirt did, accenting her slender hips and trim tummy. Even for a man of the cloth, the sight of her standing there was both tempting and endearing. Her attire had caught him off guard, she could tell.

Susie was taking him in as well. His slightly tussled blonde locks and deep blue eyes always made her stomach quiver with longing, and he had am innocent smile that was beyond sexy. His was broad shouldered with a wide chest and strong torso, which you could even make out through his unflattering clergy garb. She was a stud in every sense of the word, and Susie drank him in like she was dying of thirst.

“I’m sorry reverend,” Susie apologized sweetly through thin glossed lips. “You missed my parents by fifteen minutes. They wanted to thank you for coming over, but they had tickets and couldn’t wait.”

“I’m afraid I should be apologizing. It looks like I got you at a bad time. While you were changing, perhaps?”

She looked down at herself then giggled at him, hopping slightly as she motioned him in the house.

“What, this? No, this is what I hang around in. Its just like wearing a bathing suit, only more comfortable. I’m sorry, I probably should have worn more, knowing you were coming over.” Another giggle, followed by a slight blush. “Silly me, I wasn’t thinking.”

But Susie had been thinking. Or maybe planning was a better word. Her parents had left over an hour ago, not fifteen, and it was no mistake that they had missed the Reverend’s arrival. Susie had lied to them about when he was showing up in order to ensure that she made her first impression on him alone. Her casual attire was no mistake, either. She had agonized over several choices, eventually deciding on the simple approach, nothing too revealing or obvious.

“Want me to go throw on some jeans?” She asked.

The Reverend hesitated as he closed the door behind him, eventually shaking his head. “No, that’s okay, Susie. There’s nothing wrong with what you’re wearing, as long as your comfortable. I’m just here to help you with your Latin studies, not to impose house rules on you.”

Giggling and hopping all the way, laying the cute young innocent girl act on as thick as she could, she convinced the Reverend that the huge plush sofa in the den was the ideal place to study Latin. If she had her way, of course, they wouldn’t be getting very far.

Every now and then, as they sat studying, she would catch him looking at her out of the corner of her eye. She kept encouraging this by casually stretching into different positions, each one meant to give him a glimpse of another part of her body. A slightly revealed ass cheek. An extended inner thigh. The swell of a breast peaking out of the side of her shirt. He took the bait on each one, attempting not to look, then attempting not to be seen looking.

He had gone over her and the textbooks for about half an hour when she finally launched into her subtle assault. She set her book aside and turned to face him on her side of the sofa, swinging her feet up and drawing her knees to her chest, her chin resting on them in reflection.

“You know, Reverend, I’m really glad you came over tonight.”

“So am I, Susie.” He closed his book, sensing a study break, and shifted around slightly in her direction. She nearly melted when his cool blue eyes gazed into hers. “I think we’re making some real progress here.”

“That’s not what I meant, although you have been a great help with my Latin studies. No, I’m just glad we were able to spend some time together.”

“Me too, Susie. You’re a very nice girl, and a pleasure to be with.”

“That’s not what I meant, either.” She pouted slightly sat Indian style, revealing her thighs to him. She noticed him strain to keep his eyes from straying down.

“Then what do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, ever since you came to our church this September, I’ve really enjoyed watching your sermons, as well as watching you work at the functions as well.” She had been practically stalking him ever since the first day she saw the young Reverend at her parents’ church. “You really are an inspiration. You’re strong, helpful, assertive, and,” she paused for effect, “cute.” She had been fantasizing about getting in his pants for the past three months, and had pledged to herself that she would this very night.

“Why, thank you, Susie.” The Reverend smiled warmly, probably still convinced that this was all innocent adoration she was throwing at him. “Its very nice of you to say so.”

“A nice thing for a nice girl to say?” She kicked a foot out in protest, resting the soul of her foot against his leg. “I’m not trying to be nice, Reverend. I don’t want to be a nice little girl. That’s not why you’re here.” She let her girlish voice slip a little bit, giving it a husky edge that she hoped wouldn’t go unnoticed. Suddenly, he began to look a little uncomfortable, although he didn’t try to move her foot, and actually pretended that he couldn’t feel it massaging his thigh.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about, Susie. Why I’m here?”

“That’s right. I’ve been dying to get you alone ever since I saw those sexy blue eyes of yours, that tight body hiding behind a white collar and an Amen.”

Susie ran her foot down to his knee that slid over next to him, cuddling up shoulder to shoulder. She rested her chin on his shoulder and a hand on his chest. He remained silent, perhaps too stunned to do or say anything.

“I could see that firm body of your underneath all of that clergy garb. That muscular build, the broad chest and shoulders, that tight ass.”

“That’s enough, Susie!” He suddenly protested, sitting up a bit, but without making any attempt to displace her. “This is getting out of hand! This isn’t healthy! This is… is…”

“Lust.” she finished. “I know, I’ve been overwhelmed by it for the past couple of months, and I sure know you’ve been feeling it towards me tonight.”

A slight crimson struck his cheeks, and she instantly knew that she had him. He was hers, body and soul.

“That’s preposterous! I simply came here to help you study, nothing more.”

“Oh no, you came here to do much more. You just didn’t know it. Or did you?” She turned herself around know, so they were side by side, but facing each other. She placed her left hand on his thigh, and instantly detected some movement in the fabric, possibly originating from his crotch. She was already getting impatient, but she resisted the urge to reach right out and see if he was reacting physically. She’d have to play this right. She wasn’t going to blow it. At least, not the opportunity.

“What does that mean?”

“C’mon, Reverend! When I answered the door wearing this, you nearly molested me with your eyes!” She motioned at her outfit with her other hand, noticing as she did so that her nipples were hardening from the anticipation, poking out through the cotton tank top. She grinned when she saw that he had noticed as well, but tried to look away before she saw him looking. She pinched one playful as she met his eyes, a small squeal escaping her throat as tiny bolts of pleasure shot through her.

“You nearly creamed in your pants when you saw me in this little getup. But did you ask me to change? Hell no! I even offered to throw some jeans on, but you stopped me, didn’t you? You wanted to follow me around and look at my cute little ass peeking out from under my panties, didn’t you? And you also didn’t gripe when I moved us to the sofa, so you could watch me spread out half naked while we studied, did you?”

He was visibly nervous at this point, and looked as if he were ready to bolt. She took a quick glance at his crotch. A bulge was becoming noticeable, and she began inching her hand towards it.

“That, that’s insane!” He stammered, watching in horror as her hand crawled up his leg. “I was just thinking of you.”

“You were just thinking of my ass, Reverend. Or was it my tits? What part of my body were you focusing so hard on not thinking about while you kept sneaking peeks at me? Why would you put yourself in this position if you weren’t hot for me? Were you testing yourself? Trying to see if you’d give into temptation?”

She paused, waiting for him to answer with some lame excuse, but he was once again stunned silent, completely lost for what to do or say. Just the way she wanted him.

“Because if you wanted to test your resistance,” she grinned, “I know a much better way to do that.”

Finally giving in, she slid her hand up his leg and grabbed his crotch, nearly coming right there when she felt his erection straining against the fabric. He was hard enough to hammer nails, and she shuddered at the thought of him nailing her.

“Oh, my. You certainly are hard. Did I do this?” She leaned forward and gazed into his confused eyes while she massaged his straining prick. She could tell he was all bunched up, so she adjusted him through his pants, moving it around so she could feel the full length of his solid manhood.

“Susie. Stop.” He protested, trying not to show how good how it felt, and doing a miserable job of it. “We can’t do this.”

“Oh yes we can, Reverend. And we are. We’re going to do this, and much more.” She slowly ran her hand up and down his clothed shaft, slowly jerking him off through his pants. She was just about to reach for his zipper when they were both startled by a voice from the den’s doorway.

“What’s going on, Susie?”

Susie was sure that the Reverend’s first horrified thought was that her parents had arrived home early, but she recognized that voice the minute it broke the mood. It was Becky; her so called best friend.

Becky came in and walked around to the front of the sofa, and immediately Susie felt rage. She was still dressed in her catholic school uniform, complete with Mary Jane shoes, pleated skirt six inches higher then school regulations allowed, matching red suspenders that did nothing but frame her huge tits, and pigtails tied off with little red ribbons. Susie never felt self-conscious about her body, but she was always aware of how full-bodied Becky was compared to her, and it always pissed her off.

Becky knew where Susie’s family kept the spare key outside. She had apparently seen the lights on and let herself in rather than ring the doorbell. There she stood, looking like every man’s wet dream, pouting lips hanging open as she stared at Susie’s hand on the Reverend’s crotch.

“Susie? What’s going on here?”

Susie spun around and stared angrily at Becky, but refused to take her hand off of the Reverend’s hard-on. She’d come so far; she sure as hell wasn’t letting go now.

“What in the fuck are you doing here, Becky? I told you I was studying tonight!”

“I… I thought I’d come over and hang out with you and the Reverend. I didn’t think…” Becky couldn’t take her eyes off of his crotch, or Susie’s hand on his crotch, for that matter. “Damn it, Becky! You always do this! You never fucking listen! I said DON’T come over, I’ll be studying tonight! Not only do you come over, but you just walk right in without knocking or anything!”

“I didn’t want to disturb you. Besides, it doesn’t look like your studying Latin.”

Susie detected the slightest hint of jealousy in her voice, and suddenly she knew, and that only pissed her off even more.

“You little bitch! You’ve got the hots for him too, haven’t you!”

“What?” Becky finally tore her eyes from Susie’s hand and met her accusing glare.

“Don’t ‘What’ me! God, you’re almost as obvious as this!” She tugged on his erection once more for effect before letting go and standing to confront Becky. Despite being freed from her grasp, he made no move to get up and leave. He was a captive audience now, soon to be an active participant.

Susie slowly paced around Becky, who looked a little scared of her sudden verbal assault.

“Just look at you! Dolled up in your little uniform, all clean and tidy, even a fresh coat of cherry lipstick. You aren’t still dressed from school, you little tease! You just came over to flirt with the Reverend, and I know why!” Standing behind her, she put her chin on Becky’s shoulder and whispered loud enough for him to hear. “I’ve read your diary, you naughty girl.”

Becky tried to turn around and confront her, but Susie forced her back towards facing the Reverend, her hands on her shoulders to hold her in place.

“That’s right. Glanced through it the last time a slept over at your place. You remember, the same night you masturbated while I was supposedly sleeping next to you?”

Becky blushed and tried to turn around again, but Susie held her firmly in place. She was close behind her now, pressing her body against Becky’s. She breathed heavily, caressing Becky’s neck with her hot words. She could already tell she was having an effect on her.

“Thought I was asleep, eh? But I wasn’t, because I knew what dirty thoughts were racing around that twisted skull of yours. Dirty thoughts about me. Dirty thoughts about the Reverend here. But you never would have acted on them.” She reached around and unfastened the top two buttons of Becky’s shirt, letting her hands caress her large breasts as she did so. “You’re such a daddy’s little girl, you would have come over here and flirted for an hour or so, then ran back home to diddled yourself to sleep.”

The Reverend had yet to move an inch or utter a sound, but his still prominent erection spoke volumes to Susie. No, despite Becky’s interference, the night was far from ruined.

Susie undid the third button on the shirt, then let her hands rest on Becky’s breasts. They were obviously large, but Susie had been unprepared for how big they actually felt in her hands. She squeezed them gently, grinding her own into Becky’s back. She could feel her beginning to melt in her arms, the only thing holding her up was her fear of the moment.

“Do you think the Reverend would like to hear the dirty little details? Hmmm? How you’ve wanted me to touch you ever since that time I showed you how to kiss boys?”

Susie reached a hand up and turned Becky’s head to hers, and landed a lip lock on her before she could pretend to protest. It took Becky a moment to react, but after that moment she was eagerly teasing Susie’s tongue with her own, take her kiss deep and returning it as intensely. Susie stopped her short after a minute, pulling her head back to face the Reverend. She could see the reaction in his eyes as Becky stared back at him, her mouth still gaping from the kiss, her tongue hanging out slightly, peeking past her cherry red lips. She was already losing her self in a confusing mix of terror and lust, and the Reverend wasn’t far behind.

“See what a slutty little girl she is? You think that’s bad, you should hear what she wants to do to you.”

“Susie, I don’t feel right about this…”

Susie was losing her patience with both of them. She reached around before Becky could finish her thought and pinched her nipples hard through her shirt and bra. She let out a quick gasp, and her legs almost buckled underneath her as she swooned from the powerful mix of pain and pleasure.

“Shut up, Becky! I’ve had it with your whining! Get over here.”

Susie led her around to the side of the sofa that the Reverend was sitting on, and without warning bent her over the arm, so her head was on the cushion next to him, and her ample bosom pressed against his groin. The Reverend watched helplessly as Susie flipped her skirt up over her back, revealing her round ass cheeks and white panties. She reacted by trying to get up, but Susie grabbed one of her arms and held it by her side, keeping her off balance.

“Hold her down.” She commanded the Reverend. He obeyed silently as if he had no choice, placing a hand on her back and pressing her into his lap.

“Keep struggling, Becky. I’m sure the Reverend is enjoying it.” She could just imagine how Becky’s soft tits felt rubbing against his raging hard-on, even through the layers of fabric. His struggling expression backed up her suspicions. She confirmed another suspicion by grabbing Becky’s crotch, instantly feeling her moist pussy through the white panties.

“Just what I thought! The bitch is already dripping wet!” She smiled at the Reverend and licked Becky’s moisture from her fingers. “Of course, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wet as well. Hell, I’ve been wet ever since I felt your cock. Which this little slut interrupted!”

Susie punctuated the accusation with a firm slap to Becky’s ass, leaving a red hand-shaped mark on her left ass-cheek. She heard a small yelp that sounded suspiciously like pleasure.

“What, you like that?” She slapped her ass again, and a similar cry confirmed it. “What a little slut! I’ll bet you come when your daddy spanks you, is that right, Becky?” Another slap, a little harder this time. “You probably get in trouble on purpose so he can bend your hot little ass over his knee and spank it red!”

The Reverend watched on with a growing lust filling his eyes as Susie began spanking Becky, building a rhythm as she slapped her ass over and over. Each time she spanked her right cheek, she would bump her crotch against her left one, grinding her pussy against her cheek. She was so turned on by the power she suddenly had over these two that the stimulation sent shock waves of pleasure through her body. She fought to keep her composure, though, afraid of losing her hold on these two.

When she finally stopped and pulled Becky up to a standing position again, she could tell that Becky had become overwhelmed with the situation she was in. Driven to the brink of sexual desire, yet in a form she had not been prepared for, she was practically a lust-controlled zombie, awaiting her next command. The Reverend was in a similar state. They were just waiting for Susie to tell them what to do next. So she did.

“Becky, come over and sit on the Reverend’s lap, facing me.” She did what she was told, biting her lower lip in eager anticipation. Susie positioned her so her ass was resting on his hips and her knees were up, feet on the couch straddling his legs. This way his crotch was still accessible, just below her soaked panties.

Susie kneeled down before this display of sexual arousal and did what she had planned on doing before Becky had interrupted them, releasing the Reverend’s growing erection from its zippered prison. She licked her lips anxiously as she pulled his throbbing penis out into the open, finally running her hands up and down the silky shaft, marveling at its size. It was larger than she had even imagined. Now it was the Reverend’s turn to gasp in pleasure as her fingers danced along the sensitive spots, playing around the swollen head.

Susie noticed Becky looking down at the stiff prick and decided to have some more fun. She took his hard-on and pressed it back against the length of Becky’s damp panties, rubbing her wet cunt with it through the soaked fabric. This sudden contact finally broke through the barrier that was holding them both back. Becky began slowly grinding her hips as Susie worked her pussy through the panties, rubbing the underside of his cock at the same time.

The Reverend reached around Becky and grabbed her shirt, tearing the buttons free and exposing a rather cute lace bra. The bra quickly followed, freeing her generous breasts, which bounced and swayed as she arched her back against The Reverend. Her hands held on to her knees for support while his reached around again and found those fleshy orbs, wasting no time in kneading and squeezing them, his fingertips finding and playing with the erect nipples.

Susie couldn’t help feeling a little jealous, both at the size of Becky’s breasts and the fact that he was groping hers first. Determined to allow herself some action, she pulled his dick away from Becky’s pussy and quickly gobbled it up, forcing nearly half of his huge member into her mouth. It was slick and sticky with Becky’s juices, and she could taste her as she bobbed her head up and down on his knob, sucking the flavor off greedily as she pumped the other half of the shaft with her hand.

The Reverend groaned out loud as she sucked his cock, grunting his satisfaction. Every few seconds Susie would take his prick out of her mouth long enough to spank Becky’s pussy with it a couple of times, making sure she had her full attention.

Susie was really getting into the blowjob when she suddenly felt Becky’s pelvis bump her head. Apparently she was getting desperate for some more action, and was trying to slide down further. Susie put a stop to this immediately, standing up and grabbing Becky by her pigtails, pulling her off of the Reverend.

“Damn it, you fucking slut! You’ll wait your damn turn!” She pulled her head back and scowled at her from behind. “What’s the matter, can’t get enough now? Suddenly you’re a doer, not a dreamer? Fine.”

Susie forced her onto her knees in front of the Reverend, holding the back of her head with one hand, placing it inches from his erection. She grabbed his prick, now slick with her saliva, in her other hand and pointed it at Becky’s mouth lie a gun.

“Maybe you’d like to suck his cock. Do you?” There was a pause as Becky slowly realized that she was waiting for an answer.

“Yes.” She gasped.

“Don’t just agree. I want to hear the filthy words come out of that little baby-face mouth of yours.”

“I want to suck his cock.” There was no hesitation, she wasn’t thinking anymore, just responding with the truth.

“Want to feel it sliding in and out of your mouth?”


Susie let the head of the penis brush lightly against her lips, then pulled it back again, teasing her with it.

“I’ll bet you want to be fucked, too. I’ll bet your pussy is just screaming to get slammed.”

“Oh yes,” she responded, “I need to be fucked. Yes.”

“Well then, I guess we can’t let daddy’s spoiled little brat go without, can we?” With that, she forced Becky’s head down onto his cocking, driving it halfway down her throat. There was a slight gagging sound as she tried to take it all in, followed by the slurping sounds of her sucking it as hard as she could. Susie started to slowly pull Becky’s head up and down on his cock.

“You’ve never sucked cock before, and I don’t want to disappoint the Reverend.” The Reverend was far from disappointed, his head tilted back in ecstasy. “So I’m going to fuck him with your mouth instead. You just keep that pretty little mouth of yours open, and I’ll make sure you keep the rhythm.”

Keeping one hand on the bobbing head, Susie reached over with the other and hiked up Becky’s skirt once again to reveal her red ass. She slid her fingers underneath the soaking panties and felt the warmth of her pussy, wet and dripping. She ran them up and down the length of her slit a few times, separating the slick folds of her lips, then easily thrust two fingers in.

Becky tried to lift her head up, but Susie kept her head down, forcing her to moan around the Reverends cock. This must have felt real good to him, because he reached out and grabbed Becky’s head himself, bucking his hips now to help her along.

“That’s it Reverend, hold her head still and fuck her mouth. Use the little slut.” With him taking over up there, Susie was able to move around and pay full attention to Becky’s pussy. She pulled the damp panties aside and began finger fucking her, adding a third finger after the first couple of thrusts. She had been dying to get her hands on Becky’s sweet little snatch for as long as she’d known her, and it was as hot and hungry as she had hoped. She started spanking her with her other hand as she plunged her fingers in as far as they reached, probing her hot cunt with each thrust.

Becky was beyond her own control at this point. It was all she could do to gasp and moan in pleasure around the Reverend’s cock as he thrust it in and out of her mouth, fucking her face deep and hard. She wasn’t choking on it anymore, her throat wide open and taking it all as she drooled and slobbered all over it, her mouth swallowing his cock as readily as her pussy devoured Susie’s fingers.

This went on for quite awhile, both of them fucking Becky from each end, using her as their little fuck toy. Neither of them was getting tired of reaming out her hot mouth or pussy, and she kept getting wilder and louder with each hard thrust and stroke. The Reverend was really going to town on her mouth, fucking the slut’s face feverishly, barely giving her time to breath. Susie tried to keep up with him, plunging her fingers as deep as she could.

Becky suddenly lost all control, as an intense orgasm ripped through her body, far too powerful for her to handle. She half screamed with her mouth full of cock, arms flailing wildly as wave after wave of intense pleasure tore through her. Susie made matters worse by reaching around with her free hand and fingering her clit, driving the orgasm beyond the threshold. It lasted over a minute, all the while the Reverend kept her head firmly in place on his dick, and Susie continued to finger fuck her and play with her clit.

By the time she had rode it through she was utterly exhausted, half sitting on her haunches, her arms hanging limply by her sides. Her head rested on the Reverend’s thigh with a far-away glazed look in her eyes, his cock still resting in her mouth as she weakly slurped it obediently. Susie pulled her to the floor where she fell in a semi-comatose heap, the Reverend’s still rigid member jumping to attention as it slipped out of Becky’s mouth.

Susie quickly straddled the Reverend, pulling her panties to one side to reveal her aching cunt, dripping wet and starved for action. She reached between her legs and grabbed him, pressing his head against her swollen lips. Just that brief contact made her shudder with a mini-orgasm.

“I’m going to sit on your cock now,” she growled in his face, “and you’re going to fuck the living hell out of me, you got that?”

Something must have snapped inside his head, for before she knew it, he had picked her up and thrown her onto the sofa, instantly positioning himself between her legs. He let the length of his prick rub against her pussy lips as he tore her tank top off of her and pinned her hands above her head.

“Correction, you bossy little bitch. I’m going to stick my cock in that dripping snatch of yours, and then I’m going to fuck the living hell out of you. Got that?” There was something dark in his eyes, like he had reached a part of himself hidden and long forgotten. The sudden role reversal threw Susie completely of guard, but it also pushed a button she didn’t think she had, and she found herself giving into the Reverend’s newfound dominant nature.

“Yes, Reverend! Please, fuck me!”

“That’s what I thought! Ordering people around when you should be begging for it!” He pulled back and teased her clit with the head of his cock. “Well? Tell me what you’ve been dying for these past months, you little whore!”

“Oh god, please fuck me!” She begged him, writhing beneath him. “I want to feel your cock filling me so fucking bad! Please Reverend, please! Fuck me!”

When he finally gave into her pleading and thrust into her, he did it in one long stroke, immediately ramming himself into the hilt. They both screamed with reckless abandon, experiencing nothing more now than the pure carnal pleasures that had enveloped their very existence. She screamed out over and over again as he slammed into her, each thrust feeling deeper than the last. She could feel her cunt stretching around his cock, swallowing it deep as he fed it into her, each stroke of his pulsing member feeling more intense than the last. He held her down as he fucked her, forcing himself onto her, which only made her crazier with lust. He also reached down and fondled her breasts, squeezing each tit before taking the nipple between his fingers and twisting them, adding to the intensity of the sex.

Susie lost count of the orgasms that shot through her like bolts of lightning, and she thought she’d lose consciousness at one point, as he fucked her like she had never imagined he could. She was nearly delirious from pleasure when he finally came, but she was coherent enough to know that he pulled out before his climax. He nearly growled as he blew his load, jerking himself off onto Becky’s prone form, squirting load after load of come onto her half-naked body. He practically collapsed when he finished, falling back against the sofa, semen leaking down his still semi-hard erection.

Nobody moved for a good ten minutes, the air filled with the smells of spent sex and the sounds of labored breathing. Susie stared at the grandfather clock as it struck nine, half-aware that they had an hour or so to clean up before her parents got home. She wasn’t even going to kid herself about another round before they got back. Hell, she could hardly move, and she was in better shape than the other two were. But she did know that there would be future study sessions. Oh yes, that was a certainty.

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