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A Long Friendship Blooms

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After living next door to my neighbor Helen and John for many years, I discovered that Helen had a sister, Olive, in the small town of Little Washington where I spent a few years in my youth. Olive and her husband ran the local drive-in and I had spent many an evening at that drive-in.

One summer John, I, and my 15-year-old son took a boat trip south with an invitation to stay at Olive’s house. It took us two days by boat to get there and Olive’s son Charles picked us up at the boat ramp.

Olive instantly became fond of my son and cooked him his favorite meal at 11 o’clock that night. In the coming years, I would drop him off at her house for visits of a week of more. He remembers those visits with her and her husband fondly. I found it funny that he never complained about his chores at Olive’s house.

The following day after our arrival by boat, Sunday, all of the family came over to Olive’s house for lunch, her two sons and two daughters, Faye, Joe (Josephine) and an assortment of wives, husbands and grand-children spread out among the four.

Joe and I, she a year older than myself, immediately became fast friends and spent much of the afternoon talking together. She, of course, had spent her life in Little Washington and we spent a good deal of time talking about the days of our youth in the small town

Over the next 35 years, I would attend funerals, with Helen and John, for Olive’s family and eventually Olive’s funeral. After Charles passed away, she just seemed to lose the will to live. Charles drove her everywhere she ever wanted to go. The only ones left were one grandson, Ben, Faye, Joe and of course the children.

Seeing Joe was a delight on these sad occasions and she seemed to feel the same towards me.

The two girls would visit Helen occasionally, sometimes together, sometimes one or the other. Faye owned a maroon van while Joe owned a white van and whenever Joe visited I made sure that I ran into her. If I saw Helen and Joe out in the backyard, I made a bee-line out the back door.

Whenever I saw Helen, I always asked about Joe and Helen always told me that Joe always asked about me. I always hoped that Helen was telling Joe the same.

Now, the other day I was checking the mail. Studying the mail, as I walked towards the back door, I looked up to see Joe approaching the fence. I walked up to the fence holding the mail in my right hand, placing my left hand on the fence.

“Hey, stranger!” I said to her with a smile on my face.

“Hello yourself!” She returned. “Press, how have you been?”

“I’ve been fine, Joe.” I replied. “Helen told me about Harvey. I’m so very sorry for your loss.”

“It’s been four months now. I cried a lot at first, but each day is a little easier. He saw the doctor one day and two weeks later he was gone!” She explained. “I was afraid I would not see you this visit. I feel uncomfortable about just knocking on your door. I was just getting ready to leave.”

With those last words, she placed her hand on top of mind.

“I didn’t know you were here! I suppose, Faye drove? I usually look for your white van.” I offered.

“Faye dropped me off last night.” Joe explained. “She’ll be here any minute to pick me up and head back down south.”

“I think about you often, Joe.” I said affectionately.

“I think about you too, Press. A lot here lately.” She said, looking down at the pavement. I could tell she seemed to be thinking and there was more to come.

“I hope you will forgive me for my forwardness.” She began, her voice and tone almost secretive. “But I would be very pleased if you could find some way of visiting me in the near future.”

“How about Monday?” I immediately responded.

“You could do that?” She queried excitedly.

She noticed that I looked up past her shoulder and she turned to see Faye’s van coming down the street. I gave her my email address, it was very easy to remember, and told her to email me the directions to her house.

In the four days before Monday, we passed several emails. I told her I would drop my wife off at work about 7:00 and I should be there between 9:00 and 9:15. She asked me to call her when I made the left-hand turn in Williamston and she would begin a light breakfast for us.

I followed her directions through the business district of Little Washington down the waterfront to Brown Street. I saw her van and did not have to follow the numbers of the houses. I parked behind her band and got out, looking around at the neighborhood that had not changed hardly at all. I noticed one change with dismay. They had torn down the house on the corner of Brown and Main that I had once lived in, and the country store that was next to it that had belonged to my stepmother’s sister.

“Good morning, Press!” She greeted me at the door.

“Good morning, Joe.” I replied in greeting.

After closing the door, she turned and gave me a very long, warm hug. She had the scent of someone fresh out of a shower.

I then followed her down the hall to the kitchen. She motioned me to a chair at the kitchen table and I sat down. In moments, I had a cup of coffee in front of me.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw you in a dress, Joe.” I said, watching her at the stove.

“I was thinking the same thing this morning.” She replied. “How you like me in a dress?

“Very much!” I replied. “A dress lends a bit of mystery to a woman.”

Not for the first time, I appraised Joe as a woman rather than just a friend.

The dress Joe was wearing was rather simple, dark blue with straps over her shoulders. None of her lower figure was discernible beneath the dress. Her chest appeared much smaller than I remembered from the shirts she wore tucked into her usual jeans. She wore a white cotton short-sleeved shirt underneath.

My wife, Becky, stood 5’9″ and weighed 139lb., a slim and trim gal. I would guess Joe weighed about 150lbs. Joe appeared a more substantial gal, I suppose, due to her slightly larger hips and posterior. I could see her arms were a bit more beefy from her shoulders to her elbows.

She appeared to be a physically fit person who moved seemingly unhindered by any aging pain. She was 64 years old. Through the years, I had watched her hair turn from a light brown to a multi-shaded color of white and gray.

She had watched my hair turn completely white and she had often said she adored the color.

She kept her hair cut rather short, had hazel eyes and her skin that was visible to me on her face, arms, and legs, the dress dropping 6 or 8 inches below her knees, was of light complexion, unblemished and seemingly untouched by the sun.

I would not have attached the term “pretty” or “cute” to Joe. She was your typical Southern gal with a face of soft features who liked to smile.

I found her extremely attractive and she had won my heart more than 30 years ago. I was under the impression that she felt the same.

“So, where did you tell Becky you are going today?” Joe asked, sitting two plates on the table and setting down.

“I told her I was going to see a fellow named Chris in Greenville.” I replied. “We talk on the ham radio and I visit him occasionally so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

“I apologize for making you lie to her.” She offered. “I don’t know her very well. We’ve only talked at the fence a few times but she seems to be a very nice lady.”

“She is and she puts up with me.” I said jokingly.

We spent a few more moments in silence as we ate breakfast. Actually, it was more like “picking “at our food. I don’t think either one of us had our minds on eating.

“You have a very lovely home.” I said. “If I remember correctly, Harvey built it? You have lived here all of your married life?”

“40+ years. He did with a little guidance from dad and a few friends with hammers. Harvey was a good man. He just wasn’t a very passionate man, and now he’s gone altogether.” She replied with a bit of frustration in her tone.

That comment caused a few more long moments of silence.

“Did you see that they tore down the house you used to live in and your Aunt’s store? She asked. I saw this “deer in headlights” look appeared on her face.

“Excuse me!” I queried.

“Put my foot in it that time didn’t I!” She exclaimed. “Confession time, I suppose. I knew you back then. We just didn’t run in the same circle. I know you can’t possibly remember me saying hello to you as we passed in the school hall. I remember Patsy, the diabetic girl who had a tremendous crush on you. Did you know that she married your best friend?”

“Yes, I do know that. They live over by the hospital.” I injected. “But Dana, I think, doesn’t like me to come around. I’ve only visited them twice over the years.”

“Like I said, we didn’t run in the same circle. I was extremely shy back then, but I had a crush on you even then.” She continued. “I saw you at the drive-in, of course, and that Sunday dinner when I met you as an adult. I was smitten all over again!”

“Well, my lady, you sure do keep a secret well.” I offered.

“I want you to remember that, Press.” She said tenderly, looking me straight in the eyes.

She stood and started to clear the table. I quickly left by seat to help her.

“What time do you have to leave?” She asked, as we stood side-by-side by the sink.

“I would think about 2:30.” I answered.

“Would you like to see the rest of the house?” She queried, then added. “Let’s just leave these dishes. We have so little time.”

She began by showing me the windowed sun-room off the kitchen, the large pantry, back down the hall showing me two small bedrooms, a very spacious bathroom with a stand-alone bathtub and then back to the spacious living room. The home was loaded with antique furniture.

Standing in the living room, she asked. “Would you like to see my bedroom now?”

“Yes, I was hoping you would not leave out that particular room.” I answered tenderly.

Midway down the hall, Joe opened a door that we had passed before and I followed into her bedroom. I felt the intimacy of closing the door and her acceptance of me doing so. It had four rather large windows and the heavy shades were already pulled down to the seals.

The headboard of the bed sat on the right wall with a lighted lamp sitting on the bed table to the right of the bed. One was instantly aware of the well-appointed room but all was quite dim due to the heavy shades being drawn.

I watched Joe moving from one side of the queen sized bed to the other, folding down the bedding and then draping it across a material covered blanket trunk at the foot of the bed.

She then moved to the bed table and picked up a Big Ben alarm clock.

“I’ll set this for 1:30.” She informed me.

She reached to the lamp and turned it off, leaving the room in near darkness, the only light streaming around the edges of the shades.

“I stopped being shy a long time ago. Too old to be so silly!” She said. “But I’m feeling a bit self-conscious at the moment. I hope you don’t mind. It won’t always have to be so dark.”

“Not at all.” I assured her.

My eyes adjusted quickly to the dim light and I could see that Joe was undressing. I followed quickly to keep up. I saw her drop the shoulder straps off the dress, let it drop and step out of it. Next, she removed the shirt over her head and I could make out the white bra and panties. She pushed her hands through her hair and reached behind her to unsnap the bra. She then pushed her panties down, gathered up everything and deposited it on the bedding.

I was still removing my clothes when she entered the bed, moving towards the middle of the big bed.

I finally gathered up my clothes and dropped them on the other end of the trunk on my way to the other side of the bed. I sat and rolled onto the bed moving towards the middle to come up close to the naked Joe.

We had reached this point and position without the least mentioned of sex or the desire for such. Between us, at this point, I don’t suppose it ever needed to be discussed openly.

I put my right hand on her neck behind her head and pulled her close enough to kiss her lightly and tenderly. The kiss lingered for long moments and I moved in closer, feeling her breasts against my chest and moving my right hand to her hips.

“You don’t think me bad do you, Press?” She whispered as our kiss broke.

“You’re a free woman, Joe.” I replied. “I should be asking you that question.”

“I’ve cared for you for so long.” She replied back tenderly. “I am too happy to be in this bed with you that I could never think badly of you. If you had not agreed to come see me, I would have been devastated.

I began to kiss her all over, slowly working my lips down to her breasts as my right hand explored her backside. Reaching her breast, she cupped the top one and lifted it up offering me the nipple. I took it in my mouth and suckled on it lightly.

I felt her left hand slide down my belly and take hold of my cock, her fingers lightly squeezing and toying with it. It was incentive enough for me to move my hand to her mound, finding it quite bushy. She was not shy indeed, I thought, as she lifted her left leg, placing her foot on her leg, giving me more incentive and encouragement to continue my exploration. I heard a slight moan and her fingers squeezed my erection as my fingers explored her pussy.

My fingers worked their magic and her moans were pretty much continuous and her ass began to move erratically. She rolled slightly backwards, spreading her legs as wide as possible as my fingers, placed together, began to scrub at her pussy. Her ass lifted off the bed and gyrated about the air. She moaned her discontent when I stopped and began kissing down her belly, causing her to roll to her back. I reached her belly button.

“Where are you headed?” She asked teasingly, playing with my hair.

“I’m on a mission, fair maiden.” I joked. “A quest to find a hidden treasure and I must not be stopped.”

“Remember, when I said Harvey was not a passionate man.” She chirped. “Heaven forbid, I would have to be insane should I try to stop such a quest. Will this help you a bit, sweet Knight”

Joe placed her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs back, spreading them wide. My nose wandered over her bush briefly before I put my tongue into her pussy. My hands pushed under her ass and she lifted it slightly to assist.

I took her words to heart and that they meant she had never experienced oral sex. I was going to enjoy bringing this lady up to speed and I was intent on taking my time doing it.

My tongue explored every nook and cranny of her, I had not seen it but I knew it would be, lovely pussy. Her response to my exploration overjoyed me. Her moans and the movements of her ass gave me inspiration and intoxication.

“Press! You’re driving me crazy!” She cried. “I’ve never felt anything so wonderful!”

I focused on her clit from time to time but it brought such an overwhelming sound of glee from Joe that I was afraid to linger, actually, learning to avoid it like the plague.

But all good things must end, I suppose, and I eventually brought my tongue to bear, more like, actually, a feather light touch to her clit. To be honest, I wanted to be inside this woman. Physically, she was a very nice handful, warm and desirous of attention. She lasted a few long moments, then, her body seized momentarily as the orgasm gripped her. She pulled at my hair and ears.

I waited until her body relaxed and that I maneuvered atop her. Instinctively, her right hand slid between us to grasp my cock and place it to her. I pushed in slowly and I heard a most pleasurable moan as I penetrated her deep.

“My God! That was soooo good!” She exclaimed. “And now I have your very substantial cock inside me. How lucky can a girl get! You’re so deep I can feel your balls against my butt!”

“Your pussy is so tight and warm. Can I keep it there forever!” I queried.

“Forever! 24-7! “Whatever your heart desires!” She cheerfully answered. “Please tell me now. I don’t want to guess. Tell me we will be together again.”

“You know you don’t have to worry about that, Joe.” I assured her.

I began to stroke into her, slowly at first, but soon my rhythm picked up and in time I had her aroused again and she was moaning and matching her ass to my thrusts. She had her feet placed behind my thighs and she used her legs as a lever to thrust against me, taking my cock deep into her.

I counted ducks. I counted sheep. I counted anything that would come to mind to keep my orgasm at bay. I could tell she was maneuvering her ass to find her sweet spot against my shaft. I was determined to wait until she came again.

We were soon fucking with abandonment. I wanted to climb inside of her and I was pushing my cock deep into her to try to accomplish it. We were both huffing and puffing, but neither one of us wanted to give up.

Her loud cry of completion surprised me. I quickly shifted my hands to her ass, locking her in tight, and continued thrusting deeply into her.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Press!” She panted.

“I’m close, Joe!”

“Give it to me! Shoot it in me, Press!” She encouraged.

“I’m commmmiiinnngggg!!” I moaned, pushing deep into her and holding it.

“Yesssss, my love!”

We continue to slowly fuck until my limp cock slipped out of her.

When I finally moved off of her, she turned on her left side and I spooned close against her. I was quite conscious that she lay there content, having no concern of my cum remaining inside of her. We drifted off to sleep.

I instantly felt chilled when the alarm clock went off.

Joe slapped my ass and rolled from the bed and opened a closet door, retrieving a housecoat.

“Press, you jump in the shower real quick and I’ll make us a quick lunch before you leave.” She said, rushing out of the bedroom

I used very little soap during my shower, mostly, on my cock and my mouth to avoid any suspicion. I scrubbed toothpaste in my mouth, toweled off quickly and returned to the bedroom to dress. 20 minutes tops!

I walked to the kitchen and sat down in front of a plate with a sandwich and Coke waiting.

“I don’t want to be……….. I won’t be pushy, but when do you think I might see you again.” She asked timidly.

“Joe, I’m only two hours away.” I began to explain. “I want you to answer honestly. Will two a three times a month make you happy?”

“Oh Lord, yes!” She answered with a relieved tone.

“I want you to understand I will not come down here just to bed you.” I continued. “I don’t think you want that either. We can have lunch sometimes. Greenville is close enough and big enough that we should not run into family or anyone you know. Becky even goes out of town sometimes. I might even be able to spend the night, if you so wish?”

“I won’t bore you with how happy I!” She beamed.

The way we kissed and hugged goodbye I think we would’ve been quite happy to go back to bed and make love the rest of the afternoon. I was quite confident our newfound relationship would be an easy one to continue.

On my drive back North, I contemplated the purchase of another vehicle.

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