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The Lunch Break Girls

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Penny was nervous and paranoid as she roamed the halls of the high school. Not only had she graduated six months ago, but this wasn’t even the school she’d graduated from. No, this was the school where Beth, Penny’s new friend, was a senior. It was the lunch hour, and though the halls were crowded with students heading to their lockers, the cafeteria, the parking lot, or other classes, Penny felt like she stuck out.

It wasn’t her physical appearance that made her feel that way–she wore a skirt that closely matched the uniform skirts worn by some of the girls. It was what she had come there to do.

Calling Beth Penny’s “friend” wasn’t all that accurate. Their short but complicated history would fit better under the term “playmates”, although there were probably much more fitting categories than even that.

They had met a few weeks ago at a lingerie store in the mall where Penny worked. Long story short, Beth wanted to have some “fun”–the first “fun” she had ever had–with her boyfriend in one of the fitting rooms. But Beth was very intimidated by the whole blow-job thing, so she asked Penny for help. More than that, she asked Penny to blow her boyfriend for her.

And so began a very strange relationship between the two young women that had been building ever since. Penny, you see, had a cum-fetish, but when she found out Beth shared that fetish, even at a time when she was still afraid to put a dick in her mouth, things got weird. The two girls had a battle of sorts over the course of their next few sessions with Beth’s boyfriend, until eventually they made a truce–one that involved them cum swapping, even though neither had even considered lesbianism.

But no sooner had that truce been reached when it was time for Beth’s boyfriend to go back to college, and the two women found that, even in the absence of men, they still craved each other. If they had been honest with one another, or even with themselves, they might have been able to admit and accept their newfound bisexuality and really fallen for each other. As it was, however, they insisted that there was no reason for them to “play” if not for that one important white, sticky ingredient.

And that was what brought Penny into Beth’s high school. Since both of them knew the harm and embarrassment that a revelation of their relationship would bring, they could neither hook up at Penny’s place because she lived with her sister, or at Beth’s parent’s house because, well, it was her parent’s house.

So Beth had the grand idea of having Penny sneak into the boy’s locker room during a lunch break. The lunch hour was broken up in such a way that some of the students were actually in class while others were eating, but at no time during this period was the locker room ever occupied. It was also in the basement level of the school, which was off-limits altogether during lunch, so the area was secure. Beth, however, knew a way to sneak down there, and told Penny exactly what to do to.

To supply the sperm, Beth had chosen a junior who was rumored to be moving at the end of the semester, so she didn’t mind slutting it up for him since she’d basically never see him again. His name was Danny, and he was a big, brawny guy; a jock who would be sorely missed by the football team when he left. He was also about as dumb as a rock, and never talked except on the football field. On the upside, though, Danny was as sweet as could be. He was very polite and friendly, especially to Beth, to whom he had a hard time hiding his crush. She picked him for that, because he was kinda cute, and because, as big as he was, he likely had a big dick and a big load to offer.

The only thing Beth worried about was Danny’s trustworthiness. Even if he was leaving, that didn’t mean he couldn’t tell people what happened, and it was very important to Beth that no one at her school find out. Sucking a guy off during the lunch break was one thing, but sharing the cum with another girl was quite another.

To protect herself, she not only swore Danny to silence, but she also told him he was to leave immediately after cumming in her mouth. This would allow Penny to then sneak in from the shadows and the two girls could share the load and further convince themselves that the sex they had as they swapped was just a risqué by-product of pure, heterosexual delight. They could enjoy themselves in privacy, and no one would be the wiser.

Penny made her way into the basement, which was dimly lit, but Beth’s directions proved to be spot on and she found her way to the locker room easily. Just as she’d said, Beth left the boy’s locker room door open, which allowed Penny to slip inside and hide until Danny finished and left.

Even after all the planning, Penny was still amazed when she entered the locker room and saw the scheme playing out in real time. All of the anticipation had given her the shakes, and so Penny had to be extra careful not to make a sound as she slipped further into the room.

At the far end of the room stood a tall guy, his skin made all the more white because of his broad, nude backside. His butt cheeks were clenched, and he held his hands out in front of him, presumably on Beth’s head. He wore a shirt, but his pants were around his ankles. Penny noticed that Beth’s suspicion about the guy’s size was correct–while she couldn’t see his dick, his balls were so huge that she could see them hanging low between his legs, swinging freely.

A blue mat was on the floor right behind him, but apparently Beth had opted for an upright position, because before Danny, sitting on a bench that stretched along a row of lockers, was the petite brunette. Her face was buried in his crotch, bobbing eagerly, and her little fingers grasped his hips. She had her uniform skirt on–this was a private school, after all–but her top was open and she wore no bra. Even at a distance, and even to a woman who refused to admit her flowering bisexuality, to Penny, Beth’s full breasts were as tempting of fruits as were the apples in Eden. When Penny let her eyes linger on the gently swaying flesh as she snuck by, she noticed a small pink tattoo of a heart on Beth’s left breast above her hard nipple that hadn’t been there before.

The locker room had an office in the corner opposite from where Beth slurped Danny’s cock. Since it was never used and therefore empty of valuables, the door was open. Penny snuck in, peaked around the corner to watch the action, and waited.

She looked at her cell phone to check the time. Things were going just as planned. In another few seconds, Beth would make the big guy finish.

Danny moaned and moaned, and soon he started moving his hips almost violently, fucking Beth’s face. She took it in stride, one of her delicate hands groping his balls while jerking his shaft with the other. Penny couldn’t help but feel proud, knowing that she alone had taught Beth the art of cock sucking. Her legs quivered all the way up to her pussy when she heard Beth begin moaning, a sure sign that Danny was emptying himself into her mouth.

For a moment Penny was jealous; sure, she loved the cum, but a big part of the fun of receiving it was feeling it’s power as it jetted onto her tongue or down her throat, or even on her face. This daring plan’s only flaw was that only Beth would get to experience that, but it was fair since, being done on her turf, Beth also had the most to lose if things went awry.

Penny was especially tense over the next few seconds, because so much weighed on Danny leaving abruptly. But sure enough, the guy was so grateful for his gift that he obeyed the preset rules flawlessly. He pulled up his pants and speed walked out of the locker room. Penny ducked back in the office as he passed by and waited until Beth signaled to her that the coast was clear. Half a minute passed, and then Penny heard that fateful triple stomp on the floor. She peaked back around the corner at Beth.

It was at about this point that things really started to veer off the original plan. This was supposed to be the girls’ version of a quickie. Beth would get a mouthful of cum, Penny and her would swap it for a couple minutes, maybe they’d get each other off with their fingers, and then they’d quickly clean up and split in time for Beth’s next class. They estimated this would take between five and ten minutes, and no clothes were to come off, just unfastened, at best.

But when Penny looked around the corner and saw Beth fully for the first time that day, she knew the “quickie” plan was out the window, and she could tell Beth shared that thought.

Beth was strikingly attractive, with a model’s sexiness and a high school sweetheart’s innocence wrapped up in a tight little mold of raw lust. She was maybe average height, petite, with long, silken brunette hair. She stood in front of the bench where she’d just given Danny his blow job, her hips thrust to the side, hands on her hips, blue eyes batting long, dark lashes seductively. Her uniform skirt covered her gorgeous legs down to the knees, but her calves were smooth and long and tempting. The buttons on her white uniform shirt were undone, but the ends were tied together and knotted just above her belly button and just below her naked, C-cup breasts which were expertly framed by the loose fabric. Her fat nipples were erect, straining, as if to proclaim to the world that they’d been freed.

Penny wanted her. Bad.

Penny left the office, pushed the locker room door shut, and raced over to meet Beth, intending to give the girl a deep, hungry kiss. But when Penny reached her, Beth held her off with her eyes, asking her to wait.

Instead of devouring each other, Beth tilted her head back and slowly opened her mouth. She moved her tongue, which caused the jizz filling her to spill out the corners of her mouth and run down her chin and neck. When Penny saw the two streams of white, she knew what she was supposed to do, and it was exactly what she wanted. She hugged Beth and ducked down, licking the cum from the girl’s neck as it oozed down. In this position, Beth could control how much cum she was releasing, so Penny was only getting a trickle; a tease compared to what awaited in her mouth.

If someone had interrogated Penny for untold hours, demanding to know if she was turned on by not just the cum, but by licking the soft skin of her brunette friend’s long neck, Penny might–might–have said “sort of”. But the truth was that Penny was in the unfamiliar territory of being just as turned on by necking a woman as she was by tasting the cum of a man.

Once she thoroughly cleaned off both streams of sperm, Penny kept licking and kissing Beth’s neck, and not only in the areas where the sperm had been. She moved lower, to Beth’s collarbone, and was distinctly aware of placing her hands on Beth’s naked breasts even though she had no recollection of telling herself to put them there. Still, when she discovered this development, Penny didn’t pull away. Either did Beth.

Penny considered her next move, wondered how Beth would react, and it was during this conversation with herself that she remembered the cum. God! She had actually forgotten about it for a second! She stopped kissing and moved back to Beth’s face, where Beth was already pushing cum over her bottom lip, letting it run down her chin. Penny attacked it quickly before it moved down her neck, and she sucked on Beth’s chin, lapping up the sweet, thick sperm that coated her. The sensation elicited the hardcore fetish within her, and now Penny was so focused on the jizz that she was beginning to forget about the woman–but she still wanted more of both.

Beth’s chin sparkling clean, Penny grew impatient and tried to kiss the rest out of her. She planted her lips on Beth’s, tasting the musky cum lacing them, and tried to slip her tongue through. But Beth moaned and shook her head. Penny pulled back and watched Beth pucker her lips, then bow her head and let a long, thick string of cum drop out and onto her right tit, actually coating the hard, red nipple entirely and nearly all of the crimson areola as well.

Penny almost climaxed when the implications of what Beth was doing sunk in. Beth was definitely going to make this more than just a simple quickie, and Penny had no doubt that before either of them finished, a lot of clothes were coming off.

Penny felt Beth jump when she placed her tongue on the brunette’s slippery nipple, then felt her jump again when she wrapped her lips around the firm breast and sucked like a maniac. After one taste of cum and tit, Penny wanted more, so she opened her mouth as wide as possible, taking as much of Beth’s breast in her mouth as she could handle. She sucked and slurped and her tongue swirled and flickered. Penny stroked the breast with her lips, using the same basic technique she might use on a cock. Beth voiced her pleasure with moans–stifled by the fact that she couldn’t open her cum-filled mouth, but especially with her loud, heavy breathing which could come only through her nose.

While Penny was just finishing with the right breast, Beth let more cum drop onto her left, and Penny devoured it with equal enthusiasm.

The girls now seemed to be of one mind, because all it took was the meeting of their eyes to know what to do next. Penny stepped back and let Beth pull her shirt off, and then her bra, freeing a milky, heavy, one hundred percent natural pair of D-cup breasts. They hung so high they looked like they were supported by an invisible bra, but Beth was quick to hold them up even higher when she reached out to grasp and knead them.

Beth drew her face close to them, dribbled some cum onto each areola, and then, because she couldn’t open her mouth and suck them without releasing or swallowing the remaining cum, she rubbed her lips and even her face against Penny’s boobs, smearing the white globs all over.

Though Penny wanted to feel Beth actually sucking her breasts, even this teasing was too much for her. She needed Beth now, and she needed that cum. Even as Beth rubbed her face in her cum-streaked cleavage, Penny scrunched her skirt up and pulled her panties down with one hand as she guided her friend down with the other. Penny sat her naked ass onto the blue mat and leaned back, but didn’t lie down. Beth was on her knees between Penny’s legs, leaning over her. Her glistening face was no longer in Penny’s sticky chest. Now they were just looking at each other, waiting for the moment to truly go for it, and then they did.

The word “passionately” didn’t accurately describe the way Penny and Beth kissed each other. “Lustfully” even fell far short. They went at each other with unparalleled intensity, their mouths grinding and sucking, moving together like well-oiled pistons. A huge amount of cum spilled from between their pursed lips; the thick, heavy drops splattering onto Penny’s breasts, tummy, and even her naked, hairless muff. She shuddered from its texture, weight, and even its temperature, which in the heat of the moment seemed scalding. The warm cum that remained in their mouths never stayed in one mouth for more than a second, as the load was continually pushed and pulled back and forth, some of it accidentally being swallowed, but most just being tongued.

This went on for minutes, the cum in their mouths gradually growing smaller in amount until all that remained were traces on their lips and tongues and whatever clung in their throats. But there was still cum left on Penny’s body, and Beth went for it, sucking the big breasts while pushing them together with her hands. She licked the cum from Penny’s smooth skin, then worked her way down to Penny’s belly.

Penny was a little overweight, though her body distributed it expertly, giving her not just big boobs, but a full, appetizing ass. Her tummy was not by any means fat, but in this position–unlike the abs of her taut, firm friend–Penny’s skin did form a few shallow rolls. But this only made Beth more excited, because it meant sticking her tongue in the skin to get the cum trapped within, and she felt like she was truly making love to Penny’s body. She licked and slurped the sperm away, then moved to Penny’s belly button and sucked the jizz out until it was dry. Finally, Beth licked off the cum just above Penny’s muff, coming tantalizingly close to her clit. Penny moaned and put her hands on the top of Beth’s head, gently trying to move her down, but Beth had other plans.

“Sixty-nine,” Beth gasped, crawling off her panting friend.

“What?” Penny asked, bewildered. Eating cum off each other was one thing, but if they did a sixty-nine, there was no real question that they were, well, gay.

As if reading her mind, Beth already had an excuse. “I want the rest of your cum,” she said, motioning to the last streak of white clinging to Penny’s enlarged pussy lips, “but I’m not a lesbian. You’re going to have to get me really hot if I’m going to lick you there.”

Who is she kidding, Penny thought. But she quickly dismissed it–wanting to believe– because she was scared to admit what this was, too.

Beth lay on her back, and Penny crawled on top of her, lustfully eyeing the cute, furry little cunt that lay glistening between the brunette’s legs. Because Penny weighed more than Beth, she didn’t rest her full weight on her, but rather kept herself propped up with her knees and elbows. Nonetheless, Penny’s breasts were so big that they hung enough to rest much of their weight on Beth’s torso, which gave them both a little electricity.

Penny was considering going down on the muff before her slowly, with some teasing licks on those tight little thighs, but Beth dove in between Penny’s legs fast and hard, rubbing the clit with her chin while burrowing her tongue deep into the cum-splattered cunt. Penny called out, too loud, and she quieted herself by putting her mouth full onto Beth’s pussy. She licked and sucked at her with an energy that surprised even herself.

Then the two girls became relatively quiet. In the sixty-nine position, they busily ate each other out, the loudest sounds to echo in the empty locker room being the wet smacks and slurps of lips on lips and tongues on clits. They went at it well after the last of Danny’s cum was gone.

So much for the plan, Penny thought in the very back of her mind. But she had no idea how much things were about to change in just a few seconds.

It was the shop class. A minor detail that Beth had forgotten. So there actually was a class that operated in the basement during lunch, which shouldn’t have been an issue anyway, since the shop classroom was on the other side of the building. But, never having been in shop class, Beth didn’t know that, after they finished lunch, the shop students would sneak into the basement before their class started. Then they would come to the boy’s locker room and smoke or goof off or just enjoy hanging out without the teachers’ supervision for a few minutes. There was usually somewhere between three and six of them who hung out here.

Today there were ten.

They had been quiet until the first of them entered the locker room. He was in the midst of asking someone for a cigarette when he was stopped short by the impossible sight before him. Two women, both completely naked except for uniform skirts, were in a sixty-nine and going at each other like mad on a blue wrestling mat on the floor. The guys behind him didn’t notice until, one by one, they bumped into each other and froze in their tracks.

At least six of them said “Holy shit” at the same time.

Penny heard them, but it was too late. She was facing the door, and when she looked up, they were already there–all of them–and they were all staring at her. Beth knew what was happening, too, because she stopped sucking Penny’s pussy and, her body suddenly shivering with fear, she whispered frantically.

“Oh God, oh God,” Beth said. “They can’t see me like this. Don’t let them see me!”

She ducked further beneath Penny’s body, hiding her face by pushing it into her tummy and behind her big breasts. Beth held Penny tight, and her grip tightened more so when she heard the guys beginning to talk, laugh, and worst of all–approach.

Penny wasn’t nearly as worried about being caught as Beth was. If it had been faculty, she could’ve had gone to jail, so this being students made things better. Besides, Penny had been in a few group sex sessions before, and being faced with another possibility was actually very exciting.

“Don’t worry,” she said to Beth. Then, to the circling guys, she took a deep breath and made her offer. “If you guys go away for a minute and let us finish and let her sneak away…I’ll blow whoever wants it.” Penny almost came as she said those words. Surprisingly, Beth came close when she heard them, too.

Every guy celebrated at this offer, except one who looked Penny straight in the eye.

“No deal. I want to fuck,” he said.

Penny tried calling his bluff by buttering up her offer. “I swallow. Or you can cum on my face.”

“Yeah, you’ll swallow,” the little asshole said. “But first, I want to fuck that pussy.”

Part of Penny wanted to bash this creep’s head into the floor, and she didn’t want to give in after what she’d offered. But she also couldn’t deny that having a dick inside her while she gave nine blowjobs was hot as hell. “Deal.” She said. “You can fuck me. Now go–”

“Not you,” the guy said. “I want that pussy,” and he pointed between Beth’s spread legs.

Penny couldn’t answer for Beth, so she waited for the brunette to respond with a yes or no. But when no sound came, Penny realized Beth wouldn’t talk, fearing her voice might be recognized. Penny then ducked down, looking under her body and between her hanging tits and between Beth’s own breasts, peaked with hard nipples, where Beth was still hiding her face.

“Well?” Penny asked. “You want to try something crazy?”

Penny hoped her voice told Beth how much she wanted to do this, despite what a jerk this kid was being. Her prayers were answered when she felt Beth push her face back between her legs and lick her clit.

Guys were already taking their pants off when Penny looked back up. “Ok,” she said. “But if we’re going to do this, no one, and I mean no one better try to see her face. Or we’ll both start yelling rape.”

Penny wasn’t all that concerned about the deal being broken for three reasons. One was the rape threat. Two was because the locker room was already so dim that there was little light to make out facial features as it was. Even she would have a hard time picking any of these guys out of a lineup, and they weren’t being hidden under a skirt like Beth was. And third, Penny was sure that eventually Beth would be too aroused to care, and she’d come out of hiding anyway.

Until that happened, though, Penny was going to do whatever it took to keep her friend’s identity a secret. Even it meant becoming a total cum slut.

But cum slut was apparently just going to be part of it, because the guys seemed to think that the deal made with the jerk applied to them all. They weren’t lining up to be blown. They were all getting in different positions, and as they grew closer and Penny felt their bodies and heard their breathing, she was glad they were taking things further. This was going to be incredible!

Penny tensed as the young men gathered around her. First, of course, was the jerk, who was actually pretty good-looking and had a nicely sized dick. The funny thing was, he suddenly had become shy, because he wasn’t hard and when he kneeled between Beth’s legs and in front of Penny’s face, he shook his flaccid cock and slapped it lightly against Beth’s thigh in attempt to get erect.

Penny decided to let him suffer for a little bit as she waited for the other guys to get in position, which happened very quickly since they all were over-excited and went at once. The first guy to make real contact was an average-dicked guy who pushed himself into Penny’s dripping pussy. He went all the way in on the first, agonizingly slow stroke. Another guy kneeled at Penny’s side, grabbed his big cock by the shaft, and rubbed himself back and forth against the side of her right breast. She could already feel his pre-cum sticking to her there.

A fourth guy gently took Penny’s left hand and guided it to his erection. She grasped it and stroked it, rubbing her thumb over the rubbery head, smearing his pre-cum and lubing him up. It was hard for her to keep her strokes slow with the guy in her pussy already pounding away, but she forced herself to concentrate, because she didn’t want the guy in her hand to cum too soon and shoot her palm instead of her tongue. And things got really intense when she felt Beth’s strong, wet little tongue flicking at her clit, even as this stranger was fucking her!

All the sudden Penny just lost it. She was melting from the attention paid to her pussy, but she felt empty without a cock in her mouth. She lowered her face down to Beth’s thigh where the jerk was still rubbing himself, opened her mouth, and sucked in his half-hard dick. It took him less them three seconds to get a full erection once between her expert lips, which sucked and stroked him as her tongue swirled around his head feverishly. All of the jerk’s rudeness was instantly forgotten as Penny delighted in the taste and feel of his warm cock. In fact, if it wasn’t for his pushing, Penny wouldn’t be getting fucked, prodded, and giving a hand-job right now, so she actually wanted to give him the best blow job possible as a thank you.

Below, the guy fucking her was slowing his strokes because it made things easier for Beth, still hiding under Penny’s skirt. With the guy fucking slower, Beth didn’t have to be careful about her face or head being rammed into, so she licked and sucked Penny’s pussy with more passion and confidence. Beth puckered her lips around Penny’s clit and sucked gently, flicking it with her tongue until she felt Penny tense up, indicating an impending orgasm.

But just before that point of no return came, Beth released her friend and, amazingly, turned her attention to the guy, licking his shaft as he slid in and out, cleaning and tasting the mix of his cum and her girlfriend’s juices. On his in-strokes, the guy’s balls would roll across Beth’s forehead and nose, and when they reached her lips, she’d either kiss them or stick out her tongue for a long, wet lick. A couple times she even took the heavy testicles into her mouth and sucked on them, rolling them with her tongue, and the guy, with his cock fully inside Penny’s pussy, had to use all his concentration not to cum even though he wasn’t moving at all. The clenching walls of Penny’s cunt didn’t help matters, as her body instinctively worked to milk the cum out of him.

“Oh my God, I am in three types of heaven right now!” the guys said. “I’m getting sucked and fucked!”

“What’s the third?” one of the other guys asked through the laughter that followed.

“I’m getting both at the same time!”

More laughter, followed by some sounds of surprise. The other guys knew their buddy was fucking Penny, but the skirt kept the testicle sucking a secret. They thought he was talking about getting sucked in the future tense. One guy was so shocked, he even crawled down and grabbed the hem of Penny’s skirt, wanting to lift it to get a look.

“No peaking!” Beth reminded him when she seen his fingers. She hoped the balls on her tongue changed her voice enough for her to be unrecognized.

None of the guys were about to risk this experience by breaking the only real rule, so they backed off, but that didn’t mean the fucking and sucking was anywhere near over.

The guy fucking Penny began stroking into her again, still slow enough to allow Beth to lick his cock’s underside and his nuts safely. But on one deep, fateful push, Beth opened wide, catching not only his balls, but also Penny’s clit in her mouth. She sucked and licked at both the testicles and the clit. Her face was in such a position that her nose gently poked the guy’s perineum, and since she was breathing through only her nostrils, her breath pushed him in that sensitive area, giving his asshole a breeze, and these senses were just too much. He tensed and called out.

“I’m cumming!”

He moved like he was going to start thrusting, and though Beth understood the instinct, she didn’t want to lose him, so she sucked harder and pushed her face to him harder, digging her nose further against his perineum. She even slipped her hands up and out from under Penny’s skirt and grabbed the guy’s ass to hold him there. Because Beth was focusing on sucking this guy’s balls until the instant he came, she was no longer sucking Penny’s clit. However, her bottom lip was right on Penny’s clit, and the sucking motions rubbed the lip over the hard little nub repeatedly. Suddenly, Penny was tight and trembling and climaxing.

As Penny ground her naked mound against the guy’s hips and Beth’s face, she had an unstoppable urge for cum in her mouth. She knew the jerk–well, now the guy she thought of as ‘the guy formerly known as the jerk’–wanted to fuck Beth, and Penny also knew Beth deserved a nice hard dick inside of her, but in the midst of a life-changing orgasm, none of that mattered.

Besides, there were plenty of other guys for Beth to fuck.

Penny shifted her sucking skills into overdrive. She bobbed and sucked and coiled her tongue until, instantly, the guy was cumming hard in her mouth. She couldn’t help but moan, “Mmmmmm,” the whole time. For his part, the guy cumming was doing his very best to hold back his scream, but he was so overcome, he sounded like he was in pain.

At Penny’s other end, with expert timing Beth dropped her face from her guy’s balls just enough so she could get a hand on the base of his dick and pull him out. Then Penny’s life-changing orgasm became a world-shifting climax as the guy started cumming in Beth’s mouth, which was open and around not just the cock, but also Penny’s clit. Beth licked Penny there rapidly as she jerked the guy off into her own mouth. His cum came in forceful, thick, hot blasts, all of which hit Penny’s clit directly, and then spilled down the flicking female tongue that wrestled it.

Half a minute later, when the cum had stopped, Penny was still audibly swallowing the milky treat which had flooded hr mouth, while Beth alternated between sucking just the other guy’s cock head and licking Penny’s enflamed, cum-soaked clitoris. Each time Beth licked either body part, the person it belonged to shivered uncontrollably. Penny’s cum dose had stayed in her mouth except for a big drop that hit her chin when the guy finally pulled out after he finished. But Beth, because her mouth was never completely closed as she pleased both organs at once, looked a little messier. White jizz lay in spots around her mouth and even on her nose, but because she was hidden, no one but her was aware of it. She licked off what she could reach with her tongue, and then went back to sucking on Penny’s wet pussy lips.

Penny had forgotten all about the guy nudging her breast with his big dick, but only her mind had forgotten the guy she jerked with her hand, because her hand was still jerking it. And because of the intensity of the orgasm from which she was still reeling, her hand moved fast. As soon as Penny realized this and looked to the guy, he was trembling and announced he was cumming. He moved into position, obviously wanting to finish in her mouth, but Penny didn’t want his patience to be rewarded with a mere hand job, even if he did get to cum down her throat.

“Don’t touch it,” she said as he kneeled before her. She released him, letting his dick rest against the side of her face, but otherwise not touching him. She knew that if they both resisted the urge to jerk him off, his orgasm would probably only be like a half-orgasm, and he would be ready to use his cock again much faster, and still have a decent shot left in him.

It worked. The guy used all of his willpower to hold back, but even when he came, he didn’t fully cum. There was one big spurt that shot impossibly high into the air, then came right back down and into Penny’s hair and across the left side of her face. The following gushes of sperm washed over Penny’s cheek the cock was pressed against, coating it thick and white.

The other guys in the locker room ooo-ed and ahh-ed at this sight–none of them had seen a girl take even a moderate facial in real life before. Of course, none of them had seen any of this in real life before.

“Just take a minute to calm down,” Penny said, coaxing the guy away. “I want you to have as much fun as I am. I’ll suck you…later.” The guy backed off, taking deep breaths in an effort to control himself.

Already another couple of guys were stepping into line; one at Penny’s face and one at her rear. The guy behind her reached his target first, pushing his giant cock head into her sopping pussy just as she grabbed the cock of the new guy in front of her with a fist. The guy fucking her was so big Penny couldn’t even concentrate on sucking the other cock. The forward half of her body slumped onto Beth helplessly as the huge dick tunneled into her. She rested her face on Beth’s pussy, closed her eyes tight, and just let the guy have his way with her.

Penny jolted with each in stroke, and not because he was being rough, but because the feeling of him filling her was so god damn incredible. At first she moaned with each of these thrusts, but soon the guy had built up a speed that had her moaning constantly, and she had no choice but to bury her lips in Beth’s cunt to stifle herself. Once given that fresh taste of pussy, Penny began gnawing on Beth’s soft, wet lips, and fucked the brunette’s tight hole with her tongue, even as she continued to cry out from the unbelievable fuck.

As if it had a mind of it’s own, Penny’s hand still gripped the guy in front of her, and held his dick over the top of her head while jerking him steadily and squeezing him tight. While he might have come for a blow job, he wasn’t at all disappointed with the hand job, as evidenced by the fixed expression of lust and disbelief on his face.

Below Penny’s actively fucking pussy, Beth watched in amazement and a little fear as the big cock plowed her friend. Even without seeing his face, Beth knew who this guy was; there was only one guy in school who could have a dick that big. Beth also knew this guy had a girlfriend, which would give her some interesting things to think about later. But right now, she was just trying to keep away from his powerful thrusting.

Apparently he was more into just plain fucking than getting tongued at the same time like his predecessor, because not only did he not slow down to give Beth a chance to pleasure him, he actually raised Penny’s hips a little so Beth couldn’t really reach. Still, once he had built up a rhythm and Beth felt comfortable that he wouldn’t accidentally bang into her, she stuck out her tongue, letting his giant hairy testicles slap against it as they swung back and forth.

This seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, because the guy’s nuts had only battled Beth’s tongue for about thirty seconds when he began grunting and fucking Penny harder and faster. He didn’t announce his orgasm, but everyone could tell based on the crescendo of his grunts. Penny felt like someone had turned on a hose inside of her when he came because there was so much, and it felt so thick, not just in the consistency, but in the circumference of the stream, as it washed through her body. She couldn’t remember feeling so full, and the sperm hadn’t even stopped yet! Penny actually felt a tiny bit of disappointment that she wasn’t receiving this load down her throat, but when some of the white gel began to ooze back out of her and drip from her body, she felt great knowing that at least someone was going to get a facial and a tasty treat out of this.

Just as suspected, when those first drips–which were more like continuous streams from on overfilling pot, really—splashed onto Beth’s face, she instinctively dove for the source. She reached out and grabbed Penny’s ass, pulling it down even with the big guy still pumping his load inside of her. Beth put her mouth flush to the spot where the dick disappeared into Penny–the exact spot where the cum was sloshing out from–and she sucked and licked and slurped the jizz savagely. Funnily enough, the best part for Beth was when the big guy finally pulled out, allowing her to concentrate just on Penny’s cum-loaded pastry.

Beth did everything she could to get as much of the cum out of Penny as fast as possible. She fanatically lapped at the drowned pussy lips. She fucked her powerful little tongue up inside the warm, churning tunnel, curled it, then pulled it back out, drawing with load after load of cum. When even that wasn’t enough, Beth puckered her lips and pressed them as far into Penny’s hole as possible so she could suck the hot seed out directly. While this went unseen to the guys who could only watch Penny’s skirt and use their imaginations to fill in the blanks, the sounds Beth made as she slurped that full pussy were just as prominent as if she had been trying to suck the remnants of a milk shake from the bottom of an empty mug, although these sips weren’t at all annoying. In fact, it was those sounds which sent the guy Penny still stroked into orgasm.

This would be the second guy Penny had unintentionally jerked off, and though she had let the lest go so he’d be better for round two, Beth’s sounds as well as her indescribable touch added too much pleasure for Penny to bear, and she absolutely had to have some cum in her face. The guy began cumming rather quietly, so Penny didn’t even noticed until he started bucking against her hand, by which time a good amount of his load was already in the air.

It fell mostly into her sandy-colored hair, across the back of her head, but as Penny recognized what was happening and turned her head to face him, further cum shots zipped across her left ear, cheek, chin… The last big spurt flung across her bottom lip, into her open mouth and onto her tongue, then across her upper lip and just into her left nostril all at once. But after that Penny had regained control, and everything else he had inside of him spat, hot and gooey, into her mouth where she swirled it around his pulsing head before swallowing.

The strange thing about this guy was that, even when he was done cumming, he moved as though he was still in orgasm. His cock stayed hard, and so Penny still sucked it. Overcome with lust, he grabbed Penny’s hair, sinking his fingers into the long strands highlighted with sperm, and then pulled it, roughly, though not enough for Penny to get anything out of it but unexpected enjoyment. She sucked him hard when he tugged her, taking him deeper, and he forced himself deeper at the same time. The result was a gagging throat job, which Penny knew she’d regret in a couple hours when it would hurt to swallow or even talk, but at the moment she was loving it–and feeling Beth still nibbling her pussy made things all the better. Penny would’ve let him fuck her throat for as long as she could stand it, but he only had a few seconds in him until he pulled out and literally fell backward onto the floor, panting. For her part, Penny left him gasping for a breath, and a couple tears from her eyes mingled with the cum on her cheeks.

Four down, six to go, Penny thought, smiling and beaming inside. But it was then that she realized Beth, though in no way ignored, was getting the short end of the stick so far. The petite brunette with the big rack hadn’t been fucked yet, and though she had a very filling cream pie all to herself, she hadn’t had her own cock yet. Penny knew she owed Beth for what was going down right now, so she had to come up with something.

As it was, Penny’s twice fucked and once vigorously sucked pussy needed some cool-down time anyway. Beth apparently wasn’t tired of eating the bald muff, because she was still taking long, eager licks and giving it deep, passionate kisses even after all the white filling had been sucked and gulped down. Beth’s hunger and Penny’s need for a time out gave Penny an idea.

She sat up on her knees, straddling Beth’s face, and presenting her girlfriend with an entirely different hole. Penny had tongued guys there before, and she’d had a finger up her bum on a couple occasions, but otherwise she usually veered away from the anal area. Today, though, it just seemed right–maybe because, since her body was already so on edge from the taboo of this whole situation, the naughtiness of some virgin anal play only added a current to the electricity flowing through her body. If she couldn’t try it now, she might never have the nerve or the desire to try it again.

Fortunately Beth seemed to feel the same apprehension mixed with daring excitement. She did not just jump into this new prospect, but she was obviously intrigued. As the guys watched, not seeing under Penny’s skirt but knowing what was likely going on underneath, and confirming it by watching the expressions on Penny’s face, Beth licked the bottom of Penny’s ass. Since Penny was a little bit on the heavy side, her legs needed to be spread further to allow a direct route to her anus, as her deliciously plump cheeks concealed the little bud.

As Beth nibbled, kissed, and licked at Penny’s ass, fire and lightening rolled up Penny’s spine. She didn’t know if Beth would actually go for it and tongue her there or not, and in a way, not knowing made it even better because each touch filled Penny with the anticipation of what might come next, and how far–or close, depending on your point of view–Beth had come already. Penny was so excited, she grabbed her own breasts and rolled her hard nipples in her fingers. She tried to take slow breaths to control herself, but instead every other breath she took caught in her throat.

The next phase of Penny’s plan in mounting Beth this way came naturally. With Penny straddling Beth’s face, the rest of Beth’s body was uncovered. The skirt Beth wore was bunched up around her waist, so the guys had an unencumbered view of her taut little cunt and the greatest pair of tits on the planet…well, maybe the second greatest pair, since, now that she was sitting up, Penny’s magnificent Ds were fully visible for the first time, too.

After a bit of playful arguing, one of the guys, a blond surfer-looking type–won out the rights to test the mystery girl’s muff first. He got between Beth’s legs and entered her slowly. Even though she was so wet the mat below her was slick, Beth was also so tight that she still couldn’t be entered in under six seconds. Of course, it wasn’t too much longer than that when the surfer started pumping, holding her narrow hips to steady himself.

Another new guy stepped right in front of Penny and presented his dick, but just as she was about to take it in her mouth, he dropped down and squatted on Beth’s tummy (the surfer fucking Beth gave a memorable expression of horror when he almost brushed this new guy’s ass with his face on the way down). Once there, the new guy rested his hard-on between Beth’s firm Cs. Now understanding, Penny actually helped him out and reached down to push Beth’s breasts together around him. Fortunately the guy had already been jerking off, and had lubed himself with a good amount of pre-cum, while Beth’s body was slippery enough from her own sweat to accommodate the afternoon’s first tit-fucking.

As he fucked the young chest, the new guy also found himself with an eye full of Penny’s tits, and he ducked a little so he could lap them with his tongue. Since his hands were free, he used them to move Penny’s boobs accordingly, pushing them together or drawing one to him for some nipple sucking. The guy didn’t look like he had a freakishly big mouth, but she swore he was getting more tit between his lips than any other guy had with her, and it felt awesome. As if that weren’t enough, an occasional stroke between Beth’s boobs below brought his cock head right up to Penny’s clit, giving it just the right amount of tease to get her juices flowing.

The next guy to take part was the first black guy, which Penny was particularly excited about since he would be the first black guy she’d ever been with. Even as he approached her with an unexpectedly shy stance–his hands loosely covered his groin–she could tell from the flesh peeking out that he fit the big-cock stereotype. He wasn’t the biggest in this crowd, or even the second biggest from what she’d seen, but big nonetheless, and Penny actually licked her cum-laced lips in anticipation.

Obviously the guy didn’t want to have the tit-fucker’s head to worry about, so rather than stand over him, the black guy stood to the side. Penny turned to face him, and since her hands were busy holding Beth’s tits together–and occasionally pinching her nipples–Penny had to move her head to take him. He was either teasing her or he was really shy, because the guy didn’t help direct his dick into her mouth, but let Penny fish for it with her face and even stuck out her tongue to try and wrangle him up. When she finally did catch his tip with a curled tongue, she continued the tease by licking him good instead of sinking her mouth over him, and his moans told her she had made the right decision.

It wasn’t a precision blow job, which actually made it more fun for the both of them. Penny’s tongue accidentally batted the big hard cock away as much is it drew it closer, and this often resulted in the erection swinging and gently slapping against Penny’s face. The guy must have really loved playing hard to get, because he never helped Penny out. He just let her use her face and tongue to maneuver his member, which left him feeling his cock against her nose and forehead. Penny was surprised he wasn’t turned off when some of the other guys’ cum on her face touched him, but maybe he didn’t mind because she was so quick to lick it away.

This oral tango the two of them played continued until, with the underside of the black dick rubbing up against her nose, Penny saw a chance to seize his balls, and so she took it. She wrapped her lips around his nuts and sucked. Her mouth had been getting dry, but now she found it watering again, and she swirled her saliva around the testicles as she gobbled them. She savored every second.

Below, Penny felt like the guy sucking her had half of one of her huge boobs in his mouth, and his tongue seemed to be everywhere on it at once. He held her breasts gently, but his skin was rough, and she delighted in the contrast.

Below that, Beth was still being tentative with Penny’s ass, though she was obviously enjoying herself. She still hadn’t gone so far as to actually spread Penny’s cheeks and lick her rosebud, but the conflict she had in wanting to try it but also too afraid to go forward made her all the more wet. And even as this temptation drove her crazy, Beth was getting very thoroughly pounded by the guy between her legs, giving her pussy a much-needed toy to chew on. As she took his thrusts, Beth switched from licking and kissing Penny’s ass cheeks to gnawing on them and gently biting the flesh.

As good as the cock in her mouth was, and as good as her tits were feeling as they were sucked and kneaded, Penny couldn’t help but realize that what Beth was doing to her was generating the most heat and rampant arousal of all. It was such an erotic rush for Penny to realize that even at a time like this when she was so bold and free with herself, she could also be afraid of and intimidated by something new. To know, despite all of her raunchy experiences, that she could still find innocence in herself was beyond thrilling. God, how she wanted to feel the brunette’s hot little tongue in her ass; but at the same time she hoped Beth would never move past this teasing.

“Oh man!” one of the guys exclaimed, breaking both girls’ concentration. “I’m there…Where do you want me to cum?”

It was the guy fucking Beth; the surfer guy. By the way he had suddenly increased his pounding, he didn’t have more than a couple seconds to wait for answer. And because Beth couldn’t see who had asked the question, she wasn’t likely to answer. Penny took it upon herself to give him the good news, sure that Beth would agree.

“Cum inside her,” Penny said, letting the back balls dribble out of her mouth. “Fill her good, cause I’m gonna suck that shit out in a minute!”

The surfer guy was crying out instantly, holding Beth’s thighs and shoving himself against her as he emptied his load deep inside. Beth screamed out as she felt the waves of cum spilling through her, and she had to press her wide open mouth against Penny’s bare ass to stifle the sound.

This orgasm sparked a chain of them, with the tit fucker humping Beth’s chest and tasting Penny’s the next to go. Even as streams of jizz were still shooting into Beth’s body from the guy between her legs, the tit-fucker announced his climax. He pushed his face full into Penny’s cleavage and lunched his hips forward, driving just the very tip of his penis into Penny’s pussy. Penny wasn’t sure what, exactly, he wanted–to be fully inside of her, to be closer to Beth’s face, or maybe he was happy where he was–but she grabbed him, adjusted her position slightly, and decided to give him everything.

She jerked the guy off and moved his rod slightly up and down while doing it, so he was going back and forth from having his cock head just barely inside her to rubbing against her clit. When his sperm was unleashed, the thickness and pressure of its stream massaged the folds of her pussy and her clitoris. But Penny had reluctantly moved her ass from Beth’s mouth and positioned the girl’s cunt over her face instead, so rather than going inside Penny, the cum sprayed back or spilled down, right onto Beth’s face and into her waiting, open mouth. The guy couldn’t see this because of the skirt and because of the giant tits in his face, but he knew as soon as he felt Beth smothering his cock with licks and kisses as it continued to shoot cum and jerk from Penny’s hand.

Somehow Penny had managed to do all of this while continuing to lick and suck at the black cock at her face, but as soon as she felt Beth’s tongue lapping at the steamy sperm flowing over her pussy, Penny lost her control. She engulfed the black cock and sucked it hard for one deep stroke, but that was all it took. The guy pulled himself out immediately, either as a failed attempt to hold off his explosion, or because he just really wanted to give Penny a facial instead of a blast down her throat.

He ended up getting both, because when Penny tried to recapture his spewing shaft, he again kept it at bay. The result was her only barely getting her lips around the spongy head, and having to then use her tongue to lap at the creamy discharge like she would at a stream from a water fountain. This brought plenty of his white treat into her mouth to taste and swish and swallow, but an awful lot of it squirted all over her mouth and dribbled down her chin, then under her chin and down her neck. Because she was still facing to the side, the gobs of cum that dripped off her face spilled onto her shoulder rather than on the guy moaning into her tits, who was still, by the way, jetting cum onto her clit and Beth’s face.

The last of the former tit-fucker’s cum was finally drizzling onto Beth’s face when she hit a remarkable orgasm. The sensations had actually been too much; a hard dick between her legs, pumping her with sperm; her breasts wet and sticky and on fire from having been just fucked; the brushing of hairy, swinging balls against her chest as the guy there was jerked off; the hot, seemingly unending downpour of semen onto her face; the sweet smell of Penny’s excitement just inches above her nose. It was all too much–and her body needed this momentary lapse to pull it all together for a long-awaited climax. She began gasping for air, and flailed her arms and legs in a panic as the storm in her blood grew stronger, stronger…

“I need a cock! Give me a cock! Fuck! Fuck!”

Penny knew what was happening, and wanted to help out as much as she could. The black cock had just finished cumming anyway, so she left it, then pushed the guy straddling Beth’s chest away and dropped back down into the good old sixty-nine, planting her nose right into the entrance of Beth’s cream-filled vagina and licking the girl’s sizzling clit.

Behind her, one of the guys who’d until now just been watching and jerking off to the whole scene granted Beth’s hysteric demand. He got down behind Penny, pushed his dick under her skirt, and had his erection just to Beth’s lips when the orgasm finally hit her hard, tossing her body inside out, tightening every muscle she had and sending ripples of pleasure through her bones. She devoured his cock with such aggressiveness and frenzy that the guy was cumming in record time, pouring himself into her. He grew light-headed from the way her fanatical screams reverberated onto his shuddering cock.

Penny sucked and licked and consumed Beth’s pussy and the treat within it with the same gusto that Beth had shown her when the roles had been reversed just a few minutes ago. She slurped as much of the cum out from Beth’s crotch as possible, pausing only to make sure Beth’s clit never went too long without more direct attention.

Beth was still on fire, still guzzling cum, and still reeling from her greatest orgasm when the school bell rang. She heard one of the guys say what time it was. Classes were resuming. If Beth was right, then there still wouldn’t be any classes in the basement for another hour or so, but it was only during the lunch period that the basement was off limits. Someone could come walking by. Plus, these guys needed to get to class or someone would come looking for them. And besides, Beth had also forgotten about the shop class altogether. Who knows what other surprises might await?

By Penny’s quick count, there were still two guys who hadn’t participated yet, and two others–the former jerk and the hand-job half-cummer–who had unfinished business. This had to end quickly, so Penny needed to be creative.

She had promised to suck the half-cummer, so she beckoned to him even as she maneuvered her body once again. Keeping Beth’s face hidden beneath her skirt, Penny climbed off her friend until they made an L shape on the blue mat–Penny was still on all fours, and Beth was still on her back, but they connected at Beth’s face and Penny’s crotch.

This enabled the former jerk to approach Beth’s pussy as first promised, one of the new guys to mount Penny from behind, and the last new guy to stand to the side of his friend–rather than sitting naked on top of him–and offer his dick under Penny’s skirt to Beth.

Penny expected the half-cummer to kneel in front of her for his blow-job, but she was pleasantly surprised when he opted to crawl under her and present his hard-on to her hanging breasts. She felts tingles of excitement when he grabbed her heavy boobs and suffocated his cock with them, and felt a further rush when he began bucking into her cleavage. She looked down, relishing in the feel of the cum on her face cascading across her skin, and made sure to lick at his cock head each time it emerged from her ample flesh.

The guy behind Penny also turned out to be creative. Apparently apprehensive about putting his dick where another, larger cock had already cum, this guy opted to instead fuck Penny’s ass crack (though she was sure she would have loved it, she was glad he didn’t try to take her anal virginity…that was something, as crazy as it sounded even to her, that she still needed to think about). The guy was lubed up nicely with spit and pre-cum, and he simply rubbed his buttered up cock between Penny’s round, generous cheeks. As he plunged back and forth, his balls plopped against the bottom of her ass where Beth’s saliva still remained, and just above that tantalizing spot Penny still forbade herself to yet indulge.

Beth, meanwhile, was still catching her breath from that last orgasm when she felt a cock slipping into her juicy cunt. The guy actually took a hold of her ass and lifted her halfway off the mat so he could better sink into her, and she wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles behind his back to keep him close.

The last dick of the afternoon poked her on the top of her head when it first appeared under the skirt, but rather than adjust, the guy rubbed himself all over her dark, silky hair, no doubt smearing pre-cum into her that would definitely cause problems, but she enjoyed it immensely anyway. Beth actually took this as an opportunity to use her fingers to push some of the built-up portions of sperm on her face toward her mouth, giving this guy a slightly cleaner slate once he finally went for her mouth. She swallowed the facial cum greedily, sucking her fingers clean.

The guy in Beth’s hair eventually moved to her forehead then bobbled his cock hole on the tip of her nose. She seized the moment and grabbed him with her mouth, and from then on that was all he wanted. She sucked him slowly but firmly, and took him deep so she could feel his warm balls rest against her nose.

The guy tit-fucking Penny was the first to go. He called out, and Penny replaced her tits with her hands to jerk him, and she took him into mouth, letting him fill her. She was pleasantly surprised by how much jizz he had to offer considering he’d already lost some earlier. When he finished, Penny didn’t swallow or dare open her mouth, but she did pucker her lips and lightly kiss his testicles before letting him scramble out from under her and go for his clothes.

The next guy was the former jerk, who was probably everyone in the room’s favorite person right now. He slammed into Beth’s body as he clutched her ass, and then, just before cumming, he let her down, pulled out and jerked himself against her lips, freeing his head to shoot a good few rounds of sperm at her tummy. The first two didn’t go too far, but the third passed all the way to the top of Beth’s right breast, leaving a bold streak of white across her areola and nipple, and leading a trail down to her belly button.

The last guys came together just as the former jerks spurts were turning into dribbles. The guy being blown by Beth erupted into her mouth, and she accepted it with a happy and satisfied “Mmmmm”. She jerked him empty while teasingly trying to plug his spewing hole with the tip of her tongue.

And finally, the guy fucking Penny’s ass crack indicated his orgasm by spreading Penny’s cheeks apart and then back together again, running himself into as deep and tight a fit as possible. Strings and splatters of warm, white goo rained across Penny’s back, and she shuddered at every drop. But the real event was when, during one of his last strokes, the guy just barely grazed Penny’s asshole with the underside of his shaft. And then he did it again.

This wasn’t enough to send Penny into orgasm, but it was such a wonderful, startling shock that she was momentarily disabled by the sensations that spurred through her. It didn’t make sense to her why she should be so willing to do all of these things, and yet be so unsure about experiencing what anal could give her, and yet it was that very distress that made it such a fucking turn on. She almost choked on her mouthful of sperm.

When the guys left, they didn’t cheer or talk about their individual experiences as Penny and Beth expected. Instead, they were abnormally quiet. Maybe it was because they had managed to get away with making enough noise, and didn’t want to press their luck. Or maybe they were so overwhelmed with the weight of what had just gone down that they didn’t know how to respond. A couple had asked for Penny’s name and number, but she politely declines. She wasn’t against a repeat performance, but she didn’t know if seeing any of them again might threaten Beth’s secret. One thing was for sure, though–the guys never once tried to sneak a peek at the girl under Penny’s skirt…and the fake tattoo Beth had on her breast would do well to throw them off her trail.

Alone again, Beth and Penny embraced on the mat and kissed each other with their cum-filled mouths. They swapped and drank the warm loads of semen, feeling exhilaration as it flowed down their throats into their stomachs. They licked each other clean in some areas, and used their hands to rub the sticky mess into their skin on other parts. Beth was thankful that the only cum in her hair was minimal in amount and thickness, and mostly translucent in color, so it was easy to work in and hide at least until she could go home and wash it out. Penny wasn’t so concerned. After she dressed she just ran for it, not caring if she was seen as long as she wasn’t caught. Beth could always claim to be late for class for a variety of reasons–plenty of kids skipped, so who would really care? But as a non-student, Penny wasn’t prepared to answer questions.

It had been a carnal, lustful event. There was nothing in it for Penny about love, except, perhaps, for the love of being carnal and lustful. She had taken complete strangers into her body, into her mouth, down her throat. She let them lick her and cum on her as though she were a sex toy made explicitly for their gratification. She had swallowed their offerings and begged for their flesh like a whore. No, there was no bit of romance in the whole situation.

Which is why, during her cum-laced goodbye kiss to Beth, Penny felt such strong, unrelenting emotions for the sexy little brunette; emotions that couldn’t be described just as carnal or lustful. No, this was something more. Penny had never felt that way about a guy before. She hadn’t felt that way about anyone. Ever. And as she tried to come up with why that was, Penny challenged herself to pick what one moment was her favorite of the whole lunch break experience. But as she tried to come up with it, her mind kept dragging her back to that soft, single goodbye kiss…

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