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Member of the Club, That Night

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The orgy began to wind down after that. Most of the guys started to pair up and disappear from the playroom. I decide that 4 loads of cum in my asshole and sucking 5 cocks is probably enough for one night. I say good night to Ken and Alex and try to remember the way to my room. I am still naked at this point, and so I decide to grab my clothes form the other room before I go to bed. As I exit the playroom I see 2 of the applicants standing outside the room.

Both of them are holding a different stack of folded clothing. I recognize my own and guess the other clothes belong to another of the blindfolded bottoms. I take my clothes and thank him. 

I walk to my room, with a bit of a stumble in my step. I smile at the memories of tonight. I walk up the stairs to my room as notice the two burly men and an applicant that I recognize as the puppy who first showed me to my room, standing outside my door. I smile and say hi. I notice one of the burly guys is holding a black gym bag. I recognize him as the bear who lapped a t my cum filled asshole earlier. The bears are shirtless and wearing only leather pants and boots. The puppy is wearing the uniform that is required of all the applicants: black dress pants, black loafers, white button up shirt, black bow tie, and black vest. I look at them and ask, “What’s going on guys?”

The one bear smiles and says, “Well I enjoyed my snack and I thought Wayne here would like a taste too.” He pointed to the other burly guy. I smiled, realizing that my night wasn’t quite over yet.

Wayne was smiling as he said, “Yeah I think I would like a taste of that asshole of yours. We even brought little Tim here so he could play too.” He gestured to the puppy at his side.

I smiled and said, “Well then, let’s step inside.”

I then opened the room and we all went in. I was already naked, so I turned around and said with a smirk, “I think you are all over dressed.” 

The bears smirk and the puppy’s face lights up. He looks at the bears, silently asking permission. Wayne smirks at him and says, “Go ahead boy. Get naked.”

Tim quickly strips naked. I look at the bears and ask, “So, what now?”

Wayne says, “For starters, you and little Timmy get on the bed on your hands and knees, facing each other. I’m going to lick that asshole of yours and Bruce is going to lick little Timmy.”

Tim and I then quickly assumed our positions on the bed. Wayne got behind me and pulled my as cheeks apart and slid his wet tongue up my asshole. I saw Bruce do the same to Tim. We both moaned at the feeling of having our asshole rimmed by the two bears. I saw Bruce’s face buried between Tim’s ass cheeks and knew Wayne was doing the same. It was very hot watching the little puppy’s face as his asshole was being expertly licked, all the while enjoying the tongue in my own asshole. 

Tim and I were both moaning and we could hear the grunts of Wayne and Bruce as they enjoyed our assholes. I began to clinch my asshole around Wayne’s tongue and heard him chuckle as I did so. I looked at Tim and said, “Clinch your asshole around his tongue. They really like that.”

Tim smiled and I heard Bruce chuckle as Tim’s asshole tightened around his tongue. Bruce began to pull my ass cheeks back into his face and really lick deep. I moaned loudly as I felt his wet tongue really work my asshole. My cock was fully hard and I could see Tim’s cock was also hard. Tim’s face and mine were inches apart. We made eye contact through half closed eyes. We both smiled at the pleasure we were receiving. Both of us on our hands and knees while two burly bears licked our assholes deeply.

Wayne then stopped licking my asshole and said, “Well, I think it’s time for the next show. Don’t you?”

Bruce agreed. Tim and I were ordered, still on our hands and knees on the bed, this time with our asses pointed at each other. I saw Bruce grab the gym bag and retrieve a massive black double headed dildo. I gasped as I guessed the purpose for our positions. Bruce smirked and said, “Yep. You know what happens next, don’t you boy?”

I nodded and heard a gasp and moan from Tim as he looked around to see what was going on. Bruce then climbed onto the bed and spit on the dildo. He rubbed the spit over both ends. I felt Wayne grab may ass cheeks and pry them apart. Bruce then began working the massive head of the rubber cock into my asshole. I moaned as it popped into my asshole. Bruce then worked the cock deeper into me. He gave me a few thrusts in and out.

Wayne then let go of my ass cheeks and spread Tim’s ass cheeks apart. Bruce then worked the other end of the dildo into Tim’s asshole. I heard Tim moan loudly as the cock entered his wet hole. Bruce and Wayne then pressed Tim’s and my ass cheeks together, pushing the dildo deeper into us. We both moaned at the depth and width of the massive rubber cock.

Wayne then stood in front of me and said, “Now I want you two to fuck each other hard. I want to hear the sounds of your ass cheeks smacking against each other.”

Tim and I eagerly obliged. We started to work our assholes over the dildo and then press it back in. We picked up our pace pretty quick. The sounds of our ass cheeks smacking against each other filled the room. We both began to moan and groan at the feeling of this. Wayne was still standing in front of me. His crotch was level with my face. I saw him massage his cock through his pants. He then smirked at me as I looked up at his face. I was still rocking my body back and forth on the giant cock in my asshole. 

Wayne then unzipped his pants and removed his big hard cock. He smacked his cock against my face and lips a few times, then he said, “Ok boy. Now open up. You’re gonna suck my cock while you fuck each other.” I took his cock into my mouth and moaned as I took it deep into my throat. I heard Tim moan behind me and realized he was doing the same to Bruce’s cock. 

Tim and I continued to work the massive rubber cock into each other’s assholes as we sucked these big hard cocks. We began to really work up the speed. Both of us going forward to deep throat the cocks in our mouths, then slamming back to jam the double headed dildo deeper into our assholes. We were moaning around the cocks very loudly. I could hear the sounds of our ass cheeks as they smacked against each other. 

I could hear Bruce saying to Tim, “That’s it boy. Take that cock in your throat. I want to see you fuck that rubber dong hard as you suck my cock.”

Tim really picked up speed and I did as well. Wayne started to moan and said, “This boy knows how to work a cock. Look at these boys take that rubber cock all the way up their asses. I bet they can’t get enough cock. I bet we could fuck them all night and they will still come back for more.”

Bruce laughed and said, “Shit dude. We are going to fuck them all night. I want to see how much cum these boys can handle.”

At this, Bruce and Wayne began to fuck Tim’s and my mouth. Tim and I kept up the pace and speed of our fucking the dildo as our mouths and throats were roughly fucked by these two leather clad bears. Wayne then started to moan out, “Fuck dude! This little boy is about to make me cum. Keep going I want you to swallow all I give you, boy. That’s it. Just like that.”

Wayne’s cock then exploded a giant shot of cum right down my throat. Wayne groaned out loudly as I took his cock deep into my throat and swallowed every drop he gave me. Wayne was holding my head and moaning loudly. I continued to slowly suck Wayne’s cock as I heard Bruce say, “I’m almost there boy. Don’t you dare stop. Keep sucking. Yes!”

I heard Bruce moan loudly and Tim moan as I imagined him swallowing spurt after spurt of Bruce’s cum. Wayne and Bruce kept us in that position as they enjoyed our mouths on their cocks. Bruce then removed his cock from my mouth. I tried to catch my breath as I continued to fuck myself on the massive dildo. I heard Tim breathing loudly as well, and looked back to see Wayne had pulled his cock out as well. 

I looked down and saw Tim’s hard cock swinging freely as our momentum had it bouncing like mine. Bruce must have noticed what I was looking at. He suddenly smirked and said, “Hey Wayne, why don’t we let these two play for now?”

Bruce looked at us and said, “Sure. Why not.”

I felt Wayne reach over me and grab the dildo. Wayne’s semi hard cock was right in my face again. I felt a little frisky, so I reached my tongue out and licked his cock head. Wayne laughed as I continued to lick his cock head like and ice cream cone. He then slid it out of mine and Tim’s assholes. Tim and I both moaned at the feeling of that massive cock leaving our asses.

Bruce then had me lay on my back on the bed. Tim was then ordered to 69 me. Tim climbed up over me. He then took my cock in his mouth as I took his in mine. We started a nice slow sucking of each others cocks. 

Bruce was apparently enjoying the show, because he started saying, “Yeah, suck that cock. Look at these to boys go. Now this is something to watch.”

Tim and I really started working the cocks in our mouths. I took Tim’s cock deep into my throat and swallowed around his cock head. I heard Tim moan loudly around my cock. I even felt his body shake. Apparently no one had ever worked his cock like this. I then felt a tongue start licking my asshole again. I looked up and saw Bruce start licking Tim’s asshole again. I was so turned on now. My asshole was being licked deep by a hot bear as a twink was sucking my cock. I got to enjoy sucking the twink’s cock as I watched his asshole being rimmed by Bruce. I knew I couldn’t last long with all this going on, so I took Tim’s cock back into my throat and really worked it. Then I would suck along the shaft until I was sucking and licking his cock head. I could hear the moans coming from Tim as I did this. I felt a slight tremor in Tim. I took his cock back into my throat and swallowed over and over. 

This action sent Tim over the edge as he worked my cock. I felt the first spurt of Tim’s cum shoot down my throat as he doubled his efforts on my cock. My own orgasm hit me soon afterwards. My hips jumped as I shot my cum deep into Tim’s willing mouth. We both continued sucking each other as our assholes were being licked. I moaned as I sucked the last drops of cum from the cock in my mouth. I heard Tim do the same. We both then resumed sucking each other’s cocks at a slower pace, just enjoying the action. 

Tim and I continued to moan around the cock’s in our mouths while our asshole were still being rimmed deeply. I then saw Bruce stop licking Tim’s asshole and say, “I’m nice and hard again. How about you dude.? You ready to fuck some boy ass?”

Wayne removed his tongue from my asshole as he said, “Damn right I am. These two boys need a hot injection of cum in their assholes. Don’t you boys?”

Both Tim and I, still sucking each other’s cocks, moaned out an affirmative. Tim and I were then ordered to get back on our hands and knees, facing each other. I could see Bruce standing behind Tim holding his now hard cock in his hand. He slowly stroked his cock as he smirked at me. Then without warning, Bruce and Wayne shoved their big hard cocks all the way into mine and Tim’s assholes. Tim and I both arched our backs and moaned loudly and the sudden deep ass intrusions. Wayne then started to really pound my asshole deep and hard. I could see Bruce gripping Tim’s hips and he fucked him roughly.

Tim and I were moaning loudly and our bodies were being pushed forward at each deep hard thrust of the cocks plunging into our assholes. My eyes were glued to Bruce’s cock as it was continuously rammed deep into Tim’s asshole. I enjoyed watching every inch disappear between Tim’s ass cheeks. My own asshole was being thoroughly fucked by Wayne. I clinched my asshole around Wayne’s hard cock, making him moan loudly. 

Wayne grunted, “That’s it boy. Tighten that asshole on my cock. Keep it nice and tight as I fuck your boy hole. Fuck you feel good. I’m going to fill your asshole so full of cum, and you’re gonna love it all. Aren’t you boy?” 

I moaned out, “Yes Sir. I love feeling cum in my asshole. Please fuck me hard Sir. Fill my asshole with your cum.”

I heard Bruce moan louder now too. I looked over and saw Bruce’s teeth clinched as he slammed his cock deep into Tim’s asshole. Bruce grunted, “Yeah. This boy’s working my cock too. That’s right. You stay nice and tight. Clinch that boy ass. You two boy’s get to enjoy all our cum. Now take my hard cock.”

Tim moaned out, “Thank you Sir. Please cum inside me, too. Fuck my puppy hole hard Sir.” 

Both Wayne and Bruce were grunting and moaning as they enjoyed our tight assholes. Tim’s and my mouths were wide open as we moaned like cock crazed sluts. We were both having our tight assholes pounded, and we loved every second of it. Bruce was pulling Tim’s hips back into him as he slammed his cock forward, going deeper into Tim’s willing asshole. Wayne was doing the same to me. I felt his hands gripping my hips tightly as he slammed deeper and deeper into my own hole.

Wayne began to really pick up the pace and depth. I began to really clinch my asshole around his cock as hard as I could. Wayne moaned loudly at the feeling of my asshole clinching around his cock. Wayne began to pull his cock out of my asshole completely. I would feel the “pop” as his cock head exited my puckered hole. He would then ram it back into my boy hole, balls deep. I moaned loudly as his cock left my asshole. Then moaned deeply as it was plunged back in. 

I saw Bruce pull out of Tim’s asshole. Bruce then began to use on Tim the same technique that I was receiving. Tim and I were beyond speaking. All we could do was moan and take the hard ass pounding we were receiving. Bruce then plunged his cock back into Tim’s asshole and began a thorough ass wrecking. Bruce drove his cock into Tim’s asshole hard and fast, as he pulled Tim’s hips forcefully back to meet his thrusts. 

Tim’s whole body was being battered back and forth. His moans were loud and fast. I wondered briefly if Tim was going to cum, just by being ass fucked. But my attention was soon averted, as Wayne plunged his hard cock back into my hole and started to drill me just as hard and fast. We were truly a sight to see: 2 twinks on our hand and knees moaning like the cock sluts we are as 2 burly bears rampage inside of our asshole with their massive cocks.

My and Tim’s moans grew louder and faster as the pace of the cocks slamming our assholes grew faster and faster. I felt Wayne’s grip on my hips tighten. I knew he would soon fill my waiting asshole with his hot cum. I tried to push back into him, but his fast and hard pace didn’t allow me to do anything but take it. Wayne and Bruce started to grunt and moan louder and louder.

Wayne then slammed his cock hard and deep into my asshole as his cock erupted with a shower of cum deep into my needy ass. I moaned as I felt his hot man seed coat my insides. I continued to clinch and relax my asshole as I milked his cock. I wanted all his cum inside me.

Bruce then slammed home his hard cock into Tim’s asshole as his cock erupted inside Tim’s ass. Tim moaned loudly as he enjoyed the feeling of the hot cum spraying his insides. Bruce and Wayne kept up a steady slow pace as their cocks were milked of all the remaining cum. We were all breathing hard now. Wayne slipped his cock out of my asshole. He then smacked his semi hard cock against my ass cheeks and asshole. I moaned as I felt a few stray drops hit my skin. Bruce then pulled out of Tim’s asshole and ran his cock head up and down Tim’s ass crack, leaving a stream of excess cum in its wake.

Bruce then suddenly smacked Tim’s ass cheeks, causing Tim to jump and yelp at the sudden “spank.”

Wayne and Bruce both laughed at the puppy as he collapsed onto his stomach, with a exhausted but joyful smile on his face. I collapsed as well and caught my breath. Wayne and Bruce then flopped down on the bed beside us. I felt Wayne’s hands rubbing up and down my back, as I moaned at the sudden tenderness of the scene. Wayne then leaned forward and whispered into me ear, “I always love a good hard fuck of a boy’s asshole. But you should know, we aint done yet. As soon as Bruce and I are ready again, you and Timmy are going to get fucked hard again.”

I moaned at the thought of another hard anal pounding as I said, “Promise?”

Bruce then chuckled as he said, “Oh yeah. Next time, I’m going to have a go at that asshole and Wayne’s going to pound this puppy’s ass.” He then smacked Tim’s ass cheek again. Tim was barely conscious at this point but was able to say, “I can go for more cock anytime.”

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