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Home for Spring Break

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Katie turned twenty one right before Spring Break of this past year, and I was sure she was going to go to Fort Lauderdale or some equally alcohol drenched beach resort with her friends, after all, that’s what I did when I was 21 and in college.

But instead, my little girl called me up a few weeks before and said she was coming home to see me and she was bringing her girlfriend.

She had come out to me several months earlier, and although I was shocked, I thought I handled it pretty well for a mom in her late forties who had been brought up on traditional values, and tried to do the same with my kid.

I knew Katie’s girlfriend’s name was Nicole, but I hadn’t seen a picture, or gotten so much as a description. I was envisioning all the stereotypes. I thought she’d be some ultra butch chick with short dirty blond hair wearing jeans and a t shirt, her wallet tucked in to her back pocket, secured by a chain hooked to her belt, it’s awful I know, but Moms always think the worst when their kids are involved. My Katie is ultra fem, so I just knew whoever she had taken up with would be the man in their relationship. I was right about that, but completely wrong about the look.

When my daughter arrived she looked just how I remembered her, Katie plays tennis so she stays active and fit. She has long brown hair that she fusses over incessantly, green sparkling eyes and a pretty white smile her father paid dearly for. I don’t know what I was expecting, like a big L stamped on her forehead or something, again, I thought the worst and no such thing materialized.

“Mom, I want you to meet Nicole.” Katie said after we’d shared a long initial embrace. Nicole was stunning. She did have blonde hair, but it was long and wavy. Her blue eyes were engaging and her figure was amazing. She stood about the same height as Katie, and was dressed in shorts, a college t-shirt and flip flops, just like my kid. In fact, seeing them together made it hard to remember they were romantically involved, it was more like when my daughter was young and she’d bring her friends around to play.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you Nicole.” I said in my best mom voice.

“It’s nice to meet you as well Ms. Johnson.” Nicole said, giving me a friendly hug.

“Oh call me Debbie, please.” I insisted as I ushered them into the house.

We all went inside and I offered something to drink, I was taken aback when Nicole asked if I had any wine. I scolded myself for thinking of these young women as girls and went into the basement to find a bottle of cabernet. When I came back I found them mid kiss and tried not to look too flabbergasted, I don’t know how successful I was. They broke their kiss as soon as they realized I was in the room. Nicole used a finger to casually wipe her lip. My baby girl was giving this girl tongue! I wanted to be pissed off, or at least I thought I should be; as it turned out, I was moist.

We sipped our wine and traded small talk about school and about my job, Nicole complemented me on my looks more than once; I was flattered in a strange sort of way. We talked about Katie’s dad and our divorce; just all the things girls talk about, except boys. Initially I had to keep myself from asking if they had met any cute guys. It’s just kind of the normal thing to ask, and my brain was having a hard time not going there. But as the conversation wore on, I noticed these women were taken with each other. It was in the way they looked at each other, it was how they finished each other’s stories, and it was the way they yielded to each other in the conversation. Ultimately I understood these two were really into each other, and happy. When you are a Mom, ultimately you want your kids to be happy; mine was, so I was happy too.

Nicole was very outgoing right away with me, by the time the afternoon had turned to evening, it was like we’d known each other for a long time. It was clear by watching the two of them, that Nicole was the dominant personality. She wasn’t overbearing about it, but she led and Katie followed. It occurred to me that this woman had taught my daughter about sex with girls. Katie had been with boys before, but I’m pretty sure Nicole was her first lesbian experience. In a way I was envious. I’d been curious, but not curious enough to ever try anything. As a parent, you recognize that your kids are going to have sex eventually, some parents refuse to think about it, I accepted it and when it finally had happened I was kind of relieved. Knowing that she had been with a woman now wasn’t necessarily a relief, but I was quickly not only accepting it, but happy about it.

The next day was a work day for me and I hadn’t been able to take off, the girls were still sleeping when I left. Nicole had been a dear and offered to stay in a separate room, but anxious to prove I was okay with their relationship, I told them not to do anything different than if they we’re in their dorm room, or had actually gone on a more traditional Spring Break vacation. I had a hard time choking out the words, but tried to put it out of my head as I retired to my own room to go to sleep.

As it happened, my boss let me off early that next day and I tried calling Katie’s cell to tell her I’d be home early and invite the two of them to lunch at the local tennis club where Katie had played growing up. She didn’t answer so I just headed home.

I parked in the driveway and headed inside, I was about to call Katie’s name when I heard an odd noise coming from the part of the house where the bedrooms are. I headed carefully down the hallway, trying not to make any noise. In retrospect I knew what I was about to see, but had anyone asked I would have said I was investigating a mysterious noise and had no idea.

Of course what I found as I peered through my slightly cracked bedroom door was my daughter and her lover in the full throws of passion on my bed. I was mad they were using my bed, but strangely not mad about what they were doing on my bed. I started to back away, intending to give them privacy but curiosity got the better of me. I stepped back to the door way and peeked in again.

I couldn’t see directly to my bed, but I was able to watch everything in the mirror on my dresser. Nicole was on her back, completely naked, legs open wide while my daughter had her head between Nicole’s thighs and was furiously lapping at her lover’s pussy. Judging by the look on Nicole’s face, Katie was doing a spectacular job pleasing her girlfriend, and I found myself awkwardly proud that my daughter was apparently a good lover. I quickly tried to erase that thought from my mind, only to have it replaced by the stunning realization that my own pussy was becoming moist at the sight before me.

I became irritated at myself and was just about to back away again when I heard Nicole say something that made me change my mind.

“Lick my clit slave!” She barked at my daughter.

Did she say slave? I looked back through the door and into the mirror.

“Yes Mistress.” Katie said as she repositioned herself to get a better angle on Nicole’s clitoris.

Did she say Mistress? I wondered as I continued to watch.

Nicole reached between her thighs and grabbed a handful of Katie’s hair, pulling her head into her crotch, helping her find the best spot to please Nicole. The rough treatment made Katie moan into her lover’s pussy as though she enjoyed it. I’m sure my bottom jaw was bouncing off the carpet as I continued to spy on the girls.

Several minutes of intense cunnilingus passed and Nicole began to writhe under Katie’s tongue; before long her panting turned to moaning and she was having an orgasm from something my little girl was doing to her. As it turned out, they were doing something to me; my hand reached almost instinctively under my skirt and massaged my throbbing pussy through my cream soaked pink satin panties.

I continued to watch and caress as Nicole slid away from my daughter’s probing tongue and climbed off the bed. She grabbed a bag off the floor and put it on the bed. I watched as she rummaged through whatever was in there, and then she pulled it out; a huge strap on dildo that she handed to Katie and then ordered her to strap it to Nicole’s body.

Katie took the toy in hand and began to fasten it to her lover’s shapely hips and ass. The business end of the toy was at least 9 inches long and thick. I was torn between lust and fear as I was both turned on at the thought of watching that monster disappear inside Katie’s pussy, and terrified that it would hurt her to take something that big inside. Lust won out and I continued to watch the scene unfold in the bedroom mirror.

Once Nicole was strapped into her faux phallus, she ordered Katie onto all fours on the bed. Katie, as she had been doing the whole time I’d been watching; obeyed immediately, keeping her legs parted so Nicole could have access to her pussy. I could tell, even from where I was, that Katie was drenched, thankfully however, Nicole lathered the toy with lube before she climbed onto the bed and into position behind my daughter.

Nicole pressed the head of the cock against Katie’s pussy lips. “Are you ready slut?” She asked with a little venom in her voice.

“Yes Mistress,” came the subservient reply. Nicole put her hand in the middle of Katie’s back and urged her face to the mattress, giving Nicole great access to my daughter’s upturned ass. As it was, this position afforded me a great view of everything as well, and mom me fought a losing battle with extremely horny me to stop watching.

“Ask for what you want.” Nicole demanded.

“Please fuck me Mistress!” Katie moaned into the comforter.

My hand was deep in my panties rubbing my clit as I watch and listened to the scene inside.

“Fuck you where slut?”

“Please fuck my pussy Mistress.”

“Are you sure?” Nicole asked. “I’m really liking the way your ass looks right now.” I couldn’t see Nicole smile, but I could hear it in her voice, and it was a wicked sounding smile to be sure. She realigned the head of the cock against Katie’s puckered ass hole. It had been a long time since I’d been taken that way and the idea of it happening to Katie was tearing me apart. I forced my other hand into my panties and drove two fingers into my sopping cunt. Part of me wanted to see that dick slide into my daughter’s ass. Part of me wanted to run into the room and save my kid from the nine inch long monster that was about to invade her most sensitive places. Still a third part of me wanted to run in and get on all fours and take it myself.

“Please fuck my pussy; I need it in my cunt Mistress.” Katie pleaded.

“Well, because you did such a nice job licking my pussy, I’ll stick this cock in yours; we’ll save the anal for later.” Nicole offered, repositioning the dildo head at the opening of Katie’s pussy.

My own excitement had me weak in the knees, to the point where I could no longer stand. I got on my knees and kept my legs apart. My skirt was bunched up in my lap and my panties were pulled down around my ankles. I worked my fingers furiously against my sex, trying to maintain my silence, both not to be discovered and also so I could hear the sexy teasing going on in the bedroom.

My eyes were momentarily closed as I was caught up in my own pleasure, consequently I heard Katie moan, before I actually saw the dildo slide into her pussy. When I refocused on the scene in the bedroom, Nicole was all the way into my daughter and holding the length of the dildo inside her, gently swaying her hips back and forth, moving the cock around in Katie’s pussy.

Katie purred until Nicole surprised both Katie and me by slapping Katie on the ass with an open hand. I gasped audibly, but I hoped it was drowned out by Katie’s squeal.

“Thank you Mistress.” Katie said.

“You like it when I spank you don’t you slut?” Nicole said as she finally rocked back slowly pulling most of the nine inches out of Katie’s pussy before plunging back into her with a sudden thrust.

“Yes Mistress!” Katie moaned as the dick sank back into her fully.

“I know you do.” Nicole said as she gave Katie another slap.

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Oh you’re welcome baby.” Nicole said as she started to increase the tempo of her in and out motion with the strap on.

There were several more spanks and then Nicole really ratcheted up her fucking of my daughter. Katie began to rock back to meet the cock as it slid into her. The sound of bodies colliding and smell of sex filled the air. I began to anticipate Katie’s orgasm, and the thought of it drove me wild. My own fingers worked feverishly on my hot wet pussy. As I heard the urgency rise in Katie’s moans, I felt it rise in my own body. I tried to stay focused on what was going on in the room, but it was all becoming too much. Just when everything was about to explode, Nicole turned her head toward the mirror, looked right at me and gave me a wink and a smile. My orgasm was fierce, I wanted to cry out, but my last shred of decency helped prevent me from doing that. I collapsed momentarily on the hallway carpet and listened to Katie have a rocking orgasm of her own before I gathered myself and slinked away.

I got it together enough to get out of the house and back to my car, I drove around for a while replaying everything in my mind. The whole scene was ridiculous, but just thinking of it brought my arousal back and I found myself driving around town with one hand on the wheel and one hand between my legs. I only regained my composure when the cop pulled me over for running the stop sign four blocks from my house.

Even after the cop finished writing me the ticket and pulled away, I stayed parked on the curb where I had pulled over. I tried to collect my thoughts and process what I had just witnessed in my bedroom. I was excited, proud, horny, terrified, ashamed, astonished all at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to do, how to act. I was going to have to go back to that house sometime. I was trying to decide what I should do. Do I apologize for spying on them? Do I act like nothing happened? Do I get angry about them having their sex games in my bed? Should I confront Katie alone or Nicole for that matter? I had no clue, and naturally I couldn’t ask anyone for their advice. Excuse me, I just got turned on watching my daughter submit sexually to her girlfriend in my own bed, how do you think I should handle this? The thought of asking someone that made me laugh at myself and that helped. I spent the better part of an hour thinking and remembering. Finally the person who lived at the house I was parked in front of came out to ask me if I was okay. I apologized for acting strangely, said that I was fine and started the car.

I pulled onto my street still not sure how I was going to handle things; I was suddenly very relieved to see Katie’s car wasn’t parked out front. I didn’t think about what it could mean, I was just glad I had more time before I had to see either one of them face to face.

I got into the house and reached for the first bottle of wine I could find. I poured myself a full glass and headed into the living room to sip and sort things out. I sat on the couch and took a long pull from my glass. I was finally starting to calm down. My couch is a sectional and forms a big L in the room. Only one side sits against a wall, I was on the other side and didn’t hear Nicole sneak up behind me. When she whispered into my ear I almost spilled wine all over everything.

“Did you like watching me fuck your daughter?” She breathed into my ear.

Startled I jumped up and turned to face her.

“You shouldn’t spy on people you know.” She continued. “It’s not nice.” She was naked except she still wore the strap on cock around her body. Her hair was pulled into a tight pony tail and her sparkling blue eyes bore through me as She sauntered around the end of the couch and approached me.

I was in shock and couldn’t say anything.

“People get into a lot of trouble spying on other people.” Nicole said as she got right next to me. “The punishment can be quite harsh.” She said as she grabbed a handful of my ass through my skirt. I let out a breathy sigh as she squeezed by bottom.

“What are you doing?” Was all I could manage.

“First, Debbie, I’m going to discipline you for spying on me, and then I’m going to make you my bitch. Isn’t that what you are hoping I’m going to do to you?” She asked confidently as she circled me, trailing her fingernail across my ass and then over my belly, her eyes locked onto mine.

“No.” I stammered.

“Oh yes it is. I saw you cumming in the hallway while I was using your daughter for my own pleasure. You want me to do to you everything I did to her, and probably more; I’m guessing you have a little more experience than Katie.” Nicole grinned.

“Where is Katie?” I asked, trying to keep my eyes looking anywhere but at Nicole.

“She went out for a while. I told her I’d stay here and have a nap. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time alone together. ”

“I don’t want to play this game with you Nicole.” I didn’t believe it myself, and she saw right through me.

“Katie calls me Mistress.” Nicole explained. “But I think you’ll address me as Miss Nikki, or Ma’am.”

“I will not.” I said defiantly.

She smacked my ass hard over my skirt and I yelped. “No?” She asked.

“No.” I stood my ground with all the conviction I could muster.

In an instant her hand was under my skirt and between my thighs from behind. “Your mouth says no, but your cunt says yes.” She said referring to my moistened pussy.

“Stop!” I said, but made no effort to pull away.

She caressed my creamy pussy through my panties and in moments most of my resistance was gone. Her fingers moved expertly over my cunt and made me hers in no time at all.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?” She asked when she’d seen my resolve collapse under her caress.

“No.” I barely said the word.

“What?” She asked, slipping her fingers under the fabric of my panties and touching my actual flesh for the first time.

“No.” I said a little louder this time.

Nicole pulled her hand out from under my skirt and slapped me hard on the ass. “What!?” She demanded.

I remembered my first submissive lesson. “No Miss Nikki.” I said to my new dominatrix.

“Good girl, strip; but leave these dirty panties on.” She commanded, returning her hand to my moist pussy.

She kept her hand there as I unbuttoned my blouse. I moaned as I tossed the shirt on the floor and then unbuttoned my skirt. She moved her hand just long enough to allow it to fall around my ankles. I stepped out of it and unclasped my bra. It found its way to the floor with the rest of my clothes.

“On your knees,” Nicole ordered after all but my panties were discarded. Having given in I complied without hesitation. I was so sexually excited I could hardly stand it; all of my inhibitions were gone.

Nicole stood in front of me with her big strap on cock jutting out from her body right in my face. I could smell the sex still on it and Nicole put the head of the thing right in front of my nose and mouth. “Lick it.” She said, and I did. I ran my tongue all over the head and up and down the shaft. I knew I was tasting and smelling Katie, but I didn’t care; in fact it just made me wetter.

More by instinct than anything else I wrapped my lips around the cock and took it into my mouth. This earned me a slap on the back of the head. “Who told you to suck, I said lick bitch!” Nicole scolded.

“I’m sorry Ma’am.” I pleaded as I returned to licking the fake dick.

“You like the taste of your daughter on my cock?” Nicole teased.

“Yes Ma’am.” I offered.

“Katie has a delicious pussy.” Nicole smiled as I continued to lick and slurp the phallus. “That’s enough,” Nicole finally said, “un-strap me.” She ordered. I worked to get the harness off her body. I was excited to see her without the toy; I wanted to taste her pussy. It wasn’t mean t to be though; Nicole had other things in mind.

Nicole sat on the couch with her feet flat on the floor. “Time for punishment,” She said as she patted her lap. “Katie says you never spanked her growing up, is that true?” She asked as I hesitantly got up and walked over to the couch.

“No I never did.” I replied.

“Probably a good thing, she just gets all horny when you spank her anyway.” Nicole giggled as she used my arm to pull me down across her thighs. Her hand went back between my legs and she caressed my aching cunt once more, soaking more of my cream into my panties. “I love how wet you get.” She commented as she rubbed the cheeks of my ass, warming me up for what was to come.

“Thank you Ma’am.” Was all I could think to say.

“How many spanks do you think you should get for spying?” Nicole asked me.

“I don’t know.” I said. “Are you really going to spank me?” I was starting to get nervous.

“Oh yes, and this is just the beginning, I’m going to do things to you that you’ve never even imagined.”

I should have been terrified, instead I purred. “As many as you want Ma’am.” I said, now suddenly eager to have her spank me, and do whatever else she wanted.

“Good girl.” Nicole purred as she brought her hand down across my ass for the first time.

“Ouch!” I cried out

“You know we actually met before.” Nicole said as she slapped my ass again.

“Ohhhhh!” I moaned. “When?” I asked when I was able to bring myself under control from the sting.

Nicole rubbed my ass, easing the pain slightly. “Last year, when you brought Katie back up to school at the beginning of the year. I lived across the hall in the dorms, Katie introduced us and then I had to go to an orientation.”

“I’m sorry I don’t remember.” I said, just before the next spank collided with my reddening ass.

“That’s a shame. I’ve hardly thought about anything but you since that day.” Nicole said as she spanked me for the fourth time. I yelped and Nicole explained. “You are an incredibly sexy woman. You were wearing these tight blue jeans that day, and a white blouse that showed off those gorgeous tits of yours. As soon as I saw your butt I started thinking about having you over my knee, and now here we are.”

I’m not bad looking at forty six, I take care of myself, but to have this young woman tell me she’d been lusting after me for a year was exciting in a way I didn’t expect. “Does Katie know?” I asked, suddenly worried about her feelings.

Nicole laughed as she spanked me again hard. “Of course, I have no secrets from Katie, I love your daughter very much, but I’ve always wanted to fuck the shit out of you.” She punctuated her sentence by driving two fingers under my sopping panties and into my waiting pussy. “Who do you think suggested we come here this week instead of going to Florida or Mexico?”

She read the shocked look on my face. “That’s right, your own daughter set you up to be dominated and fucked by her girlfriend.” I moaned as her fingers continued to penetrate me. I was further aroused by the idea that this young girl had found me attractive

I moaned as her fingers came out of my pussy. From someplace unseen she produced a black silk scarf and a wooden hairbrush. Nicole blindfolded me and rubbed the back of the brush against my backside, letting me feel what was to come. “Now you’ll see what a real spanking is like.” Nicole said as she swatted my ass with the brush for the first time.

It hurt, a lot. And my pussy tingled, a lot. The blows came in rapid succession. There was no idle conversation during this phase of my punishment. Just when I thought I was going to start crying she stopped and massaged my sore ass with her hand. He fingers found their way between my thighs and my pussy received some more affectionate attention.

“Please take my panties off Ma’am.” I begged, not wanting to wear them anymore, there wasn’t a dry spot left on them and I desperately wanted her hands and fingers directly on my flesh.

“Are you sure, this is going to be the last time you’re allowed to wear them for a while.” Nicole teased, continuing to rub my pussy through the garment.

“Yes please let me take them off.” I asked again. Nicole hooked her thumbs into the waist band and pulled them down my legs. I bent my knees bringing my ankles close to her so she could pull them all the way off. Like the wonton slut I was becoming, I instinctively opened my legs for my dominatrix giving her access to everything once my underwear was removed.

“You have such a pretty ass Debbie.”

“Thank you Miss Nikki.” As I said the words, Nicole took the opportunity to shove my panties into my mouth. My nostrils filled with the scent of my sex and my tongue savored the taste of my arousal. I should have been mortified; instead I only grew more aroused as I tasted myself in the fabric of my underwear; panties that I had been making nice and sticky all afternoon.

My pussy was finger fucked for several more minutes, I had all but forgotten I was being punished when the fingering stopped and the brush returned to my now completely uncovered ass. I took five more swats, protesting unsuccessfully through my panty gag before Nicole stopped again and spread my legs as wide as her lap would allow. I was sobbing lightly and breathing heavily, I wasn’t sure if I could take any more.

Just then she started to stoke my long brown hair. “Shhh,” she calmed me, “You took your spanking really well. Now I know where Katie gets her love of this from, you’re wetter than she is after a turn with the brush.

Her suddenly calming tone and her fingers running through my hair made me relax. My ass was on fire, but my pussy was the source of my greatest sensation. I wanted more touching, I wanted the strap on, I wanted to cum so badly I could hardly stand myself. I a felt warm breath against my pussy lips, and then a kiss, and the unmistakable sensation of a tongue performing cunnilingus on my desperate cunt. It took me a second to realize that while I was over Nicole’s knee, there was no way she could possibly lick my pussy.

I pushed the panties out of my mouth with my tongue. “Who’s there?” I called out frantically. “Who’s licking my cunt?” I knew the answer.

“It’s me Mom, you taste wonderful.” Katie’s voice came from between my parted thighs.

My mind was frantic; I was suddenly having sex with my daughter. Nicole brought me back to the game. “Who told you to spit out those panties Bitch?” She scolded me harshly, bringing me right back to submissive mode.

“No one Ma’am.”

“Katie, take off your panties and put them in your mother’s mouth please.”

“Yes Mistress.” Katie said, ceasing what she was so wondrously doing to my pussy to replace my gag with her own underwear.

“That’s it slut, taste your daughter now. I was going to let you have the real thing, but you can’t seem to be a good girl today, so your first taste of her will have to come from the crotch of her underwear.”

Nicole removed my blindfold and pulled me by the hair getting me off her lap. I saw that a chair from the dining room had been moved into the living room. Katie was standing next to it with three long silk scarves in her hand.

“Sit in the chair.” Nicole ordered.

I obeyed immediately. The whole time I was looking at Katie, she was completely naked and grinning ear to ear. I couldn’t believe she was taking such pleasure in what was happening here. As she tied my wrists behind the chair and my ankles to each of the front legs, I remembered that only a couple of hours earlier, I’d been watching her get dominated, and fantasizing about being a part of it myself.

Once I was secured to the chair, I saw that Nicole had put her strap on cock back onto her body. She pointed at the floor in front of her, and Katie moved to her knees before her Mistress. With no command needed, Katie started sucking the dildo as though it were a real cock. Nicole seemed pleased as she watched from above. Once Nicole was sufficiently satisfied, she used Katie’s hair to pull her off the dildo. “Go show Mommy what you’re wearing.” She said to my daughter. I was momentarily confused, because Katie was quite naked.

Katie rose from the floor and came over to me. She turned around showing me her backside. When she bent over things became more obvious. Katie was wearing a butt plug in her ass, only the small flared end showed, keeping the toy from disappearing entirely into her body. The handle had a small loop on the end, before I could wonder what it was for; Nicole attached a small chain to the loop and ran the other end to my mouth. She removed my daughter’s panties and beckoned me to bite down on the other end of the chain. With that she gave Katie a friendly swat on the ass and Katie began to move forward. It was hard to hold onto the chain at first, but I managed it until the widest part of the plug freed itself from my daughter’s sphincter. It slid out the rest of the way easily and Nicole left it to dangle against my naked abdomen as she led Katie to a second dining room chair placed in the living room.

Instead of sitting on the chair, Katie bent at the waist and placed her hands on the seat cushion. Her legs were spread and I watched as Nicole moved behind her younger sex slave. They were positioned perpendicular to me so I could watch from the side. “Now I’m going to ass fuck you just like I promised earlier.” She said as she moved the head of the cock against Katie’s rear opening.

Katie visibly braced herself as Nicole pushed the fake dick into her ass. It was big, but ultimately with coaxing and some coaching from Nicole, the head disappeared inside my daughter’s ass. Katie moaned deeply as the cock slid deeper and deeper inside her. She didn’t take the entire nine inches, but she took most of it, and then Nicole rested, massaging Katie’s ass, admiring it almost as she slowly withdrew the cock most of the way out. Katie released another guttural moan. Nicole left the head buried just inside and gave Katie a playful slap on the ass. “Ask for it.” She said.

“Mistress Nikki, please fuck my ass.”

“Mmmm, of course sweetheart.” She said as she started to pump the dildo into and out of Katie’s backside. “Do you like to watch Mom?” Nicole asked me.

“Yes Miss Nikki.” I said through clinched teeth, still holding the plug in my mouth.

“It’s so much better being in the room isn’t it instead of sneaking around peeking through doors?”

I nodded.

“You want to be fucked in the ass too?”

I nodded again.

“I bet you do.” She grinned, continuing her assault on Katie’s behind. “That cock feel good in your ass slave?” Nicole asked Katie.

“Oh god yes Mistress. May I touch myself?”

“Let’s see if Mom wants to help with that shall we?”

“Mom, please come touch my clitty, I need to cum soooo bad.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, even after everything that had happened today. I couldn’t believe myself either. I nodded in the affirmative and Nicole pulled out of Katie’s ass and came over to untie me. Nicole led me to Katie and motioned me to my knees beside my daughter. I reached between her legs and slid my hand over her pussy. It was warm and wet, I was tentative at first, but Katie urged me on. When I’d gotten comfortable and over the inhibition of touching my own daughter sexually, Nicole plunged the dildo back into Katie’s ass and began to fuck her again with some added tempo.

Moaning and heavy breathing noises filled the room and the scent of pussy was overwhelming. I asked for and was granted permission to touch myself while I fondled Katie. It didn’t take long for me to bring her to the edge. She begged desperately for permission to climax. Nicole granted her wish and Katie came as hard as I’ve ever known anyone to orgasm in my life. I was only minutes behind, I took my cue from Katie and asked for permission to cum.

“Not yet slut, take your hands off your pussy.” Nicole ordered. It was one of the most difficult things I’d ever done stopping myself, my pussy ached for release, but I had bought into serving this young woman sexually, and she had told me no. Nicole slid the cock out of Katie’s ass and unstrapped it from her body. “It’s bad enough having one slave have an orgasm before the Mistress, but we sure as hell aren’t going to let the new girl cum before me.”

Nicole pointed at the floor in front of her and Katie got on her knees before our Mistress. Nicole spread her legs and pulled Katie’s head into her crotch. I heard the slurping sounds coming from between Nicole’s legs and found myself jealous that she was getting to eat Nicole’s pussy.

Nicole let Katie please her for several minutes, leaving me to watch before she pointed to me and directed me to get behind her on my knees. Once I was there, I knew what she wanted, and I didn’t wait to be told. I pushed my tongue into the crevice of her ass and found her puckered hole. I’d never licked anyone’s back side before, but I approached Nicole’s incredibly sexy derrière as though I had been doing it for years. Between long deep licks of her asshole and crevice, I kissed the cheeks of her ass and the backs of her thighs. For her part, Katie concentrated on Nicole’s clit and pussy, but roamed occasionally to her inner thighs and hips. The two of us, my daughter and I, worked on Nicole’s sweet pussy and ass for several minutes, trying to please her as best we could until finally she shivered through an intense orgasm of her own. Her knees buckled and we caught her as she came to the floor to lie in a messy sexy pile with Katie and me.

As it turned out I wasn’t allowed an orgasm for two more days as Nicole teased and tormented me with one wicked sexual experience after another. My tongue, fingers, lips, tits, pussy and ass were used in ways I never imagined by both Nicole and Katie for the rest of Spring Break. When they left to go back to school I was actually relieved to get a break. I soon missed the intense sex Nicole had brought to my house however, and nothing I did to myself or with any guy I dated could compare. When Katie texted the other day to tell me they were coming home for summer break, I creamed my panties on the spot.

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