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Holly Grows Up

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They’d been our neighbors for over 9 years. We’d both moved into the community when it was first built, and watched as it filled out and grew, as did our children, moving up from elementary school through middle school and into high school.

We were as close as most neighbors could be, easily at home with each other, free to come and go in each other’s yards and garages, and even into the house. Our only child and their youngest, Cory, were only a year apart.

Cory was almost like an older brother to our Dani, easing her way through the transition from elementary into middle school.

The wives were best friends, talking every day, walking evenings, and shopping together. Rob and I were casual friends, hanging out in social situations, but nowhere near as close as the women.

But this story is not about them. It’s about their hellion of a daughter, who I’d had the opportunity to watch grow into a mouth-watering little hottie. She’d been a nice girl when she was just getting into high school, but a change of friends, and a change in values had slowly morphed her into something else. She was always in trouble now, sneaking around, lying, getting bad grades, all the stuff you hope will never happen to your kid.

She’d also changed physically. She’d never gotten tall, still only about 5’2 or so, and was achingly pretty. She spent the whole summer in our backyard pools, and I had memorized every inch of that sinful young body. She was slender, almost skinny, and her boobs had finally grown in. She had a very narrow waist, almost no belly, and the tight, sleek legs and ass of youth. It was the look that all the teens were trying for, and little Holly had nailed it.

It was the early days of summer, and I was staying busy. I’d just finished a customer lunch visit, and was home early. As I got out of my truck, SHE was there, helping herself to a soda from the garage fridge.

“Hi, Mr. K,” she said with a smile, as she stood dripping in the garage, a Coke Zero in her hand. “I hope you don’t mind.” She waved the soda in her hand.

“Of course not Holly. You’re welcome any time.” I tried not to stare at her tempting body, barely clad in her white string bikini.

“Mom wanted to know if you could come over and check out my computer again; it’s working really slow.”

“If you let me get settled in, I can be over in a few minutes, OK?”

“Great! You can come around the back.”

I unloaded my stuff, checked my email, and dressed down. Shorts and a T-shirt were good enough; I hoped to hit the gym afterwards, if this wasn’t another one of those multi-hour sanitations their computers sometimes required. I grabbed a cold one out of the fridge and headed over with my PC-repair USB in hand.

Holly was completely out of control. I don’t blame it all on her – her mother should shoulder most of the responsibility for what she was becoming. She was more interested in being a friend, than being a mom, and was living vicariously through her popular daughters wild activities.

Every time I was on her computer, it was full of malware. She didn’t have the sense to clear her history or logs, and I was at first stunned to see how much time a teenage girl would spend on porn sites. A lot of the sites she visited were questionable. A few months ago she’d started in on the video cam stuff as well. Right in her My Documents directory I had found almost 20 Gig of videos of her. Apparently she really liked dressing as skimpily as possible, and dancing in front of her cam. Her cousin Sara seemed to join her quite often. She’d filled her machine up and convinced her mom to buy her a new huge external drive. I was conned into installing it, ever the good, helpful neighbor.

That was the first time I started thinking of little Holly as more than just a little girl.

I let myself into the backyard, and Holly was laying on her back, topless. Her breasts, though not large, were full enough, and her little pink nipples were standing tall. The little tease had flashed me a couple of times before, but this was beyond anything so far. She just lay there smiling at me, absorbing the sun and my stare. Her breasts looked incredible, with the tan lines creating a white triangle on each, her nipples off center, but attention grabbing.

She stretched as she stood up at my approach, disdaining any effort to become more presentable. “God, I love the sun. Don’t you Mr. K?”

“I do. It beats the heck out of overcast and rain.”

She giggled. “You don’t have to say ‘heck’ around me. I think I’m grown up enough to hear the word ‘hell’. Don’t you think I’m grown up?” Her girlish stance, her extended arms clasped behind her back, pushing those tempting titties forward, spoke just the opposite. She was still a girl, in a woman’s body.

I let my eyes roam her body, knowing how wrong it was. “Yes, Holly, you are very grown up.”

Her laugh was like silver bells, as she bounced onto her toes and almost skipped to the door. “Follow me.”

It wasn’t like I didn’t know where her computer was. I’d been in their house at least once a week for years. And I’d been taking care of her computer issues since she was old enough to use a keyboard.

I got seated at the computer desk in her room, and gave it a quick manual scan. Yep. Somehow she’d gotten it infected again, and her anti-virus wasn’t working.

“Every time I use the Internet, I get lots of those stupid windows popping up, and they just never seem to stop.” She was right behind me, leaning over my shoulder, and pointing to the screen. She was still topless, and her left breast was almost in my face. I was sporting a painful erection which didn’t look like it would be going away anytime soon.

I loaded my software to scan and clean the computer. “I’m going to run this program to find out what we have on here, and see if I can clean it up that way.”

I looked up into the mirror above the desk to see Holly peeling off her bikini bottom. The stark white of her previously covered skin contrasted strongly with her deep tan. Her breasts were somewhere in between, reminding me she probably tanned topless with some frequency.

“I’ve got to take this off before I get my bed or chair wet,” she explained, standing behind me naked as the day she was born. She went over to the corner, where I could see her out of the corner of my eye, and grabbed a towel off the chair, which she started drying herself off with.

My hands trembled as I pressed the button that started the scan. Almost immediately a threat notification popped up. She moved up behind me again, leaning into me this time, as she looked at the screen.

“Yep,” I confirmed, “two viruses already, this will probably take a while.” As I turned, once more her breast was in my face. I let my face brush against it.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. K.,” she said softly, “does that bother you?”

I closed my eyes and let her breast caress the side of my face. “Of course not, accidents happen.”

She slid around the edge of the chair, the towel tied around her waist. She kept her chest in my face, rubbing her nipple across my face. I finally opened my mouth and sucked it in, tasting it, teasing her hard little nub with my tongue.

“Oh!” she gasped, turning her body as if offering me more.

I pulled away while I still had some modicum of self-control. She backed away sitting on the edge of the bed, her arms behind her, legs spread. Then she opened the towel and spread it out beside her, exposing herself in all her youthful glory. The pinkness of her tender slit was almost glowing in invitation. She had trimmed her hair to a small heart shaped patch just above her clit. She looked at me in anticipation.

“Holly, you shouldn’t be teasing me like this. I’m just a man.” I told her, trying to control my breathing. My hard-on stuck out in front of me, tenting my shorts.

She stood up and slowly walked to me, stopping only inches away. She looked up at me with those sparkling green eyes. “I’m not teasing, Mr. K.; I’m begging.”

The moan that escaped my lips when her hand eased forward and cupped my cock was probably all the answer she needed.

She reached for my shorts and worked them open, pulling them down. “Oh, nice. No underwear,” she said softly, “and such a big, thick cock. You’d be a hit at some of our parties.”

I didn’t even want to ask what kind of parties.

“Mr. K., I’m going to suck your cock, and you’re going to come in my mouth. I think you’ll like this, I’m pretty good.” Then the little devil was on her knees, licking my cock.

I watched, enthralled as she licked from my balls to the head of my cock, working her tongue around the ridge below the head. She grabbed the staff and pointed my rod forward, bending her face forward and slowing taking just the tip into her mouth. Her tongue tortured me, teasing, flicking, darting into my pee hole, all within the confines of that pretty little mouth. My cock looked so big beside her elfin face, I wondered how she managed to take it in at all. The edges of her mouth were white from the stretching of her lips – and this was just the head.

She carefully moved on, taking in more and more of my cock, her tongue still active, her hand stroking the full extent of the cock outside of her mouth. She was taking half of my length into her mouth, and I was bumping against the back, while she strove for more.

Watching my hard meat disappear into her pretty face was almost too much to take. She obviously had a lot of experience and knew just what she was doing. She used her hands and mouth well, stroking and sucking in tandem. After a minute or so she got up and guided me to the bed, where I laid back under her guidance. Her mouth enveloped me again, but now I could stroke her body, touch her, feel her smooth skin, ease my hand between her legs, while she sucked me with a passion.

She pulled away for a second, and shook her hair. Then she smiled for me, her mouth red from the heavy action. “You’re a tough one. Most of the boys come pretty quick. Hell, most of them don’t last 10 seconds. You’re not holding back on me are you Mr. K?” She teased.

“No, you’re doing wonderfully.” I told her honestly. “And you can call me Alex.”

“I don’t think so, Mr. K.,” she laughed again. She laughed so easily, I wanted to hug her to me and hold her, absorbing her joy. “Now don’t hold back, because I’m not going to let you put this monster inside of me until I get a mouth full of your cum first.”

More exciting words were never spoken.

Then she was back at it, sucking my cock, filling her mouth, playing with my balls. She was more accessible now, her saucy, tight rear-end only about a foot away from my shoulder. I watched her push herself further and further down my cock, working hard to take more of it. My hand was now fondling her ass and between her legs.

She pulled off for a second, turning her head to look back at me. “Damn Mr. K.! Only Derek’s got anything like this, and he’s got a hair-trigger. It’s a lot of work to make this thing squirt.”

“You’re doing a great job, trust me.”

“Of course. I’d trust you with my life, Mr. K.” Holly once again resumed the sucking, now pacing herself, her hand doing much of the work.

I reached between her legs, and peeked over to see how pretty she was. My thumb nudged her lips apart, and the sticky secretions created little strands between the lips before my finger broke them, sliding into her tight teen pussy. She hummed her appreciation, and I felt it echo from cock to my toes and back. I finger fucked the high-schooler in time with her own actions, as she got wetter and wetter. I tried to slip another finger into her, and found it difficult. She was so incredibly tight, I was afraid to hurt her. I finally settled for swapping fingers, seeing how far my middle finger could reach inside of her.

I looked down to watch her as she got aggressive again, pounding her head up and down over my steel rod, and I knew she had finally gotten her wish.

“I’m almost there, almost… oh,” I groaned as she pulled her lips tight, bobbing up and down on the top of my cock, while one hand stroked the rest of me, and the other played with my balls.

I came without anymore warning, enormously. I felt it build from deep below my balls, and explode forth, spasming over and over, filling her pretty little mouth. She took her time swallowing my cum, licking me clean, bathing my cock with her tongue. Then she straddled my body and leaned over me. She had a wicked naughty little smile plastered across her face, then she opened her mouth wide, sticking out and wiggling her tongue. Clean as a whistle.

“That was some load, Mr. K.” she said. “Almost too much for me.”

“That was incredible.” I told her.

“I know,” she said softly, stretching out across my body, her head on my shoulder.

She felt so wonderful, her petite little body laying atop mine.

“How long before you’ll be ready to go again?” she asked softly, her lips nuzzling my neck. “I can’t wait to feel that beast fill me up.”

My hands were caressing her back, down to her sweet little ass. I cupped her cheeks in each hand giving them a squeeze. “I’m almost there now,” I confessed.

Holly moved over, and placed her mouth on mine. Her kissing was almost hesitant, and I let my tongue tangle with hers, while I felt my partner in crime rise to the occasion once more.

She pulled away a second. “God, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“How long,” I asked, curious.

“Ever since I watched you screw those ladies in your hot tub back in June.”

I almost jumped. “You saw that?”

She got up and went to the window, pointing. I stood beside her and looked. Most of the hot-tub was visible if you looked from the far left of her window. Then she reached up to the bookshelf nearby, and came down with a pair of binoculars.

“Mine is the only window with a view. I’ve watched you out there more than once Mr. K.”

“You’ve been bad,” I told her, reaching my arms around her from behind and pulling her against my body.

“I know. I think it’s time you punished me.” She said squirming in my grip, and setting the binoculars aside.

She broke free and went after my cock again, her mouth like a guided missile, going right to the target and completely engulfing me. It was only a few moments before she was satisfied with my hardness, then she hopped into the middle of the bed, legs spread invitingly.

“I can’t wait any longer,” she said huskily.

I was ready to fuck her brains out, but couldn’t resist taking at least a small taste of her smooth young pussy. I was a bit selfish, not overly concerned with getting her worked up for me. I just wanted to taste her, lick her, rub up against that smooth young slice. I licked and sucked her young twat and was pleased to find her as sweet as she looked. She must have been more worked up then I thought. I plumbed her depths with one finger, slowly, carefully working up to a second one. My fingers felt like they were surrounded by a rubber band where they entered her. So deliciously tight. She seemed to enjoy the added pressure, as my two fingers filled her, and as I sucked on her swollen clit she exploded underneath me, crying out as she came hard, her legs clamping my head, her fingers grasping my hair painfully.

“Ohmigod,” she gasped as I pulled away, quite a bit later. “I wasn’t ready for that. That was great!”

I smiled as I pulled her legs apart, and readied myself between them. She held her legs open for me, her hands behind her knees, as I placed the swollen head of my cock at her tiny entrance.

She seemed nervous for the first time. “Be gentle, please, it’s… it’s big.”

I held the head at her opening and pushed forward with my hips, but to no avail. I was concerned that I was off target, and lined things up with my fingers again, pushing with no more success this time. Her face was wrinkled up in discomfort, and she gave a small cry as I tried to use a little more force.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her eyes looking fearful.

“No, it’s ok. I’m sure we can work this out. Take me in your hands and guide me in.” I told her.

She hunched her body up, reached down and took my cock in her hands, again guiding me home. I gave a push, then a harder one. I was afraid I was going to bend my cock in half. This was crazy. There’s no way that I shouldn’t fit. Those things were made to let an 8 lb baby out.

“Relax, baby,” I told her softly, when she looked almost in tears.

She let out a long breath, and then another. I took my cock and pushed, holding my staff tightly just behind the crown. The head slowly disappeared, and I managed to squeeze another inch into her before I looked up to see her biting her lower lip, tears leaking out of her eyes.

I stopped and pulled back out. She sighed in relief as I left her body.

“I’m sorry Holly, but I don’t think this is going to happen,” I told her.

She pushed away from me and ran out of the room.

I sat, despondent, head in my hands, as I wondered what I was doing here, trying to fuck my neighbor’s young daughter, who was clearly not physically ready for the moment.

Holly showed up in the door, holding a bottle labeled “Slippery Stuff”. She smiled for me. “Let’s try that again.”

Then she dropped to her knees in front of me, and took my flagging cock back in her mouth, quickly erasing all my previous misgiving, and restoring the steel to my shaft. She squeezed out a generous dollop of the lube and rubbed it all over my shaft, and gave extra attention to the head of my cock.

She leaned back in the bed, opened her legs indecently wide, then added another generous helping of the lube to her tight little fuck hole, paving the way. She was able to slide two of her fingers in easily enough, and worked the lubed deep inside of her.

She placed the bottle to the side, wiping any last traces of the lube onto her breast. “Come and get it,” she said, with a teasing tone that mostly covered up the fear laying just beneath the surface.

Once again I lodged myself between her legs, grasping my shaft tightly and aiming the head toward heaven. This time I had more success, feeling her tightness give just enough to lodge the head of my cock inside of her this time. I looked up to see how she as taking it, and saw a delightful smile on her face. It might have been uncomfortable, but it was clear it was what she wanted.

I pushed forward, meeting a little resistance from her tightness, then felt the glory of filling her, as my cock smoothly entered her, until she was half full.

“Stop, stop,” she cried out, “let me get used to it.”

I stayed there, propped up on my arms as I held my cock still buried inside this tiny teen. I started to press forward slowly, pushing more of my cock into her, until I met more resistance.

“Oh stop, please,” she gasped, but still a third of me was outside of her.

I slowly pulled back, all but the head, and then again filled her carefully, making it a little past halfway again, before she stopped me. She let me start stroking a little more, speeding up just a bit, but I felt like I was teasing her, screwing her with only half my length. Then she was stopping me again.

“It’s uncomfortable. Can we wait just a second?” She asked.

I stopped the motion, with just a little of my rod inside of her, afraid that if I pulled out, I’d never get back inside again. I leaned down and kissed her warmly then passionately. I tried to fuck her then, her attention distracted, but when I pushed harder, I felt her grimace and had to stop.

I had an idea that might change things. I pulled out of her, against her wishes, then rolled over onto my back, my raging hard-on sticking straight up. I reached to the end-table and got another good bit of the lube and lathered up my cock, while she watched.

“Straddle me and lower yourself onto it. Take only as much as is comfortable.” I told her.

She smiled shyly, and then stepped across my body and squatted over my hips. My hands were holding my cock straight for her, and she reached down and guided the head back into her incredibly tight snatch.

I watched the chain of feelings and emotions wend their way across her face as first she let me in, and then slowly took more and more of my cock inside her. It was like forcing my cock through a keyhole, she was so unbelievably tight.

I could see each moment of the action reflected so openly on her face. The pain, the pleasure, the satisfaction, the comfort, the ache, all of it portrayed in smiles and frowns, wrinkles across her forward and around her eyes. I saw the decision, and then she screwed up her face and forced herself down onto me, my cock finally almost totally buried inside this sultry, slutty teen.

Her eyes burst open and her mouth gasped. I reached down and rubbed her little clit, while she rested there, completely filled with my thick, long cock. She leaned forward and scooted back and forth, just a little, working the last little bit of my cock slowly into her, while I continued to massage her clit. I watched in amazement as she pushed down hard against any last resistance, then came on my cock, crying out as she spasmed up and down my shaft, crying out and finally collapsing on me.

“Oh God, I thought it was going to kill me,” she gasped.

“It was beautiful. I loved watching you come on my cock,” I told her.

“And I’m supposed to believe you stuck this up one of those women’s butt?” she groaned.

“How would you know that?” I asked.

“With my window open, I can hear pretty well what’s going on over there. And that one lady was pretty vocal,” she admitted, her hips wiggling a bit as she played with the feeling of being so full.

“That ass was nowhere near as tight as you are,” I told her. “I’ve never felt or seen anything like it. Is it always like this?”

She hesitated. “This is my first time.”

I felt like she had slapped me. I knew she was seeing guys. She had confessed to giving many blow jobs. Had she been a virgin?

“But all the other stuff…?” I started.

She finally moved, sitting up and sliding herself back and forth on my cock slowly. “God, you are so big inside of me,” she moaned. Then she smiled at me. “Everyone does blow-jobs. I have for years. But that’s it. Nobody wants to be thought of as a slut. If I slept with any of those guys what’s the chance it would stay a secret? And none of them ever offered to do to me what you did with your mouth. They’re just stupid boys.”

“They’re your age,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, but I wanted to know what it was like to be with a man. A real man who knew what he was doing.” She told me, working herself up and down on my cock with greater ease. “And from what I got to see, you REALLY know what you’re doing.”

I could see she was getting a little tired, and I was hoping that she’d be loosened up enough that I could fuck her now. I pulled her down to me, held her tight and kissed her again deeply. I reached my hands down and lifted her by those sweet, smooth ass cheeks, raising her up off my cock, so I could now thrust with my hips, fucking up into her, a little harder, a little deeper. She was moaning continuously but it wasn’t the moans of pain I’d heard earlier.

I settled fully into her, then rolled her onto her back, never pulling out. Now I was on top. Let’s see what she can take.

I started with the slow, long stroke. I pumped her with the entire length, the head coming right to the edge on each stroke, pushing through resistance to enter her time after time, slowly driving all the way in, pushing past the last bit of resistance to rub my pelvis against her clit. Slowly I increased the pace, fucking her harder, and faster, holding her down, plundering her virgin pussy, driving her frail little body into the bed. She cried out, begging for more, and I was only too happy to oblige. I got up on my knees, lifting her legs into a huge ‘V’, holding her ankles, and I fucked her as hard as I could from that position. She took the pounding, slowly being driven up the bed, until her head was pounding against the headboard. I released her ankles for a moment, placed a pillow between her head and the headboard, then pulled her legs up almost to her ears. She looked at me in astonishment, and maybe just a little fear. I took her arms and locked them around her legs, holding her bent in half. My cock had come out of her, and I looked down at that sweet, innocent and oh-so-tight pussy, and I had to have a taste again.

She went crazy under the attention, as I ate her up. But as much as I wanted to live between her legs, I needed to come. I placed the head of my cock back at her newly stretched out entrance, and forced my cock back inside of her. I was perched above her, my body fully extended, supported only on my hands and toes, and then I pushed my cock inexorably onward, filling her, until I could go no further.

I pounded her then, slamming my hips down repeatedly, using my entire body to fuck her. I thought I might be too rough, until I saw her slowly climbing that peak of orgasm. She was getting off on getting fucked this hard. And it was doing the same for me.

“I’m going to come, beautiful,” I told her, the sweat streaming off my body, my breath coming in gasps.

“Come in me, come in me, let me feel it,” she begged from underneath me.

I was finally there, and I slammed my cock down hard, and loosed a stream of cum deep inside of her.

Holly’s eyes burst open, then her mouth slowly opened into a silent scream, that eventually developed into a full fledged shriek. She came on my cock, as I bathed her insides repeatedly. Her orgasms sent spasms down her pussy, milking me dry. I finally collapsed, and rolled to the side. I couldn’t catch my breath. We lay in silence, side-by-side. For me, the guilt was returning. I wondered what she was thinking. Would she regret it?

“Oh. My. God.” She sighed. “Sara’s never going to believe this.”

“Please, Holly, you can’t tell anybody about this.” I told her as the cold fingers of fear traveled up my spine.

“Sara’s different,” she started to explain before I interrupted.

“Please Holly, if the word got out it would ruin me. And it wouldn’t be so good for you either,” I warned her.

“But Sara’s different. We’ve been sucking her old man for months and we’ve kept it a secret. We could keep this a secret.”

The words hit me like a cold splash of water. “You’ve been doing what?”

“Her dad. He lets us suck him and helps us do better. But he won’t do anything else.”

“Holly, please. We can’t talk about that. Do you know how much trouble he would get in? That’s illegal.”

“I know. That’s why we needed someone else for the real thing. You get to be our coach.” She explained cuddling up to me, and reaching down to play with my cock.

I was speechless.

“It’ll just be Sara and me. Nobody else. Nobody has to know, not even her father. She wants to lose her virginity so badly! Please?”

I envisioned the bubbly little Sara naked, going down on me, her inviting curves singing out to me. I knew the right answer was no, hell no, no way. But my cock had other ideas, and Holly squealed in girlish delight as my cock twitched in her hand, slowly filling back up with blood, thickening, lengthening, in anticipation of having its way with another of these cute little teenagers.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. K.! I promise you won’t be sorry,” she told me before bending down, and showing me once more the delightful tricks she’d learned from Sara’s father.

I watched her fill her face, while I wondered just what I had gotten myself into. My thoughts wandered, to what it would be like to have two young girls down there. Such thoughts lead to madness…

“Mr. K? Can you show me what ‘doggy style’ is?”

This was probably going to kill me, but what a way to go.

* * *

Holly had been hounding me for the last week to find a time when I could be home in the afternoon. When I drove up into the driveway, I saw that her backyard door was propped open and she was watching from a float in the pool. At least she had both parts of her bathing suit on.

As I watched she slid into the water, and then was out of the pool, jogging over to where I was parked.

“Hi Mr. K.,” she said with a knowing smile.

“Hi Holly, you’re looking as beautiful as ever.”

“Are you going to be able to come over in a bit, there’s something I’d like you to look at.” The mischievous look on her face already had my blood boiling.

“Give me about 15 minutes, and I’ll be over.” I told her, knowing that it was the wrong answer, but not strong enough to give her a different one.

I had spent the afternoon with her just a week earlier, and I’d experienced one of the most memorable and exciting times of my life, getting blown by her and popping her cherry.

Now she was leaning in the window of my truck, barely clothed in the few strings of cloth she called a bathing suit. She leaned in, kissed me on the cheek, and danced away from the vehicle.

“You’re the greatest, Mr. K.” she cried out as she jogged back to her home.

I unloaded my gear in the house, and quickly dressed down to something more “comfortable”. Fleece shorts and T-Shirt seemed just about right. I headed next door and opened the gate to the backyard, but it was empty. I went to the back door and entered the kitchen.

“Holly?” I called out.

“Up here, Mr. K., c’mon up.”

The voice was coming from her bedroom, where I’d had so much illicit fun just last week. Heading up the stairs, I saw the door was almost closed.

“Holly?” I asked again, softer.

“Can you wait just a few more seconds Mr. K?”

“Of course,” I told her through the gap in the door. It was more like a couple of minutes, before she told me I could come in.

I opened the door, and walked into her room. She was standing just opposite the door, at the end of the bed, wearing bikini bottoms and nothing else. When she saw she had my full attention, she stepped away from the bed, and looked down at it. I followed her gaze and saw the most remarkable sight. A gorgeous teen lay naked on the bed, except for three ribbons with bows. One across her full breasts, and another across her hips, the bow strategically placed over the meeting of her legs and body. Both ribbons were a good two inches wide, and were wrapped completely around the bed, effectively tying her down. The third ribbon was holding her legs down, and I could see that each had taken a turn around her ankles. Her legs were spread apart a good three feet. There was a bow over each ankle. Her arms were stretched over her head, and I finally notice that each wrist was tied to the headboard, with more ribbon.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. K.” Holly said, then ran over and gave me a big hug.

I was struck speechless. I looked at the girl laying there, recognizing her best friend Sara. Sara was looking up at me with fire and desire in her young eyes.

“Do you like my present for you?”

“Holly, it’s not my birthday for two more weeks.” I confessed.

“That’s ok. I think we’ll celebrate it all month long,” she whispered, running her hand down to my crotch where my cock was already hard.

She looked over at her partner in crime. “You’ve got to see this, Sara,” she said and dropping to her knees, she slid my shorts down my legs. My cock stuck straight out.

Sara finally spoke for the first time, her head arched up to look at us. “Oooh. You were so right. He’s HUGE!”

Rather than answer, Holly but her mouth to much better use, licking the object under discussion. I only got a few seconds of that attention though, before she pulled away.

“Well go ahead! Open your present.”

Knowing it was so wrong, in so many ways, being here in my neighbor’s house with their daughter and her best friend, I still couldn’t resist. I stepped out of my shorts, and walked around to the side of the bed. I looked down at the offering, and knew that wild horses wouldn’t have been able to stop me from that point on. Naughty little Holly was behind me, and I felt her pulling my shirt up. I let her have her way, leaving me completely naked.

I sat down beside Sara and ran my hands over her taut young flesh. I caressed her waist and belly, slowly sliding my hands up to her breast and squeezing them. Under my attention, the ribbon slid up her chest, holding her shoulders down, leaving her big young titties uncovered.

“Isn’t she hot?” Holly asked, then leaned over and kissed her best friend on the lips, their mouths glues together as Sara squirmed under our dual attention.

I didn’t answer. My mouth was full of 18 year old tit. But my eyes were glued to the extremely sexy action occurring just inches away.

Holly moved away from her friend, then climbed off the bed. She removed her bikini bottoms, the last one of us to get completely naked. Then she climbed back on the bed between her friends legs. She tugged on my arm to get my attention.

“Check this out, Mr. K.” she said, holding the ribbon that covered her friends crotch. “Slide it up.”

I took the ribbon, and slid it up several inches until it was around the narrowest part of her waist. Sara was carefully trimmed, her pubic hair reduced to a simple little V pointing down. The V was underlined.

“It’s a K,” Holly explained. “We did it just for you.”

Sara had her hair trimmed down to a K. Unbelievable.

“I told her what you did for me,” Holly said with a smile, and then her hand was over her friends mound rubbing it with the heel of her hand.

I took the hint, and slid between her legs, bringing my mouth down to the girls smooth twat. The moment my tongue touched her, she shivered all over her body, and then cried out as she came.

When I had licked Holly, it had only been for a minute as a prelude to the fucking I was determined to give her. With Sara, I took my time. Holly watched, playing with her friend’s breasts, while I ate her into oblivion. Something about having the high school senior tied down and helpless, and knowing she was also a virgin, if Holly was to be believed, was immensely exciting. I fingered her tight little pussy while tasting and licking her thoroughly. I let my fingers slip down and tease her innocent bunghole while I drove my tongue in and out of her hot young twat. She squirmed and wiggled under my attention, coming several times, her juices flowing freely. Finally she moaned out, “Please, no more,” gasping as I gave her some long slow parting licks.

“She needs to be fed,” Holly told me, caressing my hair as I pulled my face away from her friend’s tasty pussy.

I crawled up the bed, kneeling beside her head. Her eyes were drawn to my cock. Her skin glistened, her hairline was moist, and her breathing was still heavy. I placed my cock across her lips and her tongue darted out and licked the bottom of it. I rubbed the swollen head all around her mouth, and she opened wide to accept it; an offer I was incapable of refusing. I eased my rod into her mouth, and she turned her head to accept it more readily. With some short thrusts of my hips, I was sliding half my length into her young, moist mouth.

Holly bounced across the bed, parking herself on the other side of Sara, and held her friend’s head as I fucked her mouth. “C’mon, Sara, take it,” she said softly, and pushed the tied-down girls face forward against my invading rod. I pushed a little more insistently, and Holly did the same at her end, until poor Sara was taking almost my entire cock. It was beautiful.

Then Holly leaned over, laying atop her friend, and opened her mouth for me. I was happy enough to let Holly suck me for a while, but she maneuvered us until my balls were being licked by the restrained Sara, while Holly gobbled me aggressively.

After a minute or so, Holly had me straddling Sara’s head, while she straddled the girl’s hips. Once more she was sucking me wonderfully, with far more talent then any teenager should show. Sara was licking me with abandon, bathing my balls. Their combined efforts were getting me close to coming.

Holly pulled away, when I started to tense up. “Give it to her,” she said.

I lifted up onto my knees, and let Holly point my cock down into her friends mouth. I dropped into 69, once again licking the tight teen twat, while my hips fucked the helpless Sara in the mouth. I might have been a little overly aggressive, as I plunged deeper and deeper into her warm mouth and throat, and it was only a few seconds more before I shot my wad. She took it all like a pro, accepting nearly my entire length, and sucking me dry.

I pulled off of her, gasping at the pleasure.

Holly was beaming. “God, that was so hot. You fucked her face so hard!”

I gazed into Sara’s face, feeling guilty. For so damn many things. “Are you ok?”

She smiled for me. “That was fucking amazing,” she said. Then she licked her lips. “You sure came a lot, I didn’t know if I could swallow it all.”

Holly chimed in, “You could have shared, you know.”

“Not the first one,” Sara said with a teasing glint in her eye.



“Oh, just fuck her, already, so I can have some,” Holly finally giggled.

I looked down to see that I hadn’t gone soft. I guess there’s something about two beautiful naked teenagers that changes my recovery time. We learn something new every day.

Holly had gotten off the bed, and reached into her desk coming with up with some lube. She walked over to me with a saucy sway in her step. She dropped to her knees tugging me to the side of the bed, and used her mouth once more to make sure I was hard enough to give her best friend what she needed. Once Holly was happy with the amount of steel in my rod, she pulled her face away and poured plenty of lube over the swollen purple head. She popped up and leaned over Sara, pouring more lube all over her young slice. She reached down, and rubbed it in, sliding her fingers into her friend, adding more lube.

“All yours,” Holly finally announced.

Good enough for me. I positioned myself between Sara’s legs, pointing my cock at her waiting gap. “Are you OK with this,” I asked her, in one last attempt at being, if not chivalrous, at least thoughtful.

“I’m dying for it,” she said softly, her hips twisting and grinding in front of me.

“Would you like me to untie you?” I asked her, with the head of my cock positioned at the mouth of her young cunt.

“Do whatever you want with me, Mr. K.,” she said, “but do it soon.”

I pressed forward, and my cock eased into her just an inch or so.

“Oh, FUCK,” she cried out, and I looked down at her in amazement, as she pushed up at me, trying to take more.

I pushed, slowly easing my entire cock into her tiny body. She took it much better than Holly had, accommodating my length and thickness. She groaned; it was a tight fit, a VERY tight fit, but it wasn’t long until I was buried completely inside her.

“Isn’t it incredible,” Holly asked.

“God, I never knew,” Sara gasped, and I could feel her tight pussy spasming around my cock.

“Fuck her, Mr. K. Fuck her hard.” Holly encouraged me.

I couldn’t let her down. I leaned over Sara, and started to long stroke her, pulling almost all the way out, and then methodically filling her again. I developed a steady rhythm, fucking the sweet young thing to my heart’s content. I lowered myself and kissed her on the mouth, for the first time, while I fucked her a little faster, a little more insistently. Our tongues tangled, and she sucked on my face like she was starving. I felt Holly caressing my cock where it entered Sara, and felt the cool moisture of more lube being added to my cock. I raised up onto my toes and hands, my body stretched out straight, and pounded down into her, feeling the mattress give under my efforts. Sara was moaning constantly now, and I watched in immense pleasure as she flushed, her breathing becoming heavy, her eyes shut, her forehead wrinkled in concentration. Just a few more full strokes and she was coming on my cock.

“Oh God, oh god, oh god,” she moaned, then bit her lip and squealed as she clamped down hard on me.

I pulled her down the bed as far as I could, putting some slack in her legs. The ribbon that had been around her chest was now laying across her neck, the waist one just under her breasts. I got on my knees, wedging them under her thighs, grabbed her waist and fucked the little tart as fast and hard as I could. I owned this young pussy and drilled it thoroughly. She came again for me, gasping, and I looked up to see Holly untie the ribbon that was across Sara’s throat. She leaned down and kissed her friend, then eased her own body onto the bed, straddling her friend’s hips. Holly tucked her knees in tight, and gave me an open shot at her beckoning pink slit. I could see where she had already lubed herself up, in anticipation.

I pulled out of Sara for a moment, tugging Holly’s hips lower. Rising up onto my knees, I eased my cock into Holly, tight young Holly, and with only a little less effort than the first time, finally buried my cock in her. I fucked her hard, and experienced that feeling of impending finish. That was my internal signal to finish with her, and plug young Sara again.

Holding Sara where her thighs met her waist, I fucked her wildly, my hips a blur, right up to the moment when I couldn’t hold back a moment longer. I slammed my cock into her, buried to the root, and emptied my balls inside of her, feeling the pulsing of my cock echoed by the quivering of her snatch. Sara moaned loudly.

“He’s coming, isn’t he?” Holly said suddenly, “He’s filling your pussy now, isn’t he?”

I stroked into her gently, squeezing out every last drop of juice, before I finally pulled out.

Holly had climbed off of her friend, and was seated next to her, caressing her face. Sara looked shocked, her eyes open wide, her whole upper body red and flushed, her hair soaked.

“Wasn’t that great?” Holly asked her.

“It was incredible,” Sara finally said, looking at me in wonder.

“He’s going to teach us everything,” Holly assured her friend, “everything.”

Sara slowly smiled. A huge, illuminating smile that lit up the room. “He can teach me that again.”

Holly was untying her wrists, rubbing the redness the ribbons had left. I followed her example, untying the ribbon around Sara’s ankles, freeing her legs. Once untied she pulled her legs up, then stretched them out again. Damn, she was pretty.

A minute later she was completely unbound. She got up on her knees and stretched, her hand reaching toward the ceiling. She stood on the bed and walked down to me where I was seated near the end of the bed. She stood in front of me, her well used pussy in front of my face. She straddled my hips and lowered herself into my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. She brought her lips to mine, and we kissed, long and warm, my hands caressing her back, her crotch grinding against mine.

She eased her lips off of mine. “Thank you so much,” she said softly.

“I should be the one thanking you.” I admitted.

“You should be thanking ME.” Holly said, “it was my gift to you.”

“Thank you, Holly, it was an amazing present.”

Sara’s lips were back on mine, kissing me again. It was delicious. My hands rubbed her breasts, while she continued to rub her hot little cunt against me. I felt myself miraculously responding. She pulled her face away again, rising up high enough to feed me her full breast. While I nibbled on her hard nipple, she reached down for my newly stiff cock, and settled herself onto it, slowly sinking down and taking the whole length.

“You little whore!” Holly cried out, reaching between us and feeling where I was buried inside of Sara. “You know it’s my turn!”

“Of course it is,” Sara sighed, “I’m just warming him up for you.” Then she eased off my lap, which wasn’t empty long. Holly quickly took Sara’s place. That included sliding my cock back into her tightness, and locking her lips on mine.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring into Sara’s. She was behind Holly, her arms holding her friend, her hands cupping Holly’s young firm tits. “I want to see you fuck her as hard as you fucked me, Mr. K.”

“That’s going to be hard, Sara,” I told her, after I peeled my lips away from out hostess.

“I know you can do it. And I’m going to watch while I’m sitting on her face and she sucks every bit of your cum out of my pussy. I bet you’ve never seen anything like that!” Sara said with a knowing smile.

Holly had started bouncing on my cock, and I was enjoying it immensely. “I would love to see that,” I told her, I leaned forward and she kissed me while her friend rode my rod.

“Then you can watch me eat her dry,” Sara continued. “I love the taste of your cum, Mr. K., and I’m going to suck every last drop of it out of her.”

I’ll have to say this for Sara, she’s one young lady who’s true to her word.

* * *

It was a pretty amazing summer. No doubt about it. I was able to spend some time with Holly nearly every week, and had several more encounters with the both of them. I’m still amazed we were never caught, and by the end of summer, I was really hating the thought of the girls going away to college. Yet go away they did, and although Holly emailed me regularly for about two weeks, telling me all the nasty things she wanted to do over Christmas break, she eventually found a boyfriend at the school, and the emails dwindled away.

Somewhere around November I guess her infatuation with me ended, and our Christmas tryst never came into being. But I’ll always have the memories of that one sweet summer.

And of course there was the spring break episode with Sara, but that would be a different story.

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