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Holiday Snaps

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Retirement has many compensations! The opportunity to take holidays at any time I fancy is one I rate highly. This is the story about a recent enjoyable break.

I recently spent Christmas away in a lovely city centre hotel in Bath in the English West Country. What a beautiful town, relaxing, full of history and incredibly photogenic! On Boxing Day I took my camera out to enjoy this photogenic place. When I returned to the warmth of the hotel I witnessed an unusual confrontation at the reception desk.

The duty receptionist, a slightly dumpy but curvaceous Spanish girl, was trying to photograph one of the chambermaids on the other side of the reception counter. For some reason the young blond chambermaid seemed less than willing to have the picture taken and was holding a newspaper in front of her face. The Spanish girl grumpily put the reception’s digital camera down and reached for my key. The chambermaid looked triumphant!

Being retired means you can join in almost anything without causing too much offence! “Oh that’s not fair” I laughed. “That would have been such a pretty picture. Here let me show you.” I picked up the diminutive camera, checked it was switched on and prepared to take a picture. The defensive newspaper was already deployed.

“OK” I tried in my best conspiratorial whisper, “let’s try just peeping round the paper”. I gently moved the girl’s hand so that only half of her face was covered from the camera’s viewpoint. Before she realised what was happening I had framed the shot to include her half-face and just a narrow edge of paper. The result on the monitor screen looked OK.

“That’s great” I encouraged softly. “Let’s try another.” I was able to frame and focus even better this time.

“Fantastic”, I breathed. “Your eyes are beautiful. Let’s try another, just look straight into the lens. Fabulous!” I clicked again. “Tilt your head outwards slightly.” Click. “Fantastic, you should be a model.” I murmured. Click.

“Now imagine it is not a newspaper and that you are peeping round a shower curtain.” My voice was low, no-one else could hear. Click. My face was behind the camera while this lovely girl was concentrating her attention on the lens. Click. She was a photographer’s dream!

“You see your lover’s back, warm steaming water flowing across the skin.” I breathed to her and her expression reflected my suggested scenario. Click.

“Now your lover turns sideways.” Click. The girl was responding, her eyes wide, her lips parted. Click.

“Your lover sees you and smiles.” Click.

“You move the shower curtain away for a better view.” Click. The newspaper ‘curtain’ descended slowly. Click, click.

“You smile back.” Click. She was gorgeous when she smiled. Click, click.

Unfortunately other staff had seen what was happening and were standing nearby. They couldn’t hear what I had been saying but they saw the effect. When the chambermaid saw them she put her scowling mask back on and flipped the newspaper in my direction. Before she could leave I gave the girl the camera.

“Get these pictures on a computer screen and see what you think.” I whispered urgently. “If you want me to take some with a better camera you know my room number.” Just to make sure I flashed the key fob so that only she could see it, then she was gone. She looked so cross that I didn’t expect to see her again.

Back in my room I took off my outdoor clothes, kicked off my shoes and turned the kettle on to make a cup of tea. In this beautiful Georgian city I had taken numerous pictures so I pulled out my laptop and set it running so that I could look at my results. By the time the computer was ready I had poured boiling water over the teabag in the cup. Leaving it to brew I pulled the compact flash card from the camera and popped it into the slot. As I stirred the tea today’s pictures came up on the screen.

I sat back on the bed and watched a slide show of the unedited shots, some were OK, a few were good and the majority were passable record pictures. I was especially pleased with a set I hope to merge into a panorama of the famous Royal Crescent. I drank my tea and thought about how some of the shots could be better. ‘Going out earlier in the day’ was the best option I could suggest to myself. Well, maybe tomorrow . . ”

There was a soft knocking at the door. I opened it to find the chambermaid, no longer wearing her official overalls, she held out the camera and explained that she couldn’t access a computer without someone else present. She wanted to see the pictures without the other staff around.

There were two chairs in the room, so rather than have us sit on the bed I moved them so that we could both see the screen with the computer sitting at the end of the bed. She told me her name was Sophie and that she was from Slovakia. There were several staff who came over together every Christmas/New Year to augment the English hotel staff.

“OK Sophie, please call me Jack.” I said as I offered the memory card into the slot “Let’s see how they came out.” Even after several years of using the technology I never cease to be amazed by digital photography! Having grown up with film, which might take days or weeks to fill a roll and a similar time to get developed and printed, I get a thrill every time I plug in a card and see pictures coming up instantly. Fantastic, up they came and didn’t look too bad in the thumbnails. I adjusted the display to get them filling the laptop screen and set the slide show running at slow speed.

I sat back a little with half an eye on Sophie and the other on the screen. She was enthralled! The first couple showed an apprehensive girl, nervous of the camera and the photographer. The portraits gradually changed as she got into my ‘game’. The final few were not bad at all! The photographic quality might have been better but the content was amazing. Sophie’s face as she watched the screen captivated me! By the final shot, which stayed on the screen as the slide show ended, she changed from formal and guarded to animated and delighted.

Sophie turned to me “Mister Jack, can we see them again please?” Her English was quite good with a sexy European accent!

“No problem Sophie, would you like them to go slower or quicker or maybe you would like to control the change?” I asked. Sophie chose to change them for herself.

“I not like this” she pouted at the first picture “It make me look not ‘appy!”

“Well Sophie” I explained, “This was the first shot and maybe you were a bit surprised that I would be so bold. But there are some nice things in the shot, see how the light from the window behind you lights up your lovely golden hair.”

“OK” she acknowledged “But this next one better, yes?”

“That’s much nicer, see how you are looking into the lens – almost looking straight out of the screen at us now.” I liked it too, she was still a little apprehensive in this shot but not looking quite so grimly defensive. “Your blond hair looks even better in this – see how it shines in this soft light.” I ran my hand across the screen almost in a caress as I demonstrated the part I liked. I watched her eyes follow my hand.

Sophie clicked the mouse. “Next one good too, I think so . . yes, I think it OK.” She said, her accent strong, her voice low and sultry. She moved to the next image, nodding and smiling softly. “These nice photos Mister Jack, thank you for making them.” She kept clicking until she reached the last one.

“This one best, you think so too, yes?” she asked. The picture was quite sexy, mainly because of the way she was interacting with the lens. The picture filled the screen. “I want send my boyfriend, OK Mister Jack?” She said.

“OK, what’s his email address?” I asked. Sophie did not have a bag with her and looked disappointed.

“I not got, you wait please. I bring you Mister Jack, OK?” she was gone before I could reply.

While she was out I copied the set of pictures to my hard drive and started Photoshop Elements. In the few minutes she was away I had made some adjustments to the final picture which improved the light/shade balance and sharpened overall. I saved it with a new name and re-sized a copy ready to send in the email.

Sophie soon returned, she gasped when I showed her the original and my enhanced version. It had come out really well. In no time I set up the email with the small version as an attachment and let her write the text. She struggled a bit with the English keyboard layout and couldn’t find her special characters but managed to express her wishes. When she was done I hit the send button and showed her that it was on its way.

“I like these photos but I not want that Spanish girl to ‘ave them.” Sophie declared.

“OK, I can delete them from the camera card for you. But why don’t you want her to have them?” I asked.

Sophie chewed her lip. “You not tell anyone Mister Jack, OK?” She said. “Manuella keep touching me when I near ‘er. She say she want make me ‘appy. She make me very . . ” Sophie searched for an English word. ” . . I a bit scared of ‘er, I think she like girls not boys. You understan’ what I say . .?”

“Sure, Sophie. Watch . . I’m deleting those pictures from the card and I will take the camera back for you.” I explained. Just to check I re-loaded the card and the pictures were no longer available. I replaced the memory card in the camera.

“Sophie, I have a better camera. Can I take a few more pictures while the light is good?” I picked up the Canon I had been using in town and showed her.

“OK Mister Jack, if you show me what you take and make me copy please.”

The late afternoon sun was still shining through the window so I quickly moved the chairs. I had a tripod set up quickly and asked Sophie to sit so that the sun shone from behind her head.

“OK, the camera is linked to the computer so we can see the results straight away. Let’s do a few tests first.” The contre-jour lighting was tricky but the first couple of shots were along the right lines. I showed Sophie. Luckily she came up with the next suggestion which was going through my mind too.

“I not like colour of my shirt Mister Jack, it make me look sick. What you think?”

“Just what I thought Sophie, maybe you could wear one of my shirts. I’ve got a clean white one here.” I reached into the wardrobe and pulled out the shirt on its hanger. I turned around to find that Sophie had taken off her blouse and was sitting topless!

“We do it like this please, Mister Jack. Please only my face and down to ‘ere.” Sophie drew her hand firmly across her chest just above her beautiful breasts.

“OK, let’s try Sophie.” As she hadn’t been wearing a bra there were no strap marks and her shoulders looked great in the viewfinder. I clicked and murmured “Look deep into the lens Sophie, think of your boyfriend.” Click. “He’s taken his shirt off as well . .” Click.

“Just turn this way a fraction.” I gently touched her chin and eased her round slightly. Click, click. “Great, more, give me more . .” Click, click. “Tilt a little . .” Click.

“OK Sophie that looked super. Can you turn around and look back across your shoulder, that’s it just here where the sun will catch your hair.” I had my hands on her shoulders to get the position right, her breasts were a delight and it took all my concentration to keep my old hands off them.

From behind the camera again I said “Fantastic Sophie.” Click. “You are sensational!” Click, click, click. She was so sultry, sensuous and almost kissing the lens. Click, click, click. “If you show your boyfriend these he will worry about what we were doing!” She laughed. Click.

“Now Mister Jack, we can take some to ‘ere.” She now drew the line at the top of her jeans!

“OK, Sophie.” I was concentrating on the technicalities to avoid becoming too excited. The last of the sun was still illuminating Sophie. “Let’s turn you almost sideways. There, as you look at the camera tip your head back – slightly looking down at the lens.” Click, click. “Shoulders back a touch Sophie, that’s great!” Click, click, click.

“Now turn to face me, put one arm between your breasts and stroke your fingers on the side of your face.” I needed to adjust her arm and my fingers gently eased her breast to one side. Click, click. “Head tilted . .” Click. “Pout your lips a little . . like a kiss . .” Click, click, click. My cock was aching now, stiff and frustrated!

“We have lost the light now Sophie, shall we have a look at the results?” I was surprised but very pleased that she did not replace her blouse. Her warm proximity was so arousing! Concentrating hard I opened the file of pictures and ran them as a slideshow in full screen. I sat back but Sophie drew forward to see the screen. The first shots were good, far better quality than our earlier set. They drew ooohs and aaaahs from Sophie. I found it hard to concentrate as her breasts shook and quivered with her tiny movements.

When we came to the head and shoulders she gasped and turned to me excited and smiling. “Mister Jack, I like these.” She grasped my face and planted a kiss on my cheek. Oh how I suffered for my art!

The contre-jour lighting was terrific, her face and skin were fantastic. I was thrilled with the shots.

Then the first full topless shot caused her to gasp and wrap herself around my arm. “Oh God!” She whispered, “That’s so sexy”, she kissed my cheek again. “You make me look so good Mister Jack.” The other shots were better and better as she related more closely with the lens. When the show stopped on the final picture we were both breathless!

Sophie swung a leg across my lap and wrapped her arms around my head which was buried between her delightful breasts! I ran my hands gently up her back and softly kissed the tender flesh pressed to my face. My hands were barely touching her skin but Sophie seemed to enjoy the sensation, she eased away slightly from the hug around my head. My lips were now nibbling, kissing and caressing the most exquisite breasts imaginable.

I gently let one of my wandering hands find its way around her rib cage and onto a firm breast. After some tender touches I lifted the nipple to my lips. Sophie gasped and pressed the breast closer to my mouth muttering something unintelligible in Slovakian as she ran her fingers through my hair. I hoped she was encouraging my ministrations and continued to lick then suck on the gorgeous nipple. Sophie groaned and demanded that the other breast get the same loving. I obliged with enthusiasm!

This delightful exercise had been under way for a while when the computer dinged to indicate the arrival of an email. I was all for ignoring it but Sophie turned around on my lap and moved my hands to her breasts – what a thoughtful girl! She clicked the mail button and saw that it was an answer from her boyfriend. Curses, I thought, that’s the end of play for today. Not a bit of it!

Sophie read the Slovak’s reply and translated roughly that he liked the picture and was laid on his bed looking at it now. That excited Sophie who stood up, unzipped and pulled down her jeans. She sat back on my lap in just a pair of white cotton panties!

“Now, Mister Jack we send ‘im the last picture please, OK?”

“If you are really sure Sophie. Maybe he will be a little jealous that I have seen you like this?”

“No, we do now please.” She urged, standing up and undoing my shirt buttons. “Take off shirt Mister Jack, I want sit behin’ you and hold myself against your body, OK?”

Somehow I edited the picture. It looked fantastic. I was pleased, Sophie was practically drooling over my shoulder! I saved the new version and made a reduced copy to send. Then I clicked the reply tab on the email and attached the latest picture. Sophie was all for leaning around me to reply but I suggested she should get both hands to the keyboard.

“OK, Mister Jack.” She whispered as she stood almost naked and moved to the laptop, “Now you take off jeans too, OK?”

I guess I was too surprised to do anything but obey, well that’s my excuse! My trousers and socks were quickly dispatched while Sophie concentrated on the keyboard. I was now as unclothed as she was, but not nearly so alluring!

She finished her message and clicked the send button. Turning from the screen she saw me, smiled and pulled the front of my boxer pants waistband to bring me into hugging distance. She was still sitting, I was standing. As she pulled me closer my straining erection flipped out of the fly slot and came to rest alongside her face as she wrapped her arms around me.

She laughed “We not need these now” and pulled down the boxers causing old Willie to twang noisily from down to up as the elastic passed and released him. He bounced, vibrating into the ‘on guard’ position and she giggled again. She kissed the side of my cock.

“He is beautiful. I think ‘e wants to play.” She murmured, nibbling her way from bottom to top and back again.

She decided to get more comfortable for ‘playing’ and signalled for me to get on the bed. Standing back from the bed she stood, almost naked, and posed. I wished I had the camera, but perhaps I was too shaky for that now! Facing me she tucked her thumbs under the top of her panties and in one smooth move pushed them down to her knees. Standing erect and looking deep into my eyes she pushed them down her leg with one foot and flicked them elegantly across the room to where her other clothes were piled.

“You like?” she growled running her hands down her smooth body.

“I like, yes Sophie, I like very much!” I lay back on the bed as she straddled my hips. I had my first view of her delightful vagina. A trimmed downy patch of pubic hair crowned her bare labia which looked moist already. She lowered herself until her groin was brushing the tip of my erect dick. After several increasingly firm passes of her pussy lips across the purple tip she looked deep into my eyes, sighed and slowly descended onto my penis.

Her eyes still locked onto mine were now in soft-focus; maybe that was me or was it her, possibly both. Grinding oh so slowly in a small circular motion against my pubic bone she seemed to be screwing my cock deeper into her body. Now her eyes were definitely in another place even though they looked my way. Her blond hair fell forward around her lovely face as her head tipped forward . . ever the artist I thought ‘that could a nice picture!’

Her motion changed subtly into a slow, gentle rocking forward and back. Her neck and upper chest flushed and her cunt squeezed tightly around my cock as an orgasm swept through her beautiful body. I watched in awe as she continued to rock throughout the climax. As it passed she rested hard down on me and slowly lay her body on top of mine, her legs elegantly outstretched along mine. My rampant cock was still snug inside her body.

Panting softly she whispered “That was as beautiful as your photographs Mister Jack.” God, what a compliment! Most people just say “That’s nice”, I think I prefer the Slovak way of photo appreciation!

I wrapped my arms around her and rolled myself on top. I let my legs fall outside hers and raised my knees a little. As I eased my body up there was a new pressure in her cunt from my stiff cock. She gasped. I leaned forward holding my cock hard up against her clitoris and kissed her breasts, first one then the other. Then I stretched up and we kissed deeply, so erotically, so sweetly, so exquisitely . . it was unbelievable!

Here was me, a pensioner, reasonably fit but never-the-less with grandchildren of the same age as Sophie and I was embedded deep into her young gripping, dripping pussy. Being old doesn’t get any better than this!

Sophie’s movements were becoming more urgent. Her legs parted so I slipped mine between hers and withdrew my cock. I ran the tip up and down her very wet vagina then eased back in, all the way until my balls were on the cheeks of her backside. Sophie was urging me by lifting her hips and dropping them. I took the hint and began long, slow deep strokes. Each arrival brought my pubic bone snugly against Sophie’s clitoris. Each arrival brought a gasp of pleasure.

My pace increased without any conscious direction from me. Our contact was faster, more vigorous and much noisier as Sophie’s next orgasm flooded through her. My own climax was brought closer as her cunt tightened around my erect cock. My attempted thrusts were slowed and the excitement in my balls heightened by the increased friction. Sophie lifted us both off the bed with her rigidly raised hips as my climax coincided with her latest peak. Whatever she was saying sounded good but I was past learning Slovakian at this point in my life. I pulsed with the passion of my overwhelmed cock.

“Sophie, Sophie, Sophie” I murmured as I gasped what could have been my last breath. Later – moments, minutes, hours, days maybe I came back to life. Sophie was whispering in my ear “Mister Jack, that was amazing, but I need to pee pee!”

I rolled off and she staggered to the bathroom. Minutes later I was still where she left me and she came back to lay beside me. “Are you OK, Mister Jack?”

“Never better, Sophie”, I gasped, “. . never better.” I kissed her softly as she caressed my naked legs.

The laptop pinged the arrival of an email. “Maybe your boyfriend is on his way.” I joked.

Sophie poked my ribs and went naked to the laptop.

She laughed as she translated ” . . ‘e say ‘e wanked and came very ‘ard all over computer when ‘e saw picture!” She could hardly stop laughing. “But it not ‘is computer!” More hysterical laughter. “Computer is ‘is mother’s and she come ‘ome in ten minutes!”

We roared with laughter until we were even more exhausted. “Best not tell him what we did when we saw it.” I suggested.

“Mister Jack?” You know you’re in trouble when a girl can say a single syllable like ‘Jack’ and make it sound like tone poem! I wondered what she wanted.

“Tomorrow, maybe you take more pictures, OK?” She waved her hand from her golden head to her pretty feet “From ‘ere to ‘ere, with no clothes, OK? . . ”

The end.

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