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Strapping One On

Category: Anal Sex
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I call you at work as soon as I get my mail, excited by the package that has arrived on my doorstep this morning- our new toy! Shopping for the perfect strap-on was harder than I had anticipated, so many choices, reader reviews and it’s not like I could try one on first to see how it felt. Well, we were both going to see how it feels tonight!

“Baby, do you feel like having your wildest fantasy come true tonight?” I purr into the receiver when I hear your voice, all serious as you answer the phone.

Your tone instantly softens as you understand what I am saying as you ask, “It came?”

“You’ll be cumming, all over my hard cock as I fuck your tight asshole tonight, so you better hurry home,” I taunt. I wanted to tease you, get you thinking about all the hot things we were going to do, let the anticipation build for the rest of the day. I tried on my new phallus, admiring the length and feel in the mirror as I waited for you to get home. I loved the feel of the harness holding my new masculinity snugly against my clit, felt a stirring as I envisioned the night ahead. It took all my restraint not to have myself right then and there, fantasies floating through my mind.

I thought back to the first time you let me have your ass, let me in on your dark fantasies. Always a fan of having me tongue your naughty hole, slipping a finger in as I swallow your hard cock down my throat, you amped it up the night you told me you wanted to use the big blue vibrator in your ass, not mine. I can still picture you on the couch with your knees up to your chest, looking at me as you slowly pulled your knees apart for better access to your pucker.

“Gentle, slow, baby,” you whisper, still anxious about my ministrations and me still a novice at sliding a vibrator up your ass.

You sphincter is so tight as I am trying to gain entry, I squirt more oil onto my hand and lube up the vibrator. As we both relax more, it slowly hums into your tight knot until nearly all of the phallus is buried in your greedy hole. There is a sudden glimmer in your beautiful eyes as you are now used to this invasion, your knees pulled wide, and your sexy voice begs me, “fuck me, fuck my ass!”

I start sliding the vibrator in and out of your ass, now going in to the hilt as you meet my thrusts. You lean forward a bit, looking at the shaft disappearing into your nether region, grabbing my head and pulling me in for a kiss. I am now bracing the base of the vibrator with my hip, simulating fucking you as you buck back against me. I almost come just with the hotness of this scenario, stroking your cock as you kiss me, your eyes wild with passion. It only takes moments and you are cumming, shooting hot gobs in an arc up to your muscular chest, grabbing fist-fulls of my long, blonde hair, your head snapping back against the cushions and your ass grinding onto my ‘cock.’ As we come back down from the high of the moment, we both know we have entered new territory.

This brings me back to the present, the tingling in my pussy as I anxiously await your arrival back home so I can properly take your ass. You call me as you are driving home, just the sound of your voice in my ear is sending shivers of anticipation through my body. “What do you want to do first?” I ask you; after all, this is your night.

“I want you to start kissing me, then let me suck on your nipples until they are rock hard, getting your tits nice and wet for me to slide my cock between,” you purr into my ear. If I had panties on, they would be soaked, just with that one, scorching hot sentence out of your sexy mouth. I hear you pull into the driveway moments later, meet you at the door wearing just a silk teddy, my body freshly shaved for maximum slickness once we get going. As I walk up the stairs with you behind me, you slide a finger up my thigh, sneak into my pussy feeling how wet I already am. You slide out of my pussy and slip your fingertip into my asshole, teasing me about what I have to look forward to as the night progresses.

I tear your clothes off as we reach the top of the stairs, kissing you and darting my tongue into your mouth. You respond with more force than usual, anticipation rising, almost as if both of us are aware of the pending shift in who will be the dominant one soon. I feel a shiver run down my spine, you pull away slightly, stare into my eyes and give me that slight grin that I love so much before leaning back in to take my breath away with your kiss. Your head drops down to my neck, kissing a path down my throat, feeling my pulse thumping as my blood is rushing faster through my veins. Your lips graze my nipples through the silk of my teddy, they are rock hard and the sensation is made more intense with the brush of silk between your hot breath and my skin.

Just as you promised over the phone your lips close onto a nipple, slowly sucking until it is hard against the teeth that playfully nip, eliciting a moan from my lips. You lean over and lick and bite at my other breast, ensuring that they get equal treatment, leaving me moaning with my head thrown back, the staps of my teddy sliding off, baring my breasts to your wicked kisses.

You lick and suck at me til I am weak in the knees, needing to lower myself to the rug, grasping your hips for support. I wrap my tongue around your throbbing cock, which is is at perfect eye level, waiting for the same sweet torture you have given me. I slowly lick the underside from base to tip, swirling my tongue around your fat head, gently probing for a drop of sweet pre-come before wrapping my lips around you and taking you deep into my mouth. I suck gently, sliding up and down, savoring the thickness of you in my mouth, trying at times to take you into my throat and nestle my nose against your stomach. You moan gutterally and I feel tremors gently ripple through you, I get a tingle of anticipation at the power I can have over you with just my lips wrapped around you.

I pull up and swirl my tongue over the tip of your cock again, then grab it in my fist, licking up and down the rock hard shaft until I get to your balls, licking at them and sucking until I hear you moaning louder. I lift your cock higher, pulling your balls up, allowing me access to the area closer to your tight asshole, flattening my tongue to give me maximum coverage of your sensitive skin. I then curl my tongue into a tip, stroking the sensitive area behind your balls until you are grabbing my hair and pushing my head deeper, bending your knees to allow me better access. I can just barely flick the tip of my tongue at the rim of your little knot, both of us straining for more contact. Abruptly I pull away, leaving both of us panting. “Are you ready for more, baby?” I ask as I look up at you with lust-filled eyes.

You become more aware of your surroundings, noticing the lit candles, the cold cocktail waiting for you on the coffee table beside the bottle of lube. “Why don’t you enjoy your drink, sweetie, I’m going to go get ready,” I say as I stand up and walk into the bedroom, flicking my hair and a sexy look over my shoulder. I have left our new toy waiting for me on the bed and step into the harness, even more turned on now as I know I will be sliding into you in just minutes. I slide my fingers into my pussy briefly, am so wet for you, walk back into the living room slowly sucking on my fingers, my strap-on bobbing with each step. Your eyes lock onto our new toy, look up at me, widen as you see me sucking my fingers, knowing what I have been up to, then return to the phallus that will soon be violating you. I know you are taking in the size, wondering if it is bigger than the vibrator that we have played with before.

I walk over to the couch, stand directly in front of you, taking the drink out of your hand and take a sip, allowing a small ice cube to slip into my mouth. I lean over and kiss you, letting the coolness of my mouth contrast with the heat of your mouth as our tongues entwine. I lean down and bite your nipples playfully, can see your cock lurch in response, knowing how much you like this. I stand back up, move closer, and whisper huskily, “I want you to suck on my cock tonight, get me nice and wet for you.”

You obligingly lean in and lick at the head of the dong, tentatively at first, still taking this all in. Your hands are instantly around me, running up and down my legs, my thighs, cupping my ass cheeks as you become more comfortable with your task. You begin to take more of my dick into your mouth, pulling my ass cheeks apart and slipping a finger into my sopping pussy from behind, slowly finger fucking me in rythym with your oral action. I can feel an orgasm building as the base of the dong pushes against my clit with every movement of your blowjob, your finger stroking my pussy, and in moments, I am grabbing your head, holding you as I fuck your face, only this time I have my cock thrust down your throat as I cry out, “Oh, God, I’m cumming, Baby!”

After a few moments, I realize what has just happened, how I lost control, shoved my cock down your throat with no regard to anything but how good I felt. Now I know how you have felt when you have made me cum over and over, then pulled out of my ass just in time to shoot your hot wad down my eagerly waiting gullet, grabbing my hair and holding me tight to you. I look down at you, and you grin at me, knowing that I am amazed at the rush of sensations coming over me: pleasure, power, awe of something so new and different, and the pure pleasure of experiencing this with you.

I pull you up by your hand, kiss you deeply, my arms wrapped tightly around you. It feels odd to feel your hardness pressed against mine, but it’s so sexy. I grind my hips a little, run my hands across your muscular shoulders, feeling your beautiful body as my hands slide down to your hips. I pull you closer, kissing you deeply for a moment, probing your mouth with my tongue. I pull away and whisper, “that’s what I’m going to do to your ass now, get you ready for your fantasy to come true.”

I have you kneel on the couch away from me and I kneel on the floor behind you, your sexy butt right in front of me. I playfully spank you, the sound loud in the quiet that has settled over the room as the anticipation is building. I lean in and flick my tongue over your tight knot, loving that first reaction before your body acquiesces to your desires and you push back, seeking out my mouth. I slap your ass again, harder this time, then reach between your legs to stroke your cock, allowing my palm to cup your balls as I pump your shaft and tongue your tight hole. You moan and drop your head onto the back of the couch, letting your legs splay a little wider for me to gain better access.

I straighten my tongue into a little spear and sink it as deep into your crimp as I can, eliciting a loud sigh from you as I penetrate the sweet spot. I tongue-fuck you for a few minutes, continuing to stroke your cock, your hand joining mine, allowing me to tug on your balls and run my finger along your taint. I reach behind me and grab the bottle of lube, holding it in my palm to warm it before opening it and letting a drizzle run down the crack of your ass, stopping it from dropping to the floor with my tongue. I sit back, slide my hand up and swirl the lube around with my fingers, slowly slipping the tip of one into your tight cinnamon ring.

“Are you ready, Baby?” I ask.

“Yeah,” you reply breathlessly, your forehead still on the back of the couch.

“Do you want me to take you like this, or do you want to watch me, like the time we used the vibrator?”

“Start like this, but I want to cum watching you fuck my ass.” How hot is that?

I now have my finger in all the way, sliding in and out slowly, loving the tightness gripping me and wondering how you are going to be able to take this big dildo up your ass. I squeeze out a little more lube, know you love things slick, and rub some up and down my shaft, more onto my fingers. I slip a second finger into you, only pausing a bit as you tense then moan. I stand up so I am now behind you, my fingers still slipping in and out of you, and I allow the dildo to graze your balls, slide up your crack so it is nestled against your asshole just below my fingers. I feel you momentarily tense then you lift your head and look over your shoulder, grinning as you shake your head, knowing I am enjoying this as much as we knew I would.

I slip my fingers out of you, rubbing any extra lube onto the tip of my cock, aligning the tip with your ass and slowly push my hips forward. I slap your ass cheek, harder now than the times before, I want you to feel the sting, be overwhelmed by the sensations running through your body. I can feel your body resisting me initially. I am holding the base of my cock, gently pushing and suddenly I feel it pop through the ring of your sphincter. I pause, massaging the spot on your ass I have been slapping before slowly rotating my hips a bit and pushing forward. I can feel your hesitation, know you need me to go slow, but it’s so difficult. The more pressure going into your ass, the more pressure is being directed onto my clit, not to mention the intensity of what I am doing to you. I dribble a little more lube, getting things nice and slick, and soon I have almost all of the dildo buried into your ass.

I lean over, pressing my breasts into your back, wrap one arm around you and brace the other by your head as I kiss your cheek. “Do you like how this feels, Honey? Do you like having my big cock stuffed up your tight ass?”

You moan your reply, turn your head and kiss me deeply. I can feel you arching your back slightly, pushing back onto me, letting me know not only do you like how it feels, but that you are ready for more. I sit back up, grasp your hips in my hands, and slowly start thrusting in and out, loving the sight of my strap-on disappearing into you. Soon you are meeting every thrust and I am going deeper until I am bottomed out in your tail, grinding against you. This sensation sets me over the edge again and I cry out as I cum yet again, grabbing for my pussy as waves of pleasure flood over me, my juices dribbling down my thighs. I bury my fingers into my pussy, savoring the aftershocks of my orgasm, taking longer, deeper strokes into your ass. I slide my fingers out of my snatch, smearing my cum along the dong as is slides in and out of you, keeping it lubed-up and loving the idea of my come sliding into your ass tonight for a change.

I pull out and say, “flip over, I want to look you in the eyes as I fuck you.” Without a word you do as I say, your gaze locked onto mine as you slide down on the couch so your ass is near the edge. I again line the tip of my cock up with your hole, only now it has that slightly puffy, well-fucked look about it, it’s not the tight crimp it usually is. Yummy. I slip into you while looking deep into your eyes, loving that we have crossed into this level of trust in our relationship, that we are comfortable enough together to share our fantasies.

Now it is you grabbing my hips, pulling me into you and setting the pace for how you want to be fucked. You are ready for it hard and fast, you are getting that wild look in your eyes. I thrust into you deeply several times, then pull out almost completely before plunging back to the depths and grinding my hips against your taut buttocks. You pull your knees up so they are against your chest, but soon I am leaning on your shins, pinning them to your shoulders, giving me better access to get every bit of my cock buried to the hilt.

“Play with your cock, I want to watch you cum with me buried in your ass.”

You moan in reply, but obey my command, wrapping one hand around your shaft and roughly jerking yourself off, matching my strokes. It only takes a few moments and you cry out, your eyes closing as your head goes back before your gaze locks onto me. I can almost feel your ass clutching the dildo as your body tenses and your orgasm rips through you, sending a stream of cum onto your chest.

“That’s it, Baby, cum for me. Cum all over your chest,” I coax you as I give your ass a few final thrusts. You finally slump back against the back of the couch, your hand still holding your cock. I wish I could take a photo of this moment, hold it forever, this vision of you spent with my strap-on still buried in your ass, gobs of semen on your chest and stomach waiting for me to lick off. Reluctantly I slide out of you and onto my knees, slowly taking you into my mouth for any last drops of cum. I slide up your stomach and chest, licking every drop off your body, savoring the slightly bitter taste that I know so well until I reach your lips and kiss you, sharing your taste as our tongues entwine. “I hope your fantasy came true, Sweetie,” I say. You smile contentedly and wrap your arms tightly around me, pulling us down on the couch so you are snuggled tightly behind me and we drift off to sleep.

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