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Holiday Weekend

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It started off innocently enough. It was Memorial Day weekend and my girlfriend’s parents were out of town, and our friend, Liz was going to hang out with us. Her boyfriend was out of town as well. Well, to be more accurate, he was out of the country. He was spending a semester abroad in Ireland, and, from what Liz heard, he was studying more than just the culture.

Liz and Rick had been together since they were teenagers. They met in high school and by the age of fourteen, they were dating, and had been since then. They were on and off, but usually on. They fought on occasion, and they split up briefly, but they were together most of the time. You could tell by talking to Liz that, for some reason, she really loved Rick, even though at times he seemed to not really care whether she was around or not. It wasn’t that he was cruel, or mean to her, or violent, he just was not so interested at times. So Liz heard that he had been fooling around with some Irish girl. The thing was that they had agreed that the two of them would be free to see other people while Rick was away for such a long time. But you also know that women never mean that. Liz wasn’t hurt so much as she was pissed.

So Brenda and I had invited Liz to hang out with us over the weekend. Since it was a holiday weekend, not many of our friends were staying in the Philadelphia area, and Brenda didn’t want Liz left alone in her apartment with nothing to do while stewing over Rick.

We all went to college together in Philadelphia, and Brenda’s parents had a house out in the suburbs. It was about forty five minutes from school, and though it was fairly close to the city, it was on about 35 acres, and very isolated. It was an old farm (though it wasn’t being used as a farm anymore) and provided the perfect site for some friends to do some much-needed weekend drinking.

Around noon on Saturday we met up with Liz at her apartment to spend the day in Philadelphia. We decided to do the tourist thing first since, even though we all went to school there, we rarely actually just enjoyed the city. So there was Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Art Museum, so many great places we could go…. But no. We chose South Street. For those who are not familiar with South Street, it is a connection of shops and bars and restaurants that caters to a young, collage-aged crowd. It has become a little more tacky and boring lately, but several years ago, when this took place, it was a fun place to blow an afternoon. There were the requisite college poster stores, and “tobacco” shops with pipes for “tobacco” and certainly not any illegal substances.

So we walked along, had some lunch and stopped in at another one of the typical stores on South Street, a sex store. Brenda, Liz and I had been pretty open in talking about sex, and joking about it in the past, talking about our sex lives and Rick and Liz’s. So it wasn’t a shock to either of us when Liz asked Brenda, “So, um, do you own a vibrator?” Brenda responded, “Yes, and I love it.” They both blushed a little as they spoke about it. Liz then said, “Do you think that you could help me pick one out?” I must admit, even this early on, the wheels were turning. I was really intrigued about this, and I always had a thing for Liz. And her talking about buying a vibrator has me, not shockingly, a bit turned on.

I tried to stay out of the way as the girls talked about picking out a nice new sex toy. They were being very practical about it, and if I could have gotten the thought of Liz, in her apartment, late at night, plunging a vibrator in and our of herself out of my mind, I might even have laughed at the situation. Finally, the girls settled on a model that was very similar to Brenda’s and that seemed to vibrate nice and hard so that Liz would really be able to get off on it. Hearing them discuss that just about made it impossible to stand at this point, but I persevered. So, with the purchase made, we headed out, and back to the car. It was getting somewhat late and we wanted to pick up some booze on the way home to begin the evening’s quest to get as fucked up as possible over the holiday weekend.

On the way home the talk was innocent enough, just normal bullshit between friends. We got up to the area near Brenda’s parents’ house and hit the state store to get a sufficient amount of liquor so that we would not have to go out again for the night. The thing is, as a college kid, when you finally reach the age of 21, it’s hard to adjust to being able to actually buy booze legally. Those first few times, you still think you need to stock up because the opportunity might never come again. So by the time all was said and done, we had about enough booze for 8 people. Rum, vodka, mixers, even some tequila. We were ready.

About fifteen minutes later we made it to Brenda’s parents’ house. Now, at this point, I think I should describe this place. It was amazing. It was an old farm, as I said before, but the property itself was impressive. There was the old farmhouse (early 1800s) which had been completely remodeled and which the family lived in. Gorgeous house, and I am sure worth a fortune. There was a pond right next to the house (one of two ponds on the 35 plus acres). A large barn was not too far from the house. Half of the barn had been converted into a nice large room with full kitchen and bathroom. The room was huge, perfect for gatherings and perfect for just hanging out. Just beyond the barn was a pool and hot tub. The pool was not enormous, but it was certainly large enough, and the outdoor, in ground hot tub was right next to it.

So we took the booze all out to the room in the barn (it’s a nice room, not like you would expect of a room in a barn) since there was a full kitchen and ice, and everything. We mixed up a huge and very strong pitcher of margaritas. In the meantime we had all changed into swimsuits. Nothing too revealing for the girls, unfortunately, but they both looked good in their one-piecers.

Liz is about 5’4″ with long brown hair. She’s not the model-type body, but she has amazing curves. I always liked girls that were a little fuller than your “perfect” runway girl. And Liz was able to fill out her suit in all the right ways. She had wonderful breasts, that I must admit I had fantasized about more than once, that were approximately 34 Ds. Despite their size, they appeared surprisingly perky.

Brenda is slightly taller than Liz, and much blonder. She has amazing long blonde hair that is the first thing that catches your eye… if you can stop looking at her amazing breasts. While Liz might have fantastic breasts, Brenda’s were just unreal. They were a DD, at least. Perky, and firm. Maybe I was biased because they were the only set of the two that I had actually experienced first hand.

So, with me in my swimsuit, and the girls in theirs, we each took a strong margarita in hand, the pitcher in tow, and headed up to the hot tub. It was just starting to get dark and the stars were coming out, and there was a little chill in the air, just a little, despite it being May. The hot tub was already… well… hot. As we expected. And we all slid in together. The tub was really large, so we were all basically on opposite sides of the tub, just relaxing, and drinking away. We talked about school, about people we all knew, and basically had a great time bullshitting and discussing things in our lives. As the time went on, I went back for more margaritas, and other drinks, and we got tipsier, and tipsier. I was actually taking it fairly slow on the drinks, but the girls were just about loaded at this point. I would like to say that this was not my plan and just happened by accident, but I know somewhere, in the back of my mind, I was hoping this would happen.

As I said, it was a pretty relaxed, fun, playful atmosphere, and we were all enjoying ourselves. I decided, being a bit of a goof and a joker, to see what it was like to jump directly into the cold pool after having been in the hot tub. I tried to get the girls to do it as well, but they were quite happy being in the warmth of the tub. Oh, and the pool idea… not a good one. It was REALLY cold.

So, being a man, and a horny one at that, I begin to think of ways that I can take advantage of the fact that there are two hot, drunk women in a hot tub with me. I mean, really, I was thinking to myself, “This is like the beginning of a bad Penthouse letter.” I was also hoping I could turn it into the ending of a good letter. But, to be honest, being a horny college guy, I would have just been happy seeing Liz topless, so the wheels started turning. Now the girls were loaded, and they thought I was too, so I knew that I had the “Oh, sorry, just me being a goofy drunk” defense built right in for anything that happened. And I also knew that I could only pull that so many times before certain people (Brenda) might get ticked off.

We were joking about the placement of the jets, and how sitting over them was a rather “pleasant” experience. This was a nice development because, even if fairly innocent, it was sexual nonetheless. At times, even though they were “joking” the girls were obviously letting the jets caress their pussies covered only by a swimsuit. It was turning them on, even if the whole thing was done in fun. And I must admit, a well placed jet didn’t feel too bad at all. So I decided to try and kick it up a notch, while trying to keep it fairly innocent, still. Building up slowly to anything that might happen.

So I said, “Well, with all these bubbles, I have an advantage over you girls, I can really enjoy the jets!” With that I reached under the water and pulled my suit off, placing it on the deck. The reaction was exactly what I was hoping for. They both laughed and neither was offended. Of course, neither could see below the bubbles that at this point my erection was already growing, imagining these two ladies both taking off their suits in the tub. I was telling them how nice it was without a suit on, but not pushing the matter, when finally, Brenda said, “Yeah, is it really that nice?” Of course I said, “Yeah, it’s nice to be out in the middle of nowhere in the tub without having to wear a suit.” So Brenda took hers off. Her enormous breasts were visible, have covered in water, with the bubbles dancing over them, her nipples barely peaking out of the water. She threw her suit on the deck and settled on a jet, not joking as much anymore. She was talking and laughing still, but her voice caught a couple of times when the jet hit her just right.

Liz said, “Well, if you two don’t mind, I don’t want to feel left out.” I knew what she meant. She was a little hesitant to remove her suit in front of me. Not because I was there. But because Brenda was right there. I think she was a little uncomfortable getting undressed with a girl’s boyfriend right there, like it might be unwelcome. Brenda spoke up, “It’s about time!” I was a little shocked. It wasn’t that I was surprised that Brenda would be okay with the idea, just that I did not expect her to be enthusiastic about it. So Brenda removed her suit, almost slowly, or maybe it was my brain that was slowing down the motion, Phoebe Cates-style from Fast Times. Whatever it was, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Her breasts were a little fuller than I expected, and almost perfect. They were firm, with beautiful small brown nipples that were hard already, and became harder in the cool air. I was obviously enjoying the show, when I was snapped out of it by the girls giggling.

“I might be drunk, but I can still tell that you are loving the show.” Laughed Brenda. It was a great tension breaker, because, not only did she acknowledge that I was looking at Liz’s gorgeous tits, but she was okay with it. “But,” Brenda said, “These drinks aren’t going to refill themselves.” At this point I realized that the pitcher of the latest frozen concoction was empty, and it was my turn to go refill it. “Okay” I reluctantly replied. I reached for my suit, and was met with a chorus.

“Oh no.” Said Brenda.

“No chance!” Liz said mockingly.

I laughed, and said, “What, I’m not allowed to put my suit back on?” They didn’t even need to answer. This was another terrific development, apparently, nudity was now mandatory. I didn’t mind being nude in front of either one of them (obviously didn’t mind it in front of Brenda), but I was a little embarrassed, because seeing these two beautiful women nude had an, um, “effect” on me that they would see shortly if I got out of the hot tub. “Well, um, girls… then let me wait a few minutes.” They both knew why.

“No way, I’m thirsty!” Brenda jokingly demanded.

“Yeah, me too.” Chimed in Liz.

“Well, if you girls think you can handle it…” With that I stepped out of the hot tub with my almost completely hard cock exposed to both of them. To be honest, instead of being embarrassed and shriveling, I was excited. Despite the cold air, I stayed hard as I walked out of the tub. I have an above average sized cock (but then again, doesn’t every guy claim that?). At about 7.5 inches, I have had my share of compliments, though it certainly isn’t huge. But, I was also not embarrassed to be seen.

“Wow, okay, that made me horny.” I heard Liz whisper to Brenda as I walked away. I know it wasn’t meant for me to hear, but it was music to my ears. Brenda didn’t seem upset by her remark either.

I went in to the kitchen and mixed up a nice batch of rum punch. Now, the thing is, the girls were really loaded, and I wanted to keep them there, but I didn’t want to risk that they would be so drunk that they would get ill or pass out. It’s a fine line to walk. Myself, I was enjoying a nice buzz, and four beautiful breasts.

I was hoping that when I returned from the kitchen with the drinks maybe the girls would be making out or something, or 69ing on the deck. Hell, what can I say, I’m a man. But they were talking to each other and still having a good time. I gave them each a drink and sat next to Brenda in the tub. I had “settled” down a little at this point, but once I hit the water, and saw those two beautiful ladies nude again, things started happening. Hell, what can I say, I’m a man. We were chatting and being playful when I felt Brenda’s hand, under the water, rub across the head of my cock. I maintained my composure, but just barely. With the atmosphere as sexually charged as it was, I wanted release so badly, that this was almost enough. Not quite, but as she started stroking my cock just ever so slowly as to not be obvious, it became more and more difficult not to react.

Just as I was really starting to love this situation, a phone rang. Shit, who the hell is bothering this perfect scene, I thought. Then, things got interesting. “Dammit, that’s my phone.” Liz said. It was her cell, which was in the bag she had brought out to the pool and hot tub. It was getting somewhat late at night, so she was a little concerned as to who could be calling her, and wondering why they would call. So she started moving toward the steps. Slowly, she got out of the hot water and walked over to her phone. I could see ever one of her beautiful curves. And more importantly, her sexy shaved pussy. Now, I had always preferred a girl completely shaved. Something about it is just so naughty. Plus, I love to go down on a woman. Like, I mean, I LOVE it. And when a woman is completely bare, it just is so much more of an amazing experience.

Because Liz was distracted, Brenda’s grip on my cock and stroking became more obvious, and more intentional. I needed her. She whispered, “I need you inside me, now!” “But what about Liz?” I asked. “Just really fast, baby, please?” She demanded. Now, Brenda was always fun in bed, but this was the first time I had seen desperation on her face. She got up from the bench and was basically in the middle of the hot tub. I came in behind her, while Liz was still off just out of view, talking on the phone. “Now, please!” She begged. I pushed by cock against her pussy lips from behind. If you have ever tried to have sex in a hot tub, or a pool, you know that the water works against you. But she demanded me inside her. I pushed harder. She bucked her hips backward, and pushed against me. Finally my cock slipped between her pussy lips and inside her. She was unbelievably wet, even though the hot tub water was washing some of it away. I stroked in and out of her about 5 times as she stood there, moaning softly, until we heard Liz say goodbye to whoever was on the phone. I quickly pulled out, and we sat down, trying to pretend nothing was up.

“What were you two doing?” Liz asked, playfully, as she rounded the corner back to the hot tub?

“Nothing really, just talking.” Brenda said, trying to cover how very horny she was.

“Yeah, right… just talking.” Liz said, with a bit of a glimmer in her eye.

The atmosphere was a little changed now. Yes, the girls were still drunk, and yes, I was still buzzed, but things were a little more sexually charged now. Brenda, normally a conservative girl, was naked in a hot tub with me and one of her best friends, and had just begged me to fuck her while her friend was just around the corner. Liz knew something had happened, I think she could tell by the lust in Brenda’s eyes, not that I was much better. I was just wondering how things would develop.

Well, we all remained in the tub (yes, I know you’re not supposed to spend this much time in a hot tub, but, when there are two hot naked women in the tub with you, I think you get a pass), and we kept talking, and the conversation got more playful, and eventually overtly sexual. Liz started talking about Rick. Now, we knew that Liz and Rick had been sleeping together probably for five years now, but what we didn’t know was shocking.

“I’ve never had an orgasm. Never with Rick anyway.” Liz said.

“Seriously, never?” Brenda asked.

“Yep. Never.” Liz went on, “Sometimes I can bring myself off after we fuck, but he has never been able to give me an orgasm, why do you think I wanted the vibrator!”

“Wow, that just shocks me. I mean, I don’t think any girl comes every time, but at least I do most of the time.” Brenda told her. “And when I don’t come from fucking, at least his tongue is kind enough to help me.” Brenda said this with a grin and a look in my direction. Had the water been any lower, I think my hard on would have looked like a periscope at this point, reaching its way out of the water. But, I was able to keel under control and simply listen to the conversation, enjoying where this was going.

“Rick doesn’t like going down on me. He only does it very rarely.” Liz said.

“Wow, Mike loves to eat my pussy.” Brenda replied. I don’t know what was more shocking, the fact that she was sharing details about her sex life while she was naked and right next to another woman, or that she had just used the phrase “eat my pussy.” Like I said, Brenda was very conservative outside of the bedroom. We always had a good time, but it was rare that there was an open discussion like this outside of the bedroom, let alone with a friend there.

“Really?” Liz asked, looking at me.

“Yes, I love it. I don’t know why, but there is nothing better than my tongue between her legs. It gets me hard just thinking about it.” I said to Liz. I noticed Brenda’s eyes, the lust was even stronger in them now.

“Wow, that is fucking hot” Liz said, laughing a little, which broke the tension. “Rick claims that no man really loves it that much.

“He’s wrong.” I said.

“Well, he says you guys all say you love it, but you don’t really.” Liz replied.

“I beg to differ.” With that, I sunk under the water. I had only thought about it for a second, but this was my move, this might lead to something really hot, and at the least it was going to lead to me fucking Brenda under the stars. I moved over to Brenda’s area in the tub underwater the whole time, and found her thighs. Not having that much time, being unable to breathe and all, I found her thighs, spread her legs and dove my tongue right into her pussy. I felt her body tense immediately, and I also tasted her, which was almost enough to send me over the edge. I drifted back over to my area of the rub, and surfaced, sitting back into my seat.

Brenda was completely turned on, and I was pretty sure she was rubbing her pussy under the water, or at least pushing herself up against a jet. It was also obvious that Liz knew exactly what happened, and was really turned on.

“Fuck, that was hot. But now I feel left out.” She pouted.

“You don’t have to feel left out.” When I first heard the words, I figured I had said them. Sounds like the kind of gamble a guy would take in front of his girlfriend when there is the opportunity for a threesome. But then I realized Brenda said it.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked her.

“You don’t have to feel left out. You can enjoy him too.” Brenda responded, completely turned on at this point.

“You sure?” Liz asked.

“Definitely.” Brenda replied.

With that, Liz pushed herself out of the water and sat on the side of the hot tub.

“Come here Mike.” She said.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I floated across the tub to the spot where she was sitting with her legs slightly spread open on the side. Her shaved pussy was right in front of me, her lips already opening for me from the heat of the water in the tub, and the heat from her body. I spread her thighs and dove in. I first licked up and down the sides of her lips, just teasing her a little. Then I licked the length of her slit, taking in her taste and feeling her body shudder. She tasted so good. Slightly different from Brenda, and I wanted more. I pushed my tongue past her lips and inside her. Liz was almost shaking at this point.

It was then that I felt a hand on my back, and another sliding around my front. It was Brenda who had slid over to me and was slowly moving her hand until it was around my cock. I reached back and found her pussy with my left hand. As she sat next to me I was able to finger her tight pussy while I had my tongue inside Liz. It was amazing.

Slowly I started to fuck Liz with my tongue. She was bucking against me and pulling my hair to get my tongue deeper and deeper insider her. Brenda was breathing hard as my fingers pushed quickly in and out of her. Finally I took my tongue out of Liz and switched my focus to her clit. Her clit was slightly larger and more pronounced than Brenda’s and she was ready for me to lick it. As I teased it with my tongue I also slid my fingers out of Brenda and began teasing her clit. She was going crazy as was Liz, whose body started to shake more. She started moaning out loud. Finally she went silent and her body began to tremble uncontrollably. She gripped my hair hard, and pulled me into her. With a final tremor, her body went almost limp.

Brenda had stopped stroking my cock and I had stopped fingering her because we were so taken in with the image of this gorgeous woman in the moonlight, her body glistening wet from the water, coming so hard and so fast. Both of us were in a trance.

“Oh my god, I just came so hard.” Liz said as she slid back into the water.

“That was amazing.” Brenda said. “I think we should take this inside.”

“Yeah, me too.” Liz and I said almost simultaneously.

Liz was the first out of the hot tub and she hustled to get inside as it was a cooler than normal night. Brenda and I were collecting our stuff when I leaned in to her and said, “You sure you’re okay with this?” I just wanted to make sure we wouldn’t regret this by not talking about it first.

“Yes, I want this really bad right now. I definitely am okay with this. One problem though, you don’t have any condoms.” She said.

“But you’re on the pill, we don’t use them.” I said.

“True, but if you want to fuck Liz as badly as I want to, you better go get some.” She replied.

So I went back inside, and as the girls got the drinks cleaned up in the kitchen area of the barn room, I got dried off and dressed. It’s really tough to put on jeans with a raging hardon at the thought of what is about to go down, but I managed. I grabbed my keys, thanked my lucky stars that I was the sober one and headed down the street. Despite the privacy of the property, it was not far off a main road, and, thus, not far from a convenience store.

I bought the condoms, basically just pointing to a pack that was behind the counter. Turns out they were ribbed. And as I am paying for them, the guy behind the counter says, “Hey, do women really like these?” Okay, I’m not one for chit chat in general with strangers, but I am definitely not one for chit chat in a store about my condom purchase. I just gave him a look, paid, and left. Getting back into the car, though, I was certain that my absence, as brief as it was, would be enough time for the girls to think about what was going on and decide it was a bad idea. I prepared myself for the fact that I would return and find them all packed up, and ready to go back to the city.

I was pleasantly surprised. I returned to the house and the lights in the barn were completely out. There were lights on in the main house though, and I figured they had gone in there. With condoms in hand, I headed inside. I found them in the upstairs bedroom just talking, still nude, but for towels. Nothing seemed to have changed.

“Took you long enough!” Liz remarked.

“Yeah, no kidding, we were about to start without you!” Brenda joked.

“That wouldn’t have been a bad thing” I smiled.

I sat down on the bed with them and kissed Brenda. She was so horny and lustful that her towel fell away immediately. I was playing with her big beautiful breasts and kissing her deeply when she pushed me away a little. It’s not that she wanted me to stop. She didn’t want Liz left out. So I turned to the beautiful woman on my left and began kissing her as well. There was no reservation in Liz’s kisses. I could tell how hungry her body was by how fervently her tongue sought out mine. Her towel, too, fell away.

“Um, I think you’re wearing to much clothing.” Brenda said.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I took off my shirt and my jeans immediately. Then I slid my boxer briefs off and my hard cock emerged. Immediately there were two hands on my cock. It was heaven. Liz’s little hand was at the base of my cock stroking slowly as Brenda teased the head. Eventually they both went to their knees on the floor, as I sat on the bed. They were playing with my cock together, and it was almost too much to take. After hours nude in the hottub with them, licking their pussies and fingering them, I was finally getting some attention. And I could barely contain myself.

Liz, almost in a whisper, said to Brenda, “Is it okay if I taste him?”

Brenda replied, “Honey, you can do whatever you want with him, we’re all going to have fun tonight.”

Again, I was amazed at how free Brenda was being. I am sure it was more than the alcohol talking now. She was really turned on, and really into it.

Slowly, Liz took my cock in her hand, and moved her mouth over it. She licked the head, which alone almost made me come. Then she began sucking on it, playing with the head with her tongue. Finally, she plunged my cock into her mouth and began actually going down on it as far as she could. As she was doing that, Brenda got back on the bed and sat almost next to me. She leaned back and put one leg up on the bed. Then she began playing with her pussy lips with her hand. She was teasing herself with her eyes locked on Liz sucking my cock. She slowly inserted a finger deep inside of her pussy. Then she removed it and smiled at me. She knew how much I loved to taste her. She brought her finger to my lips and I opened my mouth, hungrily devouring her wetness as Liz continued to take me deep in her hot little mouth.

Brenda kept fingering herself, alternating between plunging her finger deep insider her wet pussy, and playing with her clit. She moaned and gasped a couple of times as she watched Liz take my cock in her mouth. Finally, I couldn’t take Brenda playing with herself anymore. I moved up a little on the bed, bent down and began eating her pussy. I was bent over licking her pussy and teasing her clit as she began moaning very loudly now.

Liz then got up on the bed, and moved my body on the bed so she could still go down on me. I was twisted around trying to keep licking and tasting Brenda, and she could tell it was an awkward position. Finally, she got up on her knees and told me to lay flat on my back. Then she lowered her dripping wet cunt over my mouth. It was heaven. Liz was completely swallowing my cock now, and Brenda was gushing into my mouth as I tongue fucked her pussy and teased her clit.

This went on for what felt like hours, and I never wanted it to stop. I barely noticed the cool air hitting my cock as Liz stopped sucking for a minute or two. But I was lost in Brenda’s pussy. I almost didn’t care. Then I felt something different. Liz was rolling a condom onto my cock. I could barely stand what I knew was about to happen. As I licked and teased Brenda, Liz slowly lowered her pussy on my cock. I could feel her heat as her cunt engulfed me. Brenda let out a gasp and a very loud moan as I sunk deep into Liz.

Liz’s pussy was unbelievably wet. And it was so tight I almost came immediately. She sat on my cock for a minute or two adjusting to its size in her tight pussy, and then began slowly bouncing up and down. At this point, Brenda was grinding her pussy against my face, her wetness covering me. She tensed up and came with a loud moan as Liz began to fuck me harder and harder. Just as Brenda began to come, Liz bent down and began licking and sucking on her nipples. This sent Brenda over the edge into a screaming, writhing orgasm. It was amazing. I still, to this day, do not know how I did not come along with her.

But after her tremors subsided, she whispered, “Hey, um… Liz, Mike… ”

“Uh oh, it’s over,” I thought.

Liz stopped fucking me and just sat on my cock, “What’s wrong, sweetie,” she asked.

“Well, and I know this sounds silly, but I am just really nervous that my parents could come home. I know they are away for the weekend, but it just has me really nervous. Can we go somewhere else?” She asked, obviously nervous.

“Sure, we can go back to my apartment. No one’s there. Or we can stop if you feel uncomfortable.” Liz said.

“Oh no, it’s not that at all! I would love to go back to your apartment. It would just put my mind at ease.” Brenda said.

Reluctantly, Liz got off of my cock, and I could see her wetness covering my cock and soaking my pubic hair. We awkwardly cleaned everything up, and got our things together. We got into the car, with Brenda in the front seat, and Liz in the back. As Liz was getting into the car, I again gave Brenda an out, “You sure everything is okay.”

“Absolutely. Completely okay. More than okay.” She said.

I pulled out of the drive and onto the road, navigating the side streets and back roads to get to the expressway. There was little talk in the car, and the tension was noticeable. Finally, after being on the expressway for about 5 minutes, I heard a noise from the back of the car. It was a quiet buzzing noise. I looked in the rearview mirror, adjusting it down and saw Liz slowly masturbating with her new vibrator.

“Oh my god, that’s hot.” I said.

“Wow, yes it is.” Added Brenda. “Can I have a try?”

With that, Liz handed the vibrator up to the front as she replaced the plastic toy with her fingers. I intercepted it and licked it clean, tasting Liz’s pussy before handing the toy off to Brenda. Brenda began to play with the toy after she pulled her shorts and panties down. First she teased her clit with it, then she plunged it deep in her pussy, letting out an animal-like groan as she did. After what seemed like seconds, but was more likely minutes, Liz spoke up, “Can I have it again?”

Again, as the toy passed by me, I grabbed it and licked it clean, this time tasting Brenda. I passed it to Liz who immediately began fucking herself hard and deep with it, moaning the whole time. This time it was Brenda who began fingering her pussy, feeding me her wetness on her fingers from time to time. Then Liz got extremely quiet in the back seat. Suddenly she let out a loud grunt, then a moan, and it was obvious that this beautiful woman was coming. Hard.

When she was finished, she said, “Your turn,” and handed the toy up to Brenda. Brenda began fucking herself again. This time she was just looking to get off. As she fucked her pussy she played with her clit faster and faster until she too tensed and let out a loud moan and came hard.

“Uh oh, do you guys even need me here?” I asked.

“We’ve just started with you,” Said Brenda. They both laughed. I could barely concentrate on the road as we took the exit for Liz’s apartment.

The girls gathered themselves as we approached Liz’s apartment building. It was about a half mile from campus, and near mine and Brenda’s apartments too. The only difference with Liz’s place was that there were no roommates to deal with. We got our stuff together and headed into the apartment complex’s elevator for the trip upstairs. I was so paranoid that any break in the action could lead to someone having second thoughts, though at this point, what I had witnessed would provide me with fantasy material for years, no matter what else happened. But looking in the girls’ eyes, it became evident that neither of them were turning back. They both looked so hot and turned on, I was sure that it was going to be an amazing night, and weekend.

We got up to the apartment and the girls went in. I told them I would get us a drink, and meet them in the bedroom. I mixed three rather tame drinks, just enough to keep their buzz going but not enough to make them too drunk, and went into Liz’s bedroom.

When I arrived both girls were already completely undressed. Liz and Brenda were lying next to each other on the bed, with their legs intertwined. In Liz’s hand was the vibrator she had purchased earlier in the day, while Brenda had a dildo in her hand. I learned later that Liz had the dildo that was given to her as a gag gift, and she used it on occasion, but she had really wanted one that vibrated, hence our shopping trip earlier in the day.

Both girls were working their toys in and out of their soaking pussies. Both had looks on their faces that they were totally lost in lust. As I listened to their moans, watched the toys disappear into their wet pussies, and smelled sex fill the room, I quickly got undressed. I crawled up the bottom of the bed so that I was in between the girls, and slowly took the vibrator from Liz. When I had it in my hand, I took Brenda’s dildo from her as well.

Slowly I worked both of the toys back into the girls. First, I took the dildo that Brenda had been using, and licked it. She tasted so amazing, and I used my mouth to taste her wetness and to get the toy nice and ready for her. Then I did the same with Liz’s vibrator. They both were moaning and playing with their clits while I was preparing to fuck both of them. I slid the dildo past Brenda’s pussy lips and all the way in her wetness as she moaned out loud. Liz, by this point, had both of her hands spreading her pussy for me as I pushed the vibrator past her lips and as deep as I could. She too let out a throaty moan. Then I began stroking in and out of both of the girls. They both were breathing quickly now and holding each other as I fucked them with the toys. Liz reached over and started to play with Brenda’s nipple as I pistoned the plastic toys in and out of both of them. They were both so wet that I could hear the squishing noises that the fake cocks made as I penetrated them.

As Liz took Brenda’s nipple in her mouth, Brenda let out almost a scream. It was amazingly hot. At this point, while the girls were playing with each other’s ample tits, I pulled the dildo out of Brenda’s pussy. She almost complained before I replaced the dildo with my mouth. She moaned again. Very loudly. At the same time I was still fucking Liz with the vibrator while covering my face in Brenda’s pussy. After I had been going down on Brenda for about five minutes, I took the vibrator out of Liz and plunged it into Brenda, licking Liz’s pussy now. I was so turned on that I felt lightheaded. Both girls were moaning and playing with each others tits. Occasionally they would kiss each other, and I almost couldn’t hold back, despite not even being touched.

When both girls could not take any more, I was pushed over onto my back on the bed. I don’t think I have ever been that hard in my life. Again, a condom was put on me and Liz mounted my cock while Brenda literally straddled my head. As I was eating Brenda’s tasty pussy and getting fucked by Liz’s tight cunt, Brenda leaned down to me.

“Only one rule, baby. You come inside of me. Okay?” She whispered, with a smile on her face.

I couldn’t really respond as she would have muffled any words with her pussy, but she knew I agreed. By this point, Liz was bucking wildly on my cock. Brenda got off my face, and turned around, so that she was facing Liz, and straddled my head again. With her in this position, I was also able to occasionally run my tongue over her ass, and lick her tight asshole as well. This drover her insane, and encouraged her to lean forward and play with Liz’s tits. Both girls had their hands all over each other as I was in heaven.

Then Liz started to shake again. She slowed down. Finally she was resting against me, my cock all the way inside her dripping box. She started to grind her clit against my pubic bone with my cock deep inside her. Her moaning got louder, and her body more tense. Brenda leaned forward and began to lick her nipples and bite them softly. Liz finally lost it. She tossed her head back and let out a scream. “Oh my god, I’m commmmmmmmming!” She screamed. Finally, her body settled down and Brenda said to her,

“Wow, that was so fucking hot. My turn!”

With that, Brenda and Liz got off of me and changed places. I was more than happy to lick Liz’s bare pussy, and also couldn’t wait to finally come inside my girlfriend. Liz lowered her shaved cunt onto my mouth and started riding my face. At the same time, Brenda sat on my cock and took me all the way inside. I was hoping Brenda was as close as I was, because I needed release.

Liz had another small orgasm as she drenched my face, and Brenda began quickening the pace. Her breathing became more like panting. Her body began to flush. She was tensing up too now. At this point, Liz got off of me and went behind us. Brenda was pounding up and down on my cock, and suddenly she screamed louder than I thought she ever had before. I could tell she was coming. I found out later it was because as she fucked me, Liz had begun teasing her asshole with her tongue. When I felt Liz’s tongue on my balls, I emptied myself into Brenda.

Exhausted, and sweaty, we all collapsed next to each other on the bed. I was in the middle, of course.

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