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The First Step!

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“Why is Gopal not to be seen these days?” My husband had asked once last week. I didn’t answer and instead quickly diverted him to some other topic.

Somehow, I have been cursing my beloved husband all these days for deciding to leave all the luxuries of Mumbai and settling down in a rather smallish town in the southern most part of India. He wasn’t willing to let the lucrative offer go and jumped to grab the new job in a windmill power generation company.

We have been settled in this sleepy village for more than six months now and it is only for the past one month or so that I began feeling some discomfort.

Gopal is the only son of Annamma, the poor woman who helped me in the household ever since we landed up here. He looked like a very innocent teenager when his mother brought him to our house within few days of our arrival. He was 19, almost half my age and struggling to find some job to support his mother. Annamma had been requesting me and my husband to help Gopal by fixing him up in some job.

“I can’t get him a job in my company,” My husband had once made it clear categorically. “Ours is a multi national company and there is no place for a drop out like him.”

I was saddened to see the poor woman returning with plenty of disappointment. I had realized that the whole village held her in very high esteem in spite of her miseries. Somehow I wanted to help the poor woman and his rather immature son.

“If you are so particular, let him help you at home,” My husband suggested magnanimously. “Let him take care of your grocery purchase, phone bills, electricity bills etc. Give him some decent money every month so that he can help his mother.”

My husband always had a very broad outlook towards life. I knew that he has never been the sort of person who shies away when it comes to helping any needy individuals. I didn’t have any objections either as I knew that I can relax more at home rather than shunting between the town and the village for my daily needs.

Although Gopal wasn’t looking much enthused about the whole thing, he didn’t have any choices and hence started working in our house shortly thereafter. But, it took a while for me to realize that we had taken a terrible decision. I soon spotted that his eyes had begun to stray on me. I even suspected that he had peeped through the door-hole when I was changing once. I couldn’t ignore his gestures any longer as he even dared to touch me a few times.

“Gopal, I never thought of you as a grown up young man,” I spoke to him in a stern voice. “I am as old as your mother and it is very uncomfortable to see you watching me the way you do.”

He stood like a pillar in front of me without making any attempts to explain. I was getting even more irritated.

“I can forget the whole thing if you start behaving properly,” I warned him.

“Sorry Madam,” Gopal spoke without showing any emotion on his face. “If I continue working here, I will keep looking at you because, I like you.”

I was shocked to hear his admission. It was unbelievable to hear a man of my son’s age telling me that he likes me.

“You like me?” I grimaced at him. “Don’t you know I am married? Do you know I have children who are older than you? Do you know how old I am?”

“I do,” Gopal nodded his head and began emptying out his heart. “I have started thinking about you for quite some time now. Those thoughts have become part of my life nowadays, disrupting my sleep almost every night. I have never had such thoughts about any girl before.”

I stood dumbfounded. He kept narrating unashamed.

“Madam, I have been dreaming about you all these days. I have..I have masturbated several times unable to contain my feelings. I know it is wrong..but…”

“Stop it,” I began spitting fire. “You have exceeded your limits. Now listen, I don’t want you to come here from now onwards. Just get out of here and never come again.”

I wasn’t feeling any sympathy for the young man as he stepped out of my house, a dejected man. I was extremely outraged by his cool disclosure about his desire for me. It took a while for me to calm myself down. Although I was terribly upset about the young man, I decided not to break his mother’s heart by revealing the truth. I just called the woman and informed her that I am experiencing some ‘inconveniences’ and hence can’t let Gopal continue any further. Surprisingly, I did not see any significant shock on her face as I broke the news. She quietly got up and walked out of my house without revealing any emotions.

For the next few weeks, my schedules became very hectic as I needed to go to the town once in a while for even small things. Apart from the physical exertion, I was mentally let down after knowing that I have let a curious youngster develop a strange fascination for me. But, I hardly knew that there were a few shocks queuing up for the future.

It all began on a Friday. I had been to the only temple in the village and I could see some people pointing at me and talking something. I heard them chuckling behind my back and although I was puzzled I ignored them all. As I went around the parikrama of the temple, I found Annammal walking a few yards before me and I quickly rushed to her.

“Annamma!” I called out. “How are you?”

Annamma turned around and glared at me. I felt a gentle chill as I gauged the utter hatred in her eyes.

“What is the matter?” I queried somewhat confused. “Why are you looking at me like this?”

“Madam, this is a temple,” Annamma sounded rather rude. “I shouldn’t be talking about certain things in such a serene atmosphere.”

I was confused and stunned. I wondered what she was referring to.

“I can understand,” I tried to reason with her. “I know I stopped Gopal abruptly causing lot of discomfort to you…but..”

“Please stop!” Annamma intervened in a harsh voice. “Don’t talk about my innocent son. I know what you have done to him. You have corrupted his mind.”

“Annamma!” I screamed disregarding the fact that we were inside a temple.

“Don’t shout!” Annamma snarled at me. “I never imagined that a woman could stoop so low. I know your children are well settled in life. Your husband seems to be toiling at his workplace while you shamelessly entice innocent boys and corrupt them. Once you had enough, you throw them and look for another man.”

I wish I could have slapped her. I didn’t because she was a very poor woman and because it was a place of worship. I felt as though my nerves were exploding in outrage and anger. It was hard to realize that the rumor mill in the village had taken me as a soft target for no reasons.

“I forgive you Annamma,” I said with tears dropping down my eyes. “If whatever you said about me is true, God will never forgive me.”

After saying this, I rushed home without completing the parikrama. I collapsed on the bed and kept weeping for more than an hour. I realized that by letting Gopal come to our house, I had given reasons for some perverts in the village to talk ill about me. I couldn’t believe that one should pay such a heavy price for being considerate to others. I began awaiting my husband so that I can lean on his shoulders and cry my heart out. When he came eventually, I was much more composed and cool. I gave him a cup of coffee and as he began sipping, I began narrating the whole story.

He wasn’t reacting as I had expected. Once I finished, we both remained silent for a few minutes before my husband finally began to speak.

“As a matter of fact, I knew there was something wrong between you and Gopal,” he spoke sending a bolt from the blue into me. ” Honestly, I didn’t want to make any issue out of this. I know you are alone at home and you need some company to relax yourself.”

“What do you mean?” I couldn’t believe what he was talking about.

“Relax,” He smiled much to my discomfort. “I did ask you why Gopal had stopped coming. You never gave any reply. What do you expect me to presume?”

“What is there to presume?” I fumed in anger. “He is just a kid.”

“But you aren’t,” my husband smiled cruelly. “If there wasn’t anything untoward, you should have told me everything long back.”

“That is ridiculous,” I screamed. “You don’t trust me?”

“Not anymore,” He stood up and began walking towards the stairs. “But, I am behaving like a gentleman. I know I am getting old and perhaps can’t cope up with your sexual expectations. You are free to bring to as many boys into the house and have a nice time with them. But, I can’t stop people from talking anything about you.”

“You killed me,” I shouted at him as he went upstairs without minding my tears.

I couldn’t believe that my husband had suspicions about my fidelity, that too after 27 years of marriage. It was a terrible feeling, to realize that the whole world had turned against me for no reason whatsoever.

The next few days almost drove me to the edge of frustration; even I thought of killing myself in depression. My husband like most people in the village had concluded that I had some illicit affairs with Gopal. As days passed by, my frustration began taking all the ugly turns, loosing all faith on everything around me. It looked although I was living in a void, before Gopal returned again.

It was around afternoon when he knocked at the door. I hesitantly let him in although I shouldn’t have. He looked miserable and his unshaved face suggested that he was getting his own share of the rumor mongering inside the village. He quietly sat down on the chair and lowered his head in embarrassment.

“Are you happy?” I asked him with a wry smile. “Your people have made me look like a prostitute.”

Suddenly, he looked up and gazed my eyes. He stood up and grabbed me around the waist pulling me closer to him. Before I could realize, he was kissing me full on my mouth ignoring whatever protests I was making. He broke the kiss and gasped for breath.

“This is a lousy village with lousy people,” Gopal mumbled. “There is no point in being truthful to people who don’t deserve.”

I began listening to him without bothering to push him away. He was speaking like a man and not the young immature guy anymore.

“Don’t shed tears,” He roared. “There aren’t many who would wipe them. You live once and try living happily.”

He pulled me again and began drawing my lips inside his mouth. I still wanted to protest but instead I was kissing him in frenzy. Again it was he who broke the brief kiss.

“Come on,” he whispered into my ears. “Let us do it.”

“Gopal, but it is immoral,” I tried to reason without reason.

“You are being called a slut now,” He chuckled. “There can’t be anything immoral for a slut.”

“We are decades apart,” I whimpered in his grip.

“That’s what fascinates me,” He tightened his grip on my waist and planted a kiss on my neck. I quivered.

“Come on,” he urged. “Let us go inside the bedroom.”

Easily brushing off my meager protests, he took me into the bedroom and slowly pushing me onto the bed. He leaned forward and began kissing all over my body again letting his warm lips travel through my skin.

“I love you Gopal,” I murmured involuntarily. I wasn’t resisting him.

He was quick to gauge my mood and began making more advances. His lips searched mine and I closed my eyes as we kissed for quite a while. His hands strayed on my waist and moved upwards searching for my breasts under the blouse. I gasped and hugged him tighter as he began cupping my breasts and giving them very gentle squeezes.

“Kaushalya,” Gopal ordered. “Take off your clothes.”

I obeyed him like I was spellbound. I watched him take off his clothes in a hurry while I got rid off my sari, blouse, bra and petticoat one after the other. When I eventually gave up my panties, he pounced on me and our naked bodies clasped together.

“Come with me,” he murmured into my ears. “Let us live like a man and a woman. Forget everything. Let’s start a fresh life.”

He was nuzzling my breasts with his face while his lips trailed around my nipples. I was arching my back in joy as he sucked and licked my hardening nipples. I was gasping in absolute pleasure. The excited young man kept hugging me, teasing my breasts and groaning out of pleasure. He pushed me onto the bed and got between my legs and kissed my womanhood. I squirmed feeling his hot air blowing on my wet pussy. I was relenting more and more by spreading my legs to let him get as close as he could.

I began moaning aloud feeling his warm lips brushing against my cunt lips. I jumped as his tongue began teasing me causing a momentary discomfort. He was chanting my name while his mouth went about giving my pussy the treatment it deserved. Suddenly, he stuck two fingers and eased them inside my soggy pussy while he kept licking around my pussy lips. I was panting deliriously as his fingers moved in and out of my pussy in lightning speed. Finally, I erupted and came all over his face and fingers although he didn’t seem like stopping. I began experiencing waves of pleasure striking me one after another as he kept sucking and stroking my clit hard and fast.

I pushed him completely over my naked body and hugged him close against me. My hands reached down and searched for his manhood. It was rather huge and hard as a rock. I began stroking his dick by holding it in my hand. It was my turn to give him the pleasures of oral sex and I readily reached out to his throbbing dick after pushing him aside on the bed. I began licking the head of his dick by motioning my lips all over the huge meat and soon I was able to take almost the whole of his rod inside my mouth. While I had his dick wrapped around by my hand, my mouth moved up and down on his wonderful shaft letting his huge tip hit my throat. My other hand went about massaging his balls which felt like swelling gigantically.

Gopal was gripping my head and forcing me to move up and down his shaft grunting all the while. I was sucking his dick for all its worth until he exploded into my mouth sending thick loads of his young semen into me. He was groaning aloud as I kept sucking his dick looking for even the last drop of his cum.

“That was a wonderful blowjob,” Gopal said with his eyes lit up in admiration.

It took a while for both of us to settle our breathing down. We hugged again and Gopal quickly leaned forward to grab my right nipple with his lips. I was more than willing to let him have a go again and I hefted each of my breasts inside his mouth allowing him to go on a sucking spree.

“Didn’t I tell you? You are enjoying now,” He said with a cheeky smile.

He pushed me further on the bed making me lay down on my back completely. He wasn’t jumping on me at once but instead let his fingers stroke my skin all over my body.

I pulled him over my chest and planted a kiss on his forehead. He positioned himself between my legs and began stroking his cock against my pussy lips. While I quivered and groaned, he eased his monster into my wet snatch and drove it a couple of inches deep inside. He humped a few times letting his member plunge deeper inside my cavity and once he did, he began motioning his dick in and out of my pussy with amazing ease. His eyes were shamelessly gazing my naked breasts which were jumping as he fucked me. I was blushing a bit although I kept enjoying the feel of his monstrous dick plundering my pussy. He was picking up the momentum all the time and I felt his dick hitting my womb deep inside. I was panting, moaning and blabbering as he went on a rampage fucking me like a demon.

My hands reached out and gripped his waist not to let him move away from his position. I was moving my waists up against his body giving him better access to hump on me. He went harder and deeper while I kept pulling him hard all the time. My legs went around and wrapped his ass cheeks letting him grind his hip as he kept pounding me. The whole room was echoing with the noise of our moans and groans. His thighs were clasping against mine while I could feel his balls touching my ass crack. I began feeling the burning sensation running through my spine from my vagina. I knew that I was on the verge of exploding and grabbed him a lot harder than before. With my knees weakening and my body trembling, I watched him fucking in frenzy. I screamed in pleasure realizing that I had approached my climax and I could sense his dick swelling inside me. My pussy was clenching his hard dick as he exploded into me with a long groan. The simultaneous explosions were sending shivers of pleasure all over our bodies. Our bodies stiffened for a moment before we felt as though we were deflated on the bed. He collapsed on my chest and I gleefully hugged him close enough.

“Gopal, you were simply superb,” I murmured. He smiled.

A few minutes later, I could see a few people standing at a fair distance watching our house. I obviously realized that they wanted to see Gopal moving out of the house so that they would get some interesting topic to discuss for the next few days.

“Gopal, you must leave through the backdoor,” I instructed.

I dressed myself up, came out of the main door, locked it from outside and began walking down the street. I was amused to see the disappointment on the face of those curious onlookers. They badly wanted to see my paramour coming out of my house.

I smiled to myself. After all, I have learned the lessons the hard way. As I kept walking, I knew that I have taken the first step to being a cheating wife.

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