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Oral Subjugation

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She was on her knees in front of him, looking upwards, naked, seemingly penitent. His head, thirteen inches from his groin, was resting on her pink lower lip, the weight of it making her pout slightly. She looked apprehensive, she was unused to blowjobs and she didn’t really know what to do. He was expressionless, entirely able to suppress the swell of excitement and power that was growing in every fibre of his body.

Without a word he moved his hands to her head and pressed his hips forward. The head of his penis slipped between her lips and came to rest on her tongue. It was large, she was caught slightly unawares by its bulk, and she was surprised that already her mouth was full. He waited until she again looked up at him, pausing for a few seconds to savour the sight of his cock resting in her mouth, and to stroke her hair, fully aware for the first time of her brusque beauty.

Her apprehension grew as he lingered, and she fought the desire to simply stand up and run away, Looking up at him, still expressionless, she waited. He took a firm yet gentle hold of her head, and moving his hips began to feed his penis slowly into her mouth. She felt him slipping across her tongue, allowing her lips to slide over the widening contours of his dick. The warmth and wetness of her mouth made him inhale as he watched his penis slowly disappear into her face. After about four inches he reached the back of her mouth and pressed into her tonsils. A flash of nausea darkened her face and she pulled back sharply, stifling a choke as his penis slid from her mouth. Until now he had had no knowledge of her prowess, but she was obviously not experienced, and he realised that he couldn’t simply ram himself forcefully into her throat, so he decided on a new approach. She swallowed to overcome the lingering revulsion, wiped a solitary tear from her eye, again looked up at him, and, positioned as one about to receive communion, opened her mouth.

After guiding the head of his penis into her mouth with one hand he again took firm hold of her head, and again began feeding himself slowly inwards, taking pleasure in the slide of her tongue, but this time, judging his depth by the widening of her eyes, he stopped just short of her tonsils, about three and a half inches in. Holding himself there, he allowed her to become accustomed to the dimensions of his cock, luxuriating in the warmth of her breath and velveteen lining of her mouth, then he withdrew, slowly, watching each inch re-emerge now coated with saliva. She seemed to relax as he pulled out, but he wanted her to get used to his penis quickly, so he didn’t fully withdraw but let his head come to a rest on her tongue.

He gave her a few seconds, then again holding her immobile, began to push into her mouth, once more stopping just short of her tonsils, holding for a few seconds, then slowly withdrawing. He began a slow rhythm, gradually easing himself in and out of her mouth, each time taking care to not go too far. After a minute her misgivings seemed to abate; her shoulders dropped and she began moving her tongue. Seeing this, he quickened his pace slightly on ingression, still moving slowly however while withdrawing. With care he pushed himself in just far enough to graze the back of her mouth, but intent on not allowing her time to react he continued the rhythm, resuming his conscious avoidance of her tonsils.

She had angled her head downward a fraction, as if beginning to withdraw, but had stopped, and he continued. Aware of his success however, he waited until she relaxed as before, then repeated the slightly longer in-stroke. This time she swallowed, but did not move at all: he was making progress. He repeated this process every thirty seconds or so, just brushing the back of her mouth, and she became increasingly unmoved, so he decided to try something new. He withdrew his penis almost fully from her mouth, until she was pouting around the end of his head, then holding her head firmly he began to push his hips forward gradually, stretching her lips, sliding his cock into her face as slowly as he could.

Unflinchingly he eased onward, until the tip of his dick pressed into the back of her throat. Holding himself there for a fraction of a second, he then withdrew, but as before keeping his head beyond her lips, not really allowing her space for reaction. She coughed, spluttering around his shaft as he pulled out, and she began to pull herself away, but he held her head firm, keeping his cock just in her mouth, and she didn’t struggle, instead concentrating on repressing the rising nausea, stifling her gag reflex. He waited until she composed herself, looking directly at her, and she, after a few seconds, looked up at him. She looked frightened, but, he thought, also obedient, and he felt a new sense of control.

He slid himself nonchalantly in and out of her mouth a few times, not far enough to reach her tonsils, but working his penis about in her face, stretching her lips with the movements of his waist. Instead of concentrating on his cock, she now looked up into his eyes the whole time, and holding her gaze he slowly eased his penis in, waiting for the contact of the back of her mouth. When he reached her tonsils he again pushed into them, this time holding her there for almost a second. She spluttered audibly around his dick, and for the first time broke their gaze, so he withdrew, this time however he kept a good two inches of his cock pressed into her mouth. She was breathing heavily, and brought her hands up to his hips as a brace, so he again gave her time to compose herself.

He pushed forward once more, sliding his penis with more determination he reached the back of her mouth quickly, and this time, pulling her head down toward his groin, he found that he could bury five inches into her face, pressing into the silk softness of her tonsils. This time he held her there for two or three seconds, and she began to struggle gently against him while she gagged, but in her position she had little leverage and he could hold her where he wanted with ease. He allowed her to draw back, extricating his penis from the back of her mouth, but would not allow his head past the boundary of her lips, forcing her to breathe around him, enjoying the soothing coolness of her sharp inhalations.

Aware of the fact that he had her in a position of total subjugation, he began to take less heed of her reactions, and it wasn’t long until again he pressed himself inward, stretching her lips open, forcing over her slithering tongue until he again met with the back of her mouth. Determined now to exact as much pleasure as he could, he ground his hips forward, and holding her by the back of the head he forced her downward, pressing hard, ignoring her struggles. After a second or two he was rewarded. Something gave, and he slipped inward a further inch, cutting short a surprised choke from his adversary as her eyes widened. He had entered the opening of her throat, and could feel it contract around his head as she struggled to gasp for air, to swallow, to do anything to free herself from her impalement. The feeling was incredible, the muscular caress of the end of his dick was heaven, and completely unconscious of her inability to breathe he pressed harder, determined to do anything to that might result in further gratification, but to no avail. Finally he became aware of her position, and slowly extracted his penis from her throat, indulging in its relinquishing constriction. She coughed, spluttered and gagged uncontrollably around his shaft for at least five seconds, and seemed to have difficulty breathing for at least another ten, but he was totally unaware.

For the first time in probably half an hour he fully withdrew his dick from her mouth. Noticing the pre-cum dribbling from its tip, he wiped his penis on her cheek as she heaved, leaving a strand of viscous fluid connecting the two. Putting his hands on her shoulders he pushed her down toward the ground until she was sitting on her feet. He took a small step forward so that he was standing almost directly over her knees. Taking a hold of her by the hair, he gently pulled her head back so that she was facing diagonally upward into his balls, and her throat was almost perfectly aligned, a straight conduit from her mouth to her stomach, and with the other hand he angled his penis downward toward her face. Acquiescent,without thinking, she opened her mouth, although still she was recovering.

With both hands on her head, he guided his penis into her face. As before he moved quickly, pressing his waist forward he pushed his head through her lips, over her tongue and into her tonsils. With increasing pressure he again ground his hips forward, determined to re-enter her throat. He forced himself into the plump wetness, pulling her head onto him hard. He broke through, feeling the surrender of the opening he slid the extra inch into her face, and felt her throat contract about his head as she gagged. But he was not content. He ground his hips further, trying to lever her throat fully open, to wedge himself in. He pulled her head down hard, and forced his hips inward, and then it happened. Her throat surrendered completely under the pressure, and finally his penis slid unhindered into her mouth. Taken by surprise, not expecting to actually succeed, he held himself in the first inch of her throat for a second or two, revelling in its tightness. Also taken unawares by this new penetration, she began to resist in earnest, but he hardly felt it.

Elated by his accomplishment, he began to slowly ease himself further inward against her struggling. Already six inches in, he watched her eyes widen as he fed the rest of his cock inexorably inward. The liquid satin constriction of her throat was incomparable to anything else he had ever felt, and as he pushed inward he felt its squeeze on every new inch he introduced. Gradually his penis disappeared into her face, seven inches, eight, she made no sound now, every choke a massage, every swallow a silken caress, nine inches, ten, he felt her tongue writhe violently against him. He ceased to move himself, and instead pulled her head slowly downward onto his groin, and as he watched his cock disappear between her lips he found himself wondering just how deep he could get. There was nothing she could do now to stop him though, nothing she could do to resist, and so he continued, slowly, until finally the last few inches of his penis slipped into her mouth and he pressed her face into his groin.

With his balls resting against her chin, her nose pressed into his stomach, he could feel every inch of his cock, from her tongue slipping around its base to his head somewhere near her collar bone. As she choked and swallowed he could feel waves of muscle travel the length of his dick, so he just held her head pressed into his groin and let her massage him. Finally, however, her struggles began to subside, and he realised that with his cock down her throat there was no way she could breathe, so, reluctantly, he began to pull back his hips and let her throat squeeze him out until again he was in her mouth, and then he relaxed his grip on her head and let her pull away, watching the whole length of his penis travel out of her mouth.

This time she didn’t retch, or gag, at least not violently, she just gasped for air, her eyes shut. While he awaited her recovery, he held his penis with one hand and rubbed it over her face, but all he could think about was re-entering her throat, so he didn’t wait long before again gently pulling her head back by the hair to align it. Brought back to reality by his manipulation she opened her big, wet eyes, and he looked into them as he pushed his penis through her lips. Wasting no time he quickly pressed into her mouth until he met her tonsils, but they offered as much obstruction as ever, so it took a few seconds of grinding until he felt the now familiar slick capitulation and watched the sixth inch slide into her face. He was now more meticulous, savouring the fact that he still had to force fully into her and deliver the last seven inches, aware that soon he would have her throat closing in around his penis. He worked his hips from side to side, and she choked as he did, but he could feel her beginning to give and so only pressed his hips forward harder until finally he slipped through into her throat and felt its opening slide contracting to just behind his head.

The relief of finally being unobstructed struck him as powerfully as it had before, and again he took his time sliding in the rest of his cock, again watching her eyes widen as he did so. He was by now completely unaware of her empty struggles, and again he savoured the feeling of forcing her throat to dilate around each inch he gave her. This time however, once he had eased the whole thing through her lips, although he paused for a second as her chokes caressed him, he then withdrew around five inches, concentrating on the slick glide over her tongue and the tight ring at the top of her throat squeezing up to return just behind his head. Without waiting, he began to push back down, forcing her throat to expand around him until again he was buried completely in her face, and then again he pulled out. He began to slowly, rhythmically, fuck her face, never letting his penis out into her mouth, but giving her throat enough time to contract before again forcing down into it. Wanting to last as long as he could he made sure that he kept a slow pace. However, although her unavailing struggles had subsided to simply holding her hands pressed against his hips, she could not keep herself from gagging, and the combined effect of penetrating the fluid tightness of her throat and the waves of constriction he felt sliding down his cock was to produce the most incandescent feelings of pleasure he had known. As such, there was little he could do, so he simply let the feeling build, taking his time as slowly as he could with her throat, until he reached the point of no return.

She felt his cock tauten as it was sliding down into her neck, and felt his balls contract as they came to rest on her chin. He felt pleasure flare through the entire length of his penis and spread hotly into his abdomen, and the semen seep up into his cock until at the first spasm he felt it pulse down his length and fire into her throat. He forced her head down hard, determined to hold as much of his cock in her throat as he could, for as she began to take his load, his orgasm only made her swallowing feel more incredible. He spurted again and again, each swallow and choke making his orgasm build he felt that he would never stop coming, and aware that he was emptying himself directly into her stomach he never wanted to. But finally he felt the pulse of his penis begin to subside, and wanting to give her a mouthful to swallow he pulled her head back slightly and allowed his cock to emerge from her throat to come to a rest at the back of her mouth.

Consciously tensing his cock he fired again, and felt the warmth of his come surround his penis. Suddenly her mouth was full, and for the first time she tasted the bitter saltiness of his come, but she didn’t have time to swallow as he again forced his penis past her tonsils. Working his cock in and out of her lubricated throat he managed to prolong his ejaculation for a good five seconds, and intent on making her swallow his come he tried to coincide each exit with each shot, sometimes successfully sometimes spurting directly down her gullet.

Finally spent, feeling warm satiation spread through him, he released her head, but she was so used to immobility that she kept the end of his cock in her mouth as she swallowed his load. It took her a few attempts, but she swallowed it all, and then exhausted fell backwards to lie beneath him, his cock slipping from her mouth. She was in a daze, and not entirely aware of her surroundings, but she was aware of him, standing over her. And she felt aroused. He had forced her to her limits, beyond them, purely to exact gratification. He had forced her into subjugation, and when she had come to accept submission she had felt electrocuted.

He looked down at her. With slimy filmed lips, split once from being stretched beyond their limit, a strand of hair stuck to her cheek where he had anointed her with his pre-cum, a solitary tear glistening at the corner of her mouth and her tear-drop breasts heaving, she looked stunning. And he noticed for the first time that her pussy was wet. Stepping forward to stand over her, he massaged his penis, squeezing come from it so that it dripped onto her cheek and woke her from her daze. He knelt down over her chest as she looked up at him, lowered himself to his knees to straddle her shoulders, wiped his cock on her lower lip and let it rest on her mouth, feeling her breasts brush against his legs as she breathed. She looked obedient, and he began considering what to do next.

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