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Workday Distraction

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While I was working in an empty apartment today a painter showed up to prep the walls. He was in his mid to late twenties. Short spikish dark hair with sideburns and a goatee. His lightly tanned muscular arms were covered in tattoos. He had a sleeveless shirt and loose boardshorts on, with leather flip flops.

“Hey, how’s it goin?” he asks, walking in the front door.

“Hi there.”

“Am i gonna be in your way?” he asked.

“Nah… I shouldn’t be too long anyway.” I told him, feeling my asshole tingle. I had never really found guys attractive in a work setting before but he made me want to bend over. Most of my experiences, so far, have been few and far between clandestine internet meetings and even that had been over a year ago. I still love to keep my cock and balls shaved and I love the feeling of a shaved hole so i keep it that way. I play with my toys and can deepthroat most cocks, with just the right amount of gag reflex for a very nice long sloppy blowjob.

This guy made my cock twitch.

We exchanged introductions, his name was Rob. We talked while we both worked at our respective jobs. He was new to town. we had the same taste in music so I offered to take him around to some of the clubs and bars with local bands. Which lead us to talking about girls and we had kinda the same preferences in girls. we joked around for a while.

Our job paths finally brought us into the kitchen where I was leaning over the sink trying to unstick a disposal and he only had the kitchen left to paint. When he came in I was more or less bent over the sink trying to get leverage on the disposal. He said something about not working that hole too much and then came up behind me and said, “lemme squeeze by ya.”

As he passed put his hands on my hips and pressed his cock against my ass as he “slid” by. I had already been thinking about his cock so much I thought I imagined it. I accidentally let out a short moan and he smacked my ass. I wiggled my ass and he smacked it again, harder. I moaned and he reached down the back of my shorts with his fingers following my crack. Right to my hole. When the tips of his fingers started rubbing my tight puckered hole I thought the whole complex was going to hear me moan. He just reached around and undid my fly to let my pants follow down. Of course I had no underwear on that day, I never do.

I straightened up and turned around to find him stroking a large already semi-hard cock and it was getting bigger. i got on my knees and took him into my mouth feeling it get bigger. He tasted salty he must’ve been surfing earlier. I stroked him with both hands while I sucked hard on the head. He was moaning. I took my hands away and licked and sucked the underside of his big cock sucking his balls in my mouth while stroking his cock again. I lubed his entire cock with my tongue on my way back to the tip of his beautiful cock.

I took him in my mouth again and let him feel the back of my throat. Then bouncing my head up and down so that his thick head hits the back of my throat every time, I suck hard until he’s got his hands on the back of my head then I take him deep into my mouth. He’s the biggest I’ve ever had so i gag on it a little more than half way down but let him force himself all the way down my throat. I let myself gag when he starts to fuck my mouth. He fucks me in a few short strokes and then lets me breath before skull-fucking me some more.

Pulling his cock all the way out covered in my juices, ropes of saliva hang of his cock. I catch it in my hands and stroke him and rub my face all over his sloppy cock. He sends his cock back deep into my throat for a few more short fucks and pulls it all the way out only to send it right back down he does this a few times and i gag every time. His cock is is oozing with precum and spit. I catch more of it in my hands and start rubbing my hole with it while he works my throat some more. He has complete control of my head with both my hands preoccupied with my little cunt.

I’ve got two fingers in my hole when he pulls his cock out to turn me around. He pushes his big cock right up to my hole and shoves it in, pushing me against the cabinet. He pushes his cock deep into me. pulling me away from the cabinets so that I’m actually bent over he pushes his cock harder and leaves it there working the hole deep with short strokes it’s not long before he’s got me moaning loud and precum dripping from my cock. His cock is buried deep in me, driving me crazy. I push back on him, trying to get more of him in me. He takes it as his cue to start fucking me in earnest. Pulling his long cock out and shoving it back in my ass. Pumping it hard. My tight little cunt relents to him and i start moaning like a bitch in heat for him to fuck me harder. He shoves me harder, the whole of him in and out hard and fast now. I’m bracing myself against the counter, pushing against his pounding. Meeting his heavy cock blow for blow.

He pulls out and my ass feels gaping from the emptiness. He turns me around and presents his cock to my mouth. I open it and lick the tip, sucking it into my mouth. Deeper. As soon as he feels the back of my throat he shoves it down. Gagging me hard. fucking my throat hard, his cock is quickly covered in the juice he needs to fuck my ass. He spins me around again and doesn’t wait to penetrate me hard and fast. He quickly sets up shop again ramming my ass.

My face is still dripping with cum spit, he’s going to town on my ass and the front door swings open to reveal one of the other painters looking for his buddy. He looks over at us, takes his sunglasses off and starts to grin. a big wide grin. He was tall and thin but muscular with curly reddish hair.

“I knew it! I’ve been looking everywhere, Rob.” He said as he walked over. Rob never stopped fucking my loose ass and I was in no position to protest when the new guy pulled his cock out and rob turned me to start working on it.

I sucked his cock in my mouth. It was flaccid and heavy but getting thicker. He moaned and told me his name was Chris. Rob spanked me and pounded me hard, he told me to treat his friend right. Chris was soon hard and probing the back of my throat but rob shoved my head down hard on the big cock, deepthroating it. Chris wasted no time in fucking this new toy. I let myself gag, lubing Chris’s hard cock. He wasn’t as big as rob but it wasn’t much smaller either. Rob and Chris fucked me hard from both sides. I held onto Chris’s hips while he held on tight to the back of my head pounding my throat, his cock sloppy and dripping with precum and saliva, while rob alternating between spanking me hard and spreading my hole so he could get every centimeter of his root in me. hard.

Chris was moaning. I was gagging and Rob had started grunting as he slowed and started jerking his cock in me. Pumping it with determination. He was going to breed me. Deep. Chris started yelling his approval, telling Rob to cum. I moaned in agreement. Ropes of Chris’s precum poured out of my mouth as his cock filled it. Gagging me.

Rob was clutching my ass hard fucking me. He let out a yell and pounded my ass hard and fast, Spraying his cum in my loose cunt. He kept pumping me full of cum, slowing down, breathing hard. He let his cock slide out of me and I could feel the cum in me sliding out of my hole.

Chris wasted no time coming round to my ass and shoving his cock in my broken in ass. He pumped me hard and deep a few times before pushing me down on the floor. Pinning me there, Chris relentlessly fucked my ass like a piston. Hard and fast. I was breathing hard, Moaning. Rob had his clothes back on and thanked me. he walked out the door.

It wasn’t long before Chris was grunting above me. He turned me over and pushed my knees up to my shoulders and pushed in deep. I screamed a moan as he filled me with his cum. pumping me full. He worked slowly pulling his cock almost all the way out before pushing it all the way back in. He was moaning and i could feel him cumming, painting my cunt from the inside out with his hot cum. He finished unloading. His cock came out of my ass and so did his cum as I sat up. He slapped my face with his dirty sloppy cock. I opened my mouth for it. He slide it down my throat in one motion and pulled it out slow as i sucked on it hard, cleaning it. He laughed and said thanks. I collapsed as he got his cock back in his pants and left.

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