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Hard-Balling Soft-Ballers

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I’m writing this as I watch a copy of a video we made last Saturday afternoon. I should probably erase it, but I just can’t seem to do it.

We had a softball game, and afterwards I invited the guys over for a swim. Some of the guys just took a quick dip and left, but Andre, Carlo and Tony are single, with a reputation as the party animals on our team, and they stuck around for the rest of the afternoon.

Andre is about six feet three inches tall and black, while Tony and Carlo are dark-haired, good-looking Italian brothers. We all get along real well, and my wife Rebecca always enjoys their flirting and friendly teasing. She’s usually pretty shy, so I was surprised but pleased when she put on her new bathing suit, a very revealing white bikini that shows off her body really well. She’s a five-foot-one-inch redhead, one hundred five pounds, and measures a chesty 36C-23-34, with prominent nipples and a plump pussy that was clearly outlined by the tight fabric of her suit.

As the afternoon wore on and we consumed a few pitchers of Margaritas, her inhibitions disappeared. Andre and the guys continually complimented her on her figure and finally persuaded her to pose for them. “I wish we had a camera,” said Andre. “You look like a centerfold, except you’re wearing too much.” She laughed as they continued to fool around, and I went to reload the Margaritas and get my smartphone.

When I returned they had pulled the air mattress from the pool onto the deck, and Andre was playing director and posing her for Tony, who took my smartphone and started recording it on video. By the time the pitcher was half gone, my cock was getting hard. Rebecca was acting like a model and doing everything Andre asked, even when he started to get more erotic and told her to arch her back, which made her nipples seem ready to burst through her bikini top, then told her to get on her hands and knees as Tony tried for some shots of her pussy.

“Spread your thighs apart, Rebecca, like you do when Paul fucks you.” Andre boldly ordered her. I knew he had crossed the line, and waited to see how she felt and whether she wanted this to go any further. After a second I heard her whisper, “Okay,” as she spread her legs and arched her back, exposing her crotch to the camera. She has a gorgeous pussy that almost seems too big for her little body, and as she spread for us, the thong from her suit slipped slightly and teasingly exposed a fleshy lip.

“Beautiful, very, very hot.” Andre continued, and I could see her breathing faster as she got caught up in the situation. “I’ll bet you show Paul your tits, too, when you want him to put his big cock inside you. Don’t you?” I couldn’t believe what was happening, but my cock believed every exciting bit of it, and I just sat there as he continued to talk to her.

“Beautiful big tits. Do you let him fuck your tits, Rebecca? Big cock sliding on those nipples? C’mon, take your top off for us, let us see those beauties.” he continued, and I heard her moan softly as she reached behind and untied her top, exposing her boobs. Her nipples were very swollen and stood stiffly from her breast when Andre told her to turn over toward us.

I looked over at him. He was slowly rubbing his cock through his bathing suit, and I realized that something serious was going to happen here, but I was as excited as Rebecca, and didn’t want to stop it.

“You’re so sexy,” Andre whispered, “Play with your nipples, make them real hard for the camera. Oh yeah, that’s it.” Her eyes were closed as she toyed with her nipples while Tony recorded the action. Then Andre started again.

“Now Rebecca, Paul wants you to show us your pussy. Show us where he puts his big cock.” She opened her eyes and looked at me with a dazed expression. I knew she was hot and I just nodded. Her eyes closed as she murmured, “You guys,” as she slowly pulled off her thong.

“Now we can make a movie,” said Andre, and he positioned her on her hands and knees again. I heard Carlo groan, “Oh yeah,” as he saw her pussy for the first time. Her thick, meaty outer lips were starting to open as she spread her thighs, but her long, pink inner lips were still sticky and closed, although her swelling clit seemed to be trying to burst through and a thin streak of juice oozed down her slit.

“Gorgeous, wet pussy, Rebecca. I think your pussy needs a big cock pumping you. Or do you want his cock in your mouth first? I’ll bet you love it in your mouth.” She just groaned, but as I pulled off my shorts I heard myself saying, “Just watch,” as I knelt down in front of her and started to stroke her lips with the drooling head of my seven-inch dick. With a little cry she opened wide and sucked me deep into her throat.

I slowly fucked her face while Tony moved around taking pictures, until suddenly she started to moan and gasp and I looked up to see that Andre had stripped and was running his long tongue up and down her juicy slit. She loves to be eaten, and when Andre found her swollen clit she started to tremble and came with a cry, bucking on his tongue. I could not hold back and shot my load in her mouth.

She was still coming, and she kept sucking me as the semen ran down her chin. I watched Andre come up for air and saw him positioning his huge cock at her pussy. He had to be ten inches long, and the head looked like a big mushroom at the end of his thick shaft.

He was talking to her again in a deep voice, telling her what he was going to do. “You want a cock in your pussy, Rebecca? My big, black cock? Fucking you?” he asked her over and over as he stroked her slit with the big head, making her jump every time he touched her clit. She looked up at me again, and the sight of her with come running down her chin, her eyes glazed as another man slowly put his cock in her pussy, was a fantasy come true. I said, “You look so good,” but she just stared as though she didn’t hear me. “It’s okay. Let him fuck you,” I said and she closed her eyes and moaned around my cock.

Suddenly she groaned loudly and let my dick fall from her lips as Andre began to fit the head of his cock into her pussy. The idea of his incredibly thick cock disappearing inside her fascinated me, and I moved to where I could watch.

Her lips were stretched tightly around his thick shaft. The head had already slid inside her and I watched in disbelief as he slowly pumped and rolled his hips and drove the rest of the way into her pussy until his balls were up against her butt and she was impaled on ten inches of hard cock. She was virtually hyperventilating and her hips were jerking as he penetrated her, but when he slowly pulled out, her pussy lips clung wetly to his shaft and made the most delicious slurping sound.

She was beside herself with lust and, as Andre started to fuck her with long, hard strokes, he kept saying, “Oh, such a pussy. Big, black dick fucking your tight pussy. So juicy,” as she grunted and groaned and hissed in lust. After a few minutes she came again, so hard that she collapsed on her belly, causing his huge cock to slip out of her cunt. She lay there with her legs wide apart, her pussy gaping open and oozing with juice, moaning, “Don’t stop. Just don’t stop,” until Andre plunged back inside her with one thrust and she grunted as she came again.

Tony was recording every second as Andre drove her crazy with his cock. He had pulled her up on her hands and knees again and she was bucking back at him with every thrust when Carlo came over and stood in front of her with his hard cock straining toward her lips. She nipped and licked at him as Andre pounded her pussy, until finally he got the head into her mouth and, with a long groan, began to thrust down her throat.

I knew Carlo wasn’t going to last long from the sounds he was making, and he proved me right by coming after about a minute. Once again Rebecca had semen drooling from her lips. She seemed to be coming continuously, and she went crazy when Andre buried his full length inside her. She stiffened as he grunted and came, pumping her pussy full of his come.

He pulled out of her and she rolled over on her back and lay there gasping as he knelt next to her, the drooling head of his cock almost touching the deck. I could see a thick stream of semen oozing from inside her as she slowly writhed in front of us, totally oblivious to anything but the sensations in her body.

Tony handed Carlo the smartphone and murmured to her, “I’ve got to fuck you.” He began to rub his swollen cock across her nipples as he squeezed her pussy. She gasped at his touch and tried to reach his cock with her tongue as he slid all over her tits. He slid into her mouth and let her suck him for about a minute, then abruptly pulled out and got between her legs. Rebecca moaned in frustration as he left her, but as he thrust into her soaking pussy she groaned, “Oh, yeah. Do it to me,” and wrapped her legs around his body. He pulled out of her on every stroke, her pussy slurping and juicing around his heavy cock. She clung tightly to him as her orgasms continued until he, too, shot his load in her gorgeous body. He pulled out of her, and a long string of semen drooled from his cock. I said, “Don’t forget the old man,” and pulled her on top of me.

She hugged me tightly. I kissed her and tasted come on her lips as her tongue snaked deep into my mouth. She was totally relaxed, but her nipples were hard and hot against my chest. As my cock stiffened against her belly, she murmured, “You gonna fuck me too?” She reached down for my cock, sat on me and slipped my cock deep into her hot, unbelievably wet pussy. She was wide open and groaned, grinding her clit against me as I grabbed her tits.

Andre straddled us and I watched her suck his incredible cock right over my head. she could barely get more than the oversize head in her mouth. She grabbed his shaft with both hands, holding on tight as we both thrust into her body. It was incredible to watch my shy little wife sucking a big cock while her pussy tightened spasmodically around my dick. She started to get hyper again and wrapped her hands around his ass. Two more inches of black cock entered her mouth. I lost it and drove up into her as hard as I could, empting my balls in her hot body.

Her pussy tightened around me until it almost hurt as her body jerked and she grunted and hissed around the cock in her mouth. Andre muttered, “I gotta fuck her again.” He pulled his cock from her mouth and lay down on his back. She crawled over him and started to fit his mammoth cock into her semen-soaked slit. Her pussy stretched wide as the big head popped inside, and she slowly sank down on his thick meat until, with a guttural moan, she absorbed almost a foot of cock.

Semen coated his dick as she rose off him a few inches and then eased down again very slowly. Suddenly he thrust upward. She gasped and started to come again.

I watched him fuck her for a long time, then took the smartphone as Carlo and Tony took turns putting their cocks in her mouth. Finally Andre’s body stiffened, and I watched him spasm as he shot his load inside her. She rolled off him onto her back and looked at Carlo and Tony, who were hard again. She spread her legs and the party continued.

Everyone left a little after dark. Rebecca was exhausted, and I offered to give her a bath. She just sat in the hot water while I sponged her and washed her hair. I dried her off and we shared a long embrace, then collapsed into bed and slept until morning.

She woke up still buzzing from the Margaritas and still excited from being queen of the party. We put the video on and as we watched it she got so turned on that she pulled the covers down and sucked me. Then I fucked her until she came. Afterward she erased the video but, like I said before, I’m sitting here writing to you while I watch a copy of the video we made last Saturday afternoon.

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