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Pumped Kin

Category: Incest
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It was fast approaching Halloween, and I was really getting excited about it this year – for a very good reason. I’d had my eye on my brother’s best friend Jay for a long time, and as we’d all arranged to meet at a Halloween costume party, now was the perfect opportunity to carry out my seductive plans.

I desperately wanted to lose my virginity to this handsome Adonis. With his long dark hair, athletic body (him and my brother Luke were both on the school soccer team), and hazel eyes, he was irresistible. Instead of the traditional Halloween activity of apple bobbing, little did he know that I had made plans to do my own bobbing – with my lips around his cock, for starters at least.

The night before Halloween, I found it impossible to sleep. I kept fantasizing about Jay’s cock pushing into my tight virginal vagina, filling me up. I lay there rubbing my clitoris, occasionally dipping a few fingers into my sopping pussy, and orgasmed intensely. After such a blissful orgasm, I drifted into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Finally it was the big day, and my girlfriends began to arrive around lunchtime, giving us plenty of time to get ready. I’d been to the video store earlier in the morning and picked up a couple of horror classics to get us in the mood – “The Ring”, “The Exorcist” and mainly because of Johnny Depp in the cast, “Sleepy Hollow.” Being only 18, I was unable to legally buy any alcohol, but fortunately one of my friend’s dad owned a liquor store, and she managed to smuggle out a few bottles of vodka for the fruit punch.

I’d confided in Kelly and Michelle, my 2 best friends, what I had planned, and they were going to help me make it happen. My pussy was starting to tingle at the prospect of what was to come.

Luke and Jay slumped down on the sofa to join us, watching a movie before they headed off to the pub. They helped themselves to the rather intoxicating punch to help get them into the spirit of the occasion. I looked flirtingly into Jay’s eyes, and he sent some discreet “interested” signals back. Luke had hired a skeleton costume, and as they’d left it so late in the day, Jay was only able to get a gorilla outfit. We were in hysterics when he told us, but his engaging smile and bright eyes meant it really was of no consequence. Neither of them knew what we were all wearing, it was to be a surprise.

The pair of them left as they’d been roped into trick or treating for charity. The sun was dropping, so we started to get our costumes ready. Mine was a skin tight red pvc devil’s outfit, similar to the one used by Bananarama in their song “Venus.” It showed off my slim physique and pert breasts perfectly. Luckily my parents were out of town, they’d have never allowed me to leave the house in it. To compliment the costume, I put on my favorite lush red lipstick, black eyeliner, and some red horns, which went well with my long black hair. The red eye mask that came with the costume meant that nobody would recognize me anyway. The small silk cape gave me some modesty, but there wasn’t much to be left to the imagination. If this outfit didn’t get Jay to notice me, nothing would.

We arrived at the party just after dark, and being a beachside mansion, they had put together a huge bonfire which lit up the beach. The flames were 20 feet high, and the fire cast intermittent long shadows, which licked the shore. The beach was rocking, music was blaring out, people were drinking and dancing, the scene was set.

The fruit punch had made my girlfriends and I very light headed, and we started dancing provocatively in a busy area near the fire. We were soon surrounded by fellow party goers, and I somehow lost Michelle and Kelly in the throng. I was having such a fun time dancing with all these strangers, rubbing up against a few of the more attractive ones, grinding my pvc clad butt up against the crotch of a particularly large zombie.

I took a few gulps of the punch I’d brought with me, took a deep excited breath, and set about trying to find Jay. It took a while with several hundred revelers moshing around the huge fire, but finally I caught site of bones and monkey man dancing off to the side. I went up to them, and started my devilish seduction dance, stroking my hands up and down my ass and over my breasts. They clearly had no idea who I was. I went over to Jay, took his hands and placed them around me. He said something to Luke which was muffled by his mask, so he gestured for him to take a walk. Luke took the hint.

We danced for a while, and then I silently started to lead him down to the water’s edge, to the shadows, away from the crowd. The noise was still deafening, so there was no point trying to have a conversation. Actions speak louder than words I thought, so I placed my hand on his furry crotch, started rubbing up and down over the fur, and could feel his penis stiffening. He let out a moan through his mask, and I knew there and then he was mine for the taking. He started to take his mask off, but I gestured for him not to, it would make it all the more fun way to lose my virginity.

I took out his now hard cock, and placed my lips around the tip. I’d never felt a real cock in my mouth before, and the warmth surprised me. He smelled musky but good, and judging by his slow thrusting and moaning, I could tell I wasn’t doing a bad job of my first ever blowjob. After relaxing a little, I could even get his length down my neck a little for some throat fucking. Those evenings practicing with a banana were paying off for this lucky monkey.

I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth, I yearned for him to be inside me. While still on my knees, I unzipped the bottom part of my devil’s outfit, exposing my pussy to the gentle breeze. My god my pussy was soaking wet. I could tell by the glint in his eyes, that he knew just what to do as I turned around with my ass in the air. His white penis looked funny against the backdrop of his gorilla costume, however I didn’t care, I wanted it.

“Fuck me, please,” I mouthed, and I turned away, biting my bottom lip in heady anticipation.

He took no time at all to position himself behind me, and as if realizing my apprehension and tightness, positioned the tip of his cock gently against the entrance to my hot cunt. He eased in slowly, ever so delicately, and once I was wet enough and relaxed, I pushed my ass back against him, urging for him to be buried up to the hilt of his cock. Once he was fully in, I started getting used to the sensation, and began rocking back and forth. My pussy lips were getting tickled at the same time by his costume, but there was something primitive about the whole encounter that made it sexier.

It didn’t take long with him pounding away inside me for my orgasm to build to a climax, and after a few minutes of piston like pumping, he pulled out his cock and motioned for me to open my mouth. I took his beautiful penis back into my mouth, tasting my own juices on his glistening shaft, and could feel it start to pulse. His semen was salty but tasted good, and I managed to keep most of it from spilling out, while cradling his ghoulies lovingly.

Time seemed to stand still, until we heard some other party goers approaching. We carefully did up our costumes, and made our way back to the throng of people. I saw Michelle and Kelly dancing with a couple of Jocks, and pinched Jay’s bum to signal that was the end of our evening encounter. My girlfriends were excited to hear about the evening’s activities, so we headed back to my place to finish the punch, get changed into our normal clothes, and share stories.

Half an hour later, my lover and Luke came back, still fully costumed, and full of themselves.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” said Jay, as he took off the skeleton mask.

It took a minute for the horror of the situation to fully dawn on me.

“I th…th…thought you were wearing the gorilla outfit tonight,” I exclaimed in shock.

“Yes, well, I was going to, but it was chaffing me, so Luke and I decided to swap outfits,” he said.

“Is anything wrong Sis?” asked Luke.

Michelle looked at me open mouthed, not knowing quite what to say. Kelly started grinning from ear to ear, and had to turn away.

I could still taste my brother’s semen. He was totally oblivious to the fact it was me he’d been fucking earlier in the evening. It was Halloween after all, but I didn’t realize I was going to end up kin pumped.

A million emotions raced through my brain. I had enjoyed fucking my own brother, my own blood. I felt ashamed. Should I tell him? Would he be disgusted? Most importantly, did I want to repeat the experience? The way my pussy was reacting could only mean one thing…

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