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Mexican Trip

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My wife Jane has a brother named Steve. Steve married a Mexican girl name Rosa. Rosa is from medium sized town in central Mexico. Last July My wife Jane and I went on vacation with Rosa and Steve to her hometown. Instead of staying in a hotel, Rosa arranged for us to stay for free in some friend’s vacation house. Rosa and Steve stayed with her family. A couple blocks and a central plaza separated the two houses. 

One night while there, my wife went back to the house early with a headache. Knowing that I was on my own for the evening, I stayed late drinking tequila with Steve and Rosa’s brothers. I was pretty drunk when I started the walk back through the empty streets to where we were staying. 

About half the way home I was startled when a Mexican man about my age emerged from an unlit doorway. He was bigger than most Mexicans I had met. His missing shirt exposed a muscular chest but with a little bit of beer gut. He had dark skin and bushy mustache. He held a bottle of tequila in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other. 

As I approached, I said, “Hola.” 

He replied in English almost as bad as my Spanish, “Hello.” He waved me over. He offered his bottle to me. I was too drunk to think to refuse. We stumbled through introductions half in English and half in Spanish. I found out his name was Luis. He asked how I was enjoying Mexico. Where I was from. He didn’t seem genuinely interested in my answers. But we both were drunk. Luis said he knew Rosa’s family well. He said Rosa’s 19-year-old brother Juan was inside. 

While we were standing there Luis reached into his pants and hauled out a very large brown cock. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I ignored it. He let loose a torrent of piss into the street. It felt a little weird standing there on a public street next to this man I had just met, while he pissed. Luis handed me the bottle and smile all the whole time he continued to piss. 

Finally the flow had stopped. I stole a quick glance at his cock. It seemed to be larger now than when he had first hauled it out. It wasn’t hard but it must have been 8″ inches long, but it was really thick. 

Luis caught me looking. He grinned, “You like?” Avoiding his comment, I apologized and tried to leave. He placed a big hand on my shoulder and said, “Come on Mark, Why don’t you come in and say hello to Juan before you go.” 

Luis made me uncomfortable but I felt that it was safe with Juan being there. I entered Luis’s small place. I walked past a TV that was playing an XXX tape of big cocked Latin guy fucking a blonde girl in the ass. Luis rubbed his crotch and sat on the sofa. 

He said, “Juan is in the back.” He motioned past the kitchen. I went in search of Juan. I found him passed out, lying face down naked on Luis’s bed. I not gay but he was one good-looking young man. He had a muscular brown bubble-butt. He was smaller than me at about 160 lbs and 5’11”. There was a tube of lube beside the table and his ass still glistened with the slick stuff. It was completely obvious watch had transpired. I had visual of Luis’s fat Mexican sausage stuffing Juan’s tight hole. 

I was drawn to Juan’s youthful form. I found myself wanting to touch him. As if in a trance, my hand reached out and I dab some the fluid shining wet on his beautiful ass. He moved the leg nearest to me. 

I jerked my hand back in fear. It was then that I noticed that his movement uncovered his balls and cock. His balls were large and mostly hairless. They throbbed while he slept. His cock was completely soft but I could tell it was at least as nice as my 7 inches. The big difference was it was uncut. I had never seen an uncut cock before except in pictures. I realized that I had more than lube on my fingers. It had to be Luis’s jism. 

In my drunken sexually aroused haze, I didn’t hear Luis enter the room. My exploration was disturbed when Luis said, “He is one hot boy. I could fuck his ass all night.” 

I turned to see Luis stroking his now hard almost 10″ cock. “I never had me a gringo before.” 

I replied, “Hold on Luis, whatever you and Juan have going on is between you two. I don’t. I am not interested. I am not gay.” 

I stood to leave but Luis block the door. Before I could stop him he reached for my crotch. Luis rubbed my hard cock through my pants, as I stood there frozen. I wanted to run but my feet didn’t move. 

Luis said, “See how hard your cock is. You know you want my big fat hard Mexican cock. Look at Juan’s sexy ass. Don’t you want to feel your cock sliding in and out of that hot, tight teenage asshole?” 

I was so drunk and so horny. It was like a dream. Luis grabbed my hand and placed it on his throbbing manmeat. It was very thick and hot to the touch. My fist closed around it but just barely. Instinctively, I stroked Luis’s brown cock. Luis grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me into a rough manly kiss. His mustache tickled my nose. Luis smelled of cigarette, tequila, and sweat. The mixture was somehow intoxicating. 

We broke our kiss. I removed my clothes quickly. As I undressed I got a good look at Luis. He was a big man, slightly overweight but all man. He had a macho air about him that made others do as he wished. I knew I was about to. Once I was nude, we kissed again. He grabbed my ass and pulled me into his stomach. My hard cock and his uncut one rubbed together between us. The sensation was exhilarating. My knees just gave way and I slowly went to the floor. Luis stood over me grinning and drinking tequila. I looked up at his massive cock only inches from my face. I reached for his hard dick. 

Luis said, “Don’t use your hands. Use your mouth. Suck my brown cock.” 

I let my hands fall to my side. I open my mouth and licked the precum dripping head of Luis’s big pole. I slowly took in more and more of his big cock until, I had most of it in my mouth and throat. I sucked that cock like there was no tomorrow. The funky smell and taste of Luis’s cock sent me into frenzy sucking and licking. 

He pulled me off of his cock and offered me a taste of his big cumfilled balls. I wet ever inch of them with my tongue. Only then did he let me suck his cock again. I continued my blowjob without hesitation.After sometime of sucking Luis’s cock or him fucking my face, He again pulled his cock from my mouth. 

“Stand up I want to taste your white meat.” He kissed me, “You suck cock pretty good. Have you done this before?” 

“No, but I love it.” 

Luis went over to Juan who was still asleep on the bed. He rolled the boy over to the far side of the bed. Juan ended up lying on his back with his cock flopping up on his stomach. His chest was almost hairless. I was surprised he didn’t wake up. 

Luis said, “Here lay on the bed next to Juan. Don’t worry he is so drunk he won’t wake up.” 

I lay on the bed next to the sleepy teenage Adonis. I wanted to touch, no taste his beautiful uncut cock. To feel it grow hard in my mouth. Before I realized it Luis’s hot mouth engulfed my 7″ cock. He held my balls while he slowly swallowed my cock. Luis really knew how to suck cock. I thought my wife Jane was great cocksucker but Luis put her to shame. My whole center of attention was the sensations he was causing my cock. When pushed my legs up exposing my asshole to his tongue, I almost came. But Luis was experienced and patient. I was drooling and moaning from the pleasure. It felt so good. 

Luis said, “Mark hand me that lube over there.” Without questioning I handed the lube to Luis. It felt cool on my balls and asshole. He inserted a finger into my tight hole. 

Luis said in a relaxing tone, “Easy Mark, just relax. It will feel really good if you relax.” After a few moments I was able to relax and he inserted a second finger. The pleasure level increased another notch. I closed my eyes and let the sensation sweep over me. 

I didn’t see what Luis had done after I closed my eyes. I did feel it though when the head of his large lubed cock lodged itself in my asshole. My eyes flew open wide. He was smiling as I squirmed already impaled on at least three inches of brown Mexican fuckpole. 

Luis said, “I have always wanted to fuck me a gringo. Just relax and enjoy it man.” 

He waited until I had relaxed a little then he forced the rest of his fat cock into my asshole. I thought the sensation couldn’t get any more intense. I was wrong. When that big beer gutted Mexican started fucking my white ass with slow long strokes. I lost it. 

I was screaming and crying. Begging him not to stop. Eventually I ended up repeating, “fuck. Fuck,” over and over again. 

He fucked me for at least 10 minutes steady. My hand found my neglected cock. I jacked my hard cock as Luis plowed my asshole. In only a short time my cock exploded. The first squirt landed on my face. The rest of the blasts ended up dumping cum on my chest. The intensity of my orgasm caused my asshole to clamp down on Luis’s cock. He pulled out and his big beer bottle cock spilled a man-sized load of cum on my already soak stomach and chest. 

Luis said, “Damn, That was fucking hot. I haven’t had a fuck like that in years.” 

I didn’t reply but I know I had never cum that much. After giving me a few minutes to catch my breath Luis helped me clean up. Shakily I was able to get dress. I knew that I would have to skip the planned family outing to some Aztec ruins the next day. I would definitely be sore the next day. Amazingly Juan slept through the whole thing. 

Luis still naked walk me back out to the street. We stood there in the street not really talking. I wanted to leave but I was almost waiting for his permission. Luis lit a cigarette and offered me another sip of tequila. I couldn’t help but notice his huge slick cock hung as it there. Only moments ago that thing was lodged in my now sore ass. 

Luis stood there with his hands on his hips. I couldn’t resist the thrill of kissing his cock right there in public. 

Somehow I managed to make it back to the house my wife and I were staying in. Jane was asleep when I got there. I sat down on the couch for a minute and must have passed out. She woke me the next morning. I had the worst hangover. I threw up in the bathroom and Jane said that it served me right for getting so trashed. 

I was such a wreck that she left me to sleep it off and went to join the family. It turned out that Steve was too hung over to go on the trip too. The girls decide instead to make it a day shopping trip. 

I didn’t care as long as I could crawl back into bed. 

I awoke around noon feeling better. I was still very sore but at least my headache was gone. I ate lunch and decided to shower. While I showered I recalled the previous nights depravity. I gingerly touch my asshole with a soaped finger. It was sensitive and arousing. My free hand found my growing cock. 

I was enjoying masturbating in the shower and was completely absorbed in the feeling, when Juan entered the bathroom. He said, “Sorry Mark, I called from downstairs but no one answered. Rosa asked me to check…” 

With Cock in my hand and finger up my ass, I froze. 

He stopped in mid sentence. 

I said, “Give me a minute, Juan.” 

He replied, “Sure Mark, take your time.” 

Juan stayed in the bathroom while I finished my shower. It was scary and exciting stepping out of the shower naked for this sexy young Mexican to see. I kept picturing his uncut cock as we made conversation about how I was enjoying my trip. My cock was getting hard under the towel so I had turn away from were Juan stood in the doorway. 

Juan shocked me when he said, “Luis said you came by last night. Its is too bad I missed you.” 

My cock went from semi hard to stone cold hard in a second. I stuttered, “What did he say?” 

Juan toyed, “Not much. Just that you had just about the hottest ass he had ever fucked.” 

He knew what Luis had done to me. I knew what he wanted. It was in his voice and in the lustful way he looked at me. I was turned on but a little apprehensive. The tequila had made the decision easy last night but today I was sober and very nervous. 

Juan placed his hand on the bulge in my towel. We kissed. He was so fucking hot. Before I knew it my towel was gone and Juan was on his knees sucking my cock. I had hold on to the counter as he licked and sucked my rock hard cock. 

Juan looked up at me and said, “Mark will you please fuck me.” 

I had fucked my wife’s ass couple times. Juan’s would be my first male ass fucking where I was doing the fucking. He undressed revealing his hot uncut cock. I couldn’t resist sucking it. I held it in my hand inspecting the extra skin that hooded the thick head. I licked the head of his cock. It wasn’t nearly and long or fat as Luis’s monster but it was more exotic. His young balls hung really low. I fondled them while sucked his beautiful cock. 

Juan told me that he was going to cum. I don’t know why but I wanted to taste his sweet young load. I swallowed as much as I could but he kept cumming. I had never tasted anyone else cum. I savored the musky sweet tangy taste of it. 

Juan and I kissed. It was exciting to see the reflection in the bathroom mirror of the two of us making out. He went for his pants to retrieve a small tube of lube. Juan spread the lube on my hard cock and then bent over the toilet. His brown asshole stared at me, invited me, and begged me to fuck it. I pushed my cockhead passed his asshole. The white on brown contrast was so erotic. I slowly fucked Juan’s Mexican ass with my white gringo cock. He moaned and fucked back. I held his hips as I fucked deeper into his young ass. 

Then I heard my wife calling me. Jane said, “Mark honey are you up?” 

I pulled out Juan’s ass and said, “Shit, Juan you have to hide quickly.” Then I yelled down to Jane, “Hi baby, I will be down in a minute. I thought you were shopping” 

Juan grabbed his clothes and scrambled for the guest bedroom. From the change in her voice I could tell Jane was coming up stairs. I met her in the hall. 

She said, “My are you happy to see me.” It was then I realized I was standing there naked and my cock was still semi-hard. 

Jane grabbed my cock and immediately realized it was sticky. She said, “Mark what have you been doing?” 

“Nothing.” My eyes betrayed me by taking an involuntary glance toward the guest bedroom. 

Jane saw my mistake and head toward the bedroom shouting, “Who the fuck is she Mark?” 

I begged, “No one, Jane come here. Please.” 

She threw open the closet door to find Juan standing there completely naked. Jane was floored. She said, “This is what you do when I am gone, fuck young men.” 


“What were you doing? Hell Mark he is naked. You’re naked. You have lube all over you cock. Tell me what was going on.” 

“Please Jane.” I hung my head, “I am sorry. I am so sorry. I never meant to.” 

“Are you a fag?” 


“Do you like sucking cock? His cock.” Jane grabbed Juan’s semi-hard brown cock to emphasize her point. 


“But you have. You did suck his cock.” 

“Yes, Jane but.” 

I had no answer for her. I just stood there naked in front of my wife while she held Juan’s cock that she used to make her point. I knew it was the end of my marriage. 

Jane surprised me by saying, “Do you remember that trip to Vegas last year with Don and Sue? Sue and I had sex in the room while you and Don were gambling.” 

“What did you say?” 

“I ate Sue’s pussy and she ate mine. Look I love you. Lets call it even. Just be honest with me. Are you gay?” 

I saw my chance, “I love you Jane. I am not gay. It just happened.” 

“Have you ever sucked cock before?” 

I had to be truthful. I didn’t want to lose my marriage so I told about the night before. 

Jane asked lots of questions. She showed particular interest in the size of Luis’s cock. She turned to Juan and recognized him for the first time, “Juan, I was so mad I didn’t realize it was you. My god son you are handsome.” 

Juan smiled. His cock grew a little. Jane noticed the uncut cock hanging between his legs. 

She said, “Wow, I have never seen an uncut cock before. Mark, he is hot. I can see why you wanted him.” 

She stroked his hardening cock, “Mark, let me see you suck Juan’s cock.” 

“I can’t.” 

“Come on honey you were sucking it earlier and you let some other guy fuck you last night. Do this for me.” 

I went to Juan and Jane. Jane kissed me. While we were kissing she grabbed my hand and placed it on Juan’s now hard cock. Jane turned me to Juan. Our cocks brushed, He reached for my cock. Juan kissed me as we stroked each other. As we made out Jane undressed. I went to Juan’s cock. I opened my mouth and tasted his delicious meat again. 

Jane said, “Mark, seeing you suck his cock is so hot.” She kissed Juan. His hands went to her firm peach sized breasts. 

Jane said, “Mark look at me when you suck his cock.” 

I looked into my wife’s eyes with my mouth full of uncut Mexican cock. I was never in love with her more than that moment. 

Juan rubbed Jane’s pussy while I sucked his cock. Then she joined me on the floor. Jane took Juan’s hard cock in her one hand and fed me cock of his uncut fucksteak. 

She said, “Honey, Let me taste Juan’s big uncut cock.” 

My wife and I shared his hard young dark cock. Jane sucked the hooded head while I licked his brown cumfilled egg sized balls. His earthy smell was intoxicating. 

Jane asked, “Juan I need you to fuck me with your big strong uncut cock.” 

He replied, “Sure Mrs. Jones. If Mr. Jones doesn’t mind.” 

She moved over to the guest bed on her hands and knees, “He doesn’t mind. Do you Mark. You would love for this sexy man to fuck you wife’s hot pussy with his hard uncut Mexican cock. Mark asked Juan to fuck me. To fill my dripping pussy with his big cock.” 

With a smile on my face and lust in my eyes I said, “Juan man, please fuck my beautiful wife with your hard manmeat. Give the fucking she needs.” 

Juan and I walked over to the bed. I held his cock the whole way. Jane’s dripping pussy was sticking up in the air. I couldn’t resist tasting the sweet juices I loved so much. She moaned as my tongues parted her distended swollen lips. When she is really turned on Jane can orgasm quickly. Her heavy breathing and body language told the she was getting ready to go off like a firecracker. 

Juan push his cock past my tongue forcing my to give up my place eating my wife’s pussy. Jane didn’t mind as his hard dick filled her. He fucked his hard and fast like the inexperienced young man that he was. Jane normally would have slowed him down allowing her to really enjoy a long good fucking but she was close to cumming. 

She said, “Fuck me Juan. Fuck. Fuck me hard. Fuck my little pussy with that fat uncut Mexican cock. Oh shit. Mark, he is fucking your wife so hard. It feels so good. I am going to.” 

Jane twitched and moaned as she had an orgasm. Juan kept on fucking her. He came only seconds later deep in Jane’s pussy. 

Juan removed his spent cock from my wife and collapsed on the bed next to her. Jane lay there face down, her well-fucked pussy dripping with Juan’s cum was sticking up in the air. Every one was satisfied except me. I pushed my hard cock into Jane’s sloppy cunt. It was hot and slick. I fucked her slowly until I felt her recovering from the orgasm that Juan had given her and building toward another. From my years of fucking Jane’s incredible pussy, I knew just how to push her buttons. In a short time, I had her teetering on the edge of another orgasm. I brought to the brink and then sent her over the cliff. My wife came for the second time in matter of 15 minutes. 

I had taken care of Jane but I held back so I could have another go at Juan’s tight ass. I had Jane and Juan switch places. My wife laid on her back idling finger her sticky pussy. Next to her Juan was on his hands and knees with his dark tight ass facing me. My cock was already slick with his cum and Jane’s juices. I easily entered his asshole. Juan groaned with the pleasure and pain on my entry. He cursed in Spanish. I love fucking my wife’s pussy but his asshole was heaven. I grabbed his hips and pushed my cock all the way into his hole. Jane’s pussy play became more active as I fucked Juan’s asshole. 

She egged me on, “Mark fuck him. Fuck his Mexican bubble but. My god. You really are fucking this guy. I can’t believe it.” 

I fucked Juan harder with deep strokes. I told Jane and Juan that I was coming. 

Jane said, “Come on me baby. Please shoot your big hot load on me.” 

I pulled out of Juan’s ass. I shot cum all over Jane’s pussy and tits. Together, Juan and I licked cum off of Jane’s tits. I licked her pussy until Jane came for the third time that afternoon. We lay there for a time until Juan had to leave. He kissed us both. Jane made him promise not to tell anyone in his family. She was so satisfied she asked if I would let her nap for a while. I walked Juan to the door naked. Before he left Juan sucked my cock in the living room. I came a smaller load in his hot mouth. He swallowed it all. Juan thanked me for that afternoon. I told I should be the one thanking him. We kissed. The taste of my cum was on his lips. He left. I went upstairs and join my sleeping wife in the guest bedroom. She was sound asleep. I crawled into bed next to her and fell into a satisfied sleep.

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