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Graverly Place

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Gwen couldn’t believe they had actually found her guilty. In today’s world of proving one’s own innocence she had thought that her plea would ring in the ears of the jury, but they hadn’t heard. And now she was on her way to Graverly.

A tear slowly trailed down her face as she looked down at her body. She was already naked, having been stripped of her clothing while still at the courthouse. Part of the punishment.

The guilty have no rights, and that includes the right to clothing. She had heard stories from people leaving Graverly Place, but never believed them…now she had no choice but to wonder if they had been true.

The bus slowed in front of a massive gray concrete building. The driver said something through the window to one of the guards and they were let through the main gate. Gwen took a moment to look around at the others in the bus. Not only women, but men as well. Guilt has no gender. At least there were few enough prisoners that she was on a seat by herself. Her hands were cuffed above her head and her feet chained to the floor below her. Gwen had never felt so exposed in her entire life.

As the bus stopped a guard boarded, “Women, you will be coming with me. This is the end of the road, and any disobedience will be met with swift punishment. There will be no talking, but feel free to cry as much as you wish. I don’t care. Your tears mean nothing here. You are prisoners; you are my prisoners. As such, you will do as I say and no less. Is that understood?”

Gwen nodded her head slightly, but did not speak a word. Unfortunately the petite blonde in the third row was not as cautious. She spoke.

“So, we have one that can’t follow rules?” the guard asked with an impassive look on her face. She walked down the row and released the arm chains of the blonde. She unchained her feet and quickly chained her arms to a hook hanging from the ceiling of the bus. “That is just as well. You will serve as a reminder for the others.”

With that, the guard took first one of the blonde’s legs and then the other and attached them to harnesses that were hanging from the ceiling as well. She told the driver to press the red button and the harnesses began to creak and groan as the pulled the blonde from her feet. Her legs were pulled until they were straight out spread in front of her and then further still until her feet were touching the ceiling on either side of her arms.

In spite of her terror at watching the blonde handled in such a manner, Gwen found herself fixated on the scene before her. The blonde’s pussy and ass were now completely exposed, wide open and spread from the position in which she now hung.

“There’s always one,” the guard said as she moved to the front of the bus. She had donned a pair of medical gloves and opened the lid to a container that had been waiting. “There’s always one person that just can’t listen to the rules,” she finished. She pulled a long phallic looking ice cube out of the container and then another. “Since this is your first offense, I will go easy on you,” she said as she came back to the blonde.

The guard reached down to a container that was hanging from her belt, “Even though each of you are guilty and deserve to be punished thoroughly, you will not be subjected to undue pain here,” she said loudly. She pressed the container and a whitish cream slithered out onto her hand. She held both ice phalluses in one hand and the cream in the other. “But at the same time, there is no need for me to not enjoy my job.”

She rubbed the cream along the blonde’s slit and pushed two fingers into her pussy, thoroughly coating the inside. She then ran her hand along the open ass crack and wiggled one finger on her peaking anus. Slowly the finger slipped in. Tears were rolling down the blonde’s face, but she did not say anything to the invasion.

The guard finger fucked her ass with one finger and then two. After a few minutes she wiped the remainder of the cream on the blonde’s nipples before continuing, “This cream is the same cream each of you will be subjugated to. It will keep you from tearing, will keep you from bleeding on my facility, but there is a trick to it as well.”

They could all see the change in the blonde’s face almost instantly as the cream began to work. The guard spoke again, “This cream causes certain…sensations…blonde, do you wish to say anything?” she asked.

The blonde shook her head violently but did not speak. “What this young woman is not telling you is that this cream is causing contractions to every surface it touched. Her nipples are now contracting; her clitoris is growing hard and almost painful as well as her asshole. These contractions will cause her to cum repeatedly until the cream is washed off.”

The guard went back to the ice phalluses in her other hand. She inserted one of them into the blonde’s pussy and slowly inserted the other into her ass. “I’m fair,” the guard started again, “I don’t wish her to be too uncomfortable. These should do the trick nicely. By the time these are completely melted most of the cream should be washed away. What is on her nipples will remain until she is washed inside. Are there any questions?”

Gwen could see the blonde bucking her hips madly. The ice was beginning to drip slightly from her openings, but her face was red from the feel of the cream still tingling her body. Gwen looked back toward the guard and shook her head. No one spoke.

“Very well,” she said, “it seems we have an understanding. “Women, you will come with me. Our young volunteer here will have to hang around for a bit. I don’t want her dripping all over my nice clean floor.”


Inside the facility the women walked in single file. They could all hear the cries and moaning of other women that walked before them. Gwen looked nervously around but did not say anything as she followed closely behind another woman.

The guard came to a door and opened it for the women to enter. It looked like a medical facility. “Each of you will need to move to one of the tables as quickly as possible,” the guard said as the women filtered in.

Gwen took no time as she crossed the room and went straight to one of the tables. The other women followed suit. “Up!” the guard said as she clapped her hands, “I don’t want to have to tell you everything, up on the tables ladies!”

They all got up as quickly as possible, some laid flat while other sat on the edge. “Alright ladies,” the guard began again, “it is now time for a quick cavity check. I hope none of you are too fond of your pubic hair; it will be gone in a few moments.

Some of the inmates moaned slightly, but still no one spoke. The guard moved to the wall and pressed a button. On each of the tables leg cradles like those seen on operating tables quickly came out. “Position yourselves women,” the guard said.

Gwen scrambled to put her legs in place on the cradles. As her heels hit the button at the bottom, restraint devices snaked over her legs and attached to the other sides. She could not remove her legs if she had tried at that point. After each of the restraints clicked into place the machine took on a mind of its own. It made whirring noises as her legs were lifted and separated widely.

Gwen could not see what was happening to herself but looked across the way at another inmate. A paint brush had come out of the table, fully coated with a white cream. Gwen prayed it wasn’t the same cream they had used on the blonde on the bus. In a few moments she felt as the cream was being painted over her mound. The brush painted up and down, its bristles snaking between her slit and tickling her clit. She moved her hips slightly.

The brush whirled and turned lengthwise pressing in toward her. The bristles were now all pressing between her slit and the brush moved up and down the length applying the cream to ever crevice. Gwen moaned along with the other women. The brush finished by applying cream to her asshole and then whirled again as it reentered the table.

The guard pressed another button and basins were raised from the floor. Spray jets emerged from the basins and sprayed hot water on the splayed pussies. The cream melted from their bodies taking with it any hair that was present. Gwen arched again as the spray found its way in between her slit and stroked along her clit. It moved up and down from her asshole to her clit, forcing its way into her open vagina and back again. Finally the streams stopped and the basins were lowered to the floor once again.

Gwen breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short lived. The tables came to life once again and she could see snake like devices emerging. They slithered and slimed their way up the thighs of the woman across from her at the same time that Gwen could feel the same thing happening to herself. Two tiny arms attached themselves to her labia and pulled them almost painfully wide. A third arm attached itself to her clitoris and began to suck insistently. Gwen bucked her hips but the thing would not detach. Another slowly worked its way into her pussy, followed by a second, a third and then a fourth. They whirled and twisted, seeming to cover every available inch if her tight pussy. Gwen’s face turned red as she reacted to the probing. Bucking her hips further she came for the first time, then a second.

The invading arms remained in her pussy and on her clit but another one slowly worked its way into her anus. “no no” Gwen thought, but it was too late. The first was joined by a second, then a third and a fourth. They whirled in unison, filling her ass completely. Just when Gwen thought that it must be coming to an end, the arms began to pump in and out of her in unison. She was filled to capacity, being fucked by a table and she could not stop herself as she came again.

The devices pulled out and nothing was attached. Gwen could see that one young woman had hidden something inside of herself. Their guard and another were talking in hushed voices before she was yanked from the table and dragged out of the room.

Gwen did not have time to think about the fate of one foolish girl, the devices were entering into her once again. This time when they had just entered her slightly, they began to expand. Gwen gasped as she felt her asshole and pussy openings widening. She bucked her hips again, hoping that she could somehow dislodge the invaders, and at the same time fearful of what punishment such action might bring.

It didn’t matter though, they could not be removed. After they finished expanding hot water shot into her pussy and streamed back into the basin that was once again raised between her legs. The arms in her anus pushed deeper in, expanded and then pushed in further still. As the water dripped from her pussy she could feel water being pumped into her bowels.

Gwen was not new to enemas, but neither was she a fan. She clenched her teeth as she felt herself begin to expand at the pressure of the water within her. She wanted to cry out but the arms shrunk and pulled her open as the water streamed back out of her.

She could feel the arm that was attached to her clit doing something else but had no idea what until she felt an intense pain. It had clamped something down on her now engorged clitoris.

The arms all whirled and removed themselves from her body, but the clamp on her clit remained.

“Ladies,” the guard said, “you all did very well with the cavity searches. The device now clamped between your legs will be used for punishment as well as praise.” She pressed a button on her wristband.

Gwen could feel a low vibration on her clitoris. It felt amazing, like a tongue gone wild. She shook as she neared climax for a fourth time. Then it stopped. She looked up to the guard.

“I will not show you the punishment part for now because you all did so well with the cavity searches. But please be aware that I will know of anything you do and you will be punished swiftly for any transgressions. There is one more thing that must be done before we leave this room.”

With that she pressed the last button on the wall and the tables whirled to life once more. Gwen could see dildos coming out of the table across from her and she braced herself for the ones that must be coming out of her table as well. Sure enough, within moments she felt first the vaginal dildo push into her and then a bit slower the anal invader entered into her now stretched anus.

The bottom end of the table opened up and Gwen was left hanging by her legs in the cradles and her upper half that was still well in place. She felt a soft metal cradle itself against the crack of her ass and it seemed to come to life as it snaked between her legs and attached itself to the dildos. A strap came around and attached the back and front of the device, almost as a thong.

“Alright ladies,” the guard said as the tables closed up and their legs were slowly lowered. The straps came undone and the cradles pulled back into the tables. “Let’s go, we don’t have all day,” the guard said.

Gwen tried to sit up gingerly, but the dildos pressed further into her. She finally made it completely off the table and waddled into line behind the other women. Each woman walked slightly bowlegged as they felt the dildos moving with their every step. The straps were tight enough to keep the dildos inside of them, but not so tight that they were pressed in firmly. With each step it felt as if Gwen was being fucked ever so slowly by a maliciously delectable lover. Biting her lip she followed behind the women and wondered what else she might expect at Graverly.

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