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Gail and Gina and Me

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This is a true story. It took place about five years ago, a few months after my divorce. It saved my life.

I’d been married for nearly thirty years to a woman I’d known since I was in high school. Our marriage had been fairly good but with some natural ups and downs. But I don’t want to get into that. Suffice to say, when I come home from work one day and she said, “I need my space. You have to leave.”

I was dumbfounded. She’d decided that she no longer loved me and my world crumbled beneath me. Over the next year, things got progressively worse and we were divorced. I was devastated and lost, confused and depressed, lonely and suicidal. I’d moved into my second home in East Hampton and attempted to keep my life on an even keel. Unfortunately, it was not to be as I saw my business collapse and I discovered that she and her boyfriend, my estate lawyer, had depleted and hidden most of my assets, including the home in which I was living. My life seemed to be in an unstoppable downward spiral and I could not regain my equilibrium. In short, everything had turned to shit.

To make things even worse, I found that I could not find any satisfaction anywhere. I could not even masturbate. I would read erotica, watch erotica and dream erotica but all the stroking could not produce an orgasm. My depression was deep. I began to fantasize about all the different types of sex I was now free to explore but that only left me more frustrated. I was truly at my end point when Gail and Gina bumped into me on the beach.

I’d found my only peace while walking along the ocean in the beautiful and deserted sand. Rarely would someone pass by and then we would nod to each other and keep walking. The sound of the waves and the smell of the salt took me away from my problems and for those few minutes I was centered.

“Ray! Is that you? Where have you been?” I turned to see Gail and Gina walking hand in hand along the beach.

Gail and Gina lived down the road from my house. They’d lived there as a couple for more than ten years. Gail was an established artist whose large canvases graced the lobbies of many majestic office buildings in New York City. Gina was an established poet whose work was published in literary magazines and journals. Both were interesting people, animated and energetic, attractive and worldly. They always seemed very well matched and so happy together. I’d met them on several occasions – parties, openings and most often, while walking my dog. Gail was the taller of the two, with a lithe and athletic body and sparkling eyes which animated her face. Gina had a deeper, more restrained personality. She was rounder and curvier and her face seemed cherubic and soft. I was always happy to see them. I always found our conversations stimulating and provocative. These were thinking people who seemed to enjoy all that life offered.

“I’ve been hiding.”

I briefly explained that my marriage was over and I tried to minimize the details. But when a person is hurting so deeply, it is difficult to mask and I didn’t do a very good job of it. I knew that they sensed my crisis at once. I felt uncomfortable and I certainly did not want to wallow, especially in front of these neighbors with whom I had such a slight relationship. I found myself sandwiched between them as they each took one arm as we walked back from the beach. Both seemed motherly and consoling and I gradually began to feel relaxed. We reached their house first and they invited me in for coffee but I begged off explaining that I had things to do. Actually, I had nothing to do but I felt that I was imposing upon them. I said my goodbyes and walked back home. It had started to rain lightly and it matched my gloom as I lay down to nap.

It was a few hours later when the phone woke me. It was Gina inviting me over for dinner. She would not let me decline the invitation. I was to be at their house in an hour, no ifs, ands or buts. So I agreed and proceeded to shower and dress. I picked out two bottles of good Tuscan wine and walked down the road.

I’d only been in their home once or twice. It was a space filled with creative energy, filled with interesting objects and fascinating images. Their warmth and hospitality was a welcome change from the dark and foreboding sadness in which I’d been residing. Our dinner was delicious and the wine flowed. Our conversation was about our creative pursuits and never touched upon my marriage. After dinner, we moved out onto their screened porch facing the water and for a few minutes, we drank cognac and took in the environment. I felt utterly relaxed although not quite at peace. Gina took out a box and began to roll a long thick marijuana cigarette. I was feeling little pain when Gail began to ask me about the future and my plans. Whether it was the wine or the joint, I began to spill my sadness and my fears. It spewed out of me in a profuse cascade of emotion that desperately needed release. I began to cry. Gina, who sat next to me on the couch, wrapped me into her bosom and began to console me and to rock me. I began to apologize and to make a getaway when Gail shushed me and the two began to soothe me. Quietly, they asked me if I meditated, practiced yoga or used any form of holistic relaxation. They began to help me relax with some breathing techniques and I began to settle down. Embarrassed, I told them that I must go but they would hear nothing of it. Gail insisted I stay and join them in their hot tub as it would do me good. She went out onto the deck and turned it on. I agreed to it and said that I would return with my bathing suit.

“Unnecessary,” said Gina, “it will only hinder your enjoyment.”

“Okay, but I think I have to build up my nerve.”

I lit the joint and sipped more cognac and suddenly seemed to enjoy the prospect of getting into the hot tub with a naked pair of lesbians.

In a few minutes, the tub was heated. Gail and Gina left to change and returned in robes carrying towels and a robe for me. I went off to the bathroom where I doffed my clothes and wrapped myself in the fluffy white terry robe. As I came onto the deck, the women were in the tub and letting the warmth and the bubbles do their magic. I disrobed and coyly entered the tub as they made space between each other. Indeed, it was wonderful as I felt my inner tensions dissipate. After a few minutes of this, each took one of my hands and began to massage and work my fingers into limpness. Gail began to rub my neck and shoulders and I groaned in pleasure. I was a bowl of jelly in their hands. Occasionally, I would feel their breasts touch my skin but it caused no sexual response in me whatsoever. I was a malleable as a piece of clay as they worked on my pressure points. Their combined massage on my toes, my knees, my arms, my shoulders, my neck, my ears, my temple and my lips was blissful. Gina asked me to roll over as they began to knead my back and my buttocks. I was putty in their hands. When they finished, my face was glowing in a huge peaceful smile. Gail said that there was one more technique to do and if I was at all alarmed, I should just relax and that it would be alright. She began to massage the lower part of my stomach just above my penis. She softly pressed and rubbed the glands and the area around my pubic bone. It caused a reaction that I had not experienced in months – I began to get hard. I began to giggle.

“You’re giving me an erection, ladies, and I haven’t had one in a very long time. You’d better stop or I will embarrass myself further.” “It’s okay, Ray,” said Gail, “you need release…let it go…enjoy it.”

I closed my eyes and let their four hands softly stroke and caress my seven inches. One set of fingers rubbed my testicles and played with my ass. A pair of fingernails ran along the underside. It was heavenly but I wasn’t cumming.

“I really really love this but I think you could do this for hours and I still wouldn’t cum. I haven’t cum in months. I don’t know that I am able to anymore.”

Gina said, “Ridiculous. You have to let go. You have to surrender.” Gail suggested that perhaps it was time we leave the tub.

I watched them as they left the tub and began to dry off. It was the first time I looked at their bodies. I noticed the differences and the similarities. Both were shaven. Both had the same tattoo on their shoulders, a scarab. That is where the similarities ended. Gail had smallish breasts and small nipples, long legs and no ass. Gina had full round breasts, her nipples were large and somewhat oval, her ass was a soft booty and her vaginal lips were plump and full. Again, my penis stirred.

“Come out of there and come with us,” Gina said as she held open a towel for me. I rose from the tub and allowed them to dry me off and pat me down. My penis was still hard and swinging and they smiled. I took Gail’s outstretched hand as she led me to their large king-sized bed.

Pushing me softly on the bed, I lay between them as they caressed and fondled me.

“I want you to cum, Ray. I want you to release your stress. I want you to let go. Close your eyes and let us help you.”

With my eyes closed, I let their hands roam over me. I felt time slow down. Gina fed me her nipple and mashed her breast into my face. Gail took my hand and tenderly lay her vagina onto it. I stroked it and rubbed my fingers around her generous clitoris. They moaned as they played with me. Gina slid her body along my face until my nose was between her vulva lips and I smelled that musky odor and it thrilled me. Now she licked my penis and sucked in the helmet. These soft, quiet and erotic movements continued for some time as I just stayed hard.

Gail whispered to me, “I want you to open your eyes now. I want you to watch us.”

I moved up to the pillows and began to take in their sensual pas de deux. They kissed so passionately that I moaned in appreciation. Their bodies intertwined and separated, connecting in new forms, they cooed, they giggled. The scissored together as their vaginae met in the exotic dance, their hands playing with each other. The scent of their sex filled the room in a sweet incense. And while this was going on, I had spread my legs wide with one hand pulling and stroking as the other cupped my testicles and I began to groan as the feeling of my semen rose through my testicles and then the base and slowly upward. They noticed my breathing quicken and they began to stroke my thighs. A finger pushed its way into my anus and I felt the pressure against my prostate. A tongue lapped between my balls and that seemed to do it as I let a deep groan escape. Suddenly my penis erupted into ropes of milky fluid shooting in the air. They giggled as they caught it in their mouths, on the faces, on their breasts and in their hands. As my voluminous orgasm subsided, they slid up to my face where we joined in a three-way happy kiss.

“Oh, that was sooooo good. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Oh no, we thank you. That was wonderful for us.”

“I have never seen a man cum before,” said Gina, “I loved it!” And she added, “and you taste pretty good, too!” And we laughed. And I was at peace.

Over the next eight months, they would ask me over. Sometimes it was just dinner, drinks and smoke. Sometimes, we would sit naked on the deck and meditate. Once, after meditation, we sat close together and watched each other masturbate until we each came. Nothing was forbidden, nothing was restrained. I was their “boy toy” and they enjoyed leading out of my darkness and into a liberated world of total sensuality.

They liked to experiment, too. One night, as a nor’easter raged, they asked me over. I was surprised to find other people in their living room, all naked and all enjoying each other; women with women, men with men, combinations shifted and mutated over the next few hours. Vibrators and dildos and other toys lay around the room. We played games like spin the bottle, group massage and body painting. As day ran into night and into early morning, the warmth and collective comfort was amazing. The group sensuality was palpable. Nothing was forbidden. I experienced many firsts that night and it was all good.

One day, Gail told me that they were leaving for the city. Gina had received a diagnosis of cancer and she would be entering Sloan-Kettering. Gail called me several times to update her condition and I traveled into the city to visit her in the hospital. These were upsetting to me as I watched her deteriorate. Gina passed away within the year and many, many people were affected. The funeral was somber. Not long afterwards, their house went up for sale and Gail moved down to Florida.

They saved my life. They freed my soul. I shall love them both forever.

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